NND / YT (subbed)
Original 箱庭の少女
Romaji Hakoniwa no Shoujo
English Clockwork lullaby II
Singer(s) Hatsune Miku
Release Date June 22, 2008
July 3, 2008 (PV)
Collaborators Aono, Suzunosuke, Tatsuri, Mari no Hito, *tsuitachi*, Momo☆Y☆A☆, Mayuki, Painter Brioche, Hena, Kyaruri, Yakou, Ayakaze, ataru, Chii Oumi, Ha!Ne, Nez@Benio (illustrations)
Series Clockwork Lullaby Series
Preceded by The Last Revolver
Followed by Judgment of Corruption
"I don’t have to know anything of the outside world."
―Clockworker's Doll[src]

Miniature Garden Girl is a song released by Akuno-P on June 22, 2008 and later uploaded with a PV on July 3 the same year. It is the third song in the Clockwork Lullaby Series, detailing the experiences of the Clockworker's Doll while under the ownership of Gallerian Marlon.


A girl sings about how no one but her and her caretaker are in her little room, and how she will forgo learning about the outside world to sing with him. Being called "daughter" and calling her caretaker "father" in return, the girl relates how she was given multiple treasures to compensate her for not being able to walk, including a red glass, a blue spoon, and two yellow mirrors. While her father is always kind, the girl continues to wonder about the outside world, and observes the objects in her room mocking her, claiming she is the same as them. The girl vows to stay inside and sing for her father regardless. One day, she hears him say the word "war" and wonders why the room is burning. At the song's end, inside the wreckage of a house is the remains of a lonely man and a half burned doll.


Hatsune Miku's vocals are utilized for the duration of the song, utilizing the VOCALOID2 engine. A harp, viola, and cello are used primarily.

The song begins with sound effects simulating footsteps, a door slamming, and the winding of a key, and the opening chorus beginning at 0.08. The bridge begins at 0.42 and ends for the first verse at 1.00. The song's pre-chorus starts at 1:36, leading into the chorus at 1.53. A musical bridge starts at 2.26, with the second verse beginning at 2.46, leading to the second pre-chorus at 3.21 and the third chorus at 3.38 with a variation on the lyrics, using the "lu li la" melody. At 4.16, the bridge begins, followed by a brief instrumental at 4.30. At 4.53, a final verse begins, and is sung until the song's end.


もしも 人として












焼け焦げた ぜんまい仕掛けの人形

Moshimo hito toshite

Kono heya no naka ni wa anata to watashi dake
Futari de uta wo utai tsudzukemashou
Soto no sekai nante shiranakute ii
Anata ga sore wo nozomu nara

Watashi wa anata wo "Chichi" to yobi
Anata wa watashi wo "Musume" to yonda

Arukenu watashi wo kidzukau anata
Heya wo utsukushii mono de ume tsukushite kureta

Akai GURASU ni
Kiiroi waku no nitsui no kagami

Kono heya no naka ni wa anata to watashi dake
Futari de uta wo utai tsudzukemashou
Soto no sekai nante shiranakute ii
Anata ga sore wo nozomu nara

Kurai shinshitsu to mado no keshiki
Sore ga watashi ni totte sekai no subete

Anata wa itsu demo yasashii keredo
Soto no sekai no koto wa oshiete kurenai

Heya no komonotachi
Watashi wo warau
"Bokura to kimi wa nita mono doushi"

Ru ri ra ru ri ra to watashi wa utau no
Soto no sekai ni wa kikoenai you ni
Anata no tame dake ni utatte ageru
Watashi ga sore wo nozomu kara

Anata no kuchi kara kiita "sensou" to iu kotoba

Doushite oheya ga moete iru no?

Moetsu kita yashiki kara mitsukatta no wa
Kodoku na otoko no nakigara to
Yakekogeta zenmai-jikake no ningyou

If only I had been human

Inside this room it’s just you and me
Let’s continue singing this song together
I don’t have to know anything of the outside world
If that’s what you wish

I called you “father”
And you called me “daughter”

Worrying about me who can’t walk, you
Completely filled up the room with beautiful things for me

In a red glass
Is a blue spoon
A pair of two mirrors with yellow borders

Inside this room it’s just you and me
Let’s continue singing this song together
I don’t have to know anything of the outside world
If that’s what you wish

A dark bedroom and the window’s scenery
That’s all of the world to me

You are always kind, but
You don’t teach me of the outside world

The small objects of this room
They laugh at me
“You and us are one and the same”

Lu li la lu li la, I sing
So that the outside world can’t hear
I shall sing for your sake alone
Because that’s what I wish

From your mouth I heard a word called “war”

Why is the room burning?

From a burned out mansion they found
The remains of a solitary man, and
A scorched clockwork doll

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

PV TextEdit


“I’m home”

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

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Conceptualization and OriginEdit




  1. Mothy Twitter - 02/24/15 - 娘と召使、そしてリグレットの後に作った曲だったので正直多少のプレッシャーの中で作った曲。

External LinksEdit

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