Mikina Freezis
Technical Information
Japanese ミキナ=フリージス
Romaji Mikina Furiijisu
Other Names Mikina Sfarz (maiden name)

SF-A2 miki

Biographical Information
Born December 4, EC 473
Classification Human
Race Marlon
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Marlon
Kingdom of Elphegort (formerly)
Freezis Firm (formerly)
Levin Church (Held sect)
"Up until now... Mama has... deceived a lot of people..."
―Mikina Freezis to her daughter, Yukina[src]

Mikina Freezis, born Mikina Sfarz, was an aristocrat hailing from the Kingdom of Marlon and the wife of Keel Freezis. Due to their financial troubles in Elphegort, Mikina unwittingly became a pawn of Prim Marlon and Abyss I.R., inadvertently making a contract with the Demon of Greed. Through her husband's information network, she secretly aided the Queen Dowager's machinations while trying to protect her family.


Early LifeEdit

"Jewels, gold coins, a mansion, servants... I made the decision to abandon all of it for you two."
―Mikina recalling her younger years to Yukina[src]

Born in the noble Sfarz family on December 4, EC 473, Mikina met and became longtime friends with Keel Freezis. In EC 484, Mikina attended a royal banquet and met Prince Kyle Marlon.[1] During the party, a cat ran into Mikina and, terrified, she screamed and fainted. After regaining consciousness, the child muttered about how she hated cats.[2] Sometime after, Mikina married a Marlon noble while becoming romantically involved with Keel.

After becoming pregnant with Keel's child in EC 491, the romantic engagement was revealed and her father objected to it. Although knowing that her father loved her and only feared Keel was just using her, Mikina worried he would use his power to ruin her beloved. She then decided to abandon her noble life to be with Keel and their child, joining her beloved aboard a ship bound for the Kingdom of Elphegort. Traveling the capital of Aceid, the two moved into the Central District and married.

On her eighteenth birthday, she gave birth to baby girl and the couple named her Yukina. Hoping to avoid dangerous work for the sake of their child, the two set up a general store. Despised by the native Elphe populace, The Marlon couple suffered severe discrimination. While they continued working hard to make it as impressive as possible to the Elphe customers, they failed to sell much of their merchandise. Receiving aid from the wife of a similarly foreign couple that owned a nearby inn, the Freezises managed to barely survive. Once they received their first customer, Mikina and Keel jumped for joy despite her anxiety about their situation.

Shortly after, in EC 492, Mikina became pregnant again and became increasingly stressed by their situation. Around that time, she heard from a gossiping traveler of a shaman in Yatski who sold an abortion drug and, believing they couldn't afford to raise another child, decided to travel to the village. During the journey, she sobbed and, blinded by her tears, tripped and fell down a steep cliff. Knocked unconscious by the fall, Mikina was found by Prim Marlon and carried to an inn in Yatski.

Mikina awoke and saw that the disguised Queen of Marlon carried a bottle holding a white and yellow powder. Mikina confessed everything that happened to the woman. Prim then gave her a blue spoon as a gift, saying it brought good fortune to its owner. The skeptical merchant accepted the gift and returned to her family without buying the drug. Upon her return, Keel related that a shabbily dressed man had visited their shop and was impressed by their high-quality wares and Keel's service, although he only ended up buying a pipe.

Over the next month, their entire store sold out, and the couple eventually learned the man had been King Thorny Elphen, who distinguished them throughout the country. Under his sponsorship, their failing business became very successful. The following year, their first son was born and the couple named him Shaw. Coddling the child, Mikina used their newfound wealth to hire an Elphe nanny to help take care of her son. Around the same time, their store's reputation spread to foreign countries and they received more long-distance customers.[3] At some point, the family developed a motto to consider their servants the same as family.[4]

Deal with EvilEdit

"Shaw is mine alone. When I thought so strongly about that, my father was suddenly enveloped in blue flames."

In EC 494, Mikina discovered her father with the nanny and several servants in their home while Keel was away. Her father explained that multiple Marlon dignitaries had suddenly died, and the state's affairs were in severe disorder and so came to take Mikina back with him. Realizing the nanny had sold her out, Mikina staunchly refused to come back with her father and he declared his intention to take Shaw as the heir to the Sfarz family instead. As she attempted to resist, Mikina was subdued by the Duke's men.

Desperate and enraged, Mikina mentally declared that Shaw was only hers and, unknowingly forging a contract with the Demon of Greed, she suddenly saw her father consumed by flames along with the nanny and his henchman, disturbed by their screams. Afterwards, she discovered Shaw's back had been badly scorched and that none of her clothes or the house had caught fire. Mikina then traveled to Marlon and gained an audience with Queen Dowager Prim, expecting her to explain what had occurred.

After she explained the situation to her, the Dowager Queen told Mikina that the spoon was actually a vessel of sin and that she had inadvertently made a contract with the demon. Saying her family's souls would be wholly devoured by the demon if she did not cooperate with her schemes and follow the instructions of Abyss I.R., Mikina reluctantly agreed to Prim's demands. Receiving all instructions from Abyss via a Very Amazing Green Onion or Ney Futapie, the aristocrat replaced her father as a supporter of the Queen's conspiracy.[5]

Success and TroublesEdit

Cha27 mikina
After Keel expanded their business into the Freezis Firm and acquired a title of nobility with their newfound wealth, Mikina returned to her aristocratic lifestyle, moving into a mansion in the Northern District;[6] while there, she took charge of the property's landscaping.[7] With Shaw as their eldest son, Mikina began spending most of her time and energy raising him as the family heir.[8]

In EC 495, Keel and Mikina had their third child, Aile;[9] as the child developed an ill disposition, she refused to hire any servants to watch over the girl and tended to her daughter herself.[10] During this period, she also became well-known among the higher echelons of society. Using some of their international business' wealth, Mikina secretly helped fund Queen Prim's ambitions.[11]  Around EC 497, Mikina read the story of Vampiress Vanika to Yukina, scaring the child.[12] In EC 499, Abyss I.R. gave Mikina the Venom Sword as part of her plans and she gave it to her husband for his collection,[13] commenting about its rare shape.[14]

Prospective MaidsEdit

"There were two newly hired girls you brought, weren't there? And I heard you, who hates Elphes, brought a girl with green hair, but is it true?"
―Keel to Mikina[src]

In November, Mikina learned her husband was busy with recent resignations among the staff and agreed to take his place picking up rollam bird feathers for Yukina's pens from their friends at the Central District inn. Leaving with a servant, she went to the inn and sat down at the bar before explaining her rare visit to the innkeeper's wife. Once an Elphe girl brought her tea, Mikina noticed the girl's mysterious aura as she stared at the noble. After politely asking her to stop, the girl apologized and complimented her hair and the noble returned the gesture, noting her voice was also very pleasing.

As the girl humbly accepted the compliment, Mikina insisted there was no need. She then questioned if the girl was really pure Elphe given her peculiar appearance and the fact she seem to be staying at the inn. Told she had reasons for being in the country, Mikina replied it must've been hard at her young age before recalling she also had many troubles during her youth even after entering the country. When the Elphe noted the Freezis Firm still succeed and that they had a large home, the aristocrat thanked her before admitting a large mansion also had its troubles, relating their recent servant shortage.


Mikina faces the Elphe's resolve

Learning the Elphe and her friend were without a job, Mikina realized the girl wanted her to hire them and began looking over her again. After the girl confirmed her friend would return shortly, a Netsuma entered and the noble immediately approached her. Confirming she was her friend, the Freezis missus carefully analyzed the nervous girl as she calmly chased her outside, admitting it was the first time she'd seen the white-haired, red-eyed race. She then smiled and returned to her seat.

After learning their names, Mikina declared that only Clarith was hired, not Michaela. As the Elphe kept pressing to know why, Mikina exploded about her hatred for Elphes before quickly composing herself, brushing it off as a joke. The aristocrat then tried claiming it was due to immigrants' difficulty in finding work compared to Elphes before sighing and admitting she worried her beauty could invite unwanted indivduals. When Clarith begged her to reconsider, the surprised Mikina questioned her choice, pointing out the green-haired race's particular cruelty toward Netsumas.

As the woman explained she alone befriended her and insisted they stay together, Mikina saw them both bow before her. After a long consideration, Mikina lifted Michaela's head, agreeing to have them both come to her home to work starting the; she the wondered if they could handle the work. Once she collected the rollam bird feathers, Mikina returned home with the new maids. Afterward, Mikina assigned Clarith and Michaela as apprentices for a month while they learned their duties, seeing Michaela's competent work. At some point, she explained their reason for picking up the bird feathers to Michaela.[15]


Mikina sharing a midnight snack with her husband

The next day, Mikina noticed a formal invitation arrived for Keel during the day, deciding to try speaking with her husband about it soon. That night, Mikina had Clarith cook treats to give Keel a midnight snack. Preparing a platter of tea and the treats, Mikina knocked on Keel's study door. At his approval, she walked in and asked if he was still working and he admitted he could stop for her snack. When her husband inquired if she'd be joining him in the snack, the aristocrat qualified it was only if she wasn't intruding and the man gave his assurance.


Mikina reminds Keel about neglecting Yukina

Once the two set up tea, she commented about his busyness with their recent loss of servants and the merchant noted the positive aspect of her bringing him a midnight snack. Mikina explained her hidden reasons and asked who sent the invitation. Surprised to hear it was from Lucifenia's princess, the noble listened while her husband coolly revealed she had become the ruler last year and was apparently having a grand birthday party.

After he said she'd join him in leaving home for about three days, Mikina noted Yukina would still be alone before calmly drinking her tea while her husband broke down in worry. Keel then insisted he couldn't waste an opportunity to understand Lucifenia's situation before asking who made the snacks and she noted it was the new servant before qualifying her probationary position. Asking how they turned out, Mikina heard the merchant related they weren't bad but shouldn't be served to people yet.


Mikina taking Keel's teasing

When he then asked about her alleged choice to hire an Elphe as well, Mikina insisted her prejudice was natural given their own struggles. Putting down her cup and leaning her head on her hands, she sighed that couldn't argue an even more horribly-treated Netsuma insisting on hiring them both. Mikina then related the Elphe's intelligence and general competence and her husband pried for her reason for rejecting her.

Looking over at him, the Freezis missus hesitantly admitted her worry the girl's mysterious beauty would tempt him to cheat on her. As Keel laughed at her intuition being wrong for once, the embarrassed aristocrat looked away while her husband stated he wanted to meet the girl himself the next day just for that. The next day,[16] Mikina and Keel assigned the literate and exotic Clarith to take care of Yukina, ordering her to help with chores otherwise.[17]

Where Loyalties LieEdit

""Love employees the same as family." That is one of the Freezis mottos. Michaela has endured misfortune before our very eyes. I'm counting on you, everyone!"

On December 4, Mikina gifted a notepad to Yukina for her ninth birthday.[18] On December 26, Mikina departed for Lucifenia along with Keel and Bruno. The next day, the couple attended Princess Riliane's banquet in the Hall of Mirrors.[19] When the princess' cake was presented before the guests, Keel stared in shock at the massive confectionery like everyone else.[20] After the cake was largely eaten, Keel and Mikina retired for the night along with the rest of the guests.[21]

After Keel debuted Michaela as the "Diva of Elphegort" at his monthly banquet in January, EC 500, Mikina supported the girl's new role for their business. Once the maid finished performing at another banquet months later, the aristocrat suggested the exhausted Elphe rest in the drawing room and the girl abided.[22] Later on, the Freezis couple learned King Kyle had rejected his engagement to Riliane in favor of a green-haired sweetheart and that the princess was hunting for the girl's identity, determining Kyle's beloved was Michaela.

During their subsequent meeting with Michaela, Clarith, and the rest of the staff, Mikina soothed Shaw while her husband explained the situation. Mikina then spoke up, noting the Elphe had brought trouble to their family. When Michaela apologized, the Freezis missus clarified she solely blamed Kyle and held no ill will towards the maid. After relieving Clarith of caring for Yukina, the aristocrat expressed her desire to uphold the Freezis motto and everyone agreed.[23]

Green HuntingEdit

"The one who told Ney her location was me. It was so difficult to look at Clarith face-to-face with that innocent look. So when I heard that Clarith quit being a servant, I was honestly relieved."
―Mikina confessing her guilt over Michaela's death[src]

At the start of the Green Hunting, Mikina, her family, and the servants all gathered in preparation to flee and decided to leave in fewer numbers to avoid discovery. When Michaela and Clarith began to leave, Mikina stood by the back door and held out a cloak for her, suggesting she cover her hair while they escape. With her husband at her side, she tearfully refused to say goodbye, believing they would have to return to work again.[24]

Later, the Lucifenian army found Mikina and her family, arresting and imprisoning them at the Lucifenian Royal Palace for allowing a green-haired servant to flee.[25] At some point, she told Ney Futapie about Michaela's hiding place.[26] Following their release, the family was placed under house arrest at Corpa's mansion in Rolled. A few days later, Mikina saw two members of the Lucifenian Resistance arrive to meet with Keel, finding that one in particular seemed rather violent.

Shortly after, Clarith arrived and she immediately embraced her, saying she was glad to see her safe. When the maid mentioned Mikina's weight loss, she explained how poor the meals Lucifenia served were compared to the Netsuma girl's cooking. Mikina then laughed at Clarith's desire to begin preparing a meal and told her to rest, comforting her over Michaela's death and silently watched her cry. After handing her a handkerchief, Mikina told Clarith about Keel's meeting, asking if she could check on him,[27] finding it difficult to face her.

Later on, Mikina advised her troubled husband to support the Resistance, knowing it would help in Prim's desire to overthrow Lucifenia and install a Marlon regime there.[28] After hearing Clarith would quit being a servant and instead live at a Held Monastery along Lucifenia's coast, Mikina was relieved and didn't join her husband and Yukina in saying goodbye.[29]

Return HomeEdit

Shortly after Clarith's departure, Mikina traveled to Marlon with her family and moved into the Freezis Mansion there. While there, they were visited by Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia to return Keel's property from their Aceid home. While there, Mikina and Elluka encountered one another, much to the latter's surprise.[30] As Kyle's policies in Lucifenia became more and more aggressive in the wake of The Daughter of Evil's execution, Mikina convinced her husband to support their friend and not oppose his militaristic actions.

In EC 505, Abyss I.R. ordered her to visit the monastery Clarith worked at to monitor her friend Rin, who was actually Princess Riliane, and search for a vessel of sin there. Realizing Abyss had seemingly hid the Princess' survival from Prim,[31] Mikina obeyed the instructions and, acquiring one of Yukina's books as a gift for Clarith, traveled to Lucifenia with a servant to lead her there. After they had arrived at the port city off the Anonymous Coast just after noon, she learned that the young servant blundered and that the monastery wasn't actually in the city itself.

Searching for the monastery along the coast till twilight, Mikina angrily chastised the servant for not checking his facts beforehand. Then, after seeing a blond girl staring at them on the beach, the aristocrat asked if she worked at the monastery. The girl nodded and Mikina happily asked her if she could give them directions. The girl agreed and Mikina explained the situation to her as they headed to the monastery. She then expressed her gratitude for finding the girl, saying it was her first time visiting the convent. When the blond-haired girl asked who Mikina came to see was, she replied it was Clarith.[32]

Once she met with Clarith at the monastery, the noble gave the nun her gift and learned that the nun who had guided her was Rin. Over the next six months, the aristocrat made multiple visits to the monastery to meet with Clarith and monitor Rin. While there, she vaguely talked about the vessel of sin she was looking for and gave Clarith more and more of Yukina's books. When Keel discovered Abyss I.R.'s existence and began investigating her and Prim, Mikina became scared she would be exposed for everything if he looked too deeply into it. Learning Abyss I.R. had also become concerned by Keel's snooping, Mikina also feared she'd kill him instead.[33]

Yukina ReturnsEdit

"Mama, have you been possessed by Abyss?"
"Something like that."
―Yukina and Abyss I.R.[src]

When Yukina returned to Marlon after her travels around Evillious, Mikina was approached by the girl while she played on her harp in her room. Seeing her daughter, she stopped playing and smiled, welcoming her child back. She then hugged Yukina and asked her if she'd grown, as well as if her journey was fun and if she'd ruined her stomach with the foreign food. After Yukina assured she was alright and said that she wanted to hear her play the harp, Mikina agreed but reminded her it would soon be time for dinner.

As she played, Mikina heard Yukina apologize to her and asked what it was for. Hearing that it was for leaving and making her worry, the woman only smiled as she continued to play. She then watched Aile come into the room and greet Yukina, anxiously tending to the girl when the exertion caused her to choke and cough. When Shaw arrived in the room and said that they should all go to the table, Mikina rose and clapped her hands, saying it had been a while since they'd all eaten together and that she was delighted.

During the meal, Mikina ate and then heard a drunken Germaine talk about how she and the rest of their group had been attacked by pirates and a giant octopus, dropping her utensils in shock as she repeated the swordswoman's words. As Germaine continued to talk, her hands trembled as she thought of Shaw and Yukina's dangerous experience. Yukina and Shaw then recommended they wait to tell the full story until the day after and the entire table retired for the night.[34]

Later, Mikina found the sorceress as the red cat she always carried and was induced to keep her. She then followed the cat as it found its way into Gumillia's room, affectionately calling after it. Questioning if the cat had gone in the room, she peeked inside and then walked in; as she spoke to Abyss, she noticed Elluka and grew alarmed. After greeting the pink-haired mage and noting that she hadn't seen her for some time, Mikina then picked up the cat and told Yukina that they would be keeping it.

When her daughter protested that she didn't like cats, Mikina amended that they would keep it in her own room, adding as Yukina continued to argue that her daughter couldn't be picky. She then exclaimed that, nonetheless, the cat was cute and pressed it to her cheek.[35] Later on, Mikina played with the mage on their mansion's front porch when Kyle was thrown out of the house by Keel. Surprised to see the King had already returned, the two exchanged greetings before the King headed out back to the royal palace.[36]

Shortly after Kyle, Keel, Yukina, Elluka, and Gumillia left for Lioness a few days later, Abyss I.R. took Mikina as her medium. Donning the Almoga Mobarez mask from Keel's storehouse, the mage pursued the group, knocked Keel into a coma, and killed Ney before running off with the vessels of sin.[37] Around that time, the aristocrat realized Abyss I.R. planned to use the previously possessed Rin as her next medium since she could therefore freely utilize the vessels of sin.

Battle on the BeachEdit

"Yukina... Yukina... Mama is... I... Oh God... I... confess—  "

After the sorceress arrived at the Held monastery and was discovered by Germaine and Yukina, Mikina's consciousness resurged when Abyss attempted to reveal Mikina's misdeeds to her daughter. Struggling to hold Abyss back, Mikina stated she didn't want Yukina to know before being taken over again by the sorceress. Abyss I.R. then invoked her and the Demon of Greed's connection to Mikina, forcing her to kneel with the spoon in-hand and compel her to confess to everything herself.

As Mikina desperately tried to hold back, she admitted to deceiving many people; she then cried out to God before confessing her involvement in everything to her daughter. She then revealed her past, planned abortion of Shaw, murder of her father with the spoon, collaboration with Prim and Abyss I.R. to protect her family, and involvement in Kyle's possession and Michaela's death. After expressing all the fears she had during Keel's investigations, Mikina lamented that it didn't matter anymore.

The aristocrat then explained why the sorceress brought her there and how, like Rin, she too could freely use the vessels due to being possessed even without any magic power. Suddenly hearing the voice of the Demon of Greed tell her to leave everything to it again, Mikina voiced the situation to Yukina and told her to get away. Abyss I.R. then retook control of the aristocrat and used her to combat them with the Marlon Spoon. Once Germaine skewered Abyss I.R.'s true body, the cat, Mikina was freed of her control and rendered unconscious.[38]

Later LifeEdit

Afterward, Mikina returned home with Yukina and spent much of her time caring for her husband. After Keel's death, she abandoned the family inheritance and, without telling her children, fled to live quietly in an obscure home in Marlon. As her death drew near, her children rushed to her side, having learned her whereabouts. Surrounded by the family she loved, Mikina died.[39]


Mikina's accomplishments with Keel lived on with their son Shaw and the Freezis Foundation stemming from his corporate conglomerate had a major impact in politics and business in the century following her death.[40] By the seventh century EC, the Foundation was entrusted to investigate the Toragay Epidemic and their connection to Père Noël.[41] In the wake of her and Keel's death, Shaw resolved to eradicate the vessels of sin that ruined his family and gave his full support to Elluka Clockworker's mission in finding them.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"I shan't say goodbye. And you'll return to this mansion, understand? I still have work for the both of you."
―A teary-eyed Mikina to Michaela and Clarith[src]

Mikina was a kind but conflicted individual, struggling to maintain a lavish lifestyle while caring for her family. Like her husband, she held her family in high regard and was willing to make steep sacrifices for their well-being,[42] also extending this care to their household staff.[43] Despite this, her independent nature and love for Keel put her at odds with her father and family in Marlon.[44] As a child, Mikina was terrified of cats but grew a certain fondness for them as an adult.[45] She also had a love for gardens and had particular specifications to the layout.[46]

Because of her background, she was naturally elegant and proper and somewhat imposing, following after Clarith outside simply to have a better look at her. Similarly, although believing that servants were like family, she would be easily angered by their incompetence and was embarrassed with having to run chores or errands herself due to a lack of staff.[47] Although foregoing her wealth to be with Keel, Mikina and Keel's failing business made her desperate and, though skeptical, accepted Queen Dowager Prim's gift to help them acquire money.

Due to her early hardships from the Elphes, especially the incident with Shaw's nanny,[48] Mikina harbored a deep resentment of their race. Although often hiding her prejudice behind more logical means, she would reveal her hatred when heavily provoked. As a result, she was opposed to having any Elphes as servants. In reverse, Mikina was very sympathetic to foreigners in Elphegort, preferring to shop at their businesses or assist them with their needs whenever possible. Despite her racism, Mikina openly recognized Michaela's striking beauty and was willing to hire her after Clarith begged the aristocrat.[49] She also came to love the servant and care for her safety, overwhelmed with guilt for her part in the girl's death.

Mikina was extremely devoted to Keel and their children and loved them greatly, but had difficulty in protecting them while maintaining a lavish lifestyle. After becoming pregnant with Shaw, the choice to abort him due to their financial constraints weighed heavily on her heart and she was reduced to heavy sobbing during her trip to Yatski. Once the boy was born, Mikina spent all her energy tending to his needs;[50] later, once Aile's sickly condition was discovered, she oversaw her care personally, leaving Yukina more often ignored by her.[51]

Even so, Mikina was opposed to her forced collaboration with Prim and Abyss I.R. and deeply regretted deceiving and betraying her family and friends to keep them safe; finding that the happiness they gained from supporting Kyle's military expansionism came at the cost of others' suffering, Mikina's guilt only increased and feared for Keel's safety the more he looked into Prim and Abyss. When finally freed of their control, Mikina attempted to push onward with a more positive outlook.[52] By the time of her husband's death, she became a recluse and preferred to live alone.[53]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"Even the wealthy merchant, Lord Keel, is said to be under the thumb of his wife."
―An aristocrat speaking about powerful women[src]

As a businessman's wife, Mikina was extremely perceptive and could quickly surmise much about a person's character or lifestyle after briefly analyzing them. Like her husband, Mikina was adept at socializing with others but could become ill-tempered when pressed about topics, especially regarding her feelings or personal beliefs.[54] Likewise, she was a convincing liar, able to maintain an innocent façade among her family and friends regarding her involvement with events. She was also somewhat manipulative, able to easily influence her husband's decision-making to her or her collaborator's favor.[55]

Having helped work at their small business with her husband, Mikina had a strong business savvy, enhanced by her observant behavior.[56] She therefore was able assert a great amount of influence on Keel, to the point some considered her as the real one controlling the Freezis Firm.[57] Although lacking any magical potential, Mikina was able to freely manipulate the vessels of sin due to being possessed by the Demon of Greed, making her an excellent handler for the vessels.[58] She also was skilled at playing the harp as befitting a woman of her breeding.[59]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Keel Freezis: Mikina's husband. Mikina loved Keel deeply, leaving her aristocratic lifestyle to be with him, and wished to aid him in his business endeavors. She acted as his partner when running the household, often advising him over what course of action to take, and had dealings with Prim in part to help him. Mikina would be haunted by guilt over the injuries she inflicted on Keel during her possession and cared for him until his death.

Yukina Freezis: Mikina's eldest daughter. Yukina was Mikina's favorite child and she loved her deeply, wishing to safeguard her from harm at any cost, although sometimes she would neglect her when looking after Shaw and Aile. Sharing her daughter's wanderlust, she also wasn't angry at her for leaving to discover the truth on her own, although was unnerved by the danger she was in as a result. Due to their relationship, it caused Mikina great pain to confess her wrongdoings to her daughter.

Shaw Freezis: Mikina's only son. Initially Mikina wished not to have the child during her desperate financial situation, but she loved Shaw deeply and often doted on him. She was willing to go to great lengths to protect the boy, such as attacking her father when he threatened to take him away, and became deeply unnerved when learning he was in any danger.

Aile Freezis: Mikina's youngest daughter. Mikina loved Aile deeply and took personal responsibility for the sickly girl's care, not allowing any servants to watch over her as a result of the incident with Shaw. She was willing to go to great lengths to protect her, such as continuing her association with Abyss I.R and Prim to spare her the consequences of her contract with the Demon of Greed.

Michaela: One of Mikina's maids. Initially Mikina did not care for Michaela, associating her with the Elphegorteans that had discriminated against the Freezis family and believing that she would cause trouble with her beautiful appearance. She became a fan of Michaela after listening to her sing, and came to regard her as family. When Mikina was forced to betray Michaela to Ney, she deeply regretted doing so.

Clarith: One of Mikina's maids. Mikina was fascinated by Clarith's Netsuma heritage and, as an immigrant of Elphegort, sympathized with the discrimination the latter faced. She was a fan of Clarith's cooking and was willing to trust her with taking care of Yukina; over time she came to regard Clarith as family, giving her comfort after Michaela's death.

Prim Marlon: A woman that controlled Mikina. Although initially grateful for Prim's aid with their financial troubles, Mikina grew to hate the former's influence over her after forcing her into a contract with the Demon of Greed. Mikina was unable to resist this influence due to fear of retribution towards her family.

Abyss I.R.: A sorceress that controlled Mikina. Mikina feared Abyss I.R and the trouble that she could bring down on her loved ones, although her affection for cats caused her to take in the sorceress' true body. She became possessed by Abyss I.R for a short time and deeply regretted her actions during this period.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Mikina's maiden name may be derived from the Italian word sfarzo, meaning "pomp, splendor, or magnificence"; its spelling and romanization may also be a reference to the name of her representative Vocaloid, SF-A2 miki.
  • Her surname, Freezis, is possibly derived from the word "freezing".
  • Mikina's name is inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Miki, sharing the same four letters in its beginning.





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