Technical Information
Japanese ミカエラ
Romaji Mikaera
Other Names Grüne (by Clarith)
Diva of Elphegort
The Daughter of Green
Millennium Tree

Hatsune Miku

Biographical Information
Born BT 528
Died EC 500 (as human)
Classification God Kin (till death)
Forest Spirit (till EC 499)
Human (till EC 500)
Race Elphe
Gender Genderless (as spirit)
Female (as human)
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Elphegort
Levin Church (Held sect)
"Listen, Clarith. I like you. No matter anyone says, to me, you're a really wonderful person. More than anyone, more than anyone in the entire world, understand?"

Michaela, later known as the new Millennium Tree, was a disciple of Elluka Clockworker and a former forest spirit of Held. To help Elluka collect the vessels of sin, Michaela was incarnated as a human, and soon became friends with Clarith. While employed as a Freezis maid, she befriended King Kyle and inadvertently became the target of the Green Hunting. Killed during the genocide, Michaela was later reborn as a millennium tree, succeeding Held as guardian of the forest.


Early LifeEdit

"She's a spirit full of energy, as always."
―Elluka Clockworker[src]

In BT 528, the god Held created Michaela and the other forest spirits in Held's Forest from the spirits of the god kin who died in the creation of Third Period.[1] Forbidden from leaving the forest by the deity, Michaela obeyed. In EC 001, Michaela, using her robin form, witnessed the creation of the Original Sin, seeing Eve Moonlit crying with the infant Hänsel and Gretel in her arms.[2] On many occasions, she would also witness men and women entering the forest to confess their love for one another, occasionally seeing such romances end tragically.[3] At some point, the forest spirit met Elluka Clockworker and the two became familiar with each other.[4]

In EC 325, the robin saw Elluka conversing with Held and perched on the god's branches, saying hello to the mage. The sorceress apologized and said she and Held were having an important discussion and promised to play with Michaela later. Told to go away, the spirit glumly obeyed. Soon after, Michaela saw Elluka walking away from the Tree of Held and chased after her, asking if she was going back and how she promised they would play together. Michaela was later told by Gumillia to help strengthen the barrier around the forest to keep powerful mages from entering for a time.[5]

Forest EncounterEdit

"One day, I found Grüne by the lake–a robin that was injured. I had brought it back home to treat it. While I was taking care of it, I had spent time with that robin. I realized my heart was most at ease with it."
―Clarith regarding Michaela[src]

Michaela perched on Elluka's shoulder

Around the turn of the fifth century EC, Michaela studied the humans living in the area from the nearby village, and Pant, a woodcutter.[6] In January of EC 499, Michaela and Gumillia saw the sleeping Held being attacked by Elluka. After the chipmunk threw a fruit at the mage's head, the robin chastised her for "bullying" the god; Elluka argued she wasn't.

When the mage announced she'd return another day, Michaela flew to her shoulder and admitted it was for the best, relating she sensed someone nearby. Agreeing it might've been a pilgrim, the robin noted the Lucifenian court mage likely didn't want to be spotted. Elluka remarked about Michaela's clear observation of humans and the robin chuckled and told her about the pilgrims and local residents the spirit studied.

The mage inquired if humans interested the spirit and Michaela admitted they did before explaining Held's demand they never leave the forest. Agreeing with Elluka that the god was a stubborn, old man, the robin laughed before Elluka said goodbye and left.[7] Soon after, Michaela decided to gather some trauben fruit from a orchard by the Lake of Amusement and flew there while Held was asleep. After tasting the fruit, the spirit began to fly back with some of it when a rollam bird attacked and injured the robin's wings.


Michaela free-falling after the attack

Freed once the spirit dropped the food, Michaela spiraled down through the trees and fell to the forest floor, knocked unconscious. The robin was rescued by Clarith shortly after and the peasant took the bird home to treat the bird's broken wing on her table, waking up later on. Once the spirit realized the situation, Michaela tried to escape before tripping on the bandages.

As the spirit struggled to escape, Clarith's mother approached the robin with a box and redid the bandages, apologizing for how poorly they were done. Clarith then returned and her mother offered the box's contents as a snack. Seeing worms inside, the disgusted robin refused to eat until Clarith offered some trauben, gladly devouring the fruit. She then watched the peasant argue that gods and spirits didn't exist with her mother. Shocked to hear her believe the delicious trauben she'd grown weren't any good, Michaela saw Clarith coldly admonish the bird having a simple life before leaving. Her mother than apologized for her daughter's behavior, explaining she was actually kinda and treated the robin.[8]


Michaela bonds with Clarith

When Clarith returned late that night, Michaela chirped at the peasant and she ignored her, heading straight to bed. The hungry robin then waited until morning before incessently crying for food again. Once Clarith gave her more trauben, Michaela approached the peasant's hand on the table; nuzzling it in gratitude, the spirit was eventually petted in turn. Later that morning, Clarith named the robin "Grüne", explaining it referred to the bird's beautiful "green" feathers. The peasant then asked if the spirit disliked it and Michaela shook head.[9]

Each day, the white-haired girl fed Michaela and spoke to the bird everyday of her bad work experiences between taking care of her sick mother. Whenever asked about the trauben's taste, the robin chirped about its deliciousness. At some point, she built the robin a shabby bird cage and sat inside it while Clarith perched it on the window each day before she went to work; while looking out the window, Michaela watched Clarith work and be mistreated by the green-haired villagers, noticing she only smiled at home.


Gumillia comes to the rescue

After two weeks at Clarith's house, Michaela heard a sound and realized someone was throwing stones at the window. Seeing Gumillia climb up in chipmunk form, the robin listened while the spirit insisted they return home. Clarith's mother then asked about the spirits' departure, revealing she'd always known the robins' identity as a former shaman. Michaela then flew up to nightstand beside her and thanked the woman for her hospitality. Told she was grateful for being Clarith's first friend, the spirit learned the white-haired Netsumas were hated by the green-haired Elphes.

Asking if the white-haired shaman was also Netsuma, the woman confirmed she was just old before admitting being a foreigner and adopting Clarith still got her shunned. Confused about humans discriminating against themselves, Michaela listened to the shaman say spirits wouldn't understand before offering a bowl of trauben as a gift. The robin thanked her and took some trauben. After taking flight, the bird promised to come back and play before leaving. While flying over the forest, the spirit looked back at the village below, wishing the bird had said goodbye to Clarith too.[10]

A Simple PrayerEdit

"God, I honestly don't believe you exist. But, supposing that you... that there is a thing called god in this world... anyone is fine. I just want someone to be my friend..."

Michaela hears Clarith's prayer

Upon her return, Michaela was greeted by Held's roar and the god lectured the spirit for breaking his regulations all night. At dawn, the spirit went to Gumillia for comfort and the chipmunk responded that it was the spirit’s fault for leaving the forest, explaining how the robin could have died and that the chipmunk would've hated that. Michaela then apologized before returning to held and repeating the apology. Told he was just glad the "precious child" was safe and learned a lesson, the earth god fell asleep.

As the spirit began returning to the others, Michaela sensed someone's presence and saw Clarith approach the Millennium Tree. Confused, the curious spirit floated beside the Netsma and listened to her tell Held about her woes being abused by Elphes. After hearing the girl relate about her newfound happiness with "Grüne", Michaela learned the Netsuma had tried befriending her neighbor and being coldly rejected again, breaking what little self-confidence she had. Once Clarith admitted her fears of continuing life after her ill mother died, the spirit heard the crying atheist's prayer for a friend.[11]


"It's because you seem to be interested in humans. This is the perfect opportunity for you to study a lot about them..."

Held offering Michaela and Gumillia to Elluka

Once Held awoke a few days later, Michaela recounted the event to the earth god and he expressed his surprised that any Netsuma were left in Elphegort. The spirit questioned if Clarith could try fleeing the country and the god pointed out the difficulty doing so with her sick mother. He then added that leaving one's dear homeland was harder than one would think, pointing out Michaela's own recent experience. As Michaela questioned what they could do to help, Held reiterated that the forest spirit was becoming too involved with humans, pointing out they were different from them.

As the god related that those close to gods like the spirit shouldn't interfere with the human world, Elluka interrupted and Michaela watched the two discuss giving the mage some spirits to reincarnate as human apprentices and help her search for a vessel of sin. Once the earth god offered both Gumillia and Michaela as disciples, the confused spirit listened to him explain it was a chance to study humans closely. After Held confirmed they'd return to being spirits in three years, he warned them against acting rashly and Elluka then told them to follow her before the god regretted his decision.


The spirits prepare to become human

The sorceress then led them west through the forest. Telling Michaela that the god tasked the spirit out of concern for them both, Elluka elaborated that the spirit could use being human to better understand them. Michaela then admitted uncertainty about that path and the sorceress assured the spirit to do what was considered best; the spirit asked if she meant like her and the mage agreed. Once they reached the location for the reincarnation ritual, Michaela watched Elluka draw a magic circle before asking what they should be doing.

The mage then instructed them to imagine beautiful Elphe women who weren't already alive or shared the same appearance to become their new human bodies. Deciding to take the form of Eve Moonlit, Michaela confirmed Gumillia chose a different human's appearance before asking why they needed to be a women. Told it was her whim, Michaela agreed to enter the completed circle and then asked if the "scribble" would be enough, learning it was just a a formality. Imagining the time when Eve stole the Twins of God, Michaela's consciousness flew into space before rapidly descending back down to the ground with her forming human shape. When the incarnating spirit noticed she was fast approaching the crying Eve from her memory, she reached out her to her as they collided, reincarnating as a human in her image.[12]

Once the reincarnation was complete, Held overwrote the saved copy of Michaela's memories into her newly wiped mind.[13] When Elluka asked, Michaela confirmed she knew the Original Sinner was the source of the vessels of sin. The mage then questioned why she chose her appearance and the reborn human revealed she thought she was beautiful. Once the mage permitted her to keep her appearance, Michaela smiled at Gumillia when the mage corrected her masculine speech and declared they'd be studying what they needed to know to live as humans on top of their magic training, warning them she'd be merciless.


Michaela gives Elluka a wake-up call

Elluka then took the two to an abandoned house and the three began living together, teaching them everything necessary about humanity between magic training; Michaela learned how to cast spell songs. One day, Michaela awoke and greeted Gumillia. She then took an old ladle and pan and banged them together as she tried to wake Elluka. When the tired sorceress noted her early rise, the former spirit chided that Gumillia woke up before her and hurried the mage to eat breakfast with them outside.

Elluka then stared at her before saying a woman's charm was in her eyes and that she should remember to wash her face every so often. The apprentice then headed outside and greeted Gumillia. After explaining she'd wash up first, the fellow Elphe went to the nearby spring and cleaned her face; staring at her reflection, she smiled. As time progressed, Michaela struggled under Elluka’s tutelage, often having Gumillia help her with her studies.

A month since their incarnation, Elluka told her to practice the Clockwork Lullaby and Michaela complied, detecting a vessel of sin north of the Millennium Tree Forest. After reporting what she sensed, Elluka ended the lesson and stated she just needed to repeatedly practice in order to master the spell and find the vessel's exact location. The mage then related about Gumillia's amazing talent and ability to predict the weather and revitalize flowers earlier that day. Afterward, Michaela began suffering side effects from Held updating her mind, feeling lightheaded.


Michaela and Gumillia embrace

During dinner that night, Elluka told the half-dazed Michaela to go to the capital city of Aceid for easier information gathering, speculating the vessel of sin was was possessed by influential figures like King Thorny Elphen, Duke Parkage Meld, or Evillious Commerce Alliance President Keel Freezis. Noticing she was ill, the mage confirmed the girl had a fever and warned her to prevent sickness and hunger. When Elluka later gave her a herb and told to go to bed early, the former spirit obeyed, taking the medicine before bed.

When Michaela awoke the next day, she saw Elluka and Gumillia already packed and ready to go. After packing her luggage and heading outside, the former spirit thanked them for their month together. The mage inquired about her health and the Elphe replied she felt better. Gumillia then expressed her worry she'd be alone and Michaela took her hand, smiling and reminding her she'd be living in Held's territory of Elphegort. Once Gumillia promised to rescue her if something happened, Michaela reciprocated the sentiment and they hugged.[14]

After the two left for Lucifenia, Michaela felt her symptoms relapse and collapsed.[15] Barely able to stand, the Elphe decided to head to Held for potential healing first. The mage then trudged toward the Millennium Tree as her sight blurred and legs became heavy. Once she reached the tree, the Elphe collapsed and fell unconscious.[16]

Chance EncounterEdit

"Why're you giving money for a Netsuma?"
"She helped me when I'd collapsed somewhere. This's my thanks."
―The Yatski village chief and Michaela[src]

Michaela reunites with Clarith

Soon after, Clarith found Michaela and took her to her home, putting the unconscious girl in bed and placing a wet towel on her forehead. Once she regained consciousness, the confused apprentice heard Clarith state she still had a fever and needed to rest longer. The Netsuma then explained what transpired before replacing the wet towel and Michaela sighed in relief, thanking her. After confirming their location, she expressed her appreciation for the peasant's help and introduced herself.

When Clarith asked why she fainted there, Michaela hastily explained she was heading to Aceid from Lucifenia. The white-haired girl noted she never heard of such a thing and the former forest spirit said that the country was inhabited by lots of different races. Clarith, after Michaela stared at her in silence, burst out in apologies when her mother arrived and offered the sick Elphe a bowl of soup.

The mayor then barged in and threatened Clarith for not paying her rent and Michaela interjected, asking Clarith for her bag. Presenting the mayor with a large amount of gold, she asked them to leave. When he questioned her helping the Netsuma, the sick Elphe stated she was returning the favor. Once the mayor left, Clarith apologized again and Michaela discarded the notion, saying she could pay the rent if they let her stay with them.[17]

First FriendEdit

"I'm sorry, Miss Michaela."
"Hey, I'd like you to drop the formalities with "Michaela". We're friends, aren't we?"
―Clarith and Michaela[src]

Over the next few months, Michaela lived with Clarith in Yatski and helped the Netsuma with the farm work. During the period, she got on friendly terms with everyone she met in the village and was adored by the residents there. While working the fields one day, Michaela saw Clarith's white hair shine in the sun and smiled. One day that summer, Michaela was working the fields when Chelsea called out to her, asking if she wanted to take a break with her.

The girl accepted the offer and they moved to sit behind a building. As Michaela lamented the amount of work they had to do, Chelsea pointed out how greatly she was helping them out. When the beautiful Elphe said she should also say that to Clarith, the peasant questioned why. Before Michaela could think of a proper response, Chelsea pointed out the woman's slow and sloppy work and that she didn't need to thank a Netsuma anyhow, lamenting that Michaela had to live with her.

Michaela then expressed her liking for Clarith's white hair, describing how it beautifully shined. Chelsea then questioned if the girl was friendly with Clarith. When Michaela questioned in turn if the peasant hated her, Chelsea exclaimed that it was because she was a Netsuma and that everyone in the village hated her. She then told the girl that she wished the village chief would evict her already, again lamenting that the greedy man was Ayn's father.[18]

The two later returned to work. Michaela was heading back after finishing her farm work when she saw Clarith and Ayn speaking with one another. Waving to them, she joined in their conversation about the planned harvest festival before Ayn left.

As Clarith noted her difficulty talking to boys, Michaela asked if she often spoke to Ayn. Stating it was rare before recently, Clarith suggested that Ayn was talking to her to get closer to Michaela and asked how she felt about him. Embarrassed, Michaela said she wasn't interested in men and immediately realized how that could be misinterpreted.

When Chelsea and her friends came by to speak with Clarith, Michaela tried following them but Chelsea stopped her. Worried, she secretly spied on them behind her house. Seeing Chelsea bullying the Netsuma, Michaela stepped in and grabbed the girl's wrist, scolding them for using violence. As Chelsea tried to retort, Michaela faked a smile while squeezing her wrist harder, encouraging them to talk things out peacefully.

Once Chelsea and her friends left, Michaela attended to Clarith and said she needed to speak up with them. As Clarith apologized, the green-haired maiden told the Netsuma to refer to her more casually, since they were friends. Hugged by the white-haired girl, Michaela accepted her request to hold her a little longer and tightened her embrace, silently promising to protect her friend.

Uncertain BondsEdit

"It's nothing. Because I have you, Michaela. As long as you're with me, I'm all right."

Sometime after, Michaela went to a hill outside the village during the night and sang the spell song, sensing the vessel of sin at a large mansion in Aceid. Surprised by the sound of Clarith's voice, she asked why she was there and Michaela explained that she was unable to sleep. While the Netsuma asked if she was accustomed to life in Yatski, the green-haired girl admitted she was happy in spite of the difficult work.

As Clarith pointed out how she must have come from a rich family, given all the money she had, Michaela tried laughing it off. Asking about her mother, Clarith sadly revealed that she wouldn't last long as Aceid's doctors hadn't found a cure for Gula. Michaela quickly changed the topic again, asking about the Aceid mansion in the distance and was told it was the home of Keel Freezis.

As their conversation about Keel's rich life style and monthly banquets continued, Clarith revealed her desire to have many friends like him, expressing her disbelief she could have them unlike the beautiful Michaela. The green-haired girl replied that she still accepted her and, unable to hear what Clarith said afterward, asked her to repeat it but Clarith shook her head, saying she'd just be fine if Michaela was by her side. Touched, Michaela thanked her and stated they should head home with the windy weather. Seeing Clarith fall over while getting up, she grabbed her hand and the two went home only to find her mother dead.[19]

After attending her mother's funeral, Michaela asked Clarith what she planned to do next and the Netsuma expressed her uncertainty. Concerned for Clarith and now aware of the vessel's location, Michaela suggested they leave the village and start a new life in Aceid. The surprised Netsuma told her to go without her and be with her family. In response to Michaela's shock, Clarith revealed Chelsea had said she was only using her to look more kind and beautiful to others.

Expressing her own doubts, Clarith admitted it was fine so long as she remained her friend and the outraged Michaela embraced her tightly, stating she liked her for who she was and believed she was a wonderful person. As the Netsuma girl sobbed, Michaela handed her a handkerchief and agreed to head to Aceid, though questioning what they would do afterward. Michaela said she hadn't considered it but remarked they still had money and the two laughed about their uncertain but hopeful future. Ayn then fervently burst into the home and said his father had killed Eugen and was mobilizing a mob blaming Clarith, rushing them to escape.

Flight to AceidEdit

"Eugen was murdered. My father's insisting Clarith killed him. He's taking the young men to try and arrest her. You need to hurry and escape!"
―Michaela and Ayn[src]

Ayn led the two girls out of the village along the steep cliff-side. Once they escaped the villagers and took a break, Michaela asked what happened while Clarith was asleep and Ayn described how his father poisoned Eugen for opposing him stealing from Earl Felix and threw the blame on Clarith. As Ayn vented his anger, Michaela asked what he'd do and the young man said he'd tell Earl Felix what happened, aware his father would be arrested. After Ayn asked if she'd join him, Michaela explained her plans with Clarith and Ayn agreed. Seeing his lonely expression, the green-haired maiden apologized but Ayn responded that it was best for Clarith, hoping to remove his guilt so he could face her. With Michaela confused by his words, the young man brushed it off and promised to take them to Aceid.[20]

Traveling to the capital of Elphegort, Michaela and Clarith spent the night in an inn in the Central District, learning the owner's wife had helped birth and raise Ayn after his mother died. After a week at the inn, Michaela was drinking tea in the living room with the couple as they discussed the difficulty for immigrants like them to be financially successful in Elphegort.

As Keel Freezis came up in the conversation, Michaela asked about him and the owner related his success as a foreign merchant and how the couple sometimes took care of their kids. Inquiring if Keel's wife could use some new servants, the inn owner's wife said she could ask since he was visiting them the next day. Excited, she thanked her and went back to her room. With Clarith exhausted and already asleep in bed, Michaela thought about telling her the good news the next morning before also falling asleep.

The next day, Michaela saw Keel's wife, Mikina, arrive instead and was told by the innkeeper to get her some tea. Once she presented the beverage to her, the former spirit continued to stare until she was asked by Mikina to stop. She apologized and explained it was due to her beauty and Mikina complimented her appearance in return, pointing out that Michaela didn't seem to be the innkeeper's relative. Vaguely brushing over the situation, Mikina mentioned her own difficulty as a young immigrant and Michaela brought up how successful the Freezis Firm had been with such a spacious home for herself. After Mikina revealed they had recently fired some servants, hence her visit, Michaela mentioned how the two girls were searching for a job.

Bothered by the woman's stare, Michaela clarified that her friend went out and would return soon just when Clarith opened the door. Affirming the Netsuma was the person she mentioned, Michaela introduced herself and Clarith to the Freezis matriarch. When Mikina refused to hire Michaela, the green-haired girl protested; met with Mikina's hateful outburst for Elphes, she watched as the former noblewoman brushed the reason aside, explaining that her amazing beauty could bring unnecessary trouble to their home. With Clarith's insistence, Mikina agreed to hire them both and the two happily hugged one another. Packing their luggage, they left for the Freezis Mansion and began working the next day.[21]

Freezis MaidEdit

"The both of you shall come to the mansion. But I do wonder; the housework is by no means easy..."
Cha1 img (1)
Over the course of a month, Michaela and Clarith worked at the mansion, meeting up in the garden after dinner to chat each night. At the end of their probationary period, the two girls were accepted as servants. While Michaela and the other servants washed clothes, Clarith came in with a basket full of children's clothes. Michaela thanked her and, despite warning her that water was cold, she did it anyway and lurched at the feeling.

Michaela then joked that she didn't want her to freeze to death when Gerda came in and asked them to come inside. Told Earl Felix wished to see them, Michaela asked why and Gerda questioned if they knew the Earl. Reminded not to make any mistakes since Keel would be attending to him shortly, the two girls cautiously entered. While Michaela offered him snacks, pouring tea, she heard Clarith scream and looked up to see Ayn beside the Earl and the shocked maid asked why he was there.

Keel then entered and sent the three out of the room; surprised, Michaela asked what happened at the village and Ayn explained how his father was arrested and the Earl made Ayn an Elphegort soldier, dreaming to become a powerful swordsman to protect the person important to him. Confused by who he meant, Michaela saw Ayn avert his gaze behind her when Keel and Earl Felix's meeting ended. As the Earl prepared to depart, Michaela watched Clarith say farewell to Ayn and noticed Ayn seem to be crying as he left with Felix.

After dinner, Michaela waited outside for Clarith at the fountain in the Freezis garden. As Clarith apologized for being late, Michaela brushed it off and the Netsuma hugged her. As the white-haired girl happily chatted about Yukina, the jealous Michaela grew solemn when Clarith asked what was wrong. Clarith then reassured the jealous maid she was the most important person to her and, leaning on her, said she wanted to hear her sing again. Saying she'd have to sing softly to not disturb the others, she recited the spell song and felt the vessel of sin in the mansion's treasury.

Once she finished, they heard someone clapping and turned to see Keel watching them. The maid immediately apologized for disturbing the merchant but Keel brushed it off, wondering if she enjoyed singing. Answering yes, Keel instructed Michaela to sing her favorite song every morning and he would hire a vocal teacher for her. Wondering what he meant, Keel eluded an answer and told them to return to their rooms. Doing as Keel instructed, Michaela sang each day and took lessons for two weeks.[22]

Diva of ElphegortEdit

"Did it satisfy you too, Kyle?"
"It did. A lucid voice and beauty like that of a goddess... that's quite the gem you found."
―Keel and King Kyle[src]

On the night of Keel's monthly banquets, Michaela was dressed up for the main event and introduced to the stage by Keel. Breaking out into a cold sweat as she stepped up, she saw Clarith cheering her on from backstage in the banquet hall and attempted to relax, focusing on her piano accompaniment. Once the maid finished the song and quickly bowed, she was met with wild applause. Singing three pieces in a row, the tired maid then went to Keel to greet each guest.

Praised by the attendees, Michaela then watched Keel banter with a blue haired man before he was introduced as King Kyle Marlon, the merchant joking he was a playboy. Panicking in the presence of the royal, Michaela prepared to kneel but was stopped by the king, explaining he wished to remain incognito. After being told to treat him like Keel did, Michaela said she would do so and then commented on how Keel had called Kyle a playboy, embarrassing the king. Michaela and Keel then laughed as Kyle panicked and the maid was called an interesting child by the king.

Over time Michaela continued to sing at Keel's banquets as well as other residences in the city; as a result, her fame began to spread in Elphegort and she became beloved by the people, her pay rising as well. Over the months, Michaela became acquainted with multiple business men and aristocrats and received four marriage proposals, all of which she turned down. At some point, after over a year had passed since her incarnation, Michaela sang again at one of Keel's banquets and began to grow tired of the applause.

When Mikina suggested that the maid go rest, Michaela thanked her and bowed, retiring to the living room and sitting on the sofa. Looking around at the room's collection of paintings, Michaela spotted one of a girl on the coast and was unable to read the signature of the artist. She was then startled by someone stating from behind that "Karchess Crim" was their pen name. Turning around, Michaela saw King Kyle and chastised him for scaring her. As the king apologized and said that no one had responded when he knocked, Michaela listened as he went on to explain his past as a painter and how his mother had manipulated him into giving it up.

Michaela asked how this happened and Kyle continued on to say how all but that painting had been burned by him. She then asked if he hated becoming the king and Kyle denied it, saying he was proud of his position and that it was a weighty responsibility. Michaela then began to tremble and rub her arm as Kyle went on to explain how he entertained ideas of mixing with civilians and settling down with a wife and family. Michaela then realized the king was looking into her face and she asked if Kyle loved her.

When the king admitted that he had liked her from the start, Michaela replied that, although she was happy to receive his love, she did not know how to love a man and so could not respond to his feelings. In response to Kyle's shock, she clarified that she had never been in love and asked him what it was. The king asked her if there was ever anyone she considered precious outside of family and the former spirit answered honestly that there was.

She also agreed that she always wanted to protect this person, felt happy when they were around, and felt jealous when they spent time with someone else. Kyle explained that she may be in love with that person, although it would be a capricious love, and that this jealousy was the difference between love and friendship. Michaela then asked if this applied even when the other person was a woman; embarrassed, Kyle replied that love wasn't solely between different genders and admitted he was still immature about love.

After Michaela commented he still knew more than her, Kyle brought out a shell necklace and put it around her neck, claiming it was a symbol of his pure love and said he would be happy if she accepted it. Michaela hesitantly said she couldn't accept it and Kyle jokingly asked if she was refusing a gift from the King of Marlon. After Michaela said it was unfair if he started using his power, Kyle apologized for ruining the mood and said he would like to start as friends to know her better.

Caressing the necklace, Michaela said she would like to be friends as well and Kyle joked it would be incredible to be friends with the King of Marlon. After Michaela warned him not to anger her, Kyle said he was kidding and left Michaela to rest. After regaining some of her strength, Michaela returned to the venue and ran into Clarith, asking her what was wrong. After Clarith demanded to know what Michaela did with the Marlon King, she said it was just a chat and then explained he had given her the shell necklace when asked.

Seeing that Clarith was unhappy and her tone unusual, she asked if anything was wrong and the white-haired maid asked Michaela not to get closer to other people. Asking why, Michaela heard Clarith say she would feel terrible if Michaela was taken away from her and hoped Michaela felt the same way. Seeing she was on the verge of tears and puzzled at her friend's fear, Michaela watched as Clarith apologized and told her to forget the things she said, the former spirit thinking back on Kyle's words.[23]

Passion of BlueEdit


Michaela converses with Kyle during his stay in Elphegort

"Michaela, if, if I said I wanted to defy my mother, abandon the throne, the country, everything, and run away with you, would you... come with me?"

Over the next several weeks, Kyle met up with Michaela almost every day, chatting with her about Marlon festivals or his adventures fighting pirates and occasionally buying her gifts.[24] While cleaning Keel's office, the maid gazed upon the merchant's collection and touched her shell necklace before sighing. Startled by Keel's sudden entrance, the merchant noticed her pendant and asked if Kyle gave it to her, remarking that the king had gone home stiff at the last banquet.

Michaela asked her employer what she should do and Keel replied the King would stop if she gave him a serious answer, adding that he already had a fiancée. Surprised by the revelation, Michaela listen to Keel elaborate how she was the Princess of Lucifenia, and that pursuing him would cause political conflict. Michaela remained silent as Keel talked until leaving the room, telling her to continue with the cleaning. Looking at the shell necklace again, she wondered aloud at how Kyle had given this to her while engaged, saying she didn't understand humans at all.


Michaela bringing the liquor to Clarith

Soon after, she was approached by a maid and asked to buy green onions from the market for the night's banquet and complied, running into Kyle on the way. While shopping and talking, Michaela was startled to see Clarith jump out and fall into the river, taking Kyle's shopping bag as the king jumped in after her. She then bent down with Kyle to make sure her friend was okay.

That evening, as Thorny, Keel, and Kyle were in a meeting, Michaela listened to the servants gossip about the state of Lucifenia and its tyrannical princess. She and Clarith were then instructed to deliver liquor to Keel, Kyle, and Thorny after their meeting and approached Clarith in the kitchen, relaying their orders.

As Clarith remarked the bottle looked damaged and should be thrown away, Michaela asked if she really thought so and watched as her friend began tasting more and more of the wine to test its quality, weakly trying to stop her. She then was unable to stop Clarith from bursting into Keel's meeting and cursing him out; as a result, Michaela and Clarith were both harshly scolded by the merchant.


Michaela comforts her friend

She later sought Clarith out in the garden to make sure she was sober and remarked it was rare to see Keel so angry, agreeing that what Clarith said had been out of line. When Clarith attempted to apologize for getting Michaela in trouble she brushed it off, saying she had partial blame for not stopping her.

As Clarith began apologizing again, she patted her on the head and told her to not bottle up her feelings. She then repeated that Clarith was the most wonderful person she had met. When Clarith then asked the maid to marry her, she said she'd have to think about it.[25]

The next day, Michaela was doing the laundry when she overheard news of Lucifenia; reminded of Kyle's deception, she sulked when the King greeted her, asking if she'd rather be outside than doing laundry. As Michaela refused to answer, he continued that he came to say goodbye to Keel but was unable to see him currently; he then asked if Michaela could bring his farewells to the merchant. Michaela replied that, if he had something to say to Keel, to tell it to Bruno instead, and Kyle wondered if her anger was because he was leaving, becoming overjoyed. Sputtering this was not the case, Michaela dropped the washboard and declared she heard Kyle had a fiancée.

Realizing she meant Riliane, Kyle explained that the princess was just like a sister to him, although Michaela pointed out they were getting married. Kyle reluctantly said they might be, but added he was happy she was getting jealous. In response, Michaela snapped she was angry because Kyle had been deceiving her. She then took a deep breath and asked if he was leaving, saying that she could guide him to the entrance. Before reaching the entrance, Kyle ordered Michaela to turn around and she complied.

Facing the king, Michaela listened as he explained that the marriage with Riliane had been arranged by their mothers and that he didn't wish to marry her. Michaela then asked if he hated Riliane and the king clarified that he didn't, although many others did, having grown up seeing her as a little sister. Michaela prodded that, despite this, he couldn't disobey his mother, and Kyle hesitantly began to say he knew that. As he did so, Michaela looked Kyle in the eye and interrupted, commanding him to stop pursuing her and chastising him for choosing a maid to marry, adding it would cause problems with the other countries.

After Kyle finally said he understood and that he would cause no more harm, Michaela silently followed him out the door and to the main entrance. After saying she wished him Bon Voyage, she watched Kyle approach entourage when suddenly the king ran back and hugged her tightly. Exclaiming and telling him not to do that, Michaela heard the king ask if she would run away with him if he gave up the throne and disobeyed his mother. Confused at the emotions running through her, Michaela struggled to reply only for Kyle to let go, apologizing, and leave.

Michaela then walked back to the laundry room, contemplating Kyle's actions before feeling a strange atmosphere and realizing the sin vessel had been moved from the treasury. Recognizing it was in Keel's private room, Michaela approached her employer and assured him nothing was wrong when he asked, mentioning the messenger from Thorny had already left.

When Keel said he had decided to tidy things up in the treasury since the meeting ended early, Michaela then asked after the sword in Keel's hands, saying that the shape was weird when Keel inquired about her interest. Learning from Keel that the sword, the vessel of sin, was called the Venom Sword, Michaela went into the garden before Clarith that night. She then magically sang the song "Recollective Music Box" in order to inform Elluka that one of the vessels of sin had been found.[26]

Visit from a Foreign BoyEdit

"Oh, you need something, cute foreign boy? "
"W-Well... do you happen to know a girl by the name of Gumillia?"
―Michaela meets Allen Avadonia[src]

Several weeks later, Michaela was sent to the central district of Aceid to buy laundry soap and was sidetracked to visit the inn she and Clarith once stayed at. Greeting the innkeeper, Michaela informed him and his wife on how Clarith was doing her work with enthusiasm after the man asked, telling him of how she'd learned to make dim sum. She then offered to come by with Clarith and bring the stollen next time she visited.

As she spoke to the innkeepers, a small Elphe child entered the inn and Michaela asked who he was. After the couple explained he was an orphan whose parents died of Gula, waving him over, Michaela greeted the child and introduced herself to him. When the boy greeted her in turn, she asked him if he liked to sing; he said that his mother liked to sing, and Michaela asked which song. Once the boy said it was the song "South North Story" the maid then told the boy how he could ease the pain of his parents' passing by meeting new people, or singing that song to feel closer to them.

Michaela then prepared to sing when the innkeeper's wife stopped her, telling her that such a rare song should be sung in an open space like the city square. Walking out to the city square, Michaela patted the head of the Elphe child and said she'd be nervous for her first time singing outside, asking him if he'd stay with her. As the boy smiled, she then adjusted her posture and sang "South North Story", soon attracting a crowd of admirers. When she finished, as the boy praised her singing she asked him if he felt better.

When the boy confirmed it had, she asked if he still hadn't thanked the innkeepers for the favor and the boy said he would now, running off. As Michaela prepared to return and buy the soap, a blond-haired boy stopped her. When she asked if he needed anything from her, the boy questioned if she knew Gumillia.[27] In response, Michaela asked him if he was a friend of hers and the boy clarified they worked together; the girl asked to know if she was alright and he assured the maid she was, giving her a green onion.

Michaela then exclaimed how this was an Amazing Green Onion and took it with delight, asking the boy his name. After the boy said his name was Allen, the former spirit thanked him. As he began to leave, she stopped him and asked if he could follow her so she could thank him properly. Although Allen protested he had to meet with Keel Freezis, Michaela excitedly told him that she could show him the way, living at his mansion herself.[28] As they walked, Allen explained how was given the task of given the onion to her by Gumillia, who had also given him Michaela's name.[29]

Entering into the servant's carriage, Michaela instructed the driver of a shortcut through the northern district and rode with Allen back to the Freezis mansion. On the way she held a conversation with the boy, explaining why she was singing to cheer up the Elphe boy in the city square when he asked. As Allen asked her if she often sang in front of other people, Michaela insisted it was only occasionally.

As Allen questioned why, Michaela reprimanded him for being rude and the boy admitted he should use proper titles for an older peer. Michaela then asked his age When the boy said he was fourteen, Michaela exclaimed that she was only sixteen and that he didn't need to be so formal with such a narrow age difference. During their conversation, Michaela related to the boy how the Elphes had discriminated against Clarith and how hard it was for them to find a job, before smiling and noting how Keel had taken them into his employ as an immigrant from Marlon.

She then asked Allen if it was hard cleaning the Lucifenian Royal Palace, listening as Allen explained his job was actually to serve the royal family. Astonished, Michaela remarked at how powerful he was, although the servant brushed it off with how troublesome his job was. The two then spoke over their respective jobs Michaela noting his happy expression and asking him if he adored the princess. Then Allen pointed at Michaela's chest and commented on her necklace.

Embarrassed, Michaela stuttered that it had been a gift. She then exclaimed she could see the mansion, looking out the window.[30] After the carriage reached the mansion the two dismounted and approached the entrance, seeing two men standing in front of the gate. Pretending not to notice, Michaela and Allen walked past and the maid called to Bruno for Allen to introduce himself. As the butler took him away to the waiting room, Michaela said her goodbyes and said she hoped they could see each other again.

After Allen left, Clarith approached Michaela and commented that she had come back late, stating that she was worried. The green-haired maid commented on how she had stopped at the inn and gotten sidetracked; Clarith laughed and asked how they were, Michaela responding that they were the same as ever. After Clarith asked about Allen, she explained that he was a servant from Lucifenia that had shared the carriage ride back.

In response, Clarith's expression changed and then she insisted she didn't do anything; Michaela commented she hadn't said anything, and Clarith quickly changed the subject, telling her friend that Gerda was nagging about the unwashed clothes. Michaela then bid goodbye to Clarith, running to the laundry area. As she went, she saw a man with purple hair in the hallway and watched the two men from the gate greet him as Gast Venom; the three of them began discussing his failure to acquire Venom Sword, to her shock.[31]

Troubling NewsEdit

"If The Daughter of Evil, Riliane, knew about it, the worst case scenario would be—"
"To kill Michaela?"
―Keel and Gerda[src]

That evening, Michaela chatted with Clarith about the innkeeper and his wife. Later that night, she returned to the garden with the green onion and shook it up and down, making the object glow. She then set the root in the ground and heard Elluka's voice come out of it. Happily greeting Elluka, Michaela reported everything that had happened to her since their separation.

When in response, Elluka said the collapse of Lucifenia wasn't related to the Demons of Sin after all, Michaela question this conclusion. After Elluka explained the properties of the Venom Sword didn't match Riliane's personality, Michaela asked her what they had to do. Elluka then told her to just keep an eye on it; as Elluka then commented on Gast and Michaela asked if she knew him. After Elluka explained he was an old friend turned enemy and that she knew why he wanted the sword, Michaela asked how Gumillia was doing.

As Elluka explained, Michaela realized that her voice was fading away and that their time limit was almost up; as Elluka told her not to worry, her voice then cut off and Michaela returned inside with the green onion. The next day, she saw two messengers visit with Keel, one of them a blonde-haired girl; after the girl left, Michaela was summoned by Keel and approached his private room. Seeing Clarith, Gerda and Bruno, the green-haired maid had asked if Keel had called for all of them. Bruno explained that the messengers had discussed them in their meeting.

Entering the room, Michaela saw Keel along with Mikina and Shaw, taking note of their unusual expressions. She then listened as Keel instructed Bruno to explain the situation; from the older servant, she learned that Kyle had been placed under house arrest after trying to go to Elphegort, claiming the king disapproved of his engagement to Riliane due to having a sweetheart in Elphegort. As Bruno stated Keel's suspicion that Michaela was that sweetheart, the former spirit listened to Keel bemoan Kyle's foolishness.

Once Mikina told Michaela how she had caused much confusion for the family, the maid apologized before her employer amended that she wasn't blaming her but rather King Kyle; in response, Michaela thanked her and began to cry. She then listened as Keel went on to explain that the messenger he'd met was Ney Futapie, and told the household about their plan to deal with the problem, Gerda noting how Riliane's first response may be to kill her.

Shocked once she'd heard about his secret hideouts, Michaela watched Clarith and then the rest of the Freezis household declare their intentions to protect her; overcome, the maid struggled to give her thanks, only to be cut off by Clarith hugging her. As Clarith told her that she was grateful to Michaela and would always be by her side, the former spirit began to cry and hugged her friend back.[32]

Green HuntingEdit

"I shan't say goodbye. And you'll return to this mansion, understand? I still have work for the both of you."
―A teary-eyed Mikina to Michaela and Clarith[src]

A week later, at night Michaela left the house and saw that the Millennium Tree Forest was burning. Panicking, she tried to communicate with Elluka with the green onion but received no response; as a last resort, she then began to pray to Held along with Clarith for his own safety, despite the contradiction. As she did so, the two of them suddenly saw a rainstorm come and extinguish the flames. Michaela then saw the green onion flashing and ran to the garden.

Hearing Elluka call out to her, Michaela asked the sorceress what was happening and was told to escape Elphegort. Asking why, Michaela was told that Lucifenia was preparing to attack Elphegort and the maid asked why this had happened. As Elluka began explaining that the forest was burned for being a hindrance to the invasion and became sidetracked by how they had doused the flames, Michaela cut in demanding to know why Lucifenia was attacking Elphegort.

Elluka began to explain the situation with Riliane being jealous of Kyle's supposed lover, to which Michaela responded that she already knew. As Elluka added that, since Riliane didn't know who his lover was she would exterminate the whole country, Michaela felt faint and blurted out an apology to the sorceress as she began to complain. After explaining everything to Elluka, she told Michaela to flee, as Riliane was killing all women with green hair.

Touching her pigtails, Michaela suddenly asked if Gumillia was alright; after it was confirmed they'd fled in time, the maid then bemoaned the innocents that would still be killed. Elluka assured her that she would try to limit the casualties and added that the girl would need to run and hide for the time being. As the sorceress began to tell Michaela her strategy, Michaela cut her off and told her she didn't want to return to being a spirit, deciding she wouldn't leave the people she cared about.

She then heard Elluka crying and suddenly ranting through the green onion, as well as someone else comforting her. Michaela listened as Gumillia's voice greet her from the root, and the maid apologized for what she said. After Gumillia assured her that she understood her friend's feelings, Michaela thanked her and listened to Gumillia's decision to also remain a human, as well as Elluka's screams in the background.

After Elluka calmed down and asked about Michaela's plans to escape, the former spirit told her of Keel's secret hideout and the sorceress said she knew the place, telling her they would meet when things had calmed down. Before she could thank them. Michaela heard Elluka's voice stop emanating from the green onion and knew the time was up. The next day, the Lucifenian army invaded and Michaela, along with the remaining staff, was brought to a meeting in the living room of the Freezis mansion.

Instructed that some of the staff had to flee before the army broke into Aceid, Michaela protested that she wished to stay and Keel firmly told her that it would be best for her to escape to keep from being harmed. After arguing with Keel, Clarith grabbed Michaela's hand and said it was time to go, thanking the merchant for taking care of them. Keel assured them that it was not goodbye and that he'd show some of the other staff the escape routes.

As Keel told the two maids they could go, Michaela and Clarith bowed; the green haired maid then watched her friend comfort the distraught Yukina as they departed and left to the back door. There she met Mikina, who handed her a cloak to cover her green hair. Receiving directions from Keel, Michaela and Clarith then fled out the backdoor and used an underground passage through Aceid's Northern District to the Western District, passing multiple corpses as they fled the capital city. From the Western District, the two then escaped to Yatski.

Walking through the village, Michaela and Clarith saw many of their houses destroyed and the villagers' corpses, as well as the corpses of Elphe soldiers, stacked throughout the area. As they walked, Clarith pointed out the house the two used to live in and they went inside to investigate it. After Michaela noted it was mostly intact, she suggested that they go; as they started to leave, Clarith stopped her, asking her if she heard something. Listening, Michaela and Clarith then heard hoof-beats and, gradually, Lucifenian soldiers calling out to each other.

Although they fled from the house, within moments the two of them were surrounded by eight soldiers. One of them then dismounted and pulled off Michaela's cloak; seeing her green hair, he ordered the other men to kill her. Flinching and preparing to die, the former spirit was surprised to hear someone telling her to run, seeing a man tackling the soldiers. Recognizing him, Michaela demanded to know why Ayn was here, only for them man to retort they could talk later. Fleeing south, Michaela and Clarith were pursued by a soldier on horseback. Following them, Ayn told the two to head to the forest where they could escape, claiming he would lure the soldiers away. As Clarith protested, Michaela grabbed her hand and dragged her onward.

Shortly after entering the forest, the two were soon reunited with Ayn; asking him how he managed to escape the soldiers, Ayn explained how he had known to cut the horse's tendon and the three of them began walking again. As Ayn filled Clarith and Michaela in on the situation, they heard a loud noise and realized that the soldiers were sweeping the forest with reinforcements.

Suddenly Clarith asked Michaela to hand her the cloak; realizing her intentions, Michaela protested as Clarith explained she could the lure the soldiers away safely due to her white hair. Insisting that she couldn't afford to lose her, Michaela's voice shook as she spoke against the plan until Clarith asked her if she could hold her as tightly as before. After asking if doing so would stop her, Michaela was pulled into an embrace, Clarith stating that it made her feel at ease.

After a moment, Clarith let go and then and then stepped back, telling the former spirit that she loved her; to Michaela's shock, she then deeply kissed the former maid before stepping away. As she tried to reciprocate to Clarith, Michaela began to feel sleepy and tried to ask Clarith what she had done; the white-haired girl replied that she slipped a sleeping pill that she found in her mother's house, her voice drifting off as the pill took effect.[33]

Death and RebirthEdit

"Drop dead! You lackey of the Mage of Eternity, Elluka Clockworker!"
―Ney Futapie[src]

After being rendered unconscious, Ayn delivered Michaela to the Freezis hiding place as Clarith ran to distract the soldiers. Waking up inside an underground well, Michaela called for Clarith and Ayn inside the room and noticed a stain of blood on the floor. Calling for the two more frantically, she searched the room and then left it, climbing up the wall ladder just outside. Once outside, she saw Ayn's silhouette and ran to him, hugging him and finding the man dead from an arrow wound. Apologizing to him, Michaela buried Ayn's body by a tree and placed his sword above the grave. She then returned to the well and checked her food, preparing to wait for Clarith.

A few days later, Michaela was visited by Allen Avadonia. Asking him what he was doing there, the boy came down and explained how he had learned her location from Keel after the merchant was arrested, as well as telling him that Kyle would arrive in five days to take her away.[34] In turn, Michaela told the boy of how she had escaped to the well with Clarith, bemoaning how she was separated from her friend and calling herself a coward as she recounted the experience. As Allen apologized, Michaela assured him he didn't have to, as the Lucifenian aristocrats were the cause of the war.[35]

When the servant declared it was becoming dangerous and to come with him to a safer place, Michaela refused to wait for Clarith and Elluka. Although disappointed, Michaela asked Allen to let her stay for a while longer even if the situation was difficult and the boy acquiesced. Allen then prepared to leave, telling Michaela he would return, and she bid him to be careful. Before leaving, Allen paused and began to hesitantly speak, before brushing it off and saying it was nothing. After he left, Michaela called him a liar, realizing he had wanted to confess his love to her.

The following night, while waiting outside the well Michaela heard Allen calling for her and emerge from the shadows, wrapped in a large coat. She asked him why he was dressed that way, and as the servant spoke she noted his voice also sounded different. Although the boy insisted he was just tired, Michaela was anxious and hesitantly asked if it was true when Allen claimed the princess had learned of her location.

Although reluctant, Michaela asked him to let her get her luggage and then began going down into the well. Allen then rushed into the former spirit and she fell down heavily to the bottom. Paralyzed, she watched as "Allen" came down to the bottom and stood over her, removing "his" cloak to reveal long blonde hair. Although asking the girl who she was, Michaela recognized her as Ney Futapie and heard the assassin laughing triumphantly over her success.

Ney then raised her knife, telling Michaela to drop dead, and stabbed her in the chest, cutting through Michaela's shell necklace. Sometime later Michaela regained consciousness while bleeding out, the wound partially blocked by the necklace but still too deep. She then heard someone come down the well and recognized Allen's voice as the servant asked why this had happened, holding her hand bemoaning that he had wanted to escape with her. As her consciousness faded, the last thing Michaela heard was Allen's screams.[36]

After Kyle also discovered Michaela's corpse, her body transformed into a sapling and she was recovered by Elluka and Gumillia. The two later revealed Michaela's identity to Clarith and asked her to take care of Michaela until she matured and became Held's successor. Gumillia then conjured a projection of Michaela in her human form and said her final goodbyes to Clarith, the two confessing their love to each other before their reunion ended.[37] Michaela was finally planted in Held's Forest by Clarith and Rin.[38]

New Millennium TreeEdit

When Kyle, transformed by the Demon of Pride, attacked Yukina Freezis, Gumillia, and Germaine in EC 505, Held asked Michaela to help. The sapling expressed her doubts since she had lost her human body but Held stated she didn't need a body or a voice, only her heart. Determined to save everyone, Michaela sung a spell song to amplify the effects of Gumillia's magic, resonating with the shell pendant Kyle wore around his neck. As the pendant he carried shine brightly, the Demon was exorcised and the Mirror he carried was sealed.[39]

Within the following decades, Held finished teaching Michaela what he knew and died, leaving the sapling as his successor. After quickly growing into a large tree, she was accepted by the inhabitants of Elphegort as the "New Millennium Tree" and worshiped as Held's reincarnation.[40] At some point, Elluka related to Michaela what occurred in Marlon, referring to a mage with a red cat as her true body, Abyss I.R. as being the boss of her killer, Ney Futapie.

Some time later, Michaela saw Shaw approach her and make a wish for eternal youth, deathly afraid to die. Pitying him as the son of her old employer, she attempted to grant him immortality and was unsuccessful, merely extending the Freezis' lifespan instead. Afterward, the immature god got into an argument with Elluka over interfering in the lives of humans before the mage decided to leave. Some time later, the criminal organization Père Noël began extracting some of the Millennium Tree's sap for themselves.

In November of EC 609, Puerick Rogzé visited the new Millennium Tree and collected some of her sap, roughly analyzing its properties. He was then joined by Elluka and Gumillia, who discussed the possibility of turning the sap into a cure for Gift. After Puerick departed, Elluka greeted Michaela and the god, mistaking her for Puerick, began to snap at her. Surprised to see Elluka, Michaela commented on how rude it was to take sap from the body of a god and formed a face with her branches.

When Gumillia pointed out it was to help humans, Michaela retorted that she knew that, but pointed out the double standard of Elluka's anger when she had aided Shaw, asking if taking her tree sap counted as god interfering with humanity. After Elluka pointed out it was within the scope of human wisdom and that she would be countering a poison made by the power of a demon, Michaela groaned and noted the vessels of sin were as troublesome as ever.

She then asked if Elluka had still failed to collect them all and chastised the sorceress, causing Elluka to note she became cheeky when she became a god and hit the trunk. Calmly retorting that it didn't hurt, Elluka replied she thought the god would say that and went on to ask if she'd told Michaela about the mage with the red cat. Michaela recalled what she was told and Elluka continued that she was on the move again, and that she likely would have a vessel of sin.

Michaela then noted that the mage was more competent than Elluka and the sorceress called her annoying. Going on to relate how they had tracked her down, only to find her a fake and miss the vessel, Michaela noted that Elluka had been completely fooled. As Elluka stood in silence, Michaela caught sight of someone else in the forest that resembled Eve Moonlit and began to impatiently call for Elluka.

After Elluka left to talk with the woman, Michaela waited until the sorceress reemerged. Michaela then observed Elluka insist to Gumillia she hadn't just seen Margarita Blankenheim since they had already seen the woman die before warmly telling the immature god that she promised to return soon. Taken aback by her change in attitude, Michaela questioned if she was really Elluka. When the mage pointed out that it should be obvious, the hesitant god admitted that was true and wished her well as they left for Lucifenia.[41]

Around the mid EC 900s, Michaela had learned that Lich was incarnated as a death god and was active once again. After seeing Bruno Zero, Shiro Netsuma and Postman enter the forest to find Nemesis Sudou, Michaela controlled the trees' branches to ensnare both the road and the woodcutter's house they were in. Telepathically asked by Sickle to stop, Michaela clarified that she was doing it on her own accord and informed him that Lich had begun to move. Hearing Sickle note that he was supposed to be inside the Glass of Conchita for eternity, Michaela admitted he wasn't connected to the current incident and released her branches.[42]

Defying the EndEdit

As the years progressed, Michaela continued monitoring the incidents caused by the vessels of sin. In the EC 990s, she recognized the danger the inhabitants of Evil's Theater were causing in her forest.[43] After the Millennium Tree Forest was destroyed by Punishment in EC 998, Michaela managed to barely survive the weapon's blast. Shortly after the world's destruction, Sickle met with the god and related his plans for restoring the fallen souls back to the Heavenly Yard.

He then tasked Michaela with helping Allen meet several of the vessel of sin owners via the seven demons while he completed his own preparations for the next stage. Michaela agreed to help the sun god with his plan. She then waited with the disembodied Held in the illusionary, verdant forest for some time, taking the form of her robin form from her memories and beginning to peck at a pome fruit. After noticing Allen's arrival, Michaela flew over to Allen's shoulder and greeted him.

When the boy questioned if it was really her, she confirmed it was. As Allen conversed with Held regarding the current situation, Michaela extinguished her illusionary robin form, calling him over to where her tree body remained. Once the boy reached her, the earth god asked if they should begin before summoning the seven vessels of sin around her. Citing he should start with the Venom Sword if he was following the order of history, the god told him to take the sword, stating the Demon of Lust should lead him from there.

Allen then tried to stop and talk to her and the god interjected that, while she also wanted to talk to him about a lot of things, they didn't have the time. When the boy questioned the need to care about time after the world was already destroyed, Michaela admitted he was right before saying the sun god wanted them to hurry and that they had to finish the review before he moved onto the next step.

As Allen began to question what she meant, Michaela interjected again he'd learn about it eventually and told him again to take the sword into his hands so he could meet Sateriasis Venomania. Allen then abided and took the sword from the tree god before heading off with the Demon of Lust.[44]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Michaela was a kind, friendly, and curious person, fascinated with human behavior and everyday life. As a result of her curiosity, she could sometimes act disobedient.[45] Similarly, she found many actions and habits of humans odd and had little understanding of many human emotions, such as romantic affection or love.[46] Because she was originally a forest spirit, Michaela looked down upon the rash and emotional actions of humans, although later succumbing to such behavior herself. Due to her time spent as a human with Clarith, she grew to understand these feelings and behaviors, learning to love, hate, and feel jealousy.[47]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a forest spirit, Michaela was immortal, able to heal from any wound almost instantly while in Held's Forest. Similarly, she could freely transform into an animal, usually a green robin.[48] After becoming a human, she became vulnerable to death but relatively quick to learn human habits and customs.[49] As a mage, Michaela was not as adept as Gumillia but learned the necessary song spells as she searched for the sin fragments. Among the songs she learned was the Clockwork Lullaby, used to track the Sins, and Recollective Musicbox, to communicate their location to Elluka. Despite this, she did not understand the songs themselves as Elluka never taught her their meaning.[50]

Michaela was skilled at labor and was quite capable at her menial tasks as a maid. Having a naturally melodious voice and talent for singing, Keel refined Michaela's technique with tutors before having her perform. Because of her amazing singing voice, she became a popular idol to the people of Elphegort. She was also illiterate due to Elluka's belief that she would learn along the way, which became impossible for her as a peasant farmer in Yatski.[51]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Eve Moonlit: The inspiration for Michaela's human body. She observed the event of the Original Sin and thought her to have a suitably beautiful appearance, although Michaela was frightened by what had taken place. She believed Eve to be a very wicked person.

Gumillia: A fellow forest spirit. Michaela and Gumillia were very close, with the former often spending time with the latter before they became human. While the two were separated Michaela would often ask for Gumillia's progress in Lucifenia whenever, through emissaries from the palace and later the Green Onion; during the Green Hunting Michaela became most concerned for Gumillia, and after her death would not hesitate to lend her aid when possible.

Elluka Clockworker: Michaela's mentor. Michaela initially knew her as a friend of Held and saw her as being rather lackadaisical in nature, although enjoying playing with Elluka whenever she would visit. Michaela became grateful to the magi for giving her a chance to help Clarith and looked to her often for advice and guidance, particularly in how to be human. While eager to aiding Elluka's search for the Seven Deadly Sins, Michaela eventually came to prioritize her new life as a human over this quest.

Held: Michaela's creator and predecessor. Michaela respected and cared for Held as a father figure, although sometimes she would disobey his orders due to her curious nature and chose to leave him behind to become a human. She continued to care for him and look to him for guidance through prayer, becoming deeply worried for him and the other spirits during the Green War. Michaela eventually returned to Held's tutelage as a replacement Millennium Tree and protected the forest in his stead long after his death.

Clarith: Michaela's best friend. Michaela was initially filled with gratitude for Clarith due to the aid she gave her as a robin, and wished to protect her from the abuses of the other villagers. She quickly came to see the girl as a wonderful person and friend, and eventually came to love her, for as much as she understood love. Michaela resolved to remain as a human for the sake of staying with Clarith and, while torn by their separation in the Green War, was happy to finally express her feelings to her after death.

Allen Avadonia: A friend of Michaela's. While initially put off by Allen's formality, Michaela took pleasure in conversing with him over many subjects after he amended his speech, seeing him as a friend and relieved to meet him during the Green War as an ally to confide in. Despite this trust and fondness for him, Michaela did not reciprocate Allen's feelings and thought him foolish for having them.

Kyle Marlon: A suitor of Michaela. Although not understanding nor reciprocating his advances, Michaela viewed Kyle with a mild affection, feeling sympathy for his relationship with his mother and later accepting his offer of friendship, coming to enjoy spending time with Kyle in a platonic sense. Nonetheless, Michaela was vexed whenever she believed the king was teasing her, and thought him foolish for his insistence on loving her, despite the disastrous results.

Keel Freezis: Michaela's employer. Michaela treated Keel with respect and viewed him as caring, as well as a confident individual. She came to care about him as family, appreciating him for giving her and Clarith employment and turning into a Diva under his guidance. It pained her to flee from his employ during the Green Hunting, though she was grateful that he provided her with a hiding place.

Mikina Freezis: Michaela's other employer. Michaela was fascinated by Mikina's appearance and respectable nature, though initially cautious due to the woman's dislike of Elphes. After singing for Keel's banquets, their relationship became warmer, with Michaela considering Mikina to be a very caring person and appreciating how she had aided both her and Clarith.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Michaela's name is a female Hebrew derivative of the male name Michael, meaning "who is like God".
  • The nickname given to her by the citizens of Aceid is derived from the term "diva", which refers to a popular female singer or personality; the word itself is derived from Italian, meaning "goddess".
  • Clarith's nickname for Michaela as a robin, Grüne, is derived from German, meaning "green"; Elphegort, her native country, is inspired by Germany.
  • Michaela's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Miku, with Michaela's romanization containing "Mik" in it.
  • Michaela's association with green onions is likely a reference to Hachune Miku and Michaela's representative Vocaloid, whose character item is a green onion.





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