Maylis Beelzenia
Meilis Avatar
Technical Information
Japanese メイリス=ベルゼニア
Romaji Meirisu Beruzenia


Biographical Information
Born EC 114
Classification Human
Race Beelzenian
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation(s) Beelzenian Empire

Maylis Beelzenia was the Third Princess of the Beelzenian Empire and one of Duke Sateriasis Venomania's many victims. In response to the number of disappearing women in the Empire, Maylis employed several agents to investigate, including Count Karchess Crim, and tracked their progress. After one of her agents was seduced by Sateriasis, Maylis was also captured and added to his harem.


Early LifeEdit

Born in EC 114 as the youngest daughter of Emperor Jupitaire Beelzenia, Maylis was spoiled by her father and grew up lavishly in the imperial palace as the Third Princess of the Beelzenian Empire, meeting Princess Yufina Marlon around the time she was betrothed and married to Maylis' brother, Prince Martius Beelzenia. She eventually began helping manage the empire's territories. During this time, she met and became disturbed by the ogling Marquis Ferdinand. She also met Baron Tae Conchita and developed a crush on him, making him her closest adviser.[1]

Venomania EventEdit

"Heheh... this has become quite the intrigue, hasn't it?"
―Princess Maylis[src]
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Following the massacre of the Venomania household in December of EC 135 and the disappearance of Asmodean women in the subsequent months, Maylis opened a secret investigation into the matter and appointed Marquis Glassred to to carry it out as the province's active governor, receiving regular reports on his progress from Tae.

When King Martius and Queen Yufina visited the imperial palace in March of EC 136, Maylis joined her sisters Febria and Aprilis in welcoming them in the throne room, immediately greeting Yufina. Seeing Yufina look unhappy with her husband, she insisted on giving her a tour around the palace to get her away from the others, comforting her over her dissatisfaction with her arranged marriage. As they talked, Tae Conchita interrupted the ladies and, although hesitant in Yufina's presence, reported to Maylis that Marquis Glassred had gone mad.

Maylis listened in shock as he explained the marquis' household was massacred and his daughter disappeared, finishing that they would likely need someone to replace him in the investigation. Maylis and Tae then discussed the possibility of assigning Duke Venomania, Maylis expressing her worry of pushing him too hard due to the similar massacre of his family. When Marquis Ferdinand was suggested instead, Maylis reluctantly agreed and Tae left to arrange his appointment. Maylis then spoke with Yufina and learned of her future tour to meet the Five Dukes of Beelzenia, advising her to visit Asmodean only briefly due to the danger. They then continued on their tour of the palace.[2]

In EC 136, at Tae's recommendation, Maylis called upon Count Karchess Crim of the Kingdom of Marlon to continue the investigation.[3] Around the summer of that year, she received one of her ministers and listened to him report his failure to find the missing women, only to receive from Tae Karchess' report on his progress.

Sending her minister away, Maylis read through the Count's report that he'd found a source indicating Duke Sateriasis Venomania was abducting the missing women. She then began to consider slipping away to confront Venomania directly.[4] She eventually dispatched a spy, Neruneru Nerune, to look further into the matter. Later that year, Maylis encountered and was enchanted by Duke Venomania, joining his harem of abducted women and becoming pregnant with his child.[5]

Later LifeEdit

When the disguised Karchess successfully stabbed the duke, Maylis broke free of his spell and fled the mansion with the others.[6] Soon after fleeing, Maylis discovered her pregnancy and the imperial family covered up the issue. While her family demanded she abort the child, Maylis refused; as Emperor Jupitaire refused to include the baby as part of the family, she gave the baby to Tae and his wife to raise as their own.[7]


"At any rate, I didn't expect you to have a relationship with him."
"Heheh. Well, he isn't the likable type."
"Do you—do you love him?"
"I hate him. I despise him."
―Allen and Maylis[src]

Following her death, Maylis was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there with her family and friends;[8] over the centuries, she heard tales of her later descendants such as the cannibal Banica Conchita.[9] In EC 999, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[10] Afterward, the conflicted princess returned to Duke Venomania's mansion in Lasaland and agreed to rejoin Sateriasis' harem along with Mikulia, Gumina, and Lukana.

While attending to Venomania at his throne, the group noticed "Irregular" enter and talk with the duke. He later spoke with Maylis and, after he introduced himself as Allen and Maylis had quieted the jealous Sateriasis, the boy began to interview her over why she was in the harem instead of Beelzenia. Maylis clarified how she hated Sateriasis, but explained that her feelings on the matter were complex, possibly because of his relation to her daughter.

When Allen asked her about the other women, Maylis admitted feeling that Lukana and Mikulia really were in love with the duke but she was uncertain with Gumina. Allen soon after departed with the demon to speak with Banica Conchita.[11] Some time after Allen left, the Master of the Hellish Yard visited and took Venomania back to the bowels of the Hellish Yard.[12]


Maylis and the Duke's resulting bloodline survived as part of the Conchita Family,[13] eventually producing Banica Conchita, who later became famed for her contributions to Beelzenian culture and society as both "Gourmet Noble Banica" and "Evil Food Eater Conchita". Another one of her descendants from Banica, Germaine Avadonia, eventually led the Lucifenian Revolution and was heralded as a hero.[14]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Maylis was a playful but nonetheless earnest princess. Always looking into things that caught her interest for her amusement, she still took dangerous matters somewhat seriously and was resolute to solve them despite enjoying being part of an adventure.[15] Otherwise, the princess had very little motivation with her responsibilities as princess. Knowing she was her father's favorite child, Maylis usually ignored proper conduct and social etiquette with family, though still taking a formal manner in meetings with strangers.[16]

Despite her obvious beauty, Maylis didn't believe she was really popular with men and was disgusted by those who did notice her sex appeal. She was, however, infatuated with Baron Conchita and greatly embarrassed when the subject of her crush was even brought up, enjoying his company, greatly trusting his judgment, and trying to act more polite and professional with him.[17] However, she still respected the fact Tae was married and kept her feelings to herself.[18]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

A shrewd princess, Maylis took advantage of her resources effectively and her curiosity helped in her dedication to the disappearance cases. Willing to take advice from others, Maylis was unbothered by bringing in the foreign Karchess Crim to the investigation on Tae's recommendation. However, she also displayed naivety, trusting too greatly in Neruneru without considering an ambush and, like the other women, became helplessly enthralled by the Duke.[19]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Sateriasis Venomania: Maylis' abductor. Maylis fell in love with the duke due to the powers of Lust. After Karchess killed the duke, his power over her was broken and she fled, horrified by his exploitation of her. She looked back on their relationship with revulsion, maintaining her hatred well into her afterlife. Despite this, Maylis still loved the child she sired with him and, paradoxically, decided to stay in his harem when the Hellish Yard merged with the Third Period.

Tae Conchita: Maylis' minister and her personal love interest. Maylis had a romantic interest in Tae and maintained a close relationship with him, believing he was best suited for taking care of her unaccepted child. She held a high opinion of his judgment, initially assigning him to investigate the women's disappearances and later calling on Karchess at his recommendation.

Yufina Marlon: A friend of Maylis'. Maylis took a quick likening to Yufina, sympathizing with her disinterest in her brother Martius and relating to her plight with the knowledge that she too would be arranged to be married off one day. As such, she was concerned for the queen's welfare as she toured to meet the Five Dukes and wished her well before her kidnapping.

Karchess Crim: Maylis' agent. Maylis trusted Karchess with investigating the disappearances of the women in Beelzenia due to Tae Conchita's recommendation, however she expressed disinterest in his later results.

Neruneru Nerune: Maylis' spy and later fellow member of Venomania's harem. Maylis relied on Nerune to deliver more reports about the missing women before she was seduced, and their connection eventually led to Maylis' own abduction.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Maylis' name is derived from the month of May, the fifth month in the Julian and Gregorian calendars; Beelzenia, Maylis' native country, is partially inspired by the Roman Empire.
  • Her name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, MEIKO, with Maylis' romanization containing "Mei".
  • Her surname, Beelzenia, is a reference to Beelzebub, the patron demon of Gluttony.


  • Ironically, although unable to enter a relationship with the married Tae, the baron ended up raising Maylis' child due to his wife's inability to produce one of her own.[20]
  • Maylis' daughter was one of the three offspring of Venomania to carry the potential to develop Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome and pass it onto future generations.[21]
  • A Freezis Fairy Tale inspired by Duke Venomania is titled "The Duke and the Four Women", likely a reference to Lukana, Mikulia, Gumina, and Maylis' prominent appearance with Sateriasis in various media.




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