Master of the Graveyard
Technical Information
Japanese 墓場の主
Romaji Hakaba no Aruji
Other Names Evil Food Eater
Ruler of the Dead


Biographical Information
Classification Awakened Vessel of Sin
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Red
Affiliation(s) Evil's Theater
For other uses, see Master of the Graveyard (disambiguation)
"Whatever, just take your time. The end result will be the same. I will eat you to your last bone."
―Master of the Graveyard[src]

The Master of the Graveyard was the awakened vessel of Gluttony and the incarnation of Banica Conchita. A phantom born from the Glass of Conchita, she commanded the Graveyard around Evil's Theater, capturing and devouring any trespassers. Referred to as the Ruler of the Dead and the Evil Food Eater by her servants, the Master secretly plotted against Ma and the other inhabitants for her own dark purposes.



"Point, if possible, flee without hesitation should you encounter shady twins and a woman with a nasty appetite."
―Ma, detailing one of her "rules" for the forest[src]
200px-Master graveyard
Long after Banica Conchita assumed the position of the Demon of Gluttony, the glass awakened and she assumed the form of the Master of the Graveyard along with the Servants. Soon after, she became subservient to the Gardener, Ma,[1] and was tasked with guarding the theater from any intruders by killing and eating them.[2]

Once Gammon Octo managed to elude the Master of the Graveyard and her servants, she attended his trial once he was at the mercy of the Master of the Court. There she reluctantly complied when Waiter had Gammon spared to become the choreman for the theater instead.[3] When Gammon submitted a "motion" to review the script regarding his vision for the Director Doll's utopia, the Master of the Graveyard attended the faux hearing but largely ignored the prophecy.[4]

In EC 998, she attended the "trial" meeting the Master of the Court held to search for the vessel of Wrath, and snapped at Gear when he commented on the pointlessness of their search.[5]

Personality and TraitsEdit

The Master of the Graveyard was a dark and deceitful woman,[6] consumed by her own gluttony.[7] Originating as Banica Conchita, the Master displayed many of her same traits and mannerisms, including her cruel treatment of others and gruesome appetite.[8] As part of this, she toyed with her victims by asking them which method of cooking them they would prefer as it wouldn't change their ultimate fate.[9] Similarly, officially serving Ma, she harbored her own intentions[10] and planned to one day devour her supposed master.[11]

Despite this, the Master showed a loyalty to her servants by defending them when Gear mocked their incessant banter, indicating she shared a similar relationship to them as Banica did to Arte and Pollo.[12]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Being the awakened vessel of Gluttony, the Master of the Graveyard wielded all the powers granted to her by the Glass of Conchita. She also commanded the graveyard surrounding the theater, successfully capturing and killing many intruders who entered Evil's Forest, devouring them.[13]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Servants: The Master of the Graveyard's servants. The Master of the Graveyard viewed the two as useful to her aims of capturing and killing trespassers; despite this, she also treated them with some protectiveness, defending them from Gear's mockery, and held a close relationship with them as a reflection of her life as Banica Conchita.

Ma: The Master of the Graveyard's employer. Amused by her ambitions, the Master of the Graveyard saw some use in restraining herself from devouring Ma and pledged subservience to her, following Ma's orders to catch and kill trespassers. Despite this, she harbored no true loyalty towards Ma or her goals and intended to devour her at a later date.

Gammon Octo: A fellow member of the theater. The Master of the Graveyard saw Gammon as an insolent trespasser and so wished to devour him; due to his new role as the Gardener, however, the Master of the Graveyard reluctantly gave him up as a meal.

Gear: A fellow member of the theater. The Master of the Graveyard believed him to be pathetic for letting himself become so powerless by sacrificing his heart, taunting him with this knowledge. In addition, she and Gear had a strained relationship from his distaste of her servants.

Banica Conchita: The Master of the Graveyard's past self. The Master of the Graveyard manifested from Banica after the Glass of Conchita awakened.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Although using the same character for "master" as the other Masters (主), the name is pronounced as "aruji" instead of "nushi"; this is similar to "akujiki", the word used for the sin of Gluttony.
  • The vessel's original form, the Seed, is represented as a pomegranate, often referred to as the "Fruit of Death" in Greek mythology.
  • The Master of the Graveyard's relation to the Graveyard is connected to the event of Death in Hieronymus Bosch's The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things.


  • The Master of the Graveyard's hat with a rose is positioned in the same place as the rose flower Banica Conchita wears in some of her appearances.




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