Martius Marlon
Technical Information
Japanese マルチウス=マーロン
Romaji Maruchiusu Maaron
Other Names Martius Beelzenia (birth name)
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Beelzenian
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Beelzenian Empire (formerly)
Kingdom of Marlon

Martius Marlon, born Martius Beelzenia, was the second prince of the Beelzenian Empire and the third child of Jupitaire Beelzenia. He was married to Yufina Marlon as part of a political alliance with the neighboring kingdom. With the unexpected death of his wife's father, Martius assumed the Marlon throne as its sole male heir.


Early LifeEdit

"A lot's happened since you were adopted into your wife's family in Marlon."
―Janus Beelzenia to Martius[src]

Martius was born during the turn of the second century EC within the Beelzenian Imperial Family, the third child of Emperor Jupitaire Beelzenia. He was later betrothed to Princess Yufina of Marlon to forge a political alliance between the two nations. As the couple prepared their wedding, the Five Dukes agreed to help arrange it and the two were married in a lavish ceremony.

During the period, Martius acquainted his wife with his siblings: Janus, Febria, Aprilis, and Maylis. When the King of Marlon suddenly died sometime after, the kingdom's parliament agreed to Martius succeeding his father-in-law as the only male heir while Yufina became his Queen.[1]


"How is it? Being back in your homeland after so long?"
"Well, for better or worse, it appears it hasn’t really changed much."
―Janus and Martius[src]

In March of EC 136, King Martius planned to have a homecoming with his wife, deciding they'd stay in the capital of Rucolebeni for a few days before touring Beelzenia and greeting the Five Dukes for three weeks. Traveling to the port town of Jamet the day before their departure, Yufina briefly left Martius before returning later that day. The next day, the royal couple departed with their entourage on their ship and arrived in Beelzenia two days later, arriving in Rucolebeni over a week after that to have a meeting with Martius' siblings.

Once they entered the imperial palace's throne room, the royal couple was greeted by Janus and Martius made polite conversation with his brother, flattering his ego and joking with him until their other siblings arrived. He then allowed Maylis to give Yufina a tour at Maylis' request, as the meeting, would be between him and his siblings.[2]

When Yufina later disappeared while she and Martius were traveling through Asmodean, Martius worked with his siblings to find her while she was reported too ill to return home.[3] After Count Karchess Crim assassinated Duke Sateriasis Venomania in EC 137, Martius ordered Crim's arrest and hunted both him and Yufina throughout the year. When Karchess' new, "legitimate" Marlon country declared war on Martius' government two years later, the Beelzenian King of Marlon resisted before eventually being overthrown.[4]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Martius was a gentle and unambitious man. Being amiable and kind towards practically everyone, Martius often acted subservient to those around him, especially when talked down to. He sometimes even slipped into a sycophantic praise for others' accomplishments despite his own impressive status. As a result of this excessive generous temperament, the man rarely became angry and maintained a happy disposition in almost any given situation.[5] However, Martius did hold hidden contempt for his flippant younger sister, Maylis.[6]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As the King of Marlon, Martius held complete dominion over the eastern half of the Marlon Island, though rarely using its authority. Regardless, because of his relation to the Beelzenian Imperial Family, the king had limited influence with his siblings and the Empire's resources at their disposal. Due to his obesity, he wasn't very physically able.[7]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Yufina Marlon: Martius' wife. Martius trusted and cared for Yufina as his wife, taking care to treat her with respect and to never bring her to harm even accidentally. Despite this, he treated their relationship without any particular passion and did not even take the initiative to make love to her.

Maylis Beelzenia: Martius' sister. Although having a typical sibling relationship with Maylis, Martius nonetheless held contempt towards his sister for her more irresponsible attitude, particularly as their father's favorite child.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Martius' name is derived from the month of March, the first and later month in the Julian calendar; Beelzenia, Martius' native country, is partially inspired by the Roman Empire.
  • His original surname, Beelzenia, is a reference to Beelzebub, the patron demon of Gluttony.
  • Martius' later surname, Marlon, is a reference to Mammon, the patron demon of Greed.



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