Margarita Blankenheim
Technical Information
Japanese マルガリータ=ブランケンハイム
Romaji Marugariita Burankenhaimu
Other Names Margarita Felix (maiden name)
Third Sleep Princess (codename)

Hatsune Miku

Biographical Information
Born EC 593
Died October 21, EC 609
Classification Clockworker's Doll
Gender Female
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Elphegort
Père Noël
"I am the Sleep Princess."
―Margarita's imagined mantra[src]

Margarita Blankenheim, formerly Margarita Felix and codenamed Third Sleep Princess, was the Marchioness of Toragay in Elphegort and the wife of Kaspar. Happily entering an arranged engagement, Margarita soon became depressed by her loveless marriage. After befriending Mayrana Blossom, she joined Père Noël. Once she acquired the formula for Gift, Margarita experimented with the poison before enacting a massacre of her hometown with her creation. She was one of Eve Moonlit's incarnations.


Early LifeEdit

"Indeed... Everyone, everyone was asleep. From the very beginning."
―Eve Moonlit[src]

Following the death of the infant Margarita Felix in EC 593, the Clockworker's Doll was activated and the "demon" assumed the baby's identity.[1] Growing up in the Felix household in Toragay, Margarita never slept or tired and watched as others slept. Repeatedly examined by her father, Dr. Marx found no apparent medical cause for her "condition".[2] After around ten examinations, the man concluded it was some "odd mutation" and lost interest in the child's sleeplessness.[3] Perplexed by her sleepless condition, Margarita often lay in bed and vainly attempted to sleep herself.[4]

Later on, as part of an alliance between the Felix and Blankenheim families, the young Margarita was brought to the Blankenheim mansion to live with the aristocrats for a time. Meeting her planned betrothed, Kaspar Blankenheim, the small child fell in love with the boy as they played together, learning how to catch bergen bugs, climb big trees, and play by Abel Lake from him. As they continued to spend time together, the two children became more intimate, holding hands and eventually kissing.

When Kaspar offered her a wooden ring he made, saying they should get married once they grow up, the overjoyed Margarita accepted the gift and his promise,[5] letting the boy put the ring on her small finger.[6] Some time later, Margarita returned to the Felix estate. As she grew up, the young girl helped with her father's work as the local doctor and learned extensively about the practice of chemistry of medicine, eventually earning a medical license.[7] At some point, she purchased ornamental glasses and spoons for herself as decorations.[8]


"He was scum. While Margarita was his wife, he'd play around with women from the outside every day—  I'll say it again. That man was total scum."
―Rita Flohn regarding Kaspar[src]
Years later, Margarita and Kaspar were engaged after he had become the Marquis of Toragay. In June of EC 608, the two were married at the local Levin church with the entire town and King Soil Elphen celebrating the occasion and providing them many gifts.[9] During their subsequent honeymoon, Kaspar bought Margarita a bed for her new room in the Blankenheim manor.

After moving into the manor, Kaspar discovered her sleepless condition and refused to have her in his room while he slept. Soon after, Margarita watched as her husband began taking on mistresses.[10] Forbidden from entering his room whenever they visited,[11] Margarita obediently stayed out and lay in bed in her room while Kaspar entertained his women. On one occasion, she heard his mistress Kriemhilde call her a "poor child" in front of her.[12]

During this time, Margarita began to regularly visit the local Charity Institute run by her midwife, Rita Flohn, to cook meals for the orphans there. At some point, she also asked Kaspar about their childhood promise and learned that he had forgotten all about it, discovering he had courted numerous marriage candidates and married her in particular simply for the Felix family fortune. Devastated by the reality, the girl kept silent about her hurt emotions and allowed her beloved to continue his antics.

Margarita later consented to her husband selling off her personal possessions as their finances dwindled due to Kaspar's wasteful spending.[13] As their finances continued to diminish and they were left without servants in their employ, Margarita began cooking all of her and her husband's meals herself. When Kaspar started up a new business to help alleviate their financial decline, Margarita remained out of the way of her husband's new job with his so-called "business partner".

Later that year, Margarita was introduced to Kaspar's new business partner, a woman calling herself "Elluka Clockworker". Elluka immediately told her that she looked like a "doll" and the girl instantly beamed, taking a liking to her. Spending time with the woman whenever she visited, the two talked about anything Margarita desired and she eventually began telling her about all her troubles and was consoled by her.[14] At some point, Margarita was told that she was a mage and that each person had three look-alikes in the world.[15]

Eventually, she joined her criminal organization, Père Noël, designated the codename Third Sleep Princess.[16] In EC 609, Margarita was tasked by her friend to create a curative medicine using sap from the new Millennium Tree. Accepting the mission, Margarita converted the third room of the mansion's basement into her personal laboratory and refined the sap into an energy tonic.[17]

During one of Elluka's visits, she brought the mage along to the Charity Institute to help her while she cooked meals for the orphaned children, telling her the plan along the way.[18] Later on, Margarita noticed Kaspar beginning to suffer insomnia and stress from work. Relating her concern about her husband to Elluka, the marchioness expressed her desire to cure him of his insomnia.[19]

First KillingsEdit

"Margarita did that without my permission... But yes. He broke the organization's rules and tried monopolizing the underground market's profits for himself. It certainly couldn't go ignored. So I passed Gift onto Margarita. Because she wanted it."
―Fourth Shadow regarding Kaspar's death[src]

On August 24, she accompanied her husband to Aceid for King Soil Elphen's birthday celebration. The next day, Margarita witnessed Elluka visiting Kaspar and overheard their quarrel over Père Noël and their underground market. Once the meeting concluded and Elluka left the room, Margarita received instructions to create and refine the Gift poison into an airborne pathogen along with vials of the failed Third Gift. Deciding the poison would make a wonderful gift for her "sleepless" husband,[20] Margarita purchased supplies from the La Bula pharmacy and ingested the failed poison to keep it hidden in her bloodstream.[21]

The scheming marchioness then worked endlessly day and night to improve the Third Gift given to her, [22] cutting her wrists and dripping the Gift in her blood into vials before mixing it with the other ingredients for experimentation.[23] Once she developed the Fourth Gift, Margarita mixed her creation in trauben jam she put on bread on August 30. That night, she gave her "gift" to her husband as a birthday present,[24] saying it would help him sleep.[25] After watching her husband unexpectedly share his gift with his mistress Eleanor, the marchioness waited all night for the results of her experiment.

When her father visited early the next morning, she and Marx checked on Kaspar and discovered he and Eleanor were dead in bed. After describing her murder to her father, Marx conceded to cover for his daughter's crime. Once he reported Kaspar's sudden death to the World Police, they waited at the mansion for the police to arrive when a knock came to the front door. Eventually told to wait in another room, Margarita obeyed while Marx headed to deal with the visitor.

Once the World Police arrived later that morning, Margarita was questioned by the officers and feigned any knowledge about Kaspar's cause of death. Permitted to remain at the mansion while they investigated, Margarita continued her life while a guard stayed as security. After Dr. Puerick Rogzé determined her medical supplies weren't poisonous and the investigation formally ended, Margarita regained her privacy.[26]


Margarita at her husband's funeral

As she continued to experiment with Gift throughout the month, Margarita eventually developed the Fifth Gift. On September 18, Margarita had dinner with Marx at her mansion and was warned to stop associating with First Santa Claus. Realizing he referred to Elluka, Margarita decided to use her "troubled" father as the guinea pig for her new poison, mixing the concoction with trauben jam on bread like before and served it to him during dinner before he returned home.

After learning her father was found in a coma in his room before being transferred to a hospital in Aceid, Margarita determined the poison would eventually kill him and continued to refine her Gift each day and night. On September 28, Margarita attended her husband's funeral as the chief mourner. When the procession ended, she slowly moved before the coffin and removed her dark veil to address everyone gathered there. A woman then began laughing hysterically before being removed from the service and Margarita continued with her eulogy.[27]

Interview with the ReporterEdit

"It's a lonely room don't you think?"
"There were many things here long ago. They've all been sold now."
―Hanne and Margarita painfully admitting the truth[src]

On October 6, Margarita was visited by Schuburg Newspaper reporter Hanne Lorre and opened the door for her; hearing the reporter exclaim her face was doll-like, the girl glowed at the statement and smiled. Agreeing to have an interview with the reporter for an article in remembrance of Kaspar, the marchioness welcomed Hanne inside. Leading the reporter into her bedroom, Margarita heard Hanne remark it seemed like a lonely room and gave her a pained smile.

She then explained how she had originally had other possessions before they were all sold by Kaspar before clarifying that she had liked them but they were ultimately cosmetics. When Hanne asked her if she was angry for her husband's antics, Margarita questioned why she would say that. When Hanne began to explain, Margarita cut her off, saying that she wouldn't be angry since it had made Kaspar happy. As Hanne moved on to ask about the Blankenheim's financial troubles, Margarita smiled and said that, while they had been on hard times, that didn't seem to be the case lately.

She then clarified that Kaspar had started a new business. Once Hanne asked for details, Margarita stated she didn't know, describing her reluctance to pry too much into Kaspar's work. When asked if she knew anyone involved in Kaspar's work, she suggested the reporter ask Elluka, his business partner. In response to Hanne pointing out that the name "Elluka Clockworker" had appeared everywhere in history, Margarita asked if that was so and apologized, claiming she didn't know her famous identity.

Margarita then elaborated that the only thing she heard from Elluka was that she was a mage. After the reporter asked if she wasn't on good terms with her, Margarita countered that Elluka was her most precious friend. When Hanne inquired how she didn't know the identity of her closest friend, Margarita stated it was because of the fact they were such close friends. Seeing Hanne taken aback, the girl asked if she wasn't interested in that and questioned if the reporter could tell her about Elluka.

She then listened to Hanne relate about the famed mage's role in the Venomania Event, Disappearance of Banica Conchita, and her status as one of the Three Heroes of Lucifenia. Excitedly remarking how even she knew of the Three Heroes, Margarita recited their history before noting she hadn't been aware of Elluka's part in the group. Puzzled, the girl then mused about the peculiarity of the Three Heroes being active over a century ago but Elluka herself not being very old.

When Hanne suggested the possibility that the name "Elluka" was passed down through different powerful mages, Margarita expressed her amazement that her own Elluka was a mage worthy of the name and chuckled. Seeing the reporter's serious face, she stated it was nothing, asking if Hanne was alright. After a lengthy silence, Margarita was asked where Elluka was now and Margarita realized aloud that she hadn't seen her recently, not even at the funeral.

She then dismissed it, relating that Elluka always had something to do and visited her at random. Asked if the mage didn't live in town, Margarita confirmed that she likely lived somewhere far away, noting that Kaspar always thanked her for coming all the way to the mansion, but that she didn't know where Elluka was from. Asked when last she came, she said it was August 25.[28]

Touring the ManorEdit

"For instance, if you were to be a contractor with a demon—it wouldn't be surprising that you have the "ability" to never sleep, or something like that."
"Heheh... You say some interesting things. But—that's not possible. I don't remember making any contract since I naturally haven't slept from the start. You think I made such a contract when I was a fetus?"
―Hanne and Margarita[src]

Afterwards, Hanne asked Margarita if she could look around a little to help with her article and Margarita consented, suggesting the dining room. Once they entered the room, Margarita suddenly asked Hanne about her own cooking and the reporter inquired about hers in turn. In response, the girl described how she made all the meals since there were no servants in the house, recounting her love for cooking.

She then asked if Hanne was good at cooking, remarking she felt like she was. When Hanne asked her why she thought this she tilted her head back and pondered the thought; she finally replied that she wasn't sure, but that she felt this somehow wasn't the first time they'd met. As Hanne asked if she'd maybe seen anyone who resembled her, Margarita conceded that could be the case, citing what Elluka had told her about three people looking alike in the world.

She then wondered what they should do and suggested cooking a meal for the both of them, only for Hanne to reply she wasn't hungry at the moment. Although disappointed, Margarita remembered the Charity Institute and related the location to Hanne, suggesting she go there to eat and adding she sometimes went by to make meals for the children. When Hanne expressed doubt, she reassured her it would be fine with just one more person, since they paid for the children if the costs went up.

Margarita then heard Hanne remark how Dr. Felix had eaten with her in the dining room on September 18; lowering her tone, the girl admitted that it had been the day before his collapse. As Hanne also added that this had been the same for her husband, Margarita admitted to that as well. When Hanne asked if her father had said anything to her, the girl's smile disappeared and she commented that the reporter was starting to sound like the police.

After Hanne apologized, Margarita brushed it off, saying it was her job as a reporter, and answered that she and her father had discussed the article in the paper about Kaspar's death. She listened as Hanne gave her sympathies for her father and asked if she would go anywhere after this, with Margarita responding that she had no plans but may go up to Aceid soon, with Kaspar's funeral concluded. As Hanne bid her father to get well soon, Margarita brushed it off and suggested they move on to the next room. She then led the reporter into Kaspar's room.

Asked by Hanne if she didn't sleep, Margarita admitted she couldn't and asked if anything was wrong. When the reporter pointed out she had a bed in her room, the girl related how Kaspar had bought it for her before their marriage. Questioned how long she'd had this condition, Margarita replied she had been sleepless since birth, also adding when asked that she had no other relatives with this condition. Asked if she ever got tired, Margarita clarified she never felt that either.

Sitting on the bed, the marchioness asked if she could ask a question in turn. Hanne agreed and the girl questioned if there was really no one unable to sleep like her, even historical figures. She listened as Hanne claimed there were tales of short-sleepers, such as Juno Beelzenia, but that she had never heard of anyone who didn't sleep at all. She listened as the reporter clarified no normal human could do this, but that those contracted to demons like the figures of her earlier tales were noted to have unique abilities.

Margarita questioned if this statement was supposed to relate to her condition and Hanne suggested that, if she had made a contract with a demon, this would have made it possible for her to never sleep. In response, the marchioness laughed and stated she said interesting things. Stating that it wasn't impossible, she nonetheless pointed out she wouldn't remember, and that as a fetus at the time it would have been hard to sign a contract with a demon.

When Hanne admitted she was right, saying it was just a story, Margarita remarked that she thought a reporter should be a realist and that there was no way such things were true. Hanne asked her directly if she didn't believe them and she claimed she didn't, clarifying that although she had a mage friend, she'd never seen her use magic. Margarita then offered to guide Hanne to the hall. Afterwards, the two toured much of the house's first and second floor before moving into the basement.


Margarita shows Hanne her medicinal supplies

Once inside, Hanne asked if there was nothing in the space and Margarita related how it used to be used as Kaspar's warehouse and was usually locked, so she didn't know what was inside. When Hanne noted it was open now, the marchioness explained that this was due to the World Police. She led the reporter through the different rooms in the basement before coming to her makeshift laboratory.

After Hanne indicated all the equipment, Margarita replied with some embarrassment that the room was a storage area she was using as a mixing room for her medicine. When questioned, she explained how she had worked with her father before she was married and set up this mixing room when Kaspar's condition got bad, relying on her father when the disease went all out. The reporter then asked about the content of the boxes in the room and Margarita explained they were materials she bought from the La Bula Pharmacy.

Hanne then questioned if the World Police had seen this room and the marchioness related that Dr. Rogzé had checked the contents without finding anything suspicious. When asked why she kept her mixing room in such a dark location, she replied that it was easier than moving everything upstairs. Eventually, the two of them returned to the first floor and Margarita listened as Hanne promised the newspaper would be out in the week after next. Chuckling, the girl replied she was looking forward to it and saw her out.[29]

Mysterious EpidemicEdit

"There's no need to make an antidote. Because everyone— should be happy. In sleep, everyone forgets life's troubles and suffering. In unpleasant reality, their wishes can't come true. If everyone is in a dream, they can. So I made it for them. Gift."
―Margarita Blankenheim[src]

Once she finished her desired Sixth Gift, Margarita administered the airborne poison to the orphans' meals. As she continued to regain memories of other lives little by little, Margarita determined to create a Seventh Gift that would awaken all her memories and finally grant her sleep. The next day, October 14, Margarita departed for Aceid with her needed tools and supplies to make her next poison. Visiting King Soil, the marchioness discussed matters regarding succession for the Blankenheims with the monarch.[30]

On October 17, while visiting her comatose father at the hospital, Margarita encountered Constable Ayn Anchor and learned that the orphans and Rita had succumbed to her Gift. Satisfied that the epidemic had begun to spread, Margarita continued to work towards refining the Seventh Gift. On October 21, Margarita visited her comatose father in the hospital again before deciding to go see her dearest Elluka.

After telling the doctor she was going to see her "mother", the marchioness left Aceid and began heading toward Toragay when she saw the World Police blocking the roads to the city. Margarita then pondered whether Elluka was in the direction north or south. She finally decided to head north, instinctively feeling like she had been there before; during her journey, Margarita continuously chanted to herself in her mind that she was the "Sleep Princess".

Arriving in Calgaround as she expected, Margarita went to Mayor Julia Abelard's mansion.[31] Meeting with "Elluka", Margarita related everything she had done with her Gifts and intention to create the Seventh Gift to unlock her memories and end her life. With the mayor's permission, Margarita set up a new laboratory in a room on the mansion's second floor and continued working on her concoction.[32]

Her Sleep Called DeathEdit

"Up until the last moments of her death, Margarita convinced herself that she was truly human. That she who extraordinarily didn't sleep was a simple human."

Late that night, the girl cut her right wrist with a knife and let the deep wound bleed into a vial. While mixing the poison, Margarita occasionally poured some of the vial of blood into the dish before her with liquids. As she finished the Seventh Gift, she heard someone call her name and stopped, turning to see the real Elluka Clockworker and her apprentice Gumillia standing in the room. Recognizing "Hanne" despite the pink hair and blue eyes, she listened to Elluka demand she stop and the girl inquired about what she meant.

Elluka calmly described how her Gift wasn't good for many people and that she should be making an antidote instead. Margarita shook her head and questioned why, explaining there wasn't a need for an antidote as everyone should be happy, forgetting all the troubles and worries of undesirable reality in their dreams, hence why she made her "sleep medicine" Gift. After a brief hesitation, Margarita reaffirmed the idea she was the Sleep Princess, granting everyone sleep while she herself didn't sleep.

As she tried to explain she gave everyone the hope they desired, Elluka interjected that the "happiness" and "hope" she spoke of was for her own sleepless ego. Elluka then yelled that she, aware of it or not, was letting her spirit be eroded by her demon contract. Confused at her mention of a "demon" contract, Margarita remarked how she still said such things and laughed. Clarifying that she was simply herself since the moment she was born, the marchioness described how she had forgotten some things and was slowly remembering them again.

Using "Hanne Lorre" as an example, Margarita explained that she recalled she went by the names of "Elluka Clockworker" and "Lukana Octo" as well. The girl then pointed out she had been alive for hundreds of years and asked if she ever found it troubling and tiring. After saying it was alright since she was human, Margarita noted that she didn't sleep and wanted to be human, therefore desiring sleep. Asking if she did too, Margarita declared they should drink Gift together and poured her concoction into a new vial and showed it to the pink-haired sorceress.


Margarita commits suicide

The Sleep Princess then declared she had just completed her final Gift, the last of her beloved "children". After she told the mage that it would bring them both a wonderful sleep, Elluka refused, stating she still had plenty of work to do. Retorting that staying up all night wasn't good for the body, Margarita related that it was a good year to realize it was time to quit. Once Elluka blatantly state her help was unnecessary, Margarita conceded the mage wouldn't drink it and ingested the Seventh Gift herself.

Margarita then immediately collapsed and Elluka propped her up and hit her back in an attempt to make her vomit the poison. Feeling her life ebb away, the marchioness stammered that her child was wonderful and would likely make her sleep forever. As her eyes hollowed, Margarita weakly proclaimed that she too would finally sleep. After her complete memory returned, she recalled where "he" was and said he was waiting for her in the forest and needed to go there,[33] desiring a kiss from her "prince".[34] As Elluka continued hitting her back and begged her not to die, Margarita shut her eyes completely and accepted her eternal "sleep".[35]


"Margarita, Kaspar, and even Mayrana―I've lost very useful pawns thanks to them."
―Julia Abelard[src]

The genocide enacted on Toragay was followed closely by the Schuburg Newspaper and the World Police,[36] with Julia Abelard and Père Noël's involvement heavily suspected. The Elphegort government later entrusted the Freezis Foundation with the matter and its investigation team arrived to find Toragay already in ruins;[37] after the initial investigation, 72 survivors of the epidemic were discovered in the cellar of the Blankenheim mansion and a cure was eventually derived by Dr. Puerick Rogzé.[38]

Officially, Margarita's serial killings were labeled as the result of a "mysterious epidemic" that plagued Toragay. With the creation of a cure to the disease, international panic subsided. After her death, Eve Moonlit continued to use hypnosis inside the Clockworker's Doll to masquerade as Margarita when she met with Elluka Clockworker, only dropping the spell once the mage had determined the truth. Eve herself regarded Margarita as having been deceived like everyone else, believing she was truly a human being.[39]

After forcing Eve out of the Clockworker's Doll and into her soul, Elluka used Margarita's name and identity to meet with Julia Abelard and join Père Noël as "Seventh Magician". When Elluka claimed to have recognized Sixth Venom's skill in assassination during her time in Calgaround months later, Gretel argued that the real Margarita lacked the necessary intelligence to make that kind of judgment about someone.[40]

Centuries after her death, Ma and Gammon Octo created a screenplay regarding the incident and it was subsequently reviewed by the Master of the Court.[41] While organizing the "motion", Gammon deduced that Julia Abelard had given the Clockworker's Doll to the marchioness and hypothesized that Margarita had intentionally brought an incarnation of a demon into being.[42]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"I—  yes, I am the Sleep Princess. The person who brought everyone sleep. The girl who became everyone's hope. For the hope they wished—"
"Shut up! What happiness! What hope! Those things are only for your own ego. You only want to sleep yourself."
―Margarita and Elluka[src]

Margarita was a disillusioned girl in denial, giving up pursuing reality to instead pursue a fantasy of giving. While Margarita had always considered her sleepless condition a natural part of life, she recognized it was unique to her and made her different from others. Having never tired or slept herself, she often observed others as they slept and understood its function as a reprieve from the trials of everyday life.[43] Despite Margarita's numerous attempts to mimic and therefore induce sleep,[44] her continued failure only increased the dissonance she felt between her and "normal" people.[45]

Since meeting him as a child, Margarita had a strong affection for Kaspar and the blue-haired boy became everything to her as they pursued their childhood romance. After the boy gave her a wooden ring as proof of his promise to marry her, her love grew and she dreamed of having children with her darling "prince" ever since. As a result, she developed an obsessive respect for Kaspar and never stopped loving him. Due to her young age, Margarita maintained a very child-like mentality and young girl's innocence.


Margarita loses faith in the wholeness of her marriage to Kaspar

Although initially overjoyed about their marriage despite its political backdrop, Kaspar's own troubled reaction by her inability to sleep only intensified Margarita's self-consciousness concerning her condition. Denied the children she wanted, the young girl felt betrayed by her husband flaunting his sexuality with other women. Margarita grew increasingly disillusioned with Kaspar as she discovered his unsavory behavior, purely monetary motivations for their marriage, and blatant forgetting of the childhood promise she cherished.[46]

Having believed so heavily in her child-like fantasy, Margarita became embittered by the world's seeming ignorance to her marital plight, feeling hopelessly trapped and used as if she was a decorative doll. Unable to cope with the reality of her situation, Margarita slipped into a depression; capitalizing on this, the child began equating her lack of sleep to lack of freedom from reality and therefore happiness, eventually considering her sleepless condition another aspect making her akin to a doll. This disassociation from humanity created an identity crisis for Margarita, constantly making her feeling different.[47]

However, in spite of her depression, Margarita also went into complete denial, bottling up her emotional woes. Continuing to believe in her fantasy, she acted outwardly content with her life and claimed she was happy so long as she was at least just near Kaspar. As part of this, the girl continued to maintain her child-like innocence about what went on within the Blankenheim estate, even keeping herself ignorant of Kaspar's private affairs despite often knowing the obvious. Likewise she stayed completely submissive to his will to prove herself as his "faithful wife", which only further aggravated her hidden emotional state.[48]


Margarita's heartfelt empowerment through Père Noël and Gift

Regardless, Margarita actually took comfort in being called a doll by others, associating it with an implicit empathy and understanding for her situation. Therefore, she confided greatly in Mayrana Blossom, considering "Elluka" to be like a loving mother to her in the absence of an actual matriarch. Despite joining Mayrana's criminal organization, she remained largely ignorant of Père Noël's affairs and simply obeyed her and Kaspar's instructions.[49]

Triggered by the Gift Mayrana had given her, Margarita snapped under the weight of the duality between her inner feelings and outward behavior. Under the influence of Eve Moonlit's subconscious, the girl became psychotically obsessed with destroying all her problems. By projecting her own resentments onto others, Margarita deluded herself into believing it was everyone else who was unhappy with their lives, clinging to the idea her "mother", father, husband, and the entire town of Toragay had some troubles that needed to be relieved through sleep.

Determining death was the ultimate sleep and escape from reality, Margarita constructed the fantasy that she was the "Sleep Princess", a girl unable to sleep herself but capable of granting respite to others through her poison. Coinciding with this, Margarita considered the Gifts she made to be the children she bore and raised, humanizing them in place of the children she so desperately wanted with Kaspar. The sentiment extended to her use of the poison, saddened to have to let her children go but overjoyed at their perceived loving obedience to her will.[50]


Margarita ultimately discards her husband in pursuit of her own fantasy

As a result of this delusional duty she created for herself, Margarita was completely dispassionate about her murders, using her husband and father as a means to simply experiment with her Gift while lashing out her buried resentments. The "innocent" child therefore kept an unnatural calm about the entire situation and had no qualms lying to avoid her crimes being discovered.[51] Due to Eve's resurging memories, Margarita's mental state became more diluted as she continued experimenting with her Gift.

Unsatisfied despite "freeing" herself of her husband and father and receiving their riches, Margarita chose to share in their "peaceful" sleep, proving her own humanity and unlocking all of her resurging memories as Eve that plagued her. By the time she completed her Seventh Gift, Margarita was completely consumed by her own sloth, severing all ties with reality and acting on instinct there on. With her suicide, Margarita believed the "Sleep Princess" could finally become the "Sleeping Princess", forever in a state of respite while awaiting her happy ending via her prince's loving kiss that never came.[52]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"Through this failure, Margarita was able to further refine the Sixth Gift. It is a wonderful thing. And one need not even drink it. By infection via the air, people are led to the sleep called death one after another―It's even more infectious epidemic than the Gula disease. She created something magnificent!"
―Mayrana regarding Margarita's Gift[src]

While not particularly intelligent overall, Margarita was very well-versed in chemistry and medicine due to her work for her father, earning a medical license while still a minor. Her knowledge in pharmaceuticals extended to poisons as well, allowing Margarita to experiment and improve upon the Rogzé Gift formula. Through her experiments, Margarita perfected Mayrana's failed Third Gift, creating a deadly poison that broke down with the body's natural decay, thereby making it undetectable by contemporary methods.[53]

Due to unknowingly using Eve Moonlit's magic,[54] Margarita's capabilities with Gift extended beyond the natural, allowing her to create poisons that had lengthy delays before killing targets, function like an airborne pathogen, or even awaken sealed memories. Because her physical body was illusionary, Margarita was even able to hide failed poisons in her bloodstream via ingestion, simply cutting her wrists and using the poison-laden blood for her experiments without risk to herself.[55] Therefore, Margarita's work as "Third Sleep Princess" was extremely useful to Père Noël and its operation to monopolize a cure for a new epidemic.[56]

Due to her sleepless condition, Margarita never tired and could constantly be on the move, though lacking any exceptional athletic ability. Because of her inability to sleep, the marchioness could work endlessly day and night if she chose so and likewise operate perfectly during night hours while everyone else was asleep.[57] She similarly possessed a rather impressive intuition as a result of her subconscious familiarity with the people and places Eve had encountered over the centuries.[58]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Kaspar Blankenheim: Margarita's childhood friend and husband. Margarita loved Kaspar from when they were young, and this love continued even after he showed he didn't reciprocate her feelings. Convincing herself that being close to him was enough to make her happy, Margarita endeavored to secure Kaspar's happiness and affected a disinterest in his philanderous ways and abuse of her finances. Over time, however, the loveless marriage warped Margarita's love into despair and eventually she snapped, murdering him.

Mayrana Blossom: Margarita's friend. Knowing her as "Elluka Clockworker", Margarita formed a deep and instant connection to the sorceress and looked upon her as a source of comfort and a mother figure, having felt as though she'd known her for her whole life. She later joined her criminal organization, Père Noël, and loyally followed her friend's goals while not understanding what they were.

Eve Moonlit: Margarita's true self. Hypnotizing herself to believe she was the real Margarita Felix, the fake persona had no awareness of the slumbering Eve within her. Although only retaining the witch's full memories upon being poisoned, these memories began to resurge shortly before her death.

Marx Felix: Margarita's father. Margarita was close with her father and spent time with him often, convincing herself that she cared for his well-being and wished to relieve him of his stress. Despite this, she resented him for controlling her life and using her, as well as for trying to keep her from staying with her friend "Santa Claus," and felt no remorse when killing him.

Mikulia Calgaround: One of Eve's past incarnations. The memories of Mikulia began to resurge in Margarita as well as those of Eve.

Platonic: One of Eve's past incarnations. The memories of Platonic began to resurge in Margarita as well as those of Eve.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Margarita and her name are inspired by Marie-Madeleine-Marguerite d'Aubray; both used poison to accomplish their goals, with Margarita killing her husband to end her failing marriage and Marie killing her father and brothers to earn their estates.[59]
  • Her surname, Blankenheim, is the name of two German municipalities; Elphegort, Margarita's native country, is inspired by Germany.


  • Margarita delivering a deadly "gift" to the town's inhabitants ties with the characteristic twisted "Christmas" motif that surrounds Père Nöel.
  • Margaret, a minor character in Story of Evil, may be a reference to Margarita; both have the same name derivative, committed suicide via poison, and bear a strong resemblance to Eve Moonlit.[60]
  • In the Fifth Pierrot PV, Third Sleep Princess is labeled as the "first green" and is stated to have retired, alluding to her suicide the year before.
  • After working on the illustrations for the light novel featuring her, Ichika expressed her belief that Margarita was the most terrifying character in the Seven Deadly Sins for her at that point.[61]
  • Margarita mentions that her husband sold her spoons, glasses, and mirror; this possibly alludes to the four vessels of sin that made their debut in Miniature Garden Girl.




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