Technical Information
Japanese マーク
Romaji Maaku
Biographical Information
Died December, EC 500
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lucifenia
Lucifenian Resistance

Marc was one of the leaders of the Lucifenian Resistance and the son of a clergyman. He joined in opposition of Princess Riliane's tyrannical regime over the Kingdom of Lucifenia, later taking part in the battle of Rolled.


Early LifeEdit

Born in the Kingdom of Lucifenia sometime during the fifth century EC, Marc was raised by his father, a member of the clergy.[1] Following the death of Queen Anne in January of EC 499, Marc and his fellow Lucifenians suffered under the tyrannical rule of Princess Riliane, becoming disillusioned with the royal government. When Germaine Avadonia decided to rebel against Riliane's tyranny after the mysterious assassination of her father the following year, Sekka joined her along with York Le Corbusier, his daughter Sekka, and Minage in establishing the Lucifenian Resistance.

After the rebels set up their base of operations at the abandoned home in the Forest of Bewilderment, Sekka and the others agreed to knock twice then five times repeatedly to confirm they were resistance members. Afterward, Germaine assigned Marc the duty of gathering intelligence about the royal palace for the resistance; scouting for any potential defectors, Marc confirmed that Germaine's foster brother Allen and good friend Chartette Langley worked there but failed to secure an informer.

Marc later met with York, Minage, and Sekka at the hideout, learning their progress was going poorly. Once Germaine arrived and learned about their lack of trained recruits and supplies from Minage and Sekka, Marc shrugged while inferring she wanted to know about his progress next. He then related his failure to secure any informants from the palace before questioning if she could talk to her foster brother, friend, or her father's former subordinates in the royal guard working at the palace to help out. Germaine answered that it wasn't the right time for them to reveal their existence to any palace officials and York agreed that it could bring about the end of the resistance.[2]

Green HuntingEdit

"It's useless. This fire was intentionally caused by order of Princess Riliane!"
"Idiot! What's the Princess thinking! What the hell for..."
"To pave the way for the invasion of Elphegort!"
―A Lucifenian soldier and Marc[src]

After they discovered the Forest of Bewilderment was on fire later that year, Marc and the others joined in trying to put out the flames. When a group of Lucifenian soldiers on horseback approached them demanding they stop putting out the fire, the clergyman's son expressed his disbelief at the command, protesting that the whole forest would burn to the ground if they didn't act quickly.

The soldier revealed that the fire was intentionally caused under Riliane's order and Marc cursed, wondering what the princess was thinking. The soldier then interrupted to explain that it was to prepare for their invasion of the neighboring Elphegort. When it then suddenly rained and doused the flames, all the common folk rejoiced at the fortunate event. Once they confirmed the soldiers had left, everyone returned home triumphant.[3]

Preparation for InsurrectionEdit

After the Lucifenian army invaded the next day and began slaughtering any Elphe woman or other person who resisted them, Chartette Langley joined Sekka and the others at the resistance meetings to share information from the royal palace. During one meeting at their hideout, the sound of three knocks came to the door and everyone picked up a weapon anticipating a potential enemy. When York questioned who was there, a young man's voice responded that he was there to cooperate with them, pleading they open the door.

After York asked Germaine what to do, she admitted her own concern and asked Minage to look outside. After he confirmed the man wasn't dressed like a Lucifenian soldier and was there alone, Germaine ordered they open the door and be ready kill him if he turned out to be an enemy. York opened the door and allowed the masked man with a bloodied hand holding a shell pendant to enter. The mysterious man then agreed to support the resistance in overthrowing Princess Riliane's regime.

Once they gained the support of Keel Freezis and began preparing for their revolution, Marc attended the resistance's final meeting before their planned revolution. Once Germaine arrived and Minage confirmed their numbers were more than enough between Lucifenia, Elphegort, and the mask man's soldiers, Marc heard York speak up that the latter was the problem. York then argued with the suspicious man over his trustworthiness bringing an elite army of outsiders while wearing a mask.

Once Sekka quieted them and Germaine shared her trust in the man with York, Marc listened while the one-eyed man inquired about the mysterious blue-haired man's name. After the man claimed he was "Karchess", Marc listened for Sekka to confirm Keel Freezis had fully armed the revolutionaries when the Langley blacksmith arrived with more weapons and armor for them. While examining the new supplies, Marc noticed the large broadsword among the weapons and questioned what it was for; noting it was too big for York, he wondered if the old man made a mistake before the smith confirmed it wasn't for any of them.[4]

Lucifenian RevolutionEdit

"If Marc hadn't sacrificed himself, I probably wouldn't be here right now."

The day of the revolution, Marc, York, and Germaine went to the tavern in Milanais Square in Rolled with a group of fellow revolutionaries, waiting leisurely at the bar for the Venom Mercenaries' sibling duo to return. Once Yarera and Zusco entered and began harassing a waitress, Marc saw York kick the younger mercenary in the face. He then watched while Germaine began pummeling the older brother until Zusco came back with six other mercenaries. As the mercenary demanded they release his brother, Germaine stated they weren't just two and everyone else in the tavern stood up to join her and York.

Surrounding the mercenaries, they tied them up and dragged them outside into Milanais Square. Marc then asked what to do with the thugs and Germaine ordered they be thrown in the nearby river. The resistance army then cheered as Germaine rallied them against the royal government. When she asked what their shields, armors, and swords were for, they yelled in turn that they were to protect their families, bring true peace to their country, and take revenge on The Daughter of Evil. Finally told the time for their revolution had come, the mob yelled with glee. Marc later had Yarera, Zusco, and their cohorts tossed into the Orgo River.

Afterward, Marc and "Karchess" led his mysterious masked army and the revolutionaries against the Venom Mercenaries in Rolled. After three weeks of fighting, Marc saw Karchess' left wrist wounded in a duel with the mercenary leader Gast Venom. As the masked man was about to be finished off by the "Demon of Asmodean", Marc intervened and blocked Gast's killing blow, slain shortly after.[5]


"About Marc... I'm so sorry."
―Karchess to Germaine[src]

Not long after his death, Gast and his forces were forced to flee while revolutionary army continued its march toward the capital and ultimately deposed Princess Riliane. Following the battle of Rolled, Karchess admitted he would have died had Marc not sacrificed himself against the "monster" they faced. When apologizing to Germaine for his death, the revolutionary leader told their masked comrade that such things couldn't be helped in war.[6]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Marc was a kind man, caring for others more than himself. Having been raised by a Levin pastor, he was instilled with values of respecting life and self-sacrifice.[7] Despite being a patriot to his country, Marc was disillusioned with the royal government headed by Princess Riliane and became devoted to overthrowing the tyrannical regime to create a more prosperous and less oppressive government. Likewise, in spite of his gentle nature, he still got rather angry when faced with injustice and being prevented from righting wrongs.[8]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Germaine Avadonia: Marc's friend and leader. Marc trusted Germaine and worked closely with her in the resistance, believing strongly in her cause to overthrow the monarchy.



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