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Technical Information
Japanese Ma
Romaji Emuei
Other Names Elluka Clockworker
Kayo Sudou
Sorceress of Time

Megurine Luka

Biographical Information
Born January 30, EC 611
Classification Human
Race Loop Octopus (later Jakokuese)
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink (later black)
Eye Color Blue (later purple)
Affiliation(s) Union State of Evillious (formerly)
Evil's Theater
Levin Church (Levia sect)
For other uses, see Ma (disambiguation)
"Is it 'Nice to meet you', I wonder? Or 'Long time no see'?"
―Ma's greeting

Ma, also known by the names of Elluka Clockworker, Kayo Sudou, the Gardener and the Sorceress of Time, was a powerful mage. Born in the wake of the Duel of Merrigod Plateau, Ma manipulated Kayo Sudou, Gallerian Marlon, and others throughout the centuries, on a quest to collect the vessels of sin and become a "pure" being. After Gallerian's untimely death, she took up residence in Evil's Theater, using the inhabitants for her ambitions.


Early LifeEdit

"The three Ma candidates have become one. Happily ever after."
"No, not really happy."
―Banica Conchita and Gretel[src]

After the souls of Levia, Eve Moonlit, and Irina Clockworker were fused into one in Lukana Octo's body on January 30, EC 611, the new entity awoke in Pale Noël's tomb. Overwhelmed by the memories and magic of three different lives, she realized she needed a new body; unable to use Germaine Avadonia's due to it rapidly aging, she left the chamber and wandered into Merrigod Plateau. There she quickly discovered she was unable to conjure magic and would one day be unable to use hypnosis and eventually the Swap Technique.

Determining she had about two or three centuries to find a new body, the woman pondered her new identity. She decided to use the alias "Elluka Clockworker", while her true name would be "Ma" due to all three of her souls having once sought to become the Ma. With her public and true identity realized, Ma continued traveling.[1]

Travels through BolganioEdit

In EC 776,[2] Ma visited Maistia and helped quell the natives' rebellion shortly before the continent declared its independence and formed the United States of Maistia. During her travels, she gained a reputation for saving many minds in both Maistia and Evillious.[3] During the EC 800s, Ma befriended Perrié Cutie Marlon of the Freezis Foundation, using the name "Elluka 'Ma' Clockworker".[4]

Pretending to be a Levin missionary, she boarded one of the Freezis Foundation's merchant ships and traveled to Enbizaka, Jakoku in EC 842, where she resided in the Freezis trade house. There she became acquainted with the new employee, Anan Octo, and learned that Enbizaka had been destroyed by a great fire before recently being rebuilt.[5] During her time in Onigashima, Ma researched the history of the do-gooder Kokutan-douji, among other stories, compiling his information to be published in a book called the "Eastern Magic Record".

A New BodyEdit

Three days after arriving in Jakoku, Ma walked out of the trade house with Anan and met his cousin, Kayo Sudou, whom she recognized to be a descendant of Lukana Octo. Talking with her in the drawing room, Ma noted that Kayo was under the delusion that she was still burnt from the fire. As they talked, Anan explained to Kayo "Elluka's" reputation for saving minds in Evillious and Maistia, and Ma impressed Kayo with her beauty and fluency in Jakokuese. The conversation then fell to Perrié, who wasn't as fluent, and from her to the Freezis foundation and its competition with the Yarera-Zusco Firm.


Ma swaps bodies with Kayo

After moving on from the topic of the fire, Ma sent Anan away and confirmed how Kayo was troubled by her nonexistent burns. Knowing she could regain her magical ability easily with Kayo's body, she decided to perform the Body Swap Technique and take Kayo's body for herself. She then hypnotized Kayo to agree to meeting with her at her tailor shop in three days' time.[6]

On the appointed day, Ma arrived to Kayo and explained to the tailor her lineage to Lukana Octo and Sateriasis Venomania, as well as claiming that she was using Lukana's body, herself. Demonstrating her magical abilities, Ma revealed how she was a centuries-old witch, claiming she came to Jakoku to return Lukana's body to one of her descendants. As she suggested swapping bodies with her, Ma tried to convince Kayo by pointing out her "burns" would no longer trouble her and that she'd be happy with her new visage and able to move on from her family's death.

Kayo then admitted to Ma her fear of herself due to her extreme fits of envy towards others' lovers and families; taking up the opportunity, Ma claimed that she was likely possessed by the Demon of Envy and suggesting swapping bodies could exorcise it. At Kayo's insistence, Ma performed the Swap Technique and was pleased to have a body of Kayo's magical talent. Afterward, she spotted Kayo's scissors, the vessel of envy, but decided to leave them for now. After leaving the shop, Ma hypnotized the rest of Enbizaka into thinking that she and Kayo had always had their current appearances.[7]

The Tale of EnbizakaEdit

"I'm sure this is the last time you'll be conversing with a living human being like this. So, if there are things you want to say, things you want to talk about, I'll listen, right now."
―Ma to Kagura[src]

Wanting to regain her full power before dealing with the Demon of Envy, Ma began confining herself to bed, feigning sickness.[8] Following Kayo's execution, Ma visited Kayo's tailor shop and found that the Demon of Envy wasn't in the scissors after all, but that a human woman, who unbeknownst to her was Kagura Octo, was inside them instead. As Ma talked with the soul and claimed she intended to erase her, she persuaded Kagura to tell her the entire story of what she had witnessed with Kayo and Enbizaka.[9]


Ma collects Kayo's scissors

Ma listened as the soul explained the whole story of Kayo's family, her loss, her illness, her murders, her meeting with Kokutan-douji, and her execution, with Ma occasionally giving input and discussing details of the story.[10] As she did, she took notes on the incident to include it in her Eastern Magic Record.[11] Following the end of their conversation, with Ma learned that the human hadn't been able to witness Kayo's execution due to the interference from Grim the End.

Then, rather than erasing Kagura, Ma revealed that she had discovered her true identity and she took the scissors out to confront the true Demon of Envy, Rahab Barisol.[12] She went out to the reef where Rahab waited in her "mermaid" form and confronted her, as the mother of her Levia personality and as the one who had swapped Kagura into the scissors. As they quarreled, Ma learned how Rahab had swapped Kagura into the scissors in order to have a romance with Nagare Sudou, making Kayo literally the daughter of the Demon of Envy and explaining why she had envy magic within her.

Ma also learned how Rahab had sent Kokutan-douji to Kayo to prevent him from meeting Rin Miroku as well as to help Kayo. After their chilly confrontation, Ma demanded Rahab return to her original vessel, scissors, and the demon returned, sucking Kagura's body inside the vessel as well. As Kagura was finally freed from the vessel, albeit disembodied, Ma apologized for not letting her return to her own body. The two were interrupted by Behemo, who, to Ma's consternation, pointedly ignored her and offered to give Kagura a lift to the Heavenly Yard. Behemo and Kagura departed, and Ma left with the scissors to once again travel the world.[13]

To Become PureEdit

During her travels, Ma came to understand the world and its workings well enough to realize that it would be coming to an end soon. With this understanding, Ma decided to become a being "pure" and powerful enough to survive the world's end. She determined to do this by absorbing the seven so-called "demons of sin" and by expelling her constituent personalities into other bodies. With the scissors in her possession, Ma absorbed Rahab into her body first and continued searching for the other vessels of sin in order to absorb the others.[14]

As time progressed, the Freezis Foundation, during their search to obtain Ma's immortality, became increasingly wicked and corrupt, with some members even becoming HERs. During this time, around the tenth century EC, Ma became acquainted with the young Bruno Zero, who was a slave of the Freezis Family.[15] Fitting her original cover story of being a missionary, Ma was officially recognized as a member of the Levin Church. Later on, Ma met and entered a romance with Gandalf Marlon.[16] During this time, Ma became acquainted with one of Gandalf's colleagues, Hanma Balledold, a judge in the USE Dark Star Bureau.[17]

In April of EC 944, Ma broke into the home of Mata Corpa and stole the Marlon Spoon in his possession, killing Mata during the theft.[18] Having obtained the vessel of Greed, she absorbed its demon sometime afterward, and became powerful enough to safely remove Levia and Irina from her soul. Due to his magic potential, Ma became interested in Hanma as she searched for potential vessels. As her receptacles needed to be the same gender as the souls she wished to swap out, Ma turned her attention towards Hanma's daughter, Lilith Balledold.

Performing magical procedures on her, Ma tried to turn the child into a receptacle for Levia.[19] As a result of the procedure, Lilith became an ageless, voiceless, and emotionless shell of her former self. Hanma was struggling to take care of his daughter alone, while also fulfilling his ambitions in the Dark Star Bureau; soon, Ma accepted Hanma to be her apprentice, teaching him magic to aid his ambitions in exchange for him handing Lilith over to her.[20] Finding that Levia refused to go into Lilith as a vessel, Ma instead made the girl into her subordinate under the name "Postman".

She also resolved to make her own magical receptacle by having a baby with her lover, Gandalf, only for the resultant child to be a boy, one that they named Gallerian.[21] Later that month, Ma was captured by the World Police to be trialed as a witch, as well as Mata's murderer, in the Dark Star Bureau Courthouse. Knowing that the Freezis Foundation saw her as a threat and planned to do away with her, Ma had Hanma act as her judge to fake her execution for being a "witch", so that she couldn't be given the death sentence again later. When the plan was discovered by the Freezises, Hanma was forced instead to give Ma a new identity altogether.

After her trial, as Ma was being dragged away, Gandalf broke through the guards at attendance and Hanma allowed them a moment to say goodbye. Gallerian's wet nurse, Polina Marchef, also brought their infant son to the couple. Unable to tell Gandalf the truth, Ma was only able to sadly make her farewells to her lover. Holding her baby for the last time, Ma also expressed her hope that Gallerian would grow up to be a good and just member of the court system, like his father. After bantering with Gandalf further, Ma was taken away.[22]

Recruiting GallerianEdit

With her death faked, Ma changed her public name to "Kayo Sudou" and eventually took up a career as a playwright with Ma as her pen name. Using the cover story that she was one of "Elluka Clockworker's" disciples, Ma made a variety of films glorifying Elluka's past exploits and telling of events in Evillious' history.[23] Ten years since their last meeting,[24] Ma appeared before Bruno Zero again and joined the organization that he had secretly established to overthrow the Freezis Foundation, PN.[25]


Gallerian tries Ma innocent

Later on, Ma had an unlicensed screening with her fourteen staff members for several of her movies, including "Escape of Salmhofer the Witch", "The Great Wall and the Watchman", "Gift From the Princess Who Brought Sleep", and "The Tailor of Enbizaka". In EC 959, two members of an anti-witch extremist group raided the theater and Ma struck them with lightning, nearly killing them. She was soon arrested by the World Police for her illegal screenings, attempted murder, and witchcraft.

Ma was reunited with Gallerian when he presided over her trial, surprised by how young her judge was. Representing herself as the defense, Ma denied trying to kill people with witchcraft and remained composed throughout the trial, satisfied when Gallerian eventually declared her innocent. Lying to the authorities that she was going to live in Pixie,[26] Ma took to living in the underground laboratory, Lunaca Labora, among other places. Knowing that Loki Freezis was going to have Gallerian killed, Ma arranged for Bruno to save him so he could be recruited as a "front man" for PN.

After Gallerian was shot and brought to Lunaca Labora to recover, Ma came in to greet him while he talked with the other members of PN. As she talked with Gallerian, Ma explained the history of the laboratory before driving the conversation to the matter of Loki, explaining how PN wished to stop the Freezis Conglomerate and how, maintaining her ruse as Elluka's disciple, they had betrayed her "master". Ma went on to tell Gallerian that Loki was an HER and that he and his entire family were wicked; having thus convinced Gallerian to join their organization, she asked that he call her "Ma" rather than "Kayo".[27]

Removing LeviaEdit

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Sometime after, Ma entered an affair with Gallerian.[28] Later on, Ma became pregnant with his child and gave birth to a girl at the abandoned house in the Millennium Tree Forest in EC 964, naming her Nemesis and passing Levia's soul into her. She then left the child for dead, instructing Hanma to kill her.[29]

Sin FragmentsEdit

"I don't need the vessels of sin."
"Oh... is that so?"
―Gallerian and Ma[src]

In EC 978, Ma told Gallerian that she wanted to create a film adaptation of "The Daughter of Evil" and lent him the novel to read while his family was away, plotting to grab his interest about the vessels of sin. On the day before his family would return, Ma visited Gallerian's mansion and, once she was able, greeted Gallerian in his study. After talking to him about the book and insisting that its account of events was the truth, she was disappointed when Gallerian declined being a sponsor for her film.

After she mused over the return of Gallerian's wife tomorrow, denying intending to reveal their affair to her, Ma eventually heard Gallerian ask about the other characters in the story. The two got into a conversation about the names of Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia mentioned in the book, which had come up later in history, and about Germaine Avadonia, who had been sighted as Julia Abelard. The conversation ended with Ma claiming to Gallerian that Abyss I.R. had collected the vessels of sin to have a wish of hers granted.

Although trying to convince Gallerian that they look for the vessels of sin together, he declined on the grounds of not wanting to spend the money, stating he had no need for the vessels. Seeming to accept his answer, Ma soon after departed, although not before asking him to let her know if he ever changed his mind.[30]

Dark Star ScandalEdit

"Gallerian was a friend of mine. He too was possessed by a Deadly Sin. I, for one, thought to try and use that. As I expected, he collected many of the vessels."

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After Gallerian's wife and daughter killed,[31] Ma approached the grieving judge in EC 980.[32] Believing the Clockworker's Doll to be Michelle and that she was permanently disabled, Ma spoke to him about the vessels of sin again; Gallerian then reconsidered Ma's offer from years prior and agreed to help collect all of the demonic vessels so he could wish for his daughter to be healed.[33]

Once Gallerian collected the Marlon Spoon after the Spoon Corruption Case, the playwright had him forge a contract with the Demon of Greed. With her friend's avarice intensified through the demon's influence,[34] she instructed him to keep it with him at all times, claiming it was his only means to communicate with "Michelle". The judge agreed and used his position as the USE Dark Star Bureau's supreme court director to take bribes to decide his rulings, allowing them to collect wealth and resources for their search.[35]


Ma speaking about Scherzer with Gallerian

After Gallerian had acquitted Scherzer of assaulting a woman, Ma heard rumors of the celebrity being involved in a recent string of women disappearances in the area and learned the media coverage of the whistleblower was being suppressed. She later visited Gallerian's mansion and joined him in his study while he worked; while she did, she talked to him about the rumors she'd heard and watched Gallerian bitterly depart to investigate the matter.[36]

After Gallerian convicted Nyoze Octo of murder and confiscated the Venom Sword in his possession in early EC 982, Ma visited the judge's home a few days later to collect the vessel. Seeing he wasn't there, she went to Michelle's room and accompanied the Clockworker's Doll. When Gallerian entered Michelle's room that night, she welcomed him and brushed off his subsequent irritation with her. She finally agreed to leave, and had Gallerian fetch the Venom Sword.

After she'd determined the Venom Sword was authentic, she encouraged Gallerian to continue collecting the vessels of sin and, in response to Gallerian's concerns about being discovered, suggested storing them far from the public eye. Also reminding Gallerian to continue to hold on to the Marlon Spoon, Ma left the room and then, as Gallerian began to converse with Michelle, she departed from the mansion completely.[37]

Evil's TheaterEdit

"Welcome to Evil's Forest."
―Ma greeting a visitor to Evil's Forest[src]

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After Gallerian shut down the Graveyard restaurant later that year and confiscated the Glass of Conchita and one of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia, Ma visited the judge and confirmed the vessels' authenticity before leaving.[38] Once Gallerian finished constructing Evil's Theater later that year, the vessels of sin they collected were moved to the theater.[39]

After Gallerian's death during the Leviantan Civil War in EC 983, Ma inherited the judge's collection.[40] A few days later, she disappeared into the Millennium Tree Forest and stored the vessels of sin in Evil's Theater, taking up residence there as the Gardener.[41] The burned Clockworker's Doll was attached to the inner workings of Heartbeat Clocktower to sustain her life, and the awakened vessel of Greed, Gear, began to maintain the tower.[42] As more of the vessels began to awaken, Ma began writing about their actions; around this time, she obtained the allegiance of the Master of the Graveyard,[43] tasking her with guarding the theater from intruders.

With rumors of Gallerian's fortune being hidden in the theater, Ma witnessed visitors to the forest being captured and eaten by the Master of the Graveyard for their intrusion. Sometime after the forest earned the name "Evil's Forest", Ma happened upon a greedy intruder while wandering the forest and she chatted with them for a while about the forest.[44] After the Clockworker's Doll was revitalized and took on the name "Master of the Court", Ma promised that Gallerian's vision of Utopia would come true if all the vessels of sin were collected, pushing the doll to continue her "father's" quest and grant his wish.[45]

Afterwards, Ma penned several screenplays regarding Evillious and the Seven Deadly Sins and had them adapted as films for the theater. After an intruder had entered the theater, the playwright had the visitor watch some films with her and explained the story behind each of them. After the fifteen films were finished, Ma offered to play a word game with the visitor before they were put on trial and sentenced to death by the Master of the Court.[46]

Later, one of the intruders, Gammon Octo, was made into the choreman and new gardener for the theater.[47] Becoming acquainted with Gammon, Ma used his Purple Dream ability to assist her in writing her screenplays;[48] she also saw when Gammon submitted a "motion" to review the script regarding his vision for the Director Doll's utopia. In EC 998, she along with the other awakened vessels of sin attended the "trial" meeting called by the Master of the Court. While there, she told her if what she knew about the vessel of Wrath, determining that it was probably in "her" hands.[49]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"There's one thing I forgot to mention. 'Don't rely on the things they who are in the forest say.'"
―One of Ma's "rules" of Evil's Forest[src]

Being born of an amalgamation of souls, Ma's personality kept basic commonalities but differed over time. Originally Ma acted similar to one of her souls, Levia, and her identity as Elluka Clockworker. Whimsical and sometimes apathetic, Ma nonetheless took up a habit of going around helping people as she once did before. Although focused primarily on her own goals and having ulterior motives behind many of her actions, she nonetheless had a conscience and could become guilt-ridden for her misdeeds, as well as even being capable of falling in love. Through her development, she still continued to maintain an amiable and lackadaisical attitude.


Ma indulging in her smoking habit

However, Ma became increasingly unscrupulous to obtain her end goal of staying alive. As the composition of her soul changed, Ma's personality shifted such that she became unrecognizable to those who had known her previously. She began to think nothing of instigating theft, corruption, and murder, and although she maintained genuine friendships she was prone to manipulating others to get her way. Similarly, although originally showing some regret for leaving the infant Gallerian, Ma's changed personality had no maternal instincts towards her children and she thought nothing of using them and abandoning them once they've served their purposes. Ultimately, she came to be regarded as wicked and villainous.

Aside from this, as Ma became more manipulative she had a tendency to tease, and to make cryptic or even untrue statements to others who were not privy to all the information that she had. She was often playful, as well as careless about others' social conventions, although her fluency in Jakokuese allowed her to fit in well enough during her stay in Jakoku. She also had a tendency to smoke a long pipe even in places where it was inappropriate, a habit which emerged sometime during her years as a playwright. Additionally, Ma had a penchant for writing about hers and others' adventures, whether it was in the form of short stories or screenplays.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"For their sake, I just continue to intently write stories."
―Ma regarding the "collectibles"[src]

Known as the "Mage of Time",[50] Ma was a powerful mage with strong magic, possessing the magical power of two powerful mages and a god. Despite this, she was for a time unable to use much of her overwhelming power and couldn't even conjure fire or lightning as she remembered. However, the mage still possessed the Swap Technique, allowing her to utilize the spell to move souls between bodies.[51] Centuries after her creation, however, Ma was able to perform hypnosis as well as wind magic. After taking on Kayo Sudou's body, she was similarly able to regain most of her abilities.[52]

In a similar vein, Ma maintained all the knowledge and experience of the souls comprising hers, including their immense knowledge about magic, Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome, the gods, the vessels of sin, and all the events surrounding them. She was also an experienced penman, adapting many historical events from the Evillious' history into features reenacted at Evil's Theater.[53] Due to her soul being partially that of a god, Ma was also an ageless immortal. Because of the immensity of her composite soul, the mage required an especially suitable human body to act as her vessel.[54]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Gallerian Marlon: Ma's partner. Ma considered Gallerian a useful benefactor as well as a close friend, sometimes giving him aid in his court cases and even having an affair with him; despite this, she was frustrated with his stingy nature and found his corrupt court tactics distasteful. She was also, their romance notwithstanding, willing to manipulate the judge for her own aims. Ma often enjoyed teasing Gallerian and later became amused with his obsessive love for the Clockworker's Doll.

Gammon Octo: A fellow member of Evil's Theater and the Gardener after her. Ma got along with Gammon well enough to let him tend to her garden and let him help her write screenplays for the cinema, seeing his clairvoyant "Purple Dream" ability as useful. Despite this, she was disturbed by his visions predicting the world as ending when the sins are gathered.

Master of the Graveyard: A fellow member of Evil's Theater. Ma viewed the Master of the Graveyard as a useful ally when gathering the other vessels of sin, relying on her insatiable hunger to keep away potential thieves away from the theater.

Master of the Court: A fellow member of Evil's Theater. Ma saw the Master of the Court, as director of Evil's Theater, useful for fulfilling her goals. She became a primary influence on her actions as a means to control the whole theater.

Kayo Sudou: The physical body of Ma. Ma pitied Kayo for her loss and inability to recover from it, urging her to move on from her family's deaths and use her new body as a fresh start. Despite this, she ultimately swapped bodies with Kayo for her own benefit, and she saw fit to use Kayo's name centuries after the tailor's death.

Nemesis Sudou: Ma's daughter. After having Nemesis following her affair with Gallerian, Ma saw fit to leave Nemesis for dead and thought little of her; nonetheless, the child grew to respect and love her out of delusion from isolation.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Ma's name is derived from the title of Ma and also stands for "Mem Aleph", having similar origins as the title.
  • In-universe, Ma's name also means "madoushi" and "mother"; the former is derived from 魔導師 (madoushi), the Japanese word for mage.
  • Interestingly, the syllable for "Ma" is the root sound for "mother" in many romance languages.





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