Lukana Octo
Lukana Avatar
Technical Information
Japanese ルカーナ=オクト
Romaji Rukaana Okuto

Megurine Luka

Biographical Information
Born EC 116
Classification Human
Race Loop Octopus (later Leviantan)
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink (later blonde)
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Beelzenian Empire
"Lukana Octo: she was the first woman reported missing."
―Duke Sateriasis Venomania[src]

Lukana Octo was a tailor from Mystica, Asmodean in the Beelzenian Empire and one of Duke Sateriasis Venomania's many victims. While returning from the Lasaland New Year Festival, she was caught and enchanted by the Duke, becoming the first member of his harem. After the Venomania Event, she swapped bodies with the sorceress Elluka Clockworker.


Early LifeEdit


Lukana, Lilien, and Rajih as kids

Lukana was born in EC 116 in Mystica, Asmodean. The daughter of a tailor, she met and became close friends with Rajih and Lilien Turner during her childhood, often playing with them.[1] When she was ten years old, she dreamt that the town would suffer a severe drought and told her mother about it the next day.

Met with disbelief, she told everyone in town about her dream but they all ignored the child's premonition. During this time, Lukana came across Elluka Clockworker and related her dream to the golden-haired woman. Saying she believed her story, Elluka left immediately afterward. Not long after, a severe drought occurred, with months of no rainfall.

As everyone prepared for death, Elluka returned and conjured a rainstorm that saved the town. Due to her part in saving the town, Lukana became the talk of Asmodean for a short time.[2] As she grew older,[3] Lukana took up the family business as a tailor, sending her goods to her uncle's shop in Lasaland. During her many visits, she sometimes saw Duke Ilotte Venomania's son, Sateriasis, strolling freely through the city streets.[4]

Around EC 135, Lukana and Lilien went shopping through town. Spying a bracelet identical to hers, she bought the trinket for Lilien. When Lilien queried if it was for her, Lukana expressed that it suited her and put it on her friend's wrist. After Lilien noted she wore the same bracelet, the tailor explained that now they matched, grasping Lilien's hand to put the trinkets beside one another.[5]

Meeting the DukeEdit

"My name is Lukana Octo, great Duke."
"Lukana, is it? A very beautiful name. I am Sateriasis Venomania... Ah, you should already know that."
―Lukana and the Duke[src]

Lukana works as a tailor

In late EC 135, Lukana's uncle ordered a large shipment of Lukana's clothes to be sent to his shop for the New Year Festival. Given the amount, Lukana traveled to Lasaland and delivered the clothes personally. Due to the rare opportunity presented to her, the tailor decided to stay in the town for a few days to enjoy the festival. While there, she heard the rumors that Sateriasis, the new duke, had gone mad since his family and staff were slaughtered.

One evening, while viewing the event from the shop's window, she saw Duke Sateriasis collapse in the street. Lukana swiftly ran through the festival crowd surrounding him and asked if he was okay while turning him around. A few men reacted and she told them to carry him to the tailor shop.

After he was laid in bed, Lukana prepared some food and then watched over the unconscious Duke. As she began to pity the poor shape his high quality clothes were in, the Duke awoke and she asked how he was feeling. When he asked if "Duke Venomania" was referring to him, she reiterated who he was and explained what had happened to him.

Asking again how he felt, his stomach growled and she took the ready-made food from the kitchen back to him. She apologized for giving him "commoner" food but Venomania replied it was delicious and asked for more. After giving him his second serving, she meekly inquired why he was so hungry and in tattered clothes on the street. When he noted how strange the sight must've been, she explained that she wasn't from the capital.

Once the Duke complimented her tailoring skills, she thanked him and asked about the rumors she had heard. The Duke brought up the "incident" with his family and expressed his guilt over worrying the citizens. Lukana immediately apologized, tears in her eyes, and noted how his survival was very fortunate. Finally introducing herself at Venomania's query, he did the same in kind and encouraged her to not treat him so formally, explaining how the title was only forced upon him for political reasons. Despite his coaxing, she refused on principle.

Lukana's uncle then walked in and, after conversing with the Duke, asked if she would escort Venomania back to his estate and she nodded. When her uncle gave Sateriasis one of her tailored outfits, the Duke noted that she was indeed a talented tailor and Lukana flushed at his gaze. Leaving the room to let him change, Lukana asked about the rumors surrounding Venomania and he elaborated how they were baseless and that it was only reported he seemingly lost some memories due to the traumatic massacre, although the source for that rumor was largely reliable.

At that moment, the Duke came out and Lukana was awed by his handsome, noble appearance before escorting him back to his mansion. Once they arrived, Lukana stared in amazement at the manor when she felt someone's breath on her; turning to see Sateriasis, she gasped. The Duke apologized for scaring her and Lukana brushed off his seemingly terrifying expression as her imagination, asking if he living there alone without servants.

The Duke explained his situation and, at his urging, Lukana sat down with him before asking why, Venomania replying that it was because of his memory loss. When asked if she found him strange, Lukana failed to answer and instead asked why he was traversing the city streets. When Sateriasis explained he had run out of food and was looking for two people, Lukana immediately asked if they were his lovers but then covered her mouth with shock at her words. The Duke described their traits and Lukana, although admitting she was unable to profile them, stated they were likely a Netsuma and an Elphe.

Mentioning that the Duke's mother was also an Elphe, she noted how her brother, Marquis Glassred, was handling Asmodean's affairs. Sateriasis expressed his admiration for her knowing and Lukana, hiding her slight insult, questioned why he didn't ask the Marquis about the Elphe he was searching for. The Duke elaborated how he and the Marquis got into a fight over him living alone and hadn't seen each other since and Lukana recounted her father's words that his health wasn't just his.

After apologizing for her nosy behavior, Venomania lit the fireplace and disregarded the need since he bought new clothes. Lukana interjected, saying he should have someone tailor new outfits since he couldn't regularly wear his current clothes. Grabbing her hands, the Duke offered her the job and she blushed, giving excuses before finally accepting his request.[6]


"We... It's best if Lord Venomania and I don't see each other again."
―Lukana rejecting the Duke[src]

Setting up a workshop in the mansion, Lukana was amazed by the high quality fabrics and tools the Duke purchased for her and began working late into the night. Over the course of two weeks, the tailor began to do all the chores around the mansion as well. After she finished her work for the night, Lukana fell asleep at her work table and dreamed of the Duke as a monster, seducing and defiling her and other women. Waking from her nightmare, she saw Venomania watching her and screamed and scrambled away from him, demanding he didn't go near her.

She collapsed before regaining her composure and stood up again, apologizing. When Sateriasis asked if he did something wrong, she said it was just a nightmare and apologized again. Packing up her things, she stated she was leaving for her uncle's home, having finished sewing for the day. While leaving the estate, Lukana turned around and called out to Venomania, saying she'd finish her work in five days and hoped he looked forward to it.

Hastily working late into the night, Lukana finished tailor the clothes by dawn five days later and packed her luggage, worried Venomania sold his soul to something awful. Giving him the new tuxedo to try on, the tailor detailed how she based on the design on his usual clothes and admired the western style. When the Duke noted how Beelzenian nobility as a whole preferred western fashion, unlike Asmodean, Lukana pointed out that his mansion was also western styled but noted she heard a rumor of tuxedos actually being from the East.

Once the Duke expressed his liking for the clothes, Lukana thanked him and took a step back to observe her handiwork, content. Venomania then offered to celebrate her job's completion with a meal but she declined, revealing her intentions to leave immediately. When the Duke reminded her that he hadn't fully paid for the clothes yet, Lukana explained she was past her original schedule and that he just needed to pass the money onto her uncle for her.

Seeing Sateriasis' lonely expression, Lukana returned a strained smile and insisted he hire more servants to handle the chores. Saying it'd be a problem finding someone who could make delicious ketchup bread like her, Lukana remarked about his love for the snack and told him to try the ketchup she left in the kitchen cabinet later. When the Duke said he'd send her off to the city gates, Lukana raised her arms in protest, insisting that she shouldn't trouble him.

The Duke then told her to at least let him escort her there to show his gratitude and the tailor weakly accepted and thanked him for the gesture. Stiff, the uncomfortable Lukana quickly followed behind Venomania until they reached the city border. After a simple farewell, Lukana turned to leave but was grabbed by the Duke, asking why she was so eager to leave him. Kindly rejecting him, the tailor brushed off his arm and said it was best that they didn't see each other again before departing for Mystica.

On her way back, Lukana passed through a forest to the next village when Sateriasis descended upon her with a pair of wings. Terrified, Lukana screamed and the Duke apologized, grabbing her hand and saying they should get married. Expressing her distaste for his appearance and words, she flung his wrist away. The Duke admitted he shouldn't look so disheveled in front of a lady and Lukana noted she was talking about his wings, realizing he indeed sold his soul to some monster.

Begging him to return, she promised to act like she saw nothing but the Duke cut her off, saying he refused and wouldn't let her go. Lukana interjected that her heart would never be his again. Sateriasis then repeated his position, clarifying he would even use violence, and further transformed into something monstrous. Horrified, Lukana dropped to the ground, shivering, as everything in her "purple dream" was coming true. Questioning if she was afraid of his current form, the Duke laughed and Lukana stated it wasn't that, remarking how things could've been different if they met under normal circumstances.

Venomania then raised her chin, telling the crying tailor to look into his eyes. Enchanted by his gaze, Lukana said he would marry many women for his and perhaps the womens' pleasure, even if there was only one woman in his eyes. As the Duke intensified his gaze, Lukana widened her eyes and attempted to resist, saying what awaited him would only be destruction. Finally giving in, she said he couldn't let his true love slip by if he were to prevent that and blacked out in Sateriasis' arms.

After he suggested they return to the mansion, the Duke kissed her and she awoke, agreeing with him. Wrapping her arms around the Duke, they kissed one another continuously until the sound of glass breaking was heard. Waiting at a distance while the Duke dealt with a bystander, Lukana was hugged by Venomania after I.R. arrived and the green-haired girl escaped, saying they should return home. With a wide smile, Lukana complied and they returned to the mansion.[7]

New Life UndergroundEdit

"Mhhhhhh. As I thought, I'm still a little tired."
"It's because you stayed up all night... You seemed to have a lot of fun last night. Or should I say, "last night as well?"
"Lukana as well. She should be sleeping soundly in bed at the mansion by now. Especially since yesterday was particularly intense."
―Sateriasis and I.R.[src]

As the first woman to join his harem, Lukana lived with him in the mansion, moving into one of the rooms in the basement; ordered never to leave the basement to keep Venomania's harem a secret, Lukana complied.[8] During the following week, she and Sateriasis had intense intercourse every night and the tailor slept through each morning; after one of their sexual encounters, Lukana heard the duke mention he still couldn't find his own diary to help him remember his past. During the period, she continued cleaning the basement and making their meals in the basement kitchen.[9]

That early February, Lukana was ordered by I.R. to protect her "body" with her life while the red cat mage went on a trip with the Duke to the village of Abito; readily accepting the task, Lukana took care of the Netsuma body until Venomania returned. Once I.R. brought Mikulia Greeonio to the mansion as another member of the duke's harem that night, the red cat mage retrieved her body from Lukana. Later that night, the tailor joined the other ladies in the basement to watch Sateriasis attempt a magic ritual to wipe the memories of all the witnesses to ever meeting the two women.

After the duke began the ritual and recited the ceremonial words, Lukana fluently repeated them as the sword he held lit up and dispersed outside the mansion. Following the ritual's completion, Sateriasis collapsed in a nearby chair, prompting Lukana to ask if he was alright while quickly pouring him some water from a nearby jar. Giving him the cup of water, Sateriasis answered he was a just a little tired before confirming for I.R. that he successfully erased everyone's memories of him ever encountering the three of them. Afterward, Lukana watched as her lord staggered off into the hall with Mikulia to make love with the girl.

Venomania EventEdit

"Oh, Lord Venomania. Is there... someone new with you?"
―Lukana regarding the growing harem[src]
Chara img4
After Mikulia moved into the basement with her, the two began cleaning up the dreary place over time, adding a few decorations; as Mikulia continued referring to Venomania as her "prince," the tailor continuously corrected her to refer to him formally by name and the peasant girl abided. Later on, Sateriasis requested Lukana make her and Mikulia more sexually pleasing outfits to wear for him. Taking his instructions to heart, the tailor worked on designing and making the new harem clothes to fit her beloved duke's tastes.

After the revealing grey dresses were finished around March, she gave the dress to the overjoyed Mikulia and they both began wearing them. Around that time, she found a key to the caged room in the basement's innermost chamber. Unlocking the cage, she began cleaning the area when she discovered several books there. After briefly checking their contents, she deduced they were diary volumes and, recalling Venomania's earlier plight finding his diary, decided to carry them around to give her beloved later. Later that day, Lukana dressed in an apron and began cooking their next meal in the underground kitchen, putting the books on the nearby table.

When Sateriasis entered the room, Lukana was surprised to see a new woman with her and immediately took a break. Politely greeted by the two, she was introduced to the new harem member, Lolan Eve. After noting she was still busy, the tailor chuckled before remembering the books and handing them off to the duke, explaining where she found the old tomes. He then thanked her and exchanged a few words with the woman before leaving with Lolan.[10] As women continued to join Venomania's harem, Lukana tailored new provocative outfits for each of them to wear for their beloved.[11]

When Mirigan Adi joined afterwards, Lukana learned the fortune teller had apparently been Elluka Clockworker's apprentice. After Gumina Glassred and Carol Shields later joined in March, Lukana noticed Gumina and Mikulia's antagonistic behavior toward each other as the Duke spent more time with the aristocrat and failed to convince them to reconcile their differences; she also noticed Duke Venomania going out more, hearing he was governing the province in place of Marquis Glassred. At some point, the tailor gave Sateriasis her bracelet to show her dedication to him, delighted to see him always wearing it thereafter.

A few days after Gumina joined the harem, Lukana dreamed of Sateriasis being stabbed in the chest with a knife by an ambiguously male killer. The concerned concubine went to Mirigan for advice about her prophetic dream. Learning the woman was actually a mere con artist and not a true diviner, the tailor gave up. Later, Lukana thought about the nature of her dream and it ending their lives with Sateriasis, realizing she had to somehow stop it from the mansion without going against the Duke. Thinking after about Gumina and Mikulia's relationship, Lukana determined Venomania would be glad if they all got along and decided to speak with the two again.

She then went to Gumina's room and, hearing the sound of a violin playing, sternly knocked. Once given permission, Lukana entered and apologized for disturbing her. The tailor then applauded her skill, admitting she envied not being able to do it herself. Asserting she was definitely a noblewoman, Lukana inquired about what else she practiced and Gumina replied that she did paint, directing her to the portrait of Cherubim hanging on the wall; she then learned the aristocrat acquired the portrait from the upper floors of the mansion.


The harem watches the painting burn

Later that day, Sateriasis entrusted  the tailor with giving the newest harem member, Hakua Netsuma, a tour of the basement while he spoke with I.R. Complying, Lukana guided her through the underground before asking which room she'd like to move into. Wishing to live as close to "Haru" as possible, Lukana learned she referred to I.R. and directed her to the room right next door. She then knocked on the mage's door before entering and reporting her success to Venomania.

Once she confirmed Hakua's new room, she watched I.R. argue the decision with Sateriasis before leaving. Concerned about Gumina apparently having left the basement, Lukana hesitantly reported what she learned to Venomania before following him to interrogate Gumina about the matter. As Sateriasis proceeded to burn the portrait in the basement's fireplace, Lukana silently watched along with Gumina and her co-conspirator, Carol Shields. [12]

Journey to MysticaEdit

"You're going somewhere?"
"Yes, I'll be gone for a while. In the meantime, I leave the mansion to you, Lukana."
"My pleasure."
―Sateriasis and Lukana[src]

The harem watches Venomania depart

In April of EC 136, Lukana stood beside Sateriasis' throne while he attended to them when I.R. arrived. Overhearing that he was leaving with the mage, she asked where he was going. After telling her he would only be gone for a while, the duke entrusted Lukana with the mansion in his absence and the tailor gladly accepted the task. She then watched as I.R. left her human body with Mikulia before departing for Mystica with the Duke.

Sometime later, Lukana noticed a peculiar sound. When Gumina asked what was wrong, the tailor related she thought she heard rain and the aristocrat revealed Lasaland was a rainy place. Hearing her remark that she hated that fact, Lukana responded that it was no longer important since Venomania had willed they live there. After then hearing the noblewoman worry about "Sati", Lukana expressed her envy that Gumina could call the Duke by that nickname. She then assured her that, unlike Lasaland, Mystica was always sunny.[13]


Lukana lecturing Mikulia

Later that day, she found Mikulia dressing up I.R.'s vacant body. Telling the peasant that the mage would be mad when she saw what Mikulia did to it, Mikulia asked why and Lukana explained that the body wasn't a doll. After listening to Mikulia explain it was because she could never buy a doll before and was happy with her new life there, Lukana grabbed her by the shoulders from behind as she began to paint the body's lips.

The tailor then insisted she stop scribbling. When Mikulia qualified she was actually doing makeup, Lukana coldly reminded her that the mage would turn her to ashes. Noticing the pendant she wore, the tailor inquired if it was emerald and Mikulia admitted it was and that the Duke had given it to her for coming back. Realizing she was jealous of her too for being favored by Venomania, Lukana casually asked if the girl liked him and the peasant exclaimed that she loved him; when the girl leapt at her while exclaiming she liked her too, the amused tailor chuckled and expressed her gratitude.


Lukana comforts Mikulia

Once she heard the girl suddenly calm down and quietly admit she didn't really like Gumina, Lukana silently watched the girl mope before finally relating her belief they should all get along, noting it would make Sateriasis happy. Hearing Mikulia's uncertainty, the pink-haired concubine said that she was sure Mikulia and Gumina could become friends despite their different upbringings; relating that polarized personalities had greater capacity to understand one another, Lukana recalled Lilien.[14]

Harem LostEdit

After Venomania and I.R. returned from their journey, Lukana continued to please the Duke's whims. Seeing Lilien arrive to join Venomania's harem, Lukana watched as she danced with him, smiling.[15] Due to the Duke having knowledge of her Purple Dream ability, she was asked to keep an eye on I.R. with her unique power. Lukana continued to manage the relationships between the other women when she discovered the corpse of Lolan Eve while bringing her lamb porridge for breakfast. Venomania's apparent apathy over her death as well as her prior reunion with Lilien caused her brainwashing to gradually weaken.

Around this time, Lukana became pregnant with the Duke's child.[16] I.R. later took Lukana's body as a medium and broke into the mansion's storage when she attempted to leave. After being confronted by Saterasis, the sorceress relinquished possession of the tailor's body and departed.[17] When the disguised Karchess Crim successfully stabbed the Duke in EC 137, Lukana broke free of his spell and began to flee the mansion with the others.[18]

Later LifeEdit

Soon after, she and Lilien reunited with Rajih. Realizing she was pregnant with Duke Venomania's child, Lukana gave birth to a baby girl and the three decided to start a new life; traveling to the East, Lukana and her friends eventually settled there. She later encountered I.R. and continuously fled to escape her.

In EC 138, Lukana met with Elluka Clockworker while the mage was investigating the Venomania Event; the tailor then detailed what she knew about the incident and her current plight with I.R.. Elluka then offered to swap their bodies, depriving I.R. of what she wanted. Lukana accepted the deal and let the mage perform the swap. With her new body, the woman reconnected with her confused daughter and continued to raise the baby.[19]


Following her death, Lukana was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 998, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[20] Afterward, the girl returned to Duke Venomania's mansion in Lasaland and agreed to rejoin Sateriasis' harem along with Mikulia, Gumina, and Maylis.

While attending to Venomania at his throne, Lukana seated beside him on the arm of the chair, the group noticed Allen Avadonia walk in on them and the harem girl watched curiously as he and the duke conversed. When Allen then began conversing with Maylis, Lukana poured tea for Sateriasis.[21] Some time after Allen left, the Master of the Hellish Yard visited and took Venomania back to the bowels of the Hellish Yard.[22]


Lukana and the Duke's resulting bloodline lasted for centuries, surviving into the late EC 900s with Nyoze and Gammon Octo. Gammon desired to rid himself of the "curse" inherited from Venomania and Lukana's intercourse.[23] After regaining some of her memories of her previous lives, Margarita Blankenheim recognized Elluka as having previously been Lukana.[24]

Ma shared Lukana's history with Duke Venomania and Elluka Clockworker to her descendant, Kayo Sudou, musing the Sudous becoming tailors may have been the fate of her bloodline.[25] The playwright Ma later recounted Lukana's interactions with Elluka to a captured visitor to Evil's Theater, saying that Elluka had forcibly swapped bodies with her after she became devastated for losing her virginity to the Duke.[26]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Say Mikulia, I think it would be better if everyone got along. Lord Venomania would also like that."

Lukana was a responsible, reliable, and kind woman. Concerned about the well-being of others, the tailor tried being friendly with everyone,[27] even when scared or frightened by them, and was always open to listening to others' plights and helping them. In a similar vein, she reacted immediately upon seeing trouble and was quick to act as a mediator in any dispute. Lukana was very respectful as well, believing there to be a line between aristocrats and commoners and addressing them in a strictly formal manner.

Because of this, she was even willing to do all of the Duke's chores and tailor him a nicer set of clothes to better suit his noble position. Upon actually meeting Sateriasis, Lukana had become infatuated with his prettyboy appearance and was easily embarrassed by his praise. Over time, the tailor also began to refer to the Duke more affectionately, albeit still with respect. However, after foreseeing the depravities he would do to her, she began distancing herself from the Duke and attempted to leave him as quickly as possible.[28]

However, while brainwashed by Venomania, Lukana was completely enamored with him and was dedicated to pleasing his every whim,[29]even questioning her earlier horror towards his foreseen depravities. As a result, Lukana never questioned the Duke's will and was incapable of actually outright defying him, despite the various inconveniences her new life in his basement brought on. Therefore, she faced difficulty in rectifying her new feelings with her fears of the Duke's impending demise, hoping to find a solution herself without confronting him about it directly.[30]

Regardless of her brainwashing, Lukana cared deeply for her family and friends. Despite seeing them less and less as she grew older, Lukana still cherished Rajih and Lilien,[31] despite their various differences in background and character. Because of her relationship with the more masculine Lilien, Lukana was convinced that people with the opposite personalities could become the closest of friends. However, her brainwashing did affect her values in them, giving the cherished bracelet she kept for Lilien to Venomania as a means to prove her determination to abandon her old life to live solely with him.[32]

Believing it was what Sateriasis desired, Lukana actively worked towards improving relations between the other concubines.[33] Still, she was admittedly jealous of his more intimate lovers, though never mistreating them because of it.[34] Although on friendly terms with the harem girls, the tailor wasn't afraid to use threats to coerce them into behaving but otherwise simply observed their actions.[35] With the death of Lolan Eve, Lukana grew more concerned of the other women's safety, helping widen the divide between her and Venomania. Although horrified of what Sateriasis did to her, Lukana still cared for the child she sired with him.[36]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"Oh, then this clothing's imported from the island nation of Marlon?"
"No, this was made when Lukana tried to imitate Marlon-styled clothing. Even though the material is slightly worse off than the one that you, great Duke, are wearing..."
"I see. My intuition is indeed correct... Lukana, you're a talented tailor."
―Sateriasis and Lukana's uncle[src]

Having descended from a Leviantan mage of the Loop Octopus Clan, Lukana possessed great magical talent, though lacking any training to conjure spells. Similarly, her lineage gave her an innate elegance and charm that attracted others. She also inherited the clan's Prophetic Dream ability, allowing her to receive premonitions of future events through her dreams, though lacking solid control over the ability.[37] After swapping bodies with Elluka Clockworker, she lost her unique powers.[38]

Working at her family's tailor shop, Lukana learned how to become a skilled dressmaker and eventually began managing the store. Skilled with sewing, the tailor was able to make seemingly aristocratic designs with rather simple fabric, making her clothes extremely popular. She was also knowledgeable of fashion trends from various nations outside Asmodean. The tailor was an excellent cook as well and could prepare a variety of delicious meals.[39] She was also a capable mediator, managing the relationships between the various women in Venomania's ever-growing harem.[40]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Sateriasis Venomania: Lukana's abductor. Lukana pitied Sateriasis for the loss of his family, helping him as a seamstress and developing a crush on the duke over time. After foreseeing his defiling of her, she feared this possibility and attempted to leave, only to fall in love with Sateriasis under the power of Lust. This spell began to fade in part, however, by observing his callous attitude towards Lolan's death, and she was later horrified by her loss of innocence at his hands.

Lilien Turner: A friend of Lukana. Lukana valued their friendship highly despite the many differences between them; this friendship inspired her to believe people as different as Gumina and Mikulia could get along in Venomania's harem. Reuniting with Lilien in part helped her to overcome her brainwashing at the duke's hands, and she later traveled with her and Rajih after being freed.

Rajih: A friend of Lukana. She valued his friendship highly and played with him often as a child, although unable to be with him as often in adulthood. After being freed from Venomania's harem, she joined Rajih and Lilien to travel the world.

Mikulia Greeonio: A fellow member of Venomania's harem. Lukana acted like a voice of reason for her as temporary master of the house, getting her to stop painting Haru's body and attempting to help her get along with Gumina. She appreciated Mikulia's friendship, though expressed mild jealousy that she was one of the duke's "favorites".

Gumina Glassred: A fellow member of Venomania's harem. Lukana was mildly jealous that Gumina was able to call Sateriasis by the nickname "Sati" but bore her no ill will, wishing to get along with her for the sake of the duke.

Elluka Clockworker: A sorceress Lukana met. Lukana ran into Elluka after the Venomania Event, when the girl was horrified over her loss of innocence, and Elluka swapped bodies with her. The sorceress would later swap Lukana's body with that of Kayo Sudou.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Lukana's surname is derived from the Greek and Roman prefix octo, meaning eight; it is likely a reference to Tako Luka and Lukana's representative Vocaloid.
  • Lukana's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Luka, with both names sharing the first four letters.


  • Lukana's occupation as a tailor is likely a reference to Kayo Sudou, a tailor who would eventually swap into her body.
  • Lukana's daughter is one of the three offspring of Venomania to carry the potential to develop Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome and pass it onto future generations.[41]
  • A Freezis Fairy Tale inspired by Duke Venomania is titled "The Duke and the Four Women", likely a reference to Lukana, Mikulia, Gumina, and Maylis' prominent appearance with Sateriasis in various media.




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