This is a list of minor characters that have appeared or are mentioned in passing in the Clockwork Lullaby Series, including in its songs or other related media.

Blue ShacklesEdit

A pair of shackles that bound both of the Unknown Len Character's legs while he was trapped within the Clockwork, representing the color of someone's tears.[1] As the spring began to rotate, the blue shackles disappeared from the boy's body and told him that today was his new birthday. They are portrayed by the Vocaloid KAITO.[2]

Greedy-hearted PersonEdit

An unidentified character that bears a sin of desire. A mysterious girl sung a lullaby to the person, however she expressed uncertainty of it ever being able to heal their heart, feeling as if they were still caught up in a dream.[3]

Red HandcuffsEdit

A pair of handcuffs that bound both of the Unknown Len Character's arms while he was trapped within the Clockwork, representing the color of someone's blood.[4] As the Clockwork began to rotate and light up, the red handcuffs disappeared from the boy's body and whispered that he shall be reborn soon. They are portrayed by the Vocaloid MEIKO.[5]

Unknown Miku CharacterEdit

An unidentified character that spoke to the Unknown Len Character from beyond the spring. While he was trapped within there, her eerie voice called out to him and told the "sinful boy" that he was destined to be confined within that room for all of eternity. She is portrayed by the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku.[6]

Unknown Len CharacterEdit

An unnamed boy trapped in a black box. At some point, he awoke in red handcuffs and blue shackles in a black box. Alone and unable to see or hear anything, he shivered in the darkness. From an enormous spring above his head,[7] an eerie voice told the "sinful boy" he would be trapped there for all eternity and never leave his room.[8]

At that moment, he remembered all his sins he had committed in life and realized why it had all ended, recalling how he couldn't go back to that time anymore. Seeing the chains that bound him, he concluded they represented the blood and tears shed by someone,[9] wondering who was singing the mysterious lullaby he heard in his prison.[10]

An unknown amount of time passed before he asked the spring how long it had been while hearing that singing voice.[11] Learning of the healing nature of the song and eventually realizing its meaning and purpose, the boy added his own words to the mysterious lullaby.[12] One day, the spring opened for the first time and a small light fell from it. Certain it was a message from a certain person, he then heard a voice from the spring saying that his sins would never be forgiven.[13]

But after transmuting the words "water" and "evil" into a song,[14] the red handcuffs came off and told him he would be reborn. The blue shackles came off afterward and said it was his new birthday today. The room around him brightened and began turning white and he prepared to see that person again.[15] He is represented by the Vocaloid Kagamine Len.

Unknown Rin CharacterEdit

An unidentified character that yearns to be reunited with the person who had taught her words, taking an interest and desire upon learning new words because of it. At some point, she began to learn new words such as father, mother,[16] friend, dream,[17] and finally learned about the word love with an oblivious and naive nature.[18] As she learned these words, she believed she understood the entire shape of the world but still couldn't put her own feelings into words.[19]

She then began to learn more words such as lie, pain,[20] crime, punishment,[21] and finally learned about the word evil.[22] Becoming aware of the darkness in the world, the girl wondered about what words she would use when she was cast aside,[23] wanting to never know the answer to that question.[24] She then decided that she'd continue to do her best to keep "playing with words".[25]

On the night of a crescent moon,[26] she attempted to create the person who created her,[27] never forgetting the words they had taught her as her lab coat becomes even more red,[28] while she continues to destroy something over and over again to revive them.[29] She proceeded to take the words she has learned and turn them into a song, wanting to teach her song to the person who taught her words.[30]

Later, the girl sung her resounding lullaby to a person with desire, though uncertain about it healing their heart.[31] Despite her fascination with learning the words and opportunity to gain more knowledge,[32] she appeared to hold a skeptical attitude towards humans. She believed that humans are just creatures that would never be satisfied, not understanding what they need or what they hope to obtain and believed that if they feel tired that they should simply go to sleep. She is represented by the Vocaloid Kagamine Rin.[33]

Unknown Visitor 1Edit

An unidentified treasure hunter that stumbled upon Evil's Theater. Hoping to get rich quick, the person went after Gallerian Marlon's fabled treasure said to be hidden in Evil's Theater. While traversing Evil's Forest, they came across a woman and she greeted the treasure hunter, introducing herself as formerly Ma and currently the Gardener. The woman then explained the rules of the forest, warning them to flee at the sight of two shady twins and a woman with a nasty appetite.

Ma then told the intruder to not bother remembering her rules, as they would change the next day. Remembering another one, Ma told the them not to trust what people said in the forest. Soon after, the treasure hunter stumbled upon Evil's Theater and its ominous graveyard. They were then captured and killed by the "Servants" Arte and Pollo and devoured by the Master of the Graveyard.[34]

Unknown Visitor 2Edit

An unidentified treasure hunter that stumbled upon Evil's Theater. Despite warnings of inevitable death to those who entered Evils Forest, they entered in search of Gallerian Marlon's fortune in the theater. After passing through the graveyard, the intruder was captured and awaited a "trial" by the Master of the Court. Ma accompanied them and began showing fifteen films before the intruder was put on trial and quickly sentenced to death.[35]


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