This is a list of minor characters that have appeared or are mentioned in passing in The Tailor of Enbizaka, including its song or other related media.

Gato OctoEdit

Gato Octo was the fourteenth head of the Octo family living in Jakoku and the magistrate of the Izasa region. Born sometime during the later 8th century EC, Gato eventually became the head of the family and sired a daughter, naming her Kagura.[1] At some point, he sired and raised three more children.[2] Sometime during the EC 800s, Kagura eloped with her lover Nagare, causing Gato to disown her as a daughter.

Following the great fire that struck Enbizaka in EC 838, Gato concluded that the arson that caused the large fire was from within their own domain. He later sent out a search for the fire's perpetrator but failed to find any suspect. Later that year, he took Kagura's daughter Kayo into his custody, fearing rumors circulating that she was insane would affect their family. Sometime after, he ordered his grandson Anan to locate their family's heirloom, the Twin Blades of Levianta.

In early EC 842, Gato learned the Freezis Foundation had finished rebuilding Kayo's tailor shop and that the young woman had made a full physical recovery. He then told Anan to assist the foundation at its trading house in Enbizaka and to have Kayo return home immediately.[3] After two victims cropped up in a recent murder case in Enbizaka throughout the year, Gato ordered his police forces to thoroughly investigate the matter, hoping to solve the crime before public support dropped too dramatically.[4] Later that year, Gato tried Kayo for her murder of the Miroku family, finding her guilty of her crimes.[5] He is possibly represented by the Vocaloid Camui Gackpo.

Gaou OctoEdit

Gaou Octo was the magistrate of Izasa and the head of the Octo family.[6] Born in Evillious sometime during the 6th century EC, Gaou eventually immigrated to Jakoku and became a wandering swordsman.[7] At some point, he became acquainted with the blacksmith Chartette Langley and learned about the Twin Blades of Levianta.[8] Gaou later participated in the Jakoku Civil War, fighting for the Tokugawa faction and using the swords Chartette smithed for him. In EC 549, he met up with Chartette at the bridge leading to Enbizaka and was given the reforged blades inside a bag. After looking inside and confirming its contents, he nodded and left.[9]

At some point during the war, Gaou stood in the center of the battlefield while cutting down a multitude of soldiers for his faction.[10] At some point, he learned of Chartette's death and grieved his comrade. Later on, Gaou opposed Jahime Hatsune, eventually defeating the princess at the Battle of Jagahara while shedding tears for Chartette.[11] Eventually, Gaou witnessed the civil war's end and the Tokugawas being crowned in front of the people.[12]

Following the civil war, the man was promoted to magistrate and began presiding over the Izasa territory. Later on, the shogunate had Gaou take in any foreigners inside Jakoku, settling them in Onigashima. Sometime after, he sealed the Twin Blades in a cave in Izasa, keeping it a secret from Elluka.[13] He is represented by the Vocaloid Camui Gackpo.


Giyara was a traveling monk living in Jakoku. Sometime during the 9th century EC, he found a burned man collapsed in the mountain north of Enbizaka. Learning the man couldn't recall anything about his past before collapsing, the monk aided "Gakusha". Once he resumed his travels, Gakusha joined him in the hopes of becoming a monk himself.

Jahime HatsuneEdit

Jahime Hatsune was a princess of Jakoku during the EC 540s and the daughter of Nobunaga. Born a member of the noble Hatsune family sometime during the 6th century EC, Jahime grew up to be a selfish princess, spending money on herself. After her father's death at the hands of his rebelling subordinates, Jahime decided she wanted all of Jakoku, allying herself with the mage Julia IR and her mage order. Conquering the other states of Jakoku, the princess worked to expand her influence, determined to achieve her father's dream of uniting the nation.

Jahime's faction was later opposed by Gaou Octo and his companions, the mages Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia and the elderly blacksmith Chartette Langley. Eventually defeated by Gaou at the Battle of Jagahara, Jahime managed to survive the conflict and witnessed the Tokugawa family's coronation as the new rulers of Jakoku. Embittered, the princess hunted down Julia IR and drove her out of the country. Later on, a Freezis Fairy Tale was written about her.[14] She is possibly represented by the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku.


An old woman living in Momogengou and the wife of Kurookina. One day, her husband brought home part of an ebony tree glowing with a faint light. Upon seeing what Kurookina had brought with him, she exclaimed how rare it was. When her husband responded that the trunk could be worth a lot of money, she told the old man that he was always like that.

Listing several consequences taking the trunk could have, she told him to bring it back where he found it and picked up the trunk. The trunk then broke open, revealing a crying baby inside. When her terrified husband asked to throw out the baby, she dismissed him, telling him that he was always like this, always wanting to get rid of anything unexpected, and commented how pretty the baby was with his golden hair. Having decided to raise the baby, the couple named the baby "Kokutan-douji" because he came out of an ebony tree and raised him as their own.


An old man living in Momogengou and the husband of Kinouna. One day while walking up the mountains he discovered an ebony tree faintly glowing on part of its trunk. Figuring that there might be something valuable inside the trunk, the old man cut out that part of the tree to take home. When he showed it to his wife, she exclaimed how rare it was. Agreeing with her statement, he said that what was in the trunk might be worth money.

Kinouna told him that he was always like that, listing possible consequences for taking the trunk home. When she picked up the trunk, it broke open to reveal the crying baby that was inside of it. Shocked and scared by the baby that was inside the ebony tree, he told his wife it throw it out. Kinouna dismissed him, saying that whenever something unexpected happens he would want to get away from it, and pointed out how pretty the baby's golden hair made him. Because he loved golden things or anything worth money, the couple named the baby "Kokutan-douji" because he came out of an ebony tree and raised him as their own.

Miroku (mother)Edit

A Jakokuese woman and the mother of Kai. Born sometime during the 9th century EC, she was eventually raped by a Marlon man and became pregnant. Giving birth to a boy, she named him Kai and raised him for ten years before eventually committing suicide. Her death later drove her son to join the anti-foreigner Crimson Robed Masses.

Nagare SudouEdit

Nagare Sudou was a tailor living in Jakoku and the father of Kayo. Born during the turn of the 9th century EC, Nagare eventually became a tailor. At some point, he entered a relationship with Kagura Octo.[15] Eventually, the two eloped, with Nagare starting a tailor shop in Enbizaka as a source of livelihood. He later married Kagura and sired a daughter with her, naming her Kayo.[16] Sometime after, he died due to endemic disease.

Nobunaga HatsuneEdit

Nobunaga Hatsune was a daimyou of Jakoku during the EC 540s and the head of the Hatsune family. At some point, he sired a child, naming her Jahime. He later told her of his ambitions of uniting the country. During Jakoku's civil war, Nobunaga eventually became the most powerful daimyou in the country. Later on, he was killed in a rebellion by his subordinates.

Ren SudouEdit

Ren Sudou was the son of Gakuga and Kayo Sudou. Born in EC 838, the child was raised by the tailor and her husband in Enbizaka, Jakoku. When a great fire broke out later that year, Kayo took the child in her arms as they attempted to flee. After a burning house fell on Kayo, she lost track of the baby. Sometime after, Ren died in the fire. He possessed blond hair.[17] He is possibly represented by the Vocaloid Kagamine Len.

Unknown DoctorEdit

The local doctor of Enbizaka and the father of Mei. Becoming a doctor, he eventually established a clinic in Enbizaka. He later married a Lucifenian woman and sired a daughter with her, naming her Mei. Raising the girl, the man mentored her until she became knowledgeable in medicine. At some point, his wife passed away. Surviving the great fire that struck Enbizaka in EC 838, he eventually began treating the fire's survivors at his clinic with the help of his daughter.

Four years later, he received a house call from the Octo family and visited their residence. Commenting on how good Kayo Sudou's recovery was and how he didn't expect her to recover that much. Explaining how she had a fantastic healing ability, he then explained how it was thanks to Bufuko's dedication, asking her if she obtained her medical knowledge from somewhere. Hearing her reply that she grew up in a family of doctors and that it had been an influence, the doctor remarked that she was like Mei and asked if her father was a foreigner.

Told her father was Lucifenian, the doctor explained how his late wife had been from the country. He then explained how Evillious was more medically advanced than Jakoku, and that he wanted an opportunity to learn that knowledge. Bufuko replied that trade with foreign nations wasn't allowed anywhere but Onigashima. The doctor continued that their opportunity to obtain foreign medical knowledge was small compared to the servant, Bufuko cut him off, shaking her hands.

Hearing the maid remark that it would almost be dinnertime and that she hadn't made preparations for Kayo, the doctor explained that he would be leaving soon. Offered a meal by Bufuko, the man turned it down, stating that he should go and that it would be too late in the day by the time he arrived at Onigashima. Offered a rice ball, the doctor eventually accepted the offer. Witnessing her leave the room, the doctor eventually faced Kayo and remarked on her tremendous resilience.

Hearing the tailor address him, the man was asked when her burns would heal. He then explained how her burns had healed, and that few scars remained. Kayo then responded that there was no way, and that her face was still ugly. In reply, the doctor asked her to see for herself, taking out a hand mirror and putting it close to Kayo's face. Hearing her scream and exclaim that she was ugly, the doctor urged her to calm down. He then remarked that her mind seemed to be unhealed. Later given a rice ball by Bufuko, the man thanked her before taking the parcel and excused himself, leaving the room. Later that year, he diagnosed Mei with a cold after she fell sick, reporting to Kai his findings.


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