Lilien Turner
Technical Information
Japanese リリエン゠ターナ
Romaji Ririen Taana


Biographical Information
Born EC 112
Classification Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Beelzenian Empire
"As soon as those two go, I'll close up. I'll go spend some time with the guys."
―Lilien Turner[src]

Lilien Turner was a baker from Mystica, Asmodean in the Beelzenian Empire and one of Duke Sateriasis Venomania's many victims. Several months after her childhood friend Lukana's disappearance, Lilien met and became enamored with Duke Sateriasis Venomania. Despite her friend Rajih's warnings, she pursued a romance, becoming enchanted by the Duke and joining Lukana in his harem.


Early LifeEdit


Lukana buying Lilien a bracelet at a street vendor in Mystica

Born in Mystica, Lilien lived as the daughter of a baker. When young, she met Rajih and Lukana Octo, becoming their friend and playmate. Due to the lack of exciting things to do where they lived, the three strived to have fun and became close. As they grew older, the three began helping with their parent's work and began seeing each other less and less.[1]

Around EC 135, Lilien and Lukana went shopping through town. Lilien noticed Lukana was buying a bracelet and queried if it was for her. Lukana expressed that it suited her, putting it on her friend's wrist despite Lilien's insistence. Noting the one her friend owned, the tailor explained that now they matched, grasping her hand to put the trinkets beside one another.[2]

Visitor to MysticaEdit

"It's nice talking with you, Lord Duke."

Lilien meets Duke Venomania

After Lukana disappeared in January of EC 136, Lilien worried for her friend's whereabouts. While tending to the bakery in April, Lilien overheard two older women converse about a tenth victim of the recent disappearances. As they feared becoming the next "beautiful" victims, she sighed and stretched while asking them to buy something and leave, sarcastically remarked they should be overjoyed they likely wouldn't be targetted. A stranger then noted about how popular rumors about the incident were.

Surprised, Lilien apologized and inquired if he was a customer when she saw the handsome man ask her for directions. Her father then came in yelling at the man and she cursed, yelling back at her father. When he screamed that she was clearly lovestruck, the girl blushed and denied the accusation before seeing her father suddenly kneel before the man and humbly apologize. Confused, Lilien learned he was Duke Sateriasis Venomania and her father instructed her to lead the aristocrat to the Misty Mountains.


Lilien escorts the Duke to the mountains

She obeyed and the two traveled together through a forest on their way to mountain range. Venomania apologized for the inconvenience and Lilien brushed it off since it was her father's will and asked why he wanted to go there. Once he explained his desire to visit the ruins, she warned that the altar there was haunted. The duke noted how timid she was acting and, embarrassed, the baker said it was because she was traveling alongside him.

Sateriasis responded that she didn't have to act so respectfully toward him, admitting his incompetence in solving the recent disappearance cases. Reminded of Lukana, she gloomily added that several women had disappeared in Mystica as well. Told to take care of herself because those missing were beautiful women like her, the embarressed baker responded that she wasn't pretty compared to Lukana, describing what had happened to her when the Duke recalled she was the first woman to go missing. Later on, Sateriasis promised to visit the bakery again after his errand was finished.


Duke Venomania and Lilien at the Misty Mountains

Once they arrived at the mountains, Lilien explained he'd reach the ruins by following the path ahead. The Duke expressed his gratitude and she shared her joy conversing with him. After Sateriasis assured her Lukana would be found quickly, Lilien lackadaisically said she believed him. Venomania noted her frankness and the giggling woman related her glee speaking with the aristocrat.

When he then suddenly grabbed her shoulder and qualified that she was still a bit stiff, Lilien blushed as he insisted she act like herself with him. Looking away, she stuttered for words when he asked if her behavior with her father was normal. As the embarressed baker tried denying it, the Duke replied she was more attractive when opening up about herself and she noticed him suddenly let go and continue along the path.

After staring at his departure for a short while, she finally called out to him, asking if he'd really be okay going up the mountain without a servant even without the fog out. As she suggested accompanying him further, the duke replied that he had his retainer, revealing a red cat in his coat. Surprised, she watched him leave her sight until Rajih called out to her. After her friend explained he heard from her father and decided to follow, the blushing woman confirmed the Duke's recent departure before her friend asked about her red face.[3]

Newfound RomanceEdit


Lilien waking from her nightmare

"But I like this town. I thought I'd stay a while."
"In this dust-covered town, huuh..."
"To be accurate, I'm attracted to the one flower that blooms in the sands here."
―Duke Venomania and Lilien[src]

That night, Lilien dreamed of Lukana giving her the bracelet and, as she was about to thank her, saw Lukana stare blankly at her before disappearing into the crowd. Crying after her, the baker awoke. As she calmed down, she looked at the bracelet on her nightstand and wondered where her friend went.

During work the next day, Duke Venomania visited and Lilien stared in utter shock, admitting her surprise he followed through on his promise. After he confirmed he finished his errand, the baker heard him say he liked Mystica  and wanted to stay there. Leaning on the table, she expressed her surprise he liked the dust-covered town and the Duke clarified he specifically liked the "flower" that bloomed in its sands.

Embarressed, she looked away and noted how cheesy his flirtations were before reluctantly admitting she didn't dislike them. The Duke then immediately suggested she take him on a tour of the town and Lilien hesitated, saying she couldn't leave the shop for long. The duke brushed it off, motioning to her father cuddling a bag of gold coins as he revealed he'd work hard in her stead; the young woman watched her greedy parent in disappointment. She then lead Sateriasis through town, showing him the different mechandise for sale at the market. While looking at an elaborate skirt, he asked her to dance and, accepting, the two danced in front of the passing townsfolk in the street.[4]


Lilien throws a vase of flowers at Rajih

Several days later, the two went out on another outing and he bought her a dress, inviting her to the Ferdinand Mansion with him.

Later the day, she prepared herself for their final date, wearing the dress, when Rajih confronted her and noted how weird she was acting. Peeved, she asked if she had said something odd.

Rajih then pointed out her uncharacteristic clothes and she told them the duke bought them for her, asking if her friend found them cute. Rajih then suddenly slammed his fist on the wall, demanding she stopped being so conceited and, shaken, Lilien told him that even she could fall in love and asked why that was so wrong.

Tears in her eyes, the baker wondered what Rajih meant as he formed a reply but he brushed it off, instead telling her not to become too attached to Sateriasis. Lilien yelled that the duke was not like that and the peasant berated at how childish she was acting. Stuttering, she replied that the duke wouldn't abandon her, trying to say he loved her before Rajih cut her off. As he reminded her to consider what Lukana would think of her behavior, she angrily threw a vase of flowers at him, telling him to shut up and leave.


"Hmph... goodness. And here I thought I'd try doing it without resorting to "that"―. Things weren't going so well after all―huh?"
―Sateriasis before invoking his powers[src]

Venomania kisses Lilien

That night, she joined Duke Venomania in his bedchamber at the Ferdinand Mansion. Noting he would return home the next day, Sateriasis affirmed that he didn't want to stay much longer. The nervous girl was then grabbed by the Duke and pulled onto the bed. After they shared a passionate kiss, she turned her head away from him and spotted a bracelet identical to hers on his wrist.

After being discovered, Venomania admitted it was a gift from Lukana and the distraught Lilien listened to Sateriasis explain that she was living with him in Lasaland. Realizing he was the mastermind behind the recent disappearances, the Duke confirmed her thoughts before assuring her they were all willing members of his "harem" and that she should return to the mansion with him, recalling her desire to reunite with Lukana. Remembering Rajih's words that the best she could be was his "mistress", she queried why the duke hid the truth from her about Lukana's location.


Lilien is brainwashed by the Duke

The tearful Lilien then said she was going home and began to run out of the room.[5] The Duke then caught up to her and, staring into her eyes, brainwashed her into becoming his submissive concubine. They then returned to the bed and she surrendered herself upon his bare chest when Rajih burst in,[6] standing while in her "lover's" tight embrace.

After Venomania seated her upon the bed before transforming to face the sword-wielding peasant. She soon after stood placidly behind Venomania as he battled Rajih, remaining there after the peasant collapsed and Sateriasis left. Once Rajih had awakened, he carried Lilien back home and she slept in her room. Later that night, she awoke and, deciding to join Duke Venomania's harem, unlocked her bedroom window and escaped.[7]

Venomania EventEdit

After arriving at the mansion in Lasaland, she entered the basement and smiled at the sight of her lover surrounded by Lukana and other members of his harem. The Duke then asked for another dance and she abided, dancing with him in front of the other concubines.[8] When the disguised Karchess Crim successfully stabbed the Duke in EC 137, Lilien broke free of his spell and began to flee the mansion with the others.[9] She and Lukana later reunited with Rajih, and the three of them decided to start a new life; traveling to the East, Lilien and her friends eventually settled there.[10]

Personality and TraitsEdit


Lilien's uncharacteristic state while infatuated with the Duke

"I'm a girl. Even I can fall in love. What's wrong with that?"
―Lilien to Rajih[src]

Lilien was brash, bold, and usually argumentative. Unafraid to speak her mind, she often acted like a tomboy and preferred to enjoy the company of men rather than gossip with women.[11] Similarly, she had a strong distaste for feminine clothing due to how restrictive the dresses were.[12] Despite this, she was very kind and caring for her close friends. This loyalty extended so far that she was willing to search for them herself should they ever go missing. In spite of her outward behavior, Lilien had low self-esteem in regards to her appearance and did not find herself that beautiful.[13]

Since her childhood, Lilien shared a close relationship with Lukana and Rajih, valuing their friendship together. Although unable to see them as much as she began helping with her father's bakery, Lilien remained close with them.[14] She also appreciated Lukana's efforts to make her feel more secure about her appearance.[15] After meeting Sateriasis Venomania, Lilien instantly grew infatuated with the handsome Duke and acted much more meek, polite, and sensitive while in his presence.[16] As he continued to show romantic interest in her, Lilien became uncharacteristically enamored with the girly things she hated. However, her romantic interest in Venomania put a strain on her relationship with Rajih and she began forgetting her earlier resolve to find Lukana. After discovering the Duke's lies, Lilien felt betrayed and torn for ignoring Rajih's warning.[17] Once put under Venomania's spell, she became completely infatuated with him and deeply desired to be near and please him, forgetting her previous values and freely leaving her family and friends to join his harem.[18]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Although working at her father's shop, Lilien was not very dedicated or attentive to her work and lacked much enthusiasm.[19] She was, however, largely independent and knew her way around the area without any trouble. She was also a capable dancer.[20]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Sateriasis Venomania: Lilien's abductor. Lilien developed feelings for the duke when acting as his guide; she was flattered by his attentions, although incredulous of them, and found him to be very handsome. Due to this, she became more meek and sensitive in his presence and would act uncharacteristically feminine to get his attention. Lilien was shocked and distraught to discover he was Lukana's abductor, but joined his harem due to the power of Lust; when he was killed she fled the mansion, horrified by his exploitation of her.

Lukana Octo: Lilien's childhood friend. She valued their friendship deeply and was greatly disturbed when Lukana disappeared, having nightmares about her disappearance. She searched for her tirelessly and became greatly disturbed when learning the duke was behind her disappearance. When Lilien joined the duke's harem, she was happy to reunite with Lukana, and afterwards traveled with her and Rajih after they were freed.

Rajih: A childhood friend of Lilien. She valued his friendship deeply, playing with him often when they were kids although unable to see him as often when they were adults. When she began to fall in love with the duke, she resented his warnings about Venomania and forgot her regard for him entirely when charmed by the duke. Once freed from Venomania's harem, she would reunite with Rajih and travel with him and Lukana to various places.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Lilien's name is German, meaning "lilies" and is a reference to her representative Vocaloid; lilies can symbolize traits of masculinity as well as traits of high sexuality, eroticism, and motherhood.
  • Her surname, Turner, is derived from English and Irish, referring to a person who works with a lathe.
  • Lilien's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Lily, the name sharing the same romaji for "Lily" in its beginning.




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