Lightning Magic
was a type of magic involving the generation and manipulation of lightning. Capable of immense destructive power, lightning magic was a technique that could only be performed by powerful mages.


Lightning magic allowed the user to conjure and propel blasts of electricity, often condensed in the form of lightning bolts. A powerful technique, lightning magic could be quickly generated and fired at a target. In order to activate the spell, the user was required to recite the incantation "Медведи убить".

Lightning magic was one of the greatest and most powerful techniques among the destruction arts, raining down lightning upon a target from the sky during a rainstorm. When used in battle, the spell was especially potent, capable of burning the target to a crisp with the heat generated by the electricity. Skilled mages casting lightning magic could also vary its intensity, being able to make it either weaker or stronger to suit their needs.[1]



Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Медведи убить (Medvedi ubit) is a Russian phrase meaning "to kill bears", possibly referencing the events of Moonlit Bear.




  1. Deadly Sins of Evil: Fifth Pierrot - Part 2, Chapter 1

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