Lightning Magic was a type of magic associated with Eve Zvezda and the Zvezda family which involved the generation and manipulation of lightning. It was a technique capable of immense destructive power.


Lightning magic allowed the user to summon bolts of lightning regardless of weather, casting and propelling it against an opponent in battle. A potent and fast-acting spell, it was a clear advantage in battle and capable of burning the target to a crisp. The caster could also vary the intensity of the spell, being able to make it either weaker or stronger to suit their needs.

Lightning magic was an extremely powerful spell, with the only known users being the powerful sorceress Eve Zvezda and those borrowing her power. In order to activate the spell, the user was required to recite the incantation "Медведи убить" (Medvedi ubit').[1]



Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Медведи убить (Medvedi ubit) is a Russian phrase meaning "to kill bears", possibly referencing the events of Moonlit Bear.




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