Lemy Abelard
Technical Information
Japanese レミー=アベラール
Romaji Remii Aberaaru
Other Names Fifth Pierrot (codename)
Lemy the Ripper

Kagamine Len

Biographical Information
Born December 27, EC 595
Died January 30, EC 611
Classification Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Lucifenian Republic
Père Noël
For other uses, see Fifth Pierrot (disambiguation)
"I will punish the bad children, since that is my job as Pierrot."
―Lemy Abelard[src]

Lemy Abelard, also known as Lemy the Ripper and codenamed Fifth Pierrot, was an assassin for Père Noël and the perpetrator of the Rolled Serial Killings. Forced to murder Ton Corpa in an attempt to rescue his childhood friend Rin Chan, Lemy was eventually recruited into Père Noël. Becoming the criminal organization's chief assassin, he eventually tracked down his mother's target. He was one of Hänsel's reincarnations.


Early LifeEdit

"Rin and I grew up in the same orphanage. We were friends."
―Lemy regarding his childhood with Rin[src]

Lemy was born on December 27, EC 595 in the city of Rolled in the Lucifenian Republic. Born the son of a prostitute, he was eventually dumped in the Orgo River before being spotted by the director of the Rolled orphanage. Taken into the orphanage, Lemy grew up among the other children there.

Growing up, the young boy only befriended a few people, namely Rin Chan and Nickelle. Whenever he would ask Nickelle to lend him his clockwork carriage toy, the orphan refused. During his stay there, Lemy caused mischief at the orphanage and often saw adults come by and take children home with them.

As time passed, Lemy became best friends with Rin, witnessing her talent at both reading picture books and singing during her lessons with the orphanage's piano teacher. Eventually, Lemy became worried that an adult would adopt Rin and leave him at the orphanage, having observed that only the well-behaved children tended to be adopted. Around that time, Lemy also had a recurring nightmare of falling into water and seeing a vaguely-silhouetted woman in purple clothes.[1]


On December 26, EC 600, Lemy saw a woman visit the orphanage give the children toys. Feeling that the woman seemed familiar, Lemy noticed she carried a clockwork carriage toy in her bag and heard her ask the children to pick their favorite toy. As the children lined up to get their toys, Lemy took his desired toy, the clockwork carriage. He then saw the woman disappear into the back of the orphanage, followed by a red-haired cat with a scar on its back.

At noon of the following day, Lemy entered the director's room and was asked for his Nativity Festival gift. Seeing the woman from the day before inside the room, Lemy pulled out the toy from his pocket. Lemy was then told by the director that had it been given to him today, it would have been his birthday gift. He was also told by the director that from that day on, he was going to be Julia's son.

When Lemy expressed his surprise, the director stared at him with a confused expression before explaining that she had picked him, that her mansion was nearby, and that she had even brought toys since she was a wealthy woman. Puzzled by what he had heard, Lemy saw Julia bend down and ask him if he didn't want to be her child. Lemy then denied it, saying he didn't want to stop seeing everyone anymore.

In response, Julia explained that she could not adopt all the children there, and told Lemy they could come back to the orphanage and play sometime. Telling him that he was getting picked up the next day and that he had to have his luggage ready by then, Julia also reminded Lemy to give a proper farewell to his friends and teacher.

Saying yes and nodding obediently, Lemy thought about how Julia could make him agree, feeling that she had a certain charm. After he exited the room, Lemy eavesdropped on the conversation between Julia and the orphanage director, hearing the man ask Julia if she really wanted to adopt Lemy. He then heard Julia explain that her body could not produce children, although not fully understanding the exchange.[2]

After leaving the orphanage, Lemy began living with Julia at her mansion on the 1st block of Rolled, attended to by the servant Phoebe Aymieux. At some point, his adoptive mother warned him not to enter her mansion's treasury. On his sixth birthday, Julia gifted Lemy with a pocket watch with a dragon design on it.[3]

Exploring the TreasuryEdit

In EC 602, Lemy asked Julia to let him visit the orphanage, to which the woman replied that she was busy, unwilling to let him go. Later that year, Lemy woke up from a nightmare at around 11 PM. Noticing that Julia and Phoebe were already asleep, the boy attempted to sneak into the mansion's treasury, finding it conveniently open that night. Checking the time on his pocket watch, Lemy confirmed the time and lit a candle. Putting the candlestick he carried in the middle of the room, Lemy examined the treasury's contents.

Disappointed that the room lacked any toys, Lemy's eyes drifted to seven black pedestals with characters engraved into them. Unable to read them, Lemy noted that six of them were empty, with the second one from the left containing a red wine glass. The boy thought about how the glass looked similar to the one Julia used to drink milk from. Seeing his reflection on the glass' surface, Lemy soon realized that the face he was seeing wasn't his, although it resembled him.

He then involuntarily grabbed the wine glass, unusually attracted to it; the wine glass began emitting heat. As the heat traveled from his right hand to his head, Lemy got a splitting headache. A voice then told him that the two of them were alike. With the pain becoming unbearable, the young boy passed out just after seeing a red cat approach him.

Voice from the GlassEdit

The next day, Lemy awoke in his bedroom, his headache having subsided. Julia then entered the room and lectured to her adopted son for over an hour, raising her voice. While listening, Lemy thought about how unreasonable Julia was being, since it was her fault the treasury was unlocked; he eventually began to cry. After scolding him, Julia told Lemy that the wine glass was the only thing dangerous in the treasury, leaving the room.

Hearing the voice from last night tell him to stop crying and that he was irresponsible and undignified, Lemy stopped crying. The boy then asked the voice who it was in reply. The voice introduced itself as "Ney" before stating that Lemy was someone else, and that only he could hear her voice.

Ney then said to Lemy that she was him and he was her, to which the boy replied that he didn't have a good feeling about it. In response, Ney told him not to say that, asking if he was lonely without seeing the other children from the orphanage. When Lemy asked how she knew about it, Ney reiterated that she was him, and that she even knew about him. She continued that he should treat her well. Lemy then asked if she was going to stay close to him, wanting to maintain his privacy.

Ney replied that if he felt that way, she wouldn't talk to him for a while. After Lemy remarked that it felt wrong, Ney explained that they could no longer be separated since he was the one who touched the wine glass. Lemy asked if she was haunting him; Ney then reiterated that she was him, asking him not to make her repeat herself.[4]

A New FriendEdit

Soon after, Lemy talked to Phoebe about his experience with Ney. The servant teased him in response, not being one to believe in the paranormal. In December of that year, Lemy received the red wine glass from the treasury as a gift from Julia. As he unwrapped the gift, Julia explained that the glass was quite strange and wouldn't crack when dropped; she also recommended that Lemy not handle it roughly since the ghost of the glass might become angry.

When Lemy asked about the ghost, Julia confirmed it and stated that even though it was just a voice to Lemy, it might have been a spirit. After the boy questioned if the glass was important and asked if it was alright for him to have it, Julia agreed, saying it was very important to her and telling him not to lose it. When Julia asked if he wanted a toy instead, Lemy replied that he was content, thanking his mother.

Suddenly hugged by Julia, Lemy asked her why she was thanking him. The brown-haired woman then replied that it was the first time Lemy had called her mother. After hugging for a while, Julia released Lemy and explained that there was a legend that the person inside the glass caused one to stop disliking things to eat, wondering if he would eat his green onions from then on. Shaking his head, Lemy reiterated that he still hated them. Afterwards, Lemy discovered that strangely found any food to be delicious; he also found out that the wine glass emitted a faint light.

Sometime after, Ney asked Lemy if he liked his mother, to which the boy agreed that he did, saying she bought him whatever he wanted, and that she was pretty, friendly and scary at times. When Ney posed the possibility of Julia not being a good person, Lemy asked her why she would say that, irritated by her words. Ney explained that his mother may have adopted him to use him sometime in the future, noting that she knew those kind of people all too well. When Lemy declared that Julia wasn't anything like that, Ney shushed him, telling him not to speak to loud unless he wanted Phoebe to worry. Strongly holding the wine glass in his hand, Lemy began feeling Ney's presence even stronger. At some point, he also learned Julia's true name and identity as the red cat.[5] Sometime after he turned eight, Lemy accompanied his mother in visiting his aunt Mayrana in Calgaround.[6]

Birth of a DivaEdit


Lemy watches Rin perform at Milanais Theater

In EC 605, Lemy and Julia attended a showing of the Cirque de Lune at the Milanais Theater. Sitting in the opera house's first floor box, Lemy saw that no performance had begun despite it being past the circus' scheduled performance time. He then saw the circus' manager appear on the stage, wearing an apologetic expression. Lemy heard the man explain how the circus needed a little more time to prepare, and asked the audience to the diva's singing until the circus was ready. In response, the theater's audience booed.

Soon after, Lemy saw a blonde-haired girl appear on the stage, taking the place of the manager. Recognizing her as Rin, he then heard Julia express her surprise and note that the child looked like him. After having a brief exchange, Julia fell silent and told Lemy to enjoy the girl's singing for the meantime. As Rin began to sing a solo acapella, the audience's protests slowly died down. When Julia remarked that she liked the girl's singing voice, Lemy uttered Rin's name as his eyes widened. After his mother asked who it was, Lemy explained that Rin was his friend from the orphanage, and that her singing was unmistakable despite her changed face. Following another exchange, Lemy heard Julia talk to herself, muttering about a Seventh Magician doing it without permission.

A Hero in Face PaintEdit

"I'm very busy. I'll say it again. Let go of the boy. You don't want to waste my time."
"That pierrot costume... That skill... I get it! You're Fifth Pierrot!"
―"Fifth Pierrot" and Yarera III[src]

By the end of Rin's performance, the theater's audience was cheering for her and asking for an encore. With the circus cancelled, Julia and Lemy left the theater. The brown-haired woman then asked Lemy if he could go home by himself, to which the boy agreed. Heading home, he eventually heard a cat's meow from the direction of the alley. Asking if it was Irina and bending the corner, Lemy was then strongly grabbed on his left shoulder by a bearded man and dragged into the alley.

Hearing the man declare he got a big shot, Lemy also heard another man confirm that he was Senator Julia Abelard's son and mused that he would make for a handsome ransom, calling the first man Yarera III. In response, Yarera agreed, saying that Père Noël was now stopping in their area otherwise. He then continued that they were taking up everything and that it was hard for them to get something to eat, stating that the boy would let them get some good alcohol after so long. He then pulled on Lemy's arm, causing him to struggle violently; Yarera then told him to be quiet. After Lemy insulted his name, the thug became angered at the provocation, explaining that he inherited it from his dead grandfather before punching him in the cheek.

Yarera's brother then chastised him, and Lemy heard the two converse about harming him. Hearing Yarera remark that Lemy didn't seem to know nor sympathize, the young boy witnessed him raise his fist before hearing a voice call out from the end of the alley, telling Yarera to get his hands off the child. Looking towards the direction of the voice, Lemy noticed it was a young man dressed as a clown. He then listened to Yarera wonder aloud what a pierrot was doing in a place like this before he heard Yarera's brother, Zusco Jr., intimidate the clown. As Zusco lunged towards the pierrot, Lemy saw the clown grab the thug's arm and slam him into the ground, hearing him comment on the man's speed before fainting.

Hearing Yarera curse at the clown, Lemy witnessed the thug move back as the pierrot took Zusco's knife and started moving towards him. The clown then repeated his words from before, commanding the thug to release Lemy. Soon after, he heard Yarera declare that the man was Fifth Pierrot of Père Noël before the man repeated his words a second time. Lemy then saw Yarera take his brother's unconscious body before fleeing. Nearly falling, the young boy thanked Fifth Pierrot.

In response, the clown remarked that Lemy was injured, to which the boy replied that it was no big deal, saying it was just a cut on his mouth. When Fifth Pierrot told him to have it treated and asked where his house was, Lemy pointed towards the direction of the mansion and stated that Phoebe could treat him. Looking back, he realized that the man was already gone. By the time Lemy arrived home, the bleeding on his wound had stopped. When Phoebe asked about his injury, the young boy lied, claiming he fell on the road. The following morning, Julia arrived home and talked to Lemy about Rin. At some point, the boy tried helping Phoebe cook and accidentally burned himself.[7]

Presidential InaugurationEdit

On August 18, EC 609, Lemy attended his mother's inauguration speech, held at Milanais Square. Although a seating for the president's family had been prepared, Lemy chose to at the guest seats with the rest of the crowd. Listening to her speak about Lucifenia's history and current problems, the boy also heard applause from the audience. He then searched for her figure, thinking about how majestic she looked. After listening to Julia speak about Milanais Square's history as the starting point of the Lucifenian Revolution as well as the republic's own revolution, he heard the audience burst into applause once again. Lemy then heard her continue, stating that The Daughter of Evil was executed at the square, making Milanais Square a symbol of the republic's beginning.

Soon after, he heard someone congratulate him. Turning around, he saw that it was Gatt Coulomb. Scratching his cheek, Lemy thanked the soldier before telling him to congratulate his mother instead of him. When Gatt pondered if Julia's honor was Lemy's as well, Lemy agreed with the sentiment before asking if he wanted to go to the guest seats. In response, Gatt shook his head with a bitter smile, explaining that only he could escort the prime minister of Asmodean despite him not expecting anyone to target the man's life. Sarcastically remarking that Gatt had such a carefree lifestyle, Lemy asked him if he wanted to get ahead in life before being countered by the soldier, asked if he dared to say that to the lieutenant general of the Asmodean armed forces.

When Lemy questioned if Gatt hadn't been able to rise to the rank of general in a long time, the lieutenant explained that his lineage limited him. Gatt then continued, stating that Asmodean was rife with authoritarianism compared to Lucifenia before remarking that he was satisfied with his rank, being the son of a prostitute. In response, Lemy asked if Gatt's great-grandfather was a famous mercenary, the "Demon of Asmodean", before the soldier corrected him, stating that famous was a bad way of putting it. Hearing him snort and laugh, Lemy began to listen to Julia once again, hearing her declare that it was her priority to solve Lucifenia's various problems.

Talk with a SoldierEdit

Once Julia's speech was over, Lemy witnessed his mother disappear from the stage as the crowd began exiting the square. Thinking about how good it was to be adopted by Julia, Lemy reflected on how she was already wealthy even before becoming president. He then thought about how Julia had showered him with love despite not being his real mother, her behavior contrasting with the adults at the orphanage. Afterwards, he saw Gatt lightly stretch beside him and put his hand on his shoulder; the soldier then told him he should return soon. When Lemy asked if he was staying in Lucifenia for a while, Gatt explained that he planned to return to Asmodean by morning of the following day before adding that he planned to take a vacation.

Lemy then asked how long the vacation was, to which Gatt replied that it was ten days. Inviting him to come over and play, Lemy was thanked by Gatt. Soon after, the soldier explained he shouldn't disturb the busy Julia, also stating that he had already decided his vacation plans. After Lemy asked where, Gatt told him it was Calgaround, saying he was going to do work for the president's sister. Asking if it was Auntie Mayrana, Lemy remarked that he hadn't seen her in a while and couldn't remember her face. Gatt replied that it might have been for the best since he might be surprised, putting on a meek expression.

Giving the lieutenant a mystified expression, Lemy heard Gatt clear his throat before telling him he would be going since the prime minister began to look impatient. After telling him to say hello to auntie for him, Lemy was patted on the shoulder by Gatt and saw him return to the guest seats. As the boy began walking home and pondering what to do, Ney spoke up and asked him if he was going to greet Julia. Saying he was going to wait her at home, Lemy heard the girl call him stupid, telling him that that wasn't what Julia told him. Ney then continued, explaining how the inauguration party was going to be held later that night at the Lucifenian Palace, and that he should go home to change.

Soon after, Lemy commented that he didn't really like parties, saying it would probably just be attended by old people he didn't know. In response, Ney told him that his friend was going to be there; when Lemy asked if it was Rin, the voice confirmed it, explaining that she was scheduled to sing. Lemy then noticed that his seemingly one-sided conversation was becoming loud as a passing woman gave him a quizzical look. Panicking, he put his hand on his mouth, thinking that the woman was judging him for talking to himself in the middle of the road.[8]

Palace PartyEdit

"The boasted diva of Lucifenia, Rin Chan, appears."
―Bruno to Lemy[src]

Arriving home, Lemy changed into formal clothes and prepared to leave for the palace. As he was about to depart, he heard Phoebe anxiously raise her voice, asking him if it was alright for him to go to the palace alone. Refusing her offer to come with him, Lemy thought about how he was going to turn fourteen in a few months and left the mansion. Seeing a group of prostitutes walking with a well-dressed man down the road, Lemy thought about his disdain for them, being reminded of his recurring nightmare by their purple attire.

By the time night fell, Lemy neared the palace. Ney spoke up soon after, explaining how the palace was once called the Lucifenian Royal Palace after the names of the royal family that resided there. Ney then continued, stating that Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche had been executed in the revolution 110 years prior, bringing an end to the royal bloodline as the kingdom became a republic; she also explained how no one lived there now, and that it was used for social gatherings.

Remarking that she knew a lot, Lemy heard Ney state that he should know those things too, telling him to hurry up. After showing his invitation to the palace's reception staff, Lemy entered the building. Noting that it was even bigger than Julia's mansion, Lemy looked at his invitation and asked Ney if the location was indeed the Hall of Mirrors. Hearing her give directions, the boy eventually arrived at a large set of double doors. Entering the party, Lemy saw men and women eating and dancing to the orchestra before noticing his mother talking to someone. Telling Ney that she really did know a lot, Lemy asked her how her information was so detailed, only for the voice to remain silent.

Lemy then heard another voice, asking him if he was young master Lemy. Seeing that it was an elderly man with blue hair, Lemy noted how he was tall even compared to the other adults, and that he gave off an intimidating aura. When Lemy struggled to recall, the man asked him if he couldn't remember, telling him they had met several times in his house and giving Lemy a disappointed look. Ney then spoke up, reminding Lemy that he was Bruno Marlon, an executive staffer for the Freezis Foundation. Recognizing him, Lemy expressed his remembrance, telling the man his name before remarking that his mother was always indebted to him.

Lemy then listened Bruno state that with Julia becoming president, he would have more opportunities to see him. Soon after, Bruno apologized to the boy, noting that the sideshow was starting. Turning his eyes to the stage, Lemy noticed a blonde-haired girl with blue eyes appear. Hearing Bruno remark that she was Rin Chan, the boasted diva of Lucifenia, Lemy heard Bruno begin to applaud along with the other party-goers. He then saw Rin silently bow, thanking the audience for inviting her before stating that she would first sing a song to celebrate Julia's inauguration. As the orchestra began to play, Rin started her song.

During the performance, Bruno asked Lemy if he could interrupt to ask a question. Hearing him speak in a low voice, Lemy heard him state that Lemy resembled Rin despite their difference in genders. When Bruno posed the possibility of Lemy and Rin being related, the boy shook his head, denying that they were siblings. He then saw Bruno become visibly surprised by his words before hearing him ask why he spoke so strongly about it.

In response, Lemy explained that he and Rin grew up as friends in the same orphanage, and that she had a different face now. After describing Rin as once having black hair and freckles, Lemy stopped himself, asking Bruno if he found what he was saying strange. Bruno replied that he didn't think so, saying it was an intriguing story before musing that it was as if her face was changed long ago. Becoming visibly troubled, Lemy stated that he didn't know, although what he knew for sure was what he saw when he went to a circus.

When Bruno pressed for details, Lemy explained that it was three years ago at a great theater in Rolled, when he was ten years old. Coming closer to Lemy, Bruno asked if it was Milanais Theater, the boy explained that several performances were planned to celebrate the theater's completion, scheduled to take place over several days. He then explained how he had never been to a circus, so Julia wanted to take him to it. Thinking about how Bruno had a way of eliciting stories from people, Lemy began to recount his experience of seeing Rin three years prior.

After finishing his story, Lemy noticed that Rin had begun singing her third song before hearing Bruno express his astonishment at the events. Apologizing for talking about things other than his encounter with the diva, Lemy was then told that it was interesting. When the blue-haired man asked him what he did after he got home, Lemy narrated how he had lied about his injury to Phoebe, and that his mother arrived home the following morning and told him things about Rin.

Seeing Bruno nod and look into his eyes, Lemy continued to speak, telling him that the girl he saw perform at Milanais Theater was undoubtedly Rin, and that she was taken in by the merchant Ton Corpa shortly after he was adopted. The young boy then continued, musing that it was expected of Rin to work at an opera house given her talent at singing before Bruno spoke up, adding that Rin became the diva of Lucifenia. Afterwards, the elderly man mused that Ton must have had the eyes to see Rin's talent before asking Lemy the reason for Rin's changed face.

In response, Lemy stated even his mother didn't know, speculating that Ton, being a merchant, would be able to have a doctor operate on Rin's face. Bruno then asked if a doctor with such an ability even existed. Soon after, he asked if Lemy was sure President Julia didn't know the reason behind Rin's changed face, laughing fearlessly. When the young boy asked in turn if what he said had any meaning, Bruno denied it, asking Lemy to forget what he said.

Listening to the old man express his worry for Rin given Ton Corpa's dubious reputation, Lemy asked what kind of person the merchant was. In response, Bruno rhetorically asked Lemy if he was aware of adult situations by then, almost being fourteen. Lemy then pleaded for Bruno to tell him, saying he didn't want Rin to be unhappy. Worrying about his friend, Lemy heard Bruno explain how Ton had been targeted by the police, and that he had taken in multiple children in the past, all of whom had died for various reasons.

The boy then heard Bruno continue, recounting how the circus being cancelled three years ago was due to a child animal handler taken in by Ton dying after allegedly being bitten by a lion. Soon after, the executive explained that the police believed that Ton was involved in the incident. After asking if the merchant was killing the children and pretending they were accidents, Lemy saw Bruno furrow his brow as he replied, stating that the police were unable to arrest Ton due to the lack of evidence despite the fact that the children Ton took in died one after the other.

Hearing the aged man ask if Julia had ever put him to work, the downcast Lemy replied no; he listened as Bruno explained that this was normal. He then continued that Ton Corpa put all his underage charges to work regardless, albeit unnecessarily since he was even wealthier than Julia. Uttering Rin's name, Lemy looked at the stage and observed her as she smiled at the applauding audience. After remarking that his mother had failed to mention Ton's supposed abuse, Lemy heard Bruno clear his throat and state that he'd said too much, simply explaining that due to having had children of his own he would be worried to see Lemy or Rin Chan put to work. When Lemy questioned his use of past tense, Bruno uttered that his child had died young. As Rin began her last song, Lemy explained that one last thing worried him and heard Bruno ask what it was answering that the diva's current voice was not her own.[9]

Rescuing the DivaEdit

"But... That's not all, Mr. Ton's gonna kill me too. I heard him talking with someone, saying he "should find someone new"."

The day after the party, Lemy attempted to meet Rin several times but failed to do so. Learning that she had left for Asmodean to perform, the boy later found out that she was going to sing in Elphegort before returning to the Lucifenian Republic in the middle of September. As time passed, Lemy also learned about the allegations regarding Rin's lip-synching, and that the diva had refused all contact. Feeling that his friend was in a dangerous situation, he decided to seek out Rin in order to encourage her if she was suffering and rescue her if Ton was truly a despicable man. Sometime after, Ney began whispering to him again, encouraging him to force his way into Ton's mansion if he couldn't see Rin. Refuting her, Lemy heard the girl agree to help him, noting she said such things at times.

On October 6, Lemy infiltrated the Corpa estate at 2 AM, donning a clown costume as a disguise. Hearing Ney remark that it was pitch-dark, Lemy listened as the girl recommended he not use a light and instead feel his way towards Rin's room. Putting his hands on the wall, the disguised boy heard Ney tell him to be careful since it wouldn't be good for Julia if he was caught, to which Lemy mentally responded yes. Soon after, Ney asked him if he also heard someone crying and suggested it was Rin. Asked to find the stairs, Lemy located the sound to the mansion's second floor, falling over on the staircase several times. Confirming it was Rin, the boy knocked twice on the door before introducing himself. After calling on her to open the door, Lemy was then told that it was locked.

Asking where the key was, Lemy heard Rin state that Ton always carried it with him. Told by Ney that he had an extra key and that he could use it to open any door, the boy took out a key from his pocket and used it to open the door, dazzled by its brief glow. Seeing his old friend look at him in wonder, Lemy remarked on how long they'd been separated. Rin then reminded him that he'd seen her before at the Lucifenian Palace and explained how she'd seen him there. After apologizing for not listening to her songs, Lemy heard Rin brush it off, saying it wasn't her singing anyway. In response, Lemy exclaimed that he was right, and that there was indeed someone else singing. The diva then begged him to take her away or she would be killed, explaining how Chansaux had already been killed. Hearing Rin explain Chansaux's identity and how Ton planned to kill her as well, Lemy seethed with anger, considering men like Ton who use children for money to be pigs.


Lemy smiling after killing Ton

Grabbing his friend's hand and making an escape, the two ran into Ton on the way out. Asked where he was taking her, Lemy told the man to get out of the way before hearing the man state that Rin knew too much, and that he planned to kill the two of them. Seeing Ton take out a silver knife, Lemy thought about how he had no weapons and never received training to handle one, regretting not bringing a frying pan for self-defense. Hearing Ney call him pathetic and remark that his legs were trembling, Lemy was then asked by Ton what his business there was. Stating that he was Fifth Pierrot, Lemy saw Ton's face turn pale, hearing him wonder aloud if Père Noël finally came to eliminate him as competition.

Afterwards, Ton began mocking Lemy that he was a brat, stating how he had regained his confidence. Seeing the manager close the distance between them, Lemy heard Ney ask him if he wanted help. Mentally asking what he could do, Lemy heard Ney explain that it wasn't anything complicated, reiterating he should have hope, courage, and believe he could do it. Blacking out, Lemy returned to consciousness soon after, seeing Ton's corpse at his feet. He then heard Rin stammer how he'd just killed a person and continued that, despite Ton being a bad person, it hadn't been necessary to do that. Insisting he didn't mean to, Lemy listened as the diva exclaimed he was lying, citing his smile. Reaching for her, he was slapped in the face and called a murderer.[10]

Flight to CalgaroundEdit

Forcing Rin out of the house, Lemy spotted a carriage passing by the Corpa estate and approached it. Told by the coachman that he was headed home for Toragay after dropping off a customer in Rolled, Lemy saw the man point in the direction opposite to his house, to Elphegort. Accepting the deal, Lemy boarded the carriage with Rin. After a few hours, the diva regained her composure and apologized for lashing out when he'd been trying to help her. Brushing it off, Lemy was asked where they were going; he explained how he planned to go to his aunt's house in Calgaround. Closing his eyes, the boy tried unsuccessfully to sleep in the carriage.

Arriving in Aceid at early morning the following day, Lemy got off the carriage with Rin and requested that the coachman come back for them in the evening, using his pocket money to pay for the fare and told that long-distance customers were welcome. Concerned that the citizens would recognize her due to having previously performed there, Lemy gave Rin the sleeves of his outfit to use as a hood and rented a room with her to rest in for the night.

Rin then spent time telling Lemy everything that had happened to her; explaining how Seventh Magician had changed her face to look like Riliane's; she proposed the possibility that Lemy was descended from Lucifenian royal blood, only for him to dismiss the idea. Lemy then thought about how he may have hurt his mother's honor by accidentally killing a man. Sometime after, the boy took a nap and had his recurring nightmare of being left in water. Begging his mother not to abandon him, Lemy woke up from his dream, feeling his body covered in sweat and seeing Rin asleep beside him. Thinking about Julia, Lemy crawled under the covers.

Afterwards, Lemy changed into plain clothes and met with the coachman that evening, instructing him to drop them off at one of the checkpoints on the way to Calgaround. Leaving Aceid and entering another town, Lemy heard the coachman explain that they were in Toragay, and that they could get off at a checkpoint northeast of there. Stopping at an inn, Lemy saw the coachman briefly speak with an Elphe woman before getting back on. Told that things had gotten dangerous, Lemy listened as the coachman explained how Toragay's feudal lord had died recently, possibly due to murder, and that the woman he spoke to was a reporter investigating the matter. The coachman then continued, explaining how World Police investigators had visited Toragay that day, having heard reports that the murderer behind a Lucifenian merchant's death may have fled there. The coachman then apologized for speaking about uninteresting topics.

Getting off at the checkpoint, Lemy and Rin walked the rest of the way to Calgaround. While walking, the boy heard Rin notice that all the buildings were red, commenting on the eeriness of the town. Explaining that it was in reverence to their "lady", the two eventually reached Mayrana's house. Knocking on the door and introducing himself, Lemy saw the door open slightly and heard Mayrana speak to him as if she was expecting him. Seeing his aunt's face, Lemy became confused, wondering if she and his mother had always looked so alike before thinking about how Mayrana's face was different years ago. Hearing his aunt ask him what was wrong, Lemy exclaimed that she looked just like Julia before seeing her open the door fully. Seeing his mother inside, Lemy asked why she was there. In response, Julia explained that she thought about going there, since Mayrana was the only person in Elphegort he would rely on. [11]

The New Fifth PierrotEdit

Soon after, Lemy was brought home by Julia, desperately begging his mother to save Rin. Thinking he would be scolded and be handed over to the police, the boy was instead praised by Julia. Asking his mother why and stating that he killed a man, Julia rhetorically asked that he was a bad man, to which Lemy agreed. Stating it was good enough and that he had mete punishment to the wicked, Julia continued to praise Lemy, telling him not to be ashamed of the name Fifth Pierrot and that he did well for his first time.

Surprised that his mother would say that name, Lemy asked if Julia knew about Fifth Pierrot. In reply, his mother stated that he was originally her subordinate, wondering aloud if she should tell him the truth since he was turning fourteen soon. Hearing his mother clap her hands and beckon Sixth Venom to come in, Lemy saw Gatt enter the room. Puzzled, the boy expressed his confusion before being told by Gatt that Sixth Venom was his alias in Père Noël. Thinking about how the Yarera III and Zusco Jr. had mentioned the name, Lemy asked what Père Noël was. Sighing a little, Julia reminded Lemy to get in the habit of reading the newspaper. She then explained that Père Noël was a criminal organization causing a fuss in Lucifenia before correcting herself, saying it was the entire Evillious region instead.

Asking if Gatt was a criminal, Lemy heard Julia affirm his words, stating that she was Père Noël's leader, First Santa Claus. Seeing her place her hand on her chest and smile, Lemy became surprised at the idea, unable to believe that the president of a country could be the leader of a criminal organization. Stating that he didn't know anything about the matter, Lemy asked his mother if she was also a bad person, to which Julia said no. She then continued, stating that that wasn't the case and that while they were guilty under law, the organization reluctantly carried out certain things to improve the world. Seeing her stand up and look out the window, Lemy saw several police officers walking towards Ton's mansion.

Julia spoke up again, citing Rin as an example and stating that she wouldn't have been so unhappy had the police been functional. She then stated that Ton had already been targeted by her and Père Noël since Lemy saw Rin at Milanais Theater, explaining how Ton's punishment was scheduled in the near future, although Lemy made his move a bit earlier. Julia also explained how if Lemy didn't kill Ton, another member would have done it, stating it was Gatt. Afterwards, she told Lemy he was not a bad person for killing someone; the world was wrong if it thought of him as one, and he was doing the right thing. In response, Lemy asked her if she could do the right thing by working hard at her job, even without Père Noël. Hearing her sigh again, Lemy realized his words were wrong, thinking about how his mother was already doing enough.

Julia replied that despite being a president on the world stage, she was still bound by law, which was why she used Père Noël. Lemy then thought about how he didn't go to school and that his mother never complained about his bothering her even though she was busy. Asking him about how he should do something to help, Julia put her hand on Lemy's shoulder. Afterwards, she stated that he had the qualifications to correct the world, which was full of mistakes.

As Lemy thought how his mother was gentle and always said right things, Ney interjected that it was only what he thought and that he was simply still afraid of being abandoned and left orphaned again. Mentally calling her annoying and telling her to shut up, Lemy turned towards his mother and was asked how he felt as he killed Ton Corpa. Saying he didn't know but that he seemed to be smiling, Lemy thought about how he was excited. He then heard his mother say that his smile was proof his instincts were telling him it was right.

Concluding that he must have been having fun, Lemy was told to follow his instincts and that he was defeating evil. Stating that he didn't have a knife and asking if he really killed Ton, Lemy was then told by Julia that it was hidden power. Julia then corrected herself, stating that it was his friend and asking if Ney had lent him her power. Lemy then heard Ney admit "Abyss" was correct and congratulated her on the guess. Wondering who Ney was referring to, Lemy was asked by Julia to do what he could until he was introduced to the other members of Père Noël. Ney then mockingly told Lemy he had suddenly joined Père Noël; Lemy then yelled at Ney that he told her to shut up. Asked by Julia if he and Ney were fighting, Lemy brushed it off, stating it was nothing and shaking his head.

Asking what he should do, Lemy was told that Julia wanted him to kill someone. When he asked if that person was bad, Julia replied yes, stating that she was a woman who betrayed Père Noël and stole one of her treasures. She then explained that that woman was the ringleader of the Rin matter, and that Rin wouldn't be abused if not for her. When Lemy asked who she meant, Julia answered it was indeed Seventh Magician. Hearing Julia scold Gatt for being unable to perform his job, Lemy heard Gatt explain that he was certain Seventh Magician was disguising herself as a prostitute in Rolled. Seeing his mother turn to him and smile, Lemy was told that he could do it, called Fifth Pierrot. Asking if it was alright to have that name, Lemy was asked if he didn't like it, to which he replied that he felt honored and that he wanted to be like Fifth Pierrot before asking once again if it was alright to impersonate him. Seeing his mother put on a lonely expression, Lemy was told that Fifth Pierrot had died a long time ago.

Despite being saddened by the revelation, Lemy began feeling a sense of mission, thinking about how he would help his mother as Fifth Pierrot. When Julia asked Lemy to return the golden key to her treasury, as it was one of her treasures, Lemy took out the key from his pocket and gave it to her, stating that he didn't remember taking it. After Julia asked if the "ghost" was being naughty for taking it, Lemy mentally asked Ney if that was the case and received no reply.[12]

Rolled Serial KillingsEdit

At some point, Julia told Lemy that prostitutes were disgusting women with low professions, and that his own mother was a prostitute. She also explained how she investigated the circumstances of Lemy's abandonment, and how he had been dumped in the Orgo River due to his mother not knowing who the father was. She then explained how Lemy only survived due to the Rolled orphanage director happening to pass by and saving him, increasing his hatred of prostitutes.

Afterwards, Lemy decided to kill all of the prostitutes in Rolled until he found his target. Over the course of the following month, he successfully murdered five prostitutes, killing them using a knife and leaving them on the 28th block of Rolled. At 2 A.M. on January 4, EC 610, Lemy killed his eighth prostitute, stabbing her in between the breasts. As time went on, Lemy became desensitized to killing and gained skill in handling a knife.

After confirming the woman he killed wasn't Seventh Magician, Lemy decided to take the road home before hearing Ney mock him, sarcastically told that he was completely at his mother's mercy. Lemy then denied it, stating that he was doing it willingly. Ney countered that brainwashed people don't notice it, and that she knew someone who was brainwashed by her mother for years before becoming deranged and killing her. Shouting that he didn't want to kill his mother, Lemy heard Ney state that he was beginning to feel the pleasure of killing people and how she understood it. Lemy argued that he did it only because it was the right thing to do, to which Ney replied that he took pleasure in killing people, and that it was instinct. Lemy then interrupted her, stating that he told her to shut up. Ney dismissed him in reply, calling him noisy.

Arriving home, Lemy noticed the mansion's lights were still on, remarking that his mother was still doing something. Ney then told him Julia had a visitor, a man, judging by the shadows on the window. Asking who would it be at this time of night, he silently opened the doors to the estate, deciding it would be a problem for him to be seen if that person was not a member of Père Noël. Sneaking into the mansion's parlor, Lemy was welcomed home by Julia as Fifth Pierrot. Noticing that she was calm and used the name within earshot of the other person, Lemy entered the room.

Told it had been a long time, Lemy recognized the person as Bruno Marlon. He then heard him explain how he had come by to say hello for his inauguration as the Freezis Foundation's vice president, as well as Père Noël's Second Dealer. Soon after, Julia explained how Bruno had wanted to be in Père Noël for a long time, and how he wanted to seize the black market under Père Noël's control for the benefit of the Freezis Foundation. She then explained how Père Noël was attracted to the Freezis Foundation's wealth and power, as well as the World Police under its control.

Afterwards, Bruno pointed out that the World Police couldn't be manipulated too publicly due to the being an independent organization, but they could put pressure on it to make it easier for Père Noël to move. When Lemy asked about both organizations' profits benefiting each other, Bruno rose from his chair walked towards him. As Bruno began to ask him something, Lemy cut him off for using his formal address. Correcting himself and calling the boy by his codename, Bruno asked Lemy if he was currently looking for Seventh Magician. Lemy then confirmed it, stating he had just killed another whore.

Lemy then heard the man laugh and remark on how he was making quite the stir in the newspapers. He was then warned that two investigators from Justea were coming into Rolled; when Lemy asked what Justea was, he explained that it was the World Police's elite International Works Department, asking the boy to keep that in mind. After Lemy assured him that he hadn't been caught yet, Bruno asked him to avoid calling him Second Dealer and announced he had to go as it would be daybreak soon. Lemy then saw him take his coat off the hanger and bow before him and his mother, leaving the mansion.[13]

Finding the MarkEdit

"Did you think it would be so easy? I was still your mother's apprentice once."
―Yuzette in response to Lemy's failed attack[src]

On February 11, Lemy entered a brothel on the 7th block of Rolled, pretending to be a customer and requesting the services of a prostitute. Successfully given the call to her room by the brothel's owner, Lemy entered, hearing the prostitute point out he was just a child and wonder aloud how much he paid the owner to actually let him in. Shyly asking if he was no good, Lemy turned his eyes toward her and listened to her as she sighed and conceded to the job.

Asked if it was his first time, Lemy replied that it was and saw her begin to undress. Hearing her seductively coax him that there were many things she could teach him and ask what they should start with, Lemy answered that he wanted to see a magic trick, seeing her stop undressing. Repeating his words, Lemy elaborated he meant a magic trick that could change a person's face. Seeing the prostitute turn pale, Lemy asked why her complexion changed before grinning and laughing. He then boasted that had finally found her. and that she'd obviously be inside if she wasn't any of the ones outside.

Hearing her state that she didn't recognize him right away since he had grown so much, Lemy retorted that she wasn't prepared, calling her Isabel before correcting himself, calling her "Seventh Magician Yuzette". Hearing her claim that she gave up while redressing herself, Lemy told the "traitor" to drop dead, attempting to stab her. When the woman grabbed the knife's blade with her hand, Lemy applied more force before pulling away.

He then heard her ask if he honestly believed it would be that easy considering she was once his mother's apprentice. Seeing her crouch and take a sword from under her bed, Lemy noted she could use a sword before being warned about dealing with prostitutes for too long. Hearing her admit that she couldn't actually fight with a sword, Lemy listened as she pointed out its other use.

Seeing Yuzette stare at him with glowing eyes, Lemy heard her explain that he was mistaken in calling her a traitor, pointing out it was actually First Santa Claus who had so easily discarded her after the fortune teller contracted with a demon for the woman. She then added that she still wouldn't seek vengeance against her, citing it was more than just her adoration for the woman. After saying she knew the crime boss's true motives behind what the world saw as "evil", Yuzette questioned what evil even was if Julia was called it.

After stating that he didn't understand and feeling himself become dizzy, Lemy heard her admit she wanted to see the world beyond that she was trying to achieve before pointing out her own life was also valuable and that she'd prefer to be left alone and live by herself. Asked if he and the others felt about Santa, Lemy thought about how Yuzette spoke resolutely and how she was beautiful, the boy succumbed to her Lust spell.

Hearing her note that the spell seemed to work, Lemy was asked to confirm that he wasn't planning to kill her anymore. Approaching her, Lemy said that he wanted her, jumping into her chest. He then heard her chuckle at him, told she would make him feel good all over as Yuzette patted his head. As Lemy began repeating his earlier statement, he blacked out.

After regaining consciousness, Lemy saw Yuzette's corpse at his feet, having spilled purple blood on the floor. Lifting the corpse, he saw the stab wound on Yuzette's chest before taking his knife and the sword. Hearing Ney state that the sword was one of Julia's treasures, Lemy attempted to jump out the window before being stopped by Ney. Ney then told him that there was a witness, the brothel owner, and that she should also be killed. Lemy then asked if it was necessary to kill unrelated people.

Reminded of all the prostitutes he killed, Lemy countered that that was just to look for Seventh Magician, only for Ney to point out that getting caught now wouldn't help Julia. Finally acquiescing, the boy wiped the blood from his knife and spotted the brothel owner wheeling into the room. Criticizing her carelessness, the boy walked over to her with his knife, hearing the woman muse calmly that she didn't want to die just yet. Remarking on her unusual coolness, Lemy nonetheless attempted to swing his knife at the brothel owner before being stopped by Ney.

As Lemy questioned her stopping him now, he heard the girl say that this woman was different and that he wouldn't win in a fight against her. The brothel owner then remarked on the voice and Lemy asked if the two were acquainted, learning that they were although the woman had been different. While he wondered what to do, he heard the brothel owner then assure him she wouldn't tell anyone of his murder of the woman, calling her by her codename. Questioning that she knew the prostitute's true identity, Lemy heard the other woman remark she'd seen the Venom Sword and checked for the identity of its wielder.

As the brothel owner moved on, she told Lemy that his crime would not go public, on the condition that she meet with First Santa Claus. As Lemy remarked he couldn't grant that request so easily, he heard her reassure him to just tell her that she was someone Julia would like to meet. Lemy then asked the woman for her name and heard that it was Third Sleep Princess; he was then told by Ney that she was lying, her real name being Elluka Clockworker.

Looking into Elluka's eyes, Lemy was convinced that the "Third Sleep Princess" wasn't lying and acquiesced to her request, while adding that if she leaked his murders he would come back and kill her. As Ney chastised his decision he told her mentally to let him decide, silencing the voice. He then returned to his mother and told her that there was a woman she would want to meet in the brothel, while also adding Ney's claim that she was Elluka Clockworker. Two days later, he accompanied Julia to the brothel in the night to speak with Third Sleep Princess.

Standing by his mother while she spoke with the woman, Lemy heard them discussing her identity and was unable to understand the particulars of their talk; afterwards he witnessed the Sleep Princess exercise her hypnotic abilities on an employee and a green-haired attendant. Lemy then listened as she and Julia rearranged Père Noël, making the alleged Sleep Princess into Seventh Magician and her attendant into Eighth Sniper. When asked about making Ney into Fourth Shadow, Lemy asked the voice what she thought and heard her remark that she disliked it. He then stood by while the new Seventh Magician raised a glass to the new Père Noël.

New Target Edit


Lemy meets with Julia and Bruno

At some point after their meeting, Julia told Lemy of how the new Seventh Magician had hypnotized an entire town when she was the "Sleep Princess." Three months later, Lemy and his mother were visited in the night by Bruno Marlon and Lemy was informed that his new target would be on Nob Nicole; when asked, Bruno explained to Lemy that he was the second vice president of the Freezis Foundation who despised Père Noël.

The boy asked why that was and was told that Nicole's younger brother was killed by the previous Fifth Pierrot. He then stood by as Julia and Bruno discussed the co-vice president's interference in Pere Noel's black market, before Julia turned to him and asked if he could do it. Admitting he didn't understand what they were talking about, Lemy nonetheless confirmed with a smile that he could kill the man. When he heard Bruno's disturbed remark on how much he seemed to be looking forward to killing someone, Lemy asked what the problem was watched as Julia intervened, insisting she hadn't brainwashed him and that she was only letting him take the lead himself. Afterwards Bruno left, and Lemy prepared for his next assignment.

The night before May 23, as part of the plot to assassinate Nicole, Lemy put on his Pierrot costume and hid in the ceiling space in the Lucifenian Palace's Hall of Sounds as the Lucifenian government met with the officials of the Freezis Foundation. The rest of the day, the boy waited quietly in the ceiling space and checked his pocket watch shortly before the talks began. Once the meeting concluded, Nob Nicole was left alone with Bruno and Julia and Pierrot prepared to strike.


Lemy hesitates to kill Bruno

Before the boy could act, however, two Justea investigators burst into the room and declared an emergency. Startled, he watched as the two of them began to interrogate Bruno Marlon over his intentions to have Nob Nicole executed, as well as threatening to reveal his true identity as Kaidor Blankenheim. He then spotted his mother gesturing at him to kill; confused, he wondered if he was meant to kill Nob now despite the danger, before hearing Ney remark that he was wrong.

Remarking on how she hadn't spoken in a while, Lemy asked the voice what she meant and Ney directed him to see that Julia was pointing at Bruno, the new intended target. Horrified, Lemy protested that Bruno was their comrade and pointed out that he'd be killed if he came down with everyone looking. Hearing Ney say that Julia decided to sacrifice Bruno and him to protect herself, the boy insisted she wouldn't do that and must have figured out a way he wouldn't get caught. As Ney dared him to try, then, Lemy watched Julia's gesture become even more urgent, but nonetheless balked.

Staying hidden in the ceiling space until Bruno was taken away, Lemy returned home some time after. Over the next several months, the boy witnessed his mother became increasingly suspected as part of Père Noël. At some point, she informed him of how Bruno Marlon had been taken to Castle Hedgehog to be tortured and hadn't yet confessed Julia's involvement, but that it was only a matter of time. After several occasions where their home was stormed by adults wishing to depose Julia, she sent Lemy to an inn on 12th Block on September 2 to stay instead, Ney telling him it was so he wouldn't leak any information.

Traitors and New Enemies Edit

That night, Lemy brooded over his failure in his room before being approached by the new Seventh Magician and Eighth Sniper. As the brothel owner remarked on the grave state of affairs for his mother, Lemy snapped that she should do something about it when her specialty was hypnosis. As Magician remarked that it would be too difficult, the boy reminded her of how she'd hypnotized an entire town once; told that it would be impossible now, he asked if it was because her body had changed and received a hesitant affirmation.

As he looked at Magician, he suddenly heard her propose that he escape from Julia immediately. Asking her what she meant and stating he wouldn't forsake his mother, he heard the woman retort that she was abandoning him, as he would eventually be outed as Ton's murderer and then killed by Julia to prevent it becoming public. Lemy then retorted he wouldn't be killed as long as he had his knife.

When Magician warned him not to underestimate the skilled Sixth Venom, Lemy replied that he already knew about Venom but that she shouldn't be acquainted with him. He then watched Ney and the Magician quip with each other, learning that she wasn't really the former Third Sleep Princess. Magician then turned to Lemy and told him it would be his choice to stay or escape, adding she would help him reach the country of Jakoku if he chose to leave. Asking why she was helping him, Lemy heard her remark that he was still young and that he would lose what life he had before him if he stayed.

At last, the boy said he'd need time to think about it. He heard the brothel owner remark that he'd have to decide by midnight tomorrow, telling him to come to the brothel with his most important item. As Lemy wondered what that was, he heard the woman ask if he didn't know and he thought about all the important objects in his life. Lemy then saw Magician and Sniper take their leave of him and returned home.

That night, Lemy dreamed of a woman in a red dress who resembled his mother, speaking to a girl who looked like Rin Chan. As they face him, Lemy almost remembers them before waking up. The next morning, he went home and Phoebe began preparing breakfast, informing him that Julia was sleeping after meeting many guests, but would be getting up soon to go to Parliament. He then saw Julia enter and also partake of her breakfast, noticing how tired she looked.

Lemy then asked her if she was alright, his mother asking in reply if he was able to sleep well in the unfamiliar bed. Confirming that he did, Lemy stared downcast for some time as he considered Magician's proposition. As Julia asked him what was the matter, Lemy looked up and announced there was something they had to talk about. He then confessed everything that had happened with Magician, telling Julia there was a traitor. Lemy then enjoyed Julia's gratitude as she petted his head, feeling a strange familiarity from it.[14]

On a following night, Lemy went to the brothel to catch the Magician and Sniper before their escape. Knocking and finding no reply, he entered and investigated the building, finding no one inside. Going to the back, a figure approached and Lemy eventually recognized him as Sixth Venom, the other assassin confirming no one was inside. As Lemy mused that Magician was supposed to be waiting for him, he heard Sixth Venom say that she had evidently sense their intentions and the boy's shoulders drooped, realizing he had failed again.

As he did, Sixth Venom put a hand on his shoulder and tried to cheer him up, suggesting that Julia had expected that this would happen. Puzzled, Lemy then heard Gatt explain how he had also tried to kill Elluka Clockworker before and was punished for it by Julia, who wanted herself to be the one to kill the mage. The two of them then left shortly after. Over the next few weeks, Lemy learned that Sixth Venom had killed Bruno, but witnessed with frustration how the public continued to doubt his mother. On one occasion, he heard Ney complain that he was obsessed with his mother and didn't do anything of his own will and disagreed. Believing Julia was doing the right thing for the country, Lemy was determined to hunt down his mother's enemies on his own to prevent them from stopping her.

Learning of how the congressman Elman Odbang was requesting his mother's resignation from presidency, Lemy stabbed the man to death in 11th Block in early October. He also learned of the journalist Isidor Angel following his mother's scandal and stabbed him in November on 2nd Block. Once an investigator from the World Police, Jean Marcel, was assigned to the murder cases the boy murdered the officer and dumped his body in the Orgo river that December.

A Villain in Face PaintEdit

"I told you to escape with me!"
―Elluka to the dying Lemy[src]

On December 26 in the early morning, Lemy targeted the investigator Ayn Anchor as he waited in front of the Abelard estate, hiding out in an alley until the officer wandered in. As the man came closer, Lemy greeted him and announced that because of him, Père Noël was in dire straits before asking Ayn to die for Santa Claus's sake. As he brandished his knife, however, he heard Ayn recognize him aloud as Lemy Abelard.

Startled, Lemy wondered how he knew before hearing Ayn continue that they had met before, the boy asking him what he was talking about. The officer then said recalled how he had been attacked by thugs in this alley four years ago, much to Lemy's disbelief. As Lemy protested he was lying before falling silent, Ayn explained how he had, dressed as a clown, chanced upon Lemy's attempted kidnapping while helping in the case with the old Fifth Pierrot. As Ayn mused that the thugs had mistaken him for Fifth Pierrot, Lemy snapped again that he was lying, insisting that Fifth Pierrot's "identity" couldn't be a police officer.

When Ayn insisted on explaining the truth of the events, Lemy cut him off and ran at him with the knife, missing easily. As the World Police investigator asked him why he was doing this and said that his mother was deceiving him, Lemy raged that his mother didn't matter and that this was his own decision, and that by erasing Ayn he could become the true Fifth Pierrot that he'd admired from four years ago. As he tried to stab the man again, Ayn tripped over a rock and fell.


Lemy is shot

Straddling the officer, Lemy raised his knife high and prepared to kill him, screaming at Ayn to die. Before he could deliver the finishing blow, however, Lemy was shot in the chest and collapsed on top of the man. As the child moaned that his chest hurt, Ayn lay him down beside him and Lemy saw Seventh Magician and Eighth Sniper arrive. Looking up at Magician, he perceived the woman sneering at him as she told him she'd asked him to escape with her for this reason.

Struggling to speak, Lemy tried to ask why she had done this if she'd tried to help him, hearing the woman reply that it was because he had betrayed her and chose the path of evil. Lemy tried to protest that he wasn't evil, but rather other people were, only for Magician to argue otherwise. As blood continued to spill from his wound, Lemy weakly said he didn't want to die and heard Magician remark on the irony of him saying such after having killed so many people.

As he began to run out of breath, Lemy asked if he'd done any good and heard Magician remark she didn't know, suggesting he ask Ney. Lemy then tried to call for Ney and realized he couldn't hear her voice. Murmuring that she had always been with him before and calling out for her, Lemy grasped the air with his hand before becoming weak and succumbing to his injury.

Shortly afterwards, Lemy was given a burial in the Rolled city cemetery, where he remained for the next month. On January 29 that night, the boy awoke to hear Ney telling him to get up, becoming increasingly irate as he slept. In response to her demands, Lemy pushed his way up through the dirt and crawled out of the hole. As Ney greeted him, Lemy coughed and choked up dirt, before eventually remarking with bewilderment that he was alive.

Remarking it was hard to move in his burial jacket, he stripped it off and was directed by Ney to his everyday clothes neatly folded beside his grave. Hearing Ney explain that his mother left them for him, Lemy questioned Julia knowing he'd be alive before trying to ask how he'd been revived in the first place. Ney told the boy that it was due to their "Lord's" divine protection. Asking if she meant his mother, Lemy only heard the girl deny it and remark that he still didn't remember.

Changing the topic, Ney told Lemy to change clothes quickly and not forget the red wine glass placed on the grave behind him. Taking it, he was directed by another voice from the glass to head north to Apocalypse Cliff beyond Merrigod Plateau, where his mother was waiting for him. The voice introduced herself as the Demon of Gluttony as she commanded him to take the first step. Obediently, Lemy arrived at the cliff a day later.

Duel of Merrigod PlateauEdit

As he traversed in the darkness with caution, Lemy listened to Ney guiding him to the Grave of Pale Noel, the voice explaining that Seventh Magician and Eighth Sniper were there placing his mother in imminent danger. Approaching the entrance of a cave, Lemy was confused when Ney told him they had arrived at the destination, questioning how he would be able to see the inside when he didn't carry a light. As she assured that the inside was lit, the boy wondered how Ney had such vast knowledge, but as usual received no answer.

After entering the cave, Lemy found the path lit by moss-covered rocks that gave off a faint light, allowing him to traverse the sloped passageway until reaching the back of the cave. Seeing blue flames on some of the rocks, Lemy did his best to avoid it before suddenly seeing a blue fireball coming at him and swiftly dodging it.

He then heard Ney note that she'd not seen the red cat mage's specialty fire magic for a while, warning him that, while he couldn't die due to the demon contract, it'd take long to regenerate if he was burned to ashes. Lemy questioned who the red cat mage she was referring to was, and was surprised at her answer that the mage was his mother, listening to Ney's retort that he should have known she wasn't a normal human as the head of Père Noël with magic tools in her treasury.

Lemy proceeded into the chamber and spotted Julia engaging a battle with Seventh Magician and Eighth Sniper, the woman standing before Pale Noel's tomb with blue flames in her hands. The boy cried out for his mother, only to be met with the surprised looks of the three women and hear his mother express confusion at his being there. Realizing that his arrival may not have been his mother's intention, Lemy nonetheless stood by as Seventh Magician and Julia discussed Lemy's survival thanks to his demon contract.

As Magician began attacking Julia again and declared she'd defeat her, Lemy brought out his knife and charged toward Elluka, before being stopped by Sniper shooting him in the heart. Immediately collapsing with a groan, boy clutched his chest before he quickly recovered from the wounds. Surprised, Lemy remarked that it must have been what healed his wounds before and listened as Ney explained that it was because he was in direct contact with the glass and, therefore, their master's divine protection was stronger. He thanked for her explanation and stood up uninjured.

Shortly after, Sniper remarked on his miraculously quick recovery before, after thinking it over, shooting him with a magic bullet. Sent flying, Lemy screamed and fell to the ground before coming back up ten seconds later, in tatters but without a scratch. As Julia fought with Seventh and the green-haired mage aimed her weapon at him once again, Lemy mocked her using it when it was proven ineffective.

Over the next two hours, Lemy continued to doggedly assault Sniper despite being shot by her magic bullets multiple times, getting back up each time and attacking the girl with his knife. Exhausted from the lengthy battle, he charged at the green-haired mage once again before she shot him in the head with a golden bullet, killing him with the power of Wrath.

Servant to the GlassEdit

Waking up, Lemy found himself in a place covered in red bright light and saw a girl resembling Rin approaching him before recognizing her as Ney. Greeted by Ney, the boy regained a bit of the memory of his previous life and recalled the girl was his sister Arte. While looking at his surroundings in confusion, he heard a woman's voice similar to his mother's and then realized that it was the Demon of Gluttony's.

Beginning to apologize to the demon for his failure despite her instructions, Lemy listened as the demon assured him that he had done his job, telling him to watch the rest of the fight on the outside world. Realizing he was dead and currently in the Glass of Conchita, the boy peered through a peeking hole in space and saw Julia cradling his dead body and sobbing, musing that his mother was crying for him.

As the boy identified himself aloud as Lemy before realizing that this couldn't be the case anymore, he heard Arte call him by the name Pollo and ask if he wanted to eat breakfast. As Arte later urged him to hurry before Lord Banica ate it all, the name triggered Lemy's memory and he finally accepted his identity as Pollo, servant of Banica Conchita.


Sometime after, Lemy and Julia's connection to Père Noël was established and the names of his killers was documented in Evillious history, although the exact events after his death were lost. Due to the brutal killings he committed, the boy earned the moniker "Lemy the Ripper" after death. While discussing the Freezis Fairy Tale, Daughter of Evil, Judge Gallerian Marlon questioned if the "Elluka" and "Gumillia" recorded to have killed Lemy were the same as the mage's in Yukina Freezis' fairy tale.[15]

Over a decade later, Gammon Octo and Ma created a screenplay and it was subsequently reviewed by the Master of the Court; deeming Lemy's relation to Julia as proof he was a member of Père Noël, the investigation into the "case" was quickly concluded.[16] While organizing the "motion", Gammon noted that Lemy seemed to lack any memory of his past lives and wasn't born with a reincarnation of Gretel like in previous occurrences. The Gardener also found his death as simply a result of bad luck.[17]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Lemy was a slow witted and increasingly ruthless boy. As a young child, Lemy was shy and unwilling to socialize with his peers. Because of this, he had few friends, and was therefore quite attached to Rin. He was also mischievous, becoming notorious as a troublemaker at his orphanage. Due to being rescued from thugs by what appeared to be Fifth Pierrot, Lemy idolized the assassin, and was honored to receive the assassin's role as Fifth Pierrot. Similarly, due to his nature as an HER, he had no compunction with carrying out multiple murders; although initially shocked by his own sadism, he eventually came to enjoy the task.

After being adopted by Julia, Lemy came to greatly love the woman as his mother, being unwilling to believe she was using him for her selfish goals. This loyalty and love for Julia made him easy to brainwash, causing him to believe that the world was filled with "mistakes" and that Père Noël was pursuing its criminal activity for the sake of rectifying those mistakes.

Due to being abandoned by his prostitute mother as an infant, Lemy was traumatized by the experience, having nightmares about it. Because of said trauma, Lemy had a subconscious hatred for prostitutes, considering them to be lowly and even being uncomfortable with the purple clothes they wore, reminding him of his birth mother. He also despised adults who used children for their gain, and was thus outraged upon finding out about Ton's abusive treatment of Rin.

Lemy considered himself to be unintelligent, unable to receive proper schooling and with limited comprehension of the events happening around him. Due to this he was, for the most part, comfortable with following the direction of other people like his mother and Ney, looking to her voice for advice and guidance. Because of this guidance he gradually became attached to Ney's voice and was disappointed by her silence when shot by Sniper. Despite this, the two would often bicker and Lemy also entertained a stubborn streak when it came to his mother.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

A proficient assassin, Lemy was skilled in the use of a knife despite not receiving any formal training. Due to his contract with the Demon of Gluttony, Lemy could move at superhuman speed and heal from any injury including gunshots. As Fifth Pierrot, Lemy was able to quickly track down and kill targets while eluding the authorities. He was also able to navigate in the darkness, as well as maneuver himself in a pierrot costume. Aside from this, he was able to maintain his persona as Fifth Pierrot, consistently putting on makeup and wearing his costume. Due to never receiving a proper education, Lemy had a below average intelligence, unable to remember small details or wield the Glass of Conchita's reanimation power.

Character ConnectionsEdit

Julia Abelard: Lemy's adoptive mother. Raised by Julia from a young age, Lemy loved and was loyal to his mother and was, over time, willing to do anything in his power to protect her from harm. Although presented with reasons to doubt Julia's good intentions, Lemy stubbornly stuck to this loyalty and would feel shame if ever he let her down as Fifth Pierrot. This love he felt for Julia even lingered when he'd regained his memories as Pollo, upset when Banica tried to kill her. 

Ney: A voice that guided Lemy. Speaking to Ney many times after his contact with the glass, Lemy thought that the girl was often annoying and resisted her assertions that his mother was just using him. Nonetheless, she was often helpful to him and Lemy usually listened to her direction when it was beneficial to him; when shot by Eighth Sniper, he similarly called for her as he "died" and was upset to hear no answer.

Rin Chan: Lemy's childhood friend. Knowing Rin Chan in his days in the orphanage, Lemy thought highly of his talented and intelligent friend and was often anxious about them being separated. After his adoption, he continued to care about the girl and became dedicated to keeping her from harm, concerned about her situation with Ton and even killing the man to protect her. 

Seventh Magician: A fellow member of Père Noël. Suspicious and irritable towards her since their first meeting, Lemy nonetheless tolerated Magician's presence as the alleged former Third Sleep Princess and a replacement Seventh Magician. He was as a result conflicted when the woman presented him with an opportunity to escape, although eventually reporting the threat. Similarly, he resisted her condemnation of his actions as he lay "dying".

Eighth Sniper: A fellow member of Père Noël. As Seventh Magician's hypnotized assistant, Lemy did not hold any particular opinion towards the girl but was suspicious of her as an extension of her master. As a result, he didn't suspect she would be a threat as he prepared to kill one of his targets.

Hänsel: Lemy's first incarnation. Having maintained some memories of his former life, a portion of Lemy's loyalty to his mother came from Hänsel's relationship with Meta Salmhofer; he saw in First Santa Claus remnants of Meta, and so wished to please her.

Pollo: One of Lemy's previous incarnations. Lemy's appearance and soul were the same as Pollo's, and with them he acquired the servant's loyalty to anyone resembling Meta. He additionally gained a relationship to the Demon of Gluttony that he would remember in full after his death. 

Male Servant: Lemy's later incarnation. Lemy's absorption by the Demon of Gluttony led directly to the Male Servant's existence; as with previous incarnations, Lemy passed his fanatic loyalty on to him as he served the Master of the Graveyard in Evil's Theater.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Lemy bears many similarities and parallels to the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper; both killers had similar nicknames, murdered their victims at night, and used a knife as their weapon of choice.
  • His codename and role in Père Noël is derived from the Pierrot, a stock character in French pantomime who is usually described as a naive or foolish character that becomes a victim of the other people's pranks.
  • His surname, Abelard, is the surname of famous French philosopher Peter Abelard; Lucifenia, Lemy's native country, is inspired by France.
  • Lemy's name is partially inspired by the name of his representative Vocaloid, Len, with both names sharing the first two letters
  • The location of his murders, "Rolled" (ロールド), is likely a reference to the road roller (ロードローラー), a vehicle often associated with the Kagamine twins, one of whom is Lemy's representative Vocaloid.


  • Lemy's role of "punishing the bad children" follows the twisted "Christmas" theme that surrounds Père Noël.
  • In Deadly Sins of Evil: Evil Food Eater Conchita, the Demon of Gluttony reflects on her vessel's previous owners, humorously considering the "fifth" owner to be the "Pierrot".
  • While he is mentioned to be wearing white face paint in both Fifth Pierrot and Deadly Sins of Evil: Fifth Pierrot, he is not shown wearing makeup in the song PV.
  • He shares the same birthday (December 27) with his Vocaloid.




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