Kyle Marlon
Technical Information
Japanese カイル=マーロン
Romaji Kairu Maaron
Other Names Karchess Crim (pen name)
Blue (by Clarith)
Masked Man
Karchess (alias)
Soul of Adam (by Banica)


Biographical Information
Born February 17, EC 474
Classification Human
Race Marlon
Gender Male
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Marlon (formerly)
Levin Church (Levia sect)
"I decide who I am. I've always thought that but... that hasn't gone too well."
―Kyle Marlon[src]

Kyle Marlon was the King of the Kingdom of Marlon and the son of Queen Dowager Prim. After falling in love with Michaela and rejecting his betrothed, Princess Riliane, Kyle unwittingly sparked the Lucifenia-Elphegort War. Having lost his beloved to Riliane, Kyle secretly supported the Lucifenian Resistance, annexing Lucifenia as a Marlon territory in the wake of its revolution. Possessed by the Demon of Pride, Kyle threatened to expand an imperialist Marlon regime across all of Evillious.


Early LifeEdit

"Well, my mother's plotting ruined all that though. Using her influence on art dealers and critics, she made sure the painting world rejected me. To the point that I can never go back."
―Kyle regarding his childhood[src]

Kyle was born on February 17, EC 474 within the Marlon Royal Family. Learning he was fifth in line to the Kingdom of Marlon's crown, the boy dreamed of becoming a brave warrior who would go on adventures with swordfights and naval battles instead of being King. When he and his vassals expressed interest in the boy learning swordplay for self defense and about battleships to his mother, Prim, the Queen refused to let the boy study the subjects, arguing that the future king should lead from behind the troops.[1]

Sometime during his youth, Prim began relating stories of Elluka Clockworker to her son, including tales of her wartime heroics and mentoring of the Queen.[2] As time progressed, Kyle lost interest in heroics and decided he wanted to become painter instead, using the second floor of the royal palace as his studio under the pseudonym "Karchess Crim"; during that period, he began learning about famous artists, idolizing the contemporary works of Nikolay Tolle. At some point, Kyle encountered his mother Prim's close friend Abyss I.R. and, unnerved by her cruelty, avoided her.[3]


Kyle painting during his youth

In EC 484, Kyle met Mikina Sfarz at one of the royal banquets and saw her scream and faint at the sight of a cat.[4] Showing the talent required, the fourteen-year old Kyle moved into the city with his relatives in EC 488 and progressed quickly under the guidance of Margaret, his art teacher. Struck by Margaret's intelligent demeanor and kindness, Kyle developed a crush on her.[5]

That same year, his mother brought a young girl to the palace and Kyle was told she was their relative. Despite her quiet demeanor, Kyle played with the child and eventually had her pose for a new portrait. Sometime after, the girl left without saying goodbye and Kyle was forced to finish half the painting from his imagination. Once he finished the painting of the blonde girl and showed it to his teacher, Margaret gave it the most praise of any of his artworks.[6] At some point, Kyle promised to marry the green-haired woman when he grew up and she laughed; soon after,  he discovered she was already marrying someone else.

After Margaret's apparent suicide via poison while imprisoned in EC 489, Kyle grew suspicious of the circumstances; hearing that Keel Freezis would do anything if you paid him, the Prince hired the apprentice to investigate her death. Soon after, Keel relayed to Kyle how his mother handed the poison off to a guard who gave it to Margaret. Afterwards, the Marlon prince became fully devoted to becoming an artist, willing to even leave the royal family and begin his art career; during that time, Kyle and Keel became close friends. Shortly afterward, multiple art critics and dealers, including his idol Nikolay Tolle, came by and criticized Kyle's work and, over time, demoralized him from his ideal.[7]

Paved Path in PoliticsEdit

"Sometimes I think about it all. Have I not been walking the path paved entirely by my mother? Am I not simply my mother's puppet, they say?"

The prince destroys his childhood works

Completely broken, the Prince abandoned his dream and burned all of his paintings in EC 490 following the death of his father, saving only the portrait of the blond girl that his teacher loved so much.[8] Around that time, Kyle received a hand mirror from his mother and kept it because it helped alleviate his confusion.[9] Sometime later, Keel bought the painting, saying the prince could buy it back when he felt better at double the price.[10]

After being teased by Keel for his poor ability with a sword, the prince began learning fencing under his instructor, Lutwidge. After training for some time, Lutwidge told Kyle that he could've become one of the most powerful swordsmen in the Evillious region had he started learning at an early age. Later on, Kyle learned Keel and Mikina eloped and fled abroad. Sometime after, Kyle decided to join the army in battling a small band of pirates to test his skills and they won the battle. Once he returned and his mother learned of the exploit, the furious Prim forbid the boy from traveling anywhere without the protection of the navy. After the Victoricia was assigned as his escort vessel, Kyle became close friends with its captain, Admiral Dylan, over their many voyages together.[11]

Cha5 img (1)
In EC 494, Kyle was crowned king after the political turmoil finally settled down.[12] In the wake of the event, the new King learned of his mother's suspected involvement in the murder of his many other half-siblings despite the lack of hard evidence.[13]  As the years progressed, Kyle overheard numerous titles given to him in regards to being his mother's puppet and his apparent incompetence as a King.[14] At some point, he learned that his mother had bribed the artists and dealers to belittle him.[15]

Around that time, Kyle became acquainted with his betrothed, Princess Riliane of the Kingdom of Lucifenia, and the two became very close.[16] Over the course of his many visits to the royal palace there, he gave Riliane a shell pendant as part of their courtship.[17] After seeing his surviving half-brother, Arkatoir, return as a civil servant in parliament, the King worried for his safety as the two worked closely together in managing the Kingdom. At one point, he asked Arkatoir why he risked returning to politics after relinquishing his birthright and his brother answered that it was his fight. He then quickly explained that he wanted to aim for something more than just plowing fields for the rest of his life, even if it meant awaiting his doom.[18] After Keel and Mikina became popular merchants in Elphegort, the King began attending his friend's monthly banquets at his mansion in Aceid while incognito, pretending he was much younger.[19]

Green RomanceEdit

"... Even now, there are times when I want to drop it all and run away. Quit being King and live a humble life among the commoners. Surrounded by my loving wife and our children, see? If at that moment... there was someone like you beside me, that'd be ideal."
―Kyle to Michaela[src]

Kyle and Riliane enjoying her birthday party

In December of EC 499, Kyle attended one of Keel's banquets at his mansion in Elphegort, leaving unsatisfied by the magic tricks showcased as the dinner party's entertainment.[20] On December 27, the King of Marlon attended his fiancée's fourteenth birthday party, greeting the Princess at her throne in the Hall of Mirrors. Afterward, he accepted Riliane's hand and let her lead him through the crowds as they talked for a time;[21] at some point, Kyle learned about the dire famine afflicting the country and Riliane's refusal to relieve the citizenry's starvation.[22]

A month later in EC 500, he attended another banquet at Keel's mansion and watched his new servant, Michaela, come upon stage.[23] Upon seeing her, Kyle was shocked and nearly mistook her for Margaret. Instantly enamored with the gorgeous girl, Kyle was impressed by her beautiful singing. Twenty minutes later,[24] the king congratulated Keel for the successful performance, admitting he enjoyed Michaela's goddess-like voice and beauty. Keel introduced the servant girl to the king, joking he was a playboy. When Michaela bowed and nervously apologized for her lack of etiquette, Kyle assured her he'd prefer she didn't act too formal with him since he was there incognito.


Kyle's innocent laughter

Seeing the girl immediately regress to a casual demeanor, the shocked King silently watched her and Keel argue over her over-familiarity compared to his friend's "playboy" comment. Barely able to contain his amusement, Kyle put a hand over his mouth before finally bursting into laughter, admitting he liked her funny personality.[25] He then asked Keel about when she'd perform next and the merchant replied he wasn't sure, noting everyone's reaction changed everything.[26]

Sometime after, Kyle decided to confess his feelings for the girl, bringing a coral shell pendant with him to another of Keel's banquets. Following Michaela's performance, he learned Mikina had moved her to the drawing room. After knocking on the door and being met with no response, the King entered to see Michaela gawking at his portrait of the mysterious blonde girl and seemingly trying to read his signature. Kyle then approached and explained it read his pen name. As the shocked Michaela requested he not barge in without warning, Kyle apologized before recalling the time he painted that portrait; while recounting the years with a smile, he claimed it was seven or eight rather than sixteen.


Kyle hints at his affections

As he reminisced about his dream being destroyed, he put a hand to the frame while staring at the painting. When Michaela inquired if he hated being king, he replied that he was proud of the serious responsibility he shouldered despite his mother's apparent lack of satisfaction. Losing his smile, Kyle then expressed his concern over others' claims he was just his mothers' puppet, noting his mentality that he decided who he was hadn't really played out.

Regaining his smile, the King admitted he sometimes wished he could run away and live a simple life as a commoner with a wife and child. Imagining Michaela in that position, the embarrassed monarch looked at her while hesitantly supposing someone like her would be ideal. When Michaela plainly questioned if he was in love with her, The shocked King noted her bluntness before finally confessing he liked her since they first met. After the girl responded that she couldn't answer since she didn't understand what love was. Once Michaela reconfirmed her reason and asked his opinion, Kyle admitted it was difficult question while seriously pondering it.

The blue-haired royal then asked if she cherished a non-family member and the girl affirmed it. He then inquired if she wanted to protect that person in a serious situation and she again affirmed it, following up with a question of whether she was happy being with the person. Told she was, the king finally asked if she'd accept that person being with someone other than her and the girl denied it, saying it felt impossible. Smiling at the chance, he noted she might be in love with said person.


Kyle gifting Michaela the shell pendant

After sharing his theory that love was selfish and that a friend would be reserved of getting involved with a person wanting to be with others instead of jealous, Kyle heard Michaela admit that person they spoke of was a woman. Utterly shocked, the wide-eyed king threw his head back and stared at the ceiling before quietly admitting he lost. After reluctantly telling her love could be shared between the same gender, the king looked down and apologized, noting his own inexperience in love matters.

Once Michaela stated that he at least knew more than her, the King put the shell pendant around her neck, requesting she accept his token of "pure love" with glee. When the girl refused, he jokingly questioned her rejecting a gift from the King of Marlon and Michaela noted his quick abuse of his power. Laughing, the young royal admitted it was joke and apologized, suggesting they just get to know each other as friends first. Michaela begrudgingly accepted it and Kyle teased her miraculous acceptance of him as a friend. Confirming he was joking again, the King wished her well before returning to the concert hall.[27]

Lucifenia's TroublesEdit

"You really want us to bring Lucifenia relief, King of Marlon?"
"Yes. Thank you for hearing out my whims, King of Elphegort"
―Thorny Elphen and Kyle[src]

Kyle shopping with Michaela at Aceid

After learning of Leonhart Avadonia's death, Kyle joined in mourning at the warrior's funeral, departing after his burial.[28] Afterward, the Marlon king regularly visited Elphegort over the following weeks to arrange a meeting with Keel and King Thorny Elphen to discuss relieving Lucifenia's food shortage; during the period, he met up with Michaela at Keel's mansion almost every day, talking to her about Marlon's festivals or his adventures facing pirates and sometimes buying her gifts.

The day of his planned meeting with Keel and Thorny at the Freezis Mansion, Kyle went to see Michaela and saw the maid Clarith kneeling by a door deep in thought. Perplexed, the blue-haired royal leaned against the wall and asked her what she was doing. After explaining his intentions and asking about Michaela's whereabouts, Clarith told him she was out buying green onions and that it would be better for him to go on his way. Thinking it over, Kyle noted that he had nothing else to do and said he would be going to the market.

After spotting Michaela sweeping the back garden, he offered to join her own her shopping trip and she accepted, walking and chatting and helping carry her groceries. As they crossed the bridge back to the Northern District, he turned to face her as they chatted when they noticed Clarith had fallen into the water. Seeing she was drowning, the startled king handed Michaela the bags he was carrying before swiftly stripping off his heavier clothes and jumping in after her; pulling the girl ashore, he asked if she was alright. He and Michaela then both attended to Clarith among the impressed bystanders. 


Clarith lectures Kyle

That night, he met with Keel and King Thorny in the Freezis' meeting room, discussing the famine in Lucifenia and Leonhart's recent assassination. After proposing Marlon and Elphegort both send aide to relieve the Yellow Country's populace and improve their diplomatic relations, Keel agreed to send the aide on behalf of Elphegort and Thorny eventually conceded as well.

After affirming his desires with the King, Kyle thanked him for listening and allowed Keel to order some liquor to drink and relax for the rest of the night. After some time passed and Michaela had still not returned with the alcohol, the three were shocked to see Clarith suddenly burst in, drunk. When the maid grabbed him by the front of his clothes, Kyle listened to her rant in his face about having kept his engagement a secret; as she rambled on, he tried to tell her he didn't understand. When the maid added he would throw Michaela away once he tired of her, Kyle protested the notion before Clarith began ranting at Keel instead.[29]

Passion of BlueEdit

"Michaela, if, if I said I wanted to defy my mother, abandon the throne, the country, everything, and run away with you, would you... come with me?"

The next day, the merchant showed Kyle a unique piece of his collection and the King came in contact with the Venom Sword, feeling a twisting yet comforting feeling as he was unknowingly possessed by the Demon of Lust. The merchant asked if his friend was interested in purchasing the weapon but the blue-haired monarch refused, feeling he would be unable to handle its power.

Afterward, he went to see Michaela and, suddenly filled with an intense and uncontrollable lust for her, cheerfully asked if she would rather go outside than do the laundry. Hearing no response, he told her that he was leaving for Marlon soon and came by to say hello and farewell to Keel but that the merchant was busy. Knowing the captain was waiting, he asked if she would send his regards to Keel instead.

Michaela then vehemently told him to ask the butler Bruno instead and the king realized her anger, interpreting it as loneliness at his departure and believing Michaela had finally fallen for him. She rejected the notion and told him she knew he was engaged. Kyle brushed it off and told her Riliane was like his sister, not his lover and said he felt happy she seemed jealous. Michaela angrily replied she was angry because he had been deceiving her. She then calmed down and led him to the door.

On their way, he sighed before finally ordering her to turn around. Once she complied, the blue-haired king explained that he did not want to marry Riliane and that the betrothal was decided by their mothers. Michaela asked if he hated the princess and he said that wasn't the case, saying he knew she was not a bad girl and he explained he liked her as a sister, rather than love her as his betrothed. Michaela told him he couldn't defy his mother and Kyle agreed, but hesitated in thought. He was then shocked when the servant rejected him and told him his affair would cause problems with the other countries if it went on. Saddened, he understood what she said and agreed to not cause any harm.

The two headed for the door in silence and bid each other farewell as they approached the mansion's main gate. Heading for his entourage, Kyle suddenly ran back to Michaela and embraced her, asking if she would join him if he disobeyed his mother, gave up the throne, and ran away. He released her and told the shocked servant to forget about what he said before departing back to Marlon. In addition to Keel's assistance, he then sent his own aid from Marlon to help Lucifenia as a gesture of good faith to Riliane.[30]

Green HuntingEdit

"Honestly! No matter how much time passes, that simpleton's really still a child. He didn't even consider how much trouble his actions would bring to those around him!"
―Keel ranting about Kyle[src]

A few weeks later, Kyle impulsively decided to void his engagement with Riliane and his mother complied with the gesture. Later on, when Prime Minister Minis of Lucifenia visited the country in response to their aide, Kyle wrote a letter for his betrothed regarding his intentions. Meeting with the Prime Minister, Kyle and his mother were impressed by the honoraria he presented them, offering a baby ziz tiama to their court mage, Elluka, in turn. Kyle then offered Lucifenia to give to Riliane, revealing its contents to the minister.

With his mother expressing respect for Kyle's decision,[31] the royals sent off the minister.  Kyle then prepared to leave for Elphegort but was imprisoned by Prim and kept under house arrest. He was freed about a week later and received a letter from Keel explaining the situation.[32] Knowing Michaela's location in the Millennium Tree Forest, Kyle sent a letter back saying he'd be able to smuggle Michaela away from the conflict in no more than a week. Hoping to save her, Kyle departed from Bariti and voyaged to Elphegort.

A few days later, he arrived at Keel's specified location and found Michaela's corpse inside the well. He hugged her corpse and cried when Elluka and her apprentice, Gumillia, arrived. In his frustration, he kicked and punched violently as the duo extracted Michaela's corpse and soon after departed with the shell pendant he gave her in hand.[33] Donning a mask, Kyle went to the headquarters of the Lucifenian Resistance within the Forest of Bewilderment and told them he could help.[34] He joined the resistance led by Germaine Avadonia, daughter of Leonhart.

Preparation for InsurrectionEdit

"Gathered more than enough. Not just from Lucifenia but people from Elphegort too. Moreover... there're the soldiers this here masked man fella had brought."
―Minage speaking of Kyle's support[src]

Kyle assisted the resistance and supplied them with his soldiers to bolster their army. During their last meeting in the Resistance's base in the forest, the disguised king's loyalty was questioned by York, a resistance leader. In response to being mistrusted for his mask and the elite weaponry of his soldiers, Kyle responded that there should be no issue since they shared the same goal of overthrowing Riliane's regime. York did not believe him and the masked king insulted him in turn before Sekka, quieted both of them.

Germaine approached Kyle and touched his mask, noting how poorly it fit upon his face. Astonished, Kyle asked if she had discovered his identity and she responded probably before explaining that his reasons were irrelevant so long as he helped them. When asked what his name was, the disguised king told them to call him "Karchess" and they continued the meeting. When the blacksmith arrived with supplies for the revolutionaries, Karchess sighed and watched as Germaine received her father's reprocessed armor.[35]

Lucifenian RevolutionEdit

"We got lucky with no reinforcements coming from Marlon."
"... You're a nasty piece of work."
―Germaine teasing the masked Kyle[src]

Once the Lucifenian Revolution began, the disguised Kyle and his masked soldiers assisted the Resistance and Elphegort armies and helped score successive victories against the Lucifenian army. On the second week of the Revolution, Kyle's forces staged a night raid on the recalled forces from Retasan Fortress and the Babul Desert region during their return trip, decimating them. Afterward, Karchess led the forces at Rolled to combat the Venom Mercenaries' forces.

With his own soldiers led by Marc, another revolutionary leader, Karchess combated the mercenaries. The battle continued into the following week and the masked swordsman engaged their commander, Gast Venom, in battle. Karchess was wounded during the fight in his left wrist and was about to be finished off by the "Demon of Asmodean" when Marc intervened and blocked Gast's killing blow. Shortly afterward, Marc was slain but the duel injured Gast and forced him and his mercenaries to flee.

Karchess continued the push with the revolutionary army towards the kingdom's capital. During the assault of the Lucifenian palace's main gate, Karchess, beside Germaine, proclaimed their victory. The red-armored swordsman agreed but mentioned they needed to hurry before the palace's reinforcements returned from Elphegort and noted their serendipity with Marlon not sending any reinforcements to defend Lucifenia. Hearing her deliberate tone, Kyle told her that she was terrible before holding his injured wrist.

Germaine asked if he was alright and he replied he was still able to fight but that Gast and his mercenaries were tough opponents. He lowered his head and apologized for Marc's death during the battle and told Germaine how Marc was the reason the masked warrior was alive. Karchess warned her to beware of engaging Gast in combat, despite the injuries they inflicted him.

Once the main gate was opened and the Heavenly Yard was invaded, Karchess and his forces assailed the courtyard but were held back by Mariam Futapie and her cadre of warrior maids. He yelled at Germaine to ignore Mariam and leave her to Chartette Langley, who distracted the Head of Maids, allowing Kyle's forces to break the enemy lines and assault the palace with Kyle leading the assault. Karchess and Germaine then divided their forces with Kyle's half finding Prime Minister Minis as he attempted to escape.

Kyle tried to arrest the absconding minister but Minis resisted and was killed as a result. He sent a messenger to report his actions to Germaine and the palace was searched before Princess Riliane was found and captured, finishing the revolution.[36] Sometime during the fighting, Kyle encountered a guardsman, Clive. After the King revealed his identity to the guard, he became the Marlon king's ally and promised to serve him and his future plans.[37]

Sometime later, Kyle visited the imprisoned princess and realized she was not Riliane but her servant, Allen Avadonia, instead. The servant confessed to being Michaela's murderer and Kyle, furious, unleashed his wrath and punched the false princess in the face repeatedly. Once he was finished abusing the prisoner, Kyle told Allen he would execute the boy in place of Riliane, considering the political ramifications if the princess was not believed captured and killed.[38]

Marlon ReformsEdit

"From this point onward, the Kingdom of Lucifenia shall be under Marlon rule."
―Kyle to the peace assembly[src]

Soon after the revolution ended, Kyle received a letter from his mother demanding that Lucifenia come under Marlon's jurisdiction.[39] Wishing to prove his competence and finally be rid of ridicule, the ambitious king planned to take full control over Lucifenia and eventually conquer all of Evillious under Marlon's banner, making it the largest and strongest nation in history.[40]

A few days after the Lucifenian Revolution ended, Kyle attended the peace meeting in the Hall of Sounds along with Keel, King Thorny, Germaine, and the other revolutionary leaders. Once everyone arrived, he was told by Germaine to start the meeting, called by his title of the King of Marlon. Removing his mask, he revealed his identity and congratulated the revolutionary army for giving them their victory after greeting the members present.

Germaine sarcastically asked why he no longer wore his mask, Kyle replying that there was no longer any need; he was prepared to lose the throne as a result of his actions but his mother simply sent him a letter with conditions instead. Kyle then told the revolutionary leader he would explain the letter later and brought up the topic of the surviving Lucifenian army and discussed the issue with the members of the meeting.

The next topic was related to the Three Heroes and, after Keel determined Elluka would not become a problem, Kyle explained that Mariam Futapie was found dead by a Marlon soldier while patrolling the palace. When asked if they knew the perpetrator that killed her, Kyle responded in the negative. With the first two topics settled, Kyle elaborated on his mother's conditions and York, outraged by Kyle's proposal, spoke out against him. In response, the King attempted to soothe his anger.

Once York was pacified by Germaine, Kyle finished explaining that if the revolutionary army led the country, they would lack political experience, unlike him; Kyle also added that he was willing to incorporate the revolutionary leaders into the new government in Lucifenia. The conference unanimously agreed to Kyle's proposal and York and Minage were given positions in his new regime while Germaine turned down the offer. Kyle humbly told those present he would work hard for Lucifenia to know the true meaning of freedom in the future.

The King then looked at Germaine with regret for turning down the chance to join his government before the swordsman laughed. Kyle asked what was wrong and she told him how he spoke differently compared to how he spoke as "Karchess" and the humbled king told her not to tease him before turning away from her. Kyle then inquired if she met the arrested princess and when Germaine told her she had not, he brought up the subject of her execution. It was decided by the meeting that "The Daughter of Evil" would be killed and Kyle declared she would be given a public execution in Milanais Square at three o'clock.[41]

Marlon OccupationEdit

"Are you going to unify the Evillious region too?"
"We will do so sooner or later."
―General George Ausdin and King Kyle[src]

After "The Daughter of Evil" was beheaded and the Kingdom of Lucifenia was occupied, the Demon of Lust was secretly extracted from him. Shortly after, he was unknowingly possessed by the Demon of Pride from the gift hand mirror he carried. Once Kyle settled in Lucifenia, he handed over administration of Marlon to his mother,[42]making Clive his right hand man;[43] during that time, the king began relaxing in the palace's Heavenly Yard each evening.[44] At some point after the revolution, Kyle had drinks with York on a few occasions and learned the story of how Germaine was adopted by Leonhart as an atonement for the soldier killing the rest of her family.[45]

Sometime after, Ney Futapie told Kyle that Germaine was Michaela's actual murderer. Determined to attain vengeance against her,[46] he sent out a letter to Keel among others concerning his "Witch Hunt".[47] Later on, in the Hall of Sounds, the Marlon king considered his role in the events that led up to Michaela's death and recognized his fault for much of the bloodshed. However, after removing the handle from his mother's gift hand mirror, Kyle reconsidered his views and determined that his actions were right and were the best for both Marlon and Lucifenia.

A soldier then arrived and frantically reported that Minage and York escaped the palace and that reports indicated they were amassing troops at Breck Mountain. Kyle realized his hidden intentions were discovered and told the soldier to have the forces at Retasan Fortress put them down. The king asked about the Witch Hunt and was told there were notifications in Lucifenia and Marlon but that the sources were dubious. Kyle understood his blunder for letting the "murderer" run away and ordered the soldier to find and arrest Germaine.[48]

In that year of EC 501, Kyle merged Lucifenia as part of Marlon's territory and attempted to eradicate the members of the Resistance. Faced with an uprising from the former revolutionaries, Kyle branded Germaine a traitor and fabricated that she intended to rebel against the new government and lead the uprising. As time progressed, Kyle added more names to the Witch Hunt.[49] During that year, he discovered both Elluka and Gumillia attempting to steal his hand mirror in the night; during his pursuit, he managed to take possession of the Venom Sword before the two escaped. He later added their names to the Witch Hunt.[50]

In order to gain the support of the merchants, Kyle began to regularly attend their banquets. Around this time, Keel began sending Kyle the novels published by his nine year old daughter, Yukina, and the blue-haired king was impressed by her capabilities.[51] At Keel's suggestion, Kyle banned trade with Elphegort, though still permitting business transactions within Marlon, to promote the nation's economy and disassociate the nation from the Green Country's royal family.[52]

In EC 502,[53] Kyle asked his mother to use her Espionage Task Force to help hunt down the "witches". His mother complied on the conditions that they had absolute freedom in regards to the Witch Hunt and that Abyss I.R. select the group's head, namely Ney. Accepting the terms, Kyle had the masked group root out and capture those in his Witch Hunt Order.[54] The following year, Kyle ordered Riliane Mouchet to recapture Retasan. After the fortress was retaken, the members of the Resistance fled to the Beelzenian Empire and Kyle demanded the Beelzenian Emperor hand over the refugees. Faced with the Emperor's refusal, political tensions rose between the countries.

In EC 505, Kyle decided to begin his planned invasion of Asmodean and Beelzenia. Knowing that Gumillia was in the Beelzenian Empire, he sent Ney and the Espionage Task Force to Retasan to find and capture the sorceress. Ney insisted on being made the fortress' commander and, despite opposition, Kyle gave the golden-haired assassin the position, expecting Ney's usage of the Glass of Conchita to reanimate the dead would bolster their offensive.[55]

Over two months after fighting broke out in Beelzenia, Kyle reminisced at Nikolay Tolle's paintings in the Hall of Mirrors when General George Ausdin reported that Retasan fortress seemed to have fallen. Noting the general's apathetic wording, he chastised the soldier for not taking his country's affairs seriously, questioning if he was among the dissenters of the old Lucifenian military. Brushing it off, Kyle listened to the general's commentary about letting Ney command the soldiers and impatiently asked what their next move would be.[56]

The confident king then ordered him to help reinforce their forces in Retasan and continue defending the city. George suggested recapturing it instead but Kyle explained that was inevitable, planning to reorganize their forces and mount a full invasion on all of Beelzenia. When the surprise general asked if he planned to unite all Evillious, the Marlon king affirmed it would happen in time.

He then permitted the soldier to speak and listened to his doubt that Kyle had the necessary qualities to achieve such an ideal, viewing his actions as arrogant rather than ambitious. Although angered by the rude assertions, Kyle stated he would have to accept the opinion and refused George's suggestion to be sent to the guillotine as punishment. Giving him twenty thousand troops, Kyle sent the battle-ready commander away with his orders.

Afterward, Clive entered to announce that Ney arrived to give a report. The king commanded she be sent to the Hall of Sounds. Looking back to see him leave, Kyle recalled the revolution and how Germaine was celebrated as a hero. As he began to question his actions, the anxious king took the hand mirror to soothe his confusion and regain his confidence.

Entering the Hall of Sounds, Kyle sat on the throne when Ney's arrival was announced. As she and her task force knelt before him, he expressed his disappointment in Ney's failure at Retasan. Ney indifferently responded that the mission was more difficult than she had expected and he stated that General George would take care of the situation eventually. Curious why she came back with her mission incomplete, he noted that he had yet to receive a report of Gumillia's capture.

Ney answered that both she and Germaine were also identified in the nation and that both had left the Empire. Surprised, he asked when they would be able to capture her and Ney stated the undead soldiers had been useless. Kyle stared, speechless, and Ney told him to give his complaints to Abyss I.R., not her. The Marlon king retorted that the Espionage Task Force should have been better and asked if she planned to hunt down the newly-found targets. Ney denied it and said she would return to Marlon and ask Abyss I.R. if she was misusing the Glass.

When Kyle voiced his opposition, Ney declared it was necessary to know the vessel's full potential for the Witch Hunt. Unable to object the reasoning because of his mother's conditions, Kyle said she was allowed but demanded the rest of the Task Force stay, saying they were needed as reinforcements and that they were unnecessary for Ney's return home. Ney complied and mischievously told to not have too much fun with them. Confused by her words, Kyle looked over to the female soldiers and realized she was calling him a pervert and angrily banged his arm on the arm of his throne.[57]

Chance EncounterEdit

"Since the revolution, you've neglected to attend a single dinner party held at our home. My father's been so lonely without you."
"Heh. You've grown up so much, Yukina. I didn't recognize you."
―Yukina and Kyle's reunion[src]

Two weeks later, Kyle attended a dinner party held at the merchant Corpa's mansion, escorted by Clive. While drinking, the Marlon King watched Corpa introduce a beautiful singer to the stage and listened to her song. Recognizing the tune, he was reminded of Michaela and became upset. Although tempted to criticize her, Kyle remained silent and eventually left, feeling drunk, and head out to the mansion's courtyard. As Kyle reflected on the last five years and how soon his revenge would be complete, he was startled by the sound of a voice saying it was boring. Unable to find its source, the ringing voice gave him a headache and the King mentally lashed out that he wasn't boring.

At that time, a girl approached him, offering him black tea and a rest. Gladly accepting it, he drank it and realized it was of Marlon make. Kyle thanked her and inspected her clothes but couldn't recognize her. He inquired who she was and, as the girl continued chatting with him, he remembered she was Keel's daughter, Yukina. After noting how much she had grown, Kyle mentioned how popular her novels had become and the girl downplayed her skills. Kyle then reiterated that she was talented.

As he was about to ask her why she was there, Yukina stated she would be visiting the palace the next day and wanted to notify the king in advance. Although saying the night was still young, he agreed and Yukina left immediately afterward. After the blue-haired king mused how the troublesome child became a virtuous lady, Kyle greeted Corpa then headed for Clive, telling him to ready the carriage. During his ride back to the palace, Kyle looked out at the night sky.[58]

Visitors to the PalaceEdit

"It's a rare opportunity. Why not look around the palace? You might find some interesting material for your novels."
―Kyle's offer to Yukina[src]

The next day, Yukina visited Kyle and he with her in the Hall of Mirrors. The Marlon King, stating her travels must have been difficult, demanded she skip the pleasantries and raise her head to him. Looking at her face, he noted she looked more like her mother and, at her behest, remarked the peculiar attire of her two masked bodyguards behind her. The child explained that they were Asmodean mercenaries she met on her journey when Clive stepped forward and demanded they removed their masks in Kyle's presence.

Although bothered, they refused, Kyle told his aide to stand down, trusting in Yukina's judgment of them and stating he felt safe with all the palace guards. Curious why she came, the blue-haired king listened to Yukina claim she was acting on behalf of her father. At the mention of the Elphegort embargo, Kyle clarified they were still able to conduct business in Marlon and pointed out Keel being the one who proposed the ban. Seeing Yukina flustered, he questioned why the businessman would send her instead of his successor, Shaw.

Assuming she was unaware he knew she had run away and was searching for a home to take her in, Kyle brushed off the child's stuttering explanations and said he'd consult her father later. He then changed the subject, asking if it was her first time at the palace and encouraged her to look around for potential new novel ideas. After reminding her that weapons were prohibited and that he'd notify the guards of her visit, Kyle watched the excited child leave.

The King then told Clive to notify the guards and to send a messenger to Keel regarding Yukina's location. When the guard questioned his judgment, Kyle affirmed that, despite wishing to please her, Keel would die of loneliness if he worried too much. As the servant went to fulfill his commands, Kyle mused how Keel was probably already aware anyhow. Throughout the rest of the day, Kyle spotted Yukina exploring the palace and jotting down ideas in her notebook during his daily duties.

Later that evening, while relaxing in the Heavenly Yard, Kyle noticed Yukina should have said her goodbyes and left by then when he heard her scream about courtyard's large fountain. As he approached the novelist, he agreed with her sentiments and reminded her to refer to him as Kyle when in private. Hearing her giddy about her adventures in the palace, Kyle pointed and asked whether she always wrote her inspirations in it. Once the girl explained it was an important treasure from her mother, Kyle was reminded of his gift and stated he too had a few treasures.

When Yukina chided he'd probably never let her see them, Kyle insisted he would and took out the hand mirror he carried. Showing it to her, the novelist noted it didn't look very expensive and the King laughed, pointing out she could identity any object's value like her father. He then admitted it was a cheap trinket and explained how it was also an important gift from his mother. Asked if he always kept it with him, Kyle admitted he even kept it while he slept.

Afterwards, Yukina asked if he kept other treasures and the King responded he did keep another, more important treasure but didn't bring it with him. As Yukina began to pry, Kyle told her he couldn't let her see it and she began pouting, evoking his sympathy. Seeing the sun was already setting, Kyle asked if the novelist was staying at Corpa's mansion.

She then said she was staying at a hotel in Rollam and Kyle, noting the security there was unstable, recommended against staying there. Yukina answered that she was used to it and, after Kyle caught her slip up, the King offered to have her stay at the palace for the night. Stating he could immediately arrange a room for her in the massive palace, Yukina agreed to the offer. Kyle then ordered a servant to prepared a room for her. Once it was finished, the young girl thanked the blue-haired king and went into her room.[59]

Demon on a Moonlit NightEdit

"King Kyle... I'm also not sure whether demons exist or not, but for the past five years... you've changed quite a bit."

That night, Kyle walked the corridor between the Hall of Sounds and Hall of Mirrors, admiring Nikolay Tolle's paintings before being approached by a guard. Asked if everything was alright, Kyle replied that he merely couldn't sleep and was out for a walk. When reminded the palace wasn't well secured, Kyle realized the man was new and asked if that was why he was standing guard. After the guard affirmed and asked if Yukina was staying in the palace Kyle said she was; when the guard asked if he could have her autograph, he told the man to ask him again in the morning.

Hearing a loud explosion, Kyle told the guard to do his job and investigate before realizing the sound came from Yukina's room. In response, he stopped the guard and ordered him to instead call the other guards, insisting he would leave if there was any risk when the guard expressed doubts. When the man hesitated, Kyle told him not to make him repeat himself and then went to Yukina's room. As he hesitated before the room, he was approached by Clive in his pajamas and, hearing a riot outside, asked what was happening.

When the soldier reported it was a group of masked people, Kyle asked if the masks they wore were from their country or the guests'; Clive stating they were from their country, Kyle concluded it was the Espionage Task Force. He then asked where Yukina was and heard that she as well as her companions were missing. Kyle then told Clive to rouse all the guards, seal the exits, and seek out their guests, although clarifying they were not to hurt Yukina.

When Clive asked what to do if they resisted, Kyle ordered him to show no mercy and kill the masked fugitives, adding to leave the ones in the iron masks be when the soldier asked. With the guards setting out, he asked Clive to come search the palace with him; after the guard said he would need to go back and change, Kyle noted he would be humiliated to be seen with him in those pajamas. As Clive apologized, he simply told the soldier to be back as fast as he could.

After Clive was dressed, he and Kyle searched the Hall of Mirrors, Hall of Sounds, kitchen, Heavenly Yard, and the maids' quarters, before returning to the corridor. Hearing the other guards had failed, he asked what room they hadn't searched and Clive replied the ministers and other officials' bedchambers. Kyle then suggested they were in the rooms of someone still sleeping and Clive noted they shouldn't be hiding the culprits. As Clive wondered where Keel Freezis' daughter would hide, Kyle considered that Yukina's companions were Elluka and Gumillia, asking if his bedroom had been checked.

When Clive affirmed they hadn't, he demanded they search there before being interrupted by another explosion from his room. Clive remarked that they must have found the ones in iron masks and Kyle agreed, adding that his bed was likely charred as well. The two then rushed toward bedroom and found two guards unconscious by the floor outside the entrance. Entering, he discovered one of Yukina's companions surrounded by the Espionage Task Force; seeing her red armor beneath her tattered cloak, he demanded Clive and the others withdraw, clarifying he wished to speak with the thief and telling them to not interfere.

Once they abided, Kyle heard the thief complain about his troops and recognized Germaine's voice. Asking her to remove her mask, Kyle watched as she abided and greeted his former comrade, admitting that he didn't expect her to come to him. When Germaine claimed she was tired of running, Kyle quipped it was noble of her to confess her crimes and be executed. When Germaine smiled and asked when she committed a crime, Kyle silenced her and accused her of murdering Michaela.

He went on to claim she hatched her plan to gain more support, knowing Michaela was beloved by him and connected to Keel, killing her with the help of Elluka and Gumillia. As Germaine wondered if he'd listen to her refute those points, he continued that she and Elluka fanned the flames of war and that someone had witnessed them meeting together, adding that Elluka and Gumillia had arrived so quickly after he found Michaela's body because they were involved. Germaine noted it would be difficult to reason with him when his statements were speculation, asking Kyle if he remembered Allen's statement.

In response, Kyle stated Allen did not kill Michaela and cited Keel's testimony for Allen's actions following her death. He finished that the boy had lied to cover up Germaine as the real perpetrator. When Germaine repeated his words in wonder, Kyle asked if he had touched a nerve, only for the former Resistance leader to thank him for lifting some of her burden. When Kyle asked what she meant, she stated that she hadn't killed Michaela, to which Kyle quipped if she was asking him to believe in her.

When Germaine remarked that they had once fought side by side, the king stated it didn't prove she didn't kill Michaela, placing his hand to the hilt of his sword. After Germaine insisted he didn't have proof she did kill Michaela, Kyle pulled out his sword and pointed it at Germaine, declaring that she could make her excuses to the Master of the Hellish Yard. Germaine then asked if Kyle had another reason not to believe her; asking her what she meant, the leader remarked that if she wasn't a proven criminal the king would be in trouble.

As Germaine continued to speak, Kyle heard the voice in his head calling him boring and began to feel increasing self-doubt; while he stood in silence, Clive and Germaine began to argue and the king mumbled for his hand mirror. Hearing a voice asking to leave his feelings to it, Kyle commanded Clive to kill Germaine with the Espionage Task Force and to not let them take the Venom Sword. As Germaine sprang forward, Kyle exchanged positions with Clive and watched as the former Resistance leader escaped through the window.

He then followed the voice to Riliane's room next door and discovered a secret passage in the fireplace was left open, following it to the palace stables outside.[60] After finding Yukina and her other masked bodyguard at the stables, he noticed the girl holding his hand mirror and took it from her, hearing the voice again tell him to leave his feelings to it. As his peace of mind returned, he heard Yukina's companion note that his heart had become dependent on a demon and recognized Gumillia's voice.

Inquiring about what she meant, the king heard the mage insult his disbelief in their existence and insisted they didn't exist. After Gumillia insisted demons existed and that one was possessing him, Kyle continued to state that he wasn't possessed. Noticing Yukina had fallen and scraped her elbows when he took the mirror, Kyle asked if she was okay, admitting he acted rude. After the king apologized, the girl pointed out that his face was becoming pale while his skin turned black.

Kyle insisted he was alright and Yukina to replied that he had definitely changed over the past five years regardless of whether demons existed. He then insisted he was the same as before and Yukina countered that he would never have waged war against countries for no reason in the past. When the girl asked if the new Marlon policies were really his will, Kyle's urge to touch the hand mirror grew and he heard the voice ask him to leave his feelings to it for a third time.

The arrogant king then began to transform, becoming completely possessed by the Demon of Pride. He noticed Yukina shaking and crying out in terror, as well as Gumillia attempting to cast a spell; waving his right hand and then left hands, he sent Gumillia up and down like a rag doll, and then beat his wing to send her flying to the wall. The king then took off into the night sky, flying higher until he disappeared completely.[61]

Battle in the ForestEdit


Kyle's demon transformation

Over the course of two weeks, Kyle's transformation increased as he hunted aimlessly for the three. Finding them in the Millennium Tree Forest, the bestial Kyle attacked Germaine wildly. Fended by the swordswoman, Kyle began shifting his attacks toward Yukina. In Germaine's attempt to protect the girl, Kyle broke her sword.

Despite Gumillia's attempt to exorcise him, Kyle remained unaffected and continued his onslaught. However, Michaela intervened, singing a spell song that amplified the spell's effect and successfully freed Kyle of the demon's control, rendering him unconscious.

After Kyle returned to normal and regained consciousness, he explained that his memories of the past five years were vague and that he had no recollection of the past two weeks. Learning of his possession, Kyle decided to confront his mother directly on the matters. Thanking them for their help, the blue-haired king gave Gumillia, Germaine, and Yukina safe passage to Marlon to help him uncover the truth.

Voyage to MarlonEdit

Later on, Kyle received an invitation from Keel, asking the king to join him for a future dinner party he'd host in Marlon and return via the ship he sent to them; he also read that he'd appreciate the monarch bringing Yukina back with him.[62] He later departed from Lucifenia along with Germaine, Gumillia, Yukina, and Shaw on his flagship, Royal Victoricia.[63] Shortly before leaving, Chartette Langley handed Kyle an improved version of her father's rocket glove, telling the king it was a message from her to Ney.[64] They set sail shortly after, Kyle noting as Dylan had the ship take a detour on account of the bad tide. Around this time, Kyle discussed his plans to visit the castle as the King of Marlon when they arrived to the island nation; he then heard Yukina express her approval and suggest he go show himself to Prim with a smile.


The next day, Kyle stood on deck with Yukina to watch the sea at dawn on the way home. Deep in contemplating, Kyle eventually heard the girl ask how long it would be before they arrived in Marlon and he replied she would be able to see the land before long. He then took out Keel's letter from his pocket and smiled bitterly as he recalled the confrontations he would have to make with his mother. As he did so, he heard Yukina exclaim she saw the Jamet Mountains before hearing the ship's lookout exclaim there were pirates approaching.

Kyle then watched as Dylan emerged and told the king and Yukina to evacuated the ship if cannons were fired; after the pirate vessels fired in the ship's direction, Kyle told Yukina to return to her cabin and pressed on her back to get her moving. As Yukina asked if he was coming, the king replied that he was getting to see the heroics of Admiral Dylan and urged the girl to her cabin. He then stayed behind and watched as Dylan unfolded his strategy; when the admiral suggested he also evacuate, the king replied that he wanted to see the capabilities of the Royal Victoricia and he asked if the shells would miss their target.

Seeing that the warship had the advantage, Kyle gave a sigh of disappointment and then heard Dylan remark that the pirates were smaller fish than he thought. The blue-haired king asked him why he thought so and heard the admiral reply that they were complete amateurs to attack them downwind and so close to their homeland. He then watched as Dylan gradually sank their vessels until one remained, although the final vessel remaining at top speed.

The king then heard the admiral tell him to hold on to something and he quickly complied, grabbing the rope to the sail mast. When, with a violent roar, a tremor shook the ship, the king was temporarily sent flying before recovering himself and heard Dylan remark that the pirates must be coming aboard. He then saw the admiral glance his way as he remarked close quarters combat was a classical method and the king reiterated that he wasn't going to evacuate, wanting to see the pirates himself.

Soon after Kyle heard the pirate captain of the ship declare they were commandeering their vessel and to hand over their food and money. After noting the man's second calling out beside him,  Kyle then watched as the sailors swarmed the enemy vessel and attacked, gaining the upper hand despite the skill of the captain and his second. To the king's surprise, he then witnessed the second fire something from his glove, dodging as the arrow with a wire attached was shot into the mast.

After the pirate captain and his second came aboard, Kyle watched the captain point his sword at him and identify him as the one commanding the vessel, threatening him for his interference. He then saw Dylan attempt to attack the captain, only to be quickly incapacitated. Grabbing at the handle of the sword on his waist, Kyle noticed a knife at his neck and heard the second command him not to draw his sword. The king, forced to obey, observed as Yarera ordered the sailors to retreat back to their ship, using him as a hostage.

Disgusted, he questioned if he was their objective all along and learned that a bounty had been given to them for him that would get them out of the pirate business. Making a false show of bravado, Kyle asked if they thought they could escape so easily. At that moment, the king heard Yukina commenting on the dramatic development and he demanded to know what she was doing outside. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the child began flailing her arms in a panic. As she hurriedly explained that Germaine had become ill and came up to vomit above deck, he noticed Germaine wasn't around and began frantically looking around for her. Kyle then heard a scream from the second mate and saw Germaine vomiting by the ship mast.

As the second began to move away from the mast, Kyle took the opportunity to draw his sword and he shoved its point at the pirate, ordering him not to move. Regardless, the enemy second rushed back to the captain and Kyle heard Germaine call them Yarera and Zusco. Going over to offer her his handkerchief, Kyle questioned if she knew them and heard the swordswoman explain they were the former mercenaries from the start of the revolution, though the king questioned how they became pirates. As the pirate brothers prepared to fight, Kyle whispered to Germaine that she should avoid killing them so he could find out who hired them.

When the swordswoman questioned if he expected them to fight together, Kyle confirmed his intentions; when she noted she didn't have a weapon, he then sarcastically pointed out that she was supposed to have been Gumillia's bodyguard and the swordswoman retorted that her armor was suffocating and that he was the reason her sword had broke to begin with. Once Germaine received a rapier from Yukina and had trouble standing, Kyle asked if she was alright, saying she didn't have to push herself.

The swordswoman then countered that he was telling her to "fight" a minute ago. When the king then questioned if she was actually suffering from a hangover, he heard her insist she was just seasick before losing her footing. In response, Kyle said they'd make the most of it and the pirates began to draw near, Kyle watching as Germaine took part in the battle. As the duel continued, Kyle joined in and they began being surrounded by the Victoricia's crew and the pirates they captured.

He then watched as Zusco launched a wire and flung himself back to the pirate ship with his brother; he heard Germaine remark upon the technique as she experienced it in Asmodean. The king inquired if she had used them and learned she hadn't. They then watched the two pirates escape on the ship before it suddenly sank by a giant octopus.

As the octopus rose and rocked the ship, Kyle supported Yukina as she ran to him and fell, then asking her if she knew anything about the creature. Given little info from the enraptured girl, he called over Germaine and, when the swordswoman sarcastically noted how suave he was trying to get closer to younger woman, replied he thought it was alright if it was her. He then asked her if she was afraid of the monster and Germaine reminded him of facing his demon form as a rebuttal. 

Handing Yukina over to Germaine's protection, Kyle approached Admiral Dylan and asked him what experience he had with such a monster. Hearing Dylan's limited experience, he asked if it would be better to flee and learned the creature was too fast. Realizing they needed an expert on monsters, Kyle called for a messenger and asked where Gumillia was, instructing him to bring her when he answered. Noticing Gumillia on the main deck instead, he watched the mage strategize with Admiral Dylan and told the captain to do as she said when he expressed reluctance.

As Dylan continued to resist, Kyle informed the man that Gumillia was the one most likely to know about the monster and that at this rate the ship would sink; he then added she was one of the ones who saved him and that the captain had no choice but to trust her. He then observed the girl making preparations for the ship to attack the octopus with Shaw's help, instructing Dylan to fire at its brow.

Once the octopus was weakened but the cannons were too broken to fire further, Kyle ordered Dylan to change the ship's course and evade the octopus instead on the way back to Marlon. While Dylan protested, Kyle pointed out it was their only chance to get to land while it was daunted and then waited, tense with anticipation, as the ship passed by the creature. Once out of its reach, the king noted that they should be able to get to shore if there was no change in the wind.

Afterwards, the king approached Gumillia and thanked her for saving them. When she didn't reply, he began to move to his cabin before hearing the mage mutter that this was a Very Amazing Octopus. Remembering when Elluka had been given the creature as a gift, he asked in shock if it was the creature from back then.

The mage questioned his words and blue-haired monarch explained how his mother had given a "very amazing octopus" to Elluka five years ago. After Gumillia explained that it wasn't the same octopus, as well as what happened to the previous one, Kyle questioned if she could create such a giant octopus to attack them. The mage admitted she couldn't and that one needed to have a great amount of magic power to do so.[65]

The King ReturnsEdit

"You should go show your face to the Queen Dowager first. I'm sure she'll be pleased to see you."
―Yukina to Kyle[src]

Arriving in Jamet, Kyle and the others said goodbye to the sailors while they headed off to party; the group then took three carriages prepared for them, Kyle joined by an attendant. After they entered Bariti to confront his mother, Kyle parted course with the other carriages for Marlon Castle. Once he arrived at the palace, the King headed to Middle Tower. As he ascended the staircase, the blue-haired monarch wondered why he felt so uneasy being home.

Kyle then came across Arkatoir and was surprised to see him. Noting he seemed to manage things well while he was away, the King thanked his half-brother. When Arkatoir shyly brushed off the gratitude to Prim instead, Kyle asked where she was. Arkatoir then explained that Prim had set off to Castle Hedgehog to recover from their hard work recently. Kyle then asked when it happened and the government official stated it occurred right after they got word he was returning, clarifying that she seemed upset.

Worried about the implications, Kyle inquired how many soldiers were currently in the homeland and Arkatoir related they could garrison fifty thousand navymen and twenty thousand ground troops and the king then questioned how many could be called to the castle right away. Once Arkatoir confirmed they could assemble five thousand soldiers total, Kyle expressed his satisfaction with collecting that number. When his puzzled half-brother questioned where he was going, the King answered it was just to be safe.

As Kyle prepared to head back down the stairs, he recalled Abyss I.R. and asked Arkatoir if the mage had gone with his mother. Kyle then noticed Arkatoir's surprised and inquired if something was wrong. Once his half-brother replied it was just unusual that the King would be concerned about the mage, he related that the sorceress died the other day, describing to the shocked king that his mother told them after she disappeared for a while and was apparently the only one who went to the mage's funeral. Disappointed, the King became lost in thought when Arkatoir offered to show him her grave.

Kyle accepted the offer and followed his half-brother to Left Chapel with a few guards. After he saw Abyss I.R.'s sarcophagus, he demanded they unearth it, explaining that he wished to see the body for himself. When Arkatoir and the guards obeyed and unearthed the coffin, Kyle told a guard to open the lid. Recognizing the corpse to indeed be the elderly mage, the King concluded the sorceress could not be behind the current events. He then recalled Gumillia's words about the giant octopus and wondered if Elluka was responsible.[66]

Unraveling the ConspiracyEdit

"It's been a while, Kyle."
―Keel to his old friend[src]

Kyle was later told Keel awaited an audience with him. Traveling to Right Palace, he walked in to find Keel, his son Shaw, and a maid Gerda there. Seeing Keel was not amused and didn't kneel like the others, the King remained silent, aware Keel wouldn't accept an excuse that he was busy. When the merchant then teased if he was just too busy, Kyle passed him and sat in his throne, chiding him for the question and reminding him he was in a difficult position. After the merchant brushed the topic aside and gave him a warm greeting, Kyle replied that he was glad they were both alive and well.

When Keel proposed they talk in private, Kyle complied and, noting Shaw hadn't been to the palace before, ordered Arkatoir to give him a tour. After witnessing Keel send off the embarrassed Gerda with also blushing Arkatoir, Kyle asked what their exact relationship was. Keel only added it was what they saw and Kyle suggested they were parent and child. Keel shot down the answer, though admitting there was quite an age gap between them, and Kyle settled to leave the topic alone.

The merchant then brought up how Prim and Ney were at Castle Hedgehog. As Keel spoke about the Demons of Sin among other things, Kyle was surprised that merchant already knew so much about the situation. When Kyle wondered why they would stay at the royal villa, Keel explained it was supposedly to nurse Prim's condition, although they had stayed for a very long time. After Keel elaborated on his conclusion that Ney was there because of the undead soldiers in the area, which Ney was known to be manipulating, Kyle expressed worry about their presence.

The merchant then reassured him that the undead hadn't yet spread outside the Blood Pool region and therefore weren't something to worry about. When Keel claimed Prim was the mastermind, Kyle demanded to know of what. The merchant then elaborated on his belief that Prim used demonic possession to make the countries of Lucifenia and Elphegort collide and advance Marlon's power, though he lacked any conclusive evidence of it. Seeing that Keel was furious, Kyle asked why and his friend explained he was furious that a demon was behind Marlon's prosperity, the country he loved.

Kyle then thought over his words; although acknowledging that the mirror Prim gave him was likely the cause of his possession, Kyle wonders if his mother could have been tricked by Abyss I.R. After he remembered that the sorceress was dead, he speculated that Elluka could be confining his mother in the castle, while Ney could even be targeting Prim with the undead soldiers and not be involved with her at all. He also considered that Arkatoir's story could have been simply to elicit pity.

Telling Keel he wished to ask Prim for himself, Kyle brushed off the merchant's concern about the undead, saying they could fight them with Marlon soldiers and get advice on combating them from Germaine, Gumillia, and Yukina. He then reminded Keel that there was no real evidence of why Ney and Prim were at the castle or what their objectives were.

Keel then recalled Gerda's package she left behind and asked Kyle if he remembered his last surviving painting. The King confirmed his memory of it and asked why he brought it. After the merchant said he had a story to share about it, Kyle thought about the girl who modeled for it and how he never learned or had forgotten her name. As Keel began his story of twenty-three years ago, Kyle mused how he was four years old at the time. When Keel corrected him and said he was eight, asking why he always lied about his age, the King apologized and said it was always a habit.

After Keel chided that he only did it for picking up girls, Kyle listened to the merchant explain how Prim went on leave from public service at the time, asking if he knew the reason; the king recalled that how he had been expected to gain a sibling at that time. After Keel stated Prim hadn't actually had a stillbirth, Kyle was shocked and exclaimed if the child was alive. Keel then explained that the child was hidden by the public, though he didn't know why.

As the King realized his friend's intentions, the merchant confirmed the girl in the painting was Kyle's little sister. Slumping in his throne, Kyle wondered aloud why his mother would do that and Keel said he didn't know. The King then demanded to know how the child was now. Once Keel said she was alive, Kyle approached the merchant. Wrapping his left arm around him, he asked where she was, wanting to see her.

While removing the King's arm, Keel said she was at Castle Hedgehog, reminding him he had already told him that. As Kyle began to make a retort, he realized the merchant referred to Ney and, shocked, collapsed to his knees. While Keel left, certain he understood his meaning, the disturbed Marlon King considered thinking over the realization that the despicable Ney was his little sister.

Shortly after, Arkatoir came back from the tour and Kyle returned to his seat, though still troubled by Keel's words. Seeing he looked unwell, Arkatoir suggested he rest and Kyle conceded to the request. Once he stood from his throne, the King looked at his timid and sickly father's portrait. He then mentally mused that they both were Prim's puppets, though concluding his father had been unaware of that fact. Kyle then slammed his fists on the portrait and raged at his and his father's foolishness.[67]

Tides of BattleEdit

"As usual, you're an active King. Since you have so many people, I wish you'd leave it to them."
―Germaine to Kyle[src]

Afterwards, Kyle began rallying the available troops for his planned assault on Castle Hedgehog, including the soldiers that fought alongside him during the revolution. Around this time, he visited the Freezis Mansion to seek Gumillia and Germaine's counsel. After he arrived, Kyle encountered Germaine. As she noted what an active king he was and said he should leave some matters to the people in his command, the King detected her disgust and responded that he wanted to come make their acquaintance directly.

Asking if they'd hear him out quickly, Germaine agreed and guided him to Gumillia's room, though saying he shouldn't meet her at the moment. When he entered the room, Kyle instead saw Elluka drinking black tea with her apprentice. After the sorceress introduced herself and waved him over, the surprised Kyle listened to her explain how her body had been hijacked by Abyss I.R. and that she had recently regained control, leaving only Abyss's cat behind. Roughly grasping the situation, Kyle drank a cup of the black tea and found the strong, milky taste enjoyable.

He then remarked that he was glad Elluka was back in her normal form. When the sorceress sulked on how he had previously chased her and Gumillia as "witches", Kyle insisted he wasn't himself at the time and that Elluka shouldn't have snuck into the Lucifenian Royal Palace to begin with. When the sorceress shot back that the place was her home and she had a right to be in it, Kyle thought how typical the response was for a member of the Three Heroes.

As the King insisted the past was behind them, Elluka chided that Gumillia was in need of the apology; moving on to discuss the situation in northern Marlon, Kyle explained what Keel had told him and informed them on his planned march on the Blood Pool Region. Once he asked if he could receive their cooperation in defeating the soldiers, Elluka quickly gave her refusal. She then clarified that their magic was weak from their battle with Abyss I.R. and that she and Gumillia wouldn't be able to use much magic until the next full moon.

In response Kyle tried to state they would invade by the next full moon, only for Elluka to interrupt and add he'd be hitting his opponent at their maximum power. Thinking the strategy could still work, Kyle began to calculate the time from that period to the next full moon, only for Elluka to cut in and say it would have to be at least a month. After he retorted they couldn't wait that long, he considered the damage and asked about the current situation. The mage acknowledged a new moon was coming soon, when magic was at its weakest, Kyle decided that was the ideal time to strike.

Kyle then turned to Germaine and asked if she would help. Once she stated she had no obligation to assist, Kyle commented how cold the revolutionary hero's reply was and she retorted she wouldn't fight except for world peace. The blue-haired king attempted to offer a reward for her services, only for the swordswoman to refuse to take money. After asking what it was she wanted, promising anything within his power, Kyle was surprised when Germaine asked him to remove Marlon's presence from Lucifenia.

As the King tried to explain the decision wasn't something he could just decide that, Germaine countered that he had merged Lucifenia at his discretion previously. While he thought over the political difficulty he'd face from the nobles and merchants for an immediate withdrawal, Germaine agreed to compromise if he'd just start moving towards it. Afterwards, Germaine left through the window and, having finished his tea, Kyle placed the cup on the table and thanked Elluka for the advice, telling them to get some rest.

As he prepared to leave the room, Gumillia spoke to him and asked when he planned to leave for Castle Hedgehog. Answering he planned to depart in two to three days, Gumillia then demanded he bring all the soldiers' weapons to her, offering to lend aid. Overjoyed, the Marlon King rushed to grab the mage's hands, thanking her and then apologizing for everything he had done. Elluka then pulled the two apart, interjecting that the conversation shouldn't go on without Gumillia's teacher.

After the two mages debated helping him to acquire the vessels of sin Prim and Ney had, Elluka finally agreed to cooperate. Kyle then bowed his head in gratitude to the both of them before hearing a cry. With Yukina suddenly burying herself in his chest, begging he take her with him to Castle Hedgehog, the blue-haired king put his hands on the girl's shoulders; afterward, he told her she had to stay behind, not wanting to put her in any more danger.

Although she continued to insist, Kyle argued that their opponents weren't normal humans and that she couldn't help. Yukina retorted that she had already seen them in Beelzenia, but the king insisted it was no use. Kyle then expressed admiration for her curiosity before Yukina interjected that it wasn't that but her inability to do anything but tremble while everyone around her suffered. Watching the trembling Yukina burst into tears, Kyle gently explained that the girl had to stay behind in order to convey everything that had happened in her novel.

Once Yukina calmed down, she agreed to stay behind but told the King he had to come back safely to tell her what happened at Castle Hedgehog. After Kyle promised her that, he cringe at the sound of Keel's voice behind him, noting that his promise may be difficult to fulfill. As Kyle gingerly looked back while Keel stated it was because he would die immediately, he saw the merchant's furious face and quickly released Yukina. Keel then demanded to know what he was doing to his daughter and the King was promptly beaten up and thrown out of the mansion. He then complained aloud that the merchant went too far.

He then thought how Keel's over-protectiveness would be a problem when Yukina finally got married. Smiling wryly at the thought, Kyle saw Mikina playing with a red cat by the front door. As the woman smiled at him, Kyle thought back on their first meeting when he noticed the cat looked familiar. Remembering it was Abyss I.R.'s cat, he remembered Elluka's mention it that it became a stray. Shrugging it off, Kyle exchanged greetings with Mikina and then headed for his attendant at the main gate. Once he met with his escort, he recalled Mikina's encounter with a cat during their first meeting and realized how uncharacteristic it was for her to keep on.[68]

Gathering at LionessEdit

"I want to leave Bariti in two to three days."
"By then, collect the soldiers' weapons and bring them to me. It'll be uncomfortable, but I'll lend them my power."
―Kyle and Gumillia[src]

Over the next few days, Kyle received an unexpected shipment of weapons and supplies from Keel, learning the merchant earned a lord and black suit's support with Yukina's company as part of the deal. Giving all the weapons to Elluka and Gumillia, the King let the two engrave their weapons with magical enchantments to combat their supernatural foes. Around that time, Elluka advised he attack during the day and that taking the Glass of Conchita from Ney would likely shut down the corpse soldiers. At some point, Kyle convinced Germaine to become one of his commanders.

Afterwards, the King and his armies departed for Lioness with Keel, Yukina, and the two mages. Setting up headquarters in Lioness Castle, Kyle gathered his thousands of Marlon troops and split them into five divisions, stationing the fifth army to defend Lioness while the second through fourth army handled the corpse soldier threat throughout the Blood Pool Region. Composing the first army under his command with his former comrades from the revolution, Kyle set to assault Castle Hedgehog.

Around that time, the king settled their objective settled their objective was to find and protect Queen Dowager Prim from the enemy forces. The day before the planned assault, Kyle looked over his luggage while the troops' weapons were handed out. Once Gumillia returned his sword, the blue-haired king checked to confirm the enchantment before sheathing it. The Marlon King then pulled a few other items from his back including Chartette's rocket glove. Tying the glove on a string, he let it hand from the sheath of his sword.

After seeing the grey clouds in the sky, expecting rain, Elluka informed in him of her intention to flee once the town became a battlefield, admitting she was powerless without her magic. When the mage took an interest in the rocket glove, Kyle explained what it was and how he got it and then watched Elluka inscribe a unique enchantment into it. After the mage gave it back, Kyle asked what she had done and she stated it was simply a spell, adding he would see it later when using the glove.

Later on, when the monarch heard Keel state he hoped to enjoy himself while in the rich countryside, he mused to himself over Keel's clear ulterior motive of watching over Yukina while she accompanied that shady black suit. The merchant then wished him luck soon after, hoping to celebrate afterward. When Keel said he promised to support Kyle with withdrawing from Lucifenia, Kyle asked if that was okay and the merchant pointed out that they were friends. The King then watched Keel run after Yukina.

By sunset, the deal for the weapons was finished. That night, Kyle gathered his troops in the castle's rose gardens to introduce them to Germaine. Signaling for her to come forward, Kyle declared that there should be no one who didn't know her. After Germaine greeted the soldiers and was quickly accepted as their commander, Kyle prodded the men to not have too much to drink in the ensuing banquet. The blue-haired king then left the gardens and entered the castle.

Battle of Castle HedgehogEdit

"Strike force, charge!"
―Kyle's battle cry[src]

The next morning, Kyle departed with the first army towards Castle Hedgehog and trudged through the heavy rain. Once they arrived at the castle's main gate, the King deployed half the troops around the castle for protection and sent a vanguard of 50 soldiers inside to search for Prim. While waiting for them to report back, Kyle heard the soldiers suddenly scream that the corpse soldiers were there. He then commanded the strike-force to charge as he led his army inside.

After breaching Castle Hedgehog, Kyle and his soldiers entered into a battle with more of the undead soldiers in the main hall. Kyle then spotted Ney in the midst of the fighting and saw her flee into the depths of the castle. Calling upon Germaine and a handful of his troops, he followed the assassin until losing sight of her in the castle's courtyard. Once Germaine suggested they split into two groups, Kyle agreed to check Heartbeat Clocktower while Germaine's team searched the rest of the castle.

When the king complained about the difficulty to funnel troops up the narrow tower, Germaine replied that it was the fortune of war. Kyle shared the sentiment then laughed, recalling their similar situation during the revolution. After sharing the humor with Germaine, the swordswoman expressed her hope it would be different, explaining that implied she'd have a difficult battle afterward. Remembering Gast Venom, Kyle suddenly noticed they were being ambushed and told Germaine to watch out.

Realizing the four women were from the Espionage Task Force, Kyle was surprised when Germaine told him to head up the clock tower. As he tried to protest, the swordswoman pointed out his death would only incur the people's resentment and that it was best she hold them off while he forced the leader to surrender. As the swordswoman attempted to hold their assailants off, Kyle ordered Walpole and Seton to come with him while telling the rest to help Germaine.[69]

Confronting the Dowager QueenEdit

"Mother... You're insane."
―Kyle after hearing his mother's story[src]

Once he rushed inside the clock tower with his two soldiers, Kyle checked the room inside was empty before ascending the staircase. Noticing the barred windows, he recalled the rumors about Lord Hedgehog's torture hobby before ignoring it, focused on finding his mother upstairs.[70] Pained by the loud sounds of the clock tower, Kyle reached to the room at the top and went inside. Surprised that the clock tower's handbeat had gone silent, Kyle saw his mother seated across from him with Ney standing beside her.

The King listened to Prim muse about how the clock tower didn't resound as loudly in the room closest to it. He then realized she held a doll in her lap that had a striking resemblance to Michaela; after realizing his mother never met her, Kyle thought it was actually supposed to be Margaret. He then watched the assassin wave the glass around in her right hand, tauntingly asking if the King wanted it. She then chuckled and chided her brother to come after her.

As the assassin then fled out the door opposite of them, Kyle ordered Seton and Walpole after her, commanding them to take the glass and avoid killing her. Once the soldiers left, leaving Kyle and Prim alone, the Queen questioned his decision to stay and Kyle responded that there was a lot he wanted to hear from her. As Prim smiled and stroked the doll's head, the King asked if Ney had confined her there.

When the Queen answered that she was there of her own will, commanding the corpse soldiers through Ney, the devastated Kyle struggled to find a proper response. He then pleaded to know her reasons for enacting such a conspiracy and the Queen agreed, saying she'd elaborate on the numerous sacrifices she made for their country's greater prosperity.

His mother then revealed her past with King Arth and Queen Anne and how they apparently "suspected" her of poisoning Arth after Anne "unfairly" stole him from her. Though admitting she may have dropped something in the King's wine glass, Prim brushed it off as an unimportant detail and reiterated how Anne's unfair accusations drove her to swear vengeance.

Kyle then listened to his mother tell how she married his father after the death of his previous wife and later gave birth to him, hoping to make him a better King of a greater country than his philandering father ever could be. When she wondered what had happened to all the children from the King's previous marriage, Kyle interjected and said she killed them. Insulted, Prim chastised her son for thinking she'd do such a thing before returning to the story.

Once she described her encounter with Abyss I.R. and the Venom Sword, Prim pointed out he should have seen it at the Freezis Mansion, and then elaborated on the nature of Ney and Arkatoir's birth, her collaboration with the mage to acquire the Glass, Spoon, and Mirror vessels, and her planned assassinations. Kyle then listened to his mother question Abyss I.R.'s intentions, musing how it was impossible to know since she had died.

After she started elaborating about Kyle's possession, she expressed certainty he'd understand her reasons for wanting Kyle obedient to her will when he became a parent. With her story finished, Prim said that was why she would have Kyle repossessed by the Demon of Pride. In response, Kyle inadvertently blurted out that she had gone insane. Prim then revealed the Mirror of Lucifenia in her possession and remarked how the Demon of Lust currently possessed it.

Kyle then retorted that Abyss wasn't there and that she wasn't a mage, questioning if his mother could actually use any demonic possession technique. Prim then affirmed she could and explained that the "Clockworker's Doll" she had was a vessel. They were then interrupted by Ney, screaming for her mother. Despite this, Prim continued to speak to Kyle, explaining she could only use its true power from within the clock tower. He then watched as Ney moved in front of Prim to gain her attention while Prim continued ignoring her.

Once the Queen hoisted the activated doll above overhead for Kyle to see, she noted he was probably wondering why the doll looked like Margaret. She then explained it was actually modeled after the Original Sinner, Eve Moonlit. As Kyle watched his mother attempt to repossess him, he saw Ney suddenly stab his mother in the chest. Not yet understanding what had happened, Kyle witnessed his half-sister laugh triumphantly as Prim died in her seat.

Facing DemonsEdit

"What're you going to do?"
"End this here and stab her."
―Germaine and Kyle[src]

After seeing Ney freak out that their mother was dead and, assuming Kyle killed her, furiously rant she'd kill him, the King concluded that Abyss I.R.'s experimentation and the Glass of Conchita's influence had caused Ney's psyche to crack. Seeing the hatred in her eyes, Kyle realized his insane mother's use of the girl as only a pawn drove her insane as well and she never noticed her need. Raising his sword, the Marlon King resolved to take responsibility for his broken family and save his sister.


Kyle facing Ney

Kyle then watched as Ney succumbed to the Demon of Gluttony, transforming her attire into a red dress, and stood shocked by her peculiar demon transformation. After hearing Ney proclaim she wouldn't lose to the "evil" him, Kyle became lost in thought over who the evil one. Contemplating if it was Prim, Abyss I.R., Ney, Riliane, Allen, Elluka, or even himself, the King mentally asked himself what exactly was "evil".

Suddenly noticing Ney's attack, Kyle drew his sword and blocked the strong attack. Pressured by her frenzy, Kyle countered and evaded her onslaught until his sister stopped and slowly circled him. When Ney suddenly charged, the king barely countered and swung at her face, though the attack only cut her lip when she kneed him. Seeing a crack in the base of his sword, Kyle realized Ney had the upper hand.

At that moment, he heard a voice asking him to leave everything to it and recognized it as similar to the voice he heard during his previous possession. As the voice teased if he had forgotten it, Kyle determined it came from the mirror on the ground and remembered that it was the Demon of Lust. As the Demon repeated that Kyle leave everything to it, giving him the power to defeat Ney, the King clutched his shell necklace and telepathically refused. Calling him boring as always, the demon left.

Returning to the battle, Kyle noticing Ney was smiling when she complained about being hungry; as she continued her onslaught, Kyle repeatedly dodged while hearing Ney continue her child-like complaining. With her attacks becoming increasingly intense, Kyle attempted to counter with his blade. Instead, the sword broke and Ney rammed him onto the floor. Straddled by Ney, the assassin stabbed at Kyle's chest and he anticipated the ensuing burst of blood.

Realizing that the sword had shattered the knife instead, Kyle touched his chest and realized his shell necklace had also shattered. Hearing Ney angrily fume that it was The Daughter of Green's revenge for killing her, Kyle realized she was the object of his revenge; recalling Germaine's words to him, Kyle determined he couldn't hate his sister for what she did. As Ney began pummeling him, Kyle began to pass out when he heard someone come in and scream his name.

Realizing Germaine had arrived and distracted Ney, the King noticed her grip had loosened. While her attention was diverted, Kyle reached for the sword sheath and swung it at the assassin while. Ney dodged and told him resistance was futile while Kyle took the rocket glove from the sheath. Saying it was a message from her former colleague, Kyle fired off the glove at the shocked Ney, causing her to fly into the ceiling before crashing back down.

Seeing Ney's burned abdomen and clothing, Kyle realized the glove's power was more intense than he had expected and recalled Elluka's enchantment. He then struggled to stand up; Germaine came over to support him and asked if he was alright. After confirming he was, Kyle asked what happened with her and commented she was also safe before explaining that the undead soldiers returned to being corpses. Determining that the Gluttony magic was interrupted when Ney focused it in on herself, Kyle bent over and checked her pulse to make sure she was only unconscious.

He then asked Germaine for her sword, saying he'd stab the assassin and end it. When Germaine refused, Kyle reiterated that it was an order, proclaiming he had to settle the mismanagement of his family with his own hands. After Germaine pointed out he would be scrutinized for killing an non-resisting person, Kyle watched as she released him and picked up Ney instead, saying she would take the girl home. The two were interrupted by the arriving guards, glad to see the King was safe.

After Germaine left, Kyle picked up the broken pieces of his shell necklace, telling himself that Michaela also saved him. When one of the petrified soldiers asked what had happened, Kyle made up a story that Prim was killed by the mage who had manipulated the corpse soldiers and that he arrived too late. He also added that the Espionage Task Force had also been manipulated by that mage, who had already escaped.

Kyle then offered to carry his mother's corpse to Marlon Castle as well, offering to carry her "important relics" as well immediately after. He picked up his mother's corpse, the two mirrors, and the Clockworker's Doll and walked down the stairs. As he descended the tower, Kyle looked out the barred window and saw daylight breaking through the clouds, the rain gone.[71]

Meeting in LionessEdit

Later, Kyle met with Germaine, Yukina, Keel, Elluka and Gumillia in one of the bedrooms in Lioness Castle, Ney tied to the bed, and he explained what had transpired at Heartbeat Clocktower. As they discussed the safety of being in the same room as Ney, Kyle put her broken knife, the Glass of Conchita, and the hand mirrors side by side in a cabinet for everyone to see. When Germaine asked if the mirror was the same as the one Kyle had, he confirmed it and then placed his own mirror and the doll beside the other items.

When Elluka took an interest in the doll, Kyle revealed what Prim told him, concluding that it was likely one of the vessels of sin. After the sorceress later expressed her disappointment that Prim didn't seem to mention anything about the Demon of Lust, Kyle decided to tell Elluka the full story about the Venom Sword later. When Germaine remarked that they still had to decide what to do with Ney, the group stared at the comatose Ney across from them in silence.

While the King considered releasing Ney, Keel sarcastically remarked that he seemed to want to try preventing her arrest or revealing the truth. Kyle then chastised his friend, saying there were various circumstances to consider. He then listened as Yukina and Gumillia convinced Elluka to try and restore her sanity using magic, agreeing with Germaine that her conduct was due to Abyss I.R. and the Demon's influence. Afterward, he pondered to himself whether Ney's sanity and their relationship could ever be improved.

Once Elluka announced they would return to Bariti and told Gumillia to retrieve the vessels, Kyle opened the cabinet to hand her the vessels when he remembered they still lacked the spoon vessel Prim had mentioned. At that moment, he like everyone else heard a rattling sound and Keel suggested he'd check it out, claiming to be the only one uninjured. Shortly after, he heard Keel speaking casually, although confused, to the intruder until he was silenced by a dull thud. After the door opened and the room was enveloped by a blue flash, Kyle was rendered unconscious.

Kyle soon awoke in what appeared to be a very large black box. Although initially thinking he was alone, he then saw two other people in the distance. Rushing towards them, he saw a woman and a child walking hand-in-hand. When Kyle called out to the woman, she looked back and he noticed she resembled Germaine, though wearing a lavish red dress and a parasol instead. Asking who she was, the woman grinned, laughed, and told Kyle she was the one people called the Demon of Gluttony.

Looking at the child, Kyle realized she was the Ney he met when he was fourteen. The demon then clarified that it was not Ney, but Gretel, claiming she should have been born as Riliane, but was born with a different appearance and life because of fate being distorted. As Kyle struggled to comprehend her words, Ney smiled and him and apologized to her brother for all the bad things she had done, hoping to be reborn so that she, Kyle, Riliane, and Allen could all play together someday.

As Kyle realized Ney wanted to be with her family, he heard the demon mock her wish and declared she would take the girl's soul for her own. Kyle attempted to attack the demon but was stopped by an invisible barrier. Calling him the era's "Soul of Adam", the demon bid him farewell. Kyle watched as she began to take the seemingly ignorant Ney away into a sea that appeared before them. The King panicked and desperately tried to keep Ney from leaving him.

Kyle then suddenly awoke, seemingly seeing the Demon of Gluttony shaking his body. After moaning that it was the demon, Germaine corrected him for his rude remark and the King then noticed she was wearing red armor, not a red dress. Shaking his head, Kyle asked where everyone else. Germaine then explained that the others were safe and were being checked up on in a separate room after reawakening from the flash.

When Germaine hesitated to continue, Kyle demanded to know what was wrong and the warrior explained how Keel had been injured, although a doctor had said it wasn't life-threatening. Seeing her hesitate again, he pressed her and Germaine added all the vessels of sin had been stolen. When Germaine attempted to explain the worst outcome, Kyle saw Ney's bloodstained corpse on the bed and cut her off, saying she didn't need to say any more. At the sight of his sister's seemingly peaceful expression, Kyle wished to himself that she found salvation.[72]

Returning StormEdit

"I've become unable to know what's the right answer anymore. What's "justice", what's "evil" even—  "
"So you haven't done good? You wouldn't have done everything you've done if it wasn't well-founded. Everyone else thinks that as well."
―Kyle and Arkatoir[src]

Over the course of two weeks, Kyle launched an investigation into their unknown assailant while handling the aftermath of their battle. Around that time, Kyle had Ney and Prim buried in Left Chapel following a grand national funeral for the Queen Dowager. While gazing at their graves, Kyle thought over his seemingly purposeless life and inadvertently blurted out that he was boring. Hearing Arkatoir say their country's king shouldn't speak such things, Kyle saw his half-brother approach him.

After Arkatoir stated he shouldn't let the people see him as a cowardly king at least, Kyle admitted that he no longer knew what was "evil" or "justice". As he complained, his half-brother cut him off, reassuring him that everything he'd done was believed to be well-founded by everyone. Laughing, Kyle admitted that could be the case. He then thought over his current inability to fulfill his promise to Germaine, though determining to set things right as soon as possible.

As he lingered on this thought, Kyle heard Shaw calling for him and running into the crypt. While the King chastised the child for not going through the proper procedure for an audience, Shaw interrupted that he had an urgent task that he needed to fulfill. Growing concerned, Kyle asked if Keel's condition worsened and Shaw reassured him that the merchant's condition was stable. Putting a hand on the boy's shoulder, Kyle stated that if anything went wrong the child would become Keel's successor.

Once he stated that the child's burden would be shared with his mother, Shaw interjected that Mikina had been missing since two weeks ago. Surprised, Kyle listened to him explain that Mikina had been regularly disappearing before coming back as if nothing happened. As Kyle noticed the correlation with Keel's injury, Shaw added that his big sister also left. The boy then gave the shocked king Yukina's letter.

Kyle then read her plans to search for her mother abroad, explaining that she saw someone wearing an Almoga Mobarez mask when they were attacked and that both the mask Keel bought from Germaine and her mother had gone missing shortly after they left for Lioness. Asking for his and Keel's forgiveness, she told him to give her family her best wishes in case anything happened to her. Once he finished reading the letter, Kyle noticed it had begun to rain again.[73]

Later LifeEdit

"He still looked happy."
―Yukina regarding Kyle's later years[src]

When Divine Levianta called for aid against Neo Apocalypse in EC 508, Marlon hesitated to send aid; instead, the emerging Lucifenian Republic was permitted to send its own troops to help with the conflict. After Lucifenia was given its complete independence, Kyle abdicated the throne to Arkatoir in EC 510. He then traveled the world as a painter for some time, living his childhood dream, before reuniting with Yukina.

Afterward, the two started cohabiting in Lucifenia and they began living a happy life together.[74] Sometime after Elluka and Gumillia departed for the East in EC 548, Yukina told Kyle about her plans to travel to Merrigod Plateau on her way to east Levianta and learn about the fabled Flower of the Plateau. Interested in painting a landscape of the plateau, Kyle agreed to come along.

The two then journeyed together to Calgaround. Learning of the folklore surrounding Mikulia, the two eventually saw the portrait of the countess and her husband hanging in the former royal library. Shocked to see Mikulia's striking resemblance to Michaela, Kyle painted his landscape while Yukina continued to learn about Mikulia's folklore before she left to return home.[75]


"It was quite an interesting read. My roots—I was able to learn about my ancestors."
―Gallerian Marlon referencing Kyle and his family[src]

Kyle's actions were later detailed by Yukina in her novel "The Daughter of Evil" and gained popularity in the centuries after his lifetime. Around half a century later, Elluka read Yukina's memoirs and promptly investigated her and Kyle's mysterious experience in Calgaround. After discovering the same portrait at Calgaround's library, Elluka immediately understood their concerns. One of Kyle's descendants, Gallerian Marlon, read Yukina's novel at the behest of his friend, Ma, and the judge was satisfied with learning more about his ancestor who had removed himself from the royal family.[76]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"I'm proud of my position as king. One word from me bring my people either salvation or suffering. I think it's a wonderful job that's impossible to replace and, at the same time, a serious responsibility."

Kyle was an honest and caring individual trapped by the will of others. He lacked the desire to be king, wanting to become a painter. However, his mother's machinations diminished his confidence and forced him to accept the role as monarch after his father's death. Kyle despised Prim for her cruelty and was constantly frustrated by his inability to control her methods. As a result, he held the lingering notion of escaping the royal family and living like a commoner with a family. Despite this, he was proud of the responsibility he had as Marlon's king and took it very seriously.[77]

He disliked being teased and was easily embarrassed by comments made about him.[78] Kyle's pride, when influenced by the Mirror of Lucifenia his mother gifted him, turned into hubris and fueled his arrogance and conviction that he could do no wrong. The mirror acted as an escape to diffuse Kyle's confusion and dispel his mediocrity complex that plagued him.[79] Kyle held a pessimistic view on politics, choosing to back the Lucifenian Revolution and reject Riliane's marriage proposal rather than believing in others to understand his actions.[80]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"In Marlon, while the country is officially governed by the young King Kyle, it is said that his mother, Queen Dowager Prim, is the one who holds authority there."
―An aristocrat speaking about Kyle[src]

Well trained in the art of swordplay and statesmanship, Kyle was a capable king and warrior. Raised into being the king of Marlon from a young age, the man was knowledgeable about the state of affairs in Evillious and had an understanding of how to manage a country and keep it stable, even in times of great civil tension. This political knowledge extended to an understanding of military tactics, able to wage a campaign against Beelzenia during his time of possession even if ultimately unsuccessful.

Kyle also knew how to command armies directly under him and served as a capable leader in more than one campaign, although his abilities as a military leader were believed to be inferior to more charismatic kings such as Arth Lucifen d'Autriche. Additionally his skills in swordplay, cultivated in his youth, were considerable and the king was able to hold his own against pirates and trained soldiers alike, although he had more difficulty fighting off quick opponents like Gast.

Aside from his qualities as a leader Kyle had many resources as a king to use to his advantage, including usage of the Freezis Foundation's information network and hold on the Evillious economy. Although at times unwittingly, he also made use of resources obtained from him by his mother, such as using magic from the Demon of Pride after his possession or more willingly making use of the Espionage Task Force. With all of his resources, following his possession Kyle was able to maintain a strong grip on the mainland of the Evillious for several years and keep his opponents on the run.

Kyle also had skills as a painter developed during his childhood. Tutored in the art, the prince at the time was a prolific artist that worked with landscapes and portraiture, although vulnerable to harsh critique from any superiors in the art world. Despite quitting his art as a teenager and resuming only later into adulthood, the king painted until the end of his life and became renowned as he traveled through the Evillious region.

Character ConnectionsEdit

Prim Marlon: Kyle's mother. Kyle hated his mother for her cruel and manipulative ways of keeping him Marlon's King, unable to forgive her for ruining his dreams but unable to break free of her influence. Despite this, after learning the full extent of her treachery, Kyle was unable to believe it and began clinging to other possibilities. After she revealed her plot for herself, he realized his mother was insane and resolved to take responsibility for her deeds.

Ney Futapie: Kyle's half-sister, as well as perceived ally. Kyle and Ney were amiable acquaintances in childhood, though he was often incensed by her whimsical behavior when she was hired as his Head of Espionage; Kyle would later be greatly shaken to learn the truth of their relationship. Though willing to fight her as an agent of Prim, Kyle was saddened to see Ney taken away from him, recognizing her past innocence, and quickly came to care for her as his sister.

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Kyle's betrothed. Due to their friendship, Kyle was more forgiving of Riliane's tyrannical behavior than others, although he himself had no wish to marry her. Though initially caring for her as a sister, this friendship turned to hate after she demanded the death of Michaela, sparking a desire for vengeance in him. After Allen's death, Kyle became apathetic towards Riliane and wished nothing more to do with her.

Keel Freezis: A good friend of Kyle's. Kyle saw Keel as a trusted friend, dating from childhood, seeing the Freezis home as a safe haven from his duties as king. Knowing the merchant on an intimate level, he often attended Keel's banquets or asked him for favors using his connections. As an extension, Kyle treated Keel's family with hospitality whenever they came to visit.

Michaela: Kyle's love. Kyle fell madly in love with Michaela due to her beautiful voice and appearance, to the point of wanting to abandon his duties to run away with her, although he was puzzled by her misunderstanding of love. Her death caused him great grief and awakened his desire for vengeance; this desire became an all-consuming focus after he was possessed by the Demon of Pride.

Germaine Avadonia: An ally during the Lucifenian Revolution and a temporary enemy. Kyle was incensed at Germaine's teasing of him before and after he revealed himself, though was impressed enough with her skills to offer her a place in the annexed Lucifenia's government. He became furious with Germaine when believing she had a role in Michaela's death, but returned to being her ally after he came to his senses.

Yukina Freezis: A friend of Kyle's. Kyle became friends with Yukina as a member of Keel's family, showing her warm hospitality when the latter came to visit. Although initially furious at Yukina's perceived deception of him, after he came to his senses he was grateful to her for her aid. Kyle showed concern for Yukina's well-being and enjoyed spending time with her, choosing to live with her after living out his dream as a painter.

Leonhart Avadonia: An old acquaintance of Kyle's. The Marlon King appeared among those close to him at his funeral. Their relationship was kept secret.

Allen Avadonia: A servant of Riliane. Kyle hated Allen for his claimed role in Michaela's death, physically attacking him due to this. Despite his rage, Kyle was impressed by the servant's dedication to Riliane.

Adam Moonlit: Kyle and Adam share a connection in Kyle being referred to as "Soul of Adam."

Gear: Kyle and Gear share a connection in both being referred to as "Soul of Adam."


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The name Kyle is derived from the Scottish Gaelic term for a channel, straight, or something narrow; Marlon, Kyle's native country, is inspired by the British Empire.
  • His surname, Marlon, is a reference to Mammon, the patron demon of Greed.
  • Kyle's name is partially inspired by the name of his representative Vocaloid, KAITO, with Kyle's romanization containing "kai".
  • Kyle may be partially inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte, a French military commander and later Emperor that rose to prominence during the French Revolution following a coup d'état against the ruling government.





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