Kagura Octo
Technical Information
Japanese カグラ=オクト
Romaji Kagura Okuto
Other Names Octo Kagura
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Jakokuese
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Affiliation(s) Jakoku
"I know the story because it's relevant to you—to the scissors."
―Elluka "Ma" Clockworker to Kagura[src]

Kagura Octo was a noble of the Octo Family in Jakoku and the guardian of the Twin Blades of Levianta. Entrusted to guard the vessel from an early age, she was eventually forced to swap bodies with the Demon of Envy, becoming trapped in the blades herself.


Early LifeEdit

"Kayo's mother, Kagura, was originally the eldest daughter of the magistrate, Octo Gato. When she was sixteen, she fled from her family and eloped with a man, and then Kayo was born—that's what I heard."

Kagura was born in Jakoku at the turn of the ninth century EC, the eldest daughter of Gato Octo. Raised by the noble Octo Family, she was eventually tasked with safeguarding the dual cursed blades. When Kagura was sixteen, the Demon of Envy swapped bodies with her, forcing her spirit into the twin blades. Afterward, "Kagura" took the Twin Blades of Levianta and eloped with Nagare Sudou, keeping the scissors with her at their new tailor shop in Enbizaka.

Over the years, Kagura helplessly watched the Sudou Family live their everyday lives, observing Nagare and the demon possessing her body sire and raise their daughter, Kayo. After Gakuga Octo was welcomed into the family years later, the spirit grew skeptical of the man's hedonistic character as he pursued a romance with Kayo. Once Kayo and Gakuga married in January of EC 838, Kagura saw the Demon of Envy transform into a mermaid and leap off a cliff into the sea, leaving her and the scissors behind on the cliff side.[1]

A Witness to TragedyEdit

"Of course, those who died were never coming back.—And because of that, a mind was broken."
―Kagura regarding Kayo[src]

Afterward, Kayo took possession of the twin blades and Kagura continued following the young couple, watching them sire a son and live a happy life at the tailor shop. When the great fire consumed Enbizaka at the end of the year she watched as Kayo and her family attempted to escape but was helpless to intervene as Kayo got severely burned while losing her family in the fire. Afterward, the trapped spirit watched the tailor be treated by Mei Miroku and her father and later taken in by the Octo Family,[2] acting as if the blond maid Bufuko was her dead son. After seeing Kayo treated of her injuries for four years before being forced to return home by Anan Octo in EC 842, Kagura watched the mentally unwell woman readapt to life in Enbizaka, becoming acquainted with the rest of the Miroku Family and Elluka "Ma" Clockworker at the Freezis Trading House.

The trapped spirit observed later Elluka swapping bodies with the tailor, as well as how no one noticed the change in appearance later.[3] Following later events, Kagura noticed Kayo's growing obsession with Kai Miroku, as well as Kai's dealings with with Perrié Cutie Marlon and his family troubles due to his daughter being with a foreign boyfriend. To her horror, she then soon witnessed Kayo's brutal murder of Kai's wife after seeing them together one evening, the tailor taking her red kimono.

Kagura continued to follow the events unfolding in Enbizaka with the Mirokus, seeing Kiji depart for Elphegort to discuss marrying Miku with his parents several months later. She saw Kayo murder Miku after the latter had been kicked out of the house following an argument with her father over her pregnancy with Kiji's child. The panicked spirit then followed the police's investigation of the circumstances surrounding the murder until Kiji returned and was met with Kai's wrath before swearing to catch Miku's murderer himself.[4]

A few days later, Kagura listened in on Oyuka and Eikichi's conversation about the murder investigation and Kokutan-douji's group's impending arrival in Onigashima. She watched Kokutan-douji's visit with Kayo, hearing him claim to be Ren searching for his mother due to a mermaid's revelation, wishing she could tell the boy that the mermaid was actually a lying demon.[5] She then followed the boy as he moved in with Kayo and met up with his old friends, seeing Saruteito's search for the "legendary blades" her ancestor forged.

While watching the Kayo confront Rin the night after seeing Kai purchase a hairpin for her, Kagura overheard Rin reveal her past life and possession of another vessel of sin before being murdered by Kayo and deprived of her hairpin.[6]

Telling the TaleEdit

"I'm sure this is the last time you'll be conversing with a living human being like this. So, if there are things you want to say, things you want to talk about, I'll listen, right now."
―Ma to Kagura[src]

Following Kayo's execution, her sewing scissors were abandoned on the tatami in the tailor shop. Eventually Kagura was visited by Elluka, who sought a conversation with her. Remembering Elluka's selfishly motivated body-swap with Kayo, the spirit initially resisted. Once Elluka announced her intention to destroy her, Kagura relented, deciding to talk about all that she had witnessed with Kayo and Enbizaka as a final act of atonement for being unable to intervene. With Kagura beginning with the great fire, Elluka was happy to listen, having many questions on the matter herself.[7]

She initially began with describing Onigashima's unique foreign policy and Gaou Octo, but moved on to Kayo and her family after being rebuked by Elluka on the history lesson. Kagura narrated on Kayo's loss during the fire before taken in by the Octo family, noting that it was one such clan Elluka was familiar with. Still not aware of the identity of her conversation partner, Elluka explained how she heard that Kayo's mother Kagura, the eldest daughter of magistrate Gato Octo, eloped with a man at age sixteen and fled the family, resulting in Kayo's birth. She narrated how Kagura took the scissors, being passed down in the Octo family.

Kagura questioned the mage on her delay in acquiring the scissors for so long, not even taking them when visiting Kayo much later, but Elluka remained vague, pressing her to change the subject back to the tale of Kayo. Agreeing, Kagura skipped to four years after the fire, during the period of Elluka's visit.[8] She then explained how Enbizaka was able to bounce back due to Perrié Cutie Marlon's investment in the town's reconstruction. While Kagura explained Perrié's absence during the fire, Elluka interrupted and confirmed that Perrié was selling a favor to the shogunate to try making them accept their requests and the trapped soul remarked that she understood why they accepted.

Kagura explained she wasn't able to see the mainland past Onigashima, recounting Kayo's return to Enbizaka and her swapping bodies with Elluka. The mage stopped the conversation to ask how the spirit knew of the the Swap Technique, but she replied that she simply guessed the spell's name. Elluka then revealed she knew Kayo's father died of disease before asking what killed her mother. After hearing the public story, Elluka mused that it might not have been an accident. The two of them then discussed Kagura's unusual dedication to Kayo, before Kagura interrupted to chide Elluka's note-taking for a potential screenplay.

Kagura inquired as to Elluka's motives for involving herself with Kayo, learning that the mage was primarily interested in power, though also curious as to why exactly Kayo committed her murders. She then finally admitted that her reasons for not retrieving the scissors until now was that her body was weakened for the past year by performing the powerful and draining Swap Technique; she had assumed the Demon of Envy dwelt within the scissors at the time and therefore waited to recover her full power before dealing with such a special demon. After Kagura then declared she'd continue with her tale, still not revealing her identity.[9]

Mystery of the MindEdit

"Kayo saw the visage of her late husband in that stranger—that's what I thought at that moment."
―Kagura recalling Kayo meeting Kai[src]

Elluka explained that she had the power to manipulate minds, though it was significantly weaker, using it to keep people from noticing that her and Kayo's appearances had changed. Kagura continued the tale, noting that while Kayo was no longer concerned with her body's "burns", her mind remained ill. She recounted the events leading up to Kayo meeting Kai at the bridge.

When getting to Kayo's "purple dreams", Kagura discussed the term with Elluka, the mage explaining it as a prophetic ability that remained in Lukana's body after the swap. They both mused a little on whether Kayo had been influenced by purple dreams as part of her actions, before moving on to the topic of her delusions about Kai being her husband. On that topic Kagura shared her delusions regarding Bufuko and Kokutan-douji being her long-lost son. Still somewhat confused on how exactly Kayo would have made the connection between Kai and her husand, the two sharing no real physical features, Elluka pressed Kagura to continue the story. [10]

Kagura resumed narrating, telling how the peace in Enbizaka fell apart due to Mei's corpse being discovered and proceeded to recount everything she saw leading up to woman's murder. She admitted her confusion at Kayo's brutal skill with her scissors, Elluka insisting that it did not come from her or Lukana's body in the body swap.

Upon some further musing, Elluka opined that it could be simply because Kayo was possessed by a Demon of Sin, but the demon not being the one present in the scissors threw off that idea. Kagura then moved to continue the story, noticing as Elluka took notes that she couldn't actually read the foreign letters in the book.[11]

Converging FatesEdit

"You're always quieting down at the crucial parts... And this "Kokutan-douji". Will you finally be talking about him?"
―Ma to Kagura[src]

Afterwards, Kagura resumed narrating how Kayo murdered Miku and later met Kokutan-douji, remarking that the mermaid's "revelation" he was told was nothing more than the whispers of a demon. Elluka noted the spirit's hatred toward the so-called mermaid, though Kagura said she simply hated such fantasies.

Kagura then dropped the topic and asked why Perrié was searching for one, Elluka explaining that the Freezis Foundation had been pursuing the secret to immortality since its inception, stating that both Shaw Freezis and Perrié were given youthful vitality through the foundation's experiments. Kagura inquired if that was why she was friends with the Freezis Foundation and the missionary explained her long relationship with them allowing her to gain money and power with the empty possibility of telling them her secret.

Kagura then confirmed that Kayo killed Miku, telling Elluka of the events that led up to it. When the mage asked about Kokutan-douji, Kagura asked if she needed to describe the boy's history but Elluka assured her it wasn't necessary, as she had researched him in advance. The mage then showed the spirit her open notebook, explaining that the book would compile other stories she heard in Jakoku, titling it the "Eastern Magic Record".[12] Following the end of their conversation, Kagura's spirit was freed as the Demon of Envy returned to her vessel; the god Behemo then arrived and took Kagura's soul to the Heavenly Yard.[13]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Kagura was a loyal and observant woman. Demonstrating great respect for family and a strong sense of duty, she obeyed her elders and faithfully watched over the Twin Blades of Levianta during her youth.[14] Having been deprived of her regular everyday life at a young age, Kagura felt isolated and helpless, though alleviating some of her loneliness by watching others live out their lives.[15] Because of this, she despised the Demon of Envy for trapping her in the scissors, though choosing to avoid dwelling on her feelings about her once human life.[16]

Having watched Kayo from infancy, Kagura thought of the tailor as her master,[17] and in some ways her daughter,[18] and therefore grew very attached to her.[19] Despite this, she was still horrified by Kayo's terrible murders and vainly tried to stop her despite her hopeless situation.[20] As a result, Kagura believed telling the tailor's life story was the only way to redeem her in anyone's eyes,[21] though she didn't truly understand everything the woman thought or did herself.[22]

Due to her love for Kayo, Kagura was angry at Ma for swapping bodies with the tailor, believing her to be the cause of Kayo's apparent insanity, and distrusted anything the mage said or did.[23] However, she did reluctantly share Kayo's story with her on the promise the missionary would alleviate her confusion about the incident.[24] Still, she remained as secretive about her identity as possible and only empathized with the mage in their mutual hatred toward the Demon of Envy.[25]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Despite her Octo lineage, Kagura had no martial talent and therefore lacked any combat abilities.[26] While literate in her native Jakokuese, the girl had no education in foreign languages and was unable to read their scripts.[27] After being forced into the Twin Blades of Levianta, her soul was trapped within the scissors and unable to move freely or directly interact with the average human. However, the spirit could communicate with mages and similarly magically-trained beings. Kagura could also see and hear a large distance from her vessel, allowing her to observe anyone anywhere in Onigashima at her leisure.[28]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Kayo Sudou: The child that was born from Kagura's body. Although having no part in her conception, Kagura came to love Kayo like she was her own daughter as well as considering her her master. As a result she kept watch over her for many years, and was horrified by her helplessness to save the tailor from her crimes.

Demon of Envy: The demon Kagura swapped places with. Due to having her life stolen by the demon, Kagura despised it in spite of watching her, and later her daughter Kayo, with faithful observation.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Kagura's name is written as 神楽 in Japanese kanji, referring to a theatrical dance commonly performed by Shinto shrine maidens.
  • Her surname is derived from the Greek and Roman prefix octo, meaning "eight".



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