Irregulars were a type of human in the Third Period. Existing outside the Third Period's established rules, they were typically capable of both great destruction and as well as creation, and were instrumental in bringing about the Four Endings.


Existing outside the established rules of the Third Period, irregulars were beings brought into existence through illogical or even miraculous ways, such as through virgin conception. Irregulars could bring about a "reformatting" event known as the Re_birthday, and were thus considered the key to bringing about the Four Endings.[1] Out of the pair, one twin usually represented destruction, while the other represented creation; because of this, both were necessary in recreating the world, as one destroyed it and the other created it anew. Irregulars born without their twin counterpart tended to be highly unstable and destructive in nature, to the point of being able to bring about the end of entire worlds. As part of their physicality, they were typically born with blonde hair.[2]

Known IrregularsEdit


Conceptualization and OriginEdit




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