Eldoh tree
Technical Information
Japanese エルド
Romaji Erudo
Other Names Master of the Court
God of the Earth
Tree of Held
Millennium Tree
Tree God
Biographical Information
Born BT 528 (as tree)
Classification God
Gender Male
Hair Color Green (as human)
Affiliation(s) Heavenly Yard
"We gods were negligent in our efforts."

Held, regarded as the Tree of Held and later the Millennium Tree, was one of the four gods of the Evillious universe. Incarnated as a tree during the Third Period, Held became the guardian of the forest in Elphegort. After witnessing the creation of the vessels of sin, he tasked Elluka Clockworker with collecting the vessels and monitored her progress throughout the centuries.


Early LifeEdit

"Before the third paradise was completed, sixty-two of the kin had lost their lives. The god of the earth grieved. He buried their souls in the center of the land. Soon there grew a great forest."
―Excerpt from the Levin Bible Old Testament, Book 1, Genesis[src]

Since time immemorial, Held and his kindred enjoyed paradise in their world.[1] When their world suddenly collapsed, they boarded the ark Sin and traversed the black sea until finding a new place. There, they created the Second Period and prospered in the new paradise for a thousand years.[2] At some point, Held became a prominent scientist.[3] When the Second Period faced destruction, they dubbed the cause "Malice". As HERs contaminated the world, Held and 71 of his kin boarded Sin and successfully escaped the world's destruction. At some point, he taught Behemo. They later sailed to another new place.

Afterward, it was decided that the most skilled scientists would become the "gods" of the new world. After Held, the sun god, Levia, Behemo, and the moon goddess took the up the moniker,[4] the sun god tasked the others with helping create the individual aspects of the third paradise, Held focusing his efforts on creating the lands and oceans of the new world. While the twin gods Levia and Behemo were creating the humans,[5] the sun god had Held be used as the model for its Elphe race.[6] During the process, 62 of their kin died and, grieving their loss, Held took their souls and buried them in the middle of the Third Period's earth, resulting in a massive forest sprouting there.

The surviving four gods and six kin then completed their creation by BT 528. When the sun god shared his plans to leave their new paradise in the hands of the humans they created, Held gave his support to the idea while the twin gods and six remaining kin opposed it. After Levia and Behemo were incarnated as Levia-Behemo and rebelled against the sun god's rules with the other six kin, the god sealed the dragon in the Sin ark he had dropped in the third world's north where the humans founded Levianta.[7]

Held was then transformed into a tree in his forest by the sun god, tasked with protecting the non-human creatures of the world and monitoring the twin gods. Required not to directly involve himself with human affairs,[8] he ordered the 62 kin to never leave the forest or go near humans after they reincarnated as his forest spirits.[9] Around this time, the gods agreed to hide the moon goddess' existence.[10] Some time afterwards, the Tree of Held became known to the people in the nearby country of Heldogort and was worshiped as part of a cult sect in the Levin religion.[11]

Original SinEdit

"I wonder what you're doing meddling with humans then?"
"Elluka... I don't believe I'm directly involved in regards to the vessels of sin. It's precisely because I can't be involved that I requested you, a "human", to do it."
―Elluka and Held[src]

After learning of Eve Moonlit creating the Original Sin in EC 001, Held ignored the situation, believing he should not interfere with the mortal affair.[12] Following the Levianta Catastrophe in EC 013, the earth god noticed that fragments of the dragon Levia-Behemo had fallen into the forest and fused with the twins Hänsel and Gretel, turning them into deteriorating copies of the dragon.[13] After the twins murdered Eve and split her Original Sin into seven vessels of sin in EC 014, Held realized the danger the vessels and their demons posed while remaining helpless to keep them from scattering the vessels across the world.[14]

When Elluka Clockworker visited him the following year, the god immediately recognized the human as a vessel for the incarnated souls of Levia and Behemo. As the mage claimed to be his old friend and explained that after her murder her beloved Kiril had attempted to revive her by revitalizing the ark Sin, the Sin then going out of control and destroying Levianta, Held realized the consciousness of Levia had lost most of her memories as part of the reincarnation and mistaken herself for the actual Elluka.[15]


Held meets with Elluka regarding the vessels of sin

Deciding to keep up the ruse, the earth god explained what had transpired with Adam, Eve, and their foster children to his "old friend".[16] Hoping to keep the twin gods under his supervision,[17] Held tasked Elluka Clockworker with collecting the vessels of sin in his place before they could cause calamity for humans, expecting her to complete the quest in around a century.[18]

The capricious mage agreed to the task, citing she was bored and had unlimited time anyway, and left. At some point, Irina Clockworker began visiting Held in the form of a red cat, appearing with different female bodies as her mediums with each visit.[19] Worried the mage would learn the truth and somehow reawaken Levia's memories if they met, the god remained silent about the red cat mage's existence to Elluka.[20]

Venomania EventEdit

"Mikulia Greeonio... I talked to you about her before, didn't I?"
"One of Sateriasis Venomania's lovers..."
―Elluka and Held[src]

Some time after the Venomania Event of EC 137, Elluka visited the god and described her failure to acquire the vessels of sin owned by Duke Sateriasis Venomania and Count Karchess Crim. During the conversation, she described the chaos caused by the event and how one of the girls in Venomania's harem, Mikulia Greeonio, shared Eve Moonlit's appearance. Held also learned Elluka had swapped bodies with Lukana Octo, granting her the Loop Octopus Clan's unique prophetic dream ability.[21] Sometime after, the god began hearing about the intense discrimination and persecution faced by Netsumas in Elphegort, hearing less and less about the white-haired race of humans as time progressed.[22]

Twin Blades of LeviantaEdit

Centuries later, Elluka visited Held again in EC 325 and mentioned that one vessel, the Twin Blades of Levianta, had been located at the Levin church in Lucifenia. The sorceress returned sometime later and Held understood something must have occurred. Disappointed to hear the Twin Blades of Levianta she collected were fake, the god was punched in the face as Elluka became frustrated by her continued failures. After noting how hitting him was pointless, Held brushed it off, saying they could only be patient.

Outraged, Elluka reminded him that she was only volunteering to find the vessels born in his forest and the god countered that she was the reason the Demons of Sin were freed in the first place. After the sorceress admitted her alleged part in the Clockwork Secret Art destroying the Magic Kingdom Levianta, she punched him in the face again and he reiterated that it didn't hurt him. The earth god then mentioned that the magic kingdom had since been rebuilt.

Elluka assured him they were nothing alike and were unlikely to have inherited the Magic Kingdom's legacy. Still uncertain, he voiced his worry of them recovering his era's relic. The spirit Michaela then perched on Held's branches and greeted the sorceress before being promptly sent away. Elluka asked how many spirits served him. The earth god admitted he didn't remember and asked if she wanted to discuss something related to Divine Levianta but the sorceress brushed it off, claiming there was something else bothering her.

Elluka then explained how she had forcibly hired a new servant and the god asked if her odd choice was because the individual had magical talent and the mage confirmed she had none. Curious, Held asked why the woman was traveling with her. Once Elluka mentioned Mikulia Greeonio, Held recalled what she had said about her and realized she meant that the girl also had the Original Sinner's appearance.

As Elluka questioned how so many had the failed Ma candidate's face if she had no descendants, Held brushed off her worry as something that happened in his Period as well before admitting it was seemingly more pronounced in the current world. The mage inquired why and Held told her to ask Levia-Behemo, pointing out they were the creators of the world's humans, not him. When the mage questioned where she could find them, Held remained silent. As Elluka inquired about his silence, he changed the subject and asked whether Mikulia had a demonic presence in her.

Once Elluka confirmed neither she nor her servant had such a presence, Held reassured her that their likeness to Eve was only accidental. Questioning if the mage brought her along, Elluka claimed she'd wreak havoc on the spirits and left her magically captured at their residence. The god noted she did cruel things and then asked if she left her servant any food. Faced with the sorceress' shock, Elluka admitted she had completely forgotten and quickly left.[23]


"Oh, well, well. A visitor more unusual than the last has come."
―Held regarding Irina Clockworker[src]

Several hours later, Held saw Irina approach him with a male medium and asked what she wanted. The mage retorted that she hadn't used that name in a while, instead going by "AB-CIR" for the time being. After the cat abandoned her medium and the man collapsed, Held noted he'd never seen her use a man before. The red cat mage responded that it was a necessity of the situation. When Held pried for details, she refused to answer.

As the cat began scratching his trunk, he pointed out it didn't hurt him before admitting he'd prefer she didn't damage his trunk. The sorceress asked for Elluka's location in return and Held scoffed at her unusual request given she typically avoided the mage; the cat then explained that she was disturbing one of her subordinates and wanted to try to reclaim her. Refusing to tell her, the god questioned if she'd turn him to ashes if he answered.

Irina pointed out that doing so would fail to kill his real self and Held added that he in turn was helpless to stop the HER and vessel of sin owner in his tree form. After explaining that he would likely stop existing in the mortal world if his body was destroyed, he mentioned the possibility of using his divine power to destroy her soul during the moment before he left. Admitting she wished to avoid that outcome, Irina continued scratching Held's face and he reiterated that she therefore shouldn't damage his trunk.

Interrogated on why he never told Elluka about her if exterminating HERs and the vessels of sin was his objective, he answered that the two of them couldn't meet. When the red cat scoffed at the idea he may be afraid of having Elluka meet a HER when he had her looking for the vessels that would definitely lead to her meeting HERs who had contracted to the Demons of Sin, Held insisted it wasn't about HERs but him just not wanting the two of them to meet.

The mage then related her plan to eventually approach Elluka herself annd take both of "them" from her body and soul should the time arise. Held immediately questioned if that meant she wasn't planning to approach her for the time being and Irina reiterated that she only desired to reclaim her "pawn" so she could send her other subordinates to retrieve her later. After relating she was a very busy person despite her appearance, the mage asked about Elluka's whereabouts again while digging her claws even deeper into the trunk.

Commenting how even if he told her, his trunk would take time to regenerate, Irina answered she wanted to try employing the "torture" her man she was currently with did for a pastime. As Irina continued interrogating him for several tens of minutes, Held continued to remain silent about Elluka's location until the sorceress finally conceded and left with her medium.

Immediately after, the god called for Gumillia and tasked the spirit with telling the other spirits to strengthen the forest's barrier to keep out individuals with powerful magic.Gumillia then noted that Elluka would be unable to enter in that case and he brushed off the concern, stating it was probably for the best. When the spirit inquired if they had gotten into a fight, Held confirmed it was a separate problem.

Struck with the idea to have Gumillia monitor Behemo after he was gone, Held stated he may one day need the spirit to leave the forest in order to protect Elluka from a certain person. When the spirit questioned how they would manage that, he stated he'd think about it until that time came and entrusted the barrier to the spirit in the meantime. Yawning, he decided to return to sleep.[24]

Disappearance of ConchitaEdit

Later on, Held had the barrier surrounding the forest lifted. Some time after, Elluka returned to Held and described her failure to acquire the wine glass vessel of sin owned by Duke Banica Conchita. During the conversation, she related the resulting chaos caused by Banica's necromancy to the god and how she had lost the vessel to the "servant" she had captured.[25]

First Apparent SuccessEdit

"The Princess of Lucifenia... You speak of Riliane? You exorcised the demon that had taken possession of her, did you not?"

During the latter half of the 5th century EC, Held learned from Elluka that she had joined the Kingdom of Lucifenia's side in a war, becoming close with its king, queen, and her comrades Leonhart Avadonia and Mariam Futapie. Around EC 492, Elluka visited the god and related that she had exorcised a demon from the Lucifenian Princess Riliane and sealed it in a hand mirror vessel of sin possessed by a traitorous minister at the royal palace. Later on, the god began hearing that discrimination against Netsuma had lessened.[26]

Reign of EvilEdit

"Elluka. What you are attempting might not be "just" by any means conceivable. It might be better for the world if countries like Lucifenia were to perish."
"I know... I know all that. From the beginning, we didn't act for things like justice! But still, if the Demons of Sin are the cause of Lucifenia's collapse, it's my duty to prevent it, right?"
―Held and Elluka[src]

Elluka speaking with the god

n January of EC 499, Elluka returned to Held, warning him that she had a prophetic dream of Lucifenia's destruction and asked if it was possible to incarnate some of his forest spirits as humans to become her disciples to prevent it. Sighing, Held noted how few pilgrims visited him lately when Elluka interjected that she didn't come to listen to an old man complain. Lamenting that she was an impatient old woman, the earth god closed his eyes and considered her puzzling suggestion.

He then pointed out that she was thinking up whimsical things as usual, agreeing that it was possible since she specialized in the reincarnation arts. After thinking it over, Held opened his eyes and expressed his doubt that such a large country could be destroyed. Elluka responded it was connected to the Demons of Sin and he immediately noted her implication that the princess would bring calamity Dukes Conchita and Venomania before her. The god then inferred the mage was referring to Princess Riliane, questioning her previous claim that she had already sealed the demon possessing her.


Held expresses his worry regarding the Clockwork Secret Art

Elluka reiterated that she had exorcised the demon before and that it somehow repossessed her and rooted itself deeper into her soul, making regular exorcisms ineffective. Realizing the mage's intent, Held stated that she wanted to use the Clockwork Secret Art and warned that if she failed, it could potentially destroy the entire nation.

After the god reminded her what had occurred with her own country, Elluka brushed it aside and insisted it would work with a proper apprentice. Held then reiterated his concern. When the sorceress questioned why Riliane was still under demonic possession, the god speculated that the mirror Elluka exorcised and sealed was only a piece, with the rest of the vessel living somewhere else.

Held then asked the specifics of Elluka’s premonition and she related that she saw four images: Princess Riliane being executed, armed people invading the royal palace, Lucifenia invading Elphegort, and Mariam Futapie stabbed dead in the palace gardens. He then asked which of the four was her purple dream. Once Elluka related that her invasion of Elphegort was inevitable future, the earth deity asked Elluka what she would do if she failed. When Elluka declared she would simply leave and avoid the mess, Held mused that saying that was just like her before pointing out that it was different for her this time.


Held calls out Elluka's insecurities

After a brief silence, Elluka questioned what he meant and he elaborated that she was afraid to lose the people she cared for, hence her unusual eagerness. He then pointed out she would also rather cast her loved ones aside and escape than watch them die and repeat her experience with the Levianta Catastrophe. Enraged, Elluka punched Held's face and threatened him, unaffecting his composure.

The god of the earth then lectured that what she was attempting might not be just, reminding her that Lucifenia’s destruction might actually be a benefit for the world. Hearing Elluka retort she was aware, understanding from the very beginning that they hadn't acted because it was just; she then insisted it was still her duty to prevent Lucifenia's destruction if the demons of sin were involved. After another short silence, the god agreed to think over the "apprentice" matter before admitting he was suddenly getting tired, yawning. As Elluka attempted to stop him, the deity closed his eyes and slipped into a slumber.[27]

Family MattersEdit

"In that case, how about this? I shall entrust you with two of my spirits. You should train one as the apprentice as you stated. But the other shall be kept in this country to look for the vessel of sin. That should hopefully solve both problems at the same time."

Held speaking with Michaela

Held awoke later that month and learned that Michaela had fled the safety of the forest and gone missing during his slumber. Once Michaela returned two weeks since the spirit's disappearance, the furious god roared at the "naughty child". Learning the robin had been attacked by a bird while sneaking outside the forest and was caught by humans in the nearby village, Held reproached Michaela for breaking his regulations through the entire night.

The next day, Michaela approached and apologized for breaking his rules. The god then calmly said the robin should've known better and not made him worry so much, explaining that the spirit was a precious offshoot and important child to him. When Michaela apologized again and promised never to leave the forest without his permission again, the satisfied god forgave the spirit. He then decided to take a nap and slipped into another slumber.

Days later, Held awoke and Michaela immediately told the god that a Netsuma named Clarith prayed to him while he slept, wishing for a friend to save her from her loneliness and despair when her sick mother finally died. The god expressed his surprise there were still some Netsuma left in Elphegort, noting the still existing discrimination by the Elphe despite its decrease since the centuries prior. When Michaela questioned if Clarith could try fleeing the country, Held pointed out the difficulty doing so with her sick mother. He then added that leaving one's dear homeland was harder than one would think, pointing out Michaela's own recent experience.

As Michaela questioned what they could do to help, Held reiterated that the forest spirit was becoming too involved with humans, pointing out they were different from them. As the god related that those close to gods like the spirit shouldn't interfere with the human world, he heard Elluka question if he had any decency saying that. Looking over at the mage approaching him, Held listened while she then asked what he was doing meddling with said humans. The god explained his belief he wasn't directly involved in regards to the vessels of sin and that because he couldn't be involved that he requested she, being a "human", do it instead.


Held discussing the apprentice matter with Elluka

The mage then emphasized that he indeed asked her, immediately changing the subject to ask if he had thought over their last conversation. The god then inquired what the conversation was before Elluka interjected for him not to dodge the question, reminding him about her turning his spirits into her human apprentices.

When the god admitted he had forgotten and tried to interject, Elluka reminded him about the vessels of sin being involved and the plan to train the spirits to exorcised Riliane's demon. She mage that added that she also felt weak signs of a vessel of sin in Elphegort, pointing out the remaining piece of the hand mirror he had mentioned may be there in the country.

Meditating on this and his coming mortal death, Held looked upon Elluka and his spirits for a long while, deciding to set up Michaela and Gumillia as her disciples so that Gumillia could monitor Levia and Michaela could learn about humans and become his successor to help Gumillia in case Elluka ever regained her memories as Levia after he was gone. The god finally agreed to give Elluka two spirits, one to train as the apprentice while the other remained in Elphegort to look for the vessel of sin, citing it should solve both problems simultaneously.

Met with Elluka's surprise that he so readily assisted her, the earth god recounted how many things were born in his forest, listing off the trees, flowers, insects, and animals. He then pointed out that the vessels of sin were then born there but that he didn't take responsibility for them until after they were created. Noting that the gods detached themselves from the world, he mused that the humans overrunning him may be retribution. The god elaborated that the vessels of sin were born from the "taint" in his forest. Expressing his realization that he should've taken responsibility for them at the beginning, the god pointed out the fact he couldn't move from the forest, admitting he had been relying on her alone while always thinking he should cooperate with her a little.

After finishing his serious explanation, the god added that it would take the "half-hearted" Elluka centuries to do it alone and the mage light-hearted admitted it would be her fault. When she then questioned who to take with her, Held suggested Gumillia as the apprentice, noting the spirit could watch to make sure the mage didn't indulge herself. He then asked Michaela if the spirit could fulfill the other task. Met with the spirit's confusion, Held pointed out his kin's fascination with humans and that the spirit could study many things about them through this. He then quickly warned that the spirit not be rash.

Held then told Elluka that he would accept her demands if she returned the two to being spirits after three years. Elluka answered it would all be over by then. Satisfied with her response, the god called out to Gumillia and confirmed the spirit had heard their conversation. After Elluka left west with the spirits and began the reincarnation ritual,[28] Held saved a copy of Michaela and Gumillia's memories in advance and then overwrote them onto the incarnated humans once the ritual was completed, hoping to keep Elluka in the dark about the sun god's rules for reincarnation.[29]

Green HuntingEdit

"It was abominable, being fooled by that old man..."

When the Millennium Tree Forest was burned in EC 500, Held was worried for all the life in the forest; due to Elluka's intervention, a rainstorm doused the flames, saving Held and much of the forest from destruction.[30] At the conclusion of The Green Hunting, Held was approached by Elluka and Gumillia, curious as to why Michaela’s body became tree saplings.

Held then revealed to them that his mortal form depended upon the life of the Millennium Tree and that it was soon his time to depart from the mortal plane.[31] Explaining his plan for Michaela and his reasons for sending her with the sorceress, Elluka intensely argued with him before finally accepting it. Afterwards, Gumillia told the earth god that she chose to remain human and help Elluka; saddened, he accepted her decision and then fell back into another deep slumber.[32]


"Is it here, Clarith?"
"Yes, this should be her original home."
―Rin and Clarith while planting Michaela with Held[src]

In EC 505, he contemplated his fate, entrusting the resolution of the vessels of sin problem to humanity and his successor. He watched as two visitors, Clarith and Rin, came to him, praying before planting Michaela’s sapling in the ground. Seeing his child return to him, he decided to impart all his knowledge to her, finding it to be his atonement for his past mistakes. Witnessing their interchange before returning to prayer, the god wondered who Rin was apologizing to and why she was crying.

Shortly afterwards, Clarith joined her in asking for forgiveness and the god watched as they cried like that until nightfall.[33] After Kyle Marlon was possessed and transformed by the Demon of Pride, Gumillia, Yukina Freezis, and Germaine Avadonia fled into Held's Forest; Gumillia consulted the deity on how to defeat Kyle. Held answered that the only way to defeat Kyle was to strike during the full moon, which would bring Gumillia's magical power to its peak.

The deity then clarified that the possessed Kyle would also be at his full strength during that time. During Kyle's battle with the group two weeks later, Held convinced Michaela to sing to help subdue Kyle and she complied, helping to pacify the possessed king.[34] Around the EC 530s,[35] Held's earthly form perished and he passed on from the mortal realm, leaving Michaela with what he taught her.[36]

Confronting SickleEdit

"But in the end, you obeyed the duty I gave you. Therefore I don't understand. Why did you leave Michaela as a successor?"
"Well, you are plotting something as well, are you not?"
―Sickle and Held[src]

Sometime after his return to the Second Period, Held discovered Black Box floating in the sky above the rice fields where the research facility once stood and peeked inside to find Allen Avadonia sleeping within its confines. Held later saw the sun god approach while farming the rice fields, noting that he was still doing his hobby despite cultivating the "ended world" being meaningless. The god of creation countered that the old world hadn't "ended" but had become a place for everyone to return to after death: the Heavenly Yard.

The green-haired god pointed out that his friend's mentality would infuriate Levia for ignoring the Hellish Yard. Asked his thoughts on the issue, the Master of the Court described his belief that selection was necessary and that mixing good and evil was what caused the Second Period's downfall, citing he should at least isolate HERs from the rest. The sickle-wielding god then questioned why he had left Michaela as a successor after obeying the duty he had assigned to him until the end.

Held remained silent before  finally changing the subject, pointing out the black box in the sky and stating he too was plotting something, questioning why the boy was being given special treatment. After the sun god explained it was because he was "irregular" and outside his realm of creation, the perplexed Held considered that his friend was excluding the boy, though the scythe-wielding god denied it. Once the Heavenly Yard's master refused to continue their conversation, Held admitted that Sickle had free reign to do as he liked, as the world's creator, and left.[37]

Student ReunionEdit

"That box isn't your possession."
"―Obedient to "him" as ever, teach."
"Because he is at least still more decent than a crossdressing deviant and a hysterical woman."
―Held and Behemo[src]

On January 30, EC 611, Held spotted Allen Avadonia heading toward the Gardens of Champ-Élysées and stopped him. Learning Behemo had returned to the Heavenly Yard and let him out of Black Box so he could use it, the earth god brought the boy back to the box and waited there with him. Once Behemo exited the box and greeted him, noting he was youthful as ever, the frowning Held began chiding that their youthfulness was meaningless before realizing his former student would know that most of all.

When the god questioned why he let Allen out of the box without permission, Behemo bluntly admitted it was because he was in his way, questioning if he needed any other reason. Held then lectured that the box wasn't his possession and Behemo chided his teacher's continued obedience to the sun god. Held retorted he was still more decent than the "crossdressing deviant" and "hysterical woman" and his former student questioned how.

The earth god changed the subject to demand Allen be returned to the box before the sun god came back. Behemo complied and stated he already finished examining things, explaining he was just checking on the world's history. After listening to his former pupil claim he had the right to know as the creator of the human body, Held watched Behemo come over and speak to Allen about his failure to meet with someone there.

After Behemo finished conversing with Allen and began to leave, Held told him to wait and inquired where he was heading. Behemo offhandedly waved back at the god without, relating his intention to look around the home he returned to after so long a little more. He then promised his former teacher that he wouldn't do anything superfluous. Once his former pupil left, Held returned Allen to Black Box to continue his lessons.[38]

Defying the EndEdit

"I am here... But, you could also say that I am not here. Due to the restricting regulations he established, I can only manifest my form on this ground without interfering. You are still able to hear only my voice, so I must be doing rather well."

After the destruction of the Third Period by Punishment in EC 998, Sickle met with Held and related his plans to have Allen meet the souls of previous vessel of sin owners to review history in preparation for restoring the fallen souls back to the Heavenly Yard. The earth god agreed to the arrangement and manifested himself in the ground world in an incorporeal form; the god then waited with Michaela in the illusionary, verdant forest for some time before Allen arrived and he spoke up about "Irregular's" arrival.

The god then asked if his form was surprising to him and the servant confirmed it was, questioning where he was at. Held then stated he could be considered both there and not there. After describing the necessity of his current state due to Sickle's strict rules about him not interfering with the ground world, the god pointed out he must have been doing well if the boy could hear his voice. When the child asked about the forest being destroyed, Held affirmed that was the case.

As the boy began to question why it appeared untouched, Held interjected that it was merely an illusion created from their memories, explaining it was like an embodiment of the feelings of the souls in the Hellish Yard. Afterwards, Allen surmised it was proof of the Hellish Yard merging with the ground world and Held realized the boy had already been briefed about the situation by Sickle. The earth god then related how he and Michaela after him had been following the incidents caused by the demons before admitting that the world she was supposed to be watching over no longer existed.[39]


"The mage Elluka has been asked by the guardian deity of the forest, Held, to go out on a journey... and to collect the seven vessels of sin. The characters are most confusing."
―Excerpt from Gammon Octo's writings[src]

After Held's earthly demise and departure from the mortal plane, Michaela succeeded him as the new Millennium Tree, acting as the guardian of Millennium Tree Forest and mankind while being worshiped as Held's reincarnation. Centuries after his "death", Ma and Gammon Octo wrote several screenplays concerning Held and his interactions with Elluka and Michaela. The scripts were subsequently reviewed by the Master of the Court, considering Held's disappearance from the mortal world crucial to the theater's origins.[40]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"The Deadly Sins were born from the taint in this forest. I realize I should've taken responsibility for them at the beginning. But as you can see, I cannot move from this forest. While I have been relying on you alone, I've always thought of giving you a little cooperation."
―Held to Elluka[src]

Held was a calm, meditative, and reserved god. Observant of others as well as himself, Held recognized everyone's strengths and flaws, and listened carefully to everything he was told before giving his input. Because of this, he often appeared sagacious, supplying prudent advice or insight regarding affairs.[41] Coinciding with this, the god spoke like an enigmatic old man,[42] almost always speaking with a low, calm voice despite his true form having a far more youthful appearance.[43] Likewise, he rarely smiled, instead keeping a perpetual frown regardless of his mood.[44]

He was very cautious, carefully considering a situation and its repercussions before making a decision or taking action. As a result, he was hesitant to take any action that could produce worrisome results, often looking at the larger picture when considering the morality to such actions. Due to his cautious nature, Held was stubborn and seldom budged on his regulations, though willing to concede in special circumstances.[45] Though he hardly ever expressed anger, even when ignored or disrespected, Held could be provoked if his forest spirits were threatened, especially when due to their own disobedience to his will.[46]

Held also agreed with the sun god's decision to leave their third paradise to humanity and remain as mere observers to their actions, choosing to remove himself from human society and not become directly involved in human affairs. Believing heavily in segregation and a defined order, Held blamed the mixing of good and evil to be the root cause behind the Second Period's demise, considering HERs and the Demons of Sin to be a similar threat to the Third Period's survival. As a result, he found the sun god's idea to allow all humans, even HERs, a place in the Heavenly Yard while neglecting Levia and her Hellish Yard to be foolish.[47] 

Despite this stringent ideology, Held recognized his own mistakes, seeing his willful neglect to take responsibility for Eve after her body produced the Original Sin until after the vessels of sin were created and scattered outside his reach to be an error in his judgment;[48] therefore, he believed entrusting Michaela and humanity with taking responsibility for the vessels in his place was atonement.[49] Likewise, Held still respected the sun god's wishes, acting in accordance to his rules for the Third Period and complying to his will, though refusing to explain his plans for Michaela when the creation god pressed him for answers.[50]

Held also had a degree of laziness and randomly fell asleep for months at a time without finishing a discussion, sometimes even forgetting that the discussion ever took place.[51] As part of his forgetfulness, Held didn't bother to remember how many forest spirits he had. Likewise, because of his long life, the god sometimes struggled to recall certain people or events he had been told about in the past.[52]

Held also believed humans to be aggressive by nature and that it was not the place of either gods or spirits to interfere with humanity, limiting his influence in their affairs whenever possible.[53] However, the god sometimes complained about humans' increasing independence from the divine and was disappointed by the increasing decline in pilgrims visiting his tree over the centuries;[54] regardless, he considered humans to be stronger than gods and had faith in their ability to solve the vessels of sin issue.[55]

Held possessed a certain respect for the god of the sun, considering him far more decent than the twin gods.[56] Therefore, the god place a great a mount of trust in the sun god, continuously complying with his also stringent will regardless of what it may be. Despite this, he frequently disagreed with the sun god's decisions and often argued with him over his attitude about certain affairs, including his handling of HERs in both the ground and above world. Similarly, while not holding Levia and Behemo with the same respect, the earth god understood their anger at the creator god.[57]

Since meeting Elluka Clockworker, Held had given her advice and acted as her longtime friend.[58] Regardless, he also was worried for her well-being, knowing her body was a vessel for Levia and Behemo, and did everything he could to keep her from knowing about either the twin gods or Irina for fear of Levia realizing her true identity.[59] Still, he felt guilty for pushing the responsibility of collecting the vessels of sin onto her while he was rooted to the forest.[60] At the same time, he considered Elluka emotionally evasive and sometimes cruel, usually being assailed by her when she vented her anger.[61]

As its guardian, Held loved all the humans, animals, and plants in his forest, considering the forest spirits to be his children, and was extremely concerned with their safety. Having grieved for the loss of the kin, the god acted like a protective parent to their reincarnations, strict with his spirits' interactions with humans and forbidding them from leaving the forest.[62] Similarly, he was saddened to hear Gumillia wished to remain a human, though respecting her decision, and overjoyed to see Michaela return to him when she was planted near him.[63]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"A god's power and mine cannot be compared."

As a god, Held wielded great magical power, able to create lands and seas as well as flora.[64] As part of this, the god was able to grant his human worshipers bountiful harvests before they began mastering the land themselves.[65] Conversely, he could eradicate a human being's soul should he will it, assuming he knew of the entity's location.[66] Similarly, he had the capability to manipulate his kin's forms, providing them the means to transform into physical animals while in his forest,[67] and turning Michaela into a tree sapling during her physical death.[68]

However, the god was unable to perform any action that could cause physical harm in the Third Period, forcing his incarnated form to only create and extend life, not destroy or shorten it.[69] In reverse, he could extend human lives, though unable to make them immortal per Sickle's rules of time.[70] The god could also manipulate memories, including the difficult art of copying and reapplying them.[71]

Because he was transformed into a tree by Sickle, Held was unable to move, being rooted to the ground, and therefore had to assign others tasks that he himself couldn't complete. Likewise, his divine power was limited, stretching only as far as the borders of his forest.[72] His tree form was also unable to defend himself from being attacked and could be easily damaged or harmed. However, his massive body was also unable to feel pain and the tree could regenerate over time, making him resilient to torture or other violent means.

Though lacking a proper face, the god could contort his tree form to resemble an aged visage when engaging in conversation.[73] His tree sap also held strong medicinal properties and would invigorate any who ingested it.[74] Should his mortal form be destroyed, the god could momentarily use his full power in the Third Period.[75] The earth god was an impressive heavy sleeper as well, easily slipping into a comatose state for months at a time in some cases.[76]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Elluka Clockworker: An old friend of Held. Held valued Elluka's skills as a sorceress and trusted her to collect the Seven Deadly Sins, although he was disappointed when she failed to complete the task with a century. He often urged her to be more cautious and considerate in her endeavors, but ironically would hide information from her for what he believed to be her own good, such as concealing Irina's existence.

Michaela: One of Held's forest spirits and successor. Held deeply cared about Michaela and was often worried about her safety, furious when she disobeyed his orders and discouraging her interest in humans. At the same time, he valued this same interest as necessary for when he chose her to be his successor, maintaining the hope that she would be able to correct his past mistakes. Held considered her most dear to him among all the forest spirits.

Gumillia: One of Held's forest spirits creation. Held recognized the value of Gumillia's serious and methodical nature as a means to keep Elluka on track, and so trusted her to be the magi's apprentice. He was saddened to learn of Gumillia's intention to remain a human rather than returning to him, although he openly accepted it; Held continued to give her aid in the future, such as helping her to stop the possessed Kyle. 

Sun God: A fellow god and good friend of Held. The two were close from before the creation of the Bolganio continent and Held aided him in the maintenance of the Third Period. Held demonstrated great respect for the sun god and his rules for the world, knowing they were his to create as he wished. Despite this, Held was at times frustrated by his friend's enigmatic and indiscriminately benevolent nature, and hid from him his true intentions concerning Michaela.

Levia: A fellow god. Held and Levia were presumably close before the Third Period, but after Levia and her brother caused trouble for the people of Bolganio he saw it necessary to protect others from their malice. Despite this, he considered her feelings more carefully as a result of Sickle's actions, such as when her Hellish Yard was neglected as an afterlife. 

Behemo: A fellow god. Held and Behemo were presumably close before the Third Period, but after Behemo and his sister caused trouble for the people of Bolganio he saw it necessary to protect others from their malice.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit


  • Held easily falling asleep may be a loose connection to Elphegort, which is associated with the sin of Sloth.[77]
  • Though having never actually left the Magic Kingdom Levianta, Elluka Chirclatia was rumored to have been communicating with the earth god.
  • Interestingly, it was purported that the members of the Zvezda family inherit the blood of the earth god, though the claim was never validated.




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