Hanma Balledold
Technical Information
Japanese ハンマ=バレドルド
Romaji Hanma Baredorudo
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Union State of Evillious
"Money can even bend the laws of hell."
―Hanma Balledold[src]

Hanma Balledold was the head judge of the USE Dark Star Bureau and the apprentice of Ma. Conducting a corrupt court system, Hanma accepted bribes to declare people guilty in trial, presiding over the witch trials in Levianta. He later accepted his master's son Gallerian into the bureau, aiding the young man in his pursuits.


Early LifeEdit

Born sometime during the EC 900s, Hanma later encountered Ma and became the woman's apprentice, studying magic under her.[1] Employed in the USE Dark Star Bureau, Hanma eventually attained the position of head judge, at one point beginning to accept bribes to rule in the client's favor. After the start of the witch trials, Hanma tried the alleged witches, giving them the death sentence every time. At some point, he befriended his fellow judge Gandalf Marlon.[2]

Saving the MasterEdit

After Ma was found guilty of witchcraft in EC 944, Hanma decided to take advantage of the court's rule that a person could only be given the death sentence once. Presiding over the trial of "Elluka Clockworker" later that year, Hanma tried Ma for her charges, which included her murder of Mata Corpa and her theft of the Marlon Spoon.

After giving her the death sentence, Hanma witnessed Gandalf enter the courthouse, allowing him to meet with her. Accused of betraying him and taking a bribe to indict Elluka on false charges, Hanma pretended to mock Gandalf for thinking Elluka could get away with her connections. Proclaiming that money was the best lawyer in hell, Hanma was met with Gandalf's rage before stating that he wanted him by his side during his career. Rebuked by Gandalf and told he'd see him in hell, Hanma left, laughing.[3]

Courtroom DevelopmentsEdit

In EC 958, Hanma tried Lana Ray for the charges of obtaining a magic charm to commune with the forest spirits in Held's Forest. After her lawyer attempted to refute the claim, Hanma allowed it, listening to him suggest that Lana brought the charm to protect herself from Elluka's malignant magic. Sometime after, Hanma adjourned the court, announcing the day he'd give his verdict.

Later that year, Hanma met with the other bureau officials to discuss the six candidates for the bureau. Deciding to accept them all, Hanma began to announce his decision to accept all of them before his colleague pointed out Gallerian's name on the list. Arguing with Höðr on whether or not to accept Gallerian, Hanma argued that they should be impartial towards the young man unless he had learned magic. He then announced that the bureau was accepting all six candidates.[4]

At some point, the judge learned that the World Police was searching for him. In EC 960, Hanma learned that the Freezis family had discovered their plan and had arranged for Ma's indictment. He then left for Marlon to attend the empress' wedding, leaving Gallerian to preside over the trial of "Kayo Sudou".

After returning to Levianta, he learned that Gallerian had acquitted her, calling him into his office. Explaining that they had to prosecute all alleged witches, Hanma heard Gallerian reason that it would be useful to recruit someone knowledgeable about witches since they knew so little. Told by the young judge that he could possibly gain Kayo's favor, Hanma approved of the idea, cautioning him and giving him a 30 day suspension as ostensible punishment.[5]

The following year, Hanma accepted a bribe from the Yarera family to have Jorm Zusco released from death row. Months later, the man tried Judge Loki Freezis for his attempted murder of Gallerian and his slave killings in Maistia. Bribed by both the Yarera and Freezis families, Hanma then gave Loki 30 years imprisonment.[6]


In EC 964, Hanma allowed Gallerian to enact reforms within the bureau after the latter attained the rank of 5th class senior judge. Later that year, the man was visited by Ma, surprised by the action. Told of her plans to leave the country, Hanma noted that Gallerian didn't need her anymore given that he had already enacted the reforms he wanted. Hearing his master remark on how he had tried to do something similar but failed, Hanma agreed.

Reminiscing on Ma's trial 20 years prior, Hanma remembered aloud that he had he could only give her a new identity during the time. Listening to Ma remark that Gandalf had come to hate him, Hanma advised her to leave due to the World Police coming for both of them soon. Suggesting she exit through the back, the head judge promised to speak with her again if they both survived.

Later on, Justea's special forces broke into the courthouse during one of Hanma's trials. Told he was being arrested for being Elluka's apprentice, Hanma laughed and remarked he hadn't been called that for some time. Casting ice magic on the courtroom, Hanma froze everyone inside before escaping.[7]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Hanma was a corrupt and twisted man, loyally devoted to his master. Conducting a dishonest court system, Hanma accepted bribes to rule in favor of his clients; however, he also genuinely wished to enact reforms within the bureau. Haughty and arrogant, Hanma enjoyed looking down the people he victimized and often laughed whenever leaving them to their fate.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Hanma was well-versed in law, able to attain the position of director for the Dark Star Bureau. Aside from this, he was also a cunning and capable criminal, able to perpetrate his corruption without being caught and avoid the World Police's pursuit of him for some time. Aside from this, Hanma was trained in the magical arts and could wield ice magic powerful enough to freeze an entire courtroom.

Character ConnectionsEdit

Ma: Hanma's master. Hanma had a great loyalty towards the playwright and bent the law as much as he could to save her; after she began consulting for the Dark Star Bureau, Hanma ostensibly kept his distance from her. After learning of Justea's impending arrival, Hanma chose to stay behind and delay the officers in order for Ma to escape, promising to stay in touch with her.

Gandalf Marlon: Hanma's friend and fellow judge. Wishing for them to be together over the course of their careers, Hanma was ultimately sacrificed their friendship in order to save Ma, willingly damaging their relationship in order to keep up the ruse.

Gallerian Marlon: Hanma's subordinate and charge. Loyal him due to his being Ma's son, Hanma displayed a bias towards the man, ensuring his entrance into the Dark Star Bureau and only giving him a suspension despite the consequences of his declaring Ma innocent.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Hanma's name may be a pun on the word "hammer", reflecting his role as judge.



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