Gumillia's Glasses
were a magic tool used to improve one's vision. Created by Elluka Clockworker for her apprentice Gumillia, the glasses were utilized by the mage disciple to help their search for the vessels of sin.


In EC 499, after the disciple explained that her vision had worsened since her incarnation as a human, Elluka Clockworker conjured the magic tool and placed the glasses on her disciple as a test. Shortly after, the unaccustomed girl got dizzy and collapsed, prompting Elluka to remove the glasses. The mage then forbid the apprentice from ever wearing them in her presence and only when actually searching for the vessels of sin, putting on the glasses herself to illustrate her dislike for them.

After Elluka's disappearance in EC 502, Gumillia began wearing the glasses regularly during her time as a Beelzenian adviser. In EC 505, Gumillia's reason for wearing the glasses was questioned by Yukina Freezis and the mage briefly explained the rationale before leaving to continue her business.[1] After Gumillia was reunited with her master, she stopped wearing the glasses once again.


A relatively simple magic tool, the eye glasses magically enhanced the wearer's nearby vision, forcibly widening the range so that the wearer could also see things close by clearly; the vision range was close, though not exact, to that of a chipmunk. The effects lasted seemingly indefinitely for the wearer, allowing the user to have consistent vision. However, due to the magic forcing the vision to widen, the wearer could experience feelings of dizziness and disorientation if not properly trained to wear the magic tool.[2]



Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Gumillia's glasses may be a reference to GUMI, Gumillia's representative Vocaloid, who is commonly depicted wearing glasses.


  • Humorously, Elluka's underlying reason for forbidding Gumillia from wearing the glasses around her was that they would "ruin" beautiful women like herself by comparison.[3]




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