Technical Information
Japanese グーミリア
Romaji Guumiria
Other Names Heidemarie Lorre (alias)
Eighth Sniper (codename)
Master of the Hellish Yard


Biographical Information
Born BT 528
Classification God Kin (till death)
Forest Spirit (till EC 499)
Race Elphe
Gender Genderless (as spirit)
Female (as human)
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lucifenia (defected)
Beelzenian Empire (formerly)
Père Noël
Levin Church (Levia sect)
For other uses, see Master of the Hellish Yard (disambiguation)
"Dying is saying you'll disappear from this world. And I'd hate that. If you disappeared, Michaela, I'd really hate that."

Gumillia, codenamed Eighth Sniper, was the apprentice of Elluka Clockworker and a former forest spirit of Held. Secretly tasked by Held to watch over Elluka, Gumillia was incarnated as a human and became the mage's disciple. Accompanying Elluka in her quest to collect the vessels of sin, Gumillia became involved in numerous events caused by the sin vessels, later assuming the role of Master of the Hellish Yard following the Duel of Merrigod Plateau.


Early LifeEdit

"It's possible that I'll someday need you to briefly leave to outside this forest."
"What for?"
"There's a human I don't want Elluka to meet. Should the time come that that human attempts to contact Elluka, I want you to become her monitor, and watch over her so that person doesn't go near her."
―Held and Gumillia[src]

In BT 528,[1] the god Held created Gumillia and the other forest spirits in Held's Forest from the spirits of god kin who died in the creation of Third Period. Forbidden from leaving the forest by the deity, Gumillia obeyed, becoming friends with the robin spirit Michaela. At some point, the forest spirit met Elluka Clockworker and the two became familiar with each other.[2] Sometime after the Venomania Event, Gumillia caught sight of the aristocrat Gumina Glassred praying to Held at the Millennium Tree on several occasions.[3]

In EC 325, the spirit was called by Held and promptly answered him. Tasked with telling the other spirits to strengthen the barrier around the forest to prevent powerful mages from entering for a while, the spirit noted how that would keep Elluka from entering as well. Held stated that was perhaps for the best and Gumillia asked if they had a fight. After Held affirmed it wasn't that but something that would be better for her, the spirit promptly accepted the task.

The god then told Gumillia that he may someday have the spirit briefly leave the forest in case a human he didn't want Elluka to meet came in contact with her, tasking the entity to assure that person didn't go near her. When the spirit asked how it would do that, Held brushed it off as something that wouldn't happen till much later. Saying the barrier was more important and he entrusted the task to her, Gumillia complied and let the tired god sleep, telling all the spirits his command and strengthening the barrier for some time.[4]

Forest EncounterEdit

"Elluka, there is no good in immediately resorting to violence."
"Stolid speech as ever, Gumillia. Or rather, commendable of you to say that while throwing things at people."
"Why thank you."
"That wasn't a compliment."
―Gumillia and Elluka[src]

Gumillia in animal form

In January of EC 499, Gumillia and Michaela saw the sleeping Held being attacked by Elluka. In chipmunk form, Gumillia picked up a pome fruit and threw it at the mage from the tree branches. Hitting its mark, the sorceress cried in pain before turning to face the two spirits, explaining that she wasn't "bullying" the deity. Gumillia then lectured the mage on using violence and Elluka sarcastically responded to the statement’s hypocrisy. Interpreting it as sincere, the forest spirit thanked her and the mage bluntly clarified it wasn't a compliment before saying she'd return some other time. As the sorceress left, Gumillia watched Michaela fly over and speak with the mage.[5]

Shortly afterward, Michaela had gone missing and Gumillia searched ceaselessly for the forest spirit over the next two weeks. The chipmunk finally found the robin in a human home, trapped in a cage. Gumillia threw stones at the window to catch Michaela’s attention, squeezing through the window and opening the cage so they could escape. Seeing an old woman interrupt them and speak with Michaela, Gumillia dully listened to their conversation until it was finished and slipped out with the fellow spirit back to the Millennium Tree Forest.


Gumillia lectures Michaela

Gumillia then watched Held lecture Michaela and later listened to the spirit bemoan the experience and pointing out the error. As Michaela tried justifying suddenly disappearing, the chipmunk responded that it was the spirit’s fault for leaving the forest, explaining how the robin could have died and that the chipmunk would've hated that. Michaela then apologized.[6]

Around this time, Held told Gumillia his plan to have the forest spirit monitor the amnesic reincarnation of Levia and Behemo by acting as Elluka's human apprentice, helping the mage collect the vessels of sin. After being instructed to assure the mage's memories were resealed if they ever seemed to return, the spirit agreed.[7]


"I suggest Gumillia for your disciple. That reliable child would be able to monitor you so you don't indulge yourself."
"So she doubles as a monitor..."
―Held and Elluka[src]

Gumillia sees Michaela's new face

Several days later, Gumillia saw Elluka return to discuss the apprentice matter with Held. Once the earth god offered both Gumillia and Michaela as disciples,[8] the spirit confirmed overhearing the conversation. After Held confirmed they'd return to being spirits in three years, he warned them against acting rashly and Elluka then told them to follow her before the god regretted his decision.[9] The sorceress then led them west through the forest until they reached the location for the reincarnation ritual.

As Elluka prepared the ritual site, the spirits listened to her instruct them to imagine beautiful Elphe women who weren't already alive or shared the same appearance to become their new human bodies. Deciding to take the form of Gumina Glassred, Gumillia confirmed Michaela chose a different human's appearance before waiting inside Elluka's reincarnation circle. Imagining Gumina during her pilgrimage to the Millennium Tree, Gumillia reincarnated as a human in her image.[10] Once the reincarnation was complete, Held overwrote the saved copy of Gumillia's memories into her newly wiped mind.[11] Seeing Michaela's new appearance, the reborn human watched as Elluka interrogated her friend's reasons for choosing Eve Moonlit's appearance.


Gumillia studies under Elluka

Once the mage permitted her to keep the Original Sinner's beautiful appearance, Gumillia smiled at her pleased friend before the sorceress declared they'd be studying what they needed to know to live as humans on top of their magic training, warning them she'd be merciless.[12] Elluka then took the two to an abandoned house and the three began living together, teaching them everything necessary about humanity between magic training; Gumillia woke up early each day and learned how to cast plant and water magic.

One day, Gumillia awoke early and dressed. Once Michaela awoke and greeted the former spirit, the girl waited outside while her friend awoke Elluka. Soon after, Michaela returned and confirmed Elluka got up and that she would join her soon. Curious, Gumillia asked why and the spirit said she needed to wash her face. As time progressed, Gumillia excelled under Elluka’s tutelage, often helping Michaela with her studies.[13] At some point, Gumillia realized she couldn't see well up close like she could as a chipmunk.[14]

A month since their incarnation, the mage succeeded in predicting the day's weather and growing flowers with her spells during her training session. During dinner that night, Elluka explained she'd join her at the Lucifenian Royal Palace to continue her magic training the next day. The apprentice confirmed she understood before listening to her mentor explain Michaela's job searching for a vessel of sin in Elphegort to her friend. When Elluka discovered Michaela was ill and warned about suffering sickness and hunger, Gumillia spoke up that she never felt like that as a chipmunk. Elluka retorted that her power couldn't compare to a god's and that mages were the same as regular humans.


Gumillia and Michaela embrace

The next morning, Elluka and Gumillia packed their luggage before waking Michaela. As they prepared to depart, Gumillia noticed Michaela was still ill and,[15] suspcious she was suffering side effects of Held's memory update,[16] expressed her worry.[17] Once Michaela smiled, grabbed her hand, and reassured her she'd be fine in "Held's territory", the fellow apprentice attempted to reciprocate the gesture and promised to rescue her if anything happened. Returning the promise, the two hugged.[18]

Waving Michaela goodbye as they left for Lucifenia,[19] Gumillia followed after Elluka while keeping attentive to her surroundings due to her farsightedness. When the sorceress asked what was wrong and Gumillia hesitated before begrudgingly admitting her eyes were bad. As the mage examined her, Gumillia qualified that her eyesight had been poor since she became human. The puzzled sorceress then asked how far she could actually see. After seeing a Rollam bird perched on a faraway tree, Gumillia pointed to it and told Elluka that she could see the bird's eye color.


Elluka makes glasses for Gumillia

When Elluka retorted that that was more than enough, the apprentice quickly explained how she couldn't see things close by, noting it was inconvenient. Seeing her master's confused expression, she clarified she could see like that before, hence the inconvenience. Elluka then realized what was wrong and explained that chipmunks and humans had different ranges of vision, so her eyesight was normal for a human.

After a brief silence, Gumillia reiterated that it was inconvenient and the sorceress replied that it couldn't be helped. While staring off in thought, Gumillia noticed Elluka using magic and looked to see her master place glasses on her. Surprised by her vision suddenly becoming fixed, she tried to see as close as she could. Elluka commented that her old vision field was closer, Gumillia turned to the mage and emphatically nodded before returning to testing her new vision. As the mage warned she'd get dizzy straining her vision like that, Gumillia became light-headed and collapsed into Elluka's arms.


Gumillia tries getting her glasses back

The sorceress then removed the glasses, saying she could use them after she had more practice and was looking for something important. Once Elluka explained it was would be easier to search if her vision was wider, Gumillia protested they were searching for the vessels of sin, desperately trying to take the glasses back from the sorceress while she hung them above her head.

The mage then corrected her apprentice, saying she was her support, and mused that even if she were ever discovered wearing the glasses, it wouldn't cause any trouble. After Elluka explained she couldn't wear them in her presence unless she was actually looking for something, Gumillia asked why and saw her master put on the glasses while describing her dislike of them ruining the sought after woman's image. After a long pause, the disciple replied that was just like her, earning the mage's thanks.[20]

Mage's ApprenticeEdit

"I want you to give this to my friend in Elphegort for me."
"This is... a green onion?"
"Yes, a green onion. A very amazing green onion."
―Gumillia and Allen Avadonia[src]

Travelling to the Kingdom of Lucifenia, Gumillia was admitted to the royal palace as Elluka's apprentice and continued her studies in preparation for learning the Clockwork Secret Art to remove the Demon of Pride from Princess Riliane, improving rapidly;[21] during that time, Elluka told her apprentice about what she learned about the Glass of Conchita, including its powers of reanimation.[22]

In EC 500, she attended the funeral of Leonhart Avadonia with Elluka. Once the mage insulted the dead man at his grave, they left.[23] A year and a half since last seeing Michaela, Elluka gave Gumillia a Very Amazing Green Onion to hand off to the servant, Allen, to give to her fellow disciple. Gumillia entered the Servant Room as the boy prepared for his trip to Elphegort and silently greeted him. After buntly replying “yes” to all of Allen’s questions, the two stared at each other in awkward silence.

Gumillia then finally instructed him to use honorifics with anyone older than him, such as herself. The servant apologized and she removed the magical tool from her sleeve, asking that he deliver it to her friend. When the servant asked if it was really so amazing, Gumillia reconfirmed that it was. Asked by the servant who her friend was, the apprentice said she had green hair like her but far more beautiful. At that moment, Elluka called for Gumillia and she obeyed, telling Allen Michaela’s name as she left.[24]

Green HuntingEdit

"I've decided too. If you're going to remain human, Michaela, then I won't return to being a spirit either."

Several days later, Elluka took Gumillia and fled after Princess Riliane ordered the Millennium Tree Forest burned and the Kingdom of Elphegort invaded.[25] Escaping to the Forest of Bewilderment as it burned, Gumillia helped her master conjure a large rainstorm to douse the flames, sacrificing Elluka’s ziz tiama.

Seeing the flames dissipate, they retreated deeper in the forest, exhausted. The sorceress then congratulated her apprentice, thankful they controlled the fire before it burned the Millennium Tree. Suddenly, a brown-haired woman spoke to Elluka, introducing herself as Germaine and offering them shelter at her home. Elluka declined, mischievously alerting her that they were fugitives, and the two left.[26]

Not long after, Elluka contacted Michaela and listened as she explained her role in their current predicament. Once Michaela denied Elluka’s order to incarnate again as a spirit because she wanted to stay with those precious to her, Gumillia comforted the enraged and hysterical sorceress. Calming her master, the apprentice spoke with Michaela, telling her she wouldn't ask the reason and could somewhat understand her feelings, having also learned much as a human.

The apprentice then told her friend that she too wanted to remain a human, having an important person to protect. Elluka chastised the two green-haired girls for their disloyalty. Once Michaela told them both that she would be hiding in a well in the forest,[27] she and Elluka encountered the Lucifenian army hunting them but manage to elude them. They then went to Keel Freezis' mansion only to find it burned down. They infiltrated the nearby barracks to retrieve the Venom Sword but discovered the vessel of sin was missing and collected the rest of his property instead.

After a short rest, they headed to Michaela's hiding spot at the old well in the forest. However, they arrived to find Kyle Marlon clutching Michaela's corpse, crying. Despite the King’s violent behavior, they retrieved her body and later witnessed it become tree saplings. Astonished, they visited Held; Gumillia learned that Michaela was chosen by the earth god to succeed him as the Millennium Tree. After Elluka argued with the earth deity, Gumillia told Held her decision and the saddened earth god accepted it.[28]


"Keel's children were very cute, but I didn't understand why Elluka was so surprised upon seeing Mr. Keel's wife."
―Gumillia's writings on their time with the Freezis Family[src]

During the Lucifenian Revolution, the two traveled to the Freezis mansion in Marlon to explain what had occurred to Keel. The merchant, surprised by the revelation about Michaela after Gumillia summoned Michaela's spirit to commune with them, told the pair to give the sapling to Clarith. The two women revealed they managed to recover Keel's property from his burned-down mansion. After some negotiation, they returned them to him and the grateful merchant abided Elluka's request to hide them from Lucifenia and give her the Venom Sword.[29]

During that period, Gumillia revealed her and Michaela's true identity to Keel and used a ritual to show that her spirit incarnated as a tree sapling. Amazed, Keel advised they give Michaela to Clarith, saying she would want to see her friend first when she became a tree.[30] While there, Gumillia played with the Freezis' children, lecturing Yukina and Shaw when they didn't address her respectfully,[31] and noticed Elluka's surprise to see Keel's wife there. After hiding out at the mansion for several months, the two left and returned to Lucifenia once The Daughter of Evil was executed.

In EC 501, the two traveled to the Held Monastery in Elphegort in search for Michaela's cherished, human friend.[32] After Elluka introduced herself and Gumillia to Clarith, the apprentice confronted the white-haired girl before being stopped by her master, correcting her that they came to give her a gift. Once Clarith was informed of the circumstances surrounding Michaela, Elluka noted Gumillia’s desire to keep her friend. The former spirit then stated they couldn't decide while Michaela was a sapling and accepted Elluka’s request to perform the incantation.

Summoning an apparition of her friend’s spirit, Gumillia supervised the conversation between Clarith and Michaela. After seeing Michaela and Clarith happily reunited and confess their love for one another, Elluka stubbornly asked the apprentice who “won”. Reciting another incantation, the apparition was dispelled and Gumillia gave the plant to Clarith, telling her if she died, she wouldn't care. Seeing Clarith’s confusion on what to do, she suggested the white-haired girl plant her in the forest but that it was her decision to make.

As they were about to leave, Gumillia remembered The Daughter of Evil’s execution, informing Clarith that the princess was condemned and Michaela was avenged.[33] About a week later, the nervous Gumillia went back to the convent to check on Clarith, surprised to see Riliane there as well; after Elluka learned of this, she told her apprentice they would not interfere as Riliane should no longer be possessed by a demon.

The two began their journey to the eastern kingdoms, continuing their search for the vessels of sin, and stopped by an Asmodean inn to prepare. While there, Gumillia decided to write a report of their actions after leaving the Lucifenian palace, writing about her excitement for what the eastern countries would be like. Her report was suddenly interrupted by Elluka’s scream and subsequent frenzy, saying they were cheated as she threw the Venom Sword.

Gumillia asked if it was fake and the sorceress clarified that the Demon of Lust was absent from the vessel, quickly checking to find the Demon of Pride was also missing from its vessel. Gumillia asked if it was possible and Elluka denied it, explain the demons’ bodies should always be in the vessel, even when possessing a human. After a long while, the apprentice watched her master begin packing her luggage, apologizing for their need to solve their recent enigma first. Sighing, Gumillia was disappointed her tour of the world was delayed but paid it no mind.[34]

Witch HuntEdit

"The Witch Hunting Ordinance... Is Miss Gumillia okay with it?"
"Only in this country."
―Yukina and Gumillia[src]

Gumillia and Elluka returned to Lucifenia and began spying for information. As part of their search, Elluka had them pursue King Kyle since she had noticed he'd been possessed by the Demon of Lust during their last meeting. With the King annexing Lucifenia as part of Marlon, Elluka and Gumillia infiltrated the royal palace where he resided and learned the Demon of Lust was gone and he had since been possessed by the Demon of Pride.[35]

Once they found that Kyle owned another one of the hand mirrors for the vessel, they attempted to steal it that night from his bedroom. In the midst of their theft, the King awoke and discovered their actions. Forced to flee, the two lost possession of the Venom Sword during their escape;[36] they were later added to the "Witch Hunt" decreed by King Kyle.[37] Suspicious that Kyle's two consecutive possessions weren't simply a coincidence, Elluka decided they'd investigate his mother, Queen Dowager Prim.

In EC 502, the two traveled to the Marlon as part of their investigation. While attempting to find Prim at Marlon Castle, they were instead ambushed by the Espionage Task Force and the sorceress, Abyss I.R. After Elluka was defeated by the sorceress, Gumillia fled.

Beelzenian Court MageEdit

"You two were obviously foreigners but for you to hold a position in the Beelzenian Empire? Wow."
"Well that was because Elluka had some connections."
―Yukina and Gumillia regarding the latter's prestigious position[src]
Gummy slave
Later that year, Gumillia traveled to the Beelzenian Empire to answer the Emperor's summons for Elluka. Pleading to the Emperor to give her refuge from Marlon's pursuit, he accepted Gumillia as his adviser and she avoided being handed over into Marlon's custody.[38] Because Elluka was no longer with her, Gumillia began wearing the glasses she gave her instead of using magic to improve her vision.[39]

While living near a cemetery just outside of Rukolbeni, Gumillia served the Beelzenian Emperor as his personal adviser. When the former members of the Lucifenian Resistance sought refuge in the Empire, Gumillia advised they keep the fugitives and incorporate them into their military and bolster their ranks. A year later, both Germaine and Chartette Langley arrived and Gumillia advised that they grant the two similar protection.[40]

In EC 505, the Empire received word that Yukina Freezis desired a permit to cross the borders. Recognizing the name, Gumillia secured Yukina's entry and sent a summons for her to come to the Imperial City for the Emperor.[41] Anticipating the child would refuse, Gumillia set out to meet with Yukina and tracked her to the old Conchita mansion ruins. Once she found her upstairs, the sorceress stated that the checkpoint soldiers should have directed her to the Imperial City first.

After the girl responded with a flimsy excuse, Gumillia pointed and said she shouldn't let Keel worry and the child had an outburst. Noting how she was still the same, the sorceress chastised her for not using honorifics with her elders. When the realization hit Yukina, the green-haired mage introduced herself and greeted her before the two embraced. The two then stayed a hotel in the north-western region of the empire. During lunch the next day, Gumillia agreed to help Yukina meet Germaine.

After their meal, they set out to meet with Chartette. Although she wanted to ride a carriage, Gumillia compiled with Yukina's request to walk there. As they traveled, Yukina questioned if the sorceress was bothered by it and she replied she didn't mind. When the child noted how different she looked, wearing glasses, she asked if it was strange and Yukina said it suited her. Questioned about why she wasn't in a far eastern kingdom, the sorceress explained what had occurred and that she didn't know what had happened to Elluka.

Praeludium gumillia

Gumillia the Beelzenian Court Mage

Yukina then asked her feelings on the witch hunt, to which the sorceress replied she was fine while in Beelzenia. Gumillia then confirmed that she had helped and asked why she bothered to come. In response to her concerned about going to the Imperial City, Gumillia brushed it off as her order and knew she wouldn't listen, laughing.

After arriving at the cemetery, the mage elaborated on their destination and saw Chartette. Apologizing for the wait, Gumillia introduced the Langley Unit commander to Yukina. As Chartette became frantic meeting her favorite author, Gumillia lifted a tombstone with telekinesis and hit Chartette with it to send her flying.

After noting her noisiness, she asked if she butted in. The young author denied it before questioning if Chartette was okay. Gumillia stated she was very sturdy then formally introduced her to Yukina. Once the three arrived at the troop's base, the uninterested Gumillia followed close behind them as Chartette explained what occurred between the Resistance and Marlon to Yukina.

When the impressed Yukina commented about Chartette's instant promotion, Gumillia muttered under her breath that there weren't any other candidates. Later, at the group's head quarters, Gumillia ceased her silence and said she was heading back to attend to something. While leaving, Yukina thanked her and said she would visit later on. The sorceress said it fine when she had free time and the returned to the road.[42]

War with the UndeadEdit

"But when I examined the corpse soldiers, I found something a bit interesting."
"Something interesting?"
"All of the corpses that have become corpse soldiers were people who had died of the same disease."
―Gumillia and Yukina[src]

Two weeks later, war broke out between Beelzenia and Marlon as hordes of undead soldiers attacked the Empire's western cities; Gumillia met with the Emperor to discuss their plans to counteract the monsters. When the meeting had finished, Chartette told Gumillia that Ney Futapie appeared and used a glass to cause an earthquake at the cemetery just before the attacks. The mage then asked the soldier to alert Yukina that she was busy and couldn't meet with her.

Sometime after, Gumillia investigated the bodies of the undead and realized they had all been victims of the Gula Disease. A few days after that, Gumillia listened to Yukina's side of the story at the imperial palace while the Emperor was in a meeting. With both testimonies in mind, Gumillia theorized Ney indeed reanimated the dead and asked if Yukina wanted some black tea. After stating how great it was, she laughed. As Yukina noted how she was acting a bit odd, the mage questioned if that was so.

The sorceress then noted that Ney didn't have the magical power necessary to perform her actions and believed it was possible the wine glass she used was the Glass of Conchita. When Yukina trembled at the thought of Ney's actions, Gumillia held her shoulders to comfort her and revealed what she discovered from her earlier autopsies. Called by a servant, Gumillia left to consult the Emperor on his prior meeting with Riliane Mouchet and his plans to launch an attack on Retasan Fortress the next day.[43]


Gumillia leaves Yukina out of the loop

At some point, Yukina caught up to her in the halls and asked the mage about why she needed to wear glasses. The sorceress asked if they were weird and the child denied it, saying she couldn't imagine a mage's eyesight deteriorating and that there had to be another reason. Realizing she had good intuition, Gumillia admitted she couldn't hide the reason anymore.

Bothered by having to explain the whole story, she told Yukina it was simply because Elluka wasn't there. When pressed for details, Gumillia said she'd leave it to her imagination and left, saying she had official business to attend to. Readjusting her glasses, she mentally mused Elluka's words that, if she were ever discovered with the glasses, it wouldn't cause any trouble.[44]

Duty Begins AgainEdit

"D-Do you know where you're going?"
"I'm trying to find Ney, I believe. If she really does possess the Glass of Conchita, then I can't let her act freely."
―Yukina and Gumillia[src]

Once the city was captured two months later, Gumillia resigned and left the Imperial City to search for Ney and apprehend the Glass. Arriving in Retasan, she hired Germaine as her bodyguard, called in a favor from one of Elluka's followers, and stayed the night at Di Bono Pavilion. Just after leaving the hotel, Yukina called to her and asked why she left. Once she explained her reasoning and that she had hired a bodyguard to protect her from the Witch Hunt, Germaine arrived.

While they conversed, she boarded the stagecoach and said goodbye to Yukina once Germaine got on but she refused and joined them. Curious about the driver overhearing them, Gumillia answered that he wouldn't leak any information. After explaining her plan to get them into the Lucifenian Royal Palace and meet with Kyle, Gumillia agreed to the idea and said it would be more fun with more people.[45]

After they reached Rollam, Gumillia and her compatriots checked in at a hotel in the city. Learning that Kyle was attending a dinner party at Corpa's mansion, the mage and her sellsword disguised themselves as Yukina's masked Asmodean bodyguards of the Almoga Morabez ethnicity;[46] the three then went to the estate but neither Germaine nor Gumillia were permitted to enter, allowing Yukina to enter and tell Kyle of her planned visit to the royal palace.[47]

Infiltrating the PalaceEdit

"Hey! You two. You're in the presence of His Majesty. Remove your masks."
"By the laws of our village, we can't expose our faces in public. Our humblest apologies."
―Clive and Gumillia[src]

The next day, Gumillia and Germaine again donned their disguises and entered the palace as Yukina's bodyguards. Entering the Hall of Mirrors, the three knelt before Kyle while Yukina greeted him. When a guard demanded they remove their masks, Gumillia stated it was the law of their family to not reveal their faces and Kyle accepted their wishes. As Yukina prepared to search the palace for new novel ideas, they accompanied her out of the Hall of Mirrors.

That evening, the three of them were invited to stay at the Lucifenian Royal Palace and they moved into the palace's guest rooms. During their stay, Gumillia learned from Yukina that Kyle kept one of the hand mirrors in his possession as a gift from his mother. Devising a plan with Germaine, the mage decided they'd steal the hand mirror from Kyle's bedroom and escape.

Later that night, as they prepared to execute their plan, they were attacked by the Espionage Task Force and their room was bombed. Surviving the blast, the two "bodyguards" fled while battling the task force members throughout the palace. During this time, Gumillia retrieved the Venom Sword from Kyle's possessions. Once they secured the mirror from Kyle's room, Gumillia took Yukina to Riliane's old room next door while Germaine stayed to act as a diversion. The two then escaped via the secret passage within the fireplace and headed down to the royal stables.

While they attempted to escape, Kyle unexpectedly appeared after them and took back the mirror from Yukina. When Yukina noted how the king was acting strange, Gumillia replied that he was seriously ill and completely dependent upon the demon. Kyle retorted if demons was really what the chaos was really all about and Gumillia called him hopeless for not knowing about their existence. As they argued over their existence, the sorceress asserted that he was being misled by one.

Gumillia then watched as Kyle spoke with Yukina and began to bend under his demonic possession. Once Kyle started to transform into a six-winged beast, Gumillia realized their situation had soured and tried to cast a spell. Before she could finish her technique, Kyle telekinetically knocked her into the air before slamming her back down into the ground. The sorceress was then sent flying when the king flapped his wings and slammed into the wall before he flew off into the night sky.[48]

Afterwards, the injured Gumillia and Yukina regrouped with Germaine. Blamed for the King's sudden disappearance, they fled and eventually evaded the Espionage Task Force and the Marlon army. Later on, Germaine confirmed she saw something flying in the night sky while she was fleeing, tracing the trajectory northwest towards the Millennium Tree Forest.[49]

Battle in the ForestEdit

Two weeks since escaping the palace, Gumillia decided they should check areas Kyle might've gone to in the forest. Along with her companions, the mage trudged through the Forest of Bewilderment with Germaine as the lead. Aiming for the old well where Michaela died, Gumillia noted that they were close. Once they reached the sign dividing the border between Lucifenia and Elphegort, Germaine said she only knew the layout of the Lucifenia side. Gumillia then stated she'd take the lead and hurried them onward.

Once they reached their destination, Gumillia stopped to stare at the old well before them, sensing traces of the demon's magic there. As Germaine inspected the area and Yukina explained how it was a Freezis family hiding place, Gumillia approached them to mention what she had felt. When Germaine fearfully asked if Kyle himself was there, the mage stated he had already left. While Germaine headed down the well to investigate, Gumillia rested beneath some shade.

After the swordswoman returned thirty minutes later, the mage stood up and hurried them to leave and check the other locations. When they passed by a nearby grave, the three prayed to the soldier before moving on.[50] The sorceress then consulted Held on how to defeat Kyle and the deity told Gumillia that her magic would be strong enough to incapacitate him, although the same applied to Kyle.

Soon after, Kyle tracked the three and attacked Germaine, prompting Gumillia to cast the Clockwork Secret Art on him. Amplified by Michaela's spell song, the distortion field created by the technique successfully freed Kyle of the Demon's possession and rendered him unconscious. After sealing the second mirror from the blue-haired king, Gumillia learned from Kyle that he had lost his memories and the sorceress was given safe passage to Marlon in order to uncover the mysteries surrounding the events.[51]

Voyage to MarlonEdit

"She's one of the patrons who saved me. We have no choice but to bet on her."
―Kyle to Admiral Dylan[src]

Later on, Gumillia and Germaine received invitations from Keel, asking them to join him for a future dinner party he'd host in Marlon and return via the ship he sent to them. Accepting his offer, the two accompanied Kyle, Yukina, and Shaw on their voyage to Marlon on the King's flagship, the Royal Victoricia.[52] Shortly after boarding the battleship, they set sail for Marlon.

During the journey, Gumillia became reacquainted with Shaw and made him her underling. When the ship was attacked by pirates the next day, Gumillia noticed the fleeing pirate ship was destroyed by a giant ziz tiama. Heading to the battery deck, Gumillia argued with the gunner to have her modify the cannons and was denied access without permission from the captain. After Shaw agreed to help with his entourage once they got permission, the mage headed up to the main deck.

Demanding to know who the captain was, Admiral Dylan answered and asked what she wanted. After Gumillia stated she needed his permission to work on the cannons, the surprised admiral denied her request and pointed out that she could hurt herself, being an amateur. Gumillia insisted that he only write a few words for the guns, stating it would only take her ten minutes. King Kyle then interrupted their conversation and convinced the admiral to comply.

When Dylan inquired if ten minutes would really be enough time for a hundred cannons, Gumillia calculated the work, time, cannon numbers before concluding that fifty was viable before adding she had already prepared for help. She then snapped her fingers and Shaw and his entourage leaped above deck to answer her call. After confirming she got permission and entrusted the task to him, Shaw headed below deck and the group began making the quick magical enhancements to the cannons' firepower.

Ten minutes later, Gumillia and her assistants finished the preparations and Gumillia relayed orders to fire everything at once at the creature's forehead on her signal. Dylan questioned the target and, seeing the giant red swelling on the admiral's own forehead, Gumillia reaffirmed the spot while unhesitantly placing her finger on his sore spot. The mage shared that it was its weak spot. Once the looming octopus reaches its highest point, Gumillia gave the order to fire and the creature was incapacitated by the cannon volley.

After, Gumillia watched as the angry messenger boy and admiral discussed the cannons breaking down, quietly considering that the hasty preparations may have caused backlash. Once the ship escaped the octopus, Gumillia remained grim while everyone else cheered, contemplating the dark implications of a creature seemingly only Elluka could control attacking them.

Kyle then expressed his thanks for saving them and she remained silent. As the king left for his cabin, Gumillia muttered the creature's identity to him. When Kyle expressed his shock that it was the octopus from "back then", the mage questioned his words. The blue-haired monarch explained that his mother had given a "very amazing octopus" to Elluka five years ago.

Recalling the octopus sacrificed to douse the Millennium Tree Forest, Gumillia explained that it wasn't the same octopus and what happened to the previous one. When Kyle questioned if she could create such a giant octopus to attack them, the mage admitted she couldn't and that one needed to have a great amount of magic power to do so. After a deep breath, Gumillia explained that Elluka was the only person left in the world who could control a very amazing octopus.[53]

Guests of the MerchantEdit

"You were late today and Kyle's not here. You're also tired from the voyage. Bedrooms have been prepared so you should rest easy. Let me trying hearing the full story tomorrow."
―Keel to Gumillia and Germaine[src]

After they arrived at Jamet, Gumillia and the others said goodbye to the sailors while they headed off to party; the group then took three carriages prepared for them, Gumillia joined by Germaine and two attendants. After they arrived at the Freezis Mansion, the mage dismounted from the carriage and waited behind the Freezis children at the entrance with Germaine as a servant was sent to summon Keel.

Afterward, Gumillia watched the merchant rush over and dote on his daughter before Yukina introduced him to the two visitors. Keel then formally greeted the two, noting it had been a while, and welcomed them inside to chat at the dinner table after their long journey. The three went to the dining hall and spoke about matter before the rest of Keel's family joined them. Once the food was served and they were all seated, Gumillia ate with Germaine and the family.

After they all had finished, the merchant recommended their two guests rest in the bedrooms they repaired and recount what had happened to him tomorrow. Gumillia then watched as the drunk Germaine horrified Keel and Mikina about their seafaring experience. Yukina and Shaw then recommended they wait to tell the full story until the day after and the entire table retired for the night.[54] As everyone headed for bed, Gumillia left the mansion and headed north into Column Forest and performed magic rituals in preparation for the battles ahead.[55]

Reunited with the MasterEdit


Gumillia confronts Abyss I.R.

Staying at the home in Bariti, Gumillia later encountered Elluka at the door and, surprised, suggested they talk in private. Heading outside by Column Forest, the sorceress was soon after attacked by her master and they became locked in combat.

After being attacked only several times, Gumillia was overwhelmed by the sorceress when Yukina and Germaine arrived. After the woman revealed herself to be Abyss I.R., she summoned three black bears to attack Gumillia. Germaine rushed to protect her and, aided by Gumillia's magical enchantments, the swordswoman easily defeated the three creatures. Abyss I.R. then grabbed the green-haired mage and said she would take her body for herself.

At that moment, Elluka's spirit called out and wrestled control from the sorceress, sending both women flying into the air. As Germaine prepared to finish off the incapacitated Abyss, Gumillia stopped her, saying that Elluka regained control. Falling unconscious due to exhaustion, Germaine carried the green-haired mage back to her room at the Freezis Mansion.[56]

Later on, while sharing Elluka's company in her room, Germaine came in with the visiting King Kyle. Avoiding eye contact with the King, she listened to Elluka fill him in on what occurred and chastise him for not apologizing to her about the Witch Hunt. She then listened to Kyle explain the situation about the undead soldiers sighted in the north and the high probability of Queen Dowager Prim and Ney being at Castle Hedgehog. While hearing Kyle attempt to recruit them for his planned attack against the undead soldiers, Elluka refused on account of their weakened state until the next full moon.

When Kyle told them to get some rest and began to leave, Gumilla asked if he was really heading out to Castle Hedgehog and then inquired when he would go. After Kyle answered he wanted to leave Bariti in a few days, Gumillia told him to bring her the soldiers' weapons. Although admitting it would be uncomfortable, she offered to lend her power to them. In response, Kyle grabbed her hands and thanked the mage; he then apologized for everything he'd done, causing Gumillia to blush. At that moment, Elluka pulled them apart and teased her apprentice for continuing the conversation without her.

Gumillia retorted that it was best for them to assist Kyle and, when Elluka asked why, she reminded her of the Glass of Conchita. Admitting she forgot, Elluka pointed out that they also needed to ask Prim about the Venom Sword and Gumillia added that they also had to ask about the mirrors, taking out two of them to show her. Shortly after, Elluka agreed to pitch in and help Gumillia with enchanting the soldiers' weapons. She then saw the eavesdropping Yukina leap at Kyle and beg him to let her accompany him. Afterwards, the mage watched as Kyle convinced her to stay behind and be promptly beat up by an overprotective Keel.[57]

Tides of BattleEdit

Over the next few days, Gumillia and Elluka engraved enchantments into all the soldiers' weapons to help them combat the supernatural threat. Having not yet given out all the provisions to the troops, the two mages traveled with the army to Lioness and helped oversee the repartitioning of the weapons in the main square. During the battle across the Blood Pool region, the mages remained at Lioness Castle to avoid the undead soldiers while in their weakened state.[58]

Meeting in LionessEdit

"But, it's worth a try. If Ney is the one that killed Michaela, I want to hear it from her mouth, and, if we can... I want her to apologize."

After the battle, Gumillia met with Kyle, Keel, Yukina, Germaine, and Elluka in one of the castle's bedrooms while the Marlon King explained what had transpired with Queen Dowager Prim and Ney. When Yukina expressed her concern for them sharing a room with the captured and bound Ney, Gumillia explained that they had robbed her of her weapons, just in case. After Kyle presented the red glass, hand mirrors, and doll that looked like Michaela he had, Elluka told Gumillia to take out the vessels she carried. The apprentice nodded and took out the two hand mirrors and the Venom Sword, laying them beside the other vessels.

When Elluka objected to healing Ney on account of its unlikely success, Gumillia pointed out that it didn't hurt to try. Afterward, she expressed her desire to hear Ney tell her if she actually killed Michaela, then adding that she also wanted her to apologize. When Keel inquired if the apology was meant for her, Gumillia shook her head while denying the notion. Once Elluka conceded to help and say they needed to return to Bariti and prepare, she told Gumillia to collect the vessels and she complied.

The group then heard a rattling sound outside the room. Keel offered to check it out, claiming to be the only one uninjured in some form, and they heard him talking to someone outside the room before being swiftly interrupted by a dull sound. After the door opened and the room was enveloped by a blue flash, Gumillia was rendered unconscious. Once she and the others awoke, they discovered the vessels of sin missing, Keel seriously injured, and Ney dead. Gumillia was then taken to another room to check if she needed treatment.[59]

Search for MikinaEdit

"I wonder, has Elluka and her protege been searching Marlon? Then, you were sent to Lucifenia as insurance? It's a safe judgment. If I crossed the sea from Marlon, I was likely to come here where it's closest. Ships can't sail to Elphegort due to the blockade, Levianta's too far—  Would I be right?"
"A little off. Master Gumillia's gone to Levianta."
―Abyss I.R. and Germaine[src]

Having fulfilled her role as her escort, Gumillia released Germaine from her service. Over the course of two weeks, Gumillia and Germaine assisted Elluka in their search for the perpetrator. During the period, the apprentice heard Elluka's deduction that Abyss I.R. was actually the red cat she always had with her and that she had taken possession of the missing Mikina to steal the vessels of sin.

Once she determined Lucifenia was the fugitive mage's most likely destination, Elluka sent Gumillia to search for Abyss in Levianta just in case while Germaine searched the former kingdom and the sorceress continued searching Marlon. Gumillia then engraved a rune into Germaine's sword to help her locate Abyss' true form once she found her before leaving for Divine Levianta;[60] during her time there, Gumillia became familiar with the nation's temple's architecture.[61] After Germaine successfully defeated Abyss I.R. and freed Mikina, Gumillia and Elluka collected and sealed the Glass of Conchita and Marlon Spoon in her possession.[62]

Voyage East and WestEdit

In EC 508, Gumillia and Elluka became involved in the Four Horsemen Incident caused by Neo Apocalypse and Abyss I.R.[63] Around that time, they lost possession of the Glass of Conchita to the villainous sorceress.[64] After the gun was invented, Gumillia experimented with the handheld weapon and discovered a means to infuse magic into its bullets to great effect.[65] In EC 548,[66] Elluka and Gumillia travelled through the Eastern region in pursuit of the Twin Blades of Levianta,[67] changing their cloaks during their travels.[68]


Elluka and Gumillia disguising themselves as natives

In EC 549, they came upon a large wall blocking their path; approaching the watchman there, the mages attempted to pass through when the watchman stopped them.[69] He then explained that his King mandated that none except their own people were allowed to pass through the gates.[70] Unable to pass through, Elluka and Gumillia left and then colored their hair black to disguise themselves as the guard's race.[71] Returning to the gate, the two were stopped again and told by the watchman that none of his people had such a light skin color.[72]

The two mages left the wall again and then colored their skin dark like the sentry's race.[73] Once they returned to the wall, the guard stopped them for a third time, stating that none of his people had such odd eye colors.[74] As the guard boasted that he and the wall were necessary to protect their great country and that the two shouldn't think poorly of them,[75] Gumillia saw Elluka's growing fury and ducked for cover as she snapped, blowing the watchman away with a powerful wind.[76] When the two opened the gates and saw no great city beyond them, they questioned what the watchman had been guarding before continuing their journey.[77]

Soon after, they came before a vast ocean.[78] The two later took a small boat across the sea to Jakoku. Finding the entire nation in the throws of civil war, the mage duo allied with the Tokugawa faction in their struggle against the Hatsune faction, learning the red cat mage served Princess Jahime Hatsune as "Julia IR". Reunited with Chartette Langley and meeting Gaou Octo, the mages faced Julia IR and her Crimson Robed Masses in many battles until finally defeating the Hatsune faction in the Battle of Jagahara later that year.[79]

Afterward, Gumillia and Elluka continued searching for the Twin Blades of Levianta in the reunited nation before finally giving up and leaving Jakoku in EC 558.[80] Some time after they returned to Evillious, the duo learned Clarith and her monastic order, the Sisters of Clarith, erected an examinations system to protect the new Millennium Tree, and the Netsuma gave the mages permits to freely enter the Millennium Tree Forest.[81]

Justea InvestigatorEdit

During the late sixth century EC, Elluka decided they should disappear from the public eye. Afterwards, they contacted Shaw Freezis and the Freezis Foundation president agreed to assist them in locating the vessels of sin while they took the identities of his deceased great granddaughters, Hanne and Heidemarie Lorre. Assuming the identity of Heidemarie, Gumillia became an officer of the World Police's International Works Department in Marlon while Elluka became a newspaper reporter in Elphegort.[82]

Afterward, the new Justea officer became involved in numerous investigations over the years while pursuing any leads on the red cat mage and the vessels of sin,[83] often recklessly destroying property, harshly interrogating prisoners without permission, and refusing to cooperate with the local police as she pursued each case.[84] At some point, Heidemarie met Willus Zorach and the fellow Justea officer taught her how to construct the weapon.[85] Using the knowledge, Gumillia fashioned her own unique revolver, installing it with the ability to use both regular lead and magic bullets.[86]

After the Lioness Burning Incident allegedly perpetrated by "Elluka Clockworker" in EC 597, the mage duo were forced to stick with their false identities to avoid police pursuit.[87] In EC 606, Heidmarie was made part of the investigation into the Père Noël assassin Fifth Pierrot.[88] Sometime during the investigation, she met Rolled Constable Ayn Anchor in Lucifenia. At some point, Heidemarie showed Ayn her unique gun and told him its origin in Willus' model.[89] Following the diva Rin Chan's debut at Milanais Theater that same year, Gumillia became the girl's avid fan, often skipping work to attend her concerts; she also became familiar with Rin's so-called manager who was infamous for spreading lies.[90]

A year later, Fifth Pierrot was confirmed kill after Willus shot the assassin, ending the case.[91] Sometime after Ayn was stationed in Toragay, he confessed his feelings of love to Heidemarie and the two started dating. After a week, the Justea investigator told the constable she wasn't in love with him from the very beginning and that only he was making a big deal about it. Ayn accepted her wishes and they ended the relationship while agreeing to stay in touch.[92]

Aceid Deputy Mayor Assault CaseEdit

After Aceid's Deputy Mayor Banner was attacked on August 15, EC 609, Heidemarie was assigned to the case and headed to the capital; during the investigation, the Elphegort branch received a letter allegedly from Père Noël's leader First Santa Claus, claiming responsibility for the crime.[93] After Rin Chan arrived in Aceid's Southern District on September 1 around 1:00 PM, Gumillia joined the swarms of fans crowding to see her. On September 10, she attended Rin's concert at Central Theater; when the singer commanded the audience to kneel to her, they cheered while listening to her sing thirty-seven songs and two encores.

During the latter half of that month, a Schuburg Newspaper reporter requested an interview regarding Rin Chan and Heidemarie agreed. When asked about her thoughts on the alleged former manager "N A's" claim the diva was lip-syncing to someone behind the scenes, the officer pointed out the character's infamous habitual lying and stated he probably was just hostile at Rin for firing him. The enthusiastic fan exclaimed that the singer would never lip-sync and that she still believed in her.[94]

Rolled Serial KillingsEdit

"Honestly, that doesn't mean it's unrelated as you say."
"Oh? In that case, explain it to me, Investigator Heidemarie Lorre. What connection those inn residents had to the perpetrator you were chasing for the Rin Chan kidnapping!"
―Heidemarie and Hob Homer[src]

On October 6, Heidemarie learned Rin Chan's manager Ton Corpa was murdered and the diva abducted allegedly by Fifth Pierrot earlier that morning. Determined to save Rin, Heidemarie zealously investigated Fifth Pierrot's whereabouts.[95] Following a lead that Fifth Pierrot and Rin Chan had taken a carriage from Aceid to Toragay and that the driver was the son of the local innkeeper,[96] the officer traveled to the town. Approaching the inn late into the night, Heidemarie fired her gun through the windows. The officer then broke down the door and raided the building. Heading up the second floor, she slowly moved around before finally yelling for Fifth Pierrot to come quietly, stating she knew he brought Rin there.


Heidemarie encounters Hanne

Once a figure came down the attic ladder, she pointed her muzzle toward the woman and told her not to move. After she sighed, Gumillia recognized Elluka and lowered her gun, inquiring why she was there. When "Hanne" stated she was there for an interview and asked her the same thing, Heidemarie hesitantly answered that she was chasing Rin's abductor. After her "sister" confirmed she didn't recall such a person, the officer expressed her disbelief and Hanne sighed again.[97] Afterward, she confirmed the inn owner, Brigitta, knew nothing regarding Rin Chan's abduction or her abductor and that the building wasn't connected to the crime.

Later on, Heidemarie received summons from Chief Hob Homer and returned to Marlon headquarters. Entering the chief's office on October 15, the officer placidly argued with Hob regarding her actions, claiming that the fact she attacked Toragay residents uninvolved with the crime didn't mean it was unrelated like he said. As she explained her deduction the criminal and hostage must've been in that inn given the carriage driver's relation to the inn owner, Hob interrupted to point that the carriage driver had already taken the two and dropped them off at the Kiel checkpoint.

Questioning how he already knew, Heidemarie listened to Hob answer that that the Elphegort branch's officers seemed to be better than her despite failing to stop the carriage before it reached the checkpoint. He then exclaimed that the important matter was her off-point investigating of a crime scene, slamming his fists upon his desk. Hob then plainly told her he was taking her off the investigation and the Justea investigator questioned why he would. Hob retorted it was obvious why with all the trouble she caused.

After hearing him list her destruction of property, overall disobedience and negligence of duty, Gumillia heard him top it off with her talking freely with reporters while putting the Schuburg newspaper from two weeks ago before her on his desk. He then noted the fan in the "Diva Rin Chan Lip-Syncing Allegations" article was her, expressing his fury at her unauthorized interview with the press. Heidemarie corrected that she only answered because she was asked, adding her belief that Rin Chan would never lip-sync. Hob then exploded about her actually caring about such an issue and involving Justea in it.

Once he calmed down, the department chief told her to just rest for a while, though lamenting he actually wanted to fire her. Hob then noted that her sister was among the attacked and stated it was the perfect opportunity to spend time with her lonesome sibling in their homeland. After Heidemarie conceded and began to leave, he quickly stopped her and told the woman to put the weapon there on his desk. The suspended officer refused, citing it was her belonging. When Hob replied she was just a civilian during her suspension and would be arrested if she fired it, she responded that she'd keep that in mind before exiting the room.[98]

Toragay EpidemicEdit

"What was my sister doing in this town? You too."
"You know how the lord of this town died last month, right? She seems to have been suspicious about the matter. It might be murder."
―Heidemarie and Ayn[src]

Heidemarie then journeyed to Elphegort; after she arrived two days later, the officer travelled to Toragay and arrived at noon. Deciding to apologize to the innkeeper for her earlier disturbance and headed for the inn. Seeing three people working, she recognized Ayn assisting a master carpenter with fixing the broken window. After greeting him, Heidemarie watched the man finish handing off the wood to the carpenter, ignoring her. She then asked what he was doing and the constable finally answered it was construction, noting that helping the people was part of police work.

When Heidemarie chuckled that he had no free time, Ayn pointedly inquired who was responsible for that before questioning whether she was back to continue her investigation. Once she admitted she was suspended from the case and came to see her sister, the puzzled constable wondered why she was still wearing her uniform and Heide plainly replied that it was her only clothes. After Ayn lamented her unchanging, unwomanly demeanor, the officer asked where her sister was, questioning if she was in the inn.

After Ayn explained she'd left for Lucifenia to consult Dr. Puerick Rogzé about the results of something she wanted tested, Heidemarie stated she'd join her and began to leave when the constable stopped her; he then told her that she might miss her and that it would be better if she stayed since she'd return by nightfall. When he questioned if that was the only reason she came, Heidemarie remembered her intention to apologize to the innkeeper and affirmed that he was correct. After Ayn inferred her thought and confirmed the innkeeper was out at the moment, Heidemarie asked what Ayn and Hanne were doing in town.

She then listened as the constable explain Hanne's investigation into Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim's death, suspecting murder. Seeing Ayn and two workers sit for a break, Heidemarie sat down with them and questioned it being "murder". Ayn then clarified Hanne's belief Kaspar's wife Margarita was involved, but couldn't meet her while she was visiting her father in Aceid for the past three days. Noting that Margarita's father was also ill, Heidemarie learned that his symptoms were the same as the Marquis' and she went silent, playing with a pebble with her foot.

She then asked what Ayn was doing there and he explained he was officially handling the case's post-processing while discreetly investigating the black market; inferring he referred to the illegal trading of Freezis Fairy Tales among other rare goods, Ayn related that he was looking into it by himself since the higher ups stopped the investigation into the one in Toragay. When Heidemarie then queried whether he had any results, the constable proudly admitted he determined both the trading location for its activities and the boss dealer.

Once he quietly told her Kaspar was likely the one in charge, the surprised Heidemarie pointed out he was dead and Ayn shared that the black market in Toragay had closed shop while a remaining dealer had informed the constable of it opening in a new location. Asking where it was, Ayn told the officer it was north of the town when they noticed a bunch of people moving toward the west side of town. Hearing the noise from the area, Heidemare questioned what was wrong and the constable got up and said he'd check it out and she agreed to join him.

Following him over to the large crowd gathered outside the Charity Institute, they pushed through the crowd and witnessed the director woman screaming beside a group of children seemingly asleep. As woman screamed at Heidemarie to help, the officer noted she was technically off duty and the woman exclaimed this wasn't the time to worry about such things. After Ayn examined the children, Heidemarie questioned his results and learned they had the same symptoms as Dr. Felix and the Marquis. Noticing a man pouring medicine into the children's room, she asked who he was and learned it was Egmont, watching as Ayn discussed getting a proper doctor for the children.

As Ayn resolved to fetch a doctor from Aceid, he instructed Heidemarie to watch the children and she obliged, nodding. She then witnessed Rita panic over the children's deaths before suddenly going silent; watching helplessly as Egmont failed to wake the dead woman, Heidemarie silently prayed for the Charity Institute Director and children when Egmont screamed. Ayn later returned and told Heide that he'd seen Margarita in Aceid while fetching a doctor.[99] He also shared a map of Elphegort marked with the new black market's suspected location, allowing her to borrow it.[100]

Arrested DevelopmentEdit

"Two days ago, twenty-four people at Toragay's charity institute had died. Most of them children. Oh, such a tragedy, isn't it? This event occurred when you, Heidemarie, happened to come to town. Based on the situation, there's no doubt you are the culprit!"
―Bruno's false accusation[src]

Later that day, Heidemarie was approached by men in black and they informed her that Shaw Freezis had passed away that morning and she was needed at the Freezis Foundation's headquarters in Marlon. Agreeing to see her "great-grandfather", Gumillia followed her escorts back to Marlon, arriving in Bariti two days later. After the officer met with Shaw's chief aide, Bruno Marlon, the group waited in front of the foundation headquarters until Hanne arrived.

Once Hanne noted she came too, Heide prepared to reply when Bruno interrupted, directing them through the back entrance, saying he assumed they didn't want to be seen by all the other gathered relatives too much. Following Hanne and Bruno, Heidemarie approached Shaw's lifeless body and watched as Hanne knelt before the coffin, mourning for the dead Foundation head. Standing outwardly composed, Heidemarie remained silent when Bruno commented on the two's respective reactions.

When Bruno denied Hanne's inference they'd have to leave out back to avoid being seen and began laughing menacingly, Heidemarie noticed the men in black surrounding them at gunpoint; after the aide announced the two would be imprisoned, she listened as his explanation that he would use his authority as the Foundation's "Bruno" to have the World Police arrest him. After Hanne asked Heidemarie if she knew whether the men in black were part of the World Police, the officer shook her head and said she didn't.

Once Bruno related they were a secret department existing in the shadows and had Hanne suspected of being the "Elluka Clockworker" responsible for the Lioness Burning Incident, the man turned to Heidemarie and accused the officer of being the culprit in the deaths at the Charity Institute, arrested as a material witness. As the men in black restrained circled around the two to restrain them, Heide pulled out her fireworks gun and fired at one of them, sending him flying into the nearby wall.

Relating that the man probably wasn't dead but may have broken bones, she brandished the weapon in her right hand. As the men in black panicked over her strange weapon and surrounded her, Heidemarie heard Bruno curse Hob for not removing the gun as he had instructed. She then listened as he told the men to hurry and not alert the relatives with the gunfire. After raising her weapon at them, Heidemarie heard Hanne order her to stop and held back, reminding her Shaw was "asleep" and that they shouldn't be too noisy.

Heidemarie stated she understood and lowered her revolver before the men in black immediately tackled and restrained her, confiscating her weapon. The two bounded women then listened as Bruno explained to Hanne that he intended to consolidate the Freezis Foundation even if it meant allying with scoundrels. Confirming he referred to Père Noël, the Freezis executive declared he was promised to become the new "Second Dealer" should he have the two of them disposed of. The two were then taken out the back door per Bruno's order.[101]

Return of the MagesEdit

"Now that Shaw Freezis is dead, obtaining the foundation's cooperation'll be difficult. And seeing the situation we're in, there's... no meaning in faking our identities anymore. There's no need to be "Shaw Freezis' great-granddaughters" anymore."
―Elluka to Gumillia[src]

Taken to the World Police headquarters' prison, Heidemarie was locked in a cell adjacent to Hanne and remained silent until Hanne asked if she was awake. When the officer confirmed she was, she listened to Elluka inquire about the deaths at the Charity Institute, answering that she rushed over to find everyone asleep while Hanne was in Lucifenia. In response to Hanne's horror, she reiterated that both the adults and children were dead and heard Elluka bemoan having let more people die.

The officer then quickly added that she wasn't the killer and the news reporter affirmed the charges were just Bruno's concoction. When her master added that there was someone responsible for putting the people to sleep, Heide asked who it was. Hearing Hanne's suspicion it was Margarita, the Justea investigator pointed out that the girl wasn't in Toragay that day. Hanne then asked if she could have returned secretly and Heidemarie stated she didn't think so since Ayn had seen her in Aceid himself.

After a silence between the two, Heide heard Hanne ask if she was ready to get out soon. Puzzled, the officer listened to Hanne clarify that they would get out of the prison and reminded the reporter that her gun was confiscated. As her "sister" retorted that they didn't need such things and laughed, Heide inquired whether she was okay. Told there was no need to fake their identities anymore with Shaw dead and them in such a situation, Heidemarie remained silent as Hanne continued that there was no need to be the great-grandchildren of Shaw Freezis; the officer admitted she was aware.

Overhearing two figures approach them, Gumillia saw Ayn and Hob free the two of them from their cells. When Hanne inquired about Hob, Heidemarie introduced her to her boss. Hob then handed her her gun back and the officer hesitantly related her belief he was on Bruno's side. After the Justea chief explained he couldn't allow such an abuse of justice to be carried out, Heidemarie, happy to hear that, answered she understood. Ayn then added that they knew she couldn't be the culprit since he was with her when it happened before explaining that Hanne couldn't be "Elluka Clockworker" either.

After he explained to the two that Toragay's situation was growing desperate and Hob shared the newspaper report claiming Toragay was being quarantined due to the "mysterious epidemic" to Hanne, Ayn hurried them to leave so they could save the situation. Once Hanne stopped him and signaled Heidemarie with her eyes, Gumillia silently nodded and immediately struck Hob, rendering him unconscious. She then watched while Hanne revealed herself as "Elluka Clockworker" to Ayn before slamming him against the wall with her wind magic, knocking him out too.[102]

Gumillia then followed Elluka back to the reporter's home in Aceid, arriving there two days later. Afterward, the apprentice changed into her former mage clothes while "Hanne" went out to wash out her green hair dye. After her master returned and dressed in her former mage robes, Gumillia asked "Hanne" if they would be going soon. Once her master reminded Gumillia that it wasn't necessary to call her Hanne anymore, Gumillia remembered and suggested they leave, calling her Elluka again.[103]

Pursuing the Sleep PrincessEdit

"We're in trouble..."

Heading to the local hospital where Margarita's father was being treated to meet with the marchioness, the mage duo arrived and learned from a doctor that she had since returned to Toragay to go see her mother. After the doctor recalled the mother's name being something with an "El", Elluka fretted over the situation and Gumillia offered the map of Elphegort she had borrowed from Ayn. After the apprentice pointed out the X Ayn marked over Calgaround in the north as the new black market location, Elluka thanked her, saying they may be able to finally solve everything.

Pointing out she should be thanking Ayn, Gumillia then listened to Elluka suggest they visit him after their current business was finished. The two were then interrupted by the sound of moaning from Dr. Marx Felix's bedroom, following after the doctor as he went to check on Margarita's father. Seeing the man awake from his coma, Gumilla watched as Elluka attempted to question the doctor while he babbled about a doll before falling off the bed in a convulsing fit and dying.

Fretfully calling to Elluka, Gumillia heard her claim that he cleared up one thing and inquired about what that was; asked if she remembered the Clockworker's Doll, Gumillia recalled that it was the doll with green twin tails that looked like Michaela before correcting herself to say it looked like the Original Sinner. Asked if she had met Margarita, the apprentice admitted she hadn't yet and Elluka explained that the marchioness also resembled Eve among others she'd seen from the past six centuries.

Once Elluka declared her belief that Margarita had contracted with a Demon of Sin, Gumillia began inferring they may have to kill the girl when Elluka interrupted to confirm her concern, declaring the contractor's death should resolve the demon's curse as well. The apprentice questioned if she was sure and Elluka confirmed it was so, admitting that everyone in both Toragay and Aceid could be killed if they didn't hurry since the girl had passed through them both.

The two then left for Calgaround; coming across a World Police barricade between the capital and Toragay, the two waited back while seeing a coachman argue with the officers over heading into town and save his mother. When the police began to arrest him, Gumillia suddenly intervened and attacked the officers with her gun. She was then stopped as Elluka blew the officers back with a gust of wind before demanding they go. As the girl protested, her master told her to hurry up before taking the coachman and three took the man's carriage and fled the police.[104]

Battle on a Moonlit NightEdit

"If you're the "red cat mage's" apprentice as you say, then another apprentice like me should suffice as your opponent."
―Gumillia challenging Fourth Shadow[src]

After Elluka convinced the coachman to take them to Calgaround, the two mages were taken through a shortcut east of the mountain to Calgaround. Arriving at the mayor's mansion, Gumillia followed Elluka through the rain into the mansion when they were greeted by Mayor Julia Abelard. She then watched Elluka confront the mayor and learn Margarita was on the second floor. They mage duo then listened to Julia reveal Père Noël's involvement in the incident, claiming she was the leader "First Santa Claus" while Kaspar and Margarita were "Second Dealer" and "Third Sleep Princess" respectively.

Once Mayor Julia explained that Margarita refined several versions to kill Kaspar and Marx before finally creating an airborne sixth Gift she unleashed on Toragay, Gumillia heard the woman taunt that the Sleep Princess was finishing her seventh Gift, wondering what it would be. When the mayor mocked Elluka's determination to stop them, noting her failure to prevent the Gula Disease from killing Arth and Anne, Gumillia heard her master gnash her teeth as she angrily cursed her for speaking their names.

As Elluka prepared to battle the woman, the apprentice intervened to ask if Fifth Pierrot was in the mansion as well. Julia apologized, explaining that he had already left before adding that they could free his captive imprisoned in the basement if they killed her. Gumillia noted how the woman was previously so talkative; when the mayor retorted her answering their questions more wouldn't matter, Gumillia finished that it'd be because they'd be dead, inquiring if that's what she planned to say.

After seeing Julia easily snuff out Elluka's massive tornado with fire magic, Gumillia listened while the mage questioned if the former forest spirit had a similar arsenal of spells that relied on nature to empower them; the mage apprentice then noticed the missing red cat, deducing the mayor might not be the mage they were hunting. Once Elluka's spell song was also countered by the mayor's inscription rune field within the mansion, Gumillia saw Julia launch a fire spell and quickly made a hole in the wall, casting a water spell to douse the magical fires with a muddy stream before they incinerated her master.

Succeeding, Gumillia noted Elluka was being impatient. As she protested, the former spirit pointed out she referred to Julia, shaking her left hand to release her spell while pointing her right hand at the mayor. She then inquired if she forgot about the stuffed red cat. After Elluka realized what she meant and came to the same conclusion, Gumillia muttered how she thought it first before Mayor "Julia" admitted she was actually the red cat mage's apprentice and Père Noël second-in-command, Fourth Shadow. After clarifying she was still the "Elluka" who befriended Margarita and perpetrated the Lioness Burning Incident.

As Shadow declared she'd once again incinerate Elluka with fire magic, Gumillia interjected and pointed her gun at the mage, countering that she should be her opponent since they were both the apprentices. Shadow then politely asked the former forest spirit to follow the mood; as she teased to go one at a time for being burned by her, Gumillia suddenly fired at her repeatedly and the enemy apprentice easily dodged the attacks. As the mayor analyzed her weapon, the green-haired mage open fired again and Shadow again easily dodged the attacks.

When the woman called her attacks slow and ineffective, Gumillia interjected again and carved a new rune into the gun before firing at her a third time. Seeing Shadow barely dodged the onslaught while taunting she was slightly faster, Gumillia cast the Clockwork Secret Art and caught the enemy apprentice in the time bubble. She then slowly approached the woman and put her revolver to the enemy's temple. The moment she fired, the technique suddenly wore off and Shadow fell to the ground, dodging the attack. As Gumillia attempted to cast it again, the enemy screamed for her to stop.

Seeing Shadow attempt to escape through the hole in the wall, she manipulated the greeonian plateau roses outside to grow and ensnare the fleeing apprentice. As she struggled to move, the former forest spirit told her to return to the earth, having the thorny rose stems wrap around her tighter while burrowing their roots into her flesh until Fourth Shadow was finally killed, left to look like another part of the flora.[105]

Turn for the WorseEdit

"What... the, you're... here... too."
―Elluka and Gumillia after the former was stabbed by Sixth Venom[src]

With the red cat mage's apprentice dead, Gumillia and Elluka headed upstairs in search of Margarita. Finding her inside one of the rooms, the two confronted Third Sleep Princess and the apprentice watched while her master tried reasoning with the girl. After Elluka failed to convince the marchioness to create a cure for her Gift and prevent her from committing suicide with her latest concoction, Gumillia put a hand on her downtrodden mentor's shoulder as she sat before her dead body. When she finally stood up and said they needed to head back to Toragay, Gumillia refused, reminding her that Rin Chan still hadn't been rescued.

Elluka then reluctantly lead them down to the mansion's basement. Once the mage duo found Rin Chan bound inside, they freed her and began heading back up. Extending out her hand, Gumillia suggested they leave to send the diva back to Rolled. When the girl declined, citing she didn't want to return and have her lip-syncing scandal uncovered, Gumillia suddenly stood in shock, muttering about the truth in the allegations. Elluka then suggested they drop her off in Aceid, reminding her they needed to hurry to Toragay, and Gumillia hesitantly agreed before continuing on, still disturbed over the revelation.

After seeing a man wearing a cloth over his head suddenly stab Elluka through the gut from behind, Gumillia cried out in horror before immediately shooting the assassin with her gun. Continuing to fire as Sixth Venom deflected her bullets and fled upstairs, the mage quickly returned to the wounded Elluka, swiftly bringing her and Rin to the coachman outside and rushing them all to a hospital in Aceid.[106] Once Elluka was admitted to the hospital and safe from death, the mage requested she continued investigating Père Noël and try recovering the Clockworker's Doll.[107]

Formation of a CureEdit

"... They're so stupid. Père Noël. The poison they engineered was cured with the medicine they themselves created."

Afterward, Gumillia returned to Fourth Shadow's mansion in Calgaround and searched the manor for the Clockworker's Doll, failing to find any vessels of sin; she also discovered Margarita's corpse was missing. During the investigation, the former spirit confirmed the existence of another Julia Abelard among the Lucifenian aristocracy. Once Elluka recovered enough from the hospital, Gumillia met with her master in the desolated streets of Toragay on November 15, apologizing for making her wait.

Elluka Toragay

Gumillia and her master at the ruins of Toragay

When questioned about what she discovered, the green-haired mage reported her failure to find the doll or Margarita's body and Elluka surmised Sixth Venom took it away. As Elluka thanked her, Gumillia interjected she had more to say before revealing what she learned about Julia Abelard. She while listened while Elluka noted their next destination was to take a closer look at Père Noël, agreeing with her master's decision to head to Lucifenia.

As they were about to leave, the two of them were stopped by the coachman, telling them that his mother and many other of the townspeople were still missing. Hearing faint voices in the distance, Gumillia asked if the other two heard the noise and gestured to her ears. Pinpointing the direction of the noise, Gumillia pointed it out and Elluka confirmed it was where the Blankenheim Mansion was. The three then headed to the mansion. Finding the front door's lock broken, they followed the noises inside to the basement.

Afterward, the group discovered the missing people alive in the cellar, learning that Egmont used a nutritional drug to counteract the "epidemic's" effects. The pharmacist then told the mages about the medicine, revealing it was made from the new Millennium Tree's and had been sold on the black market. He then told them about the animal paths used to bypass the Sisters of Clarith's church to reach the sacred tree.

Once the mage duo contacted Dr. Puerick Rogzé about the substance and he agreed to examine it for a potential cure to the Sixth Gift, they headed to the forest; with their passes expired, they took the paths Egmont taught. Reaching the Millennium Tree, Gumillia watched while Elluka met with Dr. Rogzé and discussed the possibility of creating a cure from the tree sap.

After Puerick left, Gumillia remarked about Père Noël's stupidity in creating both the poison and its cure and Elluka noted that may have been their arm. Inquiring about what she meant, the apprentice listened to the mage's explanation that they would've unleashed the epidemic upon the masses, finishing that only Père Noël would have the cure for it. As Elluka continued that they could monopolize the remedy, her apprentice questioned if Egmont's nutritional drugs were only Margarita's prototype and Elluka confirmed that Shadow or Dealer may've been selling the incomplete cure prematurely.

When Elluka finally greeted Michaela, Gumillia heard her friend complain about Puerick taking her sap and reminded her that it was to save human lives. She then watched as Michaela and Elluka debated the issue before discussing their recent progress with collecting the vessels of sin. After her master went deep into thought, Gumilla caught sight of Margarita Blankenheim standing nearby. Shocked, the apprentice silently stared at the supposedly dead woman with wide eyes while Michaela brought the matter to Elluka's attention.

The Mage of Eternity then told the two former spirits that she wanted the two of them to talk alone before leaving with Margarita; Gumillia then waited with Michaela for sometime. When Elluka finally returned alone, the apprentice asked what had occurred with Margarita. Her master chastised her for the question, reminding her that she died at Shadow's mansion.

As the surprised apprentice began to protest, Elluka hypnotized her with her gaze, reiterating that Margarita was dead. Forgetting about seeing the dead girl afterward, the confused mage accepted that Elluka was right and determined she misunderstood something. When her master then stated they should finally head to Lucifenia and look into Père Noël, Gumillia agreed.[108]

Infiltrating Père NoëlEdit

"Well, Miss Santa. If even a child can become a member of Père Noël—I would appreciate it if you could include her in the "Sept" too, if possible."
―Elluka regarding Gumillia[src]

Gumillia and Elluka are recruited into Père Noël

Once Elluka said farewell to Michaela, the two headed out of the forest and left for the southern republic.[109] When Elluka's legs stopped functioning during their subsequent investigation of Père Noël, Gumillia began helping push the disabled mage around in her wheel chair. After discovering Isabel Ismael possessed the Venom Sword, the mage duo confirmed the Rolled prostitute's true identity as Yuzette Ora and "Seventh Magician", determining she was the intended target of Fifth Pierrot's recent prostitute killings.

Elluka and Gumillia then took over the prostitute's residential brothel on 7th Block as the owner and her assistant respectively, managing the business while awaiting Fifth Pierrot to murder the fugitive criminal; once Yuzette was killed on February 11 of EC 610 and Elluka arranged for her assassin to bring First Santa Claus to meet with them later, the mage had Gumillia pose as her hypnotized servant. On February 13, Gumillia waited outside the desired meeting room while Elluka spoke with President Julia and Lemy Abelard.

When Elluka finally summoned for her, the green-haired mage entered and calmly stood beside her master. Once the pink-haired mage pat her on the back, insisting the hypnotized apprentice would never be hostile toward Julia, Gumillia bowed and politely greeted the Abelards. Afterward, she listened while Elluka had her recruited to Père Noël's Sept as "Eighth Sniper" while she joined as the new "Seventh Magician".[110]

Undermining SantaEdit

"How come... you guys are—  "
"To kill Fifth Pierrot of course.—  Forgive us, Ayn. We made you our decoy."
―Ayn and Elluka[src]

Afterward, the mages continued to act as loyal members of Père Noël while planting evidence of Yuzette's true identity and crimes for the World Police to discover and trace back to Bruno and Julia; they later learned of Bruno being arrested on suspicion of being the fugitive Kaidor Blankenheim and President Julia falling under suspicion for her connection to the alleged Second Dealer. They then plotted to flee Rolled at midnight on September 3 before they were caught up in the criminal organization's destruction.

When Elluka decided to extend the chance to escape to Lemy, Gumillia wheeled Elluka to meet with the boy at the 12th Block inn he was staying at during the night of September 2. After entering the boy's room around 9:00 PM, the green-haired mage silently waited beside her master while she tried reasoning with the boy to come with him and bring the Glass of Conchita he possessed as well. Once Elluka told him to meet them at the brothel before the time limit with his answer, Gumillia pushed Elluka out of the room and left.

Once Elluka sensed Lemy had betrayed them to Père Noël, she and Gumillia had the whorehouse cleared out and escaped from the city.[111] Laying low while Fifth Pierrot's serial murders in Rolled began again, they eventually returned to the city, deducing Lemy was killing anyone connected to investigating his mother. Deciding to use Ayn's investigation of the murders to lure out and kill Fifth Pierrot, Elluka had Gumillia write their friend a message on December 25 telling him to meet "Heidemarie" in front of the Abelard Mansion at 2:00 AM the next morning; Gumillia then rolled up and stuffed the crumpled letter in a ball of lead before firing it at the open window to Ayn's inn room in Milanais Square.

Waiting around the area of the meeting place at the planned time, the two saw Fifth Pierrot confront Ayn in a nearby alleyway. As Lemy leaped upon the Justea officer and raise his knife to stab him, Gumillia shot the boy through the heart. She then silently watched while Elluka apologized to Ayn for deceiving him and chided Lemy for siding with Julia before he seemingly died. Later on, the two received a letter addressed to Elluka from Julia, challenging her to a duel at Merrigod Plateau and revealing she was her sister-in-law, Irina Clockworker; the mage duo decided to answer the challenge and defeat the red cat mage.[112]

Days after Julia resigned from the presidency and the World Police mounted a search for her and Lieutenant General Gatt Coulomb, Gumillia accompanied her master to the Abelard estate to try collecting some of the vessels of sin in the red cat mage's possession. After Elluka hypnotized a police officer to allow them access, "Heidemarie" wheeled her inside the mansion. Finding no vessels of sin in the treasury, Gumillia shook her head while lamenting them being missing. She soon after asked what they would do and Elluka replied that they would continue with their original plan and head for Merrigod Plateau.[113]


"Your high spirits're lovely, but there're two here."
"Hah. I don't count the woman in a wheelchair.—'Tis the Justea investigator likely to be troublesome."
"Oh my. You just went and said something irritating... Alright, Gumillia. You get back. I can handle this guy myself."
―Elluka and Gatt[src]

The next day, Gumillia joined Elluka in traveling to Merrigod Plateau on the coachman's carriage, sitting quietly beside her; at some point, Gumillia broke free of Elluka's weakening hypnosis, recalling her master meeting Margarita and determining the mage had absorbed the Original Sinner's soul. After passing the checkpoint on the highway around 3:00 PM, Gumillia heard the coachman converse with "Hanne" about his mother. She then finally inquired about the identity of "Irina Clockworker" and Elluka interrupted to confirm she was the girl who was supposed to become her sister-in-law and the true red cat mage.

When Elluka stated she never realized it for over six centuries, Gumillia questioned when exactly she did notice and Elluka claimed it was when the challenge came. The apprentice immediately retorted she was lying, pointing out she should've realized it when sharing memories with the Sleep Princess; after a brief pause, Elluka noted she seemingly broke free of her spell. Noticing Gatt Coulomb in the middle of the road ahead of them, he green-haired disciple began to speak up again. Clarifying that it was a report and not another question, the mage pointed out Sixth Venom's presence.

When Elluka yelled for them to get down, Gumillia obeyed, ducking while Venom shot a beam of power with his golden longsword and killed the horse. Surviving the rough stop, the mage duo exited the carriage and faced Gatt. After watching Elluka and Gatt argue his reasons for supporting First Santa Claus, Gumillia heard her disabled master finally order she stay back and let her handle this. Abiding, Gumillia took a step back and watched Elluka try and fail to hypnotize Gatt before unleashing Eve's lightning magic upon him.

Once they discovered he had barely survived, the mage duo collected the charred man's golden vessel of sin and tied him up to a nearby tree. After paying the coachman some silver coins to buy a new horse, Gumillia wheeled Elluka up the gradual slope toward Calgaround. When Elluka instructed her to hold onto the golden key Grim the End, she took the vessel of sin with her right hand and put it in her robe while continuing to push her mentor onward. After the apprentice muttered that it didn't suit her, Elluka assured her she could still battle Irina without it.

Gumillia then wondered whether she'd gotten stronger since their last battle and Elluka admitted that their enemy's medium was likely Germaine. Noting she was therefore a descendant of Conchita, Elluka admitted her abilities were unknown and that they couldn't be careless facing her when she kept the body for over a century. Finally reaching the top of the hill, the two saw Calgaround's bright red cityscape and Gumillia greeted the town. She then asked if Irina would be there and Elluka noted if she wasn't there, she thought of another place she might be, clarifying she referred to Apocalypse Cliff where the tomb of Pale Noël that Irina seemingly named Père Noël after was.[114]

Duel of Merrigod PlateauEdit

"It'd be irresponsible to want to end this at a stalemate. Gumillia's literally holding the golden key."
―The Demon of Wrath[src]

After failing to find Irina in Calgaround, the mage duo traveled to Apocalypse Cliff and entered Pale's tomb in the early morning of January 30. Finding "Julia" before Pale's grave within the main chamber, the two began battling the red cat mage, avoiding the blue fireballs she threw at them. Upon hearing a boy suddenly cry out for his "mother", the two mages turned to see Lemy standing at the chamber entrance with the Glass of Conchita. Shocked to see him alive, Gumillia listened to Irina's explanation that he was contracted to the Demon of Gluttony and that contractors were unable to be killed unless through the power of another contractor.

When Elluka finally stated she'd find and kill Irina's red cat body she was hiding after defeating her and began conjuring lightning, Gumillia pointed her revolver at Julia. Lemy then suddenly charged toward Elluka with his silver knife and Gumillia immediately stood in the way, shooting him straight through the heart with a lead bullet again. Seeing the bloodied boy miraculously heal from his mortal wound, noted he was like a corpse soldier before realizing even they didn't have such quick recovery power. Faintly sweating, Gumillia switched out her regular ammunition with magic bullets, wondering how he'd fare against them.

She then shot at him again, watching the magic bullet make a direct hit and send him flying back. After around ten seconds, the apprentice saw the boy stand again in tatters but without a scratch. Muttering that even those were useless, Gumillia suddenly noticed Irina's blue fireballs immanently heading for her before seeing Elluka's green lightning drown out the flames. Seeing Elluka would handle Irina, Gumillia silently aimed her gun at Lemy again and the boy mocked that she'd try it when it was proven ineffective, questioning if she just didn't understand the situation.

Over the next two hours, Gumillia continually shot Lemy with her magical arsenal, slowing his relentless assault. As their battle progressed, the mage cast inscription runes upon her weapon to improve its fire power and continued firing, seeing it too didn't kill him. She also cast the Clockwork Secret Art upon Lemy, failing to discover a means to end him while caught in the spell. Wishing she was facing Irina instead, the apprentice wondered what could be done to change the situation when a voice spoke up to note her trouble. Determining it was an auditory hallucination, she ignored it and continued firing at Lemy.

When the voice demanded she respond, Gumillia realized it was real and questioned its identity. The mysterious voice questioned her not recognizing it and the mage admitted she didn't know him or the voice. As the voice lamented her also not remembering the Second Period like the other spirits and demons, Gumillia located it to the golden key in her robe. Determining he was the Demon of Wrath, the voice confirmed she was correct and she barked that she wasn't acquainted with any demon. Once the demon chided that all the spirits and demons were the same beings and had simply forgotten the fact, Gumillia retorted that she didn't care and was busy, telling him to be quiet while she continued mercilessly attacking the regenerating boy.


Gumillia prepares to shoot the golden bullet

After Lemy charged at her again, Gumillia heard the demon note she was being sloppy and would lose soon enough and snapped that she couldn't help struggling against the child. When the demon reminded her that Irina's words presented a means to kill the contractor, the apprentice inferred he wanted her to contract with him. As she refused, the mage barely deflected Lemy's silver knife with her gun barrel. The Demon of Wrath then insisted he'd make a "special offer" for a temporary contract and Gumillia stubbornly stated she couldn't trust him, seeing Lemy lose his balance before beginning to recover.

The demon then exclaimed she was cruel for leaving Lemy in tatters when he was only doing what his mother told him to. After calling her a sadistic woman for torturing him in that state, the green-haired mage expressed her annoyance at his new tactic to persuade her before considering the truth of his earlier claims. She then finally acquiesced and drew the golden key from her robe, contracting to the demon and transforming the vessel of sin into a golden bullet. After swiftly loading the vessel into her gun barrel, the newly contracted mage aimed at Lemy. Thinking how she only had one chance, Gumillia carefully aimed at the exhausted Lemy and said her farewell to "Fifth Pierrot"; she then shot Lemy through the head, killing him once and for all.[115]

As Julia cradled her dead son and sobbed, the former forest spirit inquired about the demon's name and the voice answered that the name he had when he had been a human was Seth Twiright. She then continued with facing Irina alongside Elluka and the two easily avoided the red cat mage's weakening flames. Cornering her on her knees, Gumillia silently watched while Elluka argued with their enemy over her apparent defeat. Seeing Julia suddenly collapse like a ragdoll, the mage duo heard Irina admit she had ended the technique controlling Germaine's body and looked to see the red cat reveal itself from behind Pale's grave.

As Elluka prepared to finish her, Gumillia watched the red cat calmly tell the pink-haired mage that Seth Twiright had created her cat body, hearing Elluka recall that he was a Leviantan scientist in charge of Project 'Ma'. They then saw the cat begin glowing seven colors while Irina related that Seth installed a last resort "Black Box Type S" in the body's heart and that she was using it. Hearing the sound of the Clockwork Lullaby emit from the cat, Gumillia then heard Elluka cry for her to get down when the cat exploded. Enveloped in the dust and smoke, the apprentice swiftly held onto the nearby rocks to resist the blast, preparing for death until she lost consciousness.[116]

Mental WorldEdit

"So this is your true face... your real form, huh? Elluka... No—  Levia."

After Gumillia was transported into Levia's inner psychological world, she regained consciousness. Recognizing the Leviantan temple architecture before her and not smelling anything apparent, the mage started up the stairs for the tall pillar at the top of the building in search of Irina and Elluka. While pondering whether she was there due to Irina's magic or had died and gone to heaven, the mage continued upward until she finally reached the rooftop square, spotting a young woman with red hair and clothes in front of the giant spire.

As the girl spoke, Gumilla recognized the voice as Irina's and mused that this was her true form. Irina confirmed it was, claiming that three more would soon come and that they would then get started. She then saw someone in a maid outfit come up another staircase and greet her by name. The mage replied that she didn't know the maid, hearing the feminine character muse that she had lost her memories before calling out Irina as one of Seth's ghoul children imitations.

The confused apprentice attempted to ask Irina what the newcomer was speaking of when she interrupted to announce another arrival. Seeing the woman with green pigtails ascend another staircase, she recognized her as Michaela before realizing her friend didn't have such cold eyes. After finally realizing she was Eve Moonlit, she heard footsteps from the last staircase and looked to see a woman with blonde bobbed hair and a lab coat join the rest of them.

Demanding to know the meaning of this place and the people within it, Gumillia questioned where Elluka was and Irina bluntly responded that she was dead. Faltering, the girl quickly surmised she was killed in the explosion before Irina interrupted again to say she had killed Elluka centuries ago. Realizing that Irina knew the truth about "Elluka Clockworker" as well, Gumillia heard Irina point out her master as being the downcast woman in the lab coat.

Slowly approaching Levia and asked her if she had remembered everything. Once she confirmed she had known since absorbing Eve, the former spirit put a hand to her cheek and mused that this was her, Elluka's, true form, before correcting herself to say the god's true name. As Levia moved away from her and walked towards the Sin ark, Gumillia followed while the god confirmed from Irina that they were in her inner psychological world; seeing her reflection in the false Sin's surface, the confused mage felt it was her true appearance from even before she was a spirit.

She then listened while Levia and Irina discussed how the latter had realized the truth about Elluka Clockworker. When Levia determined her quest for the vessels of sin was Held's means to keep her in check, the god approached Gumillia and placed a hand on her shoulder. Inquiring if the new "monitor" for her when Held passed was the spirit, the apprenticed nodded, admitting to her deception. When Levia surmised she had been ordered to seal her if she ever regained her memories, the former forest spirit faltered and began to cry as Levia stroked her head. Hearing her say that she was a wonderful apprentice, Gumillia gave a choked response and hugged Levia as she sobbed.

When Levia then asked why she retained her memories after being reincarnated despite the world's rules, Gumillia explained how saved a copy of them in advanced, noting how the reapplication of them after the ritual caused Michaela's fever while she remained fine. Afterward, Gumillia listened to Irina confirm for Levia that she discovered the truth through the Demon of Wrath, Seth Twiright. Wiping away her tears, the apprentice watched the god and mage stare down each other, determining Irina still wished to continue their duel regardless of the Elluka she despised being a fake.

She then watched Irina approach Eve while describing the completion of her experiments with the Clockworker's Doll fifty years ago. Once the mage awakened Eve as the "Master of the Court" and the temple crumbled until only the scaffold they were standing on remained floating in the new grid-like space, the green-haired mage listened to Irina welcomed them all to the Court, explaining that the Master of the Court's ability to reset everything was likely the cause of Levia's memory awakening in Elluka. Once she confirmed the realm of judgment Eve created equalized everyone and made it possible to even kill gods, Gumillia heard the mage suggest they resume their duel.

When Irina challenged the twin gods to battle, addressing the maid as "Behemo", the shocked mage protested that Behemo was supposed to be male before Levia confirmed he was indeed male but a "weirdo". Quickly moving on, Gumillia asked Irina why she was trying to take vengeance out on Levia when it wouldn't fix anything. The sorceress retorted that she wouldn't understand, explaining that the gods failed to notice that Seth was a HER when HERs were what ruined their previous world.

After Irina claimed she was fulfilling her programmed duty as a HER by destroying everything related to the gods as the mission Seth had forgotten, Gumillia questioned if there was any of her will in that. Irina quickly silenced her and prepared to commence the duel when they heard another voice intervene that none of that interested her. After noticing a woman with Germaine's appearance was descending from the sky, Gumillia listened to the Demon of Gluttony declare she would instead reap the benefits from all their fighting and kill all of them there. After the demon Banica clashed her Worldeater with Levia and Irina's magic, the blast blew Gumillia out of the Court.[117]

Meeting in HellEdit

"Where is this place?"
"... Oh, are you a newcomer? This place's the Hellish Yard. Where the dead gather."
―Gumillia and Kaidor[src]

After the blast, the former forest spirit ended up in the Hellish Yard. Coming to in the unfamiliar surroundings, she approached an old man nearby and inquired about their location. After he confirmed she was in hell, the shocked Gumillia listened as the man pointed her toward the exit to heaven, wondering if he was unable to leave with her. The man then admitted he chose not to out of fear of facing those he wronged in life and that the others there seemed to have similar reasons. Inferring that meant everyone was allowed to go to heaven, Gumillia listened to the man explain that the place was abandoned as a mere path to heaven, the gods not installing a Master of the Hellish Yard to judge the dead.

Gumillia then asked if there were any newcomers and was told to head to the door to heaven. After gratefully bowing to the old man, the girl took her leave of him and walked to the bridge leading to the door, spotting Behemo trampling on a mask. Approaching him, she asked if he was dead too and Behemo replied that the impact of the duel simply blew him here. Gumillia then inquired about the mask; as Behemo picked up the mask and handed it to her, she examined its detail.

When the mask stated they had already met, she recognized the Demon of Wrath's voice and learned that he was a species of sentient masks. Behemo then took back the mask and explained that the hole the Demon of Gluttony created to enter the mental world caused the demon to be affected as well. When Seth noted he was in a mess while the "other guy" was safe, Gumillia inquired about who he meant and the demon told her he was another being who resided in the golden key with him.

While seeing no one else there with them, the mage apprentice questioned where Levia, Irina, Eve, and the Demon of Gluttony were and the god admitted he didn't know. The girl asked how they get out of the Hellish Yard and Behemo suggested they head to the Heavenly Yard and ask Held. After watching Behemo leave Seth per his request as he left, Gumillia tried following after him when the light of the other world began burning her left arm and retracted it, seeing her paired flesh. When the god questioned if she was staying as well, the mage responded that it was too hot.

Hearing the god muse that it was because only the dead could enter the Heavenly Yard, she pointed out that he was alive too and Behemo retorted that gods were special. She then questioned there being no way to the ground world from hell and Behemo answered that the Master of the Hellish Yard would know but wasn't there. Asking where she was, Gumillia learned that the hell master was Levia and that her leaving depended on the god coming to hell. Hearing the mask laugh at her plight, Gumillia trampled on him while telling Behemo she would wait for her master to come for her.

When Behemo laughed and remarked that his sister might indeed come pick her up, Gumillia asked what he meant and heard his explanation that the twins' original intention was to destroy the Third Period. Asking if he still wished to do so, the god admitted he no longer had the will to destroy humanity given how far it presumably advanced during his slumber. As Behemo left, Gumillia heard him remark in passing that there was a miasma in hell that would eat away at her soul; startled, she called for the god to wait and then heard Seth laughing again when he had clearly already left.

Annoyed, she asked the mask why he was laughing when he was also in the heart of the miasma. When the demon mused she was right and that he should begin researching a means to stop it, the mage lifted her foot and listened to Seth propose she be his limbs since he had no mobility by himself. Thinking about it for a time, she asked if that was really the only way and Seth answered that she could just wear him if carrying the mask was too much trouble.

After the demon insisted he wouldn't take over her body, Gumillia uttered that she couldn't trust him; reminded of how he kept his promise when she fought Lemy, she reluctantly agreed, putting on the mask. Surprised that she could see through both eyes despite the mask blocking one, she heard Seth explain that he was also able to grant her the ability to see in the dark and read minds. Prompted by Seth to look for research materials, the girl nodded and began her search.[118]

Judge of the DeadEdit

Taking over the underworld, the new Master of the Hellish Yard began managing the realm, standing before the gates to the Heavenly Yard to stop any dead humans hoping to reach paradise and judge their souls for their sins;[119] whenever presented with a demon contractor, the Master of the Hellish Yard barred them from entering the heavenly world. At some point, she told Cherubim about the "irregular" Allen Avadonia.[120]

After the soul of Giyara accidentally ended up in the Hellish Yard, the Master allowed him a wish to compensate for the inconvenience. Afterwards, the aged monk wished for Gakusha to regain his memories; in response, the Master granted the wish. She then conversed with Seth, the two of them deciding to head to the Heavenly Yard to investigate.[121]

World's EndEdit

After the destruction of the Third Period in EC 998 and its subsequent merge with the Hellish Yard, the Master of the Hellish Yard judged Nemesis for contracting with the Demon of Wrath and kept her there. Shortly after, she noticed Cherubim, Kayo Sudou, Gallerian Marlon, and Nemesis Sudou had all escaped to the ground world; she then set out to retrieve the escapees. After tracking each of the deadly sin contractors, the hell master traveled to the Venomania Mansion in Lasaland and took "Duke Venomania" back to the bowels of the underworld.

Traveling to Enbizaka afterward, the Master of the Hellish Yard entered the USE Dark Star Bureau courthouse situated there and slowly entered the courtroom, finding Gallerian putting Allen Avadonia on trial while Kayo and Hänsel watched as the defense. When Gallerian questioned who she was, the hell master answered she was there for the trial. After the judge inquired if she would be serving as the prosecutor, the woman answered her role would actually be that of the judge.

The confused Gallerian immediately retorted that the Master of the Court was him and that he couldn't just give the position to anyone. Once the woman clarified the accused she was judging was him and raised her head to reveal her mask, the shocked bureau director recognized the Master of the Hellish Yard. The judge of the dead then chided him and the other escaped contractors for leaving the underworld she managed despite the current situation with the ground world.

Gallerian stated he would return after he finished collecting the vessels of sin. When the Master Hellish Yard next questioned how inviting Allen there served that objective of his, the judge admitted it was just a simple coincidence, explaining the fact he had only recently realized his true identity. After deducing it was actually the work of the Demon of Greed, the hell master lamented the demon being as greedy as his name implied. Promptly ending their conversation, she snapped her fingers and opened a portal below the judge's feet, letting him fall back to the underworld.

Afterward, she snapped her fingers again to close the hole and asked Kayo if they should start heading home. The tailor immediately shook her head, citing she still hadn't received judgment. The Master of the Hellish Yard pointed out she already received it and wouldn't be able to see her family again regardless of whether she relived the experience. After being told she'd slowly spend her time in the land below from there on, Kayo drooped her shoulders in defeat as the masked woman wrapped her arm around her abdomen to carry her.

Allen then called out and asked if she was going to take her somewhere and the hell master immediately instructed him to use honorifics with his elders. Once the former servant politely asked where she was taking Kayo, the masked woman told him she was taking the tailor to her former location, as she had done with Gallerian and Venomania, and that there was only one person left.

When Allen questioned who that last person was, Hellish revealed it was Nemesis. The boy then asked for her whereabouts and the Master of the Hellish Yard agreed to permit him to meet her before she retrieved her. After adding it probably wouldn't be straightforward for him, she extended out her palm. As the boy yelled to hear more from her beforehand, the hell master interjected, saying they should meet again before opening a portal to the Grave Yard directly below his feet. Once Allen fell through, the hell master sent Hänsel along with him before returning Kayo to the underworld.[122]


Historically, Gumillia would be remembered for her various actions over the course of her quest for the vessels of sin. She was noted as having defeated the corpse soldiers during the Retasan Coup,[123] while Jakoku's history noted her as having wielded a powerful matchlock and siding with the Tokugawa faction.[124] Aside from this, Gumillia's name went down in history as one of the murderers of Lemy Abelard, although following the Duel of Merrigod Plateau it was noted that the former spirit had seemingly gone missing.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"I'm older than you so use honorifics. For anyone who's older than you, use honorifics."
―Gumillia's strict expectations for respect[src]

Gumillia's typical expression

Gumillia was a stoic but temperamental woman. Seeing things from a stark black-and-white perspective, the spirit acted serious, blunt, and largely responsible. She was also very stern and would often lecture others for breaking rules or not meeting her expectations.

Because of this authoritative and straightforward mindset, Gumillia was impatient and could act very impulsively, and violently, as a result. Her temperament also resulted in some mild hypocrisy, believing violence was wrong while often employing it in response to her emotions herself. Despite these emotional lapses, she usually maintained her calm and low-key demeanor, often making her difficult to read for others. Regardless, the spirit was always sincere in expressing any of her personal feelings or thoughts.

After becoming human, Gumillia had greater difficulty in expressing herself through her new form, appearing even more outwardly emotionless and seeming somewhat shy. She commonly had awkward pauses or imperfections in her speech as well. She also lacked any social awareness or courtesy in most social situations, completely oblivious to sarcasm. However, her social disabilities did make mild improvements over time and she could still be very emotive when particularly emotional about a matter. At the same time, she was especially stringent with honorifics, believing anyone younger should address her respectfully save for her own superiors or close friends.

While subtly influenced by Elluka Clockworker, Gumillia took up many of the woman's habits and traits, becoming much more talkative and sociable and even enjoying the mage's favorite black tea as a drink. Due to Elluka's absence, Gumillia freely wore her glasses to improve her vision rather than use magic as well, though forced to remove them after her master's return. In a similar vein, Gumillia's time as a human did cause her to grow attached to the people and lifestyle she was living. She had become an ardent fan of Rin Chan's music, to the point of even ignoring her police duties to attend concerts.


Gumillia speaking with Held

Regardless of her slips in responsibility, Gumillia was very loyal all the same, becoming very protective of her loved ones. As a forest spirit of Held, the chipmunk was obedient to the master's will and held a great understanding of the god's teachings. She was also very close to the fellow spirit Michaela, worrying for her safety and disliking the idea of being separated from her. Therefore, Gumillia was rather jealous of her friend's relationship with Clarith, though begrudgingly accepting the two's romance after seeing them interact. Likewise, she was an extremely loyal fan, vehemently opposing her idol Rin Chan's detractors.

While originally acting as only a monitor, Gumillia grew attached to Elluka, greatly respecting their master-apprentice relationship and everything the mage had taught her over the years the two spent together. As time went on, the apprentice became very personally invested in Elluka's safety, absolutely horrified to see her apparently killed by Sixth Venom. However, their growing relationship also added a growing guilt for lying to the mage, driving the girl to tears when Levia finally realized her deception. However, after being forgiven by the god, Gumillia wholeheartedly accepted her loyalty to her mentor over her loyalty to Held, confident her master would even save her from the Hellish Yard despite the uncertainty.

After assuming the role of Master of the Hellish Yard, Gumillia became strongly devoted to her duty as hell's guardian. As a result, she was stringent with her domain's rules and upheld them accordingly. Still, she was flexible with meting out her duties so long as they ultimately didn't inhibit her ability to enforce them. However, she remained strict with others' etiquette, requiring them to address her and other elders formally. Likewise, she spoke in a very formal, albeit archaic speech pattern when acting out her role.[125]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"She really is a smart girl."
―Elluka regarding Gumillia's impressive progress[src]

As a forest spirit, Gumillia was an ageless immortal, primarily existing in an incorporeal form. While in her spiritual form, she could fly and heal from any wound almost instantly while in Held's Forest. She could also transform into the form of a chipmunk to interact with the physical world while in the forest, though also able to be injured or killed; her animal form also had excellent vision range. While in her spiritual form, the spirit couldn't be perceived by non-magically trained beings. Similarly, only magically trained beings could communicate with her in either form.


Gumillia utilizing her wide vision range

After incarnating as a human, Gumillia retained her eternal youth as the form of Gumina Glassred. However, the girl had difficulty expressing emotion with her face. She was also extremely far-sighted, able to identify minute details about rather faraway objects but unable to clearly see anything within her immediate vicinity. Still, she was able to supplement this drop in vision range with special glasses or her magic. Despite living in isolation for the majority of her time in the Third Period, Gumillia learned much about human history, geography, and culture in a month's time.

Due to her nature as a forest spirit, Gumillia possessed incredible amounts of magical power. She also had a matching talent for magecraft, learning quickly under Elluka's tutelage. Within a month, Gumillia was able to predict the weather and propagate flowers and became skilled with a variety of plant and water spells in only a few years. She also had a near mastery of the Clockwork Secret Art, though only able to cast the powerful spell a few times. She was proficient in a variety of inscription runes as well.

Aside from her magic casting abilities, Gumillia was also somewhat prodigious in crafting magic tools. Improving upon the already powerful revolver design utilized in the Magic Kingdom Levianta, the mage added the ability to use "magic bullets" in addition to regular lead, allowing her set to varying degrees of flashes to create explosive impacts upon targets. After becoming part of the World Police, Gumillia learned how to effectively wield a revolver and used her innovated gun to supplement her spells in combat, making her an impressive duelist.

As Master of the Hellish Yard, Gumillia possessed the ability to open portals via a hand gesture, allowing users to quickly move between spaces via the portals. Because she wore a mask with a will likewise, the former spirit was able to see in the dark and read minds. Independent of her magical power, the Master of the Hellish Yard was very knowledgeable about the different realms and held authority over hell, allowing her to manage and discipline the underworld as she saw fit.[126]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Held: Gumillia's creator. Gumillia respected Held greatly and often occasionally carry out his commands among the other spirits, as well as respecting them herself, no matter how puzzling. She also was fiercely protective of the god whenever he was threatened. Despite this, she decided it was best to leave Held behind to remain human, although Gumillia still looked to him for guidance and aid in her future endeavors.

Elluka Clockworker: Gumillia's mentor. Gumillia was initially incensed at Elluka's mistreatment of Held and was apathetic towards her lackadaisical nature. Despite this, she became deeply loyal to the sorceress and paid close attention under her tutelage, following Elluka through all her endeavors over the centuries, dedicated to their goal of collecting all the sins and careful to keep her in line.

Irina Clockworker: Gumillia's enemy and later superior. While also warned about Irina by Held, Gumillia saw her as an enemy of Elluka and opposed her accordingly, although not always aware of her true identity under the sorceress' aliases. While joining Père Noël under her command, Gumillia was especially careful in following her alias I. Santa's orders in order to deceive her, but remained disloyal to her.

Michaela: A fellow forest spirit and friend. Gumillia took a very protective role towards Michaela whenever the latter was upset or in danger, the two having become very close as spirits. Gumillia continued to look after her while in Lucifenia, sending the Green Onion with Allen so they could communicate; after her death, Gumillia jealously guarded her remains and became anxious when no longer able to care for her. 

Gallerian Marlon: One of the Master of the Hellish Yard's charges. Sending Gallerian to Hell as a result of his corruption, the Master was disdainful of Gallerian's court tactics and greed. As an extension of this, she was disgusted by his one-track mind that pursued corrupted justice even after his death, trying to collect the sins even when it didn't matter anymore. Due to this she was quick to send him to Hell whenever given the chance, pronouncing her own judgment of his sins.

Seth Twiright: Gumillia's collaborator. Forging a contract with him out of necessity, Gumillia was eventually forced to work with Seth while trapped inside the Hellish Yard. After assuming the her role as hell's master, Gumillia began wearing the mask as an article of her outfit, utilizing Seth's powers to better serve her duties. However, Gumillia may possibly have been manipulated by the mask for his own ends. 

Clarith: The one whom Gumillia trusted Michaela's remains with. Gumillia was resentful of Clarith for being the one chosen to take care of Michaela, although grudgingly appreciated the love that Clarith and Michaela shared. She allowed the former to take the latter's remains, but still felt uneasy about doing so, this uneasiness only subsiding after some time.

Yukina Freezis: Gumillia's travel companion. Gumillia saw Yukina as a cute child and tagged along as her playmate when staying in the Freezis Mansion. As an extension of this friendship, she later aided the girl in her travels through Beelzenia, although she was exasperated by Yukina's inattention to proper honorifics and would act without thinking of how it would affect the girl, such as leaving without any prior notice.

Germaine Avadonia: Gumillia's employee. Gumillia appreciated Germaine's skill in swordsmanship, her reason for hiring her, and she was a trusted bodyguard over the course of this employment.

Gumina Glassred: The inspiration for Gumillia's human body. After observing Gumina's pilgrimage to the Millennium Tree Forest, Gumillia thought her to have a suitably beautiful appearance.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Gumillia's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, GUMI, starting with the same letters.
  • Her codename, Eighth Sniper, alludes to her role as a marksman and assassin of Père Noël.
  • Gumillia's glasses may be a reference to her representative Vocaloid, who is commonly depicted wearing glasses.
  • The Master of the Hellish Yard's role as manager of hell and use of the Demon of Wrath as her mask may be a reference to Satan, the patron demon of Wrath.
  • The Master of the Hellish Yard is connected to the event of Hell in Hieronymus Bosch's The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things.


  • In Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Gumillia was voted as the sixth most popular character in The Daughter of Evil series by Japanese fans.
  • While acting as Master of the Hellish Yard, Gumillia's response to Allen's lack of honorifics when speaking to her is the exact same response she told the servant centuries earlier.
  • While falling asleep during work one time, Gallerian dreamed of meeting the Master of the Hellish Yard in hell and being offered a chance to be exonerated of his sins if he gave up his material wealth;[127] Nemesis presents Gallerian a similar deal months later.[128]
  • In the Seven Crimes and Punishments album booklet, the Master of the Hellish Yard is labeled as a "strange mystery".
  • According to the Servants, the Master of the Hellish Yard possessed Grim the End.[129]
  • Wondering what happened to the original incarnations of the Servants, Gammon Octo questioned if they needed to ask the Master of the Hellish Yard to find an answer.[130]




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