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Grim the End was one of the vessels of sin, inhabited by the Demon of Wrath. Nemesis Sudou was among its most prominent owners, taking part in the Leviantan Civil War.



At some point, Seth Twiright created a golden key to act as a vessel of sin, dubbing it "Grim the End". When Hänsel and Gretel created the vessels of sin in EC 014,[1] Grim the End was used as the vessel for Seth. Afterward, the twins released the vessels into the world.[2] At some point, the spirit of Adam Moonlit also began occupying the vessel and the parasite began borrowing its powers to make contracts.[3]

Venomania EventEdit

At some point, the vessel ended up in the Marlon Royal Family, later given to Princess Yufina Marlon by her mother. In March of EC 136, Yufina gave the key to Karchess Crim while she attended her husband's homecoming.[4] Becoming aware of its powers, Karchess brought the vessel with him to Asmodean.[5] Later on in EC 137, Grim the End transformed into a knife and was used by Karchess to fatally stab Duke Sateriasis Venomania, possessed by the Demon of Lust.[6] After staging a coup and establishing a "legitimate" Marlon government, Karchess kept the vessel in the Marlon Royal Family and it passed through the generations.[7]

Evil Food Eater ConchitaEdit

Around the turn of the 4th century EC, the royal family discovered the magical capabilities of the key when combined with other ingredients. Using shavings produced by sharpening the vessel, Prince Carlos Marlon learned how to make a healing elixir from a shaman living in Held's Forest, regularly ingesting the concoction over the years to maintain its effects and infusing his body with the magic.[8]

In EC 325, the prince used the golden powder to poison two bowls of soup, serving them for himself and his beloved, Banica Conchita. Carlos then died shortly after ingesting the concoction while Banica survived and the Demon of Gluttony was slightly weakened.[9] The next day, Banica devoured Carlos' golden dust-infused body, severely weakening the Demon of Gluttony even further.[10]

Story of EvilEdit

In the 5th century EC, an Asmodean soldier came into possession of Grim the End and later died during a war in EC 468. The vessel was then kept as a keepsake by his daughter, Yvette, and she often played with it. In EC 477, the key transformed into a golden knife for the enraged Yvette and she murdered her stepfather with the weapon. Afterward, she fled with the key before sealing it away in the newly created Held Monastery in the Kingdom of Lucifenia.[11]

At some point, the vessel escaped and ended up in cupboard in one of the rooms at the monastery. In EC 505, the Demon of Wrath possessed Clarith and the vessel took the form of a knife before being taken from the cupboard of the nun's room by her. As Clarith attempted to murder Rin from behind, Allen Avadonia intervened and the demon left Clarith and returned to its vessel. Afterward, Clarith used the knife to cut Rin's hair short.[12]

Père NoëlEdit

Sometime after, Grim the End fell into the possession of the Blankenheim Family. In the latter half of EC 608, Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim gave the vessel to Mayrana Blossom in exchange for membership in the criminal organization Père Noël. It was passed onto Julia Abelard shortly after and the mage stored it in her mansion's treasury in Rolled. In December of that year, Julia gave the vessel of Lieutenant General Gatt Coulomb for his assassination of Yuzette Ora and the soldier transformed it into a dagger, strapping it to his belt; following his failure to complete the mission, Gatt returned the vessel to Julia.[13]

On October 6, Gretel moved Grim the End from Julia's treasury into the pocket of Lemy Abelard. After he infiltrated the Corpa Mansion, Lemy inserted the key into a door and it shapeshifted to match the lock, unlocking the room. Two days later, the boy returned the key to his mother Julia. On January 26, EC 611, Julia took the vessel while fleeing her mansion and stored it in Pale Noël's tomb at Merrigod Plateau. On January 29, Gatt took the vessel and transformed it into a longsword before waiting on the outskirts of Calgaround to ambush Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia.

Once the mages' carriage passed, Gatt fired a blast of energy to behead the horse and crash the vehicle. Following the lieutenant general's swift defeat, Grim the End returned to its key form and Elluka retrieved it, giving it to Gumillia. During the Duel of Merrigod Plateau the next day, Gumillia forged a temporary contract with Seth and the key transformed into a bullet, loading it into her Fireworks Gun before shooting and killing Lemy, possessed by the Demon of Gluttony, Banica Conchita.

After Irina Clockworker self-destructed her true body while activating Black Box Type S, the key was abandoned before the clash between Levia, Irina, and Banica leaked out through the dimensional hole the latter opened, blasting Seth and Adam out of Grim the End. Later that day, it was found by the World Police and stored in their vault.[14]

In EC 842, the vessel arrived in Enbizaka, Jakoku on a merchant ship.[15] It was later obtained by Behemo and given to Kokutan-douji; the boy then transformed it into a sword and used the vessel to execute Kayo Sudou.[16]

Leviantan Civil WarEdit

At some point, Nemesis Sudou came in contact with the vessel and became possessed by the Demon of Wrath. Enraged at Gallerian Marlon for having her kill her lover, Nemesis swore vengeance on her father in December of EC 982. Later on in August of the following year, the key was transformed into a golden bullet and loaded in Nemesis' revolver. Confronting the man possessed by the Demon of Greed at gunpoint, Gallerian refused Nemesis' demands and the bullet was fired into his skull, killing him.[17] After the destruction of the Third Period in EC 998, Michaela summoned all seven vessels together for Allen Avadonia.[18]


Similar to the other vessels of sin, Grim the End served as a container for the Demon of Wrath Seth's essence and allowed him to possess or influence a host, though much of contracts carried out were done by Adam.[19] From the key, the demon was able to influence its owner's anger and rage, often putting them in a vicious frenzy.[20] As the Demon of Wrath was the source of Grim the End's magic, sealing the vessel subsequently suppressed the demon.[21]

Grim the End had the ability to shift into multiple shapes.[22] Besides being able to shapeshift to fit any lock it was placed in, it could also transform into a weapon regardless of size, including the form of a knife, longsword, or even bullet; this ability could be used even without the Demon of Wrath being present inside the vessel.[23] Similarly, the key's metal could be shaved infinitely to create a fine powder that still retained the demon's power. As a weapon, Grim the End could also hurl a blast of energy at a target, able to cleanly cut through bone and flesh with ease from a sizable distance.

Adding to this, the vessel's wrath magic made it extremely poisonous when ingested or stabbed into organs. This effect extended to the Demons of Sin, making it capable of weakening and possibly killing the demons.[24] The powder could also be combined with other substances with various effects, creating an amazing healing elixir when combined with the ink of a ziz tiama.[25] Like all the vessels of sin, Grim the End was able to kill a demon contractor through the Demon of Wrath's power.[26]



Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The vessel's representative sin is derived from Wrath of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • The vessel is likely a reference to The Golden Key, a Brothers Grimm's fairy tale placed at the very end of the brothers' book for a long period of time; the tale itself ends on a cliffhanger, telling the reader they have to wait until the boy unlocks the small iron box with the golden key.
  • The vessel's name, "Grim the End", further connects to the Brothers Grimm and The Golden Key's placement at the end of the book.





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