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Technical Information
Japanese グレーテル
Romaji Gureeteru
Other Names Twins of God (with Hänsel)
Ney (alias)
Waiter (alias)
Servants (with Hänsel)

Kagamine Rin

Biographical Information
Born December 27, EC 0
Classification Ghoul Child
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Magic Kingdom Levianta (defected)
Project 'Ma' (defected)
Kingdom of Elphegort
Evil's Theater
"Hey Mother, praise me. I've defeated the evil witch."

Gretel was a girl kidnapped and raised by Eve and Adam Moonlit, and the twin sister of Hänsel. Born as part of Project 'Ma', the newborn twins were taken by their mother, Meta Salmhofer, to Held's Forest and raised by the Moonlit Family after Eve killed Meta. After being abandoned in the forest during a famine, Hänsel and Gretel murdered their foster parents and split Eve's Original Sin into the vessels of sin.


Early LifeEdit

Gretel was born along with her twin brother, Hänsel, on December 27, EC 0 in the royal institute in Levianta as part of Project 'Ma'.[1] After being birthed by her mother, Meta Salmhofer, Gretel and her brother were placed in tubes at the Levianta Royal Institute.[2] Celebrated by the people of the Magic Kingdom, their births marked the first year of the new Evillious Calendar. Some time later, they were taken by their mother from the laboratory and hid in Elphegort.[3]

One night, on a stroll through Held's Forest after a year of being hidden by Meta, she settled them near a tree and left them.[4] Soon after, she and Hänsel were discovered by Eve Moonlit. The witch took the infants and fled through the forest, killing Meta during her pursuit. After Eve showed the children to her husband, Adam, the woodcutter couple adopted the newly orphaned babies and raised them as their own.[5] Secretly knowing the two weren't their real parents, Gretel caused tons of mischief for them over the years, scolded by her mother each time.

Moonlit AbandonmentEdit


Hänsel and Gretel traveling with their parents through the forest

In EC 013, fragments of the Levia-Behemo dragon descended upon the twins as two lights and fused with their bodies.[6] A few months later,[7] in EC 014, Gretel and her brother were led by their parents deep into the forest on a moonlit night following a famine in Elphegort resulting from the Leviantan Catastrophe.[8]

Despite questioning their parents on where they were going, the twins received no answers, continuing to be lead deeper into the forest.[9] Eventually, Gretel and her brother realized that they would be lost if they continued on the path and were soon after abandoned by their parents to die.[10] Seemingly betrayed, Gretel and her brother concluded their parents were actually a wicked witch and her henchman that had tricked them.[11]


The twins following the path the bottle lights

Using the glass bottle full of moonlight,[12] the two lit their path as they wandered.[13] At last, Gretel and Hänsel arrived back home, recognizing it as the "witch's house". The twins decided to murder the witch, their shadows spawning tendrils for this purpose. While Gretel threw the "witch" into the oven, Hänsel murdered Adam.[14]

Watching the "witch" burn to ashes in the oven, they witnessed her body become the embodiment of her Original Sin. Using items located throughout the house,[15] the two split it into seven fragments,[16] and gave each object a Demon of Sin. Afterward, they scattered the vessels of sin across the world, hoping they would eventually cleansed.[17] Gretel and her brother then enjoyed the confines of the witch's house, sleeping in a chair there for the rest of night before deciding to go out and search for their "real" mother and father.[18]

Wicked MaidEdit

Main Article: Arte

"Do you know Arte and Pollo's true identities? Are they your minions?"
"No. It's a bit difficult for me to describe. They're Hänsel and Gretel— reincarnations of friends of mine, or parents or kids."
―Banica Conchita and the Demon of Gluttony[src]

Following her death, Gretel and her brother reincarnated as the twins Arte and Pollo in the Beelzenian Empire in EC 298. Losing their parents at a young age, the twins became servants to the Conchita family and became obsessively loyal attendants to Banica Conchita. After finding and keeping the wine glass vessel of sin, the two presented it to their dying master in July of EC 323 as a means to save Banica from her eventual fate of overeating.

Once the Duke forged a contract with the Demon of Gluttony, the two supported "Evil Food Eater Conchita" as she began indulging in increasingly disgusting foods, killing any staff that opposed the feudal lord on her orders. Banica later gave Arte command of her undead horde guarding the Conchita Mansion and the maid freely used the glass to control the corpse soldiers for her master. Arte was later killed and devoured by Banica around August of EC 325.

Marlon AssassinEdit

Main Article: Ney Phutapie

"She isn't Ney. This child is Gretel. The girl otherwise should've been born with the name "Riliane". Because fate was distorted, she had a different appearance and decided to pursue a different life, the poor child."
―The Demon of Gluttony, Banica Conchita[src]

In EC 482, Gretel reincarnated as Ney Marlon, the illegitimate daughter of Queen Prim Marlon of the Kingdom of Marlon and King Arth I of the Kingdom of Lucifenia. Discarded by her mother to hide her infidelity, Ney was raised and experimented on by Prim's court mage Abyss I.R. Becoming obsessed with pleasing her mother, Ney infiltrated the Kingdom of Lucifenia as a spy, and, feigning amnesia, was adopted by Head Maid Mariam Phutapie of the Three Heroes.

Ney was eventually hired as a maid at the royal palace, where she worked to undermine the reign of Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche. During the Lucifenian Revolution of EC 500, Ney killed her adoptive mother before returning to Queen Dowager Prim in Marlon. Made the commander of the Espionage Task Force, Ney assisted King Kyle in his Witch Hunt. Later given the Glass of Conchita by Abyss I.R., Ney took command of Retasan Fortress and revived undead hordes for Marlon's Beelzenian campaign in EC 505.

Forced to retreat, the assassin returned to her mother in Marlon and joined her at Castle Hedgehog while building up their undead forces in preparation for Kyle's retaliation against them. During the ensuing battle, Ney's sanity snapped, causing her to kill Prim before wildly attacking Kyle and completely submitting to the Demon of Gluttony. After being subdued and captured, she was killed by Abyss I.R. at Lioness Castle.

Servant to the GlassEdit

"Foolish child. You are to never be reborn. I have taken your soul from your body. I shall make you the foundation for the Master of the Graveyard."
―Banica to the ignorant "Ney"[src]

Afterwards, Gretel's soul was merged with the Glass of Conchita and her memory of her past lives reawakened; the familiar immediately returned to serving the new Demon of Gluttony, Banica, learning about her master's ambition to find the "graveyard" where the technology of the Second Period was located to become the Master of the Graveyard and devour the world. Two weeks later, the two watched Abyss I.R. battle Germaine Avadonia and Yukina Freezis. When Abyss suddenly attempted to use the Marlon Spoon against Riliane, the remorseful "Ney" used the Demon of Gluttony's power to cancel out the Demon of Greed's magic, saving the princess and leading to the mage's defeat.[19]

Possessing Her TwinEdit

"Leave it. All. To me."

After Irina Clockworker reclaimed the Glass of Conchita and changed her identity to "Julia Abelard", the wealthy aristocrat stored the vessel in her mansion's treasury in Rolled, Lucifenia. In EC 603, Gretel awoke to see Lemy Abelard examining the glass. Upon him touching its surface, her spirit entered through his arm to possess him, forging a contract between him and Banica. Reading through his memories, Gretel confirmed the adopted Lemy was a reincarnation of Hänsel and telepathically related that they were alike before the boy passed out.

After he awoke and was lectured by Julia, the annoyed familiar finally was able to speak with him, introducing herself as "Ney" and claiming she was another him. She then explained her awakening when he took the wine glass and that only he could hear her voice. Depite Lemy's concerns on the matter, Gretel insisted it was ultimately positive for him to have her to speak to, and that due to his touching the glass they couldn't separate anyway.

Afterward, Gretel watched Lemy live out his daily life as Julia's adopted son, occasionally speaking with him. Sometime after the boy was given the Glass of Conchita as a present for his eighth birthday by Julia, the two of them had a conversation about Julia as a mother, Lemy explaining his admiration of her beauty and kindness towards him. Nonetheless, Gretel cautioned that she was likely not as nice as she appeared to be and intended to use him, though Lemy vehemently disagreed.

While Julia and Lemy ate dinner at home on August 17, EC 609, Gretel heard Julia tell Lemy about her presidential inauguration ceremony the next day, noting there would be an after party at the Lucifenian Palace and that his friend Rin Chan was scheduled to sing there. After Lemy attended the inauguration speech in Milanais Square the next day, he returned to the Abelard estate. Gretel chided him into attending the after-party, telling him about the history of the "Lucifenian Royal Palace" where it was being held once he arrived and yelling at him for not knowing the information himself.

She directed him through the palace where he was greeted by Bruno Marlon, quickly reminding Lemy who he was. While the two talked during Rin Chan's performance, Gretel heard Lemy relate about his encounter with Rin and Fifth Pierrot three years ago. Afterward, she and Lemy listened to Bruno relate about Rin's manager Ton Corpa's shady reputation killing the children he put to work while leaving no evidence.

After Lemy's repeated failure to meet with Rin in the wake of her tours abroad and subsequent retreat into the Corpa Mansion due to a lip-synching scandal, Gretel implored him to force his way inside the mansion in early October of that year. Seeing the Saintes Fauraux paper's report that the Cirque de Lune would be tented on the grounds of Corpa's mansion before their performance on October 10, she devised a plan to have Lemy disguised as a member of the circus to sneak into the estate grounds and later infiltrate the mansion when everyone was asleep.

After the boy disguised himself as a pierrot on October 5, Gretel removed the golden key vessel of sin from Julia's treasury and put it in Lemy's pocket to help with the infiltration. Lemy then executed Gretel's strategy and successfully entered the mansion the next morning, careful not to get caught so as to avoid any ruin to his mother's reputation. They were able to locate Rin's room by overhearing her crying, finding the source of the noise. When initially stymied by the locked door, Gretel directed Lemy to use Grim the End, explaining it could open any lock.

Shortly after Rin revealed Ton's plans to kill her, after having murdered the person she lip-synced to, Gretel watched the man himself appear to confront the pair. When Lemy failed to intimidate him despite claiming to be "Fifth Pierrot", she moved to take full control of his body for a brief period, swiftly disarming Corpa of his knife and stabbing him in the back with it.

Defying ConscienceEdit

"I told you to shut up, Ney!"
"Are you and "Ney" in a fight, Lemy?"
"—No, it's nothing."
―Lemy and Julia[src]

After Lemy escaped with Rin to his "aunt" Mayrana's mansion in Calgaround, they were intercepted by Julia and brought back home alone. Gretel watched Julia reveal her position as leader of Père Noël to the boy and coax him into helping her "correct" the world as the criminal organization's assassin, Fifth Pierrot, with the skill he demonstrated killing Ton. Gretel remained negative of the boy's involvement, though Lemy was convinced by Julia's reasoning that the smile he displayed during Ton's murder was proof that he belonged in the role.

After another rebuke from the boy for her doubts, she silently listened to Julia assign him his first mission to hunt for the traitorous Seventh Magician hiding in Rolled, and watched Lemy hand back Grim the End. Afterward, she heard Julia reveal Lemy's origins as a prostitute's illegitimate child, claiming to have met the woman and learned she cruelly threw him into the Orgo River to drown in the freezing waters.

Over the following months, Gretel watched while Lemy murdered random prostitutes throughout Rolled in search of Seventh Magician. After he had murdered his eighth prostitute, she again cautioned Lemy that he was being manipulated, relating to him a tale of her time as Ney, brainwashed by her mother, though under the guise of it merely being a girl she "knew". When he became angered at the implication that his relationship with her would end in killing his mother just as Ney did, Gretel changed the topic to his enjoyment of killing. Lemy again argued, saying he was just doing what was just. Once they had returned at the Abelard manor, the two of them saw the shadows of Julia and Bruno in the window.

When Lemy went to investigate the brothel on 7th Block on February 11, EC 610, Gretel watched while the brothel owner led the boy to Isabel Ismael; she then witnessed him confirm Isabel was Seventh Magician before attempting to slay her. After he was brainwashed by Yuzette's Lust spell, Gretel took over, jabbing Lemy's silver knife deep into Yuzette's chest. Gretel reveled in Yuzette's confusion over how the spell failed, taunting her with her intentions as a servant of Conchita before watching her finally perish. She then returned control to Lemy.

As Lemy recollected his knife and the Venom Sword, Gretel noted Julia's claim it was one of her "treasures". When the boy began to leave, she urged him to kill off the brothel owner so as to leave no witnesses he was there. Despite his reluctance, he prepared to do so, only for Gretel to recognize the owner as Elluka Clockworker and stop him. When Lemy asked if they knew each other, Gretel admitted that she appeared to be different than she had been a long time ago. Elluka promised to keep Fifth Pierrot's murder of Seventh Magician a secret in exchange for a meeting with Julia, introducing herself as Third Sleep Princess. Despite Gretel's insistence that she was lying about her identity, Lemy agreed to the deal.

New Père NoëlEdit

"It's just great. The guy's trying to be with both of his fake mothers. In the end, he'll be coming here. And then he'll remember everything."
―Gretel to Banica[src]

After Lemy returned home and explained what transpired to Julia, Gretel observed the two secretly meet with Elluka at the brothel two days later, listening to the "Sleep Princess" explain that she took over Elluka's body when the mage attempted to use the Swap Technique to destroy her. After she proved she could use Eve's powerful hypnosis, both her and Gumillia were recruited into Père Noël as the new Seventh Magician and Eighth Sniper. Elluka suggested "Ney" be the new Fourth Shadow, though Gretel found it frivolous.

Over the following months, Gretel rarely spoke up to Lemy. After the boy was assigned to assassinate Nob Nicole for Second Dealer during a diplomatic meeting, Gretel silently waited with the child while he hid in the Lucifenian Palace rafters watching President Julia and the other Lucifenian politicians talk with Bruno and the other top Freezis Foundation executives on May 23. When a pair of Justea investigators barged in and revealed Bruno's plot to kill Nob and secret identity as the fugitive Kaidor Blankenheim around 5:34 PM, Gretel saw Julia signal Lemy to kill Bruno.

Gretel noted she seemed to be abandoning Second Dealer, then further arguing that, as there was no way for Lemy to commit the murder without getting himself caught, she was sacrificing Lemy as well. Despite weakly protesting the notion, Lemy was paralyzed with indecision, and the two watched Bruno be arrested and taken away.

At night on September 9, Julia sent Lemy to an inn on 12th block while she dealt with persons looking into her connection with Bruno. While the boy thought about his mother's reasons around 9:00 PM, Gretel noted that it was out of fear that he'd leak information related to Père Noël. Soon after, Seventh Magician came in with Eighth Sniper and Gretel listened to the mage offer Lemy a chance to escape from the criminal organization with her before it completely fell apart.

When Elluka warned him about Sixth Venom, Gretel wondered if she had looked into him because he nearly killed her. Seeing Elluka react to her comment, Gretel prompted her to admit that she could in fact hear Gretel's voice. Though she explained she knew of Venom because she'd been at Mayrana's mansion, Gretel declared her too intelligent to be the real "Sleep Princess". Elluka once more pressed her offer to Lemy, and then left.

Afterward, Gretel returned to the dimension in the Glass of Conchita while Lemy slept that night and reported what had been transpiring to Banica. When informed that Lemy didn't know how to use the corpse soldiers, one of the powers granted by the glass, Banica insisted that she teach him. Gretel refused on the grounds of his stupidity, and the two decided to see how events played out. Further into the conversation, they noticed Lemy's soul watching them.

Thereafter, Gretel continued watching Lemy's day-to-day actions, including relaying Elluka and Gumillia's treachery to Julia. They continued to bicker about Julia's nature, Lemy insisting she was good and Gretel frustrated with his lack of original thought. When prompted to be quiet, she did so, merely observing as he restarted his nightly murders of persons opposing Julia.

Duel of Merrigod PlateauEdit

"Give up, Gumillia. The person contracted to the Demon of Gluttony is able to obtain especially strong recovery powers. Showing off your gun at Lemy is meaningless!"

After Lemy was shot through the heart by Gumillia on December 26 and subsequently buried, Gretel waited underground with the "corpse" until Julia put the Glass of Conchita and a folded pair of clothes by his grave around a month later. After Julia left for her planned duel with Elluka and Gumillia at Pale Noël's tomb in Elphegort, Banica decided they'd use the opportunity to get close to Elluka and lead Lemy there to help his "mother" with her battle.

Around 2:00 AM the next morning, after Banica healed his fatal injury, Gretel told him to get up. Once the boy awoke and dug himself out of the grave, she explained to him that he was alive due to Banica's protection, realizing in the course of the conversation that he still had not remembered anything of his past lives. She then hurried him to change clothes and bring the glass.

After the Demon of Gluttony led him to Julia's location at Merrigod Plateau's Apocalypse Cliff on January 30 around 2:00 AM, Gretel warned Lemy that Julia was likely engaging Seventh Magician and Eighth Sniper within the tomb, leading him onward. Once they reached the cave entrance, Ney urged him inside.

As Lemy entered the glowing moss-covered cavern and approached the main chamber, Gretel saw him barely dodge a blue fireball. Hearing her note it had been while since she'd since the red cat mage's fire magic specialty, Lemy began questioning who the "red cat mage" was. Gretel explained then to his surprise the magical powers that Julia held. He then entered the main chamber and joined his mother in facing Elluka and Gumillia, being healed quickly by Banica's power as Gumillia attempted to kill him again. Gretel and Banica watched while the four battled one another for the next two hours.

After Gumillia used Grim the End to finally kill Lemy, Banica brought Lemy's soul into the wine glass to join them. After he awoke, Gretel approached the boy and welcomed him back. Banica noted upon some further discussion that he was regaining his memory, recognizing Gretel as "Arte" and himself as "Pollo". She then praised him for fulfilling his mission of getting close to Elluka.

As Banica opened a dimensional portal to the outside world again, Gretel began to set out their breakfast, urging Pollo to eat before Banica devoured the whole meal. While the three dined together, Gretel watched Julia discard her human body and self-destruct her red cat body with Black Box Type S, dragging everyone caught in the blast into Seventh Magician's inner psychological world. When Irina Clockworker, Gumillia, Eve Moonlit, Levia, and Behemo confronted one another in their original forms within the mental world, Gretel watched until Irina transformed Eve into the "Master of the Court" and turn the area into the Court.

Shortly afterward, Banica left to enter Levia's inner psychological world from the outside, interrupting the duel and threatening all of them with the Worldeater.[20] After seeing the resulting blast cause the souls of Irina, Levia, and Eve to fuse into one, Banica returned and Gretel saw Pollo sulk over his master's near murder of his former adoptive mother in the corner of the glass' world.[21]

Victory MealEdit

"Well, let's leave them alone for a while. There are other matters for us to attend to. Since I've finally assembled you and Pollo— no, the twin gods Hänsel and Gretel."

After bringing Banica her next collection of meals later that day, Gretel ate with her master, Pollo refusing to join out of anger that Banica had tried to kill Julia. Changing the topic, Gretel inquired about how the outcome of the duel would affect them, with Banica positive that it had made things simpler by having three major nuisances merged into one.

The Demon of Gluttony then admitted there were other matters for them to attend to since she finally acquired both her and Pollo. Banica stated they needed to look for the Grave Yard to complete her plan of becoming the Master of the Graveyard, and Arte immediately noted that they couldn't leave the glass as anything but voices outside of places like the Court. Banica then declared they'd have to find a new contractor. Afterward, she thanked Gretel for the delicious meal.[22]

Graveyard RestaurantEdit

At some point, Gretel awakened, given a body by Lich Arklow. She then began working as the Graveyard restaurant's waitron, getting to know her fellow servant Eater Sabella, who was working as the restaurant's chef.

In EC 978, "Waiter" welcomed a new customer, really Gallerian Marlon. Using the customer's choice of red wine as an aperitif to introduce him to Blood Grave and the story of Banica Conchita, Waiter asked if he wanted to hear it, learning that he had come there for that express purpose.

Waiter then told Gallerian the story of Banica in between serving him meals from the restaurant's pre-set menu, and afterwards describing the aftermath of Banica's apostasy and Beelzenia's decline. Suddenly, after Waiter asked for hard cash as payment for the meal, the customer revealed himself to be Gallerian Marlon, director of the Dark Star Bureau. Waiter was then arrested by the police for the restaurant's lack of a business license among other apparent violations. Noticing that Lich and Eater were missing, the exasperated Waiter reiterated she didn't know anything and wasn't the owner.[23]

Later on, the girl was tried by Gallerian for the restaurant's lack of business permit, tax evasion and serving of dubious dishes. Waiter insisted she wasn't related to the management, and angrily yelled at him to pay his bill. Ignored, she was sentenced to six months of penal servitude.[24] After being released from jail, she went missing. After Evil's Theater was built in EC 982, rumors arose that she had been spotted with Ma in the Millennium Tree Forest.[25]

Evil's TheaterEdit

"Search, search, search for her left, right or below; find the holder of all keys, the Master of the Hellish Yard."
―The Servants following Ma's "testimony"[src]

Once Banica awakened as Master of the Graveyard, Gretel and her twin became the "Servants" and continued to serve her; they did this by tearing apart any intruders to Evil's Theater, killing them and serving them as meals to their master.[26] Gretel later met Postman and got along with her, giving her her physical body and having Lich make her a new one.[27] Gammon Octo later encountered and escaped from them, and they attended his trial for him by the Master of the Court.

Gluttony trio

The Servants call for Gammon's execution

Although calling for Gammon's execution, they were forced to comply when Postman, now Waiter, recruited him as a choreman.[28] When Gammon submitted a "motion" to review the script regarding his vision for the Director Doll's utopia, the Servants attended the faux hearing but largely ignored the prophecy.[29]

In EC 998, the Servants attended the "trial" meeting called by the Master of the Court as they searched for the vessel of Wrath. After Ma claimed the last vessel was in the hands of the Master of the Hellish Yard, the Servants frantically ordered everyone to look for her.[30] The Servants were later killed in the destruction of the world the following year.[31]

World's EndEdit

"Oh, that's right. Arte wanted to see you. Make sure to show your face to her before you go."
"Would it be easier for you to understand if I called her "Ney"?"
―Banica and Allen[src]

After the Third Period's destruction and subsequent merging with the Hellish Yard in EC 999, Gretel and her twin joined Banica at the Conchita Mansion in Gasto, cooking and serving her desired meals in their forms as Arte and Pollo. When the Demon of Gluttony later agreed to the sun god's request of having Allen Avadonia meet with her among other demon contractors, Gretel became anxious to apologize to her half-brother from her Ney incarnation for murdering his beloved Michaela.

After Hänsel brought Allen to Banica and retrieved the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia from Michaela, the servant passed the vessel of sin to Gretel. Later on, the two leaned against the closed doors of the dining hall and listened in on their conversation. When Allen came outside to greet them, she transformed into her Ney persona to speak with him properly.

While she attempted to make her apology, Gretel ultimately found that it wasn't within her character to do so. Allen then noted that "Ney" was just being shy like always and the maid related how she couldn't remember what her actual personality as Ney was like anymore. She then hesitantly questioned if Allen was going to see Riliane next. Once the boy confirmed he was, she told him to give the princess her best wishes, as she needed to stay behind to focus on cooking Banica's meals.

Allen then said his goodbyes and Ney passed the four mirrors over to him, explaining how they came into possession of them. She then watched the Demon of Pride manifest its miniature form before it departed with Allen for Lucifenia.[32]


Centuries after Gretel's death, Nemesis Sudou began hearing the voices of Gretel and her twin, telling her repeatedly how she had been abandoned by her mother, Ma. Ma wrote several screenplays involving Hänsel and Gretel and adapted them into films. While watching the films with an intruder to Evil's Theater, Ma playfully questioned their existence, citing they seemed to be hidden so well by their parents that that there were no recorded documents of them in existence.[33] While reflecting on the "motions" of the Master of the Court, Gammon Octo noted how Hänsel's reincarnation as Lemy was uncharacteristically born without a Gretel counterpart. Gammon also wondered what became of the twins, questioning if they needed to ask the Master of the Hellish Yard to find an answer.[34]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"... About Michaela, I'm—mmm, I knew it. Nevermind. It's not in my character to say it."
―Gretel about apologizing[src]

Gretel was a haughty and devious girl, as well as bossy with her inferiors. Self-centered and unapologetic to the core, the girl typically acted as she pleased, unconcerned with who else suffered at her expense and critical toward practically anyone who criticized her. Compounding this, she could be very sarcastic and was quick to insult others. This was especially true of her treatement towards her twin brother, Hänsel;[35] despite this, she still had some faith in her brother and at times relied on him.[36]

Being an HER, Gretel was also rather malicious, playing pranks on her false family as a child and later happily committing murder.[37] Following her reincarnation as Arte, Gretel became wholly devoted to Banica Conchita, serving her demonic lord in whatever she needed and acting uncharacteristically humble, albeit relatively casual, when conversing with her.[38]

Likewise, after her reincarnation as Ney Marlon, the girl was extremely wary of Irina Clockworker and her manipulative ways, considering her a dangerous threat. Conversely, the girl acted uncharacteristically nervous with Allen Avadonia, struggling to express herself and even feeling guilty about some of her past crimes toward her previous incarnation's half-brother. However, she was still unable to break her arrogant behavior and actually apologize for her actions, though helping Allen as best she could in other ways.[39]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Due to being designed after Levia of Levia-Behemo, Gretel was an imperfect copy of one of the dragon gods. As a result, the young twin's shadow could come to life and manifest in dark, twisted forms, such as arms, hands, or other appendages, and be freely manipulated by her.[40] Gretel also showed some other magical capabilities, as she was able to split the Original Sin into seven pieces and scatter them across the world.[41]

Gretel was able to reincarnate, her soul fated to be reborn in an identical body every few centuries, typically with her reincarnated brother as a twin. However, if either of the girl's fated parents had children with someone else before her intended birth, Gretel could instead incarnate as one of those children instead or not incarnate in that particular reincarnation cycle at all.[42]

After becoming a familiar to the Demon of Gluttony, Gretel was able to possess others on her master's behalf, allowing her to act in the same capacity as the demon herself for her contractors.[43] However, this also meant she shared her master's weaknesses, unable to manifest her spirit and move freely outside conceptual worlds due to the Third Period's rules. Possessing the combined experience of all her reincarnations, Gretel was extremely skilled in assassination, espionage,[44] cooking and menial service. These abilities made her fit to continue acting as Banica's maid and advisor.[45] After her awakening, Gretel once again had a physical body; as one of the Servants, she was capable of wielding a knife to great effect, able to kill most of the intruders to Evil's Theater and serve them as meals to Banica.[46]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Meta Salmhofer: Gretel's real mother. Gretel didn't remember Meta, growing up in Eve's care, but she later expressed a wish to find her "real" mother after Adam and Eve were dead. She passed on a fanatic loyalty to Meta to most of her reincarnations, showing this loyalty to all her mother figures and people resembling her.

Eve Moonlit: Gretel's foster mother. While initially considering Eve her mother, at some point Gretel realized she was not her true mother and was resentful of this, causing her foster mother trouble and acting out as a form of punishment. She later was convinced Eve was a wicked witch after she and Hänsel were abandoned by her. Delighting in her accomplishment after killing Eve, Gretel later considered her to be a pretentious and troublesome woman.

Adam Moonlit: Gretel's foster father. Gretel grew up thinking of Adam as her father, however she became convinced he was the wicked henchman of a witch after she and Hänsel were abandoned by him and delighted in bringing about his death.

Hänsel: Gretel's twin brother. Gretel loved her brother and was always beside him if she could help it, taking comfort from holding his hand and helping him defeat the witch and henchman. She also acted as Hänsel's voice of reason, telling him the truth of what he heard and saw after their foster parents were dead. She stayed with him after Eve's death and would usually be by his side in their reincarnations.

Arte: One of Gretel's reincarnations. Gretel passed on her appearance and soul to Arte's, and with it she passed on her loyalty to anyone resembling Meta, such as Banica.

Ney Phutapie: One of Gretel's reincarnations. Gretel passed on her soul to Ney, and with it she passed on her loyalty to her mother figures, such as Prim.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit


  • She shares the same birthday (December 27) with her Vocaloid.
  • The Servants' attire is reminiscent of the clothes of their original incarnations, Hänsel and Gretel; their role to their master is similar to that of Arte and Pollo to Banica Conchita.
  • In the Capriccio Farce PV, the Servants' cry to search for the Golden Key is complemented with a small commentary, "That idiot's up above", explaining their reasoning for not searching there.




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