The Great Fire of Enbizaka was the name given to the large fire that ravaged part of Enbizaka, Jakoku. Causing a large amount of destruction, the fire consumed several of the town's buildings and killed more than a hundred of its residents.



In EC 580, Enbizaka became the only place in Jakoku open to trade, with, several foreign businesses setting up branches in the town as a result. In EC 838, Kai Miroku attempted to set fire to the Freezis Foundation's trade house but was called out by Gakuga Sudou. Startled, the man instead accidentally set fire to a bush.


Soon after, the fire quickly spread to the adjacent buildings down the hill. As the fire worsened, many of Enbizaka's residents crossed the river to safety. However, as more and more people attempted to pass Twin Mirror Bridge, the pedestrian traffic worsened and blocked several evacuees on the side of the river, trapping them inside the fire's reach. Meanwhile, Kai fled the scene of the crime and was pursued by a winged Gakuga until they reached Mount Izasa, with the former successfully returning home and the latter collapsing on the mountain and losing his memories.[1] Later on, the fire eventually stopped.[2]


By the time the fire had gone out, a large part of Enbizaka was burned down and over a hundred people were killed. During the aftermath, Enbizaka's local doctor searched the town for survivors and treated them at his clinic.[3] At some point, the magistrate's office investigated the incident but was unable to determine the culprit. Later on, both the Freezis Foundation and the Yarera-Zusco Firm invested in the Enbizaka's reconstruction; the town was rebuilt by EC 842.[4]

Civilian PerceptionEdit

The fire was widely seen as negative by the citizens of Enbizaka, having destroyed their homes and killed their loved ones. After several foreign firms invested in the town's reconstruction, the locals were quite grateful for the firms' efforts. Because the fire's perpetrator was never found, the reputation of the magistrate's office was damaged as a result.



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