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The Grave Yard was the graveyard for the technology from the Second Period. Located deep within the earth of the Third Period below Levianta, the Grave Yard became a forgotten resting place for the super technology.


Once the Third Period's creation was completed in BT 528, the sun god dumped the wreckage of the Second Period technology into its north and buried it deep within the earth, creating the Grave Yard. Later on, the Magic Kingdom Levianta began excavating the buried relics until its destruction in EC 013, leaving the remaining technology forgotten.[1] Following the end of the Third Period and its subsequent merging with the Hellish Yard in EC 998, Nemesis Sudou and Irregular ended up in the Grave Yard and wandered the landscape. Soon after, Allen Avadonia and Hänsel were transported to the Grave Yard in pursuit of Nemesis. Later on, Nemesis activated Punishment at the apple tree in the land, enveloping the entire Grave Yard in the blast.[2]



The vast land across the Grave Yard. Remnants of the advanced machinery from the Second Period were scattered across the land. The wastelands were also shrouded in constant darkness due to the bedrock ceiling overhead; the bedrock itself emitted a faint glow, lighting up the entire area. The technology included numerous black gravestones, gears, and a clock tower.[3]

Clock TowerEdit

A clock tower located in the Grave Yard's wastelands. It was made of the same black material as the surrounding gravestones in the area and leaned a little to one side. The clock towers hands remained inoperative.[4]

Apple TreeEdit

An apple tree located on a hill in the Grave Yard's wastelands. It bore blood red-colored fruit.[5]


Conceptualization and OriginEdit




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