Gilles Derais
Technical Information
Japanese ジル=ドリエ
Romaji Jiru Dorie
Other Names Demon of Lust
Biographical Information
Classification Earthling (till death)
Gender Male

Gilles Derais was one of the survivors of the Second Period's destruction and Rahab Barisol's lover. After leaving the ruined world to its fate, the man continued charming women for his pleasure. Joining Levia and Behemo in defying the sun god, he was sealed with his fellow kin in Sin before escaping and reincarnating as a demon.


Early LifeEdit

In the Second Period, Earth, Gilles became a prominent astrophysicist and romanced numerous women.[1] After becoming the lover of Rahab Barisol, she killed most of the women he became intimate with.[2] As the Second Period began to collapse due to HERs contaminating the world, Gilles and 71 other scientists boarded one of several spaceships intended to travel to inhabitable planets and repopulate them, theirs under the name Climb One. As they lost contact with all their fellow spaceships, the crew of the Climb One realized they were the last inhabitants of Earth and decided to create a new species in the image of earthlings.[3]

During the trip, Gilles briefly attempted to earn the affection of another female crewmember, to no avail.[4] After finding a new planet to inhabit, they set about constructing the new world and species.[5] During this process Seth Twiright, an HER who had secretly boarded the Climb One, instigated the deaths of 62 of the crew members and contaminated the new species to have a possibility of developing HER Syndrome. The remaining crew, including Gilles, proposed they reincarnate as gods into the world to guide the humans, unaware that Levia, at least, was an HER.

When their colleagues Held Yggdra and Hazuki disagreed, Gilles joined the ensuing fight and was killed along with everyone else when it caused the Climb One to crash, leaving behind only his spirit data. Gilles and his colleagues remained trapped in the Climb One for some time while the new species of humans began building their societies; eventually, the humans of Levianta discovered the Climb One and established it as a holy relic called the "Sin" ark.[6]

Mantle of LustEdit

Main Article: Demon of Lust

"The only thing remaining in my mind was the singular mission to "bring chaos to the world". The reason and purpose was unknown to me, I simply carried out the mission as the "Demon of Lust"."
―Gilles' reflection on his past incarnation[src]

Sometime after, the earthlings escaped Sin and reincarnated as demons, losing their memories of their former lives.[7] When Hänsel and Gretel split Eve Moonlit's Original Sin into seven fragments in EC 014, Gilles became the "Demon of Lust" with his vessel a katana.[8] After their vessels were scattered across the world,[9] the amnesic Demon of Lust possessed humans susceptible to his influence who came in contact with his vessel throughout the centuries, watching his contractors spread malice and chaos. By the time of the Third Period's destruction and subsequent merging with the Hellish Yard in EC 998, the Demon of Lust began regaining his former memories.[10]

The World's EndEdit

Afterward, the demons were approached by Hazuki, who had himself become the sun god of the world. The demons were tasked with helping Allen Avadonia meet one of their previous contractors, with Gilles assigned Sateriasis Venomania. Once Allen summoned Gilles from the Venom Sword, he manifested before him in his demonic form and mused on his previous meeting with Allen while the Demon of Lust was possessing Kyle Marlon. After they chatted briefly about this, as well as Gilles' unexpected cooperation with the sun god, Gilles flew Allen to Asmodean and from there the Venomania Mansion.[11]

Nostalgic to be in such familiar surroundings, Gilles accompanied Allen inside the mansion after the boy had unlocked the door, encountering Sateriasis Venomania. After the Duke threatened to use his sword against Allen, the demon intervened and explained Allen's identity to him. Afterwards, Gilles watched Allen converse with first Sateriasis and then Maylis, growing bored. He then followed Allen outside when the boy concluded his interview on left.

After Allen had a conversation with Gumina Glassred and left the manor grounds, he got to chatting with Gilles again; during their conversation, Gilles discussed the possible reasons why there were so many humans with the same face. The two then spotted Hänsel with the Glass of Conchita in hand; with Hänsel in charge of taking Allen to his next contractor, Gilles was left relieved of duty and departed.[12]

Secret RendezvousEdit

"I know for a fact that there's nothing between you and her. So I have no reason to hate her."
"Is that right... then tell me, Rahab, where exactly did she—where exactly did the moon goddess disappear to?"
―Rahab and Gilles[src]

While regaining his memories, Gilles vaguely recalled the colleague he had flirted with on the Climb One, who had become the moon goddess, and was surprised by both her disappearance and lack of acknowledgement among humanity. Hoping for answers from Rahab, Gilles had her meet him discreetly in the Court after she'd finished guiding Allen to Kayo Sudou; traveling beneath the sea to the judgment place, the two greeted each other in their original earthling forms and Gilles recounted the story of the "creation" of the Third Period and his own reincarnation into a demon.

He then brought up how the humans, who had received "revelations" about the world's creation from Levia and Behemo, omitted any mention of the moon goddess in their holy texts. Surprised to learn Rahab had never lost her memories when becoming a demon, he questioned her on what could have happened to the moon goddess when the two noticed a light approach the Court, indicating the blast from "Punishment."

While discussing the implications of this, Rahab related that everything would simply start over while the moon goddess still existed; Gilles shocked to learn that the moon goddess was not only still alive but that everyone was cognizant of her existence, despite not being aware of it. After hearing that the "four gods" had hidden her existence beforehand, the surprised Gilles tried to ask more when their conversation was interrupted by the light consuming them.[13]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Gilles was a charismatic ladykiller. Having a liking for women, he romanced multiple lovers at the same time and was quick to flirt whenever the opposite sex was involved.[14] Conversely, he was more impatient when dealing with men, although remaining amiable regardless.[15] Having contributed to the Third Period's creation, Gilles was protective of the species that the earthlings created and vehemently opposed to leaving them to their own devices, although his HER Syndrome eventually led him to want the world's destruction; as a result, he resented Hazuki for his policy of non-interference.

This distaste for the sun god made it reasonable for Gilles to desire revenge on him, though willing to put aside their differences and cooperate after the Third Period's destruction. After having regained his memories, Gilles struggled to reconcile what exactly caused his reincarnation and subsequent behavior as a demon, even more curious about the gods' peculiar omission of the moon goddess' existence.[16] At the same time, he did feel nostalgia for his past life and all the memories observing the humans he possessed. He similarly found amusement in the inconvenience or suffering of others.[17]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Due in part to his charisma and well-kept appearance, Gilles was skilled in the art of romance and was able to gain the affection of many women at once, although his skills had their limits.[18] He was also quite intelligent as an astrophysicist,[19] knowledgeable about the laws of the universe and the various mechanics behind the Third Period as well as the advanced technology his kind created.[20]

Possessing immense magical power, Gilles was capable of changing shape, transforming his body into both his original and demonic forms. While in the latter form, he was capable of flying at great speeds and had the strength to take another person along with ease. Regardless, the "Demon of Lust" could still teleport himself in a cloud of smoke to another location.[21]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Allen Avadonia: The demon's temporary charge. Initially surprised to see Allen's resemblance to Hänsel, the Demon was later amused by Allen's inconveniences during their partnership and treated him with an aloof attitude. Although only wanting to get his role in guiding Allen over with, the demon was nonetheless unhappy with the boy's impatience.

Rahab Barisol: One of Gilles' lovers. Impressed by her beauty and very familiar with her as one of his past romances, he was quick to suspect her of the murderer of the moon goddess as she was for his previous darlings. Despite this, he appeared to trust her and got along well with her otherwise.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Gilles' name is derived from the Greek αιγιδιον (aigidion), meaning "young goat".
  • His full name is a reference to Gilles de Rais, an infamous knight, serial killer, and inspiration for the fairy tale Bluebeard.
  • His demonic form as a goat with chicken legs and six bat wings may be a reference to the satyrs, half-goat, half-man creatures in Greek mythology known for their hedonism and lustfulness; goats are also often the representative animal of Lust in Western symbolism.


  • Gilles is described as an old gentleman with a well-kept beard wearing a purple suit and leaning on a wooden cane.[22]



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