George Ausdin
Technical Information
Japanese ジョルジュ=オースディン
Romaji Joruju Oosudin
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Lucifenian
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lucifenia (formerly)
Kingdom of Marlon
"Well then, I'll take my leave. I have Beelzenian soldiers to cut off."
―George Ausdin[src]

George Ausdin was the general of the Kingdom of Lucifenia's first army. Serving since the reign of King Arth I, the military officer executed Princess Riliane's order to invade Elphegort and enact a genocide of its female population. After Riliane's tyrannical regime was overthrown, the general and his forces became soldiers for the Kingdom of Marlon under King Kyle.


Early LifeEdit

Born into the noble Ausdin Family, George later joined the Lucifenian military and eventually achieved the rank of General for the first army, serving under King Arth during the kingdom's war with Asmodean and Beelzenia along with General Gaston Mouchet.[1] Sometime during the war effort, he worked with Leonhart Avadonia;[2] during the course of his wartime exploits, the general suffered numerous injuries, becoming battlescarred.[3] At some point, he married and had three kids, the youngest being his son, Daniel.[4]

Following the death of King Arth in EC 491, George continued to serve through the reign of Queen Anne until her death in January of EC 499. After Princess Riliane took over her mother's rule, the general maintained his position, garrisoned with the first army at the capital of Lucifenian.[5]

Green HuntingEdit

"How about we have the soldiers in Elphegort—or better yet, have General Ausdin return?"
"What you're saying is preposterous! While they're struggling even now... how are they supposed to maintain the front lines without General Ausdin!?"
―Lucifenian ministers regarding the war in Elphegort[src]

In EC 500, General George received Prime Minister Minis' word that the princess ordered the Forest of Bewilderment to be burned and the neighboring country of Elphegort invaded to slaughter all green-haired women until they killed Marlon's King Kyle's allegedly Elphe lover. George abided and had the forest burned; after a rainstorm doused the flames, George led his forces through the destroyed portion of the forest the next day. Marching into the Green Country, he relayed the princess' decree to the soldiers and had his armies kill any Elphe women on sight.[6]

Once the first army captured the capital of Aceid, George's forces pushed north; after confirming Elphegort's King Thorny Elphen had retreated to a fortress at Merrigod Plateau, the Lucifenian general captured the city of Toragay south of it. Arresting its earl and deporting him back to Lucifenia, George took over command of the town and had it used as his army's military base and garrison.[7] As the war dragged on, the Lucifenian forces faced heavy resistance from the remnants of the Elphegortean army; after "The Daughter of Green" was confirmed dead, George received word from the royal palace to continue the conquest of Elphegort.[8]

When the royal palace recalled George's forces to help deal with the revolts occurring throughout the kingdom later that year, the general began the return trip with his army; during the retreat back, they faced resistance from the natives, slowing their march. After slowly pushing through the local resistance for three weeks,[9] General George finally received word that the revolutionary army had captured the palace on December 19 and surrendered. Detained as prisoners of war, George and his forces were later released and returned home to Lucifenia.[10]

Marlon OccupationEdit

"It sounds like Retasan Fortress has fallen."
""Sounds like" makes it sound very much like someone else's problem, General George."
"It is someone else's problem. It was while I was fighting those Asmodeans."
―George and King Kyle[src]

After King Kyle incorporated Lucifenia as a Marlon territory in EC 501, George continued his service to the foreign king. Two years later, he heard of General Riliane Mouchet defeating the revived resistance forces at Breck Mountain and Retasan. When Espionage Task Force Captain Ney Futapie replaced General Riliane Mouchet as the commander of Retasan Fortress in EC 505, George and his fellow generals shared their discontent with the former maid taking the lead for Kyle's planned invasion of Beelzenia.

Once Asmodean troops began invading Lucifenia around a month and three weeks later, General George led his forces against the invaders, ignoring Ney's request for reinforcements to aid against the Beelzenian army's resistance against Marlon's invasion. After about a week of fighting, George suppressed the Asmodean assault. After learning much of Retasan was captured by Beelzenia, he reported to the royal palace and met with Kyle in the Hall of Mirrors. Leisurely reporting that Retasan had fallen, Kyle noted his choice of words implied it was someone else's issue and George answered that it was since he was battling Asmodean at the time.

When Kyle retorted he should still take matters concerning his country more seriously and questioned whether he was unwilling to follow Marlon like the other former Lucifenian faction, the smiling general stated he didn't have a reason to. He then shared the other generals' loss of morale with Ney being made its commander. When the Marlon King pointed out the former General Mouchet was also a woman, the battlescarred general explained that Lily proved her competency even if she wasn't the elite daughter of General Gaston while the foster daughter of Mariam Futapie was only a maid until recently.

As the king attempted to argue that Ney's tutelage under Mariam gave her abilities for espionage, George replied that they were two different skillsets entirely. Kyle then questioned if he wanted to say he was an incompetent king and the general denied the notion, saying he had no reason to. The impatient warrior then asked what his next orders were and Kyle commanded him to prevent Beelzenia from attacking Lucifenia from Retasan with the help of the other armies, citing they'd obey if he led them.

George then noted it would be quicker to recapture Retasan. Kyle boasted they would later before explaining he wanted him to defend and regroup their domestic forces first and then capture Retasan and the whole of Beelzenia. Mocking that it was quite a big plan, the general inquired if he planned to unify the entire Evillious region and Kyle immediately replied they would later on. Disturbed by the response, George lost his smile and requested the king allow him to say something offensive to him.

Granted permission, the general hesitantly related his belief one's born character decided their ability, saying it'd be amazing if he unified Evillious but believing only few could actually do it. After Kyle inferred the man doubted he had such ability, George cited Arth as an example of someone he believed could do it. He then suggested Kyle's born character was distorted somewhere and so his same goal would only lead to disaster, claiming his actions would be out of arrogant pride and not ambition if he continued with them.

Recognizing his rudeness, the war veteran questioned what a war-happy killer like him was saying, excusing his feelings and telling the king to forget them. He then told the king to have him beheaded if he couldn't stomach his words and Kyle retorted that he should've said so sooner, noting he was quite late speaking up. Thanking the royal for his mercy, George stated he'd take his leave to start cutting off the Beelzenian soldiers. After Kyle entrusted twenty thousand troops as his main force, General George raised his right arm in compliance and left the hall.

After gathering his bolstered forces, George executed Kyle's orders and began defending against the Beelzenian army while coordinating with the other generals.[11] Over a month later, Kyle signed a new ceasefire treaty with the empire and the fighting ended; shortly after, the Marlon King left to visit his homeland, entrusting the management and security of Lucifenia to General George, Lily, and Clive.[12]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"What's a guy who's in high spirits killing people during wars like me saying?"

George was a loyal soldier and a zealous fighter. Typically acting playful and nonchalant with anyone regardless of rank, the general was almost always smiling. Because of this, he was very straightforward and blunt with his responses and largely unafraid to be critical of others. Regardless, he still respected the chain of command and gave minimal politeness to his ruler independent of his personal thoughts or feelings. However, when perceiving someone to be acting in a way that could destroy them, the his disposition would become serious and even risk offending a royal to share his opinions.

Being a veteran soldier himself, George had a great amount of respect for his fellow soldiers and officers fighting on the front lines, judging his comrades' on their capabilities regardless of gender and believing everyone's ability was based on the character they were born with. Taking great pleasure in killing on the battlefield, the warrior was extremely enthusiastic about his military occupation. As a result, he was willing to obey any orders involving him waging war regardless of his personal opinion on the matter. In reverse, the man was anxious when removed from combat and therefore rather impatient to return to fighting.

Due to his beliefs, George had an extremely positive opinion of the charismatic King Arth, believing the ambitious king had the potential to conquer the entirety of Evillious and unite it under his rule. In contrast, George had a lesser opinion of King Kyle, seeing the arrogant ruler as lacking the qualities necessary to achieve the same goal. Despite this, he served both with equal loyalty and refused to directly insult Kyle's failures as a strategist, though still keeping his blunt tone implying such.[13]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"I want you to prevent this with the cooperation of the surrounding armies. If it's you, the other generals will likely obey."
―King Kyle to George[src]

As a veteran of several wars, George was an extremely experienced military officer. Leading his forces from the front, the general's ability to fight and command earned him high regards from even the legendary Leonhart Avadonia. The general also demonstrated a ferocious tenacity, winning nearly every battle under his leadership and surviving through countless encounters. However, despite his ability to lead, the general was inexperienced with defending and could still have his forces slowed through prolonged fighting during retreats.[14]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Arth Lucifen d'Autriche: George's king. George served under King Arth faithfully and had a high opinion of his leadership and charisma, believing him capable of uniting all of Evillious under one banner. As such, he was always respectful of his king and held his memory in high regard after his death, particularly in comparison to lesser rulers.

Kyle Marlon: George's king during the Marlon occupation. As his king George was utterly loyal to King Kyle, and gave him a bare minimum of respect at all times despite the arrogant monarch's many flaws. Despite this, he also did not hold back speaking his mind in front of the king and making, indirectly, his low opinion of Kyle's leading qualities known.

Daniel Ausdin: George's son. George cared about his son and wanted him to follow in his footsteps as a soldier for Lucifenia, bringing him into the first army due to their familial connection. 

Leonhart Avadonia: A fellow soldier. George and Leonhart worked closely at some point, to the effect of Leonhart holding George's skill in high regard.



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