Technical Information
Japanese 歯車
Romaji Haguruma
Other Names Guardian of the Clocktower
Soul of Adam (by Master of the Graveyard)


Biographical Information
Classification Awakened Vessel of Sin
Gender Male
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Evil's Theater
"How long will we continue this farce? There is nothing beyond that."

Gear was the awakened vessel of Greed and guardian of Heartbeat Clocktower. Following his awakening, Gear sustained the clock tower to keep the damaged Clockworker's Doll alive. When the doll's life was threatened, Gear sacrificed his power to save her, binding himself to the clock tower.



Sometime before EC 990, the Marlon Spoon awakened as Gear and was assigned the task of watching over Evil's Theater and keeping Heartbeat Clocktower running or else the awakened Clockworker's Doll would die.[1] He dutifully performed his task day by day, observing his fellow inhabitants the Master of the Graveyard and the Waiter going about their own work.[2]

In EC 990, when the clocktower's inner mechanisms became too deteriorated to function, Gear realized the Director Doll would soon die.[3] Desperate to fulfill his duty, he tore out his own heart and used it to connect himself to the tower,[4] siphoning the powers of the Marlon Spoon to keep the clock tower operational. As a result, the doll was healed and drained the spoon of its power,[5] leaving Gear as a shell of his vessel. After his sacrifice, Gear was unable to enter the main theater, confined to the clock tower he connected himself to.[6]

When Gammon Octo submitted a "motion" to review the script regarding his vision for the Director Doll's utopia, Gear attended the faux hearing but largely ignored the prophecy.[7] He later attended the "trial" meeting the Master of the Court held in EC 998 to search for the vessel of Wrath, becoming annoyed with the pointless search.[8]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Despite being the awakened vessel of Greed, Gear acted stoic, calm, and observant, strongly contrasting the ambitious temperament of Gallerian Marlon.[9] He also had a strong sense of duty, willing to make tremendous sacrifices for the sake of his mission. Because of this, he shared a certain devotion to the awakened Clockworker's Doll, like Gallerian.[10] Although normally reserved, he could be provoked when annoyed.[11]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Being an awakened vessel of Greed, he wielded all the powers of the Marlon Spoon. After transferring his magical power to the clocktower and the Master of the Court, he was assumed to be largely powerless.[12] He also had a degree of mechanical skill, able to monitor and keep the clocktower running for years.[13]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Master of the Court: A fellow member of Evil's Theater. Gear saw the survival of the Master of the Court as his sole duty and was willing to sacrifice everything in order to save her. Despite this, he does not agree with her ultimate goal to unite the sins and was annoyed by the "trial" she held.

Waiter: A fellow member of Evil's Theater. Gear saw Waiter as a pretentious and selfish person, although took notice of the loneliness she felt for losing her "other half."

Servants: Fellow members of Evil's Theater. Gear was impatient with the Servants' maniacal antics, snapping at them during the "trial" put on by the Master of the Court.

Master of the Graveyard: A fellow member of Evil's Theater. Gear and the Master of the Graveyard were not on good terms, with his distaste for the Servants earning him her mockery.

Adam Moonlit: Adam Moonlit and Gear share a connection in Gear being referred to by the name "Soul of Adam".

Kyle Marlon: Kyle and Gear are a connection in both being referred to as "Soul of Adam", both by an entity related to the sin of Gluttony.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • His name alludes to his role in maintaining Heartbeat Clocktower, keeping the gears turning to keep the awakened Clockworker's Doll alive and eventually powering the clock tower himself.
  • Gear's name may also be a reference to how gears represent the inevitability of fate in the Evillious Chronicles, possibly tying to Master of the Graveyard's comment on his helplessness.


  • The Master of the Graveyard refers to Gear as the "Soul of Adam", alluding to the connection between him and Adam Moonlit; similarly, the Demon of Gluttony also calls Kyle Marlon by the same name.[14]
  • Gammon, while organizing the "court cases" for the Master of the Court, speculates that Adam's dying wish possibly resided in the Marlon Spoon and manifested as Gear when the vessel awakened.[15]
  • In the Capriccio Farce PV, the Servants' cry to search for Grim the End is complemented with a small commentary, "That idiot's up above", explaining their reasoning for not searching there.




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