Gatt Coulomb
Technical Information
Japanese ガット=クーロン
Romaji Gatto Kuuron
Other Names Sixth Venom (codename)

Camui Gackpo

Biographical Information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Affiliation(s) Asmodean (defected)
Père Noël
"My name is Sixth Venom— . I hast taken out Elluka Clockworker at the Calgaround Mayor's home."
―Gatt Coulomb[src]

Gatt Coulomb, codenamed Sixth Venom, was the lieutenant general of Asmodean and a member of Père Noël. Subordinate to First Santa Claus and her apprentice Fourth Shadow, Gatt served the latter in the organization's operations in Elphegort. After Shadow's demise and Venom's failed assassination attempt of Elluka Clockworker, he returned to Santa's service.


Early LifeEdit

"It be the limits of a man's lineage. Asmodean is rife with authoritarianism compared to Lucifenia. I hast to be satisfied with only mine current position as the son of a whore."

Born in Asmodean sometime during the 6th century EC as the son of a prostitute, Gatt learned he was the great-grandson of the infamous mercenary Gast Venom and a fellow descendant of the infamous Duke Sateriasis Venomania, facing severe discrimination by the authoritarian nation. He later joined the military and eventually earned the rank of lieutenant general.[1]

At some point, he met Lucifenian Senator Julia Abelard and discovered she was actually a mage. Learning about the vessels of sin and her plans to destroy the gods and everything they created for a new world,[2] Julia told Gatt about her history with Elluka Clockworker.[3] Offered to join her criminal organization Père Noël to assist in her plans, Gatt accepted and received the codename "Sixth Venom", becoming the personal agent for his new master, "First Santa Claus".[4]

Over the years, he worked as a clean-up crew for the organization's dealings. During the period, he repeatedly met with Julia's adopted son, Lemy. At some point he met Julia's apprentice and fake sister, Mayrana Blossom.[5] After Fifth Pierrot was shot and killed by the world police in EC 607,[6] Julia assigned the lieutenant general as the interim assassin of the organization; he then completed numerous murder missions for Père Noël.[7]

Saving the MarkEdit

"So, what business do you have here today? Though I thought I was already about to close shop."
"Yes, that wouldst be... I hast been dispatched to recover the Venom Sword."
―Yuzette Ora and Gatt[src]

In December of EC 608, First Santa Claus ordered him to retrieve the Venom Sword from Seventh Magician, giving the assassin Grim the End to assure he could properly kill the demon contractor. Gatt agreed to the mission, transforming the golden key into a knife and strapping it to his waist. Deciding to goad his fellow comrade into making an escape, he traveled to Seventh Magician's shop in Rollam, knocking on the door that snowy evening.

Once Yuzette answered and welcomed him inside, Venom silently entered the shop and sat by the fireplace. When Magician questioned him on his business there, Gatt began to reply; hesitating for a moment, he then decided to continue and state that he had been sent out for the sword. Magician guessed that this meant she was obsolete. The assassin agreed, remarking that various matters would be stirring in the near future. When the woman questioned if it was related to the presidential election, Gatt admitted that he didn't know, unable to understand Julia's true intentions.

Magician began asking why he would bother the enemy he was intending to kill with this information, and Gatt vaguely replied that it was ultimately that "sort of thing". As Yuzette appeared to consider his statement, he said that he would return the next morning, and that she would have to decide on an answer by then. Gatt then immediately left the store and returned the next morning, finding Yuzette had decided to escape.[8] After reporting his failure to assassinate the woman to First Santa Claus, Gatt continued his investigation into Seventh Magician's whereabouts.[9]

Internal ConspiracyEdit

"I've been asked for a little work by the president's sister."
―Gatt regarding Mayrana Blossom[src]

After Julia was successfully elected as the Lucifenian President in August, Gatt was assigned as the Asmodean prime minister's bodyguard for the woman's upcoming presidential inauguration.[10] Around that time, he met with Mayrana, noticing the shadow leader had her face changed by Seventh Magician to look identical to Julia. Mayor "Julia Abelard" revealed that Second Dealer had been pocketing Père Noël's black market profits for himself instead of supporting their epidemic cure monopoly operation; she also related that the hypnotized Clockworker's Doll, Third Sleep Princess, was given the Gift poison to handle creating the epidemic and presumably kill her traitorous husband.

The mayor then revealed she had an interview with the disguised Elluka Clockworker at the end of the month, hoping to send the newspaper reporter "Hanne Lorre" on a wild chase to learn the truth about Third Sleep Princess and their operation before finally killing her. Realizing Mayrana was jealous of Elluka being her master Julia's obsession,[11] Gatt agreed to help with the plot and decided to join her at Elphegort's Calgaround once he finished his upcoming duties and could take a vacation.[12]

Presidential ElectionEdit

"There be none other than myself who can escort the prime minister. Not that I really expecteth anyone to bother aiming for that man's life today or aught."
―Gatt to Lemy[src]

On August 18, the lieutenant general escorted the prime minister to Rolled and attended the ceremony in Milanais Square. During Julia's speech, the army commander joined the common crowd and spotted Lemy among them. Approaching him from behind, the soldier put a hand on the young teen's shoulder and congratulated him. The boy thanked him before noting it was actually his mother he should be congratulating and Gatt pointed out that his mother's honor was his as well.

When Lemy questioned why he wasn't taking one of the guest seats, Gatt admitted he was the only one who could protect the prime minister but that he didn't expect anyone to bother assassinating the man anyway. The boy noted he wouldn't get ahead with saying carefree stuff like that and Gatt retorted that he was saying that to the lieutenant general of the entire Asmodean army. Lemy then replied that he hadn't been able to rise in the ranks since then and Gatt explained the difference between Lucifenia and Asmodean politics, stating he best be satisfied with his position considering his lineage.

After the boy asked why the military wasn't valuing his lineage to a famous mercenary, Gatt noted "famous" wasn't the best way to describe it before laughing. Once Julia finished her speech and the crowd began to disperse, Gatt stretched before telling Lemy he should return, looking toward the prime minister at the guest seatings on the stage. When Lemy questioned if he was staying in Lucifenia for long, Gatt admitted the plan was for them to return the next morning before mentioning his vacation afterward.

After he confirmed it would be about a ten day vacation, Lemy questioned why he wouldn't come over and play with him then. Gatt immediately laughed and shook his head, expressing his gratitude before explaining the president would be too busy for him to disturb her and that he already had plans. The boy questioned if he was going somewhere and Gatt confirmed he was heading to Calgaround to do work for Julia's "sister".

Once Lemy noted he didn't remember his aunt's face very well, Gatt meekly replied that it was probably for the best, murmuring he'd probably be surprised if he saw her then and there. As Lemy gave him a bewildered look, Gatt cleared his throat and changed the subject, noting the prime minister seemed to be getting annoyed with him and that he's be going right away. When Lemy told him to say hello to Mayrana for him, Gatt agreed to do so and patted his shoulder again before returning to the guest seats.[13]

Meeting with the ReporterEdit

Once Gatt escorted the prime minister back to Asmodean the next day, he took his vacation and traveled to Calgaround.[14] Meeting up with Fourth Shadow, Mayrana ordered him to pose as the local librarian to help direct "Hanne Lorre" to Toragay after the mayor pointed her to the library for more information about the "Flower of the Plateau", Countess Mikulia Calgaround. Soon after, Gatt purchased the original copy of the Freezis Fairy Tale "Flower of the Plateau" from Second Dealer in Toragay for Elluka to acquire, planning to misdirect Elluka into thinking Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim was First Santa Claus.[15]

On August 30, Gatt disguised himself with a cloth over his head and awaited Elluka's visit. Once he saw the disguised mage was staring at the portrait of Mikulia and Gilbert Calgaround, Gatt approached her and remarked about the rarity of them having visitors. When asked if he was the librarian, Gatt nodded and inquired if she was intrigued by the painting. Hanne brushed off the topic and introduced herself. As the reported explained her purpose for coming by, Gatt interjected that he had already heard her interest in the Flower of the Plateau from the mayor.

He then offered to let her look through the old vaults for information on the subject. When Hanne accepted, Gatt then granted her access to the vaults before leaving for the reception desk, saying he'd be cleaning and to call for him if needed. Leaving the "Flower of the Plateau" book on the counter, Gatt entered his office behind the reception desk and began cleaning. Soon after, Hanne burst into the room with the book and grabbed the shocked Gatt by the collar.

As she demanded to know where he received the book, Gatt acted confused. Hanne then explained that it was definitely famed author Yukina Freezis's original work and that all of the Lost List of Freezis Fairy Tales had to be immediately reported to the Freezis Foundation. Feigning ignorance, Gatt exclaimed it was an accident and Hanne then threatened that the World Police would be unlikely to accept his answer; expressing surprise that she'd report him to the World Police, Gatt tried to interject when Hanne insinuated he illegally purchased the book but was cut off as Hanne explained her deduction.

Once Gatt pointed out the World Police wouldn't arrest him on just her suspicion, Hanne replied that her sister also worked there and that she shouldn't take his threats lightly. Gatt then admitted he had his tracks covered by Père Noël and the surprised Hanne released his collar. The reporter then promised to let him go if he confessed everything only to her and let her buy the book. As Gatt expressed worry that she'd rat him out, Hanne interjected that she wouldn't and that his choices were either telling her or the World Police.

After she confirmed she'd omit him and his information from the article, Gatt agreed to tell her what transpired. He then  related he met with a man in Toragay claiming to be the leader of Père Noël; Hanne asked for his name, Gatt said he didn't know since he wore a mask and then added that the man had blue hair. While Hanne became lost in thought considering his revelations, Gatt used the opportunity to escape, making a small cry while running for the nearest window.[16] Once he opened it and leaped outside, the disguised agent returned to Mayrana's mansion and reported his success to her.[17]


"Please wait. It's mine job to dispose of her—"
"Silence, Venom! That child's been gone for almost a year now—and yet you haven't produced any results."
―Sixth Venom and First Santa Claus[src]

Afterward, Gatt returned to Asmodean and continued his military service. Eventually, he tracked Seventh Magician to being a prostitute in Rolled. He was later assigned the mission to assassinate Ton Corpa before the scandal erupting over the diva Rin Chan he managed caused issues for Père Noël. During the early morning of October 6, Gatt infiltrated the Corpa Mansion in Rolled and soon discovered the businessman was already backstabbed and killed.

After an employee confirmed witnessing someone in a clown costume running off with the diva south, Gatt reported his findings to Julia and she deduced the missing Lemy had gone off to save the girl from Ton's alleged abuse and killed him. After Julia left for Elphegort and retrieved Lemy from Mayrana's mansion, Gatt visited the Abelard estate in Rolled and listened in while First Santa Claus congratulated Lemy on his first success as "Fifth Pierrot" from the adjacent room. Once Santa clapped her hands and told Sixth Venom to enter, the lieutenant general opened the door and joined them in the room.

When Lemy expressed his surprise Gatt entered, the soldier explained how "Sixth Venom" was his alias in Père Noël. Gatt then watched while Julia described their criminal organization and original plans to have the soldier kill Ton to the confused boy. Once she convinced the boy his accidental murder of the businessman was just, Gatt heard First Santa Claus relate she wanted Lemy to also kill the ringleader behind Rin's abuse by Ton, Seventh Magician, and his complexion went pale.

The lieutenant general immediately retorted that it was his job to dispose of her when Santa yelled for him to be silent, noting his failure to produce any results for nearly a year. Gatt awkwardly scratched his head while explaining that he could only track her to being a prostitute in Rolled, citing his belief she changed her face with the Venom Sword and therefore made it pointless to look for her. Julia then coldly replied that it was fine as she wasn't expecting much from him to begin with before finally convincing Lemy to join Père Noël and complete the murder mission.[18]

Encounter with the MageEdit

"And the recovery of the Doll?"
"It... hath completely vanished. After I stabbed Elluka, I went to the scene in an attempt to recover her―by then, she was already gone."
―Julia and Gatt[src]

After Julia had discovered what transpired between Kaspar, Mayrana, and Margarita, Gatt was sent back to Mayrana's mansion to retrieve the Clockworker's Doll and clean up the failed Elphegort epidemic cure monopoly operation while Julia had the Freezis Foundation's Bruno Marlon quarantine Margarita's epidemic. On October 21, the lieutenant general witnessed Margarita Blankenheim arrive at the mansion to continue her production of the Seventh Gift on the second floor while Fourth Shadow prepared for Elluka's expected arrival.

Gatt later hid in the mansion while Mayrana confronted the Mage of Eternity and her apprentice Gumillia later that night, wearing a cloth over his head again. He then watched the green-haired disciple fire a unique revolver against her, overhearing Mayrana relate it was magically enhanced. After witnessing Gumillia crush Mayrana with her mansion's greeonian plateau roses while she attempted to escape, Gatt remained hidden while the mage duo confronted Margarita upstairs. When the two later returned from the mansion's basement with the freed Rin Chan, Venom took advantage of Elluka being deep in thought again to run up and impale her on his sword.

After teasing the sorceress for not paying attention, Gatt swiftly removed his sword from Elluka's body and deflected Gumillia's gunfire, one bullet fraying the cloth and revealing his hair. Announcing his codename and that he had eliminated Elluka there, Gatt said goodbye to the pair before rushing upstairs to retrieve the Sleep Princess' body.[19] He then entered Margarita's work room and saw the Clockworker's Doll was already gone.

Afterward, Sixth Venom reported what transpired to First Santa Claus and then began cleaning up the evidence of their actions in Elphegort over the next month. During the period, the lieutenant general quickly suppressed any reports of the mayor's death in the newspapers, preventing even one article from being written on her.[20] Tracking Rin Chan to Aceid, the lieutenant general moved the girl in with the sister of Julia's maid Phoebe to keep her in hiding.[21] Around mid-November, he confirmed eye witness reports that Elluka was recently spotted with her apprentice in Toragay.[22]

Report to Santa ClausEdit

"Oh, it's you. Lieutenant General Gatt Coulomb, won't you come in? Is the processing related to Elphegort finished?"
―President Julia greeting Gatt[src]

Gatt then traveled to Rolled to report to First Santa Claus, arriving at the Abelard state on the morning of November 26. After knocking, Julia opened the door and welcomed him inside. When she asked if the post-processing in Elphegort was over, Gatt reported that he took care of the issue with the mayor of Calgaround, explaining that the circumstances of her death wouldn't be reported on. When she then inquired about the doll's recovery, Gatt nervously explained what had happened after he had stabbed Elluka and Julia casually replied that it would turn up again.

He then hesitantly continued to report his apparent failure to kill Elluka Clockworker, noting the recent sighting of her in Toragay. Noting that this was good for him, Julia got closer and finished that it was good because she wouldn't have to kill. Shocked, Gatt listened while Julia pointed out how he and Mayrana, had taken so many liberties and that, thanks to him, she had lost Mayrana, Kaspar, and Margarita as pawns. She then demanded to know who ordered him to kill Elluka.

The lieutenant general responded about Mayrana's apparent jealousy of Elluka. As he began pointing out her obsession with the mage drove Fourth Shadow to that point, Julia interjected to furiously question the idea her envious apprentice could kill whomever she liked. Adding that he went along with it, the mage slapped him and Gatt quietly apologized. Julia then stated that she was the only one allowed to kill Elluka, kindly telling him not act against her orders in the future.

He then asked about Bruno and Julia told him to let her do as she liked since she needed a Marlon pawn. As the soldier prepared to leave, Julia suddenly tasked him with weeding her garden and the shocked Gatt immediately asked why. Julia then told him not to complain, offering to burn him to ashes instead, and Gatt agreed. After telling him to finish the task before her son returned home, Gatt reluctantly obeyed and began to say his goodbyes. Stopping himself before saying her codename aloud, Gatt said goodbye to the "President" before leaving. Afterwards, he weeded Julia's garden.[23]

Scandal and DeclineEdit

"Sixth VenomYou shouldn't underestimate him. At least he isn't your enemy for now. Besides, he's great at sneaking into enemy territory. He'll be killing Bruno quite soon, don't you think?"
―Elluka to Lemy[src]

Once Lemy successfully killed Yuzette Ora on February 11, the young Fifth Pierrot continued handling assassination missions in place of Sixth Venom.[24] After the new Second Dealer Bruno was captured and scandals erupted over Julia's involvement with him, First Santa Claus ordered Gatt to help Lemy kill the new Seventh Magician and Eighth Sniper on September 2; having learned from the boy that the two members were actually Elluka and Gumillia offering to have Lemy escape with them, the two assassins agreed to have Lemy continue with the meeting at their base at Rolled's whorehouse on Seventh Block to ambush them.

That evening, Sixth Venom infiltrated the whorehouse from the back while Fifth Pierrot entered the front to meet with them as they had agreed beforehand. Discovering the whorehouse abandoned, he walked through the halls until he found Lemy, admitting it seemed no one was there. When Lemy reiterated she was supposed to meet him there, Gatt replied that she had evidently sensed they were coming to kill her. The boy's shoulders then drooped and Gatt insisted Fifth Pierrot not be depressed about it, putting a hand on his shoulder.

He then noted that First Santa Claus might've expected the outcome. When Lemy questioned why, he pointed out he had aimed for Elluka's life before and Lemy admitted he was already aware of that. Gatt then related being scolded and told only she could do it before being punished with weeding her garden. Afterward, the lieutenant general brushed it off and told him that Julia wanted to put an end to Elluka Clockworker herself.[25]

Later that month, Julia ordered Sixth Venom to infiltrate Castle Hedgehog in Marlon and assassinate Second Dealer before Bruno revealed pertinent information about their organization. Agreeing to the mission, Gatt successfully entered the castle undetected around mid-September and swiftly executed Bruno, slashing through his chest with his sword. He then escaped while evading the Torture Department.[26]

Intercepting the MagesEdit

"I cannot let thou go to First Santa Claus, Mage of Eternity."
―Sixth Venom[src]

After Lemy was killed by Elluka and Gumillia while on a mission on December 26 and Julia resigned the presidency on January 26, Gatt joined First Santa Claus in hiding out at Elphegort's Merrigod Plateau while the World Police added both fugitives to the wanted list. Taking Grim the End again and strapping it to his waist after transforming it into a sword, Gatt traveled outside the city limits of Calgaround and waited until Elluka and Gumillia's horse-drawn carriage began its approach on January 29.

He then stood in the middle of the road and unsheathed the vessel of wrath, firing a blast from the weapon and beheading the horse. As the carriage crashed before him, the lieutenant general admired the peculiar tool's power to change shape while smiling and chuckling, marveling that having such power was magnificent. He then returned to a straight face and declared he couldn't allow the Mage of Eternity to go to First Santa Claus. When Elluka questioned why he had given his loyalty the whole time, Gatt admitted it was for her cause, citing being called "evil" was necessary to make the world a better place.

The mage then pointed out his rampaging because he felt it was just was naive, citing his great-grandfather did the same despite the issue being his troublesome personality, and Gatt demanded she be silent. Lamenting her cowardly murder of the young Lemy, he noted he'd mete out punishment to the troublesome woman. When Elluka pointed out that there were two of them there, Sixth Venom retorted he didn't count the disabled woman in the wheelchair and was only worried about the Justea investigator with her.

The angered mage then demanded to know why Gatt even came to Elphegort. As he began to reiterate his intentions to defeat them, Elluka insisted he was there to sightsee the Green Country. Unaffected by her hypnosis, Gatt stared in fascination at Elluka's glowing eyes, questioning what she was doing before confirming he wouldn't be misled by such words. Realizing she was trying to do something to him, he declared he had spoken enough and that her insolent tricks were wasted on him.

As Elluka began casting another spell, she told him to taste the menace of the Original Sinner Eve Moonlit, raining down a myriad of lighting upon the surprised soldier. Taking the full brunt of the attack, Gatt was severely charred. Utterly defeated, the mages tied the blackened lieutenant general to a nearby tree and the barely living soldier was later captured by the World Police and imprisoned at their Elphegort detention center.[27] Soon after, Gatt was interrogated by the police organization.[28]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Gatt Coulomb. Why have you pledged your allegience to that child up til now?"
"'Tis for her cause. In order to correct the world, 'tis necessary to be called "evil"."
"Rampaging because you feel a sense of justice in it? How naive. Even though that was the case for your great-grandfather as well, in reality, it was his intractable personality."
―Elluka and Gatt[src]

Gatt was a coldblooded and disciplined individual tempered by his sense of honor. Straight-forward and largely dependable, Gatt took action when he believed necessary and reported his failures with humility.[29] He was also commonly dispassionate in his manner, rarely smiling and taking a coldblooded approach to murder.[30] Despite this, he was enamored with the power given to him by wielding Grim the End and took joy in utilizing the vessel of sin. He was similarly a little arrogant in his abilities.[31]

The Venomania descendant was disillusioned with the current state of the world, approaching his role as lieutenant general rather liberally since he could never be promoted to a proper general due to his lineage. Likewise, he believed that the ends justified the means, developing strong convictions to his own sense of honor. As a result, Gatt believed heavily in Julia Abelard's message that Père Noël's criminal activities were done to benefit the world even if the organization and its members were labeled as "evil". This conviction made him extremely loyal to Julia and dedicated to serving her in order to help "correct" the world.[32]

He was loyal to his comrades as well and, despite being a terrible murderer, was willing to show mercy to his fellow members if they were being simply disposed of. However, due to his loyalty to Julia, Gatt would only give comrades a short delay at best before he followed through with his orders.[33] Likewise, he felt a sense to avenge his fallen comrades and ruthlessly eliminated Père Noël's enemies and known traitors. As part of his honor, he disapproved of his enemy's "cowardly" methods of killing their comrades,[34] though largely employing those same methods for his own assassinations.[35]

In contrast to his behavior toward his official military career, Gatt generally conducted himself in a formal, orderly manner, typically awaiting permission for actions, even for entering buildings. As a result, Gatt disliked jobs that were irrelevant to his typical duties, though fearful of Julia's ruthless nature if he disobeyed. However, he wasn't above insubordination and would at least try to express his personal opinions when pressed by others. Likewise, he sometimes complained about his job, though learning to take care in speaking his mind around First Santa Claus.[36]

While posing as Calgaround's local librarian, Gatt portrayed himself as a meeker and more innocent persona; pretending that illicit purchasing was his only crime, he feigned a fear of Elluka's threats and being discovered of his misdeeds. Because of this act, he also seemed more dramatic and affable in his reaction. As a habit, Gatt commonly wore a cloth over his face to mask his identity while taking part in an operation.[37] He likewise spoke in a peculiar Asmodean regional dialect.[38]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a trained soldier, Gatt had considerable speed and agility, able to dodge gunfire with ease. He was similarly gifted with swordplay and was capable of effectively wielding a longsword.[39] This prowess extended to his use of Grim the End, able to utilize the vessel of sin as either a dagger or his preferred longsword when needed.[40] Gatt therefore had an expertise in assassination, able to remain hidden and undetected when hiding or sneaking up on a target.[41] Despite his lineage, Gatt's skills allowed him to become the second-in-command of the Asmodean armed forces.[42] Sixth Venom was also a competent liar, though a bit overdramatic when maintaining a facade.[43]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Julia Abelard: Gatt's superior in Père Noël. Gatt was loyal to Julia as his superior, and while he occasionally talked back to her in defense of himself or other subordinates, he feared her wrath and never disobeyed a direct order, no matter how trivial. He additionally believed wholeheartedly in First Santa's rhetoric that Père Noël was making the world a better place, despite her illegal activities.

Elluka Clockworker: One of Gatt's targets while under Mayrana. Gatt was aware of the jealousy that Elluka inspired in his fellow member and enjoyed taunting her along with Mayrana, proudly exclaiming how he had killed the sorceress after stabbing her. He continued to serve as a thorn in her side over their other encounters, although underestimating her power as an enemy.

Lemy Abelard: One of Gatt's coworkers. Originally knowing him as Julia's son, Gatt got along well with Lemy and did not take any measures should expose him to the more unsavory aspects of his life or work. Following his introduction to Père Noël, Gatt continued to treat the boy amiably, comforting him when he was disappointed by Seventh Magicians escape. He was similarly angered by his apparent death at Eighth Sniper's hands.

Mayrana Blossom: A fellow member of Père Noël. Gatt worked closely with Mayrana during her time masquerading as Julia Abelard, and Gatt was close enough with her to understand her jealousy of Elluka because of Julia's obsession with the mage, and dutifully followed out her wishes.


Conceptualization and OriginsEdit

  • Gatt's name is partially inspired by his representative Vocaloid, Camui Gackpo, with both names sharing their first two letters.
  • In the Fifth Pierrot PV, Gatt is labeled as さむらい, referring to a "warrior" or "samurai", a possible reference to his occupation as a soldier and Gackpo's samurai aesthetic.
  • Gatt's antiquated way of speaking may be a reference to the archaic dialect typically associated with samurai in literature.
  • Gatt's surname may be derived from the coulomb, a unit of electric charge used in science.


  • Gatt is given "chores" as his description in the Fifth Pierrot PV; humorously, in Evil Food Eater Conchita, the Vocaloid Gackpo is credited as the "choreman" for the song while Gammon Octo, a former USE soldier, is made the "choreman" of Evil's Theater.
  • While providing the first design of Gatt in Evillious media, Tamara confirmed that it was purely her own fake appearance for him and was not his official design;[44] a completely new official design was illustrated by Ichika for the Fifth Pierrot light novel released several months later.




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