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Gallerian Marlon
Technical Information
Japanese ガレリアン=マーロン
Romaji Garerian Maaron
Other Names Galley (by Mira)
Master of the Court
First Santa Claus (codename)
Mr. Père Noël (by Nemesis)


Biographical Information
Born EC 944
Died August, EC 983
Classification Human
Race Marlon
Gender Male
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Union State of Evillious
"Money is the best lawyer in Hell."
―Gallerian Marlon[src]

Gallerian Marlon was the Director of the USE Dark Star Bureau and the perpetrator of the Dark Star Scandal. Devastated after an accident killed his wife and daughter, Gallerian agreed to help Ma collect the vessels of sin to save his "child" and forged a contract with Adam Moonlit. Accepting bribes to save the guilty and convict the innocent, the judge eventually collected many of the vessels of sin, storing them in a theater he constructed in the Millennium Tree Forest.


Early LifeEdit

In EC 944, Gallerian was born to Gandalf Marlon and Elluka "Ma" Clockworker.[1] Growing up a member of the Marlon Family, Gallerian learned that his mother had been executed after being unjustly tried for witchcraft. At some point, he was accepted into Levin University, barely able to pay his tuition. He then began excelling in his studies, becoming the brightest student in his class and becoming roommates with Tony Ausdin. He later met and befriended Loki Freezis, bonding with the young man over their apparent common ancestor.[2] At some point, he began boarding at his childhood wet nurse Polina Marchef's mansion.[3]

University StudiesEdit


Gallerian walks with Loki

In EC 956, Gallerian and nine other students went on a field trip to the Dark Star Courthouse and observed the trial of an accused witch Lana Ray, Gallerian becoming surprised at the mention of his mother's name during the trial. After the court was adjourned, Gallerian walked out of the courthouse with Loki and they discussed the trial, both certain that Lana would receive a guilty verdict. As they talked, Loki asked Gallerian why he wanted to become a judge specifically, arguing he should become a bureaucrat instead.

Gallerian replied that his Marlon lineage would make it difficult for him to excel in the government due to the Viwirtz family's influence. He furthermore claimed he had wanted to be a judge for a long time, and questioned Loki about his own reasons for becoming a judge. The two continued to talk for some time, bantering until briefly discussing the witch trials. After Loki speculated that it was his mission to exterminate the so-called witches, regardless of whether or not they were responsible for the strange happenings in the world, they continued joking and talking on the way home.

Several months later, Gallerian passed the government entrance exam and became employed at the Dark Star Bureau. The night after his graduation ceremony, he attended the graduation party at the Asayev mansion, where Tony Ausdin approached him. As Gallerian brushed off his congratulations, the two of them then discussed Tony's future as a general, despite Tony being a pacifist. The two discussed how the USE had managed to reduce the number of wars, and how Tony was frustrated with having been born into a military family, until Gallerian asked him if he'd sabotaged his graduation to avoid becoming a soldier.

When the flustered Tony left, Gallerian was approached by Loki, who invited him to go on a hunting trip in Marlon. As Gallerian declined, the two were joined by Loki's girlfriend Mira, who explained that she wasn't allowed to go because of her brother's opposition to their relationship. The three discussed Gallerian's strangely youthful appearance, with Loki musing it must have been because of his lineage to Prim Marlon, and continued chatting and having fun during the party.[4]

Pursuing the PlaywrightEdit

As time went on, Gallerian quickly rose through the ranks of the Dark Star Bureau, becoming a seventh class senior judge by EC 958. During this time, Gallerian worked as an aide for the bureau's deputy head during a trial, saving him from making a major blunder by making a comment. Later on, he gave a lecture on law and biblical scripture, attended by Mira; following the lecture, he and Mira chatted until Loki barged in and instructed her to stop talking to Gallerian. After he left, Mira confided to Gallerian about Loki's jealousy and her feeling of confinement in the relationship. When she invited him to eat with her, Gallerian declined for a number of reasons. Not long after Loki called for Mira from a distance and caused her to leave.

Later that night, Gallerian looked over some case files in preparation of his first trial, the ELL84 case. Seeing a picture of the accused, Kayo Sudou, Gallerian was startled and called in his former wet nurse, Polina, having her identify that Kayo looked identical to his mother. As they discussed the possibility that they were the same person, Polina noted that Elluka would have to look older and speculated, before dismissing the idea, that Kayo changed her appearance to match Elluka's due to being her follower. Gallerian quickly made her promise not to tell anyone she saw the photo, before Polina bid him to get some rest.

One week later, Gallerian presided over the ELL84 trial, with Kayo representing herself for the defense. During the trial, Kayo denied using magic and having murderous intent. During the lunch break, Gallerian was joined by Loki and the two got to discussing the trial so far, with Gallerian almost unnerved by how composed Kayo was. Gallerian then began arguing with Loki about how the outcome of the trial was already decided, objecting to the reasoning that each witch trial must end in a guilty verdict as long as the strange phenomena continued. Loki also invited him again to go hunting with him in Levianta over their break.

Resuming the trial, Gallerian declared Kayo innocent, causing the court to go into an uproar. As he argued with the prosecutor about his reasoning, Gallerian ordered to have the enraged man thrown out. Although the other security guards didn't move, one fulfilled the order and Gallerian was surprised to find it was his friend, Tony Ausdin. Later on, Hanma called Gallerian to his office and questioned him on his finding Kayo innocent. Gallerian explained his reasoning that it would be useful to recruit someone knowledgeable about witches since they knew so little, and that he could possibly gain Kayo's favor as Elluka's son. Although Hanma approved of the idea, he nonetheless gave him a 30 day suspension as ostensible punishment.

Gallerian then told the passing Loki about his suspension, comforted by his friend and asked to go hunting with him the following day in Pixie. Seeing the opportunity to get to Kayo, who claimed to be living there, Gallerian agreed to the invitation.[5] He later met with Loki on the road outside Alicegrad, and was introduced to Loki's butler, the former slave Bruno Zero. He was quickly bewildered and shocked by Loki's cruel behavior towards Bruno, whom he learned was a Black Valkyrian native to Maistia, although nonetheless the three went into Loki's car to drive to Pixie.[6]


Around noon, a snowstorm began, causing the car engine to stall. As further complications occurred, the unperturbed Loki gradually revealed to Gallerian that, in their hunting trip, Gallerian himself was the intended prey. Loki then pursued Gallerian with his gun, hunting him like an animal across the snow fields and ranting about how frustrated he was with Gallerian surpassing him with his excellence. As the exhausted Gallerian spotted something in the distance, he ran towards it only to be shot and rendered unconscious.

Gallerian later awoke, confused, in Lunaca Labora. When a white-haired girl, Shiro Netsuma entered, Gallerian pressed her for answers, only met with her constant apologizing. Another woman then entered along with a tiger, the woman introducing herself as Hale Jaakko and explaining that Shiro was timid when not holding a gun, as well as that Bruno had called her there. As Gallerian continued demanding answers, he learned from Hale that he'd been given an advanced medical treatment and that Shiro had shot him, without killing him, in order to save his life.

Beginning to lose his composure, Gallerian was suddenly chided by the tiger for doing so; the tiger introduced himself as Feng Li and explained he was actually a human with the appearance of a tiger. Gallerian then asked Hale to continue and learned from her that he was currently in Lunaca Labora, a location sought after by her father. Bruno then entered the laboratory, telling Gallerian to ask the owner if he wanted more answers. After Gallerian asked why he saved him, Bruno asked in turn he wanted revenge on Loki, offering to help kill him.

Gallerian declined, stating he simply wanted to have Loki judged in court, and learned from Bruno that this was what they had expected of him as a potential "front man" to their organization. Gallerian expressed his refusal to join them before eventually relenting. Bruno told him that Loki spread the lie that Gallerian had died in a hunting accident, and further that if Gallerian returned to the public the Freezis Conglomerate would make efforts to prevent Loki from being charged. Frustrated, Gallerian soon realized that Bruno's counter-offer was for him to join them, and that the owner of Lunaca Labora had chosen him for this.

A person in a postman's uniform, addressed as Postman, soon entered and was made to fetch the owner. Soon after, Kayo entered, having lied about where she was living and Lunaca Labora being one of her true residences. After Gallerian learned more of the history of the laboratory from her, he tried to discuss how she had this magical knowledge and she soon directed him instead on the topic of Loki. Ma came to explain how the Freezis Family on the whole had become corrupt and betrayed Elluka with the witch hunts, saying that the members of their group were all former Freezis employees and that Loki himself was an HER.

Although at a loss, Gallerian decided to ally with this group to take down his former friend. Expressing this to Kayo, she requested that he call her "Ma" when possible.[7] Having officially become a member of PN, Gallerian continued staying at Lunaca Labora to recover from his injuries. In the meantime, he began plotting with the others to have Loki convicted of his crimes.[8]

Farewell to a FriendEdit

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Sin FragmentsEdit

"I don't need the vessels of sin."
"Oh... is that so?"
―Gallerian and Ma[src]

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Akuno 008

Gallerian finishes reading the novel

In EC 978, Ma told Gallerian that she wanted to create a film adaptation of "The Daughter of Evil" and lent him the novel. Around that time, Mira and Michelle left on a trip aboard the Titanis; later on, the judge went on a vacation from work. The day before his family was scheduled to return home, Gallerian decided to spend his holiday reading the story before Ma got impatient. Sitting in his study, the judge read Yukina Freezis' tale about the conspiracy surrounding Princess Riliane and the Marlon Royal Family caused by the vessels of sin.

Upon finishing the book he was visited by Ma, who asked his opinion on it. Gallerian admitted the novel was very different from the Freezis Fairy Tale he was familiar with. When Ma asserted that the book was the true version of events, the judge skeptically pointed out her implication that mages and demons actually existed, not believing in them himself at that time. After returning the book to her, he then inquired about her desired film adaptation. In response, the playwright insinuated that she would like him as a sponsor. Gallerian immediately declined, unwilling to fund such a project despite his interest in movies.

Offended, Ma made vague threats regarding the fact that Gallerian's wife was returning to the mansion the next day, which Gallerian initially mistook to mean she planned to expose their affair. After she refuted his accusation of such, Gallerian attempted to break the unpleasant atmosphere by asking for a rough idea of what happened with the characters afterward. He pointed out the names of Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia had appeared a century after the era portrayed in the book and Ma picked up on his reference to the tales of Lemy the Ripper. The playwright then explained that Yukina only wrote that the two mages had traveled to the East, making it impossible to connect them to Lemy's murder given Yukina died before his lifetime.

Gallerian then conversed with her about Germaine Avadonia and the absurd theories surrounding her connection to Julia Abelard. Ma likewise explained that Yukina's writings only stated she had gone traveling with Chartette Langley, leaving no other historical record afterward. As the doubtful judge pondered the theories about Julia Abelard being Germaine as possible due to the vessels of sin, he rhetorically asked why Abyss I.R. had been collecting the vessels of sin. Ma responded that she had heard that collecting them all granted the collector any wish. Noticing his interest at that, she then suggested they look for the artifacts together. Gallerian declined due to the potential costs involved, saying he didn't need them. As Ma left, Gallerian once more insisted that she not tell his wife about their relationship. Ma parted with the request that he let her know if he changed his mind about collecting the vessels of sin, or about her play.

The judge sat back down in his chair, falling asleep. He was later shaken awake by Rennert, who told him Mira and Michelle had been in an accident. Shocked, Gallerian's sight went dark as he heard Rennert continue explaining that their ship had been sunk by a giant octopus right before entering the harbor.[9] Perceiving the Clockworker's Doll to be his daughter, Gallerian learned "Michelle" was permanently disabled and had her confined to her room.[10]

Dark Star ScandalEdit

"The most important thing for me is that you can pay me money. That's it. We made a deal for a good money-making scheme instead. If you were found guilty, he would transfer your entire fortune to me. Your entire fortune!"

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In EC 980, Ma approached Gallerian and spoke to him about the vessels of sin again.[11] Assured his wish to heal his child could be achieved through their combined magic, the judge agreed to help Ma collect them. After locating the Marlon Spoon, Gallerian presided over the trial and found the owner guilty, confiscating the vessel for himself. Afterward, he forged a contract with the Demon of Greed to help him attain the wealth he needed to find and collect the others.[12] Using the spoon to speak with the Clockworker's Doll, Gallerian kept it on his person at all times; at some point, Michelle told Gallerian that she disliked Ma and he decided to keep her away from his home for his darling daughter.

Around that time, the Dark Star Bureau was privatized and lost government funding.[13] Gallerian then accepted bribes to decide his rulings; sentencing anyone unwilling or able to pay his bribe fees, the judge began ruling countless criminals innocent while convicting numerous innocents, amassing a huge fortune.[14] Spreading his corruption throughout the bureau, Gallerian had his close aide Bruno Zero help the judge oversee the court's important matters.

Sometime after, Gallerian established a private espionage force within the bureau, dubbing it PN. Acting as PN's master "First Santa Claus", Gallerian had the secret organization serve his needs.[15] Gallerian later presided over the trial of Nemesis Sudou and her cohort. Determined the heinous criminal useful for PN, the judge convicted them both to the death penalty. Afterward, he offered Nemesis exemption from her heinous crimes in exchange for becoming the espionage force's latest member. She accepted the offer and Gallerian inducted her as No. 8 of the organization, making her his private assassin.[16]

Scherzer CaseEdit

"It ached my heart a bit, but I let the gavel hit cleanly for money."
―Gallerian mocking Scherzer[src]

Gallerian discovers Scherzer at his study's window

At some point during his time of corruption in the bureau, Gallerian presided over a case regarding a celebrity assaulting a woman. Before the trial, the defendant, Scherzer, approached Gallerian and offered him a bribe for exoneration. The judge accepted the offer and ruled him innocent, declaring the available evidence to be merely circumstantial. He later returned home and heard the radio report on his ruling, in addition to noting Scherzer's popularity with women.

That night, Gallerian was visited by Scherzer in his study, and the two discussed the matters of his exoneration, Gallerian brushing it off as merely a matter of money. He then warned the celebrity to be more careful around women. Scherzer flippantly said he'd keep it in mind, departing from the window. The judge was visited by Ma some time later, again while he was working in his study, and informed of rumors surrounding Scherzer and the disappearances of several women. Cursing Scherzer's apparent indiscretion, Gallerian stood from his chair pointing out how it would do damage to his own reputation for acquitting the celebrity if these rumors turned out to be true. He then grabbed his cloak and told Ma he was going out.


Gallerian looks into Scherzer's case

Once the judge made contact with the whistleblower, he was directed to a rundown bar to discuss what really happened. Recognizing the other as Scherzer's subordinate, the man introduced himself as Bogaerts and shared his testimony confirming the rumors. He explained, while expressing his great disgust, that Scherzer was kidnapping several woman, and imprisoning them in his suburban mansion's basement in an attempt to mimic the Venomania Event.

Gallerian discusses Scherzer's "hobby"

That night, Gallerian noticed Scherzer enter from his study's window and petition him to be his savior again. Gallerian conceded to the offer if he was paid ten times the amount of the previous bribe and the celebrity reluctantly agreed to make the arrangements. The curious judge then inquired why he was kidnapping women when he was already so wealthy.

Scherzer explained that seeing the women lose hope was exhilarating to him, and that making money on the slave trade was just a bonus. When Gallerian remarked on his sleaziness, Scherzer pointed out their similiarity in indulging in corruption for money. Gallerian smiled and agreed that he would help anyone who paid him. The next day, Gallerian presided over Scherzer's trial. Following the criminal proceedings and Bogaert's testimony, Gallerian declared Scherzer guilty of all thirteen charges brought against him. The shocked and infuriated criminal was gagged and dragged away.


Gallerian's farewell to Scherzer

Later, Gallerian put on his cloak and visited Scherzer's prison cell, claiming that he came to explain his reasons for the guilty verdict. Once he confirmed he didn't have a personal vendetta against him, the judge explained that Scherzer's carelessness is what did him in; one of the kidnapped girls was the niece of Bogaerts--his financial officer.

With the injured party in such a position, Scherzer could not pay Gallerian the expected amount for his aid. However, if he found Scherzer guilty Bogaerts would hand over to the judge the celebrity's entire fortune. Gallerian joked that, though it pained him, he ultimately struck the gavel cleanly for the sake of money.

As he prepared to leave, the judge added that Scherzer would be executed the next day along with his subordinates, since what he just told him was potentially detrimental to Bogaerts. Telling Scherzer that they'd meet again in Hell if possible, Gallerian left the screaming criminal to his fate. Once he arrived home, Gallerian removed his cloak and approached his daughter, thinking to himself that it wouldn't be long before he could complete his true goal of helping her.[17]

Octo Murder CaseEdit

"Still... I don't agree with the ruling! My brother... Nyoze the likes of a murderer... there's no way!"
―Gammon Octo[src]

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In EC 982, Gallerian discovered Second Lieutenant Nyoze Octo was in possession of the Venom Sword. The judge then had him framed for murder and arrested. After the sword was confiscated and he obtained the necessary falsified evidence, Gallerian presided over Nyoze's trial and convicted him of the crime. The bureau director later had the Venom Sword covertly transferred to his home's treasury. Afterward, Nyoze's brother, Sergeant Major Gammon, attempted to arrange a meeting with Gallerian and the judge refused to see him. Around that time, Gallerian began thinking they should find somewhere away from the public's gaze to store the vessels to avoid his removal of evidence from being caught.[18]

Several days since ruling on Nyoze's trial, just after getting home Gallerian heard the door bell ring. Annoyed, he opened the door to see Gammon at the entrance. Interrupting the soldier's apologetic introduction, he said that he knew who he was and what he wanted. He then bluntly told the sergeant major that he didn't wish to speak with him and fruitlessly attempted to close the door. Gammon pleaded that Nyoze couldn't be a murderer, which was quickly rebuked by Gallerian appealing to his own authority and that the investigation results confirmed the victim's wounds were inflicted by Nyoze's sword.

Gammon then asked if he could at least be given the sword since it was precious heirloom, Gallerian claimed it was also impossible as all criminal evidence was confiscated by the state under law. Despite further protestations Gallerian declared he'd accuse the man of trespassing if he didn't desist. The dejected soldier then abided and politely excused himself for intruding before finally leaving.

Once he closed the door, Gallerian headed straight to Michelle's room and saw Ma there with her. Though the playwright offered to make him something to eat, or give him a bath, he coldly interrupted and told her not to come to his home without his permission, claiming that Michelle despised her as the reason. To that Ma said that it couldn't be, as she was the girl's mother, which Gallerian took as a tasteless joke and insisted she leave. Ma agreed to abide after she received the Venom Sword. Gallerian retrieved it from his treasury and presented it to her. Once the she confirmed it was authentic and encouraged him to continue collecting them as he had, Gallerian hesitantly questioned if it was really true his wish to heal Michelle would be granted by collecting the vessels, earning Ma's reassurance that it was so.

He then cautioned that his position would be compromised if him removing confiscated evidence was discovered and Ma said she'd be discrete. They both discussed the convenience of having another place away from the public eye to store the vessel collection. Jut before Ma left, she stopped and confirmed that Gallerian had the spoon with him at all times, as it was his only means to communicate with his daughter. Afterwards, Gallerian approached Michelle and told her he was home, engaging in a one-sided conversation about his difficulty in taking time off to be with her, promising to gather the rest of the vessels as friends so she wouldn't be lonely.[19]

Shutting Down the GraveyardEdit

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Later that year,[20] Gallerian learned about an abandoned home in the Millennium Tree Forest and visited the location. Determining it was the ideal place to store his vessel of sin collection, the judge purchased the property and ordered the residence be torn down and replaced with a small movie theater, calling it "Evil's Theater". Once two skeletal corpses were found when the building was torn down, the judge decided to add a graveyard around the theater grounds as well;[21] having a clock tower included in the construction, the judge named it "Heartbeat Clocktower" after the one present at Castle Hedgehog.[22]

At some point, Gallerian collected at least two of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia.[23] After discovering the owner of the Glass of Conchita and one of the four Mirrors was working at the Graveyard restaurant, the judge sent a team to investigate, arrest the vessel's holder, and confiscate the vessels for himself.[24] Once the investigators apprehended the "evidence", Gallerian left the vessels on his study's desk.[25] He eventually collected all four Mirrors of Lucifenia, moving them to the theater.[26]

Once the judge learned Nyoze had escaped prison and gone into hiding, the judge had an investigation launched to covertly locate the fugitive second lieutenant. As construction of Evil's Theater reached completion, the judge decided to have Michelle reside there for a while to potentially ease her illness.[27]

Uncertain DreamEdit

"Deadly sinner possessed by the Demon of Greed—  it would be fitting for you to be bound for hell... However, I shall give you but a single chance."
"Wait. Before that—  who're you? Before you take such a cavalier attitude with someone, don't you think you should name yourself first?"
"I be Master of the Hellish Yard. She who judges the dead."
―Master of the Hellish Yard and Gallerian[src]

In December of EC 982, the judge fell asleep at his office in the bureau while looking over the Fifth Pierrot case files. Finding himself suddenly in a large dark cavern, lava spouting everywhere, the judge saw lines of naked people ahead and followed them to the massive gates. Seeing a masked woman there, Gallerian pushed through the crowd and approached her, feeling he had met her somewhere before.

When the woman asked if he was indeed the USE Dark Star Bureau's director Gallerian Marlon who would executed any innocent man for money, the judge affirmed he was. Though it would be appropriate to send him to hell, as he was possessed by the Demon of Greed, the woman told him she would give him a chance. When asked her identity, the woman answered that she was the Master of the Hellish Yard who judged the dead. Gallerian then asked about the specifics of the "chance" she spoke of, to which she clarified that if he relinquished the entirety of his fortune he amassed in life, she would give him the ticket to heaven. But, already knowing his response, he gave her his refusal.[28]

Bruno's ReportEdit

"We've found the fugitive Nyoze Octo. He appears to be in hiding with his lover in Lucifenia's Rolled."
"I see. Kill him."
―Bruno and Gallerian[src]

Immediately afterward, the judge awoke and looked around his empty office, seeing the still open Fifth Pierrot files on his desk in front of him. After closing the files, the judge heard Bruno knock on the door and permitted him to enter. The aide announced that Evil's Theater's construction had been completed and that Michelle and his entire vessel of sin collection had already been safely moved there.

The judge expressed his hope that the fresh forest air helped with his daughter's illness before asking if there was anything else. Bruno then reported that they'd found the fugitive Nyoze hiding with his love in Lucifenia's city of Rolled. After Gallerian promptly ordered his death, Bruno suggested having No. 8 handle the mission, citing she was their most skilled assassin among PN's members. Gallerian told him he'd leave the personal selection to him since he was busy preparing for the next trial. He then expressed a desire to have dinner with Ma afterward, to which Bruno suggested a restaurant at Calgaround's Merrigod Plateau, offering to arrange a reservation for them. Even though it was far away, the bureau director agreed, saying it would be nice to eat while gazing at the plateau flowers.

Despite suspiciously asking if there was anything else to add that Bruno wasn't telling him, Gallerian trusted in his aide when Bruno said that there was nothing else that was worthwhile to report to him, allowing the man to excuse himself and leave the room. [29]

Corrupt DealingsEdit

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After Michelle returned home, Gallerian stored the Marlon Spoon, Glass of Conchita, and two of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia in the room to accompany her. Once the judge collected the Twin Blades of Levianta, he stored the vessel in the theater. Afterward, the judge created a documentary showcasing all his collectibles and had it screen as Evil's Theater's sole film.[30]

Leviantan Civil WarEdit

"I will never hand over my fortune to you!"

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In August, EC 983, Gallerian presided over a case regarding General Tony Ausdin's apparent war crimes and serial killing. After offered a bribe to exonerate the general, Gallerian accepted the money and ruled Tony innocent after the ensuing trial.[31] During the event, his corruption came to light and the injustice spawned a growing rebellion in Levianta.[32] As the event quickly escalated into full civil war, Gallerian returned home and went to Michelle's room, remarking about the war raging outside.[33] Gallerian then clutched the Clockworker's Doll in his arms, holding "Michelle" tightly as the flames set upon his home began to surround them.[34]

After moving him and his daughter into his study, Gallerian sat down and began reading Ma's screenplay on Kayo Sudou and the Enbizaka Murderer Scandal, learning about his great-great-grandmother's era. Hearing someone's approaching footsteps, Gallerian mused that it was possibly a messenger from Hell. After tossing the book into the flames, the judge picked up the last book in his shelf, which was an unfinished work displaying the title "Judgment of Corruption", and amusedly began to read it.[35]


Nemesis puts a revolver to Gallerian's head

He was then confronted by the masked No. 8.[36] He percieved that he had awoken in the underworld again, confronted by the Master of the Hellish Yard. Demanding he repent for his sins, she offered him exoneration in exchange for his fortune. Embracing her, he gleefully refused the deal and let himself be cast into hell, planning to await for the last vessel to be collected to reunite him and his daughter in the utopia they'd wish for.[37] Nemesis then placed the barrel of her gun upon his head and the judge's smile disappeared. Shortly after, Gallerian was shot with the golden bullet and killed.[38]


"Very well. I'll exonerate enforcing the sentence against Kayo Sudou. Of course—that's dependent on your money nonetheless."
"I don't have any money."
"If not, you need to pay a price. Something to substitute for the accused... Yes. Then you will be executed in her stead."
―Gallerian and Allen Avadonia[src]

Following his death, Gallerian ended up in the Hellish Yard and remained there. At some point, the Master of the Hellish Yard conveyed to Gallerian the story of the sun god's charge Allen Avadonia, the boy called "Irregular". In EC 998, he and the other souls returned to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[39] Returning to Levianta, the judge recreated an illusion of the USE Dark Star Bureau courthouse, its audience, and its staff, continuing to preside over trials of the resident souls while searching for Michelle and the vessels of sin.

After the Hellish Yard's space-time distortions caused the courthouse to appear in Enbizaka, Jakoku, the judge sent out a summons to the resident tailor Kayo Sudou to judge her for her murder during life. After it was confirmed Kayo had arrived in court, Gallerian called for the whispering audience and moved to the judge's stand to begin the proceedings. Following the trial procedures of the prosecution and defense regarding the Enbizaka Murderer Scandal, Gallerian declared his judgment and found her guilty of the charges against her.

The judge sentenced her to decapitation, immediately materializing a guillotine in the center of the courtroom and having Kayo dragged and fastened to it. Before they could behead her, however, they heard a boy call for them to stop. Hearing his pleas, Gallerian approached him and recognized him as Allen Avadonia. Standing over the child, the corrupt judge coldly expressed his wonder if a brat had somehow wandered into his courtroom, noting it wasn't often one got to see "Irregular". He then agreed to exonerate Kayo provided that Allen was able to pay for it. When the boy answered he didn't have any money, the judge asserted he would have to pay a price instead to substitute for the accused's punishment.


Gallerian talks down to Allen

After considering it, the Gallerian declared the boy would be executed in Kayo's stead. Upon seeing his resulting fear, the judge mockingly asked why he was doing so, questioning if "Irregular" was actually just a scared child. Telling Allen it was too late to pardon him, the judge ordered his subordinates to take him to the guillotine. Before that judgment could be carried out, however, Gallerian heard another voice telling him to stop, and looked over to see the Clockworker's Doll on the defense stand. Immediately perceiving it and the voice to be Michelle, Gallerian immedately calmed down back into the role of an affectionate father, mentioning that he had been looking for her. When "Michelle" angrily lectured that he had to properly judge someone's sins by going through the full procedures first, Gallerian considered what she said.

After agreeing, the judge announced the court was in session again for Irregular, stating he was charged with bringing the world to ruin. He returned to the judge's stand, with Michelle saying she would be defense. At a loss for a prosecutor, they were soon joined by a hooded woman who entered from the shadows, answering upon being questioned that she was there for the trial. When Gallerian then inquired if she would be serving as the prosecutor, the woman answered her role would actually be that of the judge, clarifying that the accused she was judging was actually him. She then raised her head to reveal her mask, and the shocked bureau director recognized the Master of the Hellish Yard.

The judge of the dead then chided him and the other escaped contractors for leaving the underworld she managed despite the current situation with the ground world. Gallerian stated he would return after he finished collecting the vessels of sin. When the Master Hellish Yard next questioned how inviting Allen there served that objective of his, the judge admitted it was just a simple coincidence, explaining the fact he had only recently realized his true identity. Afterward, she opened a portal below his feet; screaming, the judge fell straight back to the underworld.[40]


"Gallerian was a friend of mine. He too was possessed by a Deadly Sin. I, for one, thought to try and use that. As I expected, he collected many of the vessels."

After his death, Gallerian's vast inheritance went missing, with his collection of vessels of sin being inherited by Ma and stored in Evil's Theater.[41] The small theater became forgotten by the masses for the most part.[42] Rumors spread afterward that Gallerian's inheritance was inside the theater, prompting numerous treasure hunters to attempt finding it.[43] The awakened Clockworker's Doll's burns were later healed by Gear and she succeeded her "father" as the Master of the Court, looking to Gallerian for guidance as she continued his plan to gather all the vessels of sin and create a utopia for them both.[44]

Gallerian's work in the Dark Star Bureau was spoken about with disdain by later generations and his obsession with finding the vessels of sin earned him the name of the Collector.[45] A film concerning Gallerian's corruption of the bureau was created by Ma over a decade later and was subsequently reviewed by the Master of the Court.[46] While organizing the "motions", Gammon Octo noted the judge's corrupt temperament and how it was seemingly inherited by the Judicial Doll instead of Gear; the former soldier likewise pointed out while it appeared that Ma was the one who incited Gallerian, it also didn't feel like something she would do.[47]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"You're right. I'll save anyone who pays me money. Anyone."
―Gallerian to Scherzer[src]

Gallerian was a cold, pragmatic, but contradictory man. Growing up poor despite his family's status, Gallerian was instilled even as a child with the notion that being rich was essential to one's success. As such, he was notably stingy and disliked frivolous spending. Over time, this stinginess developed into outright greed that prioritized making money and accumulating power even at expense to other people. Gallerian's desire for "collecting" became so pronounced that it supplied, on its own, the "greed" to consider him a contractor of the absent Demon of Greed. He was accordingly willing to exonerate, or convict, anyone for the right compensation, regardless of the scale of their crimes.


Gallerian's typical demeanor

His greed, however, was with the understanding that money was a means to an end. Gallerian's struggles growing up instilled in him a boundless drive to succeed that he poured first into his career and then into his relationship with Michelle. His determination to save his daughter reflected the tireless and dedicated approach Gallerian took to all of his goals, where he was willing to do anything to achieve them regardless of how good or evil his actions may appear to others. He fittingly conducted himself in a stoic and businesslike manner, save for on rare occasions.

Originally, Gallerian's behavior was tempered by a set of morals and a dislike of injustice, and he was similarly loyal to his friends even in the worst circumstances. The events of his youth, however, and his own drive to save Michelle, led him to discard his scruples with increasing indifference. As he acted unrepentant about his various misdeeds to the last, it became unclear if his previous morals were genuine or a superficial result of his upbringing. Similarly, although he cared for his relationships, Gallerian was not above betraying his other "business partners" and was mostly loyal to his own ultimate ends. Especially by the world's end, Gallerian was sadistic and cruel in his behavior, in stark contrast to his demeanor as a teenager.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"I pass judgment."
―Chief Justice Gallerian[src]

Gallerian invoking his authority over USE law as judge

A learned judge, Gallerian was well-versed in law and had risen to become a powerful magistrate in the USE at a young age as a result.[48] Because of his power and influence as the Supreme Court Director, he could warrant anyone's arrest under the pretense of investigating a crime and confiscate evidence as he saw fit.[49] His power even extended to forging evidence.

As part of his position, Gallerian could act as the presiding judge of any trial within the Dark Star Buraeu's jurisdiction and had the sole power to save or condemn the defendant and select their sentence based on the evidence provided.[50] After becoming the master of PN, Gallerian used the espionage force as his personal secret police, eliminating any threats covertly while expanding his corrupt power.[51]

Because he possessed the Marlon Spoon, wealth was naturally attracted to the judge and he was often presented with fortuitous opportunities to acquire wealth through his corrupt dealings.[52] As a contractor to Adam Moonlit, Gallerian was able to hear the voice of the Clockworker's Doll. He also appeared unusually young for his age, as characteristic of his family.[53]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Ma: Gallerian's friend and later mistress. Seeing Ma as a very beautiful and mysterious woman who aided him when he needed it, Gallerian developed a close confidential relationship with her. Later on, despite initial wariness of her resemblance to his mother, he entered an affair with the playwright for a short time. Despite this, Gallerian was annoyed by her lackadaisical, cryptic nature as well as her jabs at his family, although ultimately grateful for her help.

Michelle Marlon: Gallerian's real daughter. Gallerian had a loving relationship with her and was very considerate of her well-being, turning down Ma's offer of looking for the Sin fragments initially due to his concern for her. After her death, Gallerian continued to care for "her" while believing her to be inside of the Clockworker's Doll.

Mira Marlon: Gallerian's wife. Gallerian initially believed himself in love with Mira during their affair, and was genuinely friends with her during their youth. Despite this, he quickly came to despise her at times irresponsible behavior and their marriage suffered under their constant friction. Over time, Gallerian even questioned if he hadn't just seen her as a way to get revenge on Loki, her being Loki's former girlfriend.

Clockworker's Doll: Gallerian's perceived daughter. Gallerian cared about "Michelle" very deeply, dedicating himself to curing her condition and enjoying their conversations together. He was almost subserviently devoted to her, and although trying to keep her safe from harm he also was comforted by her presence near his death.

Nemesis Sudou: Gallerian's employee, daughter, and sister. Not knowing of her existence as his daughter or sister, Gallerian only saw Nemesis as a suitably skilled assassin in PN; later on, he was similarly contemptuous of her threats and defiant to her attempts to make him seek repentance for what he had done.

Elluka Clockworker: Gallerian's mother. Although never meeting his mother in person, Elluka's infamy as a "witch" followed him throughout his childhood. The young judge was inspired by her fate to reform the justice system in the Dark Star Bureau. Later, when meeting Ma, he initially suspected the two were the same before discarding the idea.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Gallerian's surname, Marlon, is a reference to Mammon, the patron demon of Greed.





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