Technical Information
Japanese 楽舎
Romaji Gakusha
Other Names Octo Gakuga
Sudou Gakuga

Camui Gackpo

Biographical Information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Affiliation(s) Jakoku

Gakusha, born Gakuga Octo, was a traveling monk from Jakoku and the husband of Kayo Sudou. Disowned by his family, the youth eventually married his cousin Kayo, living with her in Enbizaka. Losing his memory after a great fire struck the neighborhood, the man was rescued by the traveling monk Giyara. Inspired, Gakusha became a trainee monk and joined Giyara in his travels.


Early LifeEdit

Gakuga was born a member the Octo Family and the son of a samurai.[1] Growing up in Onigashima, Jakoku, Gakuga began committing numerous debaucheries as a teenager. At the age of fifteen, he made a pass at a blacksmith's wife, getting his hand burned by the blacksmith as a result. Sometime after, he was disowned by his family.

In EC 838, Gakuga met local tailor Kayo Sudou and the two became close. Pursuing a romance, the two cousins eventually married, with Gakuga living with her at her family's tailor shop at Enbizaka. Following their marriage, he and his wife sired a son, naming him Ren. Gakuga then continued to be a drunkard, staying outside of their home for a majority of the time. At some point, he began bragging to his wife that he could sprout wings and fly.[2]

Neighborhood TragedyEdit

Later that year, Gakuga spotted a man attempting to start a fire starting at the Freezis trade house on the hill. Calling out to him, he eventually startled the man, witnessing him set fire to a bush instead.[3] Gakuga rushed home, seeing his wife working. Asking what she was doing, Gakuga was rhetorically asked in response if he could see that she was working. Telling her that there was a fire approaching from the trading house on the hill, Gakuga said they would burn to death if they didn't flee quickly.

Witnessing Kayo prepare for their departure, Gakuga told her they would flee to the bridge on the other side of the hill. Reaching the bridge, Gakuga and his family attempted to cross, but were held back by the number of people evacuating. He then heard Kayo comment on Oyuka's hairpin shop burning. Having a casual conversation about food, Gakuga eventually boasted that he could sprout wings and take them away, only that his wings were weak.[4] Sometime after, he sprouted wings and pursued the fleeing Kai to Mount Izasa before losing his memories and collapsing.[5]

A New LifeEdit

Regaining his consciousness, he was eventually found by the travelling monk Giyara. Inspired, "Gakusha" joined Giyara and decided to become a trainee monk himself. Journeying around Jakoku and performing his various duties, Gakusha began wearing basket over his face at all times in order to hide his burns.[6] At some point, Giyara died; Gakusha regained his memories soon after.[7]

In EC 842, Gakusha came upon Enbizaka, encountering a severed head gibbeted in the town. He then asked the townspeople what crime it had committed. After learning the story of the tailor and the murders she committed, the monk went away wondering why the lovely woman of the story murdered those people,[8] refusing to believe she was in fact his former wife.[9]

The next day, he approached the severed head again to perform the proper rites for the murderess and found a boy there. Questioning who he was, Gakusha learned that the child had been the one to carry out Kayo's execution. Joining hands with the boy, the monk chanted the rites for the murderess before going on his way.[10]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Gakusha was an unscrupulous but faithful man. As a youth, he often got into fights and engaged in womanizing. Following his marriage to Kayo, he continued to be a drunkard but stayed faithful to his wife. Sharing a close relationship with her due to their similar temperaments, Gakusha loved his wife greatly, and did what he could to protect her and their son. He also made small talk with Kayo during their evacuation, and boasted about his ability to sprout wings.[11] Following his memory loss, Gakusha felt indebted to Giyara and was inspired by the monk, deciding to follow him in his travels to become a monk himself.[12]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a descendant of Sateriasis Venomania, Gakusha inherited the ability to sprout wings and fly.[13] Despite this power, he was unable to carry a large amount of weight with him while flying. The man was also particularly alert even when drunk, able to call out to Kai after noticing he was about to set fire to the Freezis trade house. Aside from this, Gakusha could think on his feet in times of emergency, rushing to evacuate Kayo and Ren once the fire struck Enbizaka.[14] After becoming a trainee monk, Gakusha was able to perform all of his expected duties.[15]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Kayo Sudou: Gakusha's cousin and later wife. The man shared a close relationship with the tailor due to their similar temperaments, and fell in love with her despite the obstacles to their marriage. As a result of this love, Gakusha remained faithful to Kayo despite his womanizing and was devoted to protecting her and their son. This love for her was rekindled after regaining his memories, although he refused to believe that her appearance had changed.

Ren Sudou: Gakusha's son. Gakusha cherished the child that had been borne of himself and Kayo and sought to protect him, even at cost to his own life.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Gakusha's name is derived from Japanese, meaning "discarding human pleasure", a popular concept in Buddhism; fittingly, Gakusha's profession as a monk draws many parallels with Buddhist monks.
  • His different names are partially inspired by that of his representative Vocaloid, Gackpo, with both names containing "Gaku" in the romanization.




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