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NND / YT (subbed)
Original プラトーの花
Romaji Puratoo no Hana
Singer(s) Hatsune Miku
Release Date January 11, 2012 (CD)

January 13, 2012 (PV)

Collaborators Yuu (illustrations)
Series -
Preceded by The Portrait Glassred Drew
Followed by Evil Food Eater Conchita
"A flower absolutely must be pure."
―Mikulia Calgaround[src]

Flower of the Plateau is a song released on January 11, 2012 in the FARM RECORDS' VOCALO APPEND album and later uploaded with a PV by Akuno-P two days later. The song concerns the titular Flower of the Plateau, living her life in Calgaround following the Venomania Event and her apparent prostitution afterward.


In Calgaround, Elphegort lives a florist beloved for her beauty and sweet disposition, called "The Flower of the Plateau" by the townspeople. In truth, no one in the town knows her past as a prostitute. One day, a young lord falls in love with the florist and asks for her hand in marriage, to the blessings of the townspeople; shortly before the marriage, a lecherous man enters town; he recognizes the florist from her past days as a prostitute.

The song's narrator repeats a mantra, that "A flower absolutely must be pure." Three years later, a boy appears in the town seeking the love of his long lost mother, a prostitute who had abandoned him. The narrator repeats their mantra, and asserts that the Flower of the Plateau can be happy with her new life and not think of the "leaves" now buried in the well. There is still no one in town who knows the florist's secret except for the narrator herself.


Hatsune Miku Append Solid is utilized, along with a radio filter. Notable instruments used are electric guitar, piano, drums, bass guitar, and synth organ.

The song begins with organ chords, and the vocals begin at 0.07. The first tagline of the song is sung at 0.35, followed by a brief instrumental break, ending at 0.48. The second verse begins and is followed by a reprise of the tagline at 1.14 before continuing in the same manner as the original. The third verse begins at 1.27, followed by the song's signature quote, ending at 2.00. The final verse starts immediately after, and carries the signature quote as well. The coda begins at 2.43, followed by the quote at 3.10. The final line ends at 3.31, followed by a brief piano solo.


可憐な花売り 皆から好かれていた
やすらぎ導く笑顔は まさに天使


二人の末永い幸せ 願ったのさ


結納の前日に 男は町に現れた
女に寄生する 醜い下品なケダモノ
秘密を知る者 彼女の過去を知る者

― 花は綺麗でなくてはならない ―
― 花は綺麗でなくてはならない ―

三年の時がたち 少年は町に現れた
母親の愛情を求めた たとえその人が
自分を産み捨てた 愚かな娼婦だとしても

― 花は綺麗でなくてはならない ―
― 花は綺麗でなくてはならない ―

「プラトーの花」は幸せ それでいいじゃないか
井戸の底 埋められた 二枚の枯葉のことなど
気に留めちゃいけない 気に留める必要などない

― 花は綺麗でなくてはならない ―
― 花は綺麗でなくてはならない ―

彼女が娼婦だったことを 知る者はこの町にはいない


"PURATOO no Hana" to yobareta onna ga ita
Karen na hanauri minna kara sukareteita
Yasuragi michibiku egao wa masa ni tenshi

Kanojo ga shoufu datta koto wo
Shirumono wa kono machi ni inakatta

Wakaki ryoushu ga kanojo wo misometa toki
Dare mo ga yorokobi kanojo wo shukufuku shita
Futari no suenagai shiawase negatta no sa

Kanojo ga shoufu datta koto wo
Shirumono wa kono machi ni inakatta

Yuinou no zenjitsu ni otoko wa machi ni arawareta
Onna ni kisei suru minikui gehin na KEDAMONO
Himitsu wo shirumono kanojo no kako o shirumono

-Hana wa kirei de nakute wa naranai-
-Hana wa kirei de nakute wa naranai-

Sannen no toki ga tachi shounen wa machi ni arawareta
Hahaoya no aijou wo motometa tatoe sono hito ga
Jibun wo umi suteta oroka na shoufu da toshite mo

-Hana wa kirei de nakute wa naranai-
-Hana wa kirei de nakute wa naranai-

"PURATOO no Hana" wa shiawase soe de ii ja nai ka
Ido no soko umerareta nimai no kareha no koto nado
Ki ni tomecha ikenai ki ni tomeru hitsuyou nado nai

-Hana wa kirei de nakute wa naranai-
-Hana wa kirei de nakute wa naranai-

Kanojo ga shoufu datta koto wo shirumono wa kono machi ni wa inai

Kanojo ga shoufu datta koto wo
Shirumono wa boku igai ni inai...

There was a woman called “The Flower of the Plateau”
A lovely flower vendor, she was adored by everyone
Her peacefully comforting smile was surely an angel’s

There wasn’t anyone in this town who knew
That she used to be a harlot

When a young lord fell in love with her at first sight
Everyone rejoiced and blessed her
And wished the two many years of happiness

There wasn’t anyone in this town who knew
That she used to be a harlot

The day before the engagement, a man appeared in the town
An ugly, vulgar brute who leeched off women
Someone who knew the secret, someone who knew her past

-A flower absolutely must be pure-
-A flower absolutely must be pure-

Three years passed, and a boy appeared in the town
Who sought his mother’s love, even if that person
Was a dumb whore who cast him aside at birth herself

-A flower absolutely must be pure-
-A flower absolutely must be pure-

Isn’t it good for the “Flower of the Plateau” to be happy?
She must not pay attention, she has no need to pay attention
To the two dead leaves and such buried at the bottom of the well

-A flower absolutely must be pure-
-A flower absolutely must be pure-

There isn’t anyone in this town who knows that she used to be a harlot

There isn’t anyone in this town who knows
That she used to be a harlot but me…

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Related SongsEdit

The Lunacy of Duke VenomaniaEdit

The Lunacy of Duke Venomania describes events that took place prior to Flower of the Plateau, as it relates the true Mikulia Greeonio's past as a member of Sateriasis Venomania's harem .

Gift from the Princess who Brought SleepEdit

Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep features another incarnation of Eve Moonlit, the true identity behind the "Flower of the Plateau", who also uses questionable means to find happiness. 




Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Imagery of flora is repeatedly shown throughout the song, with the florist Mikulia being referred to as a "flower".
  • The song PV also shows imagery of slugs upon the prostitute Mikulia, connecting to the sin of Sloth and its lethargic connotation.


  • The song exists in-universe as a Freezis Fairy Tale by Yukina Freezis.
  • Ominously, the song was released on Friday the 13th. 
  • Although symbolic, mothy decided to label the PV as an R18+ video due to its suggestive nature.


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