Fire Magic was a type of magic involving the generation and manipulation of fire. Capable of great destructive power, fire spells were often used to cause widespread damage or kill opponents.


Fire magic allowed the user to conjure flames of varying sizes out of nothing and manipulate them to an extent. The flames could reach heat strong enough to incinerate human beings or entire towns.[1] Skilled practitioners could create flames that were over a story tall and launch them over several meters toward an opponent.[2] The fire could also be used in small, quick bursts, able to create small explosions to launch opponents back with a large amount of force or distract them with a blinding light.[3]

When manipulating the flames, a skilled caster could change their shape into different forms, such as a snake.[4] A skilled user could also control what the flames burned, allowing the caster to avoid burning the target's surroundings,[5] or specific body parts of the target themselves.[6] Fire magic's flames typically had a crimson or orange color,[7] though the most powerful kind of flames held an azure hue.[8] Due to its unique nature, fire magic was immune to normal water and could not be doused by rain; in contrast, the flames could be put out by water magic.[9]






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