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Exorcism Magic was a type of magic used to expel harmful, often demonic forces from a target and manipulate them to an extent. A difficult and circumstantial art, exorcism techniques can sometimes have undesired side effects even when utilized by skilled mages.


When employing exorcism magic, the user forcibly expels a malignant, typically demonic presence from the human host being possessed and moves them to another space.[1] Particularly skilled users could not only extract the demons but also move them into different vessels.[2] Exorcism techniques typically involved physical contact with the user, such as the head, and invoking the magic. Therefore, the technique could be used on the undead as well.[3]

As a result, the reverse could also be done and a user could have specific targets possessed. While only a skilled mage was capable of controlling demons, other individuals were nonetheless capable of controlling the demon with the aid of said mage.[4] Likewise, the Clockworker's Doll was particularly useful in controlling Demons of Sin for even non-mages to manipulate.[5]

As a side effect of an exorcism, some hosts with a demon forcibly removed would lose their memories of up to the previous five years due to the trauma. Exorcism techniques were also ineffective against demons that were already deeply rooted into the mind of their host, making it impossible to exorcise them conventionally. However, techniques that reversed the effects of the demons' taking root, such as the Clockwork Secret Art, could make the exorcisms viable.[6]




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