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The Evillious Calendar was the standard measurement of time used in the Bolganio continent's Evillious region. Initiated by Prophet Merry-Go-Round after the birth of the Twins of God Hänsel and Gretel, the system lasted for at least a millennium since its establishment.


After Prophet Merry-Go-Round established the calendar to commemorate the birth of the Twins of God, the Magic Kingdom Levianta prefaced all succeeding years as "Evillious Calendar", commonly abbreviated as "EC" or "E.C."[1] All years occurring before the birth of the twins were then prefaced with the "BT" or "B.T." abbreviation.[2] The system was based on a lunisolar calendar that revolved itself around the rotation of the local sun in the Third Period. The general unit of time was the second, with sixty seconds comprising a minute and sixty minutes making up an hour. Each day was composed of 24 hours; seven days comprised a week and approximately 30 to 31 days in a standard month. Each year had twelve months total.


Unknown period before establishment of Evillious Calendar

  • God of creation, Sickle, creates the Third Period; the world begins
  • Gods Levia and Behemo are incarnated as the twin-headed dragon, Levia-Behemo; they wreak havoc upon humanity
  • The legacy of the Second Period, the ark Sin, is placed in the Third Period
  • Many humans congregate towards Sin; the Magic Kingdom Levianta is formed

BT 528

  • Held incarnates as Tree of Held; creates forest dubbed "Held's Forest" by humans

BT 022

  • Adam Moonlit is born in the Magic Kingdom Levianta
  • Meta Salmhofer is born in the Magic Kingdom Levianta

BT 021

  • Eve Zvezda is born

BT 007


  • Elluka Chirclatia is born on January 30 in the Magic Kingdom Levianta

BT 005

  • Queen Alice Merry-Go-Round predicts the destruction of Levianta; Project 'Ma' is established

BT 004

  • Irina Clockworker is born in the Magic Kingdom Levianta

BT 002

  • Meta Salmhofer joins Apocalypse

EC 0


  • Hänsel and Gretel are born on December 27 in the Magic Kingdom Levianta
  • Meta Salmhofer flees from Levianta Royal Institute with the twins
  • Meta takes refuge within Elphegort

EC 001

  • Twins are stolen by Eve Moonlit; Meta is killed by Eve

EC 013

  • Elluka Chirclatia, Irina Clockworker, Milky Eights, and Ly Li are selected for Project 'Ma'
  • Due to the deaths of the other candidates, Irina is chosen to be Ma
  • Levianta Catastrophe decimates the Magic Kingdom
  • The massive explosion extends to neighboring countries

EC 014

  • Famine in Elphegort caused by Levianta Catastrophe becomes increasingly serious
  • Adam and Eve Moonlit abandon Hänsel and Gretel in the forest
  • The twins kill Adam and Eve and spread the Seven Deadly Sins across the world
  • Murder case opened regarding Adam and Eve's mysterious deaths

EC 015

  • Elluka is tasked by Held to collect the Seven Deadly Sins

EC 110

  • Karchess Crim is born in the Kingdom of Marlon
  • Yufina Marlon is born in the Kingdom of Marlon

EC 112

  • Lilien Turner is born in the Beelzenian Empire

EC 113

  • Duke Ilotte Venomania's eldest son, later named Cherubim, is born in the Beelzenian Empire

EC 114

  • Maylis Beelzenia is born in the Beelzenian Empire

EC 115

  • Sateriasis Venomania is born in the Beelzenian Empire
  • Gumina Glassred is born in the Beelzenian Empire

EC 116

  • Lukana Octo is born in the Beelzenian Empire

EC 118

  • Mikulia Greeonio is born

EC 135

  • Cherubim slaughters the entire Venomania household and steals his half-brother's identity as "Sateriasis Venomania"
  • Sateriasis Venomania is appointed Duke of Asmodean by the Beelzenian Imperial Family

EC 136


  • Lukana Octo reported missing while returning from Lasaland New Year Festival


  • Mikulia Greeonio reported missing before breakfast one morning


  • Gumina Glassred and Carol Shields reported missing from the Glassred estate


  • Mystica's Marquis Ferdinand is discovered murdered along with entire family and staff
  • Lilien Turner reported missing from her home in Mystica
  • Peasant farmer and friend of Lilien, Rajih, claims Duke Sateriasis Venomania's involvement; branded a raving lunatic


  • Count Karchess visits Earl Ferdinand's estate to investigate disappearances of women for the Beelzenian Empire
  • Karchess recruits Rajih for investigation into testimony of Duke Venomania's involvement in disappearances

EC 137

  • Karchess infiltrates the Venomania estate and assassinates Duke Sateriasis Venomania
  • Karchess is accused of murder for his actions
  • The Beelzenian Empire and Marlon hunt Karchess Crim and Queen Yufina Marlon; they elope
  • Mikulia Greeonio is spotted in a Lasaland brothel

EC 138

  • Elluka Clockworker swaps bodies with Lukana Octo

EC 139

  • Karchess inspires a coup to establish a "legitimate Marlon country"

EC 147

  • Mikulia Greeonio marries Earl Gilbert Calgaround

EC 212

  • Asmodean becomes independent of the Beelzenian Empire and forms its own government

EC 296


  • Banica Conchita is born in the Beelzenian Empire

EC 298

  • Arte and Pollo are born in the Beelzenian Empire

EC 301

  • Extinct Magic Kingdom territory reconstructed and founded as "Divine Levianta"

EC 306


  • Megour Conchita is killed by her husband while attempting cannibalism; public cause of death is declared a heart attack

EC 311


  • Engagement occurs between Banica and the third royal prince of Marlon, Carlos Marlon

EC 312


  • Talks between both families ends in engagement's cancellation
  • Rumors spread that cancellation was due to potential problems caused by Banica's behavior

EC 315

  • Word has been well established in Beelzenia of all kinds of cuisine being tasted by Banica Conchita

EC 316


  • Banica journeys abroad for sightseeing in pursuit of food
  • Banica adds new cuisine to Beelzenia and heavily influences Beelzenia’s food culture

EC 319


  • Banica arrives unannounced to the Grabia region's harvest festival and enters tomato eating contest; Conchita wins by a large margin


  • Banica's weight exceeds 70 kg

EC 321


  • Muzuri Conchita dies of a heart attack; following nomination, she succeeds him as feudal lord
  • Banica begins seeking more and more comfort from the dining hall

EC 322


  • Banica's weight exceeds 100 kg

EC 323


  • Banica collapses due to unknown disease; recovers after wandering between life and death for three days


  • Banica attends banquet at the mansion of Prince Oruhari; those attending the meeting are surprised by Conchita's suddenly slender body

EC 324


  • Banica rejects an audience with anyone on account of her illness
  • Conchita transfers the governing of her territory to a pair of servants

EC 325


  • Joseph, a chef working at Banica's mansion, is untraceable; largely believed to be a blood relative of the Marlon Royal Family


  • Rumors that Banica Conchita had turned to cannibalism become widespread in the territory


  • The Beelzenian Empire forms a contract with the well-known sorceress, Elluka Clockworker, and begins investigation


  • Banica goes missing; mansion is discovered completely empty and in perfect order
  • The Empire judges that Conchita escaped to a neighboring country; Elluka's investigation is discontinued

EC 353

  • Will Jaakko is born in the Beelzenian Empire

EC 399

  • Kingdom of Lucifenia is established by Lucifenia I after territory becomes independent from the Beelzenian Empire

EC 457


  • Prim Rogzé is born on January 14 in the Kingdom of Lucifenia


  • Anne Swee is born on June 29 in the Kingdom of Lucifenia

EC 461


  • Zenon, later named Gast Venom, is born on July 31 in the Kingdom of Elphegort

EC 462


  • Leonhart Avadonia is born on January 15 in the Kingdom of Lucifenia

EC 463

  • Sarah is born in the Kingdom of Elphegort
  • Yvette is born in Asmodean

EC 468


  • Mariam Futapie is born on July 1 in Asmodean

EC 473


  • Keel Freezis is born on December 4 in the Kingdom of Marlon
  • Mikina Sfarz is born on December 4 in the Kingdom of Marlon

EC 474

  • Kyle Marlon is born on February 17 in the Kingdom of Marlon
  • Chartette Langley is born in the Kingdom of Lucifenia

EC 477

  • General Mariam Futapie defects to Lucifenia after rebelling against her unit
  • Gast Venom is exiled and becomes a mercenary

EC 478

  • Gast is hired by Beelzenian Imperial Staff Officer Elluka Clockworker for a time

EC 479


  • Clarith is born on November 21 in the Kingdom of Elphegort

EC 480

  • Sanosun Bridge Oath is made between King Arth of Lucifenia and Elluka Clockworker; the sorceress becomes Arth's subordinate


  • Riliane Mouchet is born on August 25 in the Kingdom of Lucifenia


  • Germaine is born on November 5 in the Beelzenian Empire

EC 482

  • Leonhart finds and subsequently adopts Germaine into the Avadonia family


  • Ney Marlon is born on November 1 in the Kingdom of Marlon

EC 484

  • Prince Kyle meets Mikina Sfarz at one of the royal banquets

EC 485

  • Riliane and Alexiel Lucifen d'Autriche are born on December 27 in the Kingdom of Lucifenia

EC 488

  • Kyle Marlon paints a portrait of his half-sister Ney

EC 489

  • Kyle considers leaving Marlon Royal Family to become a painter; his mother, Prim, hires multiple art dealers and critics to discourage him
  • Kyle's art tutor, Margaret, is poisoned under mysterious circumstances
  • Keel Freezis receives investigation files for Margaret's death from Kyle

EC 490

  • Gula plague becomes widespread in southern Beelzenia; Lucifenia takes advantage to invade and conquers southern territory
  • Leonhart Avadonia, Mariam Futapie, and Elluka Clockworker celebrated as the "Three Heroes" due to their wartime actions
  • Kyle Marlon burns his collection of paintings up until that point; surviving works are acquired by Keel

EC 491

  • Keel and Mikina Freezis flee to Elphegort


  • Yukina Freezis is born on December 4 in the capital city of Aceid in Elphegort
  • King Arth dies due to the Gula disease; Queen Anne succeeds him as monarch
  • Lucifenian Expansion War ends in the wake of Arth's death


  • Political scandal over line of succession erupts; Prince Alexiel is pronounced dead as a result
  • Leonhart subsequently adopts a boy named Allen into the Avadonia family

EC 492

  • Mikina receives the Marlon Spoon from Queen Prim


  • Chartette Langley is kidnapped by bandits and later rescued by Germaine and Allen

EC 493

  • Shaw Freezis is born

EC 494

  • King of Marlon dies; King Kyle ascends the throne as monarch
  • Mikina's father, Duke Sfarz, comes to take her son, Shaw; Marlon Spoon kills her father and burns Shaw

EC 495

  • Aile Freezis is born

EC 499


  • Queen Anne dies of the Gula disease; Princess Riliane succeeds her as monarch
  • Allen Avadonia enters the Lucifenian Royal Palace as a servant to the princess
  • Chartette Langley enters the Lucifenian Royal Palace as a maid to the princess
  • Elluka Clockworker visits Held; returns two weeks later and incarnates forest spirits Michaela and Gumillia


  • Elluka and Gumillia head for the Kingdom of Lucifenia
  • Michaela heads for Elphegort but collapses due to sickness by the Millennium Tree; is found and taken in by Clarith


  • Michaela and Clarith flee from Yatski village to avoid rioting mob
  • In Aceid, Mikina Freezis hires the two as maids, placing them on a three month probation


  • Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche celebrates her fourteenth birthday as the Kingdom of Lucifenia's reigning monarch on December 27
  • Keel Freezis returns from Princess Riliane's birthday party; that night, he hears Michaela sing and decides to feature her at his monthly ball

EC 500


  • Two weeks after Keel hears Michaela sing, the maid performs at his monthly ball; afterwards, she is introduced to King Kyle Marlon


  • Leonhart Avadonia is assassinated within the Lucifenian Royal Palace
  • Germaine Avadonia and four others create the Lucifenian Resistance
  • Kingdoms of Marlon and Elphegort send aid to the Kingdom of Lucifenia to relieve mass starvation among the citizens


  • Lucifenia invades Elphegort; begins systematic genocide of green-haired women dubbed the "Green Hunting"
  • Michaela, the target of the genocide, is hidden in a well in the Millennium Tree Forest
  • Clarith is captured by Lucifenian forces
  • Michaela is killed by a "golden-haired assassin"; war in Elphegort continues


  • Clarith is released from confinement after two months of questioning


  • The Lucifenian Revolution breaks out; fighting lasts for three weeks


  • The Lucifenian Royal Palace is assaulted, "The Daughter of Evil" is captured by Resistance forces
  • Kingdom of Marlon implants itself as the ruling government; King Kyle Marlon assures it is a temporary procedure until order is made
  • The Daughter of Evil is executed on December 26
  • Clarith receives a tree sapling from Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia

EC 501


  • Clarith discovers a starving orphan girl at the nearby port city; takes her to the monastery to join the other orphans
  • Marlon annexes Lucifenia; Lucifenian Resistance fighters rebel as Kingdom of Marlon attempts to eradicate its members
  • Germaine Avadonia, former Resistance leader, is added to the Witch Hunt
  • Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia spy on Lucifenia; their names are added to the Witch Hunt after they are discovered

EC 502

  • Elluka and Gumillia encounter Abyss I.R. in Marlon; Elluka is attacked and her body is stolen, forced to reside her soul in Gumillia
  • Through Elluka's pull, Gumillia flees to the Beelzenian Empire and becomes personal adviser to the Emperor

EC 503

  • Commander Riliane Mouchet is ordered to defeat Lucifenian Resistance; recaptures and guards Retasan Fortress with her forces

EC 504

  • Chartette Langley becomes a Beelzenian Commander for the former Lucifenian Resistance
  • Germaine Avadonia joins former Lucifenian Resistance forces as Beelzenian soldier
  • Yukina Freezis begins travels abroad

EC 505

  • Yukina Freezis travels from Asmodean to Lucifenia's Retasan Fortress before heading to the Beelzenian Empire
  • The Kingdom of Marlon declares war on Beelzenia; undead army witnessed attacking border encampment commanded by Chartette Langley
  • Beelzenia counterattack leads to the capture of Retasan Fortress
  • King Kyle Marlon attempts to capture Germaine Avadonia and co-conspirators after they are discovered infiltrating the Lucifenian Royal Palace
  • King Kyle escorts Germaine and company to the Marlon main island
  • Germaine and Gumillia encounter Abyss I.R. possessing Elluka; Elluka manages to wrestle control of her body back from the sorceress
  • Prim Marlon is killed by her daughter, Ney
  • Abyss I.R. is assumed dead after her stuffed cat body is slain at Anonymous Coast

EC 508

  • Abyss I.R. possesses Germaine and, in conjunction with Neo Apocalypse, causes the Four Horsemen Incident
  • Battling Riliane Mouchet, Abyss I.R. is injured and flees
  • Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia become involved in the Four Horsemen Incident
  • Chartette Langley collects the Twin Blades of Levianta and travels east to Jakoku; reforges the vessel as two pairs of scissors

EC 510

  • The Kingdom of Marlon returns Lucifenia's sovereignty; country reorganizes itself as the Lucifenian Republic

EC 529

  • Held Monastery Head Nun Yvette dies; position passed onto fellow nun, Rin

EC 531

  • Freezis Foundation is established in the Kingdom of Marlon

EC 548

  • Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia travel to Jakoku

EC 549

  • Jakoku Civil War occurs
  • Chartette Langley gives reforged scissors to unknown warrior; battles Abyss I.R. before being defeated
  • Battle of Jagahara occurs; new ruler is crowned before the people following the battle

EC 558

  • Elluka and Gumillia depart from Jakoku

EC 562

  • Held Monastery Head Nun Rin dies surrounded by the orphans she cared for

EC 581

  • Yuzette Ora is born in a port town in the Lucifenian Republic

EC 588


  • Kaspar Blankenheim is born on August 30 in the Kingdom of Elphegort

EC 592

  • The New World Maistia is discovered by the Freezis Foundation

EC 593

  • Margarita Felix is born in the Kingdom of Elphegort

EC 595

  • Lemy Abelard is born on December 27 in the Lucifenian Republic

EC 597

  • The town of Lioness is burned; incident blamed on "Elluka Clockworker"
  • Freezis Foundation executive Bruno Marlon goes missing
  • Bruno returns two months since disappearance; claims to suffer amnesia

EC 599

  • New Freezis Foundation headquarters is constructed in Bariti

EC 606

  • Milanais Theater is constructed in Rolled, Lucifenia
  • Lion tamer is mauled backstage at Milanais Theater; Cirque de Lune circus is cancelled
  • Rin Chan debuts at Milanais Theater following circus cancellation; becomes famous diva in Lucifenia

EC 607

  • Fifth Pierrot is shot and killed by officer Willus Zorach

EC 608


  • Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim and Margarita Felix are married at the Levin Church in Toragay

EC 609


  • Deputy Mayor Banner is attacked on August 15; perpetrator claims to be "First Santa Claus"
  • Hanne Lorre interviews Mayor Julia Abelard in Calgaround on August 30
  • Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim and his mistress are poisoned by Margarita on August 30


  • Popular singer Rin Chan arrives in Aceid's Southern District on September 1
  • Shaw Freezis grants Hanne unlimited access to the Foundation's resources for Toragay investigation
  • The Freezis Foundation halts the World Police investigation into Kaspar's murder
  • Rin Chan performs concert at Aceid Central Theater on September 10
  • Dr. Marx Felix is poisoned by his daughter Margarita on September 18 and lapses into a coma
  • Kaspar's funeral is held at the Levin Church in Toragay on September 28


  • Lemy Abelard murders Ton Corpa in his home on October 6; abducts manager's idol Rin Chan
  • Hanne Lorre interviews Margarita Blankenheim regarding the recent death of her husband on October 6
  • Heidemarie Lorre raids Toragay inn on suspicion of harboring Fifth Pierrot on October 6; fails to find assassin
  • Lemy Abelard joined Père Noël as Fifth Pierrot on October 6
  • Margarita poisons the Charity Institute in Toragay before departing for Aceid on October 14
  • 24 orphans and staff of Charity Institute die of "mysterious disease" on October 17; Toragay is plunged into a panic
  • Elphegort government entrusts the Freezis family with investigation into the mysterious epidemic
  • World Police halts traffic to and from Toragay in response to escalating epidemic
  • Dr. Marx awakes from his coma on October 21; dies minutes afterward of seizure from poison
  • Margarita Blankenheim commits suicide in Calgaround on October 21 with her poison "Gift"
  • Rin Chan is freed from imprisonment in Mayor Julia's mansion's basement on October 21


  • Freezis Foundation investigation team is dispatched; death toll reported to be over 300
  • 72 survivors discovered in Blankenheim Mansion basement on November 15; survivors are treated at Aceid hospital
  • Dr. Puerick Rogzé formulates cure to mysterious epidemic
  • Lemy Abelard kills a prostitute in Rolled; murder victims brought to five
  • Saintes Fauraux Newspaper receives letter confirming responsibility for recent string of prostitute murders in mid-November, allegedly from "Fifth Pierrot"
  • Aai Freezis succeeds Shaw as Freezis Foundation president; selects Bruno Marlon and Nob Nicole as vice presidents
  • Bruno Marlon joins Père Noël as Second Dealer

EC 610


  • Eloise Udenee is murdered in 28th Block by Fifth Pierrot on January 4 around 2:00 AM
  • Justea investigators Willus Zorach and Ayn Anchor arrive on January 4 to investigate serial killing incident


  • Isabel Ismael reportedly dies of Gula disease at brothel on 7th Block on February 11; prostitute serial killings suddenly stop
  • Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia join Père Noël as Seventh Magician and Eighth Sniper on February 13


  • Investigators Willus Zorach and Ayn Anchor receive orders to return to World Police Marlon Headquarters on May 17
  • Willus Zorach and Ayn Anchor investigate Isabel Ismael's death on May 17 around 3:00 PM
  • Freezis Foundation executives meet with Lucifenian government officials at Lucifenian Palace's Hall of Sounds on May 23 around 4:00 PM
  • Investigators Willus Zorach and Ayn Anchor raid Hall of Sounds meeting around 5:34 PM; Bruno Marlon is arrested on suspicion of being Kaidor Blankenheim
  • Suspicions raise over President Julia's association with Bruno Marlon


  • Seventh Magician offers Fifth Pierrot escape with her and Eighth Sniper at 12th Block inn on September 2 around 9:00 PM
  • Fifth Pierrot and Sixth Venom raid brothel on 7th Block on September 3 around 11:00 PM; confirm Seventh Magician escaped
  • Kaidor Blankenheim is killed in his cell in Castle Hedgehog by Sixth Venom


  • Congressman Elman Odbang is murdered in 11th Block by Fifth Pierrot on October 2


  • Saintes Fauraux Newspaper reporter Isidor Angel is murdered in 2nd Block by Fifth Pierrot on November 21


  • World Police investigator Jean Marcel is murdered by Fifth Pierrot on December 8; reportedly missing
  • Jean Marcel's corpse is found in Orgo River on December 10
  • Lemy Abelard is shot by Eighth Sniper on December 26 around 2:00 PM; Rolled Murders suddenly stop

EC 611


  • Lucifenian President Julia Abelard announces her resignation on January 26; goes missing repeatedly afterward
  • World Police emergency meeting announce suspicion Lieutenant General Gatt Coulomb suspected of Kaidor Blankenheim's murder on January 26
  • World Police raid Abelard Mansion and arrest servant Phoebe Aymieux as a person involved with Père Noël on January 26
  • Lemy Abelard revives in Rolled cemetery on January 29 around 2:00 AM
  • Gatt Coulomb ambushes Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia en route to Calgaround on January 29 around 3:00 PM; Gatt is captured
  • Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia battle Julia and Lemy Abelard at Merrigod Plateau on January 30 around 2:00 AM; fighting drags out for two hours
  • Ma is born in Merrigod Plateau on January 30
  • World Police arrest Gatt Coulomb and Julia Abelard; Julia claims to be "hero of the revolution"


  • Julia Abelard is transferred from Elphegortean detention center to Lucifenian prison in Rolled


  • Julia Abelard dies

EC 776

  • Elluka Clockworker travels to Maistia
  • Maistia declares independence
  • United States of Maistia is established

EC 822

  • Kayo Sudou is born in Jakoku

EC 842

  • In the Eastern island nation, Kayo Sudou performs serial murders in Enbizaka

EC 878

  • Aishikeru Treaty signed between Marlon, Levianta, Elphegort, Lucifenia, forming the Union State of Evillious

EC 944

  • Gallerian Marlon is born in the Union State of Evillious

EC 964

  • Nemesis Sudou is born in the Union State of Evillious

EC 978

  • While voyaging to Levianta, the Titanis is sunk in a giant octopus attack; Judge Gallerian Marlon's wife and daughter die in accident

EC 980

  • Gallerian speaks with closest friend, Ma, about the Seven Deadly Sins
  • The judge begins collecting the Seven Deadly Sins

EC 982

  • Nyoze Octo is trialed for murder and convicted by Gallerian Marlon
  • Nyoze escapes prison and takes refuge in Rolled
  • USE Dark Star Bureau shuts down Graveyard restaurant on charges of faulty licenses
  • Gallerian constructs a theater at the center of the Millennium Tree Forest


  • Nemesis Sudou assassinates her lover, Nyoze Octo on orders from Gallerian Marlon

EC 983


  • Gallerian Marlon judges General Tony Ausdin innocent of wars crimes
  • Levianta Civil War erupts; Gallerian and General Ausdin are killed
  • Ma takes Gallerian's collection and stores them in his movie theater

EC 989

  • Tasan party leader Gammon Octo mysteriously disappears; Nemesis Sudou takes his place

EC 990

  • Strange singing from the forest results in adventurers entering the Millennium Tree Forest in search of Gallerian's treasure
  • Rumors spread of the forest becoming a forest of no return; is later dubbed Evil's Forest

EC 993

  • Nemesis Sudou becomes dictator of Elphegort
  • Elphegort invades and occupies Lucifenian Republic; the nation is expelled from the USE
  • Elphegort, Beelzenia, and Jakoku forge military alliance
  • War breaks out across the Evillious region

EC 998

  • Military weapon "Punishment" is tested by Elphegort military in the Millennium Tree Forest
  • Punishment is fired upon the world; the Third Period collapses

EC 999

  • Ta Eschata


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The calendar is likely derived from the Gregorian Calendar presently used, with a similar measurement of time and dating system.



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