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Eve Moonlit
Eve Avatar
Technical Information
Japanese イヴ=ムーンリット
Romaji Ivu Muunritto
Other Names Eve Zvezda (maiden name)
The Original Sinner

Hatsune Miku

Biographical Information
Born BT 021
Died EC 014
Classification Human
Race Elphe
Gender Female
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Affiliation(s) Magic Kingdom Levianta (defected)
Project 'Ma' (defected)
Kingdom of Elphegort
"I do not know the name of the husband, but the wife's name was… Eve. Yes, Eve Moonlit. It must have been a name like that. In this forest, she committed the "Sin"."

Eve Moonlit, born Eve Zvezda and known posthumously as The Original Sinner, was a witch from Nemu and the wife of Adam Moonlit. Brainwashed by Adam, Eve fell madly in love with the man and allowed herself to be experimented on for Project 'Ma'. After failing to give birth to her twins, Eve and her lover fled to Held's Forest and married, living out their lives in seclusion. Traumatized by her failure to have children, Eve's thoughts and actions led to the creation of the Original Sin, the source of the Seven Deadly Sins.


Project 'Ma'Edit

"You will now become the mother of gods: the Ma."
―Adam to Eve[src]

Born in the village of Nemu in BT 021,[1] Eve grew up to become a powerful witch.[2] Around BT 005, Eve encountered Adam Moonlit. Given the brainwashing drug, Venom,[3] Eve fell in love with the scientist and followed him back to the royal institute in Levianta. Passing the tests admirably, Eve was submitted as a test subject for Project 'Ma'.[4]

Kissing her, Adam told Eve that she would be the mother of the gods, the Mem Aleph.[5] Eve, unsure about why she was there, was embraced by her lover and told that it was okay. At some point, she told Adam she wanted to get married with him in Held's Forest afterwards.[6] After being implanted with the divine seed, Eve carried and later gave birth to her children, Cain and Abel.[7] However, they were born dead.[8]

Original SinEdit


Eve, covered in blood, screaming hysterically

"My children are nowhere to be found!"
―Eve during her hysterics[src]

With the project a failure, the witch and her lover, Adam,[9] fled from the Magic Kingdom Levianta to Held's Forest in Elphegort.[10]  Eventually they arrived in the forest, living in a small home as woodcutters.[11] Soon after, the two married in the woods, telling each other that they loved one another.[12]

At some point, Eve became caught up in the riots caused by Apocalypse.  Covered in blood, the witch became hysterical and screamed that she could not find her children.[13] Over time, Eve became envious of those who had children, wanting to have what she lost. In EC 001, she discovered two fruits on the ground. In her hunger, she took them, certain they were god's gifts to her and that Adam would cry from joy if he saw what she found.[14]

While heading back home, Eve found herself chased by the looming shadow of a bear and began running with her fruits in hand away from it.[15] Unwilling to give up her "happiness", Eve hurried on despite knowing the fruits were the bear's "treasures".[16] Eve cried as she ran and stumbled through the forest before finally reaching her home, fleeing from the bear close behind her.[17] Just outside her home, Eve looked back to see the bear lurching at her and, with her eyes turning red, killed it as it barely clawed off her cloak.[18]


The "bear" reaches for Eve

Exasperated, Eve entered her home with the fruits still in hand and was greeted by Adam. Seeing the fruits, Eve saw his smiling face descend into horror.[19] As Adam explained to her how their children were already dead and that she needed to return "these children" to their mother,[20] Eve's delusions broke and she recognized the "fruits" she stole were actually twins: a boy and a girl.

Mortified, Eve screamed at the revelation, realizing her crime but refusing to give up her stolen children.[21] After Adam told her she could still fix it if she did it now,[22] she retorted that she couldn't because she had already killed a woman, not a bear, outside their home who was carrying a small milk bottle: the mother.[23]

With the mother dead and children orphaned, Adam and Eve kept the stolen children and raised them as their own. In EC 014, a year after the Levianta Catastrophe, the effects of the disaster spread to Elphegort, causing a famine.[24] Reluctantly, the two agreed to abandoned their foster children in the forest and starve to death so that they could survive the famine. With a gloomy expression, Eve and her husband led their foster children deep into the forest before abandoning them and returning home.[25]

Devastated by the event, Eve mourned the loss of their foster children while Adam comforted her. Soon after, they heard a knock on the door and answered, horrified to see the manic expressions of their abandoned children at the entrance. Suddenly grabbed by the spectral shadows the twins spawned, Eve's foster daughter happily implored her mother to praise her for defeating the wicked witch. While their children laughed,[26] Eve was shoved into the house's oven by the shadowy arms and burned alive.[27]


"It looks like Michaela, but Mother told me that it's modeled after a different person. Yeah, she said it was the "Original Sinner"..."
―King Kyle[src]

After her death, Eve's body became the embodiment of her Original Sin. The twins recovered their false mother's Original Sin from her scorched remains and split it into seven pieces.[28] Forming the Seven Deadly Sins, they unleashed evil upon the world, praying that someone would cleanse it.[29] The vessels corrupted by the sins wreaked havoc on numerous occasions, corrupting their holders and causing catastrophes for nearly a millennium in the Evillious region.[30] Eve herself became known as the "Original Sinner", and was regarded with disdain for her actions.

The spirit Michaela, when asked by Elluka to imagine the image of an Elphe woman, pictured Eve the night she stole the twins from Meta. She then reincarnated as a human with the witch's visage.[31] Similarly, the Clockworker's Doll was crafted in Eve's image,[32] and was aesthetically compared to The Original Sinner.[33]

Centuries later, in EC 982, Eve and her husband's skeletal corpses were discovered while their long abandoned home was being demolished for the construction of Evil's Theater. Afterwards, a graveyard was constructed around the theater grounds.[34] The playwright Ma wrote several screenplays concerning Eve's actions at Evil's Theater and they were made into films. While watching the film with another visitor, Ma related how Eve's kidnapping-murder in the forest had begun it all.[35]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"She depended on the love she had with her husband. She had been conceited in her wish coming true. Because she didn’t do what she had to, her neglected children died. She envied people who were happy. Soon, it turned into wrath. She wanted what she had lost. And then, in her hunger, she picked up those fruits. That was the beginning of it all."
―Ma regarding Eve's darker intentions[src]

Eve displaying her delusional obsession

Due to the Venom drug used on her, Eve became deeply enamored with Adam and submitted completely to his will.[36] She held a great amount of faith in his decisions during her time in the project, despite being unaware of what she had become a part of.[37] Because of this, she felt deeply connected to the twins she conceived for the project and considered them her and Adam's children.

Her favorite place was Held's Forest and wanted to be married there with her husband alone after they completed the project.[38] Completely conceited in the belief that her wish would come true, the witch became negligent in doing what she needed to for her soon to be born children.[39]

With the project's failure, Eve was greatly affected by Cain and Abel's deaths and suffered flashbacks when covered in blood, frantically searching and crying out for her missing children.[40] With their loss, Eve became distraught and grew embittered by the event; she envied those that found happiness in their lives and became angry as a result. This emptiness and anger turned into a desire to regain what she had lost and Eve eventually began developing a delusional mental state. When stealing Hänsel and Gretel, Eve perceived the twins as fruits and, hungry, gladly took them.[41] Obsessed with having them, Eve regarded the "fruits" as something that would surely make her and her husband happy.[42]

Despite this, she had understood that her prizes were taken from the "bear" chasing her and,[43] although treating them like the children she sought after, continued to maintain the belief they were fruit. Because of this, she wasn't bothered to steal them or kill the "bear" when it caught up to her,[44] to the point where witnesses perceived her to have gone mad with malice.[45] However, she indicated some understanding of what the reality had been, having recognized that she had actually killed the children's mother despite not yet checking after coming to her senses.[46]

Due to Adam's words, Eve's delusions of the time had been broken and her shock was large enough to make her scream.[47] Despite having acted out of wicked intentions,[48] Eve was horrified by her actions, although still desiring to keep her "tender fruits" no matter what happened.[49] While taking care of the children, both Eve and her husband did all they could to hide their existence. Eve was also a capable and loving mother to them, earning her children's affection and trust in the years since taking them in. Despite her obsession to have children, Eve willingly abandoned them in the forest and left them to die after a famine had swept through Elphegort,[50] albeit deeply saddened by the decision.[51]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a sorceress, Eve was exceptionally skilled in magic and was arguably the best witch in the Magic Kingdom Levianta at the time; due to her abilities, she became the first candidate for Project 'Ma' after passing the tests, and was expected to successfully birth the twin gods.[52] As the years progressed, Eve remained rather powerful, capable of killing Meta Salmhofer, another powerful witch, swiftly during the full moon.[53] Among her magical abilities included the powerful Swap technique, allowing Eve to transfer a nearby soul, including her own, to another nearby body or object at will.[54]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Adam Moonlit: Eve's partner and later husband. Eve fell deeply in love with Adam over the course of Project 'Ma', accepting his marriage proposal and running away with him after the projects were a failure. Her marriage with him was a happy one and would often do things in hope of getting his approval, such as stealing the fruits, as well as taking comfort from him when conflicted over troubling matters.

Hänsel: Eve's foster son. Eve initially perceived Hänsel as a fruit and took him in hunger, believing he was crucial to her happiness. Though she later felt remorse for the theft after realizing Hänsel was a baby boy, she continued to want children and so raised him as her son. While later becoming desperate enough to abandon the boy during the famine in Elphegort, Eve felt great regret for doing so and was shocked when he returned.

Gretel: Eve's foster daughter. Eve initially perceived Gretel as a fruit and took her in hunger, believing she was crucial to her happiness. Though she later felt remorse for the theft when she realized Gretel was a baby girl, she continued to want children and so raised her as her daughter. While later becoming desperate enough to abandon the girl during the famine in Elphegort, Eve felt great regret for doing so and was shocked when she returned.

Meta Salmhofer: A woman Eve murdered. Despite meeting Meta before, Eve thought little of her except as an obstacle to obtaining the fruits. For a time Eve perceived her as a bear and, though guilty for the theft, desperately wanted to escape from her. After learning the truth, Eve was appalled by her murder of Meta and showed remorse for it afterwards.

Cain: Eve's stillborn child. Eve had looked forward to Cain's birth with great anticipation, as both her own child and the reincarnation of one of the Dragon Gods. Eve was unable to accept Cain's stillbirth and became desperate to replace the loss that resulted from it.

Abel: Eve's stillborn child. Eve had looked forward to Abel's birth with great anticipation, as both her own child and the reincarnation of one of the Dragon Gods. Eve was unable to accept Abel's stillbirth and became desperate to replace the loss that resulted from it.

Mikulia Calgaround: One of Eve's transmigrations. During her time as Mikulia, Eve's soul remained dormant, unaware of Mikulia's actions. Some time later she passed away, regaining memories of her "past self". Eve cared little for her past life, seeing it only for the malice she spread through it.

Platonic: Another one of Eve's transmigrations. Like Mikulia before her, Eve's soul slumbered during Platonic's life, ignorant of her actions until Platonic died; gaining her past memories. Eve teased Elluka about working with her as Platonic, saying she cared little for her time as the thief.

Margarita Blankenheim: Eve's most notorious transmigration. After drinking her own Gift, she passed away, allowing Eve's soul to become conscious, and gained her past memories. Although making use of her image later, Eve commented shortly after about caring little for that persona.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Eve Moonlit is inspired by Eve from Judeo-Christian mythology; like her biblical counterpart, she commits a grave act against God and is burdened with the Original Sin.
  • Eve's maiden surname, Zvezda, is the Slavic word for "star".


  • Eve's black hood in Moonlit Bear resembles the attire of a "witch", foretelling her outcome in Abandoned on a Moonlit Night.
  • When Eve is "attacked" by the "bear" in Moonlit Bear, her eyes turn red.
  • Eve's hometown, Nemu, is the Japanese root word for "sleep", referencing the connection between some characters portrayed by Hatsune Miku and Sloth.




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