Technical Information
Japanese オイゲン
Romaji Oigen
Biographical Information
Died EC 499
Classification Human
Race Elphe
Gender Male
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Elphegort

Eugen was a soldier of the Kingdom of Elphegort and the nephew of Yatski's village chief. After leaving the army due to a dispute, Eugen became part of a crew of bandits haunting the Millennium Tree Forest. He later reformed after his gang kidnapped a girl and became a henchman for his uncle.


Early LifeEdit

Born in the village of Yatski in the Kingdom of Elphegort during the 5th century EC, Eugen entered into the Elphegortean army and later left over a dispute. Falling into a band of thieves around the EC 490s,[1] the former soldier hid in the Millennium Tree Forest's abandoned home with his comrades for some time. In EC 492, the bandits captured Chartette Langley and held her at their hideout.

Eugen was later left to guard the prisoner while the others went out into the forest. During that time, the youthful girl convinced him to reform. When Chartette's friends, Allen and Germaine, approached the home, Eugen stepped out to stop them as they pulled out their swords on him. Once the situation was explained to the kids, Chartette left with her friends and Eugen returned home.[2]

Uncle's HenchmanEdit

"This here enough for the land fee?"
"It's plenty."
―Michaela and Eugen[src]

Eugen working for his uncle

After returning to Yatski, Eugen took up work assisting his uncle, the village chief. Accompanying his uncle around the village, Eugen helped him collect the land fees for Earl Felix, intimidating anyone who refused to pay their dues.[3] At some point, the chieftain's son Ayn asked Eugen to teach him how to use a sword to protect the village poultry. The former soldier complied and taught the boy swordplay.[4]

One day in EC 499, Eugen joined his uncle to collect Clarith's land fees from her home. After they arrived, he silently watched the chief demand Clarith pay her fees when a visitor spoke up from the nearby bed. When the Elphe outsider presented a pile of gold coins to them, Eugen was starstruck like everyone else. After Michaela asked if that was enough to pay the fee, he admitted it was plenty. Once the chief accepted the girl's offer to pay the land fee and told Eugen they were heading home, the hulking man walked over and grabbed the necessary payment from the bed before departing back home with his uncle. 

Afterward, the two began collecting Clarith's fees from the new village resident, Michaela, and allowed her to stay. After six months had passed, Eugen discovered his uncle had been pocketing some of the money for himself rather than giving them all to Earl Felix. Confronting the chief, he threatened to expose his uncle's corruption unless he returned all the money he owed the Earl. Soon after, while eating a meal, Eugen was poisoned by the chief and died shortly after.[5]


"Eugen was murdered. My father's insisting Clarith killed him. He's taking the young men to try and arrest her. You need to hurry and escape!"

The chief lies about Eugen's murder

Immediately after his death, Eugen's uncle blamed Clarith for the incident, claiming she poisoned Eugen out of resentment for her situation. After learning the truth, Ayn warned Clarith and Michaela about the village mob and helped them escape before reporting his uncle's corruption and deceit to Earl Felix.[6] After becoming a soldier for the Earl, Ayn later admitted he dreamed one day becoming a strong knight and killing his father and Eugen to protect Clarith.[7]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Eugen was an earnest and loyal man. Although having joined the Elphegortean army, he abandoned the military life following a quarrel and chose to join a band of criminals instead, living a life of lawlessness.[8] However, after encountering Chartette Langley, Eugen was convinced to reform his ways and left behind the criminal's path for good.[9] Besides his connection to Chartette, Eugen shared a kind relationship with Ayn, agreeing to help teach his eager cousin how to use a sword, and Eugen ended up becoming well respected by him.[10]

Eugen became very loyal to his job as his uncle's thug as well, accompanying him whenever needed to assure the government taxes were properly collected. He was also resolved to doing the just thing, openly opposing the chief after discovering his his corruption, even willing to risk his uncle getting jailed by Earl Felix for the offense. Due to his physical appearance, he often seemed gruff and intimidating to others. This likewise gave him a much more terrifying aura, often scaring others despite his more tender qualities.[11]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Having been a soldier in the Elphegortean army, Eugen was skilled with the sword and able to aptly teach the craft to others.[12] Possessing a hulking frame and burly physique, he was also rather strong. Because of this appearance, Eugen could intimidate others with ease, his glare alone able to scare any villager into silence. This made him excellent for being his uncle's muscle when collecting the tax money from villagers.[13]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Yatski Chief: Eugen's uncle and employer. Following his reform from life as a bandit, Eugen carried out his duties as the chief's assistant without complaint, often intimidating his critics and those who didn't pay their dues. Despite this, he drew the line at the chief stealing, and wasn't afraid to put a stop to his misconduct when it was discovered.

Chartette Langley: Eugen's captive while a bandit. Although posted in charge of watching the girl by his fellows, Eugen sympathized with the innocent child and was inspired by her to reform his ways, allowing her to go free unharmed.

Ayn: Eugen's cousin. Eugen had a regular familial relationship with Ayn, and saw fit to tutor him in swordplay for the sake of the other boy carrying out his duty to the village.






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