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The Enbizaka Murderer Scandal was the name given to the string of homicides caused by Kayo Sudou at Enbizaka in Jakoku. Murdering her victims in a peculiar manner, the tailor victimized a family of four and caused great pandemonium throughout the area.



In early EC 842, Elluka "Ma" Clockworker approached Kayo Sudou sometime after the deaths of her family. Afterward, the false Levin missionary offered to use her Swap Technique to trade bodies with the tailor and give her a new life and Kayo accepted the deal, working as a tailor in Enbizaka with her new body.


The tailor became infatuated with the local dry goods shop owner in Enbizaka, Kai Miroku, believing him to be her dead husband. After seeing the man walking down main street with his wife, Mei, Kayo targeted and secretly murdered the woman with her scissors before stripping her of her red kimono and disposing of the body.

The following day, Kayo spotted the man's eldest daughter, Miku, comforting him and targeted her as well. Soon after, Kayo killed Miku with her scissors and her green sash was stolen. Later on, Kayo spotted Kai gifting a yellow hairpin to his youngest daughter, Rin, and was similarly targeted by the tailor. Rin was later stabbed to death in the same manner by Kayo and the golden hairpin was stolen.[1]

Afterward, the homicidal Kayo dressed herself in the retailored clothes of her victims and presented her "beautiful" self to Kai.[2] Angered that he didn't recognize her, she killed him with her scissors and stripped him of his clothes before disposing of the body.[3]


Shortly after, Kai and Mei's naked bodies were discovered by the panicked residents of Enbizaka. Once Kayo was suspected of the Miroku Family's murder, the tailor was arrested. Later convicted of her crimes, Kayo was formally executed at the top of the city hill, beheaded with a sword by a local boy, Kokutan-douji. Her head was then put on public display at the execution site for three days.

Civilian PerceptionEdit

After the first murder was discovered, the surrounding neighborhood became anxious as residents grew fearful of a killer existing in the area.[4] As the murders continued, the residents were swept up in an increasing panic before finally erupting into chaos.[5] Following her execution, the Eastern Magic Record detailed her murders as an event that "shook society".[6]


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Kayo's murder method is inspired by the Kuchisake-onna, a figure in Japanese urban legends said to use scissors to kill children; fittingly, Jakoku, the country where the murders took place, is inspired by Japan.



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