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Elluka Clockworker
Technical Information
Japanese エルルカ=クロックワーカー
Romaji Eruruka Kurokkuwaakaa
Other Names Elluka Chirclatia (maiden name)
The Witch of Beelzenia
Mage of Time (by Yukina)
Mage of Eternity
Hanne Lorre (alias)
Margarita Blankenheim (alias)
Seventh Magician (codename)

Megurine Luka

Biographical Information
Born EC 013
Died January 30, EC 611
Classification Human
Race Leviantan (later Loop Octopus)
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde (later pink)
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Beelzenian Empire (defected)
Kingdom of Lucifenia (defected)
Three Heroes (defected)
Schuburg Newspaper Company (formerly)
Père Noël (defected)
Levin Church (Levia sect)
For other uses, see Elluka Clockworker (disambiguation)
"I don't mind as long as it keeps me entertained."
―Elluka Clockworker[src]

Elluka Clockworker, regarded as the Mage of Time and Mage of Eternity, was a powerful sorceress. Awakening from Sin in the wake of the Levianta Catastrophe, the immortal accepted a quest from Held to collect the vessels of sin on a whim. She later became involved in numerous incidents and conflicts caused by the sin vessels over the centuries. She is one of Levia and Behemo's reincarnations.


Early LifeEdit

After the twin gods Levia and Behemo incarnated in Elluka Chirclatia's body and Levia became the consciousness for the new reincarnation, "Elluka" awoke from Sin in the Magic Kingdom Levianta in EC 013. Recalling her beloved Kiril Clockworker using the forbidden ark and Clockwork Secret Art to resurrect her, freeing the dragon Levia-Behemo and destroying the Magic Kingdom, Elluka left the Leviantan wasteland and vanished from the public eye.[1] At some point, she took on the surname "Clockworker" in memory of her engagement to Kiril.


Elluka is tasked to collect the vessels of sin

Remembering him to be her old friend, Elluka visited the god Held and told him about her murder, resurrection, and what transpired during the Leviantan Catastrophe. The earth god then related that Adam Moonlit and Eve Zvezda had been secretly living in a cottage in the forest and were raising the Project 'Ma' candidates Hänsel and Gretel after killing their mother, Meta Salmhofer.

He then described how fragments of the Levia-Behemo fused with the twins, making them deteriorating copies of the dragon; he then explained how Adam and Eve abandoned the twins in the forest due to the famine caused by the Levianta Catastrophe before they returned and killed their false parents.

Once the earth god explained that they split Eve's Original Sin into seven vessels of sin that were scattered across the world,[2] he tasked Elluka with collecting the demon-possessed objects before they caused calamities for humans.[3] Feeling bored and partially guilty for the situation, Elluka put a hand to her chin and sneered. The sorceress then stated she didn't mind doing it so long as the quest kept her entertained, noting her time was limitless anyway before leaving.[4]

Venomania EventEdit

Chara img6

During her quest, Elluka dallied on the mission, traveling throughout Evillious and giving aid to others in need rather than focusing on investigating potential leads. In EC 126, Elluka came to Mystica in the Asmodean region of the Beelzenian Empire to visit Marquis Ferdinand and was welcomed as his guest. While there, she encountered a child, Lukana Octo, and listened to her story about how she dreamt that a drought would come upon the town.

Intrigued by the girl's apparent magical power, she believed Lukana and left immediately. Acquiring a ziz tiama, she returned to Mystica several months later with the octopus, faced with the foretold drought. The sorceress then climbed the nearby mountain range and prayed at the altar in the Leviantan ruins there, sacrificing the ziz tiama to conjure a rainstorm that lasted for days. Having fulfilled her duty, Elluka left the country to continue her journey.[5]

In EC 131, she helped quell a rebellion in Retasan fortress, earning the gratitude of the Beelzenian Empire and Princess Aprilis. Five years later, she began following the disappearances of Yufina Marlon and Maylis Beelzenia at the behest of both the Kingdom of Marlon and Beelzenia, suspecting the vessels of sin were involved. During this time she met Karchess Crim, who was also investigating the disappearances of women in the Asmodean region; upon meeting him, the mage noticed he resembled Adam Moonlit. Learning he carried the Golden Key, she began collaborating with him in attempt to acquire it. Around EC 137, she came upon the mansion of Duke Sateriasis Venomania in their plans to rescue the women.

However, Karchess deviated from the plan and killed the duke with the vessel before taking off. Unable to acquire the Golden Key, Elluka assisted with the aftermath of the incident but failed to find the Venom Sword.[6] Deducing the fugitive Karchess would be in Elphegort, situated between Marlon and Beelzenia, the sorceress traveled to its capital, Aceid and indulged herself at the Vera Tavern in its Southern District.

After reflecting on her recent failures, Elluka paid for her drinks and left the tavern. Failing to find Karchess, Elluka eventually decided to assist the Empire in solving the case with Venomania. During her investigation, she learned that Mikulia Greeonio, Princess Maylis, and Lukana Octo had sired Venomania's children and pursued them. Learning that Mikulia had fled from home with her child, Elluka discovered her at a brothel in Lasaland in late EC 137.[7]

Elluka met with her soon after and noticed that she shared Eve Zvezda's appearance, although not sensing any Demon of Sin within her.[8] Seeing she was seemingly happy with her life as a prostitute and that her son didn't show any signs of HER, Elluka left. While investigating Maylis, she learned about the imperial family's cover up of her pregnancy and Maylis giving up the child to Baron Toy Conchita. Once she confirmed the child didn't show any signs of HER, the sorceress left.

Afterward, she pursued Lukana and, learning they started a new life in the Eastern region, pursued them there. Meeting with Lukana again in EC 138, Elluka learned more about what had transpired during the incident and how Lukana was being pursued by the mage I.R., so she could steal her body and its unique prophetic dream power. Elluka then offered to swap bodies with the woman, explaining that it would deprive I.R. of her reason for pursuing her and let Lukana live a normal life. Lukana then accepted the offer and Elluka performed the swap. After seeing Lukana reconnect with her confused child, the sorceress found no signs of the baby having HER and left.

In EC 139, Elluka met with Gumina Glassred and, mistaken for Lukana, decided not to explain the situation and go along with the act. During their conversation, Elluka learned what had happened to Gumina after the incident and convinced her to explain her connection to Duke Venomania. The mage then learned what transpired between her and Cherubim. Afterwards, Elluka watched as her servant, Carol Shields, questioned Gumina about whether the former's attempt to destroy her engagement with the real Sateriasis was because she loved Cherubim. Shortly after Gumina gave no answer save for a lonely smile, Elluka left.

Soon after, she learned that Karchess had started a movement with Yufina to overthrow Marlon and establish a "legitimate" Marlon government instead. She then wrote an account of what she had learned in the past two years and her plans to leave Elphegort in pursuit of Karchess.[9] Sometime after failing to acquire the Golden Key from the Marlon Royal Family, Elluka reported everything she had learned to Held.[10] She later visited Mikulia Greeonio a second time in the brothel; while there, she saw the girl go into labor from her second child and pass away from complications with the birthing. Hearing about a Countess Mikulia married to the lord of Calgaround in later years, the mage assumed she was a different person.[11]

Evil Food Eater ConchitaEdit

"Recently I hired a servant. Without paying her."
―Elluka about Platonic[src]
Chara img5C
In EC 325, Elluka received the Twin Blades of Levianta from the Levin church in the Lucifenia region of Beelzenia, but later discovered the alleged vessel of Envy was fake. After having a prophetic dream of a thief attempting to steal her vessel, the sorceress was prepared for the encounter and knew not to drink the drugged tea the bandit had prepared and feigned falling asleep in her room.

Once Platonic proclaimed her victory, Elluka told the Phantom Thief that wasn't the case. Catching her off guard, and mage successfully captured the girl. With "Platonic" in tow, Elluka forced the thief to work for her and kept her bound to prevent her escape.[12] Seeing that she, like Mikulia, looked like the Original Sinner, Elluka tried several times to teach her simple spells, but the training failed each time. The mage decided to bring up the recent events with Held and, after placing a capture spell on the thief, left their residence en route to Held's Forest.

Elluka met with the tree and explained what had happened with the Twin Blades, complaining how she failed to collect even one vessel no matter how many hardships she went through. Hitting the god between the eyes, Held told her how that was pointless since he couldn't feel pain and Elluka answered that's why she did it. When Held brushed off her misfortune, she noted how he acted like it was someone else's problem and pointed out she was a volunteer looking for the vessels originally born in his forest. The god retorted that she shared the blame too in freeing the Demons and, annoyed, the mage admitted she destroyed the Magic Kingdom, punching Held in the face again.

When the god mentioned that the "evil" kingdom had been rebuilt, Elluka said there was no need to worry since it didn't seem to inherit any of its past legacy, brushing off Held's fears of them recovering his period's ancient relic. Michaela then passed by and greeted Elluka, but the sorceress said they'd play after she finished her and the god's important conversation. Once the spirit left, she asked how many spirits that served the god. After Held replied that he didn't remember, Elluka chastised how irresponsible he was.

Brought back to the subject, she mentioned how she was also worried about something else, mentioning her recently "hired" servant and how she failed to teach her magic. When Held asked why she traveled with the stranger, she recalled their previous conversation about Mikulia Greeonio and how Platonic seemed to be her descendant, also sharing the Original Sinner's face. Recounting how Eve was supposed to have been a failure and shouldn't have any descendants, Elluka questioned why so many shared her visage. Held brushed it off as something that sometimes happened in his era as well, although more pronounced in the current world, and Elluka questioned why that happened.

When the god told her to ask Levia-Behemo, not him, Elluka inquired where she could find them, but the god refused to answer. After Elluka confirmed that neither Mikulia or Platonic seemed to have the Demon's presence inside them, Held mentioned that the thief wasn't with her and Elluka elaborated how she captured her to prevent her escape. Once the god asked if she left her any food, Elluka realized she had forgotten became concerned she'd be bedridden due to malnutrition. As she left, Michaela chased after her, still wanting them to play together.[13]

In July of that year, Elluka brought Platonic before the Beelzenian court, introducing her to Empress Juno. Since she was investigating the rumors surrounding Banica Conchita, the Empress requested Elluka's assistance to uncover the truth regarding Banica's supposed cannibalism.[14] Once again suspecting the involvement of a vessel of sin, Elluka agreed to help investigate; seeing Platonic's use, Elluka bartered for her exoneration in exchange for aiding her investigation. 

In August, they reached a town in Grabia where undead soldiers were attacking the region. Elluka and Platonic were brought by its mayor to an undead soldier that had been captured and caged. After Platonic confirmed it was the same kind of creature that attacked her, Elluka had the mayor open the cage. Placing her hand on its forehead, she invoked a spell and commanded him to speak. As the soldier became skeletonized by her magic, he spoke freely and revealed himself as the Conchita family's chamberlain, Ron Grapple, explaining how a Demon of Sin possessing a red wine glass was the cause of Banica's reanimated army.

After begging Elluka to help save Banica by destroying the glass, Ron completely fell apart. Afterwards, the sorceress determined they needed to investigate the mansion. After arriving at Gasto, the pair entered the tavern and learned from Xenos Jaakko that the corpse soldiers had completely disappeared. Surprised by the revelation, Elluka listened while the foreign minstrel related his visit to the mansion to confirm the rumors he heard about Banica in Levianta.

Once Xenos confirmed he couldn't see anyone inside the mansion's walls and turned back afterward out of fear of being caught, Elluka began to leave, ignoring the man's offer to play a tune as an apology. The tired Platonic insisted they wait a day and Elluka, refusing to let a vessel of sin escape her grasp again, dragged the thief along with her.

That same day, the two infiltrated the Conchita estate[15] and discovered it empty and in perfect order.[16] Upon entering the dining hall, they saw a baby lying on a plate next to the wine glass and took both them as they left. On the way back, Elluka lost sight of Platonic and the thief managed to steal the wine glass away as she escaped.[17]

Determining that Banica had apparently fled, the Empire ended Elluka's investigation;[18] after she found a servant to Empress Juno willing to adopt the baby, Elluka gave the newborn to the commoner.[19] Around the turn of 5th century EC,[20] Elluka became acquainted with Will Jaakko;[21] for his research, she elaborated on what she knew of Banica, the Glass, and the Seven Deadly Sins.[22]

Three HeroesEdit

"Mariam, the time I spent here with you and Leonhart... made me extremely happy."

During Beelzenia's war with the Kingdom of Lucifenia, Elluka served the Emperor as a staff officer,[23] becoming known as "The Witch of Beelzenia" during the conflict. At some point, Elluka met Prim Rogzé. Sensing her great magical potential, the mage began instructing the fascinated Queen in basic magical arts, though the noble departed for Marlon before her training was complete.[24]

Around EC 478, Elluka hired Gast Venom to act as her escort while she traveled. During their tenure together, Elluka told the mercenary about the Seven Deadly Sins, including the Venom Sword.[25] Around EC 480, the Beelzenian Emperor's son tried to pursue a relationship with Elluka and she flatly rejected him.[26] Soon after, she and Gast came up against Lucifenia's executive officers, Leonhart Avadonia and Mariam Futapie, in battle. Summoning a windstorm, Elluka blew their weapons away and defeated the two. She was afterwards confronted by King Arth on the battlefield and refused to fight him, instead fleeing into the Millennium Tree Forest.


Arth and Elluka agree to the Sanosun Bridge Oath

A week later, she met with the Lucifenian King and Queen, along with Leonhart and Mariam, at the Sanosun Bridge and Arth invited her to join him and serve by his side. Elluka agreed to the deal and pledged her loyalty to the Lucifenian King, defecting to Lucifenia.[27] Afterwards, she battled her former comrade, Gast, and both ended up surviving the exchange.[28]

Becoming involved in numerous conflicts as part of Lucifenia's military expansion, the sorceress became close friends with King Arth, his wife Queen Anne, and her comrades, Leonhart Avadonia and Mariam Futapie.[29] Around this time, she met the local blacksmith of the Langley family and visited him whenever she needed her weapons repaired.[30] By EC 490, they were regarded as the Three Heroes due to their wartime exploits together.[31]

Twiright PrankEdit

"Hey you, what's that in her body?"
"Hahahahahaha! It's what you have always, for the last five hundred years, always been looking for, Elluka Clockworker!"
"A Demon of Sin!"
―Elluka and Minister Presi[src]
Cha3 img (1)
In EC 491, not long after the death of King Arth, Queen Anne went to Elluka for advice over the strange behavior of her daughter, Riliane, fearing she was affected by magic or a demon. Learning about her poor behavior and sudden interest in becoming the heir, the mage suspected Minister Presi was plotting something, hence his claim that Riliane was the actual successor in Arth's will. Anne affirmed she'd have Mariam investigate and Elluka awaited her friend's results.

After a failed assassination attempt on Prince Alexiel, the court mage rushed to Prime Minister Genesia's quarters, certain Presi was involved. When she arrived, she heard noises coming from inside and noted that Presi was likely taking decisive action in response to their movements. Entering while calling to the Prime Minister, she discovered Genesia's lifeless corpse and noted she was too late and that it was sad the minister had died, despite being perverted and unpleasant.

Hearing Presi in the room, Elluka saw that minister and Riliane sitting together and demanded to know why the princess was there. After seeing the meat she was eating, Elluka grew fearful and asked what the princess had. Riliane answered it was hare meat and Presi mocked how the sorceress thought she had been eating Genesia. Elluka then Presi of killing Genesia, which the minister admitted to, saying he poisoned him. Surprised he actually went through with the crime, the mage declared it was over for him.

As he laughed maniacally, Elluka deduced he had gone mad, and Presi said it wouldn't be over if he killed her, Leonhart, Mariam, and Alexiel. As she began to retort, she noticed a change in Presi's previously non-existent magical power. Hearing the minister tell Riliane he was "borrowing" something from inside her, the mage asked what power he was siphoning inside his body. Presi laughed and told her it was what she had been trying to find for the last five hundred years, and Elluka realized it was a Demon of Sin.

As he laughed again, boasting his own power, Elluka asked him about what his sister, Prim, would think if she saw him like that, but the minister became completely possessed by the demon. The sorceress then prepared to fight him, staff in hand. Soon after, Elluka was overwhelmed by his demonic power during the fight. Before he could deal the final blow, Mariam arrived and saved her. Fighting together, the two defeated and killed Presi and the court mage sealed the demon inside the hand mirror it came from, unintentionally removing Riliane's memories of her twin brother as a side effect.[32]

Later, Elluka read a book while her comrades spoke about the children each of them had adopted, with Prince Alexiel being adopted by Leonhart and changing his name to Allen. Mariam then asked Elluka if she would ever train an apprentice, since the sorceress was unlikely to marry. Elluka bluntly told her, "Never," without averting her gaze from her book.[33] While the number of wars during Queen Anne's rule decreased, Elluka continued to work for the queen.[34]

Fateful DayEdit

"Anywho, I can't afford to repeat my failures... like in the past incidents with Venomania and Conchita. This time, I'll prevent it before it even happens."
―Elluka regarding the possessed Riliane[src]

Elluka at the assembly

After Queen Anne's death in EC 499, Elluka attended her friend and ruler's funeral alongside Mariam and the weeping Princess Riliane. At some point, the sorceress cried in private over her friend's demise. Later, Elluka attended an assembly of ministers and the Princess in the Hall of Sounds. When Riliane stood at the meeting and proclaimed it was her birthright to govern the nation, the mage noticed she was once again possessed by a Demon of Sin, more deeply rooted than before, and was astonished.

Once the conference ended, Elluka met with Mariam and Leonhart and remarked how determined Riliane's speech was. When Leonhart voiced his discontent with the youthful princess ruling the nation despite there being no other appropriate heirs, Elluka noted that there was still Prince Alexiel, questioning if he wasn't called "Allen" now. The warrior then responded that doing so would repeat the incident from seven years prior. Leonhart then added that Riliane would still not remember him and that they shouldn't add to her confusion over Anne's death. Elluka then expressed the possibility of her memory being triggered if she met him again and, when questioned about the possibility, admitted it was a joke.


The Three Heroes discuss Riliane's crowning

The mage then elaborated that she was unlikely to remember and questioned Leonhart about their plans to reunite them. The warrior admitted his plan to enlist him as a servant, stating that the boy himself had also agreed. Elluka then noted it and reminded the others that their original plan was to reunite the twins as adults and decide the ruler, clarifying that they would still serve the palace no matter who the ruler was. When criticized by Leonhart, Elluka reminded them that the Three Heroes weren't valued for their political savvy.

After a long silence, Mariam said she was fine with having Riliane as a ruler rather than none and Elluka added how when there was a problem the people would look to her, pointing out that the only other person aware of Allen's true identity was the incompetent Prime Minister Minis. Once Mariam and Leonhart decided to bring Allen in as a servant, the latter sweetly spoke about the clumsy Chartette Langley; when the maid left, Elluka jokingly referred to Chartette as an assassin's daughter.


Leonhart teasing Elluka

Afterwards, the mage said she would retire to her room since she needed more of her beauty sleep, mortified by Leonhart's joke about her having noticeably swollen eyes. When the warrior voiced his relief since she seldom showed her true feelings, Elluka only replied that she had lived longer than anyone in this country and that it was too late for those who had died. The warrior then bluntly countered that it was natural to mourn over someone's death, asking if her long life took away her right to grieve.

The mage immediately kicked him in the leg, calling him an idiot before leaving. While laying on her bed in her room later on, Elluka considered how she thought she could no longer cry after living for so long, recalling the tears she shed for her friends. She then drifted to sleep while noting that she was better off alone. Receiving a prophetic dream of the Princess being executed, the royal palace assaulted, Elphegort invaded, and Mariam lying dead in the Heavenly Yard, Elluka awoke, startled. Considering both Arth and Anne's deaths, the mage told herself it was natural for people to die and resolved to continue her original mission for the vessels of sin.[35]

False AssassinEdit

"What are you planning, Elluka?"
"Weeell, since Anne's also dead now, I thought it was about time I left Lucifenia. So, before that, I need to erase all the people who know me."
"Toy knives can't kill people."
―Mariam and Elluka[src]

Elluka swiftly disarmed by Mariam

The next day, Elluka summoned Mariam to the Hall of Mirrors. Once the Head of Maids entered, the mage attempted to stab her in while she was looking at the Hall's artwork. The former assassin then quickly disarmed her with a kick, knocking the weapon out of her hand. Elluka complimented Mariam for her reaction and teasingly complained about her "kicking habit".

She joked with Mariam that because she was preparing to leave Lucifenia, she needed to kill everyone who knew her. Mariam pointed out that toy knives couldn't kill people, demonstrating its retractable dagger. When the maid noted the sophistication, Elluka pointed out she had planned to use it on her before she dodged it.

The curious Mariam asked why and Elluka told her she no longer held an obligation to stay in the country now that both Arth and Anne had died, having fulfilled her contract to them. Mariam told her she didn't change and the two joked about Elluka's magical power and her seemingly eternal youth. Asking if the maid was interested in knowing her secret, she flatly rejected the notion and Elluka remarked how cold her words could be, displaying her childish personality.

Elluka then insisted she leave Lucifenia despite Mariam's pleads, stating her twenty years of service was enough. To address Mariam's concerns, Elluka told her she would train a new court mage to master magic for the Kingdom, saying it would only take two or three years if they had the talent. When Mariam questioned if she already found someone, the mage teased that she was suddenly expandable if she had successors.

Before Mariam could interrupt, she noticed someone come in and Elluka looked to see Ney behind her. Elluka listened to Mariam's daughter relay Leonhart's message for the head maid to look at the new servant boy.[36] Mariam returned the knife, stating they'd continue their discussion another day and left with her foster child.[37] Although curious to see Allen's appearance, she realized it was best she left.[38] As she made her exit, playing with her toy knife, she questioned if two to three years was enough time and whether she'd actually be simply leaving the country after all.[39]

Just then, Prime Minister Minis saw her and asked if she was leaving. She told him that she was heading for Elphegort to receive an apprentice and denied Minis' offer of sending one of the palace guards to do it for her. After asking him if he still preferred young boys, referring to Allen, the insulted Minis reminded her to keep the prince's identity a secret; the mage responding that she was aware and, disinterested in hearing Minis ramble, she left.[40]

Search for an ApprenticeEdit

"Hmm, incarnate spirits as humans and then train them as mages, eh... And as usual, the things you think up are capricious. But it wouldn't be impossible since the reincarnation arts are your specialty..."
"That's right. Nooow, hurry up and send me two or three of your kin."
―Held and Elluka[src]

Elluka meets with Held regarding Riliane and the vessels of sin

Meeting with Held at the Millennium Tree Forest, she asked him if she could incarnate one of his spirits as a human to help her prevent Lucifenia's destruction. When the Millennium Tree became sidetracked, she reprimanded him and pressured her old friend to give her an answer. The earth deity was in disbelief that such a massive country could be destroyed, and Elluka responded it was due to the Demons of Sin.

The sorceress then described Riliane's repossession, expressing that general purification magic was useless. After explaining she required an apprentice to help cast the Clockwork Secret Art, Held reminded her how she destroyed her own country last time, but Elluka assured the doubtful deity that she would not fail again. She then expressed confusion regarding Riliane still being under demonic possession while looking at the mirror she sealed.

Held suggested it was possible that the vessel of sin she sealed was only a piece, and that the original vessel was split apart. Brushing it aside, Elluka criticized herself for failing to prevent the disasters by Venomania and Conchita and was determined to prevent Lucifenia's destruction. When asked by Held the details of her dreams, Elluka described the four images she had seen and clarified that Lucifenia's invasion was purple and could not be avoided.


Elluka takes out her anger on the god

The earth deity asked what the mage would do if her plan failed and she responded that she would flee and avoid being caught up in the mess. When Held responded that she wanted to leave because she didn't want to see her loved ones die and repeat the Levianta Catastrophe, Elluka punched the tree deity in the "face" to vent her anger, telling him to shut up.

After hurting her hand, the poised Held told her it was not her place to serve justice, as it may or may not be better for Lucifenia to be destroyed. She then told her old friend she knew, but that since this was caused by the vessels of sin, it was her duty to stop the problem before it even occurred. As Held began to sleep before actually answering her question about her apprentice, she yelled at him to wake up, then angrily kicked his roots.

After being struck by a pome fruit to the back of her head, Elluka turned around to find Michaela and Gumillia, in their animal spirit forms, responsible for throwing the fruit at her, and the mage replied to Michaela that she was not bullying Held. When berated by Gumillia for using violence, Elluka pointed out her hypocrisy for throwing the fruit at her. Seeing Held was still asleep, she left saying she would return. When Michaela flew to Elluka's shoulder and the two briefly spoke about the spirit's knowledge of humans and how Held refused to let her leave the forest.

As she left, Elluka thought that her apprentice should be one of them. On her way back, she saw a girl, picking fruit and decided to spy on her. Watching from behind some bushes, Elluka noted she was from the Netsuma Clan and that she had bruises. As the girl left, she heard her apologize for being alive and, although disturbed, decided to ignore it. Reminded of Held's words, she considered he was right that she preferred escaping from problems. Once the girl was gone, she returned to the palace before it got dark, out of fear of being reprimanded by Mariam.[41]

A Deadly GameEdit

"You have my sympathies."
―Elluka to Mariam[src]

Elluka and Mariam exchanging banter

While walking through the halls, Mariam found the mage and noted her journey to Elphegort. Elluka teasingly questioned if she was worried and the assassin brushed off notion, curious if she found a disciple. Elluka admitted she hadn't yet and the maid lectured her to avoid revealing her identity to avoid sparking any conflict. Elluka then noted that she was already known, only for Mariam to remark she was aware.

Elluka then recalled Ney's previous interruption and asked what Allen was like. As Mariam described the boy's polite and humble nature, confident he and Riliane would be together forever, the two heard the Princess threaten to behead the boy and Elluka saw the fleeing servant get tackled by his twin. Watching Mariam surmise the situation, Elluka saw Riliane's "wins" over Allen with the hair pieces she put on him, surprised when Mariam then suddenly fixed up the poorly made bows. With serious, watchful eyes, the mage witnessed the Princess maliciously deny Mariam's plea to not threaten execution so whimsically before leaving.


Elluka watching the results of Riliane's possession

After giving her friend her sympathies, Elluka listened to Mariam justify that the princess would change as she became more self-aware. Suggesting that may be so, the mage changed the topic to fact the two looked so alike, noting Riliane's apparent amusement with it. When Mariam voiced her concern that the other ministers would notice the twins' resemblance to one another, Elluka stated she'd convince them otherwise.

Met with Mariam's disbelief, Elluka assured her many in the world looked alike and so it'd be a believable coincidence, adding that their traits were typical among Lucifenians. Suddenly reminded of the Netsuma she saw, the mage asked if any of the white-haired race still were being persecuted in Elphegort. Once Mariam related that the discrimination wasn't as bad but still there, she told her not to worry about whatever she saw. Elluka reflected that she had simply seen a clumsy girl that reminded her of Riliane and then asked why the maid fixed Allen's bow. The confused Mariam replied that it was messed up and the amused sorceress joked about the cuteness of her action.[42]

Incarnating the SpiritsEdit

"So, how about it? You thought about our last conversation?"
"Well now, what was that conversation?"
"Don't dodge the question, old man! Our conversation about turning your spirits into humans and my disciples!"
―Elluka and the amnesic Held[src]

About two weeks thereafter, Elluka returned to the Millennium Tree Forest and arrived to overhear Held lecture Michaela about how spirits, and even gods, should not interact with humans. She interrupted them saying that she never would have expected him to say that and asked why he did send her on her mission if that were true. After the spirit justified it was because of it being "sin" that he sent a human to gather them instead of interfering himself, the sorceress asked if he had made his decision. Realizing the Millennium Tree no longer remembered their conversation, she angrily seethed at the earth deity.

Once she calmed down, she looked up toward the northeast sky and said that she felt the sins breathe and believed Held was correct about the mirror being split into fragments, feeling a vessel of sin in Elphegort. Held agreed, after a long moment of silence, to give her two spirits: one to train as her apprentice and the other to search for the sin fragment in Elphegort. Surprised by his swift answer, Elluka listened as the deity explained how the sin that originated from his forest was his responsibility and that because he had pushed that responsibility onto Elluka, he desired to help as best he could before he departed from the world.

Settling for taking Gumillia and Michaela, and agreeing to return them to their spirit forms after three years, Elluka took the two spirits west to find a more suitable spot for her astronomical ritual. Along the way, Elluka told Michaela to follow her own will and that Held most likely wanted her to understand humans by sending her on this journey with the sorceress. They arrived at their destination and, after drawing a symbol on the ground, Elluka began the ceremony, asking for them to imagine the faces of beautiful Elphegort women. When Michaela asked why women, Elluka told her because she wanted them to and finished her preparations and incarnated them in the forms they imagined.[43]

Mage TrainingEdit

"How is it, Michaela? Can you hear anything?"
―Elluka instructing her disciple[src]

Elluka teaching her disciples

After the ritual was complete, Elluka was confused to see Michaela choose the appearance of Eve Zvezda. Elluka found an abandoned house in the Forest of Bewilderment and sheltered the three of them there to practice their magic and learn the basics about being human. She trained the two and occasionally returned to the palace before coming back.

One day, the mage was awoken by Michaela as she banged two pans together. She commented how she woke up early as usual and told her she was getting up, annoyed by the sound the incarnated spirit was making. Staring at her face, she told Michaela how a woman's charm was in her eyes and that she should remember to wash her face from time to time. After three months training the former spirits, Elluka watched as Michaela practiced singing the "Lu Li La" spell to sense the location of the vessels of sin and told her that she just needed practice, and to master the basics she taught her.

During their last supper together that same day, Elluka commented that the vessel of sin was likely in the hands of either King Thorny Elphen, Duke Parkage Meld, or Keel Freezis, in Aceid. Seeing Michaela look pale, she asked if the spirit was sick and warned her of the diseases she was vulnerable to as a human. She gave her some medical herbs and sent her to bed.

The next day, Elluka awoke Michaela after she and Gumillia packed their luggage and asked if she was feeling better. Once Gumillia and Michaela said their heartfelt goodbyes, Elluka told them they had three years to accomplish their objective and looked forward to seeing the three of them together again. Afterward, she left with Gumillia for Lucifenia.[44]


Elluka assesses Gumillia's condition

During their journey through the forest, Elluka noticed that her apprentice seemed concerned about her surroundings. When she asked what was wrong, Gumillia begrudging admitted her eyes were bad. Examining her, the sorceress asked for how long and the green-haired apprentice clarified that it was since her human incarnation. Shocked, Elluka pondered how she didn't remember making an error in the ritual.

She then queried how far her apprentice could see. When Gumillia pointed out a Rollam bird perched on a faraway tree, saying she could see its eye color, Elluka said that was more than enough. After remarking how pretending to be a human while not pretending to not see that far would be bad, Gumillia explained how she simply couldn't see things close to her just fine, noting the inconvenience.

Confused, Gumillia clarified for her that she could see that close beforehand, hence the inconvenience. Realizing what was wrong, Elluka explained that chipmunks and humans had different ranges of vision, so her eyesight was fine for a human. After a brief silence, Gumillia reiterated it was inconvenient and the sorceress replied that it couldn't be helped. Seeing her stare off silently in thought, Elluka reluctantly conjured a pair of glasses and placed them on her, asking if she'd finally be satisfied.


Elluka musing about Gumillia's glasses

While Gumillia looked amazed at her improved eyesight, Elluka commented that her old vision field was probably closer. Conceding that it was fine, the sorceress said she would give them to Gumillia. She quickly added that their magic was forcing her field of vision to widen. As she warned the current her would get dizzy, Elluka suavely caught Gumillia as she collapsed from said lightheadedness.

The sorceress then removed the glasses, saying she needed more practice first. Asking her to only use them when they were searching for things, the mage explained how it would be easier to search if her vision was wider. As her apprentice argued they were searching for the vessels of sin while trying to get the glasses back, Elluka kept them out of her reach.

The mage then said that she was the only one searching for them while Gumillia was just her support. Looking at them, the sorceress mused how if she were ever discovered with the glasses, it wouldn't cause any trouble. She then said her apprentice couldn't wear them in her presence unless they were actually looking for something. When Gumillia asked why, Elluka put on the glasses, describing how she disliked them because they ruined the sought after woman's image. After a long pause, Gumillia said that was just like her and Elluka thanked her for the apparent compliment before they continued on their journey to Lucifenia.[45]

Reign of EvilEdit

"Lucifenia shall perish soon enough."
―Elluka's prophecy[src]

Admitting her apprentice to the palace, Elluka began training her magical talent in preparation for teaching the girl the Clockwork Secret Art;[46] during that time, the sorceress told Gumillia what she had learned about the Glass of Conchita and its powers.[47] At some point, she overheard several of the ministers discuss Riliane and Allen's resemblance. Pulling her influence as a wise prophet, the mage told them that there were always three people in the world that looked alike, hence their resemblance to one another.[48] Around the same time, she began giving Allen healing ointment that she made.[49]

In EC 500, she attended Leonhart's funeral after he was assassinated. Approaching his gravestone, she called him an idiot before leaving with Gumillia.[50] About nine months since training them, Elluka received the sign from Michaela that she located a vessel of sin.[51] Since Allen was heading into Elphegort, she ordered Gumillia to give the servant the Very Amazing Green Onion to give to Michaela. After Gumillia did so, Elluka called for her apprentice and the former spirit obeyed.[52]

Later that night, the sorceress contacted Michaela through the Very Amazing Green Onion. Hearing Michaela's report, Elluka learned that she had found Keel Freezis in possession of the Venom Sword while she was working for him and that Gast Venom was plotting to obtain it. Elluka determined that the vessel of Lust was not the source of the problem due to Riliane being arrogant and not lustful.

She then told Michaela to watch the vessel in case it would cause trouble in the future and noted the nostalgia in hearing Gast's name. Questioned by Michaela, she explained how he was her former comrade and now her enemy, knowing Gast's purpose for searching for the sword. When Michaela asked about Gumillia, the court mage told her she was fine and that she would be able to use the Clockwork Secret Art within the next six months, praising her skill. As their signal began to fade, Elluka reminded her disciple to contact her if something serious occurred and to remain there and relax.[53]

The next day, Elluka attended the conference in the palace's Hall of Sounds regarding the diplomatic missions to Marlon and Elphegort. As the minister's discussions of Allen's report began to drag, Elluka summarized that they needed to carefully watch Keel Freezis and not let their guard down, congratulating Allen for his work. When Minis brought in Queen Dowager Prim's gift later on, Elluka was dazzled by the sight of a baby ziz tiama and identified it as a "Very Amazing Octopus" to the curious Allen, answering that everything about it was amazing.

At the behest of the disgusted Riliane, Elluka took the gift and held it in its glass container. After hearing Minis reveal that King Kyle withdrew his engagement to Riliane in favor of a green-haired girl he met, the sorceress asked in disbelief if Kyle's mother actually agreed to the decision. Minis answered that the Queen Dowager decided to respect her son's decision without giving her personal opinion.[54]

Several days later, Elluka was in Riliane's room when Mariam returned from Elphegort to report any discoveries on the identity of Kyle's secret lover. Hearing that Mariam remained clueless, Elluka added that they only knew that she was a "green-haired girl" and that everyone in Elphegort matched that profile. She then watched as Riliane threw a tantrum before ordering Minis to invade Elphegort and slaughter its population of green-haired women.


Elluka argues with Mariam about her departure

When Riliane ordered the Prime Minister to burn the Forest of Bewilderment for the invasion, Elluka interrupted and angrily attempted to reason with the princess, explaining that burning the forest out of envy would provoke a disaster by the god living there. As she justified that when killing people and capturing countries for her parents, they did to protect others from war, Riliane ordered Elluka's death.

The furious court mage immediately resigned, daring the princess to send someone after her if she intended to kill her. As she left, Mariam chased after her. In response to her friend's pleas to not leave, the sorceress responded that with Arth and Anne dead, her tasks in Lucifenia had ended and that she wanted to leave with Gumillia to protect her from Riliane's genocide. After Mariam asked what she would do next, Elluka told her that she would rest and then travel.

As she said she may even leave for the Eastern countries, she noticed Allen was watching them and cursed. Smiling, the court mage asked the servant if he was planning stop her or kill her on his sister's orders. She then revealed her prediction of Lucifenia's inevitable demise and that neither she nor Mariam could have prevented Leonhart's death. Elluka wondered if her words convinced him to flee like her, and was surprised to hear him decide to remain by Riliane's side and protect his nation.

She then brushed off the topic and told him to take good care of his sister. Turning back to the teary-eyed Mariam, Elluka described how the time she spent with her and Leonhart made her happy and that she would stay longer if Allen had not been present. Telling her friend to take advantage of those not yet killed before saying her goodbyes, Elluka left.[55]

Green HuntingEdit

"Aaaaaagggh, enough! You're always so stupid! You, Riliane, the King of Marlon, Allen, Leonhart, Mariam, all of you, every one of you is a stupid, stupid idiot!"
―Elluka to Michaela[src]

Collecting Gumillia and leaving the palace, Elluka headed to the Forest of Bewilderment. With the help of her apprentice, Elluka used the Very Amazing Octopus she received to conjure a rainstorm to douse the fires burning the Forest of Bewilderment. The two left after seeing the Lucifenian soldiers retreat back to the palace and headed deeper into the forest. Exhausted, they sat down and Elluka lamented over wasting such a rare octopus. Praising Gumillia again, she noted how her magic improved.

The sorceress told her apprentice she was glad they were able to control the fire before the Millennium Tree was burned when Germaine Avadonia suddenly approached her. The daughter of Leonhart offered the two shelter at her home, but the mage mischievously told her it was a kind gesture and refused, believing it would cause problems since they were being hunted by the Lucifenian army. With that, Elluka stood up with her apprentice and disappeared into the forest's depths.[56]

The sorceress then contacted Michaela through the spirit's Very Amazing Green Onion. Frantic, Elluka told her she needed to escape from Elphegort and explained how her "purple" dreams were becoming reality. After explaining the situation, the panicked mage told Michaela they were lessening the mortality rate and that Kyle's lover was giving her a headache. Michaela apologized and explained how she had been Kyle's lover and told her the circumstances. Anxious, Elluka told her she needed to escape, being Riliane's target, and explained that Gumillia was safe with her.

When Michaela showed concern for the innocent civilians that would be killed in the Green Hunting, Elluka said she had friends in Elphegort's palace and would attempt to curb the casualties until Lucifenia would fall by her predicted revolution. Wanting to guarantee Michaela's safety, the sorceress ordered her to head North of the city of Aceid, to a place where she could use magic to cast a reincarnation spell to return to her forest spirit form. Once Michaela interrupted and told her she wanted to remain a human and not leave those she cared about, Elluka cried.

After a long silence, the mage ranted how she, Riliane, Kyle, Allen, and Leonhart were all fools and that everyone was an idiot. Elluka later screamed in shock after she overheard Gumillia tell Michaela she too didn't want to return to her spirit form. Once she finally composed herself, the mage noted that Held would be disappointed in them. After learning about Michaela's hiding place in a well in the Millennium Tree Forest, Elluka recognized the location and told her they would meet her there once everything calmed down, telling her not to die before ending the transmission.[57]

She and Gumillia went to Keel Freezis' mansion only to find it burned down. They infiltrated the nearby barracks to retrieve the Venom Sword but discovered the vessel of sin was missing and collected the rest of his property instead. After a short rest, they headed to Michaela's hiding spot. However, they arrived to find Kyle clutching Michaela's corpse, crying. While attempting to pry the King from her body, the two mages dealt with Kyle's kicking and screaming.[58]

Around that time, Elluka noticed Kyle had been possessed by the Demon of Lust.[59] After the King left, they retrieved Michaela's body and then witnessed it become tree saplings. Astonished, they visited Held and confronted him about the issue. They then learned that Michaela was chosen by the earth god to succeed him as the Millennium Tree. Angered, the sorceress argued with him before the deity spoke with Gumillia and returned to his slumber.[60]


"I'm used to it."
―Elluka regarding her recent failures[src]

During the Lucifenian Revolution, the two traveled to the Freezis Mansion in Marlon to explain what had occurred to Keel. The merchant, surprised by the revelation about Michaela, told them to give the sapling to Clarith. The two women revealed they managed to recover Keel's property from his burned-down mansion and, after some negotiation, returned them to him. Grateful, the merchant abided Elluka's request to hide them from Lucifenia and give her the Venom Sword. While there, Elluka sealed the Venom Sword, noting its magic felt weak, and was surprised to see Keel's wife, Mikina, there.

After hiding out for some time during EC 501, the two returned to Lucifenia once The Daughter of Evil was executed and traveled to the Held Monastery in Elphegort in search for Michaela's cherished human friend.[61] Finding her at the monastery, Elluka approached the white-haired girl and introduced herself and Gumillia before offering her Michaela's sapling, telling her it was her "precious friend". Seeing Clarith's confused expression, Elluka asked to be served tea while she explained the story.

Once she had drunken some of her black tea, Elluka began relating the truth to her. When she revealed Michaela was a spirit, she was surprised by Clarith's lack of surprise but realized her reasons and continued. She then described how they found Michaela's body and commented that she believed Kyle also contributed to her death and explained how she was chosen as the next guardian of the world by Held, bitterly admitting she was fooled by the "old man".

After her tea was refilled, she thanked Clarith and told her what Keel told them and that Gumillia was reluctant to hand her over to the white-haired girl. After a short silence between the master and apprentice, Elluka said they would let Michaela decide, and beckoned Gumillia to conjure a manifestation of Michaela's human form from the sapling for Clarith and her to see. Elluka petulantly asked who "won" and, after it was decided, left Michaela in Clarith's possession before departing with Gumillia.[62]

About a week later, Elluka returned with Gumillia to check on Clarith. They secretly spied on her and observed that Riliane was with her. The sorceress decided to leave the situation alone, concluding that Riliane should no longer be affected by the Demon of Pride. Despite failing to stop the revolution, learn why Riliane was once again possessed by a demon, and learn why the same demon had vanished, she did not act bothered by it and told Gumillia she was used to it. Elluka, proud to have acquired the vessel of Lust, decided to head to the East with her apprentice in search for the vessels of sin and the two stopped in an inn in Asmodean.

While there, she examined the sword and realized the Demon of Lust was absent from the weapon. Infuriated, she screamed and tore off the seal before flinging the blade, explaining to Gumillia her revelation. In her frustration, she came to another revelation and took out the mirror of Lucifenia she sealed from her luggage, and tore off its seal. Seeing that the Demon of Pride was absent from its vessel as well, she collapsed to the ground, distraught and telling her apprentice that the demon had vanished, even though she was certain it was inside the mirror when she sealed it.

Gumillia asked if it was possible for the demons to disappear from their vessels and Elluka denied it, saying their original bodies remained in the vessel even if they possessed humans. After the shocked sorceress sat motionless for a short while, she stood up, began packing her luggage, and told Gumillia their trip to the East was cancelled until they figured out what happened to the demons.[63]

Witch HuntEdit

"What happened after you and Gumillia left this house five years ago."
"It's a long story."
―Yukina and Elluka[src]

Gumillia and Elluka returned to Lucifenia and began spying for information. As part of their search, Elluka had them pursue King Kyle since he had been possessed by the Demon of Lust during their last meeting. With the King annexing Lucifenia as part of Marlon, Elluka and Gumillia infiltrated the royal palace where he resided and learned the Demon of Lust was gone and he had since been possessed by the Demon of Pride.[64]

Once they found that Kyle owned another one of the hand mirrors for the vessel, they attempted to steal it that night from his bedroom. In the midst of their theft, the King awoke and discovered their actions. Forced to flee, the two lost possession of the Venom Sword during their escape;[65] they were later added to the "Witch Hunt" decreed by King Kyle.[66] Suspicious that Kyle's two consecutive possessions weren't simply a coincidence, Elluka decided to investigate Queen Dowager Prim.

In EC 502, the two traveled to the Marlon as part of their investigation. While attempting to find Prim at Marlon Castle, they were instead ambushed by the Espionage Task Force and the sorceress Abyss I.R. Not expecting there to be other powerful mages left, Elluka was unprepared and was quickly defeated by Abyss in battle. As her body was taken by the sorceress, Elluka used the Swap Technique to place her soul in Gumillia's body as she fled.[67]

Reunited with the ApprenticeEdit

"So your body had been hijacked by Abyss..."
―King Kyle[src]

In EC 505, when Abyss I.R. attempted to take Gumillia's body as well, Elluka's spirit called out and wrestled control of her body from the sorceress, sending both women flying in the air. Germaine then attempted to slay the incapacitated Elluka but Gumillia stopped her. She then explained to her apprentice, Germaine, and Yukina why she had gone missing.

After Gumillia fainted from exhaustion, Elluka followed Germaine as she took the apprentice to her room. Once there, when Yukina asked the sorceress if it was really her, Elluka commented that it was good to be back in her old body. A servant then entered the room and offered milk to her; in response, Elluka squinted and remarked that milk was not a drink, telling him to bring her tea instead and adding that she would take lemon tea. She then sat in the chair opposite Yukina and Germaine as the servant left.

After Yukina asked her what had happened five years ago when she and Gumillia left the mansion last, Elluka noted that it was a long story and said she would say the short version. She then explained how the Demon of Lust had been missing from the Venom Sword, stopping to ask if she needed to explain the Demons of Sin. After Yukina affirmed what she knew, the sorceress continued her narration. Elluka then added how she had gone to the Lucifenian Royal Palace to find the Demon of Lust in Kyle.

As Yukina questioned if the king's transformation had been due to the Demon of Lust, she clarified that it was the Demon of Pride, the Lust demon having left by that point. After Yukina mused at increased sex drive being one of the Demon of Lust's effects, Elluka responded that Kyle's passion for Michaela was likely due to the demon, although he likely didn't know it. She continued to explain how Kyle was then possessed by the Demon of Pride and had picked fights with other countries due to his confidence.

When Yukina commented that the king was tricked by the demon, Elluka agreed but said someone else must have been the cause, adding that it would be impossible for Kyle to be possessed by the demons in such a manner. From there Elluka explained how she and Gumillia had gone to Marlon to investigate Prim, only for her to be captured by Abyss I.R. and the Espionage Task Force and escape using the Swap Technique on Gumillia. When, following her explanation, Yukina asked who Abyss I.R. was Elluka stated she didn't know, having destroyed her soul.

The mage then muttered that Abyss could've been one of the Mas of 500 years ago since she also seemed to have the swap technique;[68] while lost in thought, Elluka considered her doubts that the mage could use such high-level magic.[69] When Yukina asked about what she said, Elluka apologized and said it didn't concern them. She then stopped, seeing the red cat from the battle walk into the room. After wondering aloud if it was looking for its lost owner and concluding it couldn't be helped, Elluka heard Yukina's suggestion that she raise the cat.

She then immediately refused, citing that she hated them and asking the girl to keep it. While the three of them debated, the sorceress saw Mikina Freezis enter after the cat and catch sight of the sorceress. Mikina commented on how it had been a long time since seeing her and Elluka confirmed that she had returned, noting her attachment to the red cat. After Mikina announced she was adopting the cat, Elluka remained in the mansion with the others for the time being, staying in Gumillia's room.[70]

Petition for AidEdit

"I refuse. Honestly, we're completely weakened from the fight with Abyss I.R. Gumillia and I won't be able to use much magic, at least until the next full moon."
―Elluka's response to Kyle's plea for help[src]

While drinking black tea with Gumillia in her room, Germaine came in with Kyle Marlon and the sorceress waved at him, introducing herself. After sipping her tea in her seat, she explained what had happened to her to the king. When Kyle said he was glad she was back to her original form, she turned away and said he couldn't be, given how he chased after her and Gumillia previously as "witches". Kyle insisted he was not himself at the time and that she shouldn't have snuck into the palace in the first place. Elluka replied that, as the Lucifenian Palace was her original abode, she didn't have to ask for permission.

When Kyle attempted to brush their past conflicts aside, Elluka chided that he shouldn't apologize to her but to Gumillia. Afterwards, Kyle explained how the corpse soldiers were sighted up north and that Prim and Ney both seemed to be at Castle Hedgehog, hence why he planned to soon march his armies upon the castle. Once he asked if they'd help him subdue the undead soldiers, Elluka immediately refused. She went on to complain that she and Gumillia were greatly weakened from the fight with Abyss I.R. and that they wouldn't be able to use much magic until the next full moon.

As Kyle began suggesting he delay the invasion, Elluka interrupted and told the King that if he did, he would be attacking his opponent when they were also at their most powerful and that, even if they won, it would come at a great cost. Noticing Kyle was mentally calculating the time until the next full moon, Elluka noted that he would have to wait roughly a month until that point and Kyle retorted that they couldn't wait that long. Then, when Kyle asked about the corpse soldiers power currently, Elluka quietly replied that a new moon was approaching, when their magic power was at its weakest.

After the King haggled for Germaine's support, Kyle thanked Elluka for the advice and began to leave when Gumillia spoke up, saying she'd enchant the weapons of the King's soldiers. Seeing the two share a moment when he thanked her, the mage pulled the two apart and teased that she wouldn't want to continue their conversation without her teacher. As Gumillia told her it was best to cooperate with Kyle, Elluka demanded to know her reasoning and the mage reminded her of the Glass of Conchita. Admitting she had completely forgotten about it, she poured more tea for herself and sat back down.

When Gumillia brought out two of the vessel of Pride's mirrors, Elluka nodded and added that Prim may still have the last piece. She then noted that unless all mirrors were sealed, the Demon of Pride might be restored, and the same with the Demon of Gluttony. Leaning back in her chair while looking at the ceiling, Elluka thought it over before finally agreeing to cooperate, though adding that she and Gumillia wouldn't have a very large role. She then saw the eavesdropping Yukina leap at Kyle and beg him to let her accompany him. Afterwards, the mage watched as Kyle convinced her to stay behind and be promptly beat up by an overprotective Keel.[71]

Tides of BattleEdit

"If this town becomes a battlefield, I'll be the first and foremost to flee."

Over the next few days, Gumillia and Elluka engraved enchantments into all the soldiers' weapons to help them combat the supernatural threat. Around that time, Elluka advised he attack during the day and that taking the Glass of Conchita from Ney would likely shut down the corpse soldiers. Having not yet given out all the provisions to the troops, the two mages traveled with the army to Lioness and helped oversee the reapportioning of the weapons in the main square. While Kyle oversaw the event with her, Elluka stated she'd flee immediately if the town became a battlefield, explaining she was like any weak girl without magic.

The mage then noticed the odd device hanging from Kyle's sheath and questioned what it was. As Kyle explained it was Chartette's rocket glove, the sorceress listened intently, taking the rocket-propelled tool and inscribing a more powerful enchantment into it with a knife. Satisfied with her modification, she returned the weapon to Kyle and stated she simply added a spell to it, certain he'd know when to use it. During the battle across the Blood Pool Region, the mages remained at Lioness Castle to avoid the undead soldiers while in their weakened state.

Meeting in LionessEdit

"Assuming there are no other mirrors, then there's the sword, the glass, the doll... this makes four of the vessels of sin that have been collected. After the remaining three... Woohoo, this feels great."
―Elluka while tallying the vessels collected[src]

After the battle, Elluka met with Kyle, Keel, Yukina, Germaine, and Gumillia in one of the castle's bedrooms while the Marlon King explained what had transpired with Queen Dowager Prim and Ney. Afterward, Kyle presented the Glass, hand mirrors, and doll he had. Intrigued by the doll resembling Eve Zvezda, Elluka questioned if that was really a vessel of sin. While Kyle explained how his mother had said it was modeled after the "Original Sinner" and was probably one of the vessels, Elluka meticulously examined it and agreed with his assessment. 

She then told Gumillia to take out the vessels she had. Once the Venom Sword and two mirrors Gumillia had were placed alongside the other vessels in Kyle's cabinet, Elluka admired them contentedly; she then pointed out that they had four vessels, assuming there were only four mirrors for the vessel of Pride, and cheered for their accomplishment. Her expression quickly changed to loneliness, expressing her disappointment that Kyle seemed to not hear about what happened with the Venom Sword's demon from Prim.

When Keel then attempted to ask if she would return the Venom Sword to him, the mage staunchly refused. Disappointed, Keel questioned what would happen if the demons just jumped out of the vessels. The mage answered that she already put a simple sealing spell on them. Germaine then interrupted and told them to have their conversation later, noting they still had to decide what to do with Ney. Elluka and the others then stared in silence at the unconscious Ney across the room from them.

When Yukina expressed her belief that they should tell Ney the truth, Elluka made a small sigh and noted how, based on Kyle's testimony, no one could vouch for the assassin. Yukina then glared at her, responding that the demon had broken Ney's spirit. Asked if she was sure she couldn't heal her, Elluka retorted that magic wasn't omnipotent and that it was unlikely to succeed even if they tried.

Gumillia then spoke up, saying they should still try, expressing her desire to hear the assassin admit she'd kill Michaela and apologize. After some time deep in thought while stroking the unconscious and bound Ney's head, Elluka agreed to do it, lamenting how it was a time-consuming effort. Once they determined what to do with her, Elluka explained they'd need to return to Bariti and prepare first, commanding Gumillia to collect the vessels.

The group then heard a rattling sound outside the room. Keel offered to check it out, claiming to be the only one uninjured in some form, and they heard him talking to someone outside the room before being swiftly interrupted by a dull sound. When the door opened and the room was filled with a flash of blue light,[72] Elluka saw a masked woman in the doorway before being rendered unconscious.[73]

Once she and the others awoke, they discovered the vessels of sin missing, Keel seriously injured, and Ney dead. Elluka was then taken to another room to check if she needed treatment.[74] Furious that the vessels of sin slipped from her grasp again, the pink-haired sorceress recalled what she saw, realizing Abyss I.R. had actually been the red cat she always had with her and that she had taken possession of the missing Mikina to steal the vessels of sin.[75]

Search for MikinaEdit

"I wonder, have Elluka and her protege been searching Marlon? Then, you were sent to Lucifenia as insurance?"
―Abyss I.R. to Germaine[src]

Furious that the vessels of sin slipped from her grasp again, Elluka spent the next two weeks searching for the perpetrator with Gumillia and Germaine. During the period, she shared what she concluded with her two compatriots. Elluka then determined the fugitive mage would've most likely fled to the nearby Lucifenia, given Marlon's embargo on Elphegort and the other nation's wide distance from the nation.

Elluka then requested Germaine search the Lucifenia territory for Abyss and the swordswoman agreed. While sending Gumillia to search for her in Levianta, Elluka continued her search in Marlon. After Germaine successfully defeated Abyss I.R. and freed Mikina, Gumillia and Elluka collected and sealed the Glass of Conchita and Marlon Spoon in her possession.

Voyage East and WestEdit

"Yes, the Mage of Time, Elluka Clockworker. But she... they still haven't returned from the East."

In EC 508, both Elluka and her disciple became involved in the New Four Horsemen Incident caused by Neo Apocalypse and Abyss I.R.[76] Around that time, Elluka lost the Glass of Conchita to the villainous sorceress.[77] Sometime after EC 531, Elluka met with Shaw Freezis and he agreed that Elluka was allowed to freely utilize the wealth and power of the Freezis Foundation, forging a contract.[78] In EC 548,[79] Elluka and Gumillia began their journey East in pursuit of the Twin Blades of Levianta.[80]

In EC 549, they came upon a large wall blocking their path; approaching the watchman there, the mages attempted to pass through when the watchman stopped them.[81] He then explained that his king mandated that none except their own people were allowed to pass through the gates.[82] Unable to pass through, Elluka and Gumillia left and then colored their hair black to disguise themselves as the guard's race.[83] Returning to the gate, the two were stopped again and told by the watchman that none of his people had such a light skin color.[84]

The two mages left the wall again and then colored their skin dark like the sentry's race.[85] Once they returned to the wall, the guard stopped them for a third time, stating that none of his people had such odd eye colors.[86] As the guard boasted that he and the wall were necessary to protect their great country and that the two shouldn't think poorly of them,[87] Elluka became furious. Conjuring a powerful wind, the sorceress blew the watchman away and opened the gates with Gumillia.[88]

When the two saw no great city beyond them, the two questioned what the watchman had been guarding and continued on their journey.[89] Soon after, they came upon a vast ocean.[90] The two later took a small boat across the sea to Jakoku. After failing to retrieve the Twin Blades of Levianta for years, Elluka and Gumillia left Jakoku in EC 558 and returned to the West.[91] Some time after Clarith and her monastic order, the Sisters of Clarith, erected an examinations system to protect the New Millennium Tree, Clarith gave Gumillia and Elluka permits to freely enter the Millennium Tree Forest.[92]

Investigative JournalistEdit

At some point, Elluka was approached by Shaw. Terrified at the prospect of growing older and dying, Shaw begged the sorceress to give him the secret to immortality. Unable to teach her secret to Shaw, Elluka refused. Later on, she discovered that Michaela had used her power to extend Shaw's lifespan in violation of Held's rules not to interfere with humans; as a result, she quarreled with the god.[93]

During the late sixth century EC, Elluka decided to disappear from the public eye due to her legendary status becoming more of a problem. Approaching Shaw, the mage asked if she and her apprentice could masquerade as his deceased great-granddaughters, Hanne and Heidemarie Lorre, to help with their search for the vessels of sin. Shaw agreed to the arrangement, permitting Elluka to become "Hanne" and Gumillia to become "Heidemarie".

The businessman then permitted Hanne to use all the resources and power of the foundation whenever she wanted to assist in her quest to collect the vessels. In order to maintain her guise, Elluka regularly dyed her hair green and used a spell to change her eye color to match. With Shaw's influence, Hanne became an investigative journalist for the Schuburg Newspaper Company in Aceid, Elphegort. Suspending contact with her "sister" for prolonged periods of time, Hanne continued to pursue leads on the vessels of sin while working as a reporter.[94]

Over time, Shaw and Hanne constantly quarreled with one another, eventually making up later on each time.[95] During this time she also became acquainted with Shaw's grandson, Dashaw, and the two became good friends.[96] As Dashaw showered her with his endless affection, Hanne realized the man had feelings for her.[97] Around the same time, Hanne became acquainted with Shaw's aide Bruno Marlon and constantly annoyed him with her antics. Over the course of her newspaper work, Hanne met and became close friends with Constable Ayn Anchor, telling him stories of legendary heroes such as Leonhart Avadonia.

In EC 597, Hanne attended a business meeting with Dashaw in the town of Lioness. During the event, the town was suddenly swept up in flames. Oblivious to the approaching fires around her, Hanne was pushed out of the way by Dashaw. Seeing his smile after he saw that she was safe, the reporter watched as her friend burned alive.[98] Learning the perpetrator was allegedly the famed "Elluka Clockworker", Elluka stuck to her Hanne persona while she and Shaw searched for her impersonator randomly causing trouble. In EC 608, Hanne visited her fake great-grandfather for a time before returning to Elphegort.[99]

Journey to the PlateauEdit

"What do you know about the "Flower of the Plateau"?"
―Mayor Julia Abelard to Hanne[src]

Around EC 609, Hanne discovered the memoirs of Yukina Freezis and read through her entries. While reading Yukina's accounts of visiting Calgaround while the mages had been journeying East, she became fixated on on her mention of the Flower of the Plateau and its importance for Elluka. After discovering the original manuscript of Yukina's "Flower of the Plateau" fairy tale was missing, Hanne decided to investigate further under the pretense of writing an article about the tale for the Schuburg paper.

Afterwards, the reporter arranged a meeting with the mayor of Calgaround, Julia Abelard, on August 31 of that year. On the appointed day, Hanne called upon a carriage to take her to the town. As it pulled away from the check station, she viewed the scenery outside her window in the rain and the workers on the plantations as the carriage passed by. Eventually, the coachman announced they would soon be at Merrigod Plateau. Hanne then asked him how much time it would take.

He then said that it would be twenty to thirty minutes before arrival. Afterwards, the coachman informed her it wouldn't be long before she saw the buildings of the city. Shortly after, Hanne caught sight of Calgaround's bright red buildings as they approached it; shocked, she note the color and, when asked by the coachman, admitted she thought it was in poor taste. She then heard from the coachman that all the buildings were like this though unaware if it was traditional or a recent occurrence.[100]

Interviewing the MayorEdit

After entering into the city, Hanne quickly located Julia Abelard and entered her home. After greeting her and explaining the purpose of her visit, Hanne sat with the mayor and accepted a cup of black tea from her. Asked about her first impression of the city, Hanne thought for a brief moment before finally asking why all the buildings were painted red. When the mayor explained it was a in order to show reverence to the "Virgin Mother," the reporter questioned who she was and was asked to look at the painting on the righthand wall.

Noting the painting's resemblance to Julia, Hanne questioned if it was her; told it wasn't, she then speculated it was Germaine Avadonia, only for Julia to correct her and say it was Meta Salmhofer. Understanding she shouldn't meddle in this matter, the reporter put the matter aside and asked about the history of the town. Once she realized that most of what Julia said was information she already knew, she began merely pretending to jot down notes as she nodded to what Julia was saying.

After she had finished, Hanne then asked Julia about Mikulia Calgaround and the mayor guessed she meant the Flower of the Plateau. The reporter explained how she continued to hear the anecdote handed down and how Yukina Freezis had written the story, only for the manuscript to disappear. She then elaborated that her readers would be happy to see if anything on "The Flower of the Plateau" could be passed on from the mayor to the newspaper article. As Julia eventually agreed, Hanne listened as she mused over the scandalous contents of the story. The mayor then asked her how much she knew of the Flower of the Plateau beforehand.

In response, Hanne brought out her copy of Yukina's journal from her purse and related how she knew nothing but the description contained within, flipping to the correct page and reading aloud Yukina's plans to go out and research the Flower of the Plateau. Flipping to several other pages, Hanne narrated how Yukina and Kyle both visited Calgaround and became acquainted with the story, with Yukina having learned from her excursion that there appeared to be coincidences or "laws" of the world. After reading to a certain point, Hanne closed the book and looked up at the mayor. She then explained how Yukina written the story of the Flower of the Plateau afterwards and that the original manuscript was now missing. Hanne clarified how she didn't know what laws Yukina referred to, but remarked she might know if told the story.

The mayor convinced, Hanne watched as she brought out Hermann Bälz's account of the history of Calgaround, a record of its nobles and their families. Seeing the entries for Gilbert and Mikulia Calgaround, Hanne took the book from Julia and flipped through the pages, ultimately finding nothing of note. Once more scanning over the registry of the town nobles and their families, Hanne stopped again on Gilbert's name and remarked how early his death was. Hanne then listened as Julia mysteriously noted how he was claimed to have been killed by an illness, guessing that, by her tone, the mayor instead meant that he was murdered.

Once her suspicion was confirmed, Hanne asked if she meant that the tale of the Flower of the Plateau was about his murder by Mikulia, only for the mayor to cut her short and confirm this as well, remarking that it would be the first one. As Hanne questioned what she meant, Julia asked if she should tell the story from start to end and Hanne watched her carry over a vase of emerald roses, called greeonian plateau roses. Julia asked the reporter if she found them beautiful; perplexed, Hanne replied they appeared so and listened as the mayor relayed that Mikulia was also beautiful and loved by the people despite being an outsider.

Hanne then questioned that the land wasn't her place of origin and listened as Julia gave an ambiguous reply, explaining how she was a flower vendor. Surprised at the practicality of such an occupation in a plateau filled with flowers, Hanne questioned it and Julia admitted she didn't know all the details, the only thing important being Mikulia's beauty and popularity, which rumors about her to arise. Hanne then asked if the rumors that she killed Gilbert spread for that reason, and listened as Julia explained that she referred more to two people who had come and gone missing, the real cause of the rumors.

Hanne then learned of how two skeletons were found at the bottom of a well in her mansion, and rumors that Mikulia murdered the two individuals spread, compounded on the rumors that she poisoned Gilbert, and became the legend of the Flower of the Plateau. Musing on the story, Hanne asked the mayor how Mikulia may have murdered the men and Julia related the medicinal qualities of the greeonian plateau roses' roots as a sleeping medicine. With the medicine called "Gift", Hanne questioned the meaning of the name and that it wasn't made anymore.

Questioning the mayor, Hanne learned that Gift was too potent and a wrong dosage could kill, noting that the medicine was more of a poison. Julia agreed and likened the flowers to Mikulia Greeonio due to their toxicity, ending the story. After mulling over the tale, Hanne finally asked Julia what motive Mikulia would have to kill her husband. When Julia gave an inconclusive reply, Hanne decided she had enough for her article and stood, thanking the mayor for her story and promising to send her a copy of the newspaper article.

The mayor, startled by her sudden departure, suddenly remembered to suggest the reporter go visit the library. Hanne questioned that there was a library in the town and heard the mayor explain it had been built long ago and may contain more detailed documents on the story, with Mikulia and Gilbert's portrait hung in decoration. Asking about the portrait, Hanne learned that it had been painted by the visiting Gumina Glassred; expressing interest, she agreed to take her up on the offer and left the mansion, moving on to the city's library.[101]

Uncovering the PastEdit

Walking to the library, Hanne noticed no one there at the reception desk and quietly entered on her own, scratching her head due to the dustiness of the room. After searching through the building, she eventually found a portrait of a young mustached man and a woman sitting beside him, seeing that it was the portrait of Gilbert and Mikulia. Startled by the young woman's appearance, Hanne stared at the picture until she was greeted by a man wearing a cloth around his head and face.

Asking the man if he was a librarian, he nodded and asked her if she was interested in the picture. Hanne then tentatively answered and introduced herself, explaining that she had come into town to cover the story of the Flower of the Plateau before being interrupted, the librarian knowing her purpose already from the mayor. After he offered to let her look at the old vaults for more information, Hanne accepted and followed the librarian to the vaults. Being told by the librarian that he would be cleaning and to call for him if needed, Hanne waited for him to leave and then began looking through the shelves.

After briefly searching for books from four hundred years ago, Hanne examined books from the fourth century EC onward and discovered "Evillious Travels" by Xenos Jaakko. Remarking that the book contained a large amount of illustrations, Hanne read of the minstrel's encounters with the Phantom Thief Platonic, the daughter of a noble in Calgaround, and noted the thief's description. After fruitlessly searching for more books on Platonic, Hanne walked to the reception desk and heard sounds coming from the door behind the counter.

Walking behind the reception desk, the reporter spotted a yellowed book under the counter. Recognizing the original manuscript of "The Flower of the Plateau," Hanne picked up the book; kicking open the door, she grabbed the librarian by the collar and demanded to know why the book was there. When the librarian asked what she meant, she snapped at him and told him not to play dumb, explaining how books on the Freezis Foundation's Lost List had to be turned over to the Foundation immediately upon discovery.

As the librarian insisted it was an accident, Hanne declared the World Police wouldn't take that as an excuse and that she planned to report him, as she would also be suspected of an illegal sale as a reporter from the Schuburg Newspaper under the Foundation's umbrella. When the librarian expressed his confusion, confusion, the reporter further explained that his possession of the manuscript could only be unreported if he didn't know it was a Freezis Fairy Tale or that it was on the Lost List, since the manuscript could only have been purchased from the black market.

At the librarian's skepticism of her reporting him, Hanne also pointed out that her sister worked on the police force and to not take her threats lightly. In reply, the man admitted he had his tracks erased by Père Noël. Shocked by his remark, Hanne released his collar and said she would let him go on one condition, clarifying that he must confess to her who sold him the book. Noticing he continued to be reluctant, she reaffirmed she wouldn't tell anyone else and that it was either her or the World Police. She then clarified that she would omit him from her article.

Hanne then listened as the librarian eventually admitted he bought the book from a blue-haired man in Toragay claiming to be the leader of Père Noël. Asking him his name, she learned that the man wore a mask and so the librarian didn't know. The reporter stood contemplating this before the librarian ran from her, and she watched him escape through the window.

Deciding not to pursue him, Hanne returned to the coachman and confirmed she was leaving, explaining that she planned to stay the night but that urgent business came up. Asked if she intended to return to Aceid, the reporter corrected the coachman that she was headed to Toragay.[102]

Père NoëlEdit

"I told you to escape with me!"
―Elluka to the dying Lemy[src]

Elluka and Gumillia as they depart from Toragay

Following the mysterious Toragay Serial Killings caused by Margarita Blankenheim in EC 609, Elluka arrived to survey the murder scene while searching for the vessel of Sloth. Seeing the carnage, she commented on how appalling it was. When Gumillia arrived, she thanked her for her work and asked what she learned. Hearing her apprentice's assessment that the vessel of Sloth was gone, and that Julia Abelard was connected to the incident, Elluka decided they needed to further investigate Père Noël, and left with Gumillia for Lucifenia.[103]

Once there, they infiltrated the criminal organization and the sorceress adopted the codename Seventh Magician. While working for the organization in EC 610, Elluka discovered that, Fifth Pierrot, was a reincarnation of Hänsel and approached him, trying to convince him to flee with her from Père Noël. Instead, he tattled to First Santa Claus about Elluka's treachery, and the sorceress fled by the next day without him.[104] Conceding this, Elluka ordered Gumillia to shoot him while he was out on his next murder mission. After her apprentice did so, she scoffed at the dying Pierrot for not escaping with her and laughed as he died.[105]

Shortly after, Elluka received a letter from the criminal that revealed her identity to be that of Irina. Challenging Elluka with the message that she would be waiting at Merrigod Plateau,[106] the sorceress traveled with Gumillia to the highlands in EC 611 and battled "Julia", defeating her.[107]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Mari, you're always so meeaaan!"
"Stop talking like a little girl... Truly, you never change. Neither in appearance nor personality."
"Do I now?"
―Elluka and Mariam[src]

Elluka was often relaxed and lackadaisical with half-opened eyes and a sensually bored expression. She usually brushed comments or situations aside and acted playful or teasing towards others to provoke them. Despite this apparent calm demeanor, she had a tendency to mood swing and acted very whimsical and capricious. Held often incited her and she usually vented her anger toward him by attacking the earth deity, earning Michaela's label as a "bully". When faced with stressful or painful situations, she tried to escape instead of face them.[108] She also was concerned with her appearance and preferred to be associated with beautiful women. As a result, she had a distaste for glasses and demanded Gumillia only use them when they were actually looking for the vessels of sin.[109]

Elluka struggled with showing affection to others and acted superficially apathetic, blunt, and unsympathetic, insulting Leonhart at his funeral before leaving.[110] Despite this, she cared for her friends and attempted to prevent their deaths or ease their misfortune as best she can.[111] Elluka had a strange fascination with octopi[112] and liked black tea. She also hated cats, which contrasted her sister-in-law Irina's adoration of them.[113]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"I am privileged with overflowing magical power."
―Elluka, touting her skills[src]

Elluka was a powerful sorceress and was regarded with respect by her peers. Her power as a witch was great enough that she was selected as a candidate to rule the Magic Kingdom,[114] and was able to attain the position as Lucifenia's court mage.[115] The sorceress's most notable ability was her inherent youth and immortality. Elluka also wielded Swap technique, which allowed her to swap her consciousness with that of others. When exchanging bodies, all her magical talents and abilities, such as her immortality, transferred to the new body.[116]

After acquiring Lukana's body, she wielded the ability to use Purple Dream and could dream of the possible futures. Her visions showed only images that she could recognize. On top of that, her foresight's reliability was based on the "color" of the image. If the dream was "purple" then it was destined to occur and could not be changed.[117] Her foretelling skills as Lucifenia's court mage earned her a reputation due to their flawless precision.[118] She was a master of the reincarnation arts, capable of incarnating the spirit of any being as another entity, such as a human or an animal, after preparing the necessary ritual.

She was also powerful with cleansing magic, able to remove the Demons of Sin even when they were purposefully made difficult to exorcise. She was also capable of casting Clockworker Magic but preferred not to cast it due to its heavy risks.[119] Elluka was also skilled in using a ziz tiama octopus, able to cast a powerful rainstorm when sacrificing it[120] and able to grow one to an enormous size for offensive purposes.[121] Elluka also possessed a degree of skill in sewing, and would repair her own damaged clothes.[122]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Held: A friend of Elluka's. Elluka cared deeply for Held, going on her quest to gather the sins on his behalf and becoming protective of him when the god was in danger. She would often take counsel from the him over the course of her quest; nonetheless, she was often vexed by his tendency to point out her own faults or fall asleep mid-conversation, and was infuriated when he withheld information from her. Due to his inability to feel pain, Elluka often took her anger out on Held's physical form. 

Kiril Clockworker: Elluka's fiancé. Elluka cared for Kiril deeply, intending to marry him and later keeping his name after his descent into insanity and eventual death. She experienced great regret for losing him, fleeing rather than experience the pain of watching him die.

Irina Clockworker: Elluka's sister-in-law. Elluka and Irina lived in peace during the former's engagement to Kiril, wishing to protect her in Project 'Ma' after hearing her declaration of support. While regretting her loss as a sister and unaware of her continued existence after the Levianta Catastrophe, Elluka often came up against Irina over the course of her quest, both suspicious of I.R. and antagonistic towards Abyss I.R for spreading chaos in Evillious. Similarly, she came to attack Irina's other alias Julia Abelard directly.

Lukana Octo: A body Elluka swapped into. Elluka swapped bodies with the magically-receptive Lukana to keep the latter out of I.R's hands, although she also appreciated the woman's magical potential. She preferred this body for several hundred years.

Gumillia: Elluka's apprentice. Elluka found Gumillia to be a useful apprentice due to her magic potential, though she was often annoyed by her straight-laced nature and by her being overprotective to a fault. She greatly cared for Gumillia's well-being, such as when taking her away from the Green Hunting, and had the forest spirit accompany her throughout many centuries. She trusted her to handle difficult tasks, like working in Père Noël.

Michaela: A disciple of Elluka's. Elluka would occasionally play with Michaela as a spirit; finding her to be easy to reason with and, later, useful for gathering the sins, though surprised by Michaela's choice of Eve for a body. As a friend, Elluka cared deeply for Michaela's well-being, such as in aiding her during the Green Hunting and becoming incensed when the latter chose to remain a human during this time, risking her life.

Mariam Futapie: A fellow member of the Three Heroes. Elluka and Mariam had a deep friendship cultivated over the course of the Lucifenian Expansion War. She was impressed by Mariam's fighting skills, although amused by her serious and overprotective nature and habit for kicking, as well as disagreeing with her tolerance for Riliane's cruel regime. Elluka enjoyed spending time with Mariam and was greatly saddened by having to leave her, later mourning her death.

Leonhart Avadonia: A fellow member of the Three Heroes. Elluka and Leonhart had a deep friendship cultivated over the course of the Lucifenian Expansion War, although she had difficulty expressing this friendship, such as in calling him "dimwit" at his funeral, and was occasionally flustered by his forthright manner. She enjoyed spending time with him and was greatly saddened by his death, mourning him along with Mariam.

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Elluka's employer after Arth and Anne's death. Elluka was expressed concern that she was being possessed by a Demon of Sin. She became outraged by Riliane's selfish whims and disregard for the lives of others as a monarch, eventually leaving the palace at the commencement of the Green Hunting.

Lemy Abelard: A fellow member of Père Noël. Elluka saw Lemy as too valuable to be left with Irina, as a reincarnation of Hänsel, thus attempting to make him leave with her. Because of his value, when he refused her offer she found it necessary to kill him instead, finding his eventual death humorous.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Elluka's surname, Clockworker, refers to the inner workings of a clock and literally refers to someone who makes or works with such devices; it also a possible allusion to the Clockwork Lullaby Series.
  • Elluka's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Luka, containing "luka" at the end.
  • Her fascination with octopi is likely a reference to Tako Luka and Elluka's representative Vocaloid.
  • Elluka's code number in Père Noël may relate to the magical and lucky connotation of the number seven in Western cultures, coinciding with her codename of "magician" and her occupation as a mage.


  • Mothy describes Elluka's attitude to be the same as when he is drunk.
  • She shares the same presumed birthday (January 30) with her Vocaloid.[123]
  • When asked about his favorite character in The Daughter of Evil series, mothy answered that he liked the Three Heroes.[124]
  • In Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Elluka was voted as the fourth most popular character in The Daughter of Evil series by Japanese fans.
  • Elluka's sewing hobby may be an allusion to her eventual body swap with Lukana, a tailor.
  • Fittingly, the brothel she owned as Seventh Magician was located on the 7th block of Rolled.




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