Technical Information
Japanese 栄吉
Romaji Eikichi
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Jakokuese
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Jakoku

Eikichi was a detective of Enbizaka. Regularly slacking off his work, he often hid with his childhood friend Yuka Musupi. Following the death of Mei Miroku, Eikichi began investigating the string of murders occurring throughout the year.


Early LifeEdit

Eikichi was born in Momogengou sometime during the turn of the ninth century EC, becoming friends with Yuka Musupi. After Kokutan-douji was born in the village in EC 828, Eikichi learned that the boy was apparently birthed from an ebony tree. When he grew up, Eikichi became a detective for the magistrate's office in Izasa, stationed at Enbizaka. During the course of his work, he became well acquainted with Constable Uibee and cooperated with him on several occasions. Unmotivated, he often skipped work and hid at Oyuka's hairpin shop.[1]

Enbizaka MurdersEdit

In spring of EC 842, the sleeping Eikichi was awakened by news that a woman's corpse was found in the main street. Rushing to the scene of the crime, he learned from Uibee that the woman, Mei Miroku, had been murdered by an edged tool; he then heard Uibee's hypothesis that she was murdered by an average thief, as her kimono was missing.[2] After Miku Miroku was found murdered in a similar fashion a few months later, Eikichi investigated her corpse and later shared the details with Oyuka. He also, after confirming her identity, began investigating around the town for clues with the other officers of the magistrate's office.

Later on, he heard that Kokutan-douji, Inukichi, and Saruteito were heading for Enbizaka and punishing criminals to "exterminate demons" along the way. A few days after the Yarera-Zusco Firm became involved in the murder case, Eikichi visited Oyuka's shop, putting up with her scolding for hiding from his duties and obstructing her business. He then discussed how his own work was being obstructed by the Yarera-Zusco firm, Kiji Yarera hoping to get revenge on his lover's murderer.

Their conversation then turned to Momogengou and Eikichi shared what he had heard about Kokutan-douji and his friends. The two debated what he might have come for before deciding he may have heard the rumors about the murder and had come to solve them. As Eikichi considered giving the case over to Kokutan-douji, Oyuka scolded him again for his laziness and he left.[3] Eventually, Kayo Sudou was arrested for the murders and Eikichi returned to his routine of hiding out with Oyuka.[4]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Eikichi was a slacker. While fully aware of his shortcomings in police work, Eikichi acted lackadaisical and largely unconcerned with events in his day-to-day life, though still insulted when these flaws were pointed out. As part of this, he had a habit of sleeping in and was quick to ditch his job to laze about. However, he was disgusted by acts of murder and did try to contribute in such cases, albeit relatively scarcely compared to his fellow officers.[5]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Oyuka: A friend of Eikichi's. Having knowing Oyuka since his time in Momogengou, Eikichi would often use her shop as a place to hide from his own duties. Thus visiting her often, he carried on friendly conversations with Oyuka and would usually share details about his cases with her. Eikichi was usually lackadaisical in the wake of her constant scolding of his behavior

Uibee: A constable Eikichi worked with. Eikichi worked amiably with Uibee, although due to his slacking he generally left the brunt of the work in investigations to the other officer.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Eikichi's name is written as 栄吉 in Japanese kanji, using the kanji for "prosperity" or "glory" and "good luck" respectively.



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