Technical Information
Japanese 栄吉
Romaji Eikichi
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Jakokuese
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Jakoku

Eikichi was a detective of Enbizaka. Regularly slacking off his work, he often hid with his childhood friend Oyuka. Following the death of Mei Miroku, Eikichi began investigating the string of murders occurring throughout the year.


Early LifeEdit

Born in Momogengou sometimes during the turn of the ninth century EC, Eikichi became friends with Oyuka. At some point, he met the old Kurookina and his adopted son, Kokutan-douji; around that time, he learned the blond boy had been apparently born from an ebony tree. When he grew up, Eikichi became a detective for the magistrate's office in Izasa, stationed at Enbizaka. During the course of his work, the detective became well acquainted with Constable Uibee and cooperated with him on several occasions. Struggling to remain motivated, the detective often skipped work and hide at Oyuka's hairpin shop.

Enbizaka MurdersEdit

In spring of EC 842, Eikichi was sleeping in when he was woken and told that a woman's corpse was found in main street. He Eikichi rushed over to the scene of the crime, pushing through the onlookers. Once he reached Uibee and was shown the mutilated body, he expressed his disgust before the constable observed that her neck was torn up with an edged tool, and that the wound thrust through her chest was probably the mortal blow.

Asking if he meant that the culprit was a samurai, he heard the constable reply it was something different and inquired about the specifics. The constable hypothesized it was the work of an average thief since her kimono was missing. After asking if he knew the woman's identity, the detective asserted he examined everything while he slept in, confirming that she was the lady of the Miroku Shop.

After another body was found murdered in a similar fashion a few months later, Eikichi investigated the girl's stomach-stabbed corpse and later shared the details with Oyuka. After the girl was later confirmed to be Miku Miroku, Eikichi and the other officers of the magistrate's office began investigating around the town for clues about the murderer. At some point, he heard that Kokutan-douji, Inukichi, and Saruteito were heading for Enbizaka and punishing criminals to "exterminate demons" along the way.

A few days after the Yarera-Zusco Firm became involved in the case, the detective visited Oyuka's shop again and she immediately told him to stop going there. Eikichi questioned her cold welcome toward a childhood friend, the hairpin seller criticized that he obstructed her business and was just after a convenient place to hide. Admitting she was right as no one would think he'd hide at a hairpin shop, the detective added the Yarera-Zusco Firm's involvement was obstructing his work.

When Oyuka noted their boss, Kiji Yarera, was admirable for seeking revenge on his lover's murderer, Eikichi noted it was essentially revenge on Jakoku, noting neither party was sharing information about the case. After his friend wondered if the criminal would be caught soon, Eikichi said it might before admitting his lack of dedication might not suit detective work. Oyuka agreed and he scoffed at her, wondering if he should return to Momogengou.

Recalling the rumors about Kokutan-douji, he shared the story of the two boys with Oyuka. Seeing her chuckle, the detective questioned her lack of surprise and she answered that it wasn't odd for the blond boy or Inkuchi. He then added about the head of the Lang Clan joining them, explaining they were becoming celebrities. When Oyuka asked why they were heading there, Eikichi joked it was to come see him before admitting he lacked nay particular relationship with the boy.

After suggesting he might've heard about the rumors and wanted to solve them, Oyuka pointed out he was just wasting time with her and might as well give the achievement to him. As he considered the option, the hairpin seller criticized his laziness again and making her fall behind before leaving.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Eikichi was a slacker. While fully aware of his shortcomings in police work, Eikichi acted lackadaisical and largely unconcerned with events in his day-to-day life, though still insulted when these flaws were pointed out. Lacking much passion for his work as a detective, the man was sluggish and unmotivated; he had a habit of sleeping in and was quick to ditch his job to laze about. However, he was disgusted by acts of murder and did try to contribute in such cases, albeit relatively scarcely compared to his fellow officers.

Having known Oyuka for a long time, Eikich was very friendly with the woman and considered her a dear childhood friend. At the same time, he had no qualms taking advantage of their friendship to avoid working and have someone to talk to while passing the time. Because of her more stern and critical nature, Eikichi often argued with the woman over his general attitude.

Character ConnectionsEdit


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Eikichi's name is written as 栄吉 in Japanese kanji, using the kanji for "prosperity" or "glory" and "good luck" respectively.



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