Technical Information
Japanese エグモント
Romaji Egumonto
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Elphe
Gender Male
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Elphegort
"Pharmacists and shamans— the name has changed but what they do isn't that different."

Egmont was the owner of the La Bula pharmacy in Toragay, Elphegort. Descended from a line of local shamans, Egmont became the city's sole pharmacist, providing medical supplies to Dr. Marx Felix and his daughter, Margarita. After the mysterious death of Margarita's husband and sudden coma of her father, he was interviewed about Margarita's connection to the event by reporter Hanne Lorre.


Early LifeEdit

Egmont was born to a line of shamans in Toragay, Elphegort sometime during the EC 500s. He eventually earned a pharmacist's license and became the owner of the La Bula, operating the pharmacy from his hometown of Toragay. Running the store, Egmont sold numerous medicinal ingredients to various customers. At some point, Egmont learned from his customer Dr. Marx Felix that his daughter Margarita suffered from a "sleepless" condition.[1]

Shady DealingsEdit

When Margarita married Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim in July of EC 608, Egmont celebrated the occasion with the rest of the townspeople.[2] Sometime after, Egmont saw a nasty-looking woman in a dark cloak come through Toragay. Learning she was an acquaintance of Marquis Kaspar, the pharmacist remained silent about the woman's seemingly vile disposition.[3]

He later heard about Toragay's black market from some of his customers and the dealers offered to sell him amazing energy tonics made from the new Millennium Tree's rare sap. Once he confirmed it worked himself, the pharmacist began covertly purchasing the nutritional drugs for his shop;[4] around that time, he learned of animal trails in the Millennium Tree Forest that avoided the Sister of Clarith's church along the main path and led directly to the Millennium Tree.[5]

In EC 609, the pharmacist saw the marchioness and the cloaked woman pass by the shop, overhearing they were heading to the local Charity Institute. Margarita later visited his shop and began purchasing sleeping medical supplies despite his insistence the doctor's daughter could buy finished products. After Kaspar's sudden death on August 30 of that year, Egmont began hearing rumors in town that the cloaked woman who had suddenly stopped coming by might've killed him. He later heard about Dr. Marx lapsing into a coma on September 19 before being hospitalized in Aceid.[6]

Interview with the ReporterEdit

On October 6, Hanne Lorre visited the pharmacy and Egmont accepted an interview with the Schuburg Newspaper reporter. After briefly describing the pharmacy's history, he noted that pharmacists and shamans weren't that different, pointing out that the only change was the union approving business and taxed them. He then added they also regulated poison transactions. When Hanne asked about specific restrictions, he showed her his ledger, explaining how buyers had to write down their real name and purpose for purchase or suffer a penalty and that he couldn't make sales to minors or prostitutes.

Hanne then questioned if anyone bought poison recently and Egmont motioned to the ledger, citing mostly hunters and trappers hoping to poison their traps and farmers wishing to euthanize sick livestock bought his poisons. When Hanne asked about doctors, he questioned if she meant Dr. Felix and clarified he could have bought it for research or euthanasia; he then pointed out there was no history of him buying poisons in the past year. Afterward, he pointed out that the doctor seemed neglect his own health and wished him a fast recovery for all the people who need his help and his own business, sighing.

Hanne then brought up that Margarita had also bought supplies from the store and Egmont confirmed it, sighing again. When the reporter asked what the problem was, Egmont insisted there wasn't any and explained that she only bought raw materials to formulate for herself despite his insistence she could just buy the finished products. The reporter then inquired if it was alright for a non-pharmacist to do that in the first place and Egmont answered that she had a medical license.

He then told her that it wasn't illegal to sell supplies for making medicines to others in Elphegort's law. After adding Beelzenian law was seemingly more strict about it, Egmont was asked what Margarita could be formulating and he admitted he could make a good guess and suggested that she was trying to cure her illness. When Hanne inquired about the "illness", Egmont elaborated about her sleepless condition and explained his belief she was trying to make sleeping pills given the relevant supplies she was buying.

Hanne then asked if the marchioness bought greeonian plateau roses and Egmont shook his head, pointing out the flowers were a poison rather than sleeping pill. After confirming he never sold them to the sixteen year-old Margarita, he reiterated his earlier words that he didn't sell poisons to minors and didn't handle greeonian plateau roses anyhow. Hanne then questioned if they could be purchased anywhere else in Toragay and Egmont promptly told her no. He then continued that there weren't any in Toragay and, after thinking about it, suggested she check Aceid if she wanted the roses.

Hanne changed the subject and asked if an alleged mage in town was selling any medicines poisons. Considering her description, he recounted about the woman he had seen wearing a hood in broad daylight, admitting she seemed nasty despite ignoring her as the marquis' friend. The pharmacist then expressed his surprise the World Police weren't suspecting her. Once he suggested she may have killed the marquis, he added that's just what he had heard. Afterward, Egmont admitted he didn't hear anything about her selling what was Hanne was suggesting.

As the reporter began to ask he he'd seen her go anywhere besides the Marquis' estate, Egmont interrupted to ask if she was looking for her, pointing out she seemed to have already left town. He then thought about seeing her anywhere else, tapping his index finger upon the side of his head. Recalling the time she and Margarita passed by, he related the event from months prior to Hanne and what he had overheard, pointing her to the charity institute. Hanne then thanked him for the information.

He then suggested she buy something nice before she leave. Pointing out that she looked pretty fatigued and that it spoiled her precious beauty, he offered the reporter the energy tonic, citing the syrup would blow away her tiredness all the way to Hellish Yard. Once Hanne accepted the offer, he stated the price was 50 evs. The reporter then hesitantly questioned if it really worked and Egmont enthusiastically insisted it did, saying he had used it himself. As he began talking about how it amazing it was, he stopped before joking it especially helped with the "lower body" and laughed. He then handed her the vial of white liquid and she left the store.[7]

Toragay EpidemicEdit

On October 17, Egmont was called to the charity institutes' director, Rita Flohn, after it was discovered the orphans were suffering from some illness. Rushing over to the orphanage with some medicine, he began giving the comatose children the drugs to no avail. When officers Ayn Anchor and Heidemarie Lorre arrived and the former asked, the pensive pharmacist explained the situation. When asked if they could call a good doctor, he answered that the town only had one doctor and he was hospitalized at Aceid.

Ayn then inquired if anyone else had medical experience and Egmont admitted that even he had very little before remembering Margarita. As he explained she was the doctor's daughter, the constable interrupted that she was also in Aceid. When Ayn then suggested carrying the children to Aceid, Egmont exclaimed it was impossible, noting there were over twenty children to move. As the pharmacist began to question how they'd manage it, Ayn interrupted in agreement and said he'd head to Aceid and call a doctor himself.

After Rita cried out that Ingo wasn't breathing and begged Egmont and Heidemarie to help, the two rushed over and confirmed the boy had gone cold. After the panicking Rita went quiet and seemed to fall asleep, the horrified Egmont attempted to rouse her and shouted, shaking her shoulders continuously.[8] Realizing she had succumbed to the mysterious illness as well, he cried out in a panic.

As the mysterious epidemic spread over the weeks, Egmont randomly went through different medicines in his shop to try to find a treatment. Continually failing, more and more townspeople began to die while the World Police quarantined Toragay. After finally using the Milennium Tree sap tonic, he discovered the recipients weren't falling into the eternal slumber. Rallying together the survivors, they quarantined themselves in the Blankenheim Mansion basement while Egmont treated them.

On November 15, Hanne and Heidemarie found the surviving 72 residents in the basement; seeing Hanne with loose pink hair and wearing robes and cloaks, he teased them about the peculiar attire. When asked how he had saved everyone, Egmont described his chance discovery to the reporter. She then asked about the drug and he took out a vial of the syrup, adding there wasn't much left. When Hanne recognized the formula, he confirmed it was what she had bought from him; he then related his surprise that a simply nutritional supplement had worked.

Once Hanne asked what it was made of, Egmont stammered to explain. She then politely insisted he tell her, reminding him that the epidemic's threat wasn't yet finished and they needed the proper formula for the future. Egmont continued to stammer and she questioned if it was something shady. Once Hanne exclaimed that lives were at stake, Egmont admitted he had discovered it and he'd properly show her. When she asked again about the raw ingredients, the hesitant pharmacist finally gave in.[9]

After telling her about buying it from the black market dealers and the sap the drug came from, Egmont taught the mage about the animal trail shortcut. He and everyone else were then moved out of Toragay and hospitalized in Aceid for treatment. Once Dr. Puerick Rogzé formulated a cure to the epidemic later that year,[10] Egmont and the rest of Toragay's inhabitants were released from the hospital and returned to the city. Afterward, they began rebuilding their decimated hometown.[11]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Egmont was a pragmatic but compassionate man. As a citizen of Toragay, he showed a great concern for his fellow townspeople. Knowing several details about their personal lives, Egmont was often worried about the problems of the people.[12] He also cared about them enough to give all his efforts into developing a cure once the mysterious deaths began occurring. The pharmacist also did not give up hope easily, doing everything he could to save his fellow citizens once the killings were at their height.[13]

Aside from this, he also cared greatly about his business and was even willing to sell products made from contraband in order to make a profit.[14] Despite his compassion, Egmont was judgmental to a degree, dismissing Mayrana despite never meeting her.[15] When put under pressure, he had a tendency to stammer.[16] When doing business, Egmont put a more enthusiastic and emphatic front to his customers, shifting to quickly convince them to buy whatever product they could. This could also make him a bit crass, unafraid to make a sex joke about himself to a woman who was a complete stranger while trying to make a sale.[17]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a member of a shaman bloodline, Egmont was knowledgeable about pharmaceuticals.[18] Despite this, he lacked formal medical experience and wasn't comparable to a licensed doctor.[19] Aside from this, Egmont was a capable businessman, managing to keep his pharmacy profitable despite Toragay's small demand, though heavily relying on Dr. Marx Felix to keep himself in business for the long-term.[20] He also had connections to the underworld, allowing him to buy and trade rare and otherwise unobtainable raw materials or medicines.[21]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Margarita Blankenheim: One of Egmont's customers. Knowing the girl well in the town as well as her father, Egmont sympathized with the marchioness' married troubles and her sleepless condition. Subsequently, due to this and her medical license the pharmacist did not suspect her of any wrongdoing.

Marx Felix: One of Egmont's customers. Egmont saw Dr. Felix as a valued member of the Toragay community as one of the few in the town with medical experience, while also holding out hope of his recovery later.



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