Technical Information
Japanese ディラン
Romaji Diran
Biographical Information
Born EC 463
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Marlon
"It's a rare opportunity so I want to observe the gallant figure of Admiral Dylan."
―Kyle Marlon[src]

Dylan was an admiral of the Kingdom of Marlon and the captain of the Royal Victoricia. Serving under King Kyle, Dylan accepted Keel Freezis' request to safely transport his son Shaw to the Evillious mainland and fetch the king and his daughter. After departing from Lucifenia, Dylan commandeered the voyage back to Marlon.


Early LifeEdit

"Up until now, what experience have you had with a monster like this?"
"I guess I have taken down a whale. Though that was considerably smaller in comparison."
―King Kyle and Dylan[src]

Born in EC 463, Dylan later joined the Marlon navy and eventually ascended to the rank of admiral. Spending ninety percent of his time on deck each year, the admiral eventually came to serve as the captain of the Royal Victoricia; sometime during the EC 490s, Queen Prim assigned the vessel to escort Prince Kyle during any of his journeys. Afterward, Dylan became close friends with the prince and later king over the course of their many voyages together. During one voyage, Dylan was faced with a dangerous whale and killed the beast. Later in his life, he married a woman over twenty years younger than him; at one point, he shared the news of his marriage with Kyle.[1]

Merchant's RequestEdit

In EC 505, Dylan was asked by Kyle's friend, Keel Freezis, to sail his son Shaw over to Lucifenia and fetch both the king and his daughter, Yukina Freezis. The admiral complied to the merchant's request and safely transported Shaw and his eleven bodyguards over to the Marlon territory, docking at the local port town. After Shaw retrieved Kyle and his comrades, Germaine Avadonia and Gumillia, the admiral permitted all of them to come on board as they prepared to depart back to Marlon.

When Yukina came to the ship and noted how angry all the sailors looked, Dylan admitted seamen sounded and acted more vulgar than the average land person. He then suggested she rest in town since there was still time before they departed. Yukina replied that she wouldn't be able to see all the unpleasant things if she was kept away from the ship, surprising the admiral. Afterward, he permitted the curious novelist to come aboard and tour the ship so long as she didn't touch the gun batteries. Later on, Beelzenia's Captain Chartette Langley and Lucifenia's Riliane Mouchet arrived to make deliveries for Kyle and Germaine and Dylan permitted them aboard.

While overseeing the crew make the final preparations to depart, Dylan noticed Yukina on the bow and suggested she head to her cabin inside, explaining how rocky the ship got during departure. Thanking him, the young novelist said she'd return below deck once she finished writing in her memo book, claiming it would only take a little longer. Afterward, Kyle came aboard deck and Dylan updated him about their departure. As he tried to tell him what he told Yukina, Kyle interrupted that he was aware and explained he came to pick her up since the three below deck were worried.[2]

Voyage to MarlonEdit

"They're attacking from downwind... all the way from the home country. They're complete amateurs."
―Dylan regarding the pirate assault[src]

Soon after, the ship departed and Dylan oversaw the voyage. During the journey, he noticed the poor turn of the tides and instructed the steersman to take a detour route south on the way to Marlon to avoid destroying the vessel. At some point, Kyle complimented that he looked good for his age. The admiral later retired to his room for a time. Hearing from outside that pirates were approaching the ship, he raced from the cabin and told Kyle and Yukina to evacuate the ship if cannonballs began flying. As the sailors calmed down, the admiral asked them for their numbers and learned that six medium sized ships were approaching; he then mused that they must have mistaken their vessel for a merchant ship, it being too foolish to attack them otherwise.

After seeing the cannonballs being fired by the other ship, he reassured his passengers that the shots wouldn't hit the ship as this distance. As the ships approached, Admiral Dylan began planning his counterattack, careful not to waste shells until determining their position from the enemy ship. Noticing Kyle was still on deck, the admiral frowned and noted that the king should also be evacuated, only for him to brush the advice off. Soon, Dylan expressed relief that the pirates were windward; seeing the Jamet Mountains in the distance, he realized the pirates must be amateurs to attack from downwind and so close to the mainland.

He then said aloud that they were smaller fish than he thought, explaining his reasoning when Kyle asked why he thought so. Afterward, the admiral oversaw the crew as they sank the first two pirate vessels, remarking it was already the end for them. Seeing the remaining vessels continue their approach, Dylan had the warship turn broadside towards the enemy and fire upon them, sinking two more ships. Bewildered, the admiral wondered if they were trying to commit suicide and sank another vessel. Seeing that the remaining ship was going to ram the Royal Victoricia, Dylan commanded Kyle to hold on to something while he calmly stood through the resulting tremors.

He then called out that it looked like the pirates were coming aboard, remarking that close quarters combat was the classical method as he glanced at Kyle. Hearing the king say he refused to evacuate again, Dylan shrugged and asked him to stay behind him nonetheless. When the pirates demanded the sailors on the ship surrender, Dylan had his men swarm the ship instead and begin to capture the pirates. The admiral then witnessed the ship's captain and second board the ship alone; readying his sword, he slashed at the pirate captain and was easily dodged, falling down from the momentum.

As he crawled on the floor, Dylan was kicked in the face and blacked out as a result. Awakening some time later, Dylan stood and saw the pirates had been subdued, but that was ship was being approached by what appeared to be countless giant snakes in the water. Frantically commanding his crew to strike it with the cannons, he realized with the others that it was a giant octopus. Overseeing the rapid, yet ineffective attacks on the monster, Dylan was approached by Kyle and asked what experience he had with a monster like this.

The admiral replied he had taken down a whale, although admitting it was considerably smaller. Asked if it would be better to flee, Dylan replied they were already moving at full speed and that the enemy was fast. Shortly after, Dylan heard Gumillia demanding to speak with the captain and the admiral answered her. After she bluntly requested permission to work on the cannons, the shocked admiral told her they couldn't under the current situation before pointing out an amateur like her could injure herself handling them. Gumillia replied that she would only be writing a few words on them, citing it would take ten minutes.

Dylan then sarcastically agreed, qualifying if the ship didn't sink by then, when Kyle interrupted and ordered him to do as she said. As the admiral tried to argue, Kyle interrupted again that she likely knew the most about the monster and that they would otherwise be at the bottom of the ocean. Unconvinced, Dylan remained silent and Kyle elaborated that she was one of the patrons who saved him and therefore they had to bet on her. Finally conceding to the king's demand, he called to the steersman and asked how much time they had before the creature caught up to them. Told it was fifteen minute, Dylan lamented about the mere five minute margin.

He then asked the mage if ten minutes was enough time for the ship's hundred cannons and Gumillia calculated they would only need fifty. Adding she already had other help prepared, the green-haired woman snapped her fingers and Dylan saw Shaw leap up with his entourage of bodyguards. Once the group completed the mage's preparations ten minutes later, Gumillia ordered him to target the octopus' forehead. Confused by the request, Dylan listened to the mage explain the exact spot while poking his swollen forehead; crying out in pain that it hurt, the mage stated that was where its weak spot was.

As the creature loomed over them, Gumillia gave the signal and Dylan had the ship fire all fifty cannons at the monster's forehead. Met with the monster's ringing cries as it collapsed in the water, the impressed admiral made a groan of mixed admiration and chagrin. He then commanded them to quickly fire at it more; met with silence from the battery deck, the admiral demanded to know why they weren't firing. Once a messenger rushed up and explained that the cannons had completely broken down, Gumillia calmly noted it may have been backlash to the hasty preparations. Kyle then ordered Dylan to cut through the creature and head for Marlon and the admiral questioned his sanity.

Once the Marlon King explained it was their best chance to get to the mainland while it was daunted, Dylan admitted they didn't have much other choice before relaying the king's orders to the crew. As the ship changed course and passed the right side of the creature, Dylan and his fellow seamen gulped as its tentacles brushed with the left side of the hull. Once they successfully passed the monster, Kyle proclaimed they should be able to escape until they reached the shore even without any change in wind, prompting everyone to raise victory cheers. They later arrived at Jamet and Dylan and his crew said goodbye to Kyle and his comrades before heading off to party in town.[3]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Dylan was a cautious yet jovial man. A responsible captain, Dylan cared greatly for his crew and the passengers of his ship, always considering their safety and acting accordingly. Serving under King Kyle, the two shared a close relationship and the admiral shared several details about his personal life with the monarch. This extended to Kyle's close friend Keel as well, readily accepting the merchant's request to fetch Kyle and his daughter for him. Dylan was also loyal and dedicated in his service to Marlon, committing himself to the navy lifestyle and serving his kingdom for years without complaint.

In times of danger, Dylan possessed grace under pressure and was able to remain calm when dealing with life-threatening situations such as pirate attacks. Aside from this, the admiral was a logical and rational man honed from his years of experience, allowing him to maintain his grace. Despite this, Dylan was unable to deal with completely foreign threats to his knowledge, such as the giant aotako octopus, and was easily bewildered when other people displayed strange or unexpected behavior regarding something. Dylan also had no qualms with marrying a woman twenty years younger than him.[4]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"It's already the end for them."
―Dylan facing pirates[src]

Dylan was an excellent seaman, able to perform his duties at admiral and stay at sea for a large part of the year. Due to his years of maritime experience, he also possessed extensive knowledge regarding sea-based warfare and could judge whether or not a cannonball would hit his ship given the distance it traveled. Because of this knowledge, Dylan was a skilled strategist and was able to sink enemy ships very quickly. Aside from this, he had an awareness of the typical motivations and tactics of pirates. Despite his skill at sea, Dylan was considerably weaker at swordplay and was more easily defeated in close combat.[5]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Kyle Marlon: Dylan's king. Becoming acquainted with the prince at a young age, Dylan was loyal to Kyle as the eventual sovereign of Marlon as well as becoming close friends with him. Because of this, he was quick to assure his safety, albeit also willing to let the king do as he pleased in tough situations, and would also keep him updated on his personal life. Dylan would extend that friendship, as well, to Kyle's other acquaintances, doing Keel a favor due to this.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Dylan's name is derived from Welsh, meaning "great tide"; Marlon, Dylan's native country, in inspired by the British Empire.
  • Kyle's description of Dylan having killed a whale may be a reference to Captain Ahab, the protagonist of the famous novel Moby Dick.

Curiosities Edit

  • Dylan is described as beginning show signs of his age with wrinkles forming along the edges and to have also grown a mustache.[6]



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