Original Drug Of Gold
Singer(s) KAITO

MEIKO (back up)

Release Date February 25, 2015 (CD)
Series -
Preceded by Evil Food Eater Conchita
Followed by That King was Born from Mud
"I thought going together wouldn’t be so bad."
―Carlos Marlon[src]

Drug of Gold is a song released by Akuno-P on February 25, 2015 in the Seven Crimes and Punishments album. The song follows the life of Prince Carlos Marlon and his tragic romance with Banica Conchita.


Carlos Marlon speaks about his illness from childhood which required him to take a special medicine. Shunned by his family, he explains how he led a listless life. At fifteen, Carlos is arranged to marry a foreign nobleman's daughter for his family. Introduced to a girl as fat as a pig, Carlos then speaks of the girl's unfortunate history and her dream to travel the world, considering joining her at the time. After witnessing Banica's shocking manners at their engagement party, Carlos explains it is a result of her mother's abuse and how the engagement was voided.

Later Carlos tells of how he had heard rumors of Banica's strange appetite and, disguised as a cook, entered her employ and saw she had become beautiful but lost her humanity due to a demon contract. Carlos continues that he disappointed her by asking to take a vacation; he bemoans his tendency to keep running away, believing that he could have saved her if he accepted her at that party.

With his potentially dangerous medicine in hand, Carlos invites Banica to eat the poisoned soup with him. After they eat their last supper, Carlos explains that he's now one of her meals, the only one to die from the poison. He then narrates how, before losing consciousness, he heard Banica sigh that he ran away from her again. As Carlos is eaten by Banica, he concludes that he's not running away anymore and will be with her forever now.


The song is set with a hard rock flair, incorporating electic guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, and the flute. The song immediately begins with the first verse by 0.04. The song heads into a variation of the verse at 0.25, but resumes the normal melody shortly after 0.37. Another variation appears at 1.00, and gradually gains accompaniment from the other instruments. The second verse begins at 1.34, with a variation appearing at 1.57. A brief instrumental refrain begins afterwards, and lasts until 2.12.

The next verse repeats the same structure as the ones that preceded it, however, a pre-chorus begins at 2.45. The chorus begins at 3.09, and lasts until 3.30. Another verse begins afterwards, with a variation at 3.55, accompanied by heavy electric guitar. At 4.05, another instrumental break begins, with a guitar solo. Another pre-chorus begins at 4.30, preceding the second chorus at 4.52. The song ends at 5:15.


もしも 逃げなかったならば

病弱な身体 子供の頃から生死をさまよっては
必要な事もろくに出来ない ただの役立たずだと


15歳の時 唐突に組まれた縁談の話
お互いの意思などまるで無視の ただ家柄のために







異常な料理作り続ける日々 思わず口をついて出た言葉

未だに手放せぬ薬 金の粉末入りの小瓶

二人分のスープ どちらにも毒を入れた

さあ これが僕らの最後の晩餐だ

——そして今の僕は 食卓に並べられた料理の一つ
意識を失う直前 彼女はポツリとこう言ったんだ
「あなたはまた逃げたのよ 私を置いて」



Moshimo nige nakat ta nara ba

Byoujaku na karada kodomo no koro kara seishi wo samayotte wa
Ie ni tsutawaru hiyaku wo nomi tsudzuketeta nichijou
Hitsuyou na koto mo roku ni dekinai tada no yakutatazu da to
Kazoku ni utomare jidai ni yugandeta kokoro

Kibou nante doko ni mo nakatta
Tada ikitsudzukeru dake no hibi
Juugo sai no toki toutotsu ni kumareta endan no hanashi
Aite wa takoku no ochibureta kizoku no musume
Otagai no ishi nado marude mushi no tada iegara no tame ni
Jibun ga dougu da to aratamete rikai wo shita

Buta no you ni futotta shoujo
Sore ga kanojo to no deai datta

Kanojo mo yahari hitori bocchi de shoujo jidai wo sugoshita sou da
Haha wa nakunari chichi wa kokoro wo yande ie wa butsurakushita
“Itsuka sekaijuu wo tabishitai”
Sore ga kanojo no yume da to iu
Futari de iku no mo warukunai na to omotta

Kyakujin wo maneite hirakarareta konyaku no tame no party
Soko de kanojo no kokoro no yami wo shiru koto ni natta
Desareta ryouri wo kojiki no you ni musaborikurau kanojo
“Nokoshitara okorareru” tsubuyaiteita kotoba

Nakihaha kara uketeta gyakutai
Konyaku wa hadan ni natta

Toki ga tatta toki mimi ni todoita kanojo ni kansuru uwasa
“Getemono wo kurau akujiki musume ni natta” to
Kao wo kaete cook wo yosoi kanojo ni yatowareta
Soko ni ita no wa michigaeru hodo utsushikunatta onna

Kinjirareta akuma to no keiyaku
Kanojo wa mou hito de nakunatteita

Ijou na ryouritsukuri tsudzukeru hibi omowazu kuchi wo tsuite deta kobota
“Sorosoro ohima wo moraemasen ka?” Shitsubousuru kanojo
Wakatteiru jibun wa itsudatte nigete bakari no makeinu da to
Mata koushite kanojo kara nigeyou toshiteru

Ano party no hi ni kimi wo ukeireru koto ga dekitara
Kimi wo sukuu koto mo dekita kamoshirenai
Ima ni tebanasenu kusuri kin no funmatsu hairi no kobin
Ketsui to tomo ni nigirishimeta

Kodomo no koso kara nomi tsudzukete kita hiden no kusuri
Atsukai wo machigaeba doku ni mo naru kusuri
“Tama ni wa tomo ni shokuji wo shimashou” sou kanojo wo sasoi
Futaribun no soup dochira ni mo doku wo ireta

Futari de iku no mo warukunai daro?
Saa kore ga bokura no saigo no bansan da

——Soshite ima no boku wa shokutaku ni naraberareta ryouri no hitotsu
Kanojo ni doku wa kikanakatta
Shinda no wa boku dake
Ishiki wo ushinau chokuzen kanojo wa potsuri to kou itta n da
“Anata wa mata nigeta no yo watashi wo oite”

Kimi no tame no ryouri ni natte boku wa kimi no i no naka e to
Soshite boku wa kimi no chi to nari niku to naru
Mou boku ga kimi kara nigeru koto wa nai darou

Towa ni kimi to tomo ni

If only I hadn’t run away

With a weak constitutioned body, wandering between life and death since childhood
An everyday where I continued drinking a secret medicine passed down in my family
I couldn’t do what they needed very well; Shunned by my family
As being merely useless, my heart was gradually warped

I didn’t have any hope anywhere
They were days of just continuing to live

When I was 15 suddenly there was talk of a marriage alliance
My partner was the daughter of a disgraced nobleman from a foreign country
Almost ignoring such as their mutual reasons, once again I understood
I myself was just a means for a good pedigree

A girl who was fat like a pig
That was my meeting with her

It seemed she, too, spent her girlhood all alone
Her mother dead, her father with a sick heart, and her home fallen to ruin
“Someday I want to travel around the world”
She said that was her dream

I thought going together wouldn’t be so bad

They invited guests and held a party for the engagement
It was there I came to know the darkness in her heart
Greedily devouring the food that was brought out like a beggar,
She murmured the words, “If anything’s left behind, I’ll be scolded”

The abuse she received from her late mother
The engagement was broken off

When time passed, gossip concerning her reached my ears;
“She’s become the Evil Food Eater, devourer of gross foods”
I changed my face, disguised myself as a cook and was employed by her
In there was a woman who had become so beautiful I didn’t recognize her

A contract with a forbidden demon
She wasn’t human anymore

In those days I continue making strange meals, unintentionally these words came from my mouth
“Before long might I take a vacation?” Disappointing her
I know that I’ve always been a dog running away with his tail between his legs
And again in this way I’m trying to run from her

If I had been able to accept you the day of that party,
Perhaps I could have also saved you
This medicine I can’t yet part with, a bottle of fine gold powder
I grasp it, along with my determination

This secret medicine I’ve been drinking since my childhood
A medicine that becomes a poison if the dosage isn’t right
“Let’s eat together on this occasion” I invited of her,
And put the poison into two servings of soup

Going together won’t be so bad, right?
Come, this is our last supper

–And now I’m one of the meals lined up on the dinner table
The poison didn’t work on her
I was the only one who died

Just before I lost consciousness she said with a sigh,
“You’ve run away again, leaving me”

Having become cuisine for you I’m headed to your stomach
And so I’ll become your blood, I’ll become your flesh
I won’t be escaping from you anymore will I?

I’ll be with you forever

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Related SongsEdit

Evil Food Eater ConchitaEdit

Evil Food Eater Conchita details Carlos' employment on Banica's estate and shows his attempt to run away from her, as well as the ultimate result of his suicide.




Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The song's title refers to the "drug" containing powder from the Golden Key used by Carlos Marlon to remedy his sickliness.
  • The song's title was written in English due to its abbreviation as DOG, creating the English word "dog"; mothy cited that the song was about a dog.[1]


  • On twitter, mothy commented that the song is from the perspective of a character that was eaten.[2]
  • While remarking about the song, mothy felt that it had an unusual pattern for his music due to being a reverse adaptation of a story from a novel to a song.[3]


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