Original Drug Of Gold
Singer(s) KAITO

MEIKO (back up)

Release Date February 25, 2015 (CD)
Series -
Preceded by Evil Food Eater Conchita
Followed by That King was Born from Mud
"I thought going together wouldn’t be so bad."
―Carlos Marlon[src]

Drug of Gold is a song released by Akuno-P on February 25, 2015 in the Seven Crimes and Punishments album. The song follows the life of Prince Carlos Marlon and his tragic romance with Banica Conchita.


Carlos Marlon speaks about his illness from childhood which required him to take a special medicine. Shunned by his family, he explains how he led a listless life. At fifteen, Carlos is arranged to marry a foreign nobleman's daughter for his family. Introduced to a girl as fat as a pig, Carlos then speaks of the girl's unfortunate history and her dream to travel the world, considering joining her at the time. After witnessing Banica's shocking manners at their engagement party, Carlos explains it is a result of her mother's abuse and how the engagement was voided.

Later Carlos tells of how he had heard rumors of Banica's strange appetite and, disguised as a cook, entered her employ and saw she had become beautiful but lost her humanity due to a demon contract. Carlos continues that he disappointed her by asking to take a vacation; he bemoans his tendency to keep running away, believing that he could have saved her if he accepted her at that party.

With his potentially dangerous medicine in hand, Carlos invites Banica to eat the poisoned soup with him. After they eat their last supper, Carlos explains that he's now one of her meals, the only one to die from the poison. He then narrates how, before losing consciousness, he heard Banica sigh that he ran away from her again. As Carlos is eaten by Banica, he concludes that he's not running away anymore and will be with her forever now.


The song is set with a hard rock flair, incorporating electic guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, and the flute. The song immediately begins with the first verse by 0.04. The song heads into a variation of the verse at 0.25, but resumes the normal melody shortly after 0.37. Another variation appears at 1.00, and gradually gains accompaniment from the other instruments. The second verse begins at 1.34, with a variation appearing at 1.57. A brief instrumental refrain begins afterwards, and lasts until 2.12.

The next verse repeats the same structure as the ones that preceded it, however, a pre-chorus begins at 2.45. The chorus begins at 3.09, and lasts until 3.30. Another verse begins afterwards, with a variation at 3.55, accompanied by heavy electric guitar. At 4.05, another instrumental break begins, with a guitar solo. Another pre-chorus begins at 4.30, preceding the second chorus at 4.52. The song ends at 5:15.


Related SongsEdit

Evil Food Eater ConchitaEdit

Evil Food Eater Conchita details Carlos' employment on Banica's estate and shows his attempt to run away from her, as well as the ultimate result of his suicide.




Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The song's title refers to the "drug" containing powder from the Golden Key used by Carlos Marlon to remedy his sickliness.
  • The song's title was written in English due to its abbreviation as DOG, creating the English word "dog"; mothy cited that the song was about a dog.[1]


  • On twitter, mothy commented that the song is from the perspective of a character that was eaten.[2]
  • While remarking about the song, mothy felt that it had an unusual pattern for his music due to being a reverse adaptation of a story from a novel to a song.[3]


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