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Detection Magic
[1] was a type of magic that discerns and identifies the presence of other magical forces within a limited area, allowing them to be found or interacted with. While the magic was often innate in proficient mages, it could also be utilized as spells to cover a wider range.


Detection magic was a basic ability learned by mages, used to detect or seek out other magics or recognize various magical entities. Proficient mages were able to use detection magic innately, their magical power granting them the ability to see and recognize spirits and gods and therefore communicate with them like any human. It gave them a sixth sense detecting magic and magical entities as well, such as those under the influence of demonic possession.

While detection magic was commonly limited to a certain range within the immediate area, powerful mages could sense high concentrations of magical power faintly over longer distances.[2] However, raw, untrained magical potential in a human being could be overlooked by even the most powerful of mages. Similarly, detecting the exact source of a certain magic could become more difficult when searching a specific area.

The power could also be invoked through spell songs, such as the Clockwork Lullaby, to pinpoint the location through a form of magical sonar. Likewise, the ability could be used in certain magic tools and by other magical entities such as spirits and demons.[3] There were also inscription runes for detection, drawing visible red lines toward the imagined target when invoked, making it useful even for non-mages. Similarly, one could gain the ability to detect magical energy through a contract with a Demon of Sin.[4]

Besides its limited range without being amplified by a specific spell, users of the art may not be able to completely identify the type of magical energy being perceived, making it difficult to use for gaining intelligence about the magic. Likewise, a magical entity could mask their true form and presence, making them only visually recognizable as an indiscriminate mass.[5] Similarly, particularly powerful entities such as gods could be completely undetectable to humans and spirits, making them only noticeable to other gods.[6]





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