Demon of Pride
Technical Information
Japanese 傲慢の悪魔
Romaji Gouman no Akuma
Biographical Information
Classification Demon
Gender Unknown

The Demon of Pride was one of the demons residing in the vessels of sin. Taking a mirror as its vessel, the demon caused numerous incidents over the centuries. After its vessel was acquired by the mage Abyss I.R., the Demon was transplanted into Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, prompting her to commit numerous atrocities during her tyrannical reign.



Sometime after being trapped in Sin, the earthling Marie Annette escaped along with her fellow earthlings and reincarnated as a demon, losing all memories of her former life. When Hänsel and Gretel split Eve Moonlit's Original Sin into seven fragments in EC 014, the demon slipped in with the others while they created the vessels of sin, becoming the "Demon of Pride."[1] Afterwards, the demons and their vessels of sin were scattered across the world;[2] armed with the knowledge of the sun god's rules for demons,[3] the Demon of Pride eventually inhabited a mirror as its vessel.[4]

Twiright PrankEdit

Sometime during the EC 480s, Abyss I.R. split the demon's mirror into four smaller mirrors, sharing the vessel fragments with Queen Prim Marlon.[5] In late December of EC 491, the Demon of Gluttony was transplanted into one of the mirrors and planted in the northwestern coast of Lucifenia.[6] The mirror was later sealed by Elluka Clockworker and the demon was recalled from the vessel fragment.[7]

Story of EvilEdit

After Queen Anne's death in EC 499, Ney Phutapie gave another mirror to Princess Riliane and the Demon of Pride was transplanted to her.[8] With the demon deeply rooting itself in her soul, Riliane's arrogance magnified, turning her into a cruel tyrant during her terrible reign. By the time Riliane had escaped to the Held Monastery during the Lucifenian Revolution in EC 500, the Demon had left her body.[9]

Later that year, Abyss I.R. transplanted the Demon of Lust to another mirror. Queen Dowager Prim then had the Demon of Pride possess King Kyle from the mirror he had.[10] As time progressed, the demon rooted itself deeply into Kyle's soul and grew bored of his prolonged ambitions to unite Evillious, mocking him aloud.[11] The next night, Kyle's mirror was stolen by Gumillia and Yukina. 

The demon then called out to Kyle as he searched for it; once Kyle took it back from the girls outside the palace, the demon had him undergo a demonic transformation, attacking Gumillia before flying off into the night sky.[12] When the transformed Kyle attacked Yukina, Germaine and Gumillia to the Millennium Tree Forest two weeks later, the Demon of Pride was exorcised from Kyle and two of the mirrors were successfully sealed by Gumillia.[13] Later that year, all four of the mirrors were sealed by Elluka and Gumillia shortly before Abyss I.R. took the fragments and removed the seals.[14]

Dark Star ScandalEdit

After Gallerian Marlon began collecting each of the mirrors in the early EC 980s, he stored two of them in his home; while there, the Demon of Pride taunted the Clockworker's Doll.[15] After all four mirrors were collected by Gallerian Marlon, the demon's vessel fragments were chained together. Later on, Ma absorbed the demon into her soul, only to be expelled when Ma was killed.[16]

The World's EndEdit

After the Third Period's destruction and subsequent merging with the Hellish Yard in EC 998, the demons were approached by the sun god, tasking each of them with helping Allen Avadonia meet one of their previous contractors, the Demon of Pride's being Princess Riliane. Once Hänsel and Gretel passed the mirrors to Allen at the Conchita Mansion, the demon manifested and subsequently was irritated by Allen's comment on its small size, which was due to Held and Michaela's interference. The demon then slowly flew them both to Lucifenia,[17] returning to the forest afterward dropping Allen off at the Lucifenian Royal Palace.[18]

Personality and TraitsEdit

At the time of taking its role as one of the demons for the vessels of sin, the Demon of Pride existed as a blank slate, having no aspirations or goals save for sating its own boredom, the same as its fellow demons. To this end, the Demon would become easily bored when its host was not acting out its sin to a strong enough degree, throwing tantrums and intervening in the host's state of mind to make it act as desired.[19] The Demon of Pride would also sometimes possess individuals without their consent,[20]particularly when made to do so by a third party.[21]

Resenting its small stature, the Demon of Pride put on a show of bravado and worked hard to compensate for its shortcomings while blaming others for its state and getting angry when it was pointed out.[22] The Demon was also impatient, bossy, and belligerent, with a tendency to rudely complain.[23]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a Demon of Sin, the Demon of Pride was able to possess those who wielded its vessel, influencing their personality and actions, fueling their host's arrogance and vanity and expelling all doubts. If a contract was forged between an individual and the Demon, the Demon's host would have access to powers provided by the Demon. The Demon could also communicate with their host through telepathy. Because of its unique vessel, the Demon of Pride could also move between its mirrors and thus reach more potential hosts across the region or escape if one mirror had been sealed.

Among the host's powers were undergoing a physical transformation; those made to transform by the Demon of Pride would have their skin turn black and grow long, sharp claws and teeth, as well as six feathered wings. The Demon of Pride's transformation was the most powerful of all the demons; however, unlike the other Demons of Sin, the transformation did not provide its host with any other unique abilities. Due to its interactions with Held and Michaela, the Demon's physical manifestation was smaller in size than those of the other Demons, causing it to be slower and have less endurance.

Although inhabiting the body of its host while possessing them, the Demon of Pride's true essence remained in the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia. Because of this, the Demon's powers could be inhibited by a sealing spell;[24] similarly, the demon was forced to abide by the "rules" put in place by Sickle until the end of the Third Period.[25]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Kyle Marlon: One of the demon's hosts. Initially forced to possess him, the Demon of Pride found Kyle to be boring in his restraint and attention to politics and often berated the king for this. Nonetheless, the Demon gradually forced the king to rely more and more on its power by soothing his insecurities, using him for its own ends.

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: One of the demon's hosts. Although forced to possess Riliane, the Demon of Pride appeared satisfied with the princess' tyrannical behavior and bloodthirsty rule compared to the likes of Kyle.

Allen Avadonia: The demon's temporary charge. While incensed at the boy's surprise from his small size, the tired Demon also became aggravated by Allen's insistence on visiting Riliane despite already knowing about her from firsthand experience. It nonetheless attempted to put on a show of bravado for the boy to make up for its unimpressive appearance and speed.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit


  • In The Servant of Evil ~Opera Buffa!~, the Demon is called ゴーちゃん (Goo-chan), likely a pun on 傲慢 (gouman), meaning "pride".
  • While the Demon of Pride is initially referred to as a "he" in Allen's narration of the Seven Crimes and Punishments story, the descriptor is immediately followed by an uncertain "she" in parentheses.




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