Demon of Lust
Technical Information
Japanese 色欲の悪魔
Romaji Shikiyoku no Akuma
Biographical Information
Classification Demon
Gender Male
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Black

The Demon of Lust was one of the demons residing in the vessels of sin. Taking a katana as its vessel, the demon caused numerous incidents over the centuries. After being acquired by I.R., the demon forged a contract with Cherubim to allow him to take on the persona of Duke "Sateriasis Venomania" and acquire any woman he desired for his harem. He was Gilles Derais' reincarnation.


Early LifeEdit

Sometime after being sealed in Sin, Gilles Derais escaped the ark along with his fellow earthlings and reincarnated as a demon, losing all memories of his former life. When Hänsel and Gretel split Eve Moonlit's Original Sin into seven fragments in EC 014, the demon slipped in with the others while they created the vessels of sin, becoming the "Demon of Lust" inhabiting a katana.[1] Afterwards, the demons and their vessels of sin were scattered across the world,[2] armed with the knowledge of the sun god's rules for demons.[3]

Venomania EventEdit

When the mage I.R. offered the sword to Cherubim at the Venomania Mansion in December of EC 135, the Demon of Lust recognized the heartbroken man as a suitable host and telepathically spoke to him. After Cherubim conceded and stabbed himself in the chest with the katana to forge a contract, the Demon of Lust filled his blood with his magic, turning it purple. Cherubim then changed his face to that of his brother, rechristening himself as "Sateriasis Venomania" and the demon increased his sex drive while granting him access to his powers.[4]

Shortly after, Sateriasis attempted to use the sword in a ritual to wipe out any witness' memories. While successfully performing the ceremony, the young man unintentionally wiped his own memories and the demon was forced into a half-sleep as a result.[5] In late January of EC 136, Sateriasis regained some of his memories while attempting to seduce Lukana Octo and the demon awoke, answering the new Duke's call. As Sateriasis asked the demon for aid, he induced the duke to undergo a demonic transformation; armed with wings, Sateriasis pursued Lukana and successfully tracked her down and brainwashed her.[6] He afterwards failed to invoke his power on Mikulia Greeonio due to the Demon of Sloth already using her as her host.[7]

Sateriasis continued to use his powers throughout the following month to enchant and abduct women from all across Asmodean and build up his harem. After the Duke deduced his fiancee Gumina Glassred rejected "him" for Cherubim during one night in March, the furious Venomania invoked the demon again and the amused Demon of Lust once more allowed Sateriasis to undergo another demonic transformation. He then watched him slaughter everyone in the Glassred Mansion before using his Lust spell to brainwash Gumina's bodyguard, Carol Shields. The duke then used Carol to capture and brainwash Gumina, wiping all her memories of Cherubim.[8]

As the year progressed, Sateriasis continued using the demon's power to enthrall more and more women into joining his harem, with the Demon of Lust's brainwashing beginning to weaken in several women over time. In EC 137, the duke was stabbed by a disguised Karchess Crim using Grim the End; As the duke called out to the demon, the Demon of Lust explained how he had been defeated with another vessel of sin and would die, although the demon would only return to his vessel. Bidding him farewell, the demon left Sateriasis to his fate.[9] Its vessel was later dubbed the "Venom Sword" by I.R. as a tribute to Duke Venomania.[10]

Story of EvilEdit

In EC 325, the mage AB-CIR utilized the Demon's powers to transform the face of Carlos Marlon.[11] Centuries later, Zenon used the demon's power to wield the sword with ease for mugging. In EC 473, the mage Abyss I.R. defeated Zenon while he was crossing the Elphegort-Asmodean border and took the sword. At the Misty Mountains in EC 477, after Gast Venom told Yvette that General Shalgham had learned he was a descendant of Venomania, the Demon of Lust possessed the man.

Clouding his judgment as it rooted himself in his mind, the demon urged Gast into deciding to kill General Shalgham to prevent him from destroying the altar that allowed him to see his dead sister "Sarah." Gast then took the Venom Sword from Yvette and awaited Shalgham the following night. After Abyss I.R. defeated Gast, and she took back the sword and the Demon of Lust left his host.[12]

In EC 482, Queen Prim Marlon used the demon's power from the sword to seduce King Arth Lucifen d'Autriche, entering an affair with the monarch.[13] Later on, in EC 500, Abyss I.R. had the Demon of Lust possess King Kyle Marlon after Keel Freezis allowed him to examine the Venom Sword; with his love for Michaela perverted by lust, Kyle impulsively rejected his engagement to Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche.[14]

After Michaela was killed in Riliane's ensuing war to exterminate all green-haired women, Kyle joined the Lucifenian Resistance and aided the revolutionaries in overthrowing the tyrant princess. During Kyle's meeting with the imprisoned and disguised Allen Avadonia at the end of the revolution, the demon recognized his resemblance to Hänsel. Later that year, Abyss I.R. exorcised the Demon of Lust from Kyle and placed him inside one of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia while the Venom Sword was sealed by Elluka Clockworker.

Five years later, Prim summoned the demon from the hand mirror at Castle Hedgehog to possess Kyle before she was killed by her daughter, Ney. Noticing Ney draw power from the Demon of Gluttony to undergo a demon transformation, the demon telepathically spoke to Kyle during his battle with the frenzied assassin, urging him to make a contract to save himself. As Kyle refused, and the demon ended their conversation.[15] The mirror was then sealed by Elluka and Gumillia shortly before Abyss I.R. took the vessel and removed the seals, and the demon returned to the sword.[16]

Père NoëlEdit

Sometime during the late EC 590s, Julia Abelard gave the Venom Sword to Yuzette Ora after recruiting her into Père Noël and the fake fortune teller forged a contract with the demon. Over the following decade, Yuzette used the demon's power to change the faces of criminals for money.[17] After she fled from her shop in Rollam in December of EC 608, she changed her face and identity to "Isabel Ismael" and became a prostitute in Rolled. There, Isabel continued using the demon's power to seduce men for her profit.[18]

Once Yuzette was fatally stabbed by the Demon of Gluttony's servant Gretel while she possessed Lemy Abelard on February 11, EC 609, the demon relinquished his possession.[19] Many years later, the demon's vessel was successfully located by Anan Octo. After he died, his descendants began guarding the sword, with it eventually being passed to the current head Nyoze Octo. Following Nyoze's conviction in court, the sword was collected by Judge Gallerian Marlon and stored within his home. In EC 978, the Demon was called out to by awakened Clockworker's Doll but remained silent;[20] not long after, he was absorbed into Ma's soul, only to be released after she was killed.[21] Sometime after, the Demon of Lust regained his memories of his original life as Gilles.[22]


The humans influenced by the Demon of Lust spread varying amounts of chaos throughout the world. Duke Venomania in particular became infamous for his abductions and rumored demonic nature, his victims and their descendants linked to him facing persecution for hundreds of years.[23]

Gilles continued to accept the demonic moniker after regaining his memories, though no longer possessing humans to kill boredom in light of humanity's extinction. While vaguely recalling his reincarnation, Gilles deduced his behavior was out of a desire for revenge upon the sun god, though later questioning the theory.[24]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Due to losing his memories after incarnating, the Demon of Lust existed as a blank slate, having no aspirations or goals save for sating his own boredom and causing chaos in the world.[25] As such, the demon was amused by those who acted out his respective sin and would become bored easily when no such actions were being carried out, dismissive of those who wouldn't contract with him altogether.[26] He similarly showed an apparent indifference to the deaths of his hosts as they no longer could fulfill the requirements of the contract,[27] and showed an impatience in explaining things to an ignorant audience.[28]

Despite this apparent coldness, the Demon of Lust had a notable attention to the individuals he possessed and the people his hosts encountered,[29] becoming nostalgic to return to locations of past possessions.[30] He also did not usually possess individuals without their permission unless made to do so, although he was only willing to speak to those whom he could persuade to contract with him in their moment of need.[31] After contracting, the demon would continue to have a role in the possessed host's actions and readily spoke to them if spoken to.[32]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a Demon of Sin, the Demon of Lust was able to possess those who wielded its vessel; while possessing a host, he fueled their desires and passions, influencing their behavior. If a contract was forged, he would also grant them access to his powers, including the ability to undergo a physical demonic transformation; this gave his host increased speed, strength, claws, horns, goat ears, birdlike legs, and bat-like wings to fly.[33] Although having less strength than those transformed by other Demons,[34] the hosts' claws would be strong enough to cut through steel with ease.[35] The Demon also had the ability to change the faces of other individuals, which involved slashing the target's face with the sword.[36]

Aside from these powers, the Demon of Lust's host also had the ability to brainwash members of the opposite sex to be attracted to them regardless of their sexual orientation. The host could also manipulate the memories of other people and cause them to forget past experiences, but also risked wiping their own memories in the process.[37] The Demon's host was required to take the life force of others via sexual intercourse in order to maintain the Demon's power.[38]

Although inhabiting the body of its host while possessing them, the Demon of Lust's true essence remained in the Venom Sword. Because of this, the Demon's powers could be inhibited by a sealing spell;[39] similarly, the demon was forced to abide by the "rules" put in place by Sickle until the end of the Third Period.[40] While in a vessel, the Demon could also communicate with his host through telepathy,[41] speaking in a voice described as androgynous and eerie by some and comforting by others.[42]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Sateriasis Venomania: One of the demon's contractors. The Demon of Lust believed Sateriasis to be a good candidate for contracting and found amusement in his activities while possessing him, though remarking on the man's impatience. Although seemingly disinterested by the Duke's death, he later expressed nostalgia when revisiting the mansion in the Hellish Yard and appeared uneasy with Allen's meeting with Sateriasis.

Kyle Marlon: One of the demon's hosts. The Demon of Lust believed Kyle to be a more boring host, although nonetheless seeing fit to reach out to him in his time of need. After his offer of aid was rejected, the Demon expressed no further interest in the king.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The demon's representative sin is derived from Lust of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Swords symbolize virility and have phallic associations in some cultures; fittingly, the Demon inhabits a katana as its vessel.
  • The Demon of Lust's form as a goat with chicken legs and six bat wings may be a reference to the satyrs, half-goat, half-man creatures in Greek mythology known for their hedonism and lustfulness; goats are also often the representative animal of Lust in Western symbolism.




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