Defense Magic was a type of magic involving the creation of metaphysical barriers to protect people, objects, or entire areas. A useful magic, it was able to ward off attacks or even prevent entry into a space.


Through defense magic, the caster could create barriers to protect a given target from passing through the barrier, protecting the targeted person, object, or space from physical harm or entry.[1] A powerful mage could create barriers around themselves as a shield, blocking or neutralizing weaker attacks entirely. When employed as a kind of force field, the space could prevent even trained mages from passing through the barrier.

The power and range of the field could be increased by the power input by the user. Increasing the number of casters working in tandem could also have the same effect.[2] Individual objects could also be infused with the capacity of protecting individuals from attacks, though the magically-imbued objects could still break or shatter from the power of the assaulting force.[3]




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