Daniel Ausdin
Technical Information
Japanese ダニエル=オースディン
Romaji Denieru Oosudin
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Lucifenian
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lucifenia
"Looks like you're working hard, Sir Daniel."

Daniel Ausdin was a soldier of the Kingdom of Lucifenia's first army and the son of General George. Not long after joining the Lucifenian army, Daniel was deployed for the Yellow Country's war against Elphegort. He became an interrogator for prisoners of war, hoping to learn the location of The Daughter of Green.


Early LifeEdit

Born in the late fifth century EC, Daniel was raised as the third son of the noble Ausdin Family. At some point, he became familiar with the Lucifenian Royal Palace's patron Corpa. In EC 500, Daniel joined the Lucifenian army and became a new recruit in his father General George's first army.[1]

Green HuntingEdit

"Still tight-lipped, huh..."
―Daniel interrogating Clarith[src]

Later that year, the first army was deployed to invade the neighboring Kingdom of Elphegort, setting fire to the Forest of Bewilderment protecting the border. The next day, General George led Daniel and his fellow soldiers through the burnt areas of the forest directly into the Green Country, relaying Princess Riliane's decree to kill any Elphe women on sight until "The Daughter of Green" was confirmed dead.

Once the first army captured the capital of Aceid, the soldiers pushed north and captured the city of Toragay south of King Thorny Elphen's forces at Merrigod Plateau, occupying the city as a garrison. Once it was confirmed the Netsuma they arrested at Yatski had likely helped The Daughter of Green evade capture, Daniel was tasked with interrogating the woman, questioning "Clarith" for two months without success.

During another interrogation session, Daniel grew tired of her constant silence and casually asked if she really wouldn't say anything about the Elphe's whereabouts. Revealing what they'd already learned and that she only needed to say the location they likely agreed to meet up at, he noted how long she'd already been there for and supposing she wanted to go back home. Still met with silence, the soldier expressed his exasperation that she wouldn't speak even though it would end the war.

Corpa then politely entered the chamber and, shocked, Daniel questioned what he was doing there. When the merchant declared his plans to take Clarith into his custody for a friend, the soldier criticized that she was their prisoner and wouldn't be handed over so easily. Corpa replied that he obtained permission and handed the surprised grunt the paperwork. After confirming their legitimacy, Daniel suspiciously questioned how much he paid off the officials and Corpa admitted even the royal palace's people's pockets had been lonely.

As Daniel still refused to release a key witness to The Daughter of Evil, Corpa revealed that was no longer necessary, explaining that The Daughter of Evil green was killed by the princess' personal assassin. He then inquired if he was sure and the merchant confirmed the information came from someone close to the princess and therefore reliable. When the two noticed blood seep from Clarith's mouth, the soldier wondered if she bit her tongue as Corpa demanded they get help; Daniel immediately had her treated by their doctors before releasing her into the merchant's custody.[2]

Lucifenian RevolutionEdit

When the royal palace recalled the first army to help deal with the revolts occurring throughout the kingdom later that year, Daniel and his father's forces began the return trip; during the retreat back, they faced resistance from the natives, slowing their march. After slowly pushing through the local resistance for three weeks,[3] the army finally received word that the revolutionary army had captured the palace on December 19 and surrendered. Detained as prisoners of war, Daniel and the rest of the troops were later released and returned home to Lucifenia.[4]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Man, despite telling you this war would be over if you just spilled everything too..."
―Daniel expressing his frustration[src]

Daniel was a proud young man, striving to prove himself. He possessed a self-important attitude typical of Lucifenians, often acting condescending or scathingly rude toward enemies or those of similarly lower status. Daniel usually kept a serious demeanor to appear more dignified than his immature appearance implied. However, he could lapse into a more casual and informal tone when exhausted, though still keeping his reserved frown.

Despite being a Lucifenian soldier, Daniel appeared to be not too thrilled about the nation's violent war with Elphegort, though still remaining loyal to the chain-of-command; the young man likewise remained dedicated to finding The Daughter of Green and finally ending the conflict, relentless questioning Clarith about any clues to Michaela's whereabouts. He was similarly resistant to releasing an important prisoner of war to a neutral party even if given proper authorization, particularly when suspicious of corruption among the bureaucracy.[5]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a soldier in the Lucifenian army, Daniel was a trained warrior; despite his noble status and place in his father's army, the soldier was left as a new recruit. Aside from this, Daniel had limited capacity in gathering intelligence, though failing to elicit any useful information as an interrogator.[6]



  • Daniel is described as looking child-like and having freckles on his face.



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