Creation Magic
 was a type of magic involving the spontaneous generation of matter or energy. Utilized by both gods and humans, this extremely potent magic allowed for the quick creation of simple tools or bodies from nothing.


Through the use of creation magic, the caster was able to conjure physical matter out of nothing within a short period of time. While traditional magic already involved the generation of matter and energy, powerful mages could utilize creation techniques to spontaneousl create mundane objects; the objects could also be imbued with magical power, making them simple magic tools.[1] Similarly, the Reincarnation Ritual and other magical techniques could involve the creation of physical bodies for living entities to reside in; in the case of the work of gods, the bodies created could even be immortal or protected from harm.[2]




  • While regular humans are unable to generate matter from scratch, Michaela considered human "creation" through farmwork and laboring somewhat alike to that of the gods' power.[3]



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